Circulatum Minus of Urbigerus !"orisms of Urbigerus

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Restorers of Alchemical Manuscripts


Circulatum minus Urbigeranum, or the Philosophical Elixir of Vegetables, with The Three certain Ways of Preparing it, fully and clearly set forth on One and Thirty phorisms! "y "aro Urbigerus! #er$ant of %od in the &ingdom of 'ature! Experto Crede! (ondon, Printed for )enry *aithorne, at the +ose in #t! Paul,s Church-yard, ./01! Contained in phorismi Urbigerani!

(ondon, ./01!


TO ALL TRUE LOVERS OF THE HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY. )a$ing in our Precedent phorisms clearly deli$ered such infallible +ules and 2nstructions, as are necessary for producing our %rand Elixir, or Circulatum ma3us, the only real #ecret of the true depts, commanding in all the &ingdoms of 'ature, which will, we 4uestion not, be no less pleasing to all other lo$ers of #ciences, than to our 5isciples6 and being farther inclined fully to inform them, how to preser$e themsel$es and others in perfect )ealth by ob$iating any 5istemper, that may otherwise o$ercome them, before they can attain to the ccomplishment of their 5esires7 We ha$e thought it con$enient to impart li8ewise to them our three se$eral ways of ma8ing our Vegetable Elixir, or Circulatum minus, which may be prepared, and brought to its utmost Perfection in the space of a Philosophical 9onth by any s8ilful rtist, who shall comprehend and follow our certain 5irections, laid down in these our subse4uent phorisms, where the whole Wor8 is so e$idently demonstrated, that none, who is e$er so little $ersed in Chymistry, can be liable to mista8e! 'or do we any way doubt, but all those, who shall with a sincere and upright 2ntention peruse these our plainly-written phorisms, will find themsel$es obliged to bless lmighty %od for his infinite 9ercy in ha$ing inspired us to open their Eyes, that they may see, what is re4uisite for their present )ealth, and future )appiness, both which we heartily wish to e$ery one, who, as becomes a true Philosopher, unfeignedly lo$es %od and his 'eighbor!


Circulatum minus Urbigeranum !r t"e P"il!s!#"ical Eli$ir !% Vegetables &it" T"e T"ree certain 'a(s !% Pre#aring it.
2! Our Circulatum minus is only a specificated Elixir, belonging to the Vegetable &ingdom, by which without any *ire, or further Preparation of the Vegetables, we can in a 9oment extract their true Essence, containing their Virtue, :uality, and Property7 which is a great Chymical Curiosity, performing Wonders in the Practice of Physic8, and in demonstrating some Wor8s of 'ature! 22! We call it Circulatum, because, tho e$er so often used in any Extraction, or Chymical Experiment what-e$er, it loses nothing of its :uality, or Property7 which is a Prerogati$e, pertaining to the Uni$ersal Elixir, called also the Circulatum ma3us, because it commands in all the three &ingdoms of 'ature6 whilst this, being restrained to one only &ingdom, is for that reason called 9inus! 222! Out of 5iana,s undetermined Tears, when ppollo has appeared, after the #eparation of the three Elements, 5etermination, 5igestion and glorious +esurrection, we can, without the ddition of any other created thing, prepare this our determined Elixir7 Which is the first, noblest, and most secret way of the Philosophers! 2V! The 5etermination of our 5iana,s Tears consists only in their perfect and indissoluble Union with the fixt Vegetable Earth, philosophically prepared, purified, and spirituali;ed7 for the lo$e of which they are forced to lea$e their first uni$ersal undetermined Property, and be clothed with a determined particular one, which is re4uired to this our Circulatum 9inus! V! Our second way of preparing this our Vegetable Elixir is by a right 9anipulation of a Plant of the noblest 5egree, standing by itself, or supported by others7 after the Preparation of which, and its Putrefaction, +eduction into an Oil, #eparation of the three Principles, with their Purification, Union, and #pirituali;ation, the whole is to be turned into a spiritual e$er-li$ing *ountain, renewing e$ery Plant, that shall be plunged into it! V2! The third and common way is only a Con3unction of a fixt Vegetable #alt with its own $olatil sulphureous #pirit, both to be found ready prepared by any $ulgar Chymist, and since in their Preparation the purest #ulphur, containing the #oul, has suffered some 5etriment by their not being philosophically manipulated, they cannot be inseparably 3oined without a sulphureous 9edium, by which the #oul being strengthened, the "ody and #pirit are also through it made capable of a perfect Union! V22! The proper 9edium, re4uisite for the indissoluble Union of these two #ub3ects, is only a sulphureous and bituminous 9atter, issuing out of a plant, li$ing or dead, which is to be found in se$eral parts of the World, and is 8nown to all manner of sea fishermen <the Copa$ian we find to be the best, and after that the 2talian=, by which, after it has been separated from its feculent parts through our Uni$ersal 9enstruum, all the Pores and toms of the fixt Vegetable #alt, which


is extremely fortified by it, being dilated, it is made capable of recei$ing its own #pirit, and uniting itself with it! V222! To fortify the #ulphur, and 9ethod is to be used, but to 9atter in a moderate digesti$e and as the #alt grows dry, the you find it so fully saturated the 9atter! open the Pores of the #alt, no other imbibe the same with the bituminous )eat, as if one would hatch Chic8ens, 2mbibitions are to be repeated, until that it refuses to imbibe any more of

2>! 2n the Course of 2mbibitions the whole 9ass is at least nine or ten times a day to be stirred with a #patula, or some other 2nstrument of dry Wood, by which reiterated 9otion, the bituminous 9atter recei$es a better ingress into the "ody, and perfects its Operation the sooner! >! %reat care is to be ta8en, that in the performance of the 2mbibitions, no 8ind of #oil or 5ust fall into your 9atter, for the pre$ention of which your Vessel may be 8ept co$ered with a Paper, pric8t full of holes, or any other suitable Co$ering, and that nothing come near it, which has its own internal #ulphur7 for the Pores of the #alt being $ery much dilated and opened, it may easily determine itself to any other #ub3ect, and so spoil your Underta8ing! >2! 2f in three, or four Wee8s time at farthest, your fixt Vegetable #alt does not manifest its full #aturation, it will certainly be in $ain for you to go on any further with it7 for you may assure yourself, that you either err in the 'otion of the #alt or of the real sulphureous 9edium, or in the 9anagement of the 2mbibitions! >22! When your 2mbibitions are fully performed, your #alt will then be in a con$enient readiness to recei$e its own #pirit, by which it is made $olatil, spiritual, transparent, and wonderfully penetrating, entring on a sudden into the Pores and Particles of e$ery Vegetable, and separating in a moment their true Essence or Elements! >222! lthough the #alt is fully prepared for the +eception of its own #pirit, yet unless you well obser$e the right Proportion of them <which is, that the $olatile always predominate o$er the fixed= you will ne$er be able to ma8e any perfect Union between these two #ub3ects, contrary in :uality, though not in 'ature! >2V! "efore you begin your 5istillations and Cohobations, after the ddition of the Vegetable #pirit to its own #alt, a Putrefaction of eight to ten days is to precede, during which time, the sulphureous #pirit, strengthened by the bituminous 9atter, and finding its #alt fit for Con3unction with it, has the power to enter into its Pores, to facilitate its Volatili;ation, and Union! >V! 2f after six or se$en 5istillations and Cohobations of the distilled upon the +emainder, you do not find your #pirit to be extremely sharp, and the +emainder in the bottom altogether insipid, it will be an e$ident #ign, that you fail in the true 8nowledge of the Vegetable #pirit, which, being exceeding $olatil, has in its 'ature power to $olatili;e its own "ody, and unite itself inseperably with it, finding it capable of its +eception!


