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Dan Corgill and Father Stan Fitzhugh returned with a full stringer full of rainbow trout.

lunch, then, gentlemen?” he asked. be a fine meal for us, begosh begoran.”

Father Tony.


that is, Father Tony.

away from camp,” said Father Stan.

Father Tony Fitzgerald was impressed with the catch. “Trout for

“Ah, sure,” said Father Stan, “wouldn’t that “You did clean them didn’t you?” asked

“Yes, we did. Just where you cleaned yesterday’s catch.” replied

“I’ll cook ‘em up this time,” said Father Stan.

“Sounds good to me,” said I,

“I’ll get the cooking gear and take it out to the cook spot

“Alright,” I said, “I wiped out the frying pan from yesterday, it should be I asked.

“How about pancakes for supper for a change of pace?”

The trout was great and

OK to use.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Stan. “Me too” said Dan.

then we took a little siesta nap for an hour, then got up and went day hiking up the A mountain

alpine valley to the north of us. peak was to the north by northeast.

Dad’s Creek was up there a ways. You couldn’t hike too far up that valley

though, that was literally indian country and they didn’t take kindly to tresspassers.

I took my

BAM 177 caliber high powered air rifle along with us, just in case we

ran into any trouble.

We got back about four in the afternoon and broke out the Swisher Sweet

Cigars and puffed for awhile. puffed and did not inhale.

After awhile the tobacco got to us a little bit.

something extra in them that relaxed you and opened up your mind.

Like President Clinton and marijuana, we merely

The cigars were of course tipped, not rolled and cut. Swisher Sweets had a little

“Well, Dan, we said that if you were going to make it on the law faculty

at Lewistown, that you would have to develop some abilities. I asked.

take the Shaman’s journey?”

wasn’t really sure he wanted to do anything of the sort.

Dan. “Are you sure that I really have to?” he asked. “Well, you do have to” said Stan. “We won’t always be around to protect you, and to tell you the truth, wisdom

requires that you develop your own abilities instead of being overly dependent on us.”

Are you ready to

Dan looked a little bit out of sorts, as if he

“Well, I guess so,” said

“Alright,” said Dan, “I’m in.”

“Well, the first thing to work on is Quantum Tai Chi,” said Father Tony. “The trick is to center your energy in the center of your chest, and then to shift your body relative to your energy to a different place in being.” continued Tony.

“Alright, how do I do that?” asked Dan.

that you can ball up into a pillow

lay down on the ground.”

“Get some clothes from your backpack

and then put the pillow under your head, as you

And so he did.

“Now Dan, I want you to relax your body, breathing deeply.


slowly into the bottom of your lungs first. You should feel your abdomen rise

when you breathe. job.

with the toes of your feet. Now, feel your toes relax.

This is called breathing into your diaphram.

That’s it, good Start

Now, the next part of the preparation involves progressive relaxation. Left foot first.

Feel your toes. Wiggle them if you can. Your toes are so relaxed that you can hardly feel them.

Now your left foot.

Feel the blood circulating in your foot. Now, imagine that

your foot is made of grey white energy.

and is totally relaxed.

a cloud of grey white energy. Now the same for your knee, your thigh, your left

fingers, your left hand, your left forearm, your left shoulder.”

Your foot is a grey white energy cloud Feel your calf relax. Feel your calf being

Next, your calf.

“Now, switch to your other side, starting once again with your toes, this “Now that

time your toes on your right foot, again, moving your way upward.”


relax, now


You are now getting drowsy.”

legs and arms are relaxed, allow your stomach to relax, now let your guts

let your buttocks relax, now let your neck relax,

now let your head

now let your lips relax, now let your eyes relax,

now let your jaw relax.

“Alright Dan, are you still with me?” asked Father Tony.

OK,” said Dan, “but I feel a little bit drunk.”

you should,” replied Father Tony.

white ball of energy about the size of a softball floating immediately above the

center of your chest.

from each hand to the ends of your fingers on your other hand.

fingers touch, you should feel a little ripple of energy passing between your finger


“Yeah, I’m

“It’s OK to feel a little bit drowsy,

“Now, at this point I want you to imagine a grey


take your hands and touch the ends of your fingers

As the tips of your

“You can feel that, can’t you, Dan?”

“Yeah, I can,” said Dan.

“Now, Dan, shut your eyes and imagine that that grey white energy

ball is floating in the interior cave created by your hands.

of being. You can feel the energy of being radiating softly from the ball.”

sick to my stomach, all of a sudden,” said Dan.

Tony, “that means that the energy center called your solar plexus chakra is shifting.

“Alright, that’s good,” said Father

This is a grey energy ball “I feel

That is the first step in learning Quantum Tai Chi.

