ITC475 - Ethics and Information Technology

Assignment 1
Value: 25% Due date: 25-Nov-2013 Length: 1,300 words Task Proceed according to the following instructions. 1. Identify a recent (within the last two years !oral dile!!a or ethically "uestiona#le situation relating to I$% in your wor&'lace or in a #usiness environ!ent that you are fa!iliar with. 1. %o !aintain confidentiality( do not use real na!es. 2. If you don)t wor& and have never wor&ed #efore( identify an I$%related issue that has #een raised in the conte!'orary !edia article( in which case you !ust include a co'y of the !edia article as 'art of your assign!ent. 2. *nderta&e further research a#out your chosen to'ic to assist you in analysing and discussing it in your essay. 3. $onduct two se'arate analyses of the situation+case( as descri#ed #elow. %he word li!it for the co!#ined analysis is 1(300 words , 10%. -eadings( citations and references do not count towards the word li!it( #ut "uotations do. 1. .nalyse the situation using the /oing 0thics %echni"ue (/0% ( addressing each of the /0% "uestions1 and 2. analyse the situation fro! the 'oint of view of an I$% 'rofessional( using the .$2 $ode of $onduct( relating s'ecific clauses fro! the .$2 code of $onduct to the ethical issues( as a''ro'riate. 3. 4rite an overall conclusion that ties the results of #oth analyses together and 'resents and 5ustifies overall conclusions and reco!!endations. 5. Include a reference list at the end of your wor&( in the correct .P. referencing style( corres'onding to in-te6t citations. 7ou !ust include at least five (5 references fro! different sources. NOTE: Format our assignment a!!ording to the instru!tions gi"en towards end o# this do!ument$ %ationale %he assess!ent ite! is designed to hel' you to #uild s&ills towards achieving the learning o#5ectives( #y re"uiring you to8 ◦ identify an I$%-related ethical issue in your wor&'lace or a conte!'orary !edia article1

P.$2 $ode of $onduct and 'ro'erly relating clauses fro! the .Ethics and Information Technology ◦ using an analysis techni"ue (the /oing 0thics %echni"ue (/0% ( analyse the situation and the argu!ents it 'resents( to8 ■ identify the ethical issues involved1 ■ assess the i!'lications of those issues1 and ■ develo' solutions to the issues ◦ a''ly the . &arking !riteria %he following !ar&ing sheet will #e used to assess students) su#!issions.ITC475 . . .ll /0% "uestions addressed ade"uately.nalysis of the ethical issue(s fro! the 'ers'ective of an I$% 'rofessional( using the .666666666666 • )res!ri*ed te(t+s. %otal !ar&s %otal 'ercentage of overall su#5ect &a( )ossi*le 35 2 30 3 10 3 5 20 5 100 25% ------------.nalysis of the case using the /oing 0thics %echni"ue (/0% . 0ssay written clearly with content wellorganised (including any a''endices( etc . $itations and references co!'liant with . Please chec& that you have !et all the criteria #efore you su#!it your assign!ent. referencing style.666666666666 -----------------. No 1 'riterion .66666666666 -----------------.$2 $ode of $onduct to the ethical issue(s . $onclusion that ties the results of #oth analyses together and 'resents overall conclusion(s .2tudents !ust have access to a co'y of the 'rescri#ed te6t#oo&8 .$2 $ode of $onduct to the analysis of an ethically "uestiona#le situation to deter!ine the rightness or wrongness of actions+decisions !ade therein1 ◦ derive logical and 5ustifia#le conclusions to resolve the ethical issue(s 1 ◦ develo' structured( coherent and logical argu!ents to su''ort or refute clai!s1 and ◦ a''ly 'ro'er acade!ic referencing.

-co!'liant references with each assign!ent. Ethi!s in engineering (3th ed. A theor o# 1usti!e (=evised ed. %. %his should include *=Bs( #oo&s etc. .5 line s'acing( and 'age nu!#ering on all 'ages. %here is no need to include the assign!ent "uestion in your su#!itted wor&. Include your na!e( student nu!#er and su#5ect code on every 'age. ( 2ydney8 :c>raw--ill %o'ic ?8 =awls( 9.trategies #or Ethi!al 'om/uting (3th ed. -uestions. If you are not clear a#out the assign!ent re"uire!ents 'lease contact the Becturer in charge of the su#5ect. 4. 0nsure that your wor& has #een 'roof read for s'elling and for gra!!atical construction. Cailure to do so !ay result in <ero !ar&s #eing awarded for the assign!ent. fro! which you have used infor!ation when 're'aring the assign!ent. (2013 .2%2( only su#!it files in 2$do! or 2$do!( file for!ats.3 'age( without the need for !agnification. ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ . 4hen including diagra!s in your assign!ent( it is your res'onsi#ility to ensure that all diagra!s and associated te6t are legi#le on a 'rinted !onochro!e . *nless otherwise s'ecified #y the Becturer( no other file for!ats are acce'ta#le. Include . 7ou !ay co'y !aterial fro! te6t#oo&s or references( #ut you !ust ac&nowledge the "uotation( no !atter how #rief. 2chin<inger( =.( . 4hen su#!itting assign!ents via 0.Ethics and Information Technology ◦ %avani( -. 7ou !ust not co'y !aterial fro! another student. and . -o#o&en N98 4iley • %e!ommended reading 0 resour!es ◦ ◦ %o'ic 38 :artin( :. ( $a!#ridge( :assachusetts8 Ael&na'. Ethi!s and Te!hnolog : 'ontro"ersies. %he !ini!u! 'enalty which will #e i!'osed in such cases is to give #oth students <ero for the assign!ent.ITC475 . (1?@1 .P. (2005 . • )resentation ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ 4here a''ro'riate assign!ents should #e 're'ared using a word'rocessing 'ac&age (such as :icrosoft 4ord with 11 'oint serif font( 1. Dee' a co'y of each assign!ent you su#!it. Ciles su#!itted in other for!ats will not #e !ar&ed.

csu. =eferencing 2u!!ary fro! htt' and Information Technology Cor a guide to referencing 'rocedures including the correct way to reference *=Bs( refer to the following we#site8 htt'8++www.P.'df ◦ /o not su#!it your assign!ent in folders or 'lastic sleeves ◦ 7ou can download the .this !a&es the handling of large nu!#ers of assign!ents''ort+acade!ic-writing ◦ .ITC475 . • %he following lin& 'rovides infor!ation a#out 'lanning and 'resenting written re'ort or essays8 htt'!ystudies+learning+'dfs+a'

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