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1st Meeting 14th April 1984 meeting of the second series.

Dear friends, from today we begin a new series of meetings that will convey,
to you what is essential in life and which will lead unmistakably to self
improvement, from within and be apparent on the surface later. Thus
making us in the course of time biologically whole, and complete human
beings for without this no spiritual progress is possible. In this series we
will readjust what was stated in our earlier meetings, besides making it clear
by adding whatever is necessary, for I my self have learnt from them as to
how thoughts in proper sequence should be presented. I want you to
sincerely pay attention to what I am saying. It seems that while listening to
me your mind simultaneously tries to compare it with whatever you have
read or heard before, and so you either accept or question as to which of the
two presentations is the truer statement. This is human practice and not
fault. But this exercise should be performed later when the meeting is over.
I can show you what happens with your hearing and brain processes, and
how you miss some of the statements this being clear we shall proceed
And so, now we shall begin our study of yoga, as we
understand. We shall try to understand a very direct way, as I have been
graduated into, by my lofty teacher, matchless and unique. Yoga means to
yoke, but to yoke what? We yoke a horse to a cart, but both horse and cart
need a driver to direct, for by themselves they have no sense or direction.
And even today we may yoke propelling boosters to a rocket or space ship,
but we need someone behind them.
So what are the elements of yoga? The human body or
bodies that can be yoke to the brain manas and buddhi i.e. the thinking
instruments and be guide by the UDM or chitte. But here arises two
questions 1) what are these other bodies 2) what is manas and buddhi
besides brain. And what is the UDM or chitte. In all the other faculties of
science when questions are answered it results in knowledge, but in yoga
answering questions dose not always result in knowledge. It results in either
faith or doubt in the one who answers such questions. But when one
practices what one is told diligently, it results in experience. Yoga has to
ultimately end in ones personal experience and this personal experience
will then answer questions the questions 1) & 2) and other questions that
may arise from time to time. Otherwise it is a futile experience to try and
answer such questions. But practices alone will bring about the experience
of the same, for who can talk about the mental and astral bodies, with their
thinking instruments buddhi and manas. How can one talk about astral and
mental worlds or UDM with out the experience.
We shall begin our study with a short introduction, yet do not
accept everything that I tell you. Please do question me, I want that your
study of this subject to be placed on trust in me, but not on faith in me. Trust
in the sense that I will not misguide you, but not faith that all I say is
faultless unless it is proved so.
We now begin our study of the tangible of the physical body
and the brain and the coordination/correlation between the two. Our
human body and brain is far from being complete, or biologically whole.
There is no conscious coordination/correlation between the two. All books
and teachers in the name of yoga introduce the student to the first four steps
of yoga, namely yama ninyama asna and pranayama. Of this four the first
two are taken for granted and accepted as necessary for moral build up of
the student. All regions of the world put much emphasis on this moral build
up, often resulting in the threats of heaven and hell to induce this moral
code. A sort of false religiosity is introduced thus. Society further impose a
moral code. Both these are necessary till the body and brain is made
biologically whole or complete, and a conscious coordination between the
two are bought about.
So human beings have otherwise advanced from stone age to
space age, but we are still animal as far as internal pose and calm are
concerned. I want this point to be clearly understood, some of you may say
that the sage in his sutras stresses the moral code to quote “Harmlessness,
truth to all beings, abstinence from theft, incontinence, avarice constitute
The study of Yama and Niyama assumes importance out of
proportion, and that is why in order of importance are these two steps
forming the form the first potion of the long journey of yoga study. Then
come the third and the fourth steps namely of asana and pranayama, which
authors and teacher have given unnecessary attention too, and made a
dramatic and good display about it. These are good for health but for the
path, they should not be given wrong importance. Breathing exercises are
termed pranayama, whilst pranayama is the control of prana, which is a
very deep science. And such asana and pranayama do not constitute total
yoga study.