>V2! 2t is to be obser$ed, that in the Progress of your 5istillations the sulphureous 9edium does not in the least ascend7 for as it is a real 9edium, concurring to unite the "ody with the #pirit, before the #pirituali;ation of the "ody, and without the Concurrence of which no perfect Union of these two #ub3ects is to be expected6 so on the contrary in the Progress of the Wor8 its Concurrence would be highly disad$antageous to them both, and totally sub$ert your Operation! >V22! The ascending of the sulphureous 9edium, when the #pirit begins to carry o$er its own "ody, to unite itself inseparably with it, e$idently and certainly signifies, that you do not regulate your *ire, as you should, and that, instead of gi$ing a gentle $aporous )eat to facilitate the Union, you gi$e a $iolent one to destroy it! >V222! When your #alt is brought to its perfect #pirituali;ation, and real Union with its own Volatile #pirit, then you will ha$e in your power your Circulatum 9inus, or Vegetable Elixir, and 9enstruum, with which you will be able to perform wonders in the Vegetable &ingdom, separating in a moment not only their Principles or Elements, but also at one and the same Operation the Pure from the 2mpure! >2>! 2f into this your Vegetable Elixir you put any green Vegetable, shred in pieces, it will in less than half a 4uarter of an hour without any external )eat putrify, and precipitate itself into the bottom 4uite dead, <which is nothing but the cursed Excremental Earth= and on the top will swim a yellow Oil, containing the #alt and #ulphur, and the Elixir will be of the Color of the Plant, comprehending its Vegetable #pirit6 which if it does not, ,tis a sign, that your Operations ha$e not been Philosophical! >>! Only one drop of this yellowish Oil, gi$en in 5istempers according to the Virtue and :uality, attributed to the Plant, e$ery 9orning and E$ening in a %lass of Wine, or any other con$enient Vehicle, will infallibly and insensibly cure those 5istempers, and corroborate the $ital #pirits, if constantly ta8en to purify the "lood in sic8ly and infectuous Times! >>2! 2f you put Coral into this 9enstruum, you will see an admirable Experiment7 for although its Pores are compacter, than in any other Vegetable6 yet it will on a sudden transmit its internal #pirit into the 9enstruum, and sending its #oul and "ody, li8e a blood-red Oil to the Top, will at last fall to the "ottom li8e a greyish Excrement! >>22! 2f 9yrrh, loe, and #affron, of each an e4ual :uantity, are put into this 9enstruum, the truest Elixir Proprietatis <as Paracelsus terms it= which is a most excellent Cordial, and almost of as great Efficacy and Virtue, as the Uni$ersal Elixir itself, and curing all curable 5istempers, will presently swim on the Top, and its Caput 9ortuum will separate itself into the "ottom! >>222! This Vegetable 9enstruum dissol$es not only all sorts of %ums, or any other 8ind of #ubstance in the Vegetable &ingdom, but also all sorts of Oils and "alsams, coming out of Trees, separating their true Essence, by which you may perform wonderful things both upon li$ing "odies, and dead ones, the last of which it preser$es fore$er without opening or any further Preparation of them!


>>2V! Though this 9enstruum is only specificated upon Vegetables, it will ne$ertheless in a moment draw the Tincture out of 9etals and 9inerals6 but it will not separate all their Principles, not being the appropriate 9enstruum for such Operations6 and though such #ulphurs are highly balsamic for the (ungs and #pleen, yet since our Elixir Proprietatis far exceeds those praeter natural Preparations, we only gi$e this as a curious Chymical Experiment! >>V! #ince this Vegetable 9enstruum is Eternal, you must obser$e, that you lose nothing of its :uantity or :uality in separating of it from the Oil, and #pirit of the Vegetable, which is done by a gentle 5estillation in "alneo $aporoso, the Vessel being $ery well luted and dryed before! The 9enstruum, coming o$er with the *legm of the Vegetable, from which it is by a 5estillation in "alneo to be separated for farther uses, lea$es the Oil at the "ottom, united with its own #pirit, which will easily go o$er in any common )eat, not lea$ing any thing behind it7 which is a 9ar8 of its #pirituali;ation, Purification, and +egeneration, that it has recei$,d from the 9enstruum! >>V2! Out of this Oil or Essence of your Vegetable so prepared, or by any other Philosophical way, <as we ha$e mentioned in our second 9anner of ma8ing this our Elixir= if you 8now how to putrify it naturally without any *ire, and to separate all our Principles out of it, purifying and uniting them inseparably together, being all made spiritual and transparent, you will then ha$e out of this second +egeneration the greatest rcanum in the World, as upon Vegetables, so also upon 9inerals and 9etals, except %old and #il$er! >>V22! 2f this regenerated Essence be determined with our first 9atter, it will then be in a Capacity radically to dissol$e all sorts of 9etals or 9inerals, and principally %old, which is imperceptibly dissol$ed in it, li8e 2ce in common Water, and can ne$er be separated common %old again, neither by 5estillation, nor 5igestion7 out of which, after a Philosophical 5igestion, #eparation of the three Principles, with their Purification, Union, 5igestion, and third +egeneration, you may prepare the great 9edicin of 9edicins, of e4ual Virtue and :uality with the %rand Elixir upon human "odies, and with our 9edicine simplex, upon 9etals or 9inerals! >>V222! The determinating this regenerated 9enstruum with our first 9atter is to be performed by its malgamation with it, in which the Vegetable 9enstruum, drawing out of it all its :ualities and Properties, and uniting them with its own, is made capable of the same Virtue and Property, as our 9ercury simplex, in dissol$ing and $olatili;ing e$ery created thing, that shall come near it! >>2>! #ome are of Opinion, that both the Elixirs may be produced out of se$eral determined things, as )uman Excrements, 9ay-dew, <which they call also their 9enstruum from abo$e, or Water from the Clouds= ?c! as also that the %rand Elixir may be prepared out of this, or any other Vegetable regenerated 9enstruum6 but since we 8now, that such 9enstruums, which they call their Philosophical 9ercury, although they may dissol$e and $olatili;e 9etals, yet cannot meliorate any of them, this 5issolution and Volatili;ation being neither natural nor Philosophical, we therefore with good +eason 3udge all those Opinions to be only false #uppositions and ill-grounded and imaginary 'otions!


