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Posted on June 7, 2013

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3 Strikes and You’re Out: Ed Chiarini aka: dallasgoldbug blows his cover
3 Strikes and You’re Out: Ed Chiarini aka: dallasgoldbug blows his cover by Hatrick Penry C.2013

———– First, Ed said I was an actor playing 4 different people:

Actually, make that 5 different people if you count the ‘Lady Sophie Windsor’ connection!

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Then I revealed I am 6 foot 7 inches tall and exposed Ed as a fraud:

Then Ed had to recant his bogus claims but instead of apologizing or slinking away back under some rock, Ed thought it
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would be wise to claim I am the boyfriend of ‘Jeff Tremaine’…my wife thinks this is funny!

Then I exposed Ed in a video and debunked him in 3 1/2 minutes…I would like to show you the video but Ed and his agent friends have had EACH AND EVERY VIDEO I MAKE EXPOSING HIM FLAGGED AS INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT ON BOTH YOUTUBE AND VIMEO!!!

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“I tried to reach out Dallas Gold Bug at the beginning of the year cause I thought he was a good guy, but when I told him about what Alex Jones’s role in my husbands case, Dallas Gold Booger, decided not to contact me, but to claim I was 3 or 4 other people whom I had no idea whom they were.” ~DVM After this, Ed came on YouTube under another name, and since I was asking folks to help Alexander Higgins rebuild his home after it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, Ed thought it would be nice to slander me and claim I was running an ‘eastcoast paypal scam’…again, the video I create to debunk this is flagged by Ed and his agent friends on YouTube AND Vimeo.

(one of Ed’s many YouTube channels and one he slandered me from) Ed is not near finished yet, check out this series of messages sent to me about some more slandering Ed Chiarini has been doing….Krike! If this guy ain’t Federally protected I don’t know who is!

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Update: 6.7.13 Now if this is not enough, Ed has yet again named me as another person, one Jeff Hollock from Austin Texas and claims I have 3 brothers and a sister!!! (I have one brother alive and one deceased…never had a sister but always thought it might be cool to have one.)

Update 8.17.13 The mail must be slow…Ed’s ‘lawsuit’ from June 7th, 2013 has failed to issue a subpoena to me…maybe Ed got the wrong address?

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About Ed’s job for the NWO: I don’t care if Ed Chiarini says I am 4 different people and I don’t care what others think of me. I do care that you read the articles and stories I have written because I want you to think…and think again. Let my works speak for me…please. About Ed: His job is an important one for the establishment and that is to poison the well of information and scare legitimate truth-seekers away. If you are searching for the truth you will eventually come across the concept of a ‘False Flag’: dallasgoldbug wants you to think they are all a hoax. Ed Chiarini aka: dallasgoldbug serves several purposes: 1) muddying the waters of information 2) distraction/diversion from important subjects such as Plume-Gate and the NRC FOIA Documents. 3) promotion of the ‘hoax’ conspiracy theory. If you think the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax you will assume the children were never killed. They’re still alive somewhere. Maybe its not so bad. At least no one died, right? The same goes for Ed’s versions of the Loughner shooting and the Aurora massacre. Better you think it’s a hoax than an MK-Ultra style killing meant to further the NWO agenda. 4) Ed is an online ‘hitman’ and character assassin. He is Federally protected so he has the freedom to slander and attack those who threaten the establishment and does so with impunity. Most folks are not mentally prepared to deal with the likes of Ed and are easily scared away or just plain discouraged from further investigating certain conspiracy theories. Consider how the 1st herd of sheeple (the ones who watch mainstream news etc.) will react to the likes of dallasgoldbug: he makes conspiracy scientists look like fools. Ed frightens the 1st herd away from joining the 2nd herd. Now consider Ed’s effect on the 2nd herd (who think they have awakened from the mainstream media nightmare, but a trap has beeen laid for them in the alternative and independent media): they don’t know if the shooting was real or a hoax. This is paralyzing. They are now so confused as to be unable to act on the matter or come to a conclusion about what happened. History: Ed’s claim to fame is his take on the Giffords shooting (that it was staged with actors) as a hoax. How do you hoax the side of someones head being shot with a gun? Also note: Ron Paul, Bill Cooper and others have been pictured alongside other people on Ed’s website and in his videos and the insinuation made that they are one and the same, an actor playing two or more roles. But when you take a look at the Ron Paul/Ian McKellan or Bill Cooper/ Jordan Maxwell matches you know he’s either legally blind, insane or purposefully making an obvious mismatch in an effort to discredit his earlier videos and theories. Was Ed a genuine ‘truther’ before someone ‘got to him’? I can’t tell you that but what I can tell you is that trust is something that takes a long time to build and Ed has certainly ruined his credibility with me and many others he has slandered as well…the list has become quite long now, as evidenced by countless videos on YouTube saying pretty much the same thing you have read here. “Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given.” ~Yahusha (Mark 4:24) Some background and history on Ed Chiarini aka: dallasgoldbug

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final note: 1) If Ed does this to you SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT!!! The number of videos and articles debunking Ed Chiarini aka: dallasgoldbug are growing everyday as he continues to attack and slander those of us exposing critical subjects like Plume-Gate, the world’s largest, provable, coverup with over 65,000+ estimated American fatalities. A day will come when Ed’s reputation will be so tarnished only the mentally disturbed will pay him any attention. It will take all of us working together to do this. PLEASE SPEAK OUT AND THANKS TO THOSE WHO ALREADY HAVE!!!


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Mr_Alex on June 18, 2013 at 11:15 am said:

I am of the opinion DallasSHILLbug works for the KGB (FSB),by the way RT is a KGB (FSB) front
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