FALL 2013

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The Ad Club? The Advertising Association? Call us whatever you want.
The bottom line is we’re students who look forward to being working professionals. No matter what your major, the reality is: you will need to know how to brand and promote yourself in order to be successful, and the Advertising Club exists for exactly that. Here, you can meet others who are ambitious and excited to get involved, network, and prepare for their future.  To support this, our club organizes meetings that are more than just social, they are informative.   Our guest speakers range from professors, experienced interns, all the way to executives and recruiters.  Each gathering has a unique purpose (branding yourself, paths after graduating, and so on) but they all have one thing in common creating opportunities. Sincerely,

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Amber Stickel Fall 2013 President astickel@mail.usf.edu

Connor Storch Spring 2014 President president@usfadclub.com


Life Outside the Classroom
We had Ad 2 Tampa Bay visit us in the beginning. We had Education Director Kris Solberg and member Alex Wilkinson speak with us about the opportunities for student involvement. This included their Internship Speed Dating Event, Mentorship Program, and AdTours. Website: http://ad2tampabay.org

Every semester, we have an Internship Panel for students to get first-hand experience from fellow USF students. Our students had summer internships in locally, New York, Boston, and Czech Republic. Speakers: Mark Araya - Hill Holiday; Najja Pemberton - Ogilvy & Mather NY; Daria Milligan - 22Squared; Eduarda Castro - Digitas; Petr Bambasek - Leo Burnett Prague

Ricki Goldsmith and Katie Lever from Miami Ad School provided our students with a first-hand look at life with them after college. They showed us student portfolios, their international internship opportunities, award-winning campaigns, and different tracks. Website: http://miamiadschool.com

Personal Branding

We know the importance of personal branding for recent graduates and students who are trying to get their foot in the door. So we had Professors Debra Smith and Kevin Hawley cover personal branding from logo design to resume design in a workshop early in the semester.


Industry Professionals
Harbr Co. is a small digital boutique agency creating huge waves in the Tampa Bay area. Founders Keith Burnson and Marti Martin talked with us about their adventures in entrepreneurship and their Risk Everything campaign. They inspired students to take a leap of faith while starting out their careers and to never settle for less. Website: http://harbr.co

Raymond James Financial Creative Director Sean Trapani and his team offer us a look at the other side of marketing outside of agency life. They discussed what inspires them, what it’s like to have one client, and what they wish they learned in college. Website: http:/raymondjames.com

Social Forces is a local digital agency that focuses on digital branding and social media marketing. Creative Director and Founder Carl Vervisch told us the opportunity he saw in the industry and how he started the first social media marketing agency in Tampa Bay. Website: http:/socialforces.com

Design Workshop
We gave students the opportunity to learn from first-hand from our USF Adobe Campus Representative in a creative workshop. Trent wents over the ins-and-outs of the new creative cloud so that even the most number-driven media students could understand the basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


Semester Achievements
Increased AAF & Ad 2 Memberships

Donated to Moffitt Cancer Center for breast cancer research

Raised over


at our Silent Auction

and of course...

Had fun!


Phantom of the Auction

While scrambling for ideas on whether we should have a fundraiser or a Halloween party, we thought of the idea “Why not both?”, so we did. Our advisor, Deb Smith, left last semester to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer. Returning this semester, we thought a great way to honor her is to have a fundraiser on her behalf. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Moffitt is one of the nation’s leading cancer research centers, conveniently located on USF’s Tampa campus. We had a silent auction to raise money for both our club and for breast cancer research through Moffitt. From personally made items to donations from local businesses, we held our inaugural silent auction at Tequila’s off 7th Avenue in Ybor City and we managed to raise $400 for our cause. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, or just came to dress up and hang out with us. We appreciate all of you!

A Word from USF Club Advisor Deb Smith
“Curiosity either kills the cat or makes it a cool kitty.
I say if you are creative, curiosity will never kill you -- just make you hungrier to keep on searching for the next big idea. That’s what this ad business is about -- the search for the next big idea.