>>>! We with our 5i$ine 9aster )ermes, absolutely affirm, that, lmighty %od ha$ing, after he had created all things, commanded e$ery one of them to procreate out of its own 8ind, our Elixirs are not to be produced by any of those sophistical ways, as we ha$e fully made appear in these and our precedent phorisms, in which we ha$e gi$en ample 2nstructions for the preparing the Uni$ersal Elixir out of our undetermined 9atter, and the specificated one out of the +oot of Vegetables! >>>2! Out of the true ffection and Charity, we ha$e for all (o$ers of rts, we ad$ise e$ery one, who shall desire to prepare either of these our Elixirs, only to follow our 2nfallible +ules, being the Compendium of the whole Practice and Theory according to all true Philosophers, and not to mind any other7 for some ha$ing deli$ered things by )earsay, others from +eading, and $ery few from their own Practice, they may easily be imposed upon and deluded by any Pseudochymist or pretended dept! Experto Crede!


!"orisms of Urbigerus
Aphorismi Urbigerani, Or Certain Rules, Clearly demonstrating the Three Infallible Ways of Preparing the Grand Eli ir or Cir!ulatum ma"us of the Philosophers,

$on-on. #)/0



T! !ur )ear )isci#les

H!n!r*+ C!a+e#ts

an+ all 'ell,'is"ers t! !ur Hermetic Art. *inding you, dear #ons who ha$e through our means attained to the true 8nowledge of our first 9atter, worthy to recei$e our farther 2nstructions in the remainder of the Process, to extirpate all such mbiguities, as you may ha$e concei$ed in our bsence, to facilitate your (abors, and to precaution you in the bringing your Wor8 to its )ighest Perfection! We here, according to your desire, expose to you, and for your sa8es, to the Public, all the most infallible +ules, necessary for pre$enting of Errors in this great Underta8ing nd tho you, e$er - honored Coadepts, could ne$er yet so far pre$ail on yoursel$es as to come to a +esolution of presenting the World with the full Practice of this our rt, 3oined to the Theory, we are ne$ertheless most certain, that we shall not recei$e any +eprimand from you for bringing to light these our +ules which we ha$e so penned, that e$en those, who 8now not our Person, will not only soon percei$e, that all we ha$e written, is the real Truth, clearly exhibiting both the Theory and Practice of the whole )ermetic rt, but also conclude, that these Operations must of necessity ha$e $ery often passed through our own hands from our gi$ing such positi$e +ules and infallible 2nstructions, elucidating all the most obscure and intricate Enigrns of time Philosophers, and warning them of all the ccidents, that may happen is the wor8ing of our #ub3ect! We are, we say, confident, you neither will, nor can blame us for this7 since you will easily discern, that our 5esign is purely to instruct our 5isciples, and pre$ent all the Well-wishers to this most noble rt from being imposed upon, and cheated, by any false pretended dept7 to the end that those, who shall from the 5i$ine "enignity, by the help of these our phorisms, or otherwise, ha$e recei$ed the blessed 8nowledge of our first 9atter, which is the $ery same in all our three ways of producing the grand Elixir, may through these our certain +ules obtain the accomplishment of their 5esires! )a$ing in our Tra$els fortuned to meet with some Persons of true Principles in Philosophy and +eligion, we could not but embrace them and instruct them towards its farther Perfection, which cannot be attained without the true 8nowledge of our Celestial rt! by which comprehending all the 9ystery of 9ysteries, we learn also how to ser$e!


-!+ in Fait" an+ Trut". nd since we ha$e no Obligation to any li$ing #oul for time 8nowledge, we possess, ha$ing attained it all by the only "lessing of lmighty %od on our 2ndustry and Experiences being therefore at more liberty than those, who recei$e such a *a$or from us, or some other dept, ,tis our 5etermination, whene$er we meet with Persons so 4ualified, always to do the same! Wherefore being at present in England though we are no 'ati$e of this &ingdom we thin8 it necessary to set forth these our phorisms in the English tongue not in the least doubting, but that the &nowing, minding only the sense, will easily pardon any 2mpropriety, they may find in our Expressions7 and when Pro$idence shall carry us into any other Country, we, ha$ing attained to some competent &nowledge of most European (anguages, shall again ta8e care to publish them in the #peech of the Place, where we shall be! that we may the sooner obtain the effects of our 5esires, which aim at nothing, but the undecei$ing of the World by setting down certain and e$ident 9ar8s, distinguishing the Worthy from the Unworthy, and at the bringing of 9en to lea$e their unnecessary *orms, by instructing them in the true way of #er$ing %od, being the only means to render them happy both in this World, and the next!


A#"!rismi Urbigerani
Or Certain Rules clearl( +em!nstrating t"e T"ree in%allible 'a(s !% #re#aring t"e -ran+ Eli$ir !% t"e P"il!s!#"ers.

2! The )ermetic #cience consists only in the right 8nowledge of the first 9atter of the Philosophers which is in the 9ineral 8ingdom not yet determined by 'ature! 22! n undetermined 9atter being the beginning of all 9etals and 9inerals, it follows, that as soon as any one shall be so happy, as to 8now and concei$e it, he shall easily comprehend also their 'atures, :ualities, and Properties! 222! lthough some Persons, possessed with foolish 'otions, dream, that the first 9atter is to be found only in some particular places, at such and such times of the year, and by the Virtue of a 9agical 9agnet6 yet we are most certain <according to our 5i$ine 9aster )ermes= that, all these #uppositions being false, it is to be found e$ery where, at all times and only by our #cience! 2V! The )ermetic rt consists in the true 9anipulation of our undetermined #ub3ect, which before it can be brought to the highest degree of Perfection, must of necessity undergo all our Chymical Operations! V! Our Chymical Operations are these malgamation #ublimation, 5issolution *iltration, Cohobation, 5istillation, #eparation, +e$erberation, 2mbibition, and 5igestion! V2! When we call all these Operations ours, they are not all to be understood according to the common Operations of the #ophisters of 9etals, whose 2ndustry consists only in disguising of #ub3ects from their *orm, and their 'ature7 but ours are really to transfigure our #ub3ect, yet conser$ing its 'ature, :uality, and Property! V22! This our #ub3ect, after its ha$ing passed through all those artificial Operations, which always imitate 'ature, is called the Philosophers #tone, or the fifth Essence of 9etals, being compounded of the Essence of their four Elements! V222! Time 9etals and 9inerals, which 'ature already determined, although they should be retrograded into running 9ercury Water, and Vapor6 yet can they by no means be ta8en for the first 9atter of the Philosophers!


2>! Our true and real 9atter is only a Vapor, impregnated with the 9etallic #eed, yet undetermined, created by %od lmighty, generated by the Concurrence and 2nfluence of time strums, contained in the "owels of the Earth, as the 9atrix of all created things! > This our 9atter is called undetermined, because, being a 9edium between a 9etal and a 9ineral, and being neither of them, it has in it power to produce both, according to the #ub3ect, it meets withal! >2! #uch a 9etallic Vapor, congealed and nourished in the "owels of the Earth! is called the undermined, and when it enchants the #erpent with the "eauty of its termined and additional *ire, the determined %reen - 5ragon of the Philosopher and without the true 8nowledge and right 9anipulation of it nothing can be done in our rt! >22! This %reen-5ragon is the natural %old of the Philosophers, exceedingly different from the $ulgar, which is corporeal and dead, being come to the period of its Perfection according to 'ature, and therefore incapable of generating, unless it be first generated itself by our 9ercurial Water but ours is spiritual, and li$ing, ha$ing the generati$e *aculty in itself, and in its own 'ature, and ha$ing recei$ed the 9asculine :uality from the Creator of all things! >222! Our %old is called 'atural, because it is not to be made by rt, and since it is 8nown to none, but the true 5isciples of )ermes, who understand how to separate it from its original (ump, ,tis called also Philosophical6 and if %od had not been so gracious, as to create this first Chaos to our hand, all our #8ill and rt in the Construction of the great Elixir would be in $ain! >2V! Out of this our %old, or undetermined %reen-5ragon, without the addition of any other created thing whatsoe$er, we 8now how through our Uni$ersal 9enstruum to extract all our Elements! or Principles, necessary for the performance of our great Wor87 Which is Our first way of preparing the %rand Elixir and since this our first Chaos is to be had without any Expense, as costing only the trouble of digging it out of the 9ines, This is not unfitly called the only way of the Poor! >V! The Operations in this our first way being in a manner the same with those of our second, which is, when we 3oin our determined 5ragon with our #erpent, we shall <to a$oid +epetitions= in the subse4uent phorisms gi$e 2nstructions for them both together! >V2! Our #erpent, which is also contained in the "owels of the Earth, being of all created things whatsoe$er the nearest sub3ect of a *eminine 'ature to our 5ragon, through their Copulation such an astral and metallic #eed, containing our Elements, is also to


be brought forth as can, though with somewhat more of Expense and Time, perform the whole 9ystery of )ermes! >V22! #ince our #erpent is of all created things the nearest sub3ect of *eminine 'ature to our 5ragon, she is after her Copulation to be ta8en for the "asis of our Philosophical Wor87 for out of her "owels, without the help of any other 9etal or 9ineral ,we must draw our Principles or Elements, necessary to our Wor8, being retrograded by the Uni$ersal 9enstruum! >V222! This *eminine #ub3ect cannot be retrograded, unless to free her from her 2mpurities, and )eterogeneous :ualities, she is first actuated by her )omogeneous ones, that she may be in better Capacity to recei$e the spiritual (o$e of our %reen 5ragon! >2>! fter our #erpent has been bound with her Chain, penetrated with the "lood of our %reen-5ragon, and dri$en nine, or ten times through the combustible *ire into the elementary ir, if you dc not find her to be exceeding furious, and extremely penetrating,, ,tis a sign, that you do not hit our #ub3ect, the 'otion of the )omogenea, or their Proportion! >>! 2f this furious #erpent, after it has been dissol$ed by the Uni$ersal 9enstruum, filtrated, e$aporated, and congealed nine or ten times, does not come o$er in a Cloud, and turn into our Virgin 9il8, or 9etallic argentin Water, not corrosi$e at all, and yet insensibly, and in$isibly de$ouring e$ery thing, that comes near it, ,tis plainly to be seen that you err in the 'otion of our Uni$ersal 9enstruum! >>2! The #erpent, of which 2 now spea8, is our true Water of the Clouds, or the real Eagle and 9ercury of the Philosophers, greatly different from the Vulgar, which is corporeal, gross, dead, and full of )eterogeneous :ualities, and a #ub3ect fallen from its #phere, li8e unripe *ruit from the Tree6 but ours is spiritual, transparent, li$ing, residing in its own #phere, li8e a &ing on his Throne >>22! Though the $ulgar 9ercury is such an unripe fruit, corporeal, and dead6 yea, if you 8now how to amalgamate it with our 5ragon, and to retrogradate it with the Uni$ersal 9enstruum, you may assure your self, that out of this also you shall be able to prepare a #ophic 9ercury, with which you shall certainly produce the great Elixir, disco$er the #ecret of #ecrets, unloc8 the most difficult (oc8s, and command all the Treasures in World! >>222! Our 9ercury is called the 9ercury of the Philosophers, because it is a #ub3ect, which is not to be found ready prepared to our hand 7 for it must of necessity be made by our Philosophical Preparations, out of the first Chaos, and although it is rtificial, yet it is naturally prepared, 'ature, which is imitated in the Preparation of it, contributing li8ewise thereunto!


>>2V! #ince our #ub3ect cannot be called the fiery #erpent of the Philosophers, nor ha$e the power of o$ercoming any created thing, before it has recei$ed such Virtue and :uality from our %reen5ragon, and the Uni$ersal 9enstruum, by which itself is first o$ercome, de$oured, and buried in their "owels, out of which being born again, ,tis made capable of the same, it follows, that such a Virtue of 8illing and $i$ifying is natural to our 5ragon and the Uni$ersal 9enstruum! >>V! The Uni$ersal 9enstruum of the Philosophers is that Celestial one, without which nothing can li$e nor subsist in this World7 ,tis also that noble Champion, which deli$ers time uncorrupted Virgin, ndromeda, who was with a strong Chain fastened to the7 +oc8 in the power of the 5ragon, of whole spiritual (o$e ha$ing admitted, for fear of being eternally ruined and de$oured by him <which could not ha$e been a$oided, if this noble Champion had not come to her assistance= #he is to be deli$ered of a Child, which wilt be the Wonder of Wonders, and Prodigy of 'ature! >>V2! 2f our Virgin in her Confinement, before she is set at liberty, does not manifest her extreme "eauty with all her internal, di$ers, delicate natural Colors wonderfully charming, and $ery pleasant to the Eye, it signifies, that she has not sufficiently en3oyed the spiritual Company of the 5ragon! >>V22! 2f the Uni$ersal 9enstruum has not totally deli$ered the Virgin from the Claws of the 5ragon, it is a sign, either that she was not sufficiently free from her )eterogeneous :ualities, or that she had not recei$ed from the external )eat a sufficient penetrating :uality, or that the Uni$ersal 9enstruum was too wea8 to perform its Underta8ing! >>V222! To 8now, whether the malgamation, #ublimation, 5issolution, *iltration, Coagulation, and 5istillation ha$e been 'atural and Philosophical, the whole "ody of the #erpent must come o$er spiritual and transparent, lea$ing only some few and $ery light *eces at the bottom, which can by no rt be reduced@ either into a running 9ercury, or and other 8ind of metallic #ubstance! >>2>! fter all these abo$e-mentioned Operations, and the #eparation, if our #erpent, being amalgamated with any 9etal, pure or impure, cannot suffer the *usion, it will be in $ain for you to go any farther with it7 for you may assure your self, that you do not wal8 in the true Paths of the )ermetic rt! >>>! Our Philosophical 5istillations consist only in the right #eparation of our #piritual and 9ercurial Water from all its poisonous oily #ubstance, which is of no use at all in our rt, and from though Caput 9ortuum, which is left behind after the first 5istillation!