The sage says the following about asana and pranayama “ the
posture assumed must be steady and easy. Steadiness and ease of posture
must be attained through slight persistent effort, and through concentration
of the mind on the infinite. When this is achieved the pairs of opposites will
no longer limit. When right posture has been attained there follows right
control of prana, and proper inspiration and expiration of breath. Right
control of prana is internal external and motionless. It is subject to place
time and number, and also protracted or brief. There is a fourth way which
transcends those dealing with the internal and external phases. And the
mind is prepared for concentrated meditation.” Compare such preparation
of the disciple with such poor flimsy, undeveloped background of today in
yama and niyama. We totally differ from this conventional approach to the
first 2 steps of yoga, we place considerable emphasis on the 1st four steps of
yoga but in our own way, not as a moral code, but as biological wholeness
and growth.
As we have noted earlier that individuals do things they know
are not right, but are forced by a some sort of compulsion. What is this
force? Can this compulsion be overcome by certain scientific methods. This
complaint will remain is brain processes are not studied, and pairs of
opposites not understood, and if biological wholeness is not bought about.
Based on all this we shall begin our study, but first we shall
list the important factors we have noted. 1) different bodies 2) different
thinking instruments 3) UDM 4) physical body 5) brain processes 6)yama 7)
niyama 8) asana 9) pranayama 10) fiery aspiration 11) devotion to the
Ishvara 12) thoughts contrary to yoga 13) cultivation of their opposites 14)
steadiness and ease of posture to be attained by slight persistent effort. 15)
pairs of opposites 16) right control of prana is external, internal and
motionless 17) right control of prana follows right posture. 18) it is subject
to time place, and number 19) it can be protracted or brief. Many of these
steps are difficult, and on many there is no information available from
teachers and authors because such information is by word of mouth only.
Only after study of all these steps, which is our preliminary work, ones gets
ready for meditation. Numbers 1 2&3 are the earlier experiences one
undergoes after diligent study. Number 11 is the other much later
experience that one has to bring about. The rest are steps or practices that
have to be followed regularly. Only after such hard work one is ready for the
rich experience of prathyahara, dharna and dhayana. Dhayana is not mental
peace, if so it would amount to sinking a 1000 million dollars into making
wooden chairs. Peace is experienced during these early practices, and so
stress strain and tension. Also remember that one who has experienced
dharna and dhayana will never talk about it, for it is better to leave others to
have their own experience .
So we begin with 4 and 5. our physical body being the finest
creation in the physical universe. It can be trained to do practically
anything. With it the human brain being equally pliable and being capable of
being trained to do anything. If we see a poor specimen around us its is no
proof of its weakness, but rather of its abuse. The abuse arises within the
internal structure of the body/brain, which has the capacity to work as a
generator as well as an engine. Due to constant generation of various
energies and their burning away, by the engine of the system, due to
lethargy of the internal structure and possibilities we get exhausted,
frightened and are under constant stress, tension and doubt. The system is
also a first class, fabulously equipped laboratory. Where unconsciously
energy transformations and chemical reactions take place, most of them
detrimental to the beautiful system given to us due to abject ignorance. And
then to justify this ignorance of our system we bring in God, destiny, karma
etc, because we have no courage to acknowledge our faults. An intelligent
system capable of being guided by very advanced computers implanted in
the system needs to be properly understood. Computers bring to our
awareness data fed into the computers and the working of the generator and
engine bring in the idea of different fuels and economy. What are the fuels
needed to run the system.