Keep hunting.”

Fall 2013 Executive Board
Amber Stickel, President
Equal parts artsy and smartsy, Amber realized she wanted to go into advertising when she learned people got paid to be creative and come up with ideas. She is a hungry explorer, always anxious and excited to learn about what the world has to offer. Its her appetite that causes her to overfill her plate (because in her mind, there’s always room for more) and drive her to constantly take advantage of every opportunity she can get her hands on. Interests: digital strategy, UX design and development, and learning the ways of the force.

www.amberstickel.com linkedin.com/in/amberstickel

Connor Storch, Vice President
Connor Storch originally lived in Michigan until deciding to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a USF Bull.  He selected advertising because he thought it sounded the coolest, and it turns out he was right.  Connor loves advertising because it the perfect mix of art and business.  He naturally is a creative, but he wants to do more than just make pretty things, he wants to change the world.  Minoring in leadership, Connor discovered a passion for working with others and inspiring each other to be better.

www.connorstorch.com president@usfadclub.com

Shauna Mahoney, Events Director
Shauna stumbled into advertising while running away from Chemistry one day, and never went back. She found that words were a lot less confusing than numbers and formulas, so she became a copywriter. She currently works as a social media coordinator for Tampa Bay Brewing Company, and graduates in December. English is her first language, and is fluent in syntax and prose. And even though this whole college chapter of life is ending she’s not quite sure what she wants to do, so she’s letting life have the reins for a little bit and see where it takes her.

www.shaunamahoney.com linkedin.com/in/shaunamahoney


Michael Maurer, Communications Director
Michael is a sophomore majoring in management and minoring in public relations. Although his career focus isn’t in advertising, he understands and values the importance of surrounding himself with creative people, which is why he joined the USF Ad Club in the first place. Michael is also an aspiring professional photographer and has been able to photograph some of Florida’s most exciting music festivals, including Electric Daisy Carnival. Although he might not know the specific path he has to take in life, he knows where he wants to end up.

www.michaelmaurerphotography.com linkedin.com/in/maurermichael

Kyle Goodrich, Creative Director
Growing up, Kyle was fascinated watching his mother, a self-employed graphic designer, work her magic on the old versions of Photoshop and Illustrator. It was amazing to him, that by simply manipulating an image, you could alter the feelings and message it conveys. Luckily, Apple releases a new “must have” computer every couple of years, which meant a fresh hand-me-down for his creatively hungry mind. As he got older, he expanded his skills into audio and video production programs, which have proven useful in his locally successful music career.

www.kylewgoodrich.com linkedin.com/in/kylegoodrich

Spring 2014 Executive Board
From left to right: Creative - Kayla Whitten Membership - Matt Woods Events Planner - Brittany Sheehan Social Media - John Stevenson President - Connor Storch Vice President - Ashton Morlote Blog Editor - Megan Cheffy Creative - Trent Bellet Communications - Graham Giamarino


Our students are the future of advertising in Tampa Bay. We had an amazing start to our Ad Club year and it will only continue to get better. We wanted to say “thank you” to the companies and organizations who have shown their support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Zimmerman Advertising Program
Ad 2 Tampa Bay AAF Tampa Bay Miami Ad School Harbr Co. Raymond James Financial Social Forces The Clear Agency The Improv Theater Joffrey’s Jewelry by Shay Mahoney Muvico Ybor Tampa Bay Brewing Company

The Official Details
The USF Advertising Club is a college chapter of the American Advertising Federation at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, United States. The American Advertising Federation (AAF) is the oldest national advertising trade association, representing 40,000 professionals in the advertising industry. The USF Ad Club exists to aid students in building lasting professional relationships with the local and national advertising communities. It is a platform for students to interact with professors, colleagues and industry professionals while gaining mentorship and guidance.  We work directly with Ad 2 Tampa Bay, AAF Tampa Bay, local businesses and other student organizations to provide members with mutually beneficial industry relationships and first-hand experience.