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Minutes September 10, 2009

In attendance
Professor Nicole Stokes-Du Pass Vincent DeLuca David Reyes Chrissy Keeley Linda Iddisah Jorge Villacreses Kristy Lopez Garret Roberts-Batson Sheila Casey Denisa Duldova Kathleen McLoughlin Megan Andrade Diana P Gonzalez Joseph Eulo Sabina Klimala Tashi Lliamo

1. “Begin with the end in mind” - Hallmarks
 The meeting started off with five important things to remember when writing the hallmarks: detailed goals, measurable goals, being specific, making an impact, and an exit survey. Details, details, details! The more details, the better. We need to set measurable goals. Our goals must be understood and attainable. For example, the impact on one of our projects will help X number of people. Specifics may be a detail, but it's so important to be specific. Remember to put numbers and names in the descriptions of events. For example, how many pounds of trash did we pick up at a clean-up? Or to be more specific, how many pounds of cigarette butts or recyclables?

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What is the impact that we’re making? Who are we helping or influencing and how? Make sure to answer these types of questions. It’s good to provide an exit survey to people at a number of our events and then keep those surveys in some sort of booklet. As long as we have quotes from an exit survey, we can put it in our hallmarks. There will be a sign-up list next week for hallmark meetings.

2. “Be accountable” – Phi Theta Kappa commitments
 If you sign-up for anything, then you must be there at that time. This can be a serious problem for something like the book sale where we need someone looking after the books and money at all times. If you see other members who don’t come to the meetings, let them know about the sign-up sheets. Even if they haven’t been inducted yet, they can still sign up.

3. “Vacant” – Vice President of Public Relations
 Our Vice President of Public Relations position is now vacant. This position involves publicizing our events within UCC. Let Prof. Stokes know within a week if you are interested. If a committee leader fills the position, their original position will become vacant.

4. Student Volunteer Organization
 President Jorge Villacreses spoke to us about the poor condition the UCC Student Volunteer Organization is in. Voting and activity is nearly dead and they need help and active members. It has been proposed for Phi Theta Kappa and SVO to collaborate on a joint project.

5. Updates
  The first committee meeting for Honors in Art is this Saturday. A new logo is needed and a list of committee members is needed for next week’s meeting. The two Israeli girls with peace and protest in the Middle East are booked. We are welcome to attend their events but we’ve already booked the lecture hall. Some ideas for what to do with the lecture hall are a race and ethnicity seminar or a chapter success workshop. The Plainfield service project is booked for the year, but we can always try for next year. We need more people to sign-up for the ribbon-cutting tours. We’ve got too many signed up for the gala.

 

6. Honors In Action

Due to scheduling conflicts, the NJ leadership conference and the luncheon are on the same day. The chapter will pay to say 5 to 6 members. First time officers should try to make it to the conference.

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 17th at 12:30 PM in the alumni conference room in the Nomahegan building.

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