1) normal foods without any fads or preference, for food is only
fuel for the physical body, it has no part to play beyond this 2) being the fuel
of air and 3) being the fuel of the incoming impulses. The intensity of fuel no
2 is a hundred times more powerful than that of 1, and the intensity of fuel 3
incoming impulses is a thousand times more powerful than fuel no 2. the
efficient use of these fuels is neither philosophy or religion, but scientific
yoga practices that prepare the system for higher possibilities. Fuel no one
food the unnatural way in which it is taken or not taken i.e. fast is the first
cause of so much trouble to the system. Do not make food subject of religion
and philosophy and many problems will be solved straight away. The fads of
vegetarian diets , fasts etc speak of incurable ignorance. Then the other
extreme in the name of science, balance rich vitaminized food is equally the
result of incurable illness. Do not unnecessarily complicate the simple. God
and nature have so designed the human system that it is capable of
remaining healthy on yesterdays bread and today tea. What is the way and
what to eat. This is very simple, do not have any notions of hot and cold
food, eat whatever comes your way wherever you may be, in whatever
circumstances. But he more frugal the food the better the bodily health. It is
immaterial what food you put inside your body, it is how you put that is
more important. A human being, being warm blooded works in the day and
retires at night, so eat well before the sun sets. The body is equipped to work
80% during the day for internal digestion and 20% after sun set. But
nowadays the day begins after 4pm and so the main abuse of the body
begins. Secondly for a day of 24 hours the quantity of food required for an
average adult is 24 average morsels. This quantity being fairly small can be
had in one meal. So it means one meal during the day latest by 4pm local
time. Anything more than this is only abuse of food. When you eat do not
drink for eating and drinking do not go together. Ensure that there is a gap
of half an hour between them. This being the second main abuse. And finally
do not brood if eating alone, or bring forth happy conversation if in
company. Thank God and nature smile and be happy, and you will be
surprised how your health improves. We eat to much at the wrong times and
with the wrong mind. These are the abuses from which we must free our
body. It is better to not eat at all, in that case we may die, but at least we will
die healthy.
The second fuel being air, the abuse of body and mind
starts here, the total apparatus of breathing the lungs the ribcage the
diaphragm the volume of air the rhythm and number of breaths. We breath
unconsciously paying no attention to how it is done. This is the great abuse
we subject our mind and body to. It is not necessary that one can maintain
good health only at a hill station, and not in crowded cities. But the trouble
is who has given a thought to breathing. There are innumerable breathing
exercises for specific health problems and for general health. But has
anyone thought of breathing itself. The sage in his fifth book to his accepted
disciples has taught the correct way to breath, this breath is to be
established for all 24 hours and with it a certain rhythm. Because all organs
and parts of the body move in a certain rhythm, this rhythm being inherent
in nature and the ocean.
Unless the most important organ of the body the diaphragm
is moved in proper rhythm the breath cannot be in proper rhythm. The
diaphragm is the power house of the human system, and keeps the heart
moving, and not the other way around as conventionally taught. This organ
if moving correctly, moves the rib cage correctly, and on this movement of
the rib cage will depend the movement and the volume of the lungs. If this
movement is correct and in rhythm then the breath is correct and in
rhythm, with one of natures many rhythms, as our body has many bio
So you see the incorrect manner of our living, and how we
take for granted what how we ear, drink and breath. This is part of yama
and niyama, and if followed correctly will eventually take care of the whole
of yama and niyama. The diaphragm has to have a proper and complete
movement. It has to nearly and totally straighten out and then assume the
shape of a crest of a wave in the ocean. Remember these two positions of the
diaphragm. 1) it takes a little less time to assume the shape of a crest ( it
assume this shape faster) 2) than it takes to nearly flatten out (i.e. it dose
this a little slower) and if you measure these two movements when
corrected 2) takes 3 seconds and 1) take 2 seconds to complete. It folds a
little quicker than it takes to flatten, when it folds the ribcage and the lungs
collapse and the air from the lungs is expelled, when it flattens it causes the
ribcage and the lungs to expand this cause the air to rush into the lungs.
But ages of wrong living have resulted in wrong and erratic
movement of the diaphragm, and with it all other parts of the body also
move out of rhythm. To keep you free from technicalities I would ask you to
lie down, place one book on your chest and one book on your navel, take a
normal breath for 3 seconds and in doing so raise both the books
simultaneously and in doing so you will give the proper flat shape to the
diaphragm, and the rib cage will expand properly from collar bone to the fly
ribs, and in doing so the lungs finding proper space in the ribcage will
expand properly, thus when the diaphragm collapse there will be a proper
collapse of the ribcage and with it the expulsion of air.
This rhythm of the diaphragm is to be established until it
becomes automatic. Try and visualize this movement.