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Finally there is a light at the end of the Tunnel

A hairsplitting study of thoroughbred racing in India This is an automated presentation, press “up” or “down” key if you are in a hurry

Mission Statement
• Making Racing an Exciting Experience • Wealth reation for all stake holders • !romoting "orse Racing as an #n$estment %ption
– Without much information wagering of money on an e$ent with an uncertain outcome is called “&am'ling” – With Scientifically analy(ed information wagering of money on an e$ent with an uncertain outcome is called “#n$estment”

The Team
• Mem'ers from the winning team of the highest possi'le technology award in #ndia • &old Medalist in all #ndia Software !rogramming competition • &old medalist from ##M • )S& ommando • *chie$ers in their respecti$e fields

Market Summary
• Racing #ndustry existed +,, years 'efore hrist
.Reference in “The Richest Man in /a'ylon”0 /ritish -

• More than a century old #ndustry in #ndia 1 #ntroduced 'y the • More than 2,,, horses in training • More than 3,,, mares in 'reeding • 456 'reeding esta'lishments 7 8 Racing • 9,,6 racing days 7 :+,,6 races in a year • Multi1/illion #)R #ndustry • * Royal Sport with lot of feel of achie$ement and excitement for all in$ol$ed enters

/usiness oncept
• Analisi is a Horse Race Prediction System – *nalysis through the use of a structured frame work – !ower of *nalytics – "ighly ;ynamic 7 /ased on *rtificial #ntelligence – #n'uilt <eed1<orward Mechanism – /ased on measura'le parameters – More than 4,,,, races and =,,,,, runners analy(ed

/usiness oncept
• ;i$ided into <our !arts
:> ;ata ollection
:5,6 direct data points 7 2,,,6 indirect data points

9> !reprocessing
2> on$erting the $arious data to useful information

2> Machine ?earning 7 !redication
Super$ised ?earning 7 @nsuper$ised ?earning
• )eural )etworks • lassification • ?ogic - *utomated Reasoning • ;ecision Tree 7 Regression

3> *ction for #n$estment
5> )eed to o'ser$e the race time de$elopments

*nalisi - ;ata

ollection :

Class Basic details


*ll common parameters for a particular Race is captured through this user interface

*nalisi - ;ata
Dam ! Sire, its all in the blood "#ner, a$oid %amblin% o#ners
&oal Date, Astrolo%y' N merolo%y'

ollection 9
Dra# N mber ! *+ ipments

Track #orks, Indication ,or ,itness o, the horse

R nners

Trainer ! (ockey, better )ockeys %et %ood mo nts

Track Preparations, indication to Trainer habits

*ll specific parameters for the particular "orse is captured through this user interface, this is done prior to the race

*nalisi - ;ata
Horses in ,inished order "dds at $ario s sta%e &inal position ! timin% 0ario s trip iss es
Pace o, the Race a ma)or contrib tor ,or the ,inal time/ -as it a %en ine e,,ort or preparation'

ollection 2
Presently these in,o not a$ailable/ Hope cl bs #ill do somethin% abo t this/

Ste#ard1s $ie# abo t the r nnin% o, the horse

Pole position, clear indication ,or r nnin% style ! trainer instr ctions

-hat Happened d rin% the race ' . E$en $ery minute details of all the
runners are made a$aila'le to *nalisi through this user interface, this is done after the Race with the help of $ideo

*nalisi - ;ata

ollection 3

T0 2Track 0ariant3 per race basis/ 4 ltiple ,actors a,,ect the ,inal time o, the race, like 5/ 6nder,oot conditions 7/ -ind direction d rin% the race 8/ H midity 9/ Caliber o, the )ockey :/ Pace o, the Race ;/ -ei%ht carried < 2St dies sho#s not m ch

T0 helps to brin% all race time to same plat,orm ,or comparison/ St dies sho#s that %enerali=in% T0 ,or a day is not s ited ,or Indian t r, conditions/

Track Aariant for all the races are calculated and adBusted with final time using this interface> This is an automated process with some human touch

*nalisi 1 !reprocess
• aptainCs Rating
– Similar to /ayerCs rating for international $iewers – %ptimi(ed for #ndian Turf and #ndian race practices – “!ar Time” and “Machine like” reference horses method – !redicati$e method
– !redicated rating for e$ery race – "orses with rating close to the predicated rating are contenders

Captain1s Ratin% doesn>t rely on miracles

*nalisi - !reprocess
• Aarious <actors D @sing *nalytics Technology to
unearth more and more Winning !atterns – %n Eo' <actor
– Whether a particular "orse will 'e on Bo' or not

– Eockey <actor
– /ased on BockeyCs present form, 'usiness 7 personal relationship with Trainer and %wner

– %dds <actor
– #ndia ha$e most strike rate for fa$orite winning, it also represent maBorityCs opinion

– Trainer, !edigree, ;istance, Track, <actors
– /ased on multiples of pro$en theories

lass 7 <orm

!reprocess - Example .Trainer <actor0

This is 'ased on &ame TheoryD Aery useful mathematical model for conflict situations like trainers strategy in running his horses> !lease refer to link 'elow for more details>

*# - ;ecision Tree making its !redication

;ecision Tree as a predicti$e model that take the inputs and predict the out come of the race> ;ifferent ;ecision Trees like lassification and Regression Trees employed for *nalisi> !lease
refer to link 'elow for more details>

*# - )eural )etwork making its !redication

#t is a mathematical model inspired 'y 'iological neural networks> !lease refer to link 'elow for more details>

*# - /ayesian )etwork making its !redication

/ayesian networks can sol$e decision pro'lems under uncertainty 'y using influence diagrams> !lease refer to link 'elow for more details>

%pportunities - %wners
– @n'iased opinion on their ward

%pportunities - Trainers
– Entering horses for right ;istance and lass hence increasing the win chance – !ossi'le $iews to other trainers race strategy

%pportunities 1 Eockeys
– *ccepting mounts with realistic chance to win

%pportunities - #n$estors
– Well informed decision on in$estment – *$oiding high risk in$estments

%pportunities - /ookies
– Hnowing the real potential of all runners so profita'le 'ook making

Risks 1 *ccidents

Racing *ccidents D1 )othing much can 'e done a'out it>
Still we may a$oid races with too many runners

Risks 1 <itness

To some extent this pro'lem can 'e o$ercome 'y training your eyes for paddock look>
1 * !icture perfect horse performs to its true potential #nformation on $eterinary pro'lem of horses 1 * restless horse fails most of the time #ncreaseF;ecrease of more than 3I of its weight is a 'ad sign on 1race day are not generally known>
1 We ha$e $ideo tutorial coming1up to help you>

Risks 1 Malpractices

We may o$ercome this pro'lem 'y 1 a$oiding racesFhorses with certain unrelia'le connections

rookedness 'y fluctuating certainodds !rofessionals 1 races with too much
1 races with many interconnected professionalsFowners

%ur Thanks 7 ontact ;etails
• *rtificial #