>>>2! 2f after the first 5istillation an exceedingly corrosi$e and extremely penetrating red Oil does not ascend <which as soon as it begins to appear in the 'ec8 of the +etort, the +ecei$er must be changed it signifies that the 5istillation has not been rightly performed, and by Conse4uence, that the internal *ire of our metallic $aporous Water, being burnt up, and corroded by its poisonous Vapor, and the outward *ire, is still mixed with it, and with the Caput 9ortuum! >>>22! 2n case you should commit so great an Error in the performance of this first 5istillation, although it will ne$er be in your power to prepare the 9ercury 5uplex of the Philosophers, unless you should begin the whole World agar6 from the $ery beginning6 yet, if you ha$e any farther #8ill in our rt, you may easily prepare our 9ercury #implex, with which you will effect great and miraculous things! >>>222! This blood red Oil with its only *umes penetrates e$ery Part and tom of all 9etals and 9inerals, and principally of %old out of which 5issolution one may easily extract the right Tincture or Essence with highly rectified #pirit of Wine, and bring it o$er the lembic with it7 which is indeed a great 9edicine for humane "odies! >>>2V! deep blood-red Tincture of excellent Virtue is to be extracted also out of the abo$e-mentioned Caput 9ortuum! accidentally and unfortunately intermixed with the internal #ulfur of our 9ercurial Water, and with the red Oil, with highly rectified #pirit of Wine 7 with which after it has been e$aporated to a Powder, imbibed, and Philosophically digested, you may assure your self of ha$ing the 9edicine of 9edicines, next to the great Elixir, by which you may, imperceptibly and 4uic8ly cure all sorts of 5istempers, to the great dmiration! Of all %alenists, and to the stonishment of all Vulgar Chymists! >>>V! The most part of the Philosophers, whilst their 2ntention was to go farther to the noblest Perfection of our Celestial rt, either employed this red Oil brought to a Potability, for internal 9edicines, or to external 5iseases without any farther Preparation of it, till they had obtained the great Elixir! >>>V2! 2f the Caput 9ortuum has not the 9agnetic :uality in attracting the #piritus 9undi into itself from the strums, it is a sign, that at time end of the 5istillation of the red Oil the outward fire was so $iolent, as 4uite to burn up the 9agnet, which is contained in the first *eces of our 9ercurial Water! >>>V22! fter the first 5istillation, if the least Part of the Virgin 9ercurial Water can by any rt whatsoe$er be brought to running 9ercury, or any other 8ind of a 9etallic #ubstance, it is an e$ident sign, that either the #ub3ect, or its Preparation and +eduction into Water, has not been real, natural, or Philosophical!


>>>V222! The abo$e-mentioned #piritus 9undi, although of no use at all in this our great Wor8, is yet a great 9enstruum in extracting of Tinctures out of 9etals, 9inerals, nimals, and Vegetables, and in performing great things in the rt $olatili;ing all fixed "odies, and principally %old! >>>2>! great many Pretenders to the true )ermetic &nowledge prepare 9enstruums, to dissol$e common 9ercury, and to turn it into Water se$eral manner of ways, and by se$eral additions of #alts, #ulfurs, 9etals, and 9inerals! but, since all those Preparations are sophistical, any one, expert in our rt, will be able to reduce it to its running :uality again! >(! The :uality of our 9ercurial Water7 being to $olatili;e all fixed "odies, and to fix all those, that are $olatile, fixing .t self with those, that are fixed, according to the Proportion of it, dissol$ing its own "ody, it unites inseparably with it, conser$ing always its own :ualities and Properties, and recei$es no ugmentation from any other created thing, but only from its crude "ody! >(2! Our 9ercurial Water has such a sympathy with the strums, that, if it is not 8ept $ery close, and )ermetically sealed, it will in a $ery short time, li8e a winged #erpent, fly away in a wonderful manner to its own #phere, carrying along with it all the Elements and Principles of 9etals, and not lea$ing so much as one single drop, or the least remainder, behind! >(22! #e$eral Pretenders to the 9agical #cience prepare 9agical 9agnets, to draw from the ir, and <as they pretend= from the strums such 9enstruums, as they thin8 necessary for she Production of the %reat Elixir6 but their 9agnets being compounded of se$eral determinate things, although their 9enstruums are great 5issol$ents yet we do on assured 8nowledge affirm that they can ne$er perform any real Experiments in our rt! >(222! #ome are of Opinion, that, unless the Operator is 9aster in the 9agical #cience, and fundamentally understands all its Experiments, he will ne$er be able by any other rt whatsoe$er to bring forth any such things, as can produce the Uni$ersal Elixir! 'ow, although we do not deny, that the 9agical &nowledge is re4uired to attain to the highest degree of Perfection in all #ciences, yea6 we are most certain, that it is not at all necessary to the *ormation of the %rand Elixir upon nimals, 9etals, Precious #tones, and Vegetables! >(2V! Our Virgin 9il8, or 9etallic Water, being brought to a perfect #pirituality, and excellent 5iaphanity, is called the true Chaos of the Philosophers7 for out of that alone, without any addition of any created, or artificially prepared thing, we are to prepare and separate all the Elements, which are re4uired to the *ormation of our Philosophical 9icrocosm!


>(V! To understand aright, how out of this our Chaos we are to form our Philosophical 9icrocosm, we must first of necessity rightly comprehend the great 9ystery and Proceeding in the Creation of the 9acrocosm7 it being extremely necessary to imitate and use the $ery same 9ethod in the Creation of our little one, that the Creator of all things has used in the *ormation of the great! One! >(V2! When our Chaos or Celestial Water has purified itself from its own gross and palpable "ody, it is called the )ea$en of the Philosophers, and the palpable "ody the Earth, which is $oid, empty, and dar8 7 nd if our 5i$ine #pirit, which is carried upon the face of the Waters, did not bring forth out of the palpable "ody that precious 9etallic #eed, we should ne$er be able by any rt whatsoe$er to go on any farther with time perfect Creation of our 9icrocosm according to our 2ntent! >(V22! This )ea$en of the Philosophers, after it has separated itself from the Earth, containing our Philosophical #eed, and the 9agnet of our #alt of 'ature, and from the superfluous Waters, is called the 9ercury simplex of the wise men! for whosoe$er attains it, at the same time attains also the &nowledge and Power of retrograding 9etals, 9inerals, ?c! so as to reduce them to their first "eing, to perfect imperfect "odies, and to $i$ify dead ones, conser$ing always its own Property and :uality to it self, and to produce the %reat Elixir according to the usual ways of the Philosophers! >(V222! fter we ha$e separated the Water from the Water, by which 2 mean the 9ercurial Celestial Water from the superfluous Water, which is the *legm, by the "lessing of %od and the 2nfusion of our holy #pirit, we do not in the least doubt, but we shall be able to bring forth out of our Earth such *ruits and #ub3ects, with which we shall certainly perform the whole Creation, carrying our Wor8 to the highest 5egree of Perfection! >(2>! Our 9ercurial Water being of the7 same "rightness with the )ea$ens, and our palpable gross "ody, which did separate it self from our Celestial Water! ha$ing the same Properties and :uality with the Earth, none, but 2gnorance, will deny them to be the right )ea$en and true Earth of the Philosophers! (! 2f, after the #eparation of the Waters, the World, in which it is mighty clear, and full of light, and our Celestial Water, it is a sign, fully performed, the #pirit being Waters! #pirit from the superfluous contained, does not appear of the same brightness with that the #eparation is not still intermixed with the

(2! 2f in the space of nine or ten Wee8s, or two Philosophical 9onths at longest, our 9ercurial Water has not done separating it self from all its own Earth containing the 9etallic #eed, it is an


e$ident sign, that you ha$e either erred in the wor8ing of it, or that its 5igestion, ha$ing been too $iolent, has confounded and burnt up the principal #ub3ect of the Creation! (22! This Philosophic Earth, containing our principal #ub3ect, after it has been separated from all the Waters, is $ery gently to be dried by some external )eat, to free it from its extraneous )umidity, that it may be in a proper Capacity to recei$e the Celestial 9oisture of our rgentin Water, to which it unites its most noble *ruits, with which our Philosophical 9icrocosm is generated, nourished, and saturated! (222! 2f the Earth, after it has been re$erberated, humected with our Celestial 9oisture, does not presently enrich our ir with the di$ine expected *ruits, you must certainly belie$e, that in the drying of it the external )eat has been so $iolent, as to burn up the internal )ead and 'ature of the Earth, and conse4uently spoil your Underta8ing as to the performance of the whole 9ystery of the Creation, according to the noblest, richest, shortest, most natural, and secretest ways of the Philosophers! (2V! 2n case the Earth should be totally destroyed by the $iolent external )eat, although it is most certain, you cannot carry on our noble Creation any farther with it6 yet if you 8now how to amalgamate our 9ercury simplex with your common %old, which is dissol$ed, $i$ified, and renewed by it, you may be sure of effecting the %reat Elixir, although neither so 4uic8! #o natural, nor so rich, as you might ha$e done without it! nd this is our third way! (V! The malgamation of our 9ercury simplix with common %old consists only in the right Proportion, and in the indissoluble Union of both, which is done without any external )eat in a $ery short time, without which exact Proportion and right Union nothing of any 9oment is to be expected from their 9arriage! (V2! &now then, that this right Proportion is ten parts of our 9ercury simplex to one of your finest common %old in filings, which is dissol$ed in it, li8e 2ce in common Water, after an imperceptible manner, and as soon as the 5issolution is o$er, the Coagulation and Putrefaction presently follow, which Effect, it you find not, ,tis a sign, that the 9ercury exceeds its due Proportion! 'ow when your %old has been thus well amalgamated, united, putrefied, and inseparably digested with our 9ercury simplex, you will then ha$e only our Philosophical #ulfur, in which time one might easily ha$e performed the whole Wor8, wor8ing without common7 %old! (V22! lthough our 9ercury simplex is exceedingly spiritual and $olatile, yet since it is the right gent, digesting the #eed or Essence of all 9etals and 9inerals it will, though undigested, naturally adhere to any of them although corporeal, that shall


come near it, and will ne$er lea$e it, unless it be forced away by the Test, though 8ept in a great *usion for many hours! (V222! This 9ercury simplex, which before its retrogradation was of a *eminine 'ature, and before it left all its own Earth, was )ermaphroditic, being powerful in both #exes, is now become of a *eminine :uality again, and although it has lost the 9asculine $isible *ire! yet it has conser$ed its own, which is in$isible to us, and with which it performs $isible Operations in digesting of imperfect 9etals, after its 5etermination with any of them! (2>! 2f this our 9ercury <the Proportion rightly obser$ed= should be amalgamated with any imperfect 9etal, being first determined with a fixed one, it will regenerate and perfect the same, not losing the least Particle of its Virtue or :uantity7 Which 9etal after the digestion of a Philosophical 9onth will <as most Philosophers teach= be able to resist all manner of Tryals, and will be far better than any 'atural one! (>! The 5etermination of our 9ercury simplex with any of the fixt "odies is to be done by dissol$ing a small 4uantity of *ilings of red or white according to the Color and :uality of the 9etal, that you desire to meliorate, and if you do not err in the #eparation and Union of the #ub3ects, you may assure your self of obtaining your desire after a Philosophical 5igestion! (>2! To examine aright, whether the 9ercury simplex is rightly prepared, or come to its Perfection, one only 5rop, put upon a red-hot Plate of Copper, must whiten it through and through, and must not part with it, although brought into a great *usion7 Which, if you find, it does not, it will be a plain 5emonstration, that either your 9ercury is not well prepared, or that it has not yet done separating itself from its own Earth! (>22! 2f your 9ercury simplex, put upon its own dryed Earth, does not presently unite with the Essence of 9etals, appearing deeper than any "lood, and shining brighter than any *ire, which is a mar8 of the +eception of its own internal *ire, and that the Eagle has suc8t the "lood of our +ed (ion, it is an e$ident sign, that you ha$e erred in the 9anipulation of the Earth! (>222! This 9ercury, thus impregnated with its Essence, or #ulphur of 9etals, is called the 9ercury duplex of the Philosophers, which is of a far greater :uality, and Virtue than the simplex, with whose 2mbibitions in the #alt of 'ature, after its being saturated with the simplex, the whole 9ystery of the Creation of the Philosophical 9icrocosm is maintained and perfected! (>2V! To 8now, whether your 9ercury duplex is Philosophically prepared, and sufficiently impregnated with its own internal 'atural *ire, put one single 5rop of it upon a red-hot Plate of fine #il$er7 and if the #il$er is not by this 5rop penetrated through and through with a deep-red Tincture, enduring the


greatest fire of *usion, it will signifie, that you either fail in the Preparation of it, or that you ha$e not gi$en it time enough to recei$e a full #aturation out of its own Earth! (>V! This deep-red Tincture, extracted out of our Philosophical Earth, is called our #ulphur, our undigested, essentificated %old, our internal elementary *ire, and our +ed-(ion7 for without its )elp and Concurrence our Philosophical World cannot be nourished, digested, or accomplished, being the right %round, and true Essence of the whole wor8 of our Creation! (>V2! When the Earth has lost its #oul, the remainder of it is the true 9agnet, attracting the #alt of 'ature from the combustible *ire after a $iolent Calcination for se$eral hours7 which #alt, after its Purification and Clarification, is called the clarifyed Earth or #alt of the Philosophers, which, Uniting it self with our single and double 9ercury, after their 5igestion, is called by our 9aster )ermes the Uni$ersal #pirit earthifyed! (>V22! The Extraction, Purification, and Clarification of our Earth or #alt of 'ature is to be performed by our 9ercury simplex7 which being put upon the re$erberated Earth, will presently draw to it self, and unite it self with it, yet separable by gentle 5istillation, after which the clarifyed #alt of the Philosophers is at hand! (>V222! lthough we use our 9ercury simplex in the Extraction of its own #oul out of its "ody, and for the Clarification of the latter6 yet, since it is a philosophical and perpetual 9enstruum, it loses nothing of its connatural Prerogati$es, nor does in the least diminish in :uantity, being our true l8ahest, as Paracelsus is pleased to call it! (>2>! Those three Principles, or Elements of our Chaos, perfectly separated from their 2mpurities, and brought to their highest Perfection, are rightly called the three )erculean Wor8s7 for after the Preparation of them all the (abor, Trouble, and 5anger will be past! (>>! #ome foolish Operators pretend, that our %reat Elixir is to be prepared in a $ery easie manner, and without any trouble at all, to whom we will with our 9aster )ermes, briefly answer, That such 2mpostors neither 8now our 9atter, nor the right Preparation of it! Aet we do not deny, but any )ealthy Person, of what ge soe$er he may be, may understand all our )erculean (abors, necessary to the Performance of it! (>>2! These our Operations are therefore called )erculean in respect to the rest of the Wor8, which is exceedingly easy, and without the least Trouble or 5anger, being for that reason called Childrens Play, because a Child or a Woman, that has any #ense, may easily wor8 it, and bring it to the highest Perfection, according to the #aying of all true Philosophers!


(>>22! lthough all those abo$e-mentioned Operations are, according to the common Opinion of the Philosophers, esteemed difficult, and dangerous6 yet we can upon our Conscience assure you, that we ha$e our self alone without the help of any Creature li$ing prepared them all on a common &itchen *ire, as is $ery well 8nown to se$eral Coadepts, our *riends, who could not but admire and appro$e of our 2ndustry! (>>222! 'o true dept or perfect rtist can deny, but that the whole Wor8 of the %reat Elixir may from the $ery beginning to the end be performed on one only *urnace, in one only sort of Vessel, and by one only Person alone, at a $ery small charge! (>>2V! #ome 2mpostors would perswade the Vulgar, that %old, #il$er, and many other 2ngredients are re4uired to the ma8ing of the %rand Elixir according to our noblest ways7 which the 5octrines of all the Philosophers, and our own infallible +ules clearly shew to be false7 for ,tis most certain, that we neither use any of their 2ngredients, nor yet any #il$er or %old, <unless, as we ha$e mentioned, in our third way= till we come to the *ermentation of our Elixirs! (>>V! We do with all true Philosphers assure you, that all things, necessary for our Philosophical Wor8, besides the *ewel, Vessels, and some new 2nstruments, belonging to the *urnace, are to be purchased for less than the Expence of one single %uinea, and that e$ery where, and at all times of the year! (>>V2! #ince neither %old nor #il$er is to be used at all in the *ormation and Cibation of our Philosophical Wor8, it follows, that the old and common saying of some uthors, $i;! That without wor8ing with %old ,tis an impossible thing to ma8e %old, pro$ed to be only a false 'otion of 9en, who understand not our rt! (>>V2! When our )erculean Wor8s are brought to Perfection, which is, when our three Principles, or Elements are prepared, purifyed and perfected, unless the Philosophical and unseparable Union of them is exactly performed, the %reat 9ystery of our Creation is not to be expected! (>>V222! Our Principles or Elements being brought to a perfect and unseparable Union and 5igestion, it is called the Triple 9ercury of the Philosophers, which being finished, the whole Creation and *ormation of our wor8 is crowned! (>>2>! ll our Wor8 of the Creation from its $ery "eginning to its perfect End may, on our certain 8nowledg, be perfected in less than nine 9onths by any s8ilful and careful rtist, that follows our +ules, unless some ccident should happen in the Preparation of our )erculean Wor8s7 which to pre$ent, we wrought them our self in an earthen Vessel, which we count far better and surer than any


%lass, and which is most agreeable to the Practice of the most ancient Philosophers! (>>>! "efore you come to the Union of your Elements, your clarifyed Earth is before all things to be digested in a moderate and continual )eat of shes, to free it from any unnatural 9oisture, that it might ha$e attracted after its Purification, to be in a fit Capacity to recei$e your 9ercury simplex, by which it is to be nourished in its 2nfancy! (>>>2! 2f your clarifyed Earth, after it has been digested the space of a whole 9onth, does not appear exceeding dry, subtil, and frangible, it will signifie, that you ha$e failed in the Purification or Clarification of it, or that the external 9oisture, it had attracted, is not yet parted from it! (>>>22! Ta8e great Care, that you do not begin your 2mbibitions of your Earth, before you find it to be $ery well purifyed, clarifyed, dryed, and brought to be $ery subtil, and extremely frangible7 for it would be a great 5etriment as well to your Wor8, as to your 9ercury6 and, although it should not spoil your Wor8, yet it would be to you a great loss of Time! (>>>222! fter our clarifyed Earth had been brought to a perfect Purity, 5ryness, and *rangibility, it is to be imbibed with the eighth part of our 9ercury simplex, or Virgins 9il8, which will in a $ery short time be soa8ed into it, as into a #ponge, which shews the hungry #tate of our 2nfant, and then the *ire is to be continued, till the 2nfant is hungry again! (>>>2V! 2f in the space of two or three days, or four, at the farthest, the 2nfant does not shew it self to be extreme hungry by becoming $ery dry and frangible again, it will become an e$ident sign, that you ha$e o$ercome it by your excessi$e feeding of it! (>>>V! %reat care is to be ta8en also in the feeding of the noble 2nfant7 for if you do not well obser$e all our infallible +ules, you will ne$er be able to bring it to a perfect 9aturity7 for in the 'otion and Proportion of our 2mbibitions, and the 9anagement of them, the prosperous and unfailable End of our Wor8 is to be expected! (>>>V2! ,Tis always to be obser$ed, that the *ire be $ery moderate, as long as you are ma8ing your 2mbibitions, for fear or forcing any part of your 9ercury to lea$e the Earth7 for as a moderate )eat ma8es the Union between the #oul and the "ody, and perfects all the Wor87 so on the contrary a too Violent )eat disunites and destroys all! (>>>V22! The 2nfant being dry, the 2mbibition is to be repeated again, and this 9ethod is to be used, until the 9atter has recei$ed its weight of the 9ercury7 at which time if you do not find it to flow li8e Wax, and be whiter then any #now, and $ery


fixt, you must proceed with your 2mbibitions, until you percei$e the same! (>>>V222! The 2mbibitions are not to be made any oftner, than once e$ery three or four days, in which time you will find your 9atter, ha$ing soa8ed up all your 9ercury, to be in great want of *ood, which must be supplyed, until it be saturated7 the 9ar8 of which will be, when it flows li8e Wax again! (>>>2>! Aour 9atter being brought to a perfect *luxibility, uncomparable Whiteness, and unalterable *ixedness, 8now then, that you ha$e perfectioned the white Elixir, which, being fermented with fine #il$er in *ilings, will be in a Capacity to transmute all inferior 9etals into the finest #il$er in the World! >C! "efore the white Elixir is fermented with common #il$er, you may multiply it, as well in Virtue, as in :uantity, by the Continuation of 2mbibitions with the 9ercury simplex, by which it may by 5egrees be brought ad 2nfinitum in its Virtue! >C2! The white Elixir being brought to its 5egree of 9aturity, desiring to go on to its highest 5egree of Perfection, instead of fermenting it with #il$er, it must be cibated with its own *lesh and "lood, which is the double 9ercury, by which it being nourished, multiplyed in :uality and :uantity, and digested, the whole Wor8 is accomplished! >C22! s soon as the first 2mbibition is made, you will see a great lteration in your Vessel7 for there will be nothing seen but a Cloud, filling the whole space of the Vessel, the fixt being in contro$ersie with the Volatil, and the Volatil with the fixt! The Volatil is Con4ueror at the beginning, but as last by its own internal *ire, con3oyned with the external, both are united, and fixed inseparably together! >C222! 2t is to be obser$ed, that the %lass Vessel, which must be o$al, with a 'ec8 half a foot long, and $ery strong, be of a fit bigness, and of such Capacity, that your 9atter, when it is put into the Vessel, may ta8e up only the third part of it, lea$ing the other two $acant7 for, if it should be too big, it would be a great hinderance in performing the Wor8, and if too little, it would brea8 into a thousand pieces! >C2V! fter you ha$e cibated the noble Elixir with your double 9ercury, before it can come to its perfect *ixedness, it must of necessity wander through all the #tates and Colours of 'ature, by which we are to 3udg its "eing and Temperament! >CV! The constant and essential Colors, that appear in the 5igestion of the 9atter, and before it comes to a Perfection, are three, $i;! "lac8, which signifies the Putrefaction and Con3unction of the Elements6 White, which demonstrates its Purification6 and +ed, which demonstrates its 9aturation! The rest


of the Colors, that appear and disappear in the Progress of the Wor8, are only accidental, and unconstant! >CV2! "y e$ery Cibation of its own *lesh and "lood, +egeneration of its Colors, and 5igestion, the 2nfant will grow stronger and stronger, that at last being fully saturated and digested, it is called the %reat Elixir of the Philosophers, with which you will be able to perform, Wonders is all the +egions, as well nimal, as 9ineral, and Vegetable! >CV22! When your Elixir is brought to a *luxibility, and a perfect *ixedness, if you desire to ma8e a 9edicine upon 9etals, you must determinate or ferment it with common %old in *ilings, in which 5etermination it will $itrify, and then you will ha$e an incomparable 9edicine, capable to transmute all imperfect 9etals into the purst %old, according to the 5octrine of all the Philosophers, though our self ne$er designed any thing, but an uni$ersal +emedy for the Cure of all curable 5iseases, incident to )uman "odies, as is well 8nown to our *riends, who ha$e en3oyed the "enefit of these our (abors! >CV222! 2t is to be obser$ed in the *ermentation, that the Elixir exceed not the *erment in :uantity, otherwise the #ponsal (igament of it cannot be actually performed, and when the *erment is predominant o$er the Elixir, all will be presently turned into dust! >C2>! The best 9ethod of *ermentation is to ta8e one part of the Elixir, and put it into the midst of ten parts of %old in *ilings, cast through ntimony, to free it from all its 2mpurities, and to 8eep it in a circulary *ire for the space of six )ours, so increasing the *ire by 5egrees, that the last two hours it be in a good *usion, and when cold, you will find all your 9atter exceeding frangible, and of the Color of the %ranate-#tone! C! Common 9ercury, amalgamated with (ead, is counted the most proper #ub3ect for ma8ing Pro3ection, which being in *usion, your fermented 9atter being di$ided into three parts, one part of it rolled, in Wax, is to be flung upon the malgam7 then presently co$er the Crucible, and continue the *ire, until you hear the 'oise of the #eparation and Union7 then the second and third part, as before, and being 8ept for two hours in a continual *ire of *usion, let it cool by it self! C2! Whoe$er shall presume to prepare the %reat Elixir according to our most #ecret Ways without following and obser$ing all these our infallible +ules, will certainly find himself mightily mista8en at last, ha$ing after a great deal of Troubles, Charges, and Pains, reaped nothing but 5iscontent6 and on the contrary they, that shall wal8 in our true and infallible Paths, shall with $ery little Trouble and Expences attain to their desired End, which we cordially wish to all those, who are sincere well-wishers to the )ermetic Philosophy!



A P!stscri#t c!ntaining An E$#lanati!n !% t"e Figure #re%i$t t! t"e A#"!rismi Urbigerani. )a$ing in our One )undred and One phorisms so perspicuously laid open all the 5ifficulties, and so amply taught the compleat Theory and Practice of the whole )ermetic 9ystery, that any ingenious (o$er of Chymistry will not only be enabled to understand the most abstruse writings of the Philosophers, but also to effect any real Experiment, which is to be expected in the Progress of our Celestial rt6 and yet being apt to belie$e, that such, as are not our 5isciples, may perhaps meet with some of the Philosophical *igures, the meaning of which they may not so easily comprehend, we ha$e 3udged it highly expedient, in the *ront of this our little "oo8 to place this our *igure, by which, being a perfect Compendium of all the Philosophical Emblems, the rest may be without any great difficulty understood! 'ow since this our *igure, mystically representing all our #ub3ects and Operations, cannot but admit of many and $arious 2nterpretations, all which if we should here set down, our phorisms <where they are already deli$ered, and of which this would then be a +epetition,= would be altogether useless and insignificant7 we therefore at first esteemed it $ery superfluous to gi$e any farther 2llustration of it! "ut our desire being to do all the good, we can, to the Public, we ha$e on second Thoughts resol$ed with our wonted "re$ity to deli$er the following Explanation for the better Comprehension both of it and our phorisms! The Tree is a #upporter of the 9otto, ,Virtus unita fortior,7 which, being to be read from the side of the #erpent, representing by the )alf-9oon on its )ead the Planet, under whose 2nfluence it is born, is to be referred to it according to its particular 9otto, which signifies, that, if you ta8e it alone, it can do little or 'othing in our rt, as wanting the ssistance of others! "y the %reen 5ragon is to be understood our first undetermined 9atter, comprehending all our Principles, <as is demonstrated by the )alf-9oon on its )ead, the #un in its "ody, and the Cross on its Tail,= and denoting by its 9otto, that it can perform the whole wor8 without being 3oined with any other created or artificially prepared thing7 which is our first way! "ut this our 5ragon, when copulating with our #erpent, is forced to comply with her, degrading it self from its undetermined "eing for the production of our second way! pollo with the #un on his head, and 5iana with the )alf-9oon, embracing each other, shew our third way, and the Continuation of our first and second! The +i$er, into which they descend, signifies the #tate, they must be reduced into, before they can be in a Capacity of being born again, and before in any of our three ways they can be brought to a perfect #pirituali;ation and Union! pollo and 5iana, coming out of the +i$er in one wonderful "ody, 5iana ha$ing obtained all, represent our )erculean wor8s, ready finished and the beginning of their Con3unction, and by their going to set their foot on firm ground,


where she is to sow the noble *ruits for the Procreation, is to be understood the Continuation of their Con3unction, till they are fully united and perfected! 2n this #cheme also, as well as in our phorisms, are mystically exhibited all the principal Points of *aith and +eligion, comprised in the Volumes of the Old and 'ew Testament7 whence it manifestly appears, that the Contemplation of 'ature truly leads to the Comprehension of those hea$enly Verities, by which alone we can expect to arri$e at the En3oyment of that blessed 2mmortality, to which, as to the true and ultimate End of our Creation, all our Endea$ours are to be directed! ,Finis,


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