The second, is that it is not

unusual for you to feel sick from time to time, that is nauseas.

If your lower chakras begin to shift you probably will get spastic colon

for awhile.

shift your solar plexus chakra so as to avoid the nausea.

goes away after awhile.

chakra, that is, your anus and lower bowel, then you can have spastic colon for months.

gatoraide, and well cooked lean red meat for awhile. You need to eat in spurts so

as to try as best you can to maintain your regular work routine. bigger supper when you can be near the toliet afterwards.

The nausea never really goes away, you just get used to it.

In fact you

The spastic colon usually

But if you are having a major chakra shift in your ground

If that happens you need to adjust your diet to popsicles, pasta, soda pop,

Light breakfast,

You also simply have to program a part of yourself to find satisfaction

in enduring physical discomfort.

your physical, mental, and spiritual survival, you would be crazy to do it. So would

I, so would Stan.

good person with Quantum potential a long way off, and are attracted to the person. Not just human being gone awry, but also occult entities which manifest off the

astral plane such as secubbi demons.

sexually attractive, unless one is on her way downhill, or, for strategic reasons,

takes on a plain jane visage in order to fool you. They are typically difficult to spot, Either a tatoo or an unusual

except that often they have a mark on their body. birthmark. Look out for any woman who has a tatoo of any sort.”

Of course, if this wasn’t absolutely necessary for

Unfortunately it is necessary.”

The forces of evil can detect a

The seccubi are typically gorgeous and very

“Now, Dan, to help you along in the process, I am going to merge some of

my energy with your energy ball, OK?” The

Quantum Ocean is everywhere.


my grey white being energy into your energy ball. Agreed?” “that makes sense.”

hands and fingers. Suddenly, Dan could feel his body starting to shift. “My body is

starting to shift,” said Dan. “Good,” said Father Tony, “that means that your Quantum probability field is shifting.

“Alright,” said Dan. “Remember, the Quantum Grid or Quantum Plane is virtually

Thus, you can imagine that it is possible for me to project some of

“Alright,” said Dan,

Dan could feel the warmth of the energy ball between his


“Does your body feel lighter, kind of like its floating?’ Asked Father “Well, sort of” said Dan, “I mean I’m not really floating, but yeah, I do feel


“Now, Dan, imagine that your body, your probability field is shifting to

the right.

Feel your body shift to the right without moving.”

“Alright, I can feel

that happening,” said Dan.

imagination as far to the right as you can, without moving it. Imagine that the earth

is somehow moving under you, so that relatively speaking you are moving to the

right, without your body moving at all.”


also moving to the right, as well as your hip bones and your pelvic bones, and,

finally your anus.”

“Now Dan, I want you to float your body in your

“Alright,” said Dan, “yeah, that’s

“Now Dan, this is the hard part,

imagine that your lower guts are

“Don’t be surprised if you start to get loose bowels.” “Try to hold it in

“That’s it, I can feel you shift, and I am shifting as well. Stan, how are

for now.”

you doing?”

then. Let’s continue.”

right metaphysically, Dan?” “Yeah,


“I think that Stan is asleep” said Dan.

“OK, well he should be alright

“Now at this point can you feel the valence of being on the

majorly, I mean I feel like Attila the Hun or

“Good, now remember Dan, that a right liberal is at a place on the

right which is further to the right that a fascist or a nazi, and, this is perfectly

ethical, can you understand that?”

like Ronald Reagan used to feel to me when I watched him on television when he was president.” “Good, Dan, now imagine that Jack Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy, as right liberals, are even further to the right than Ronald Reagan, can you feel that valence?”

“Yeah, I can understand that,” said Dan, “I feel

“Well, that’s confusing” said Dan, “I have never thought in those terms

for us right liberals, its on the right and in the right in favor


of individual rights, OK?”


underlying this liberalism, huh?”

objective metaphysics and classical science and philosophy.

because it is true, not because its relative.”

“Well, Dan,

“On the right and in the right in favor of individual

Hmm, OK said Dan, I guess that makes sense to me. No relativism

“Nope,” said Father Tony, “its all based upon Liberalism is true

“Now, Dan, imagine that you are the Liberal theorist John Rawls, and you are in the Rawlsian Original Position, behind a veil of objectivity.


use the natural law ethical principles of reciprocity, utility, proportionality, and


feel the rightness of having individual right yourself, and others having them as


I’m locking in, I can feel the justness of the whole thing, I can

feel that as a right liberal I am further to the right than a nazi or a fascist, or a

Stalinist Communist.

absorb into your body, mind, and intellect, and as you do so, take a nice afternoon


On the right and in the right.

Can you feel yourself locking in?

Can you


Yeah, it works.”

“Alright Dan, why don’t you let all of this

“OK,” said Dan.

And so he did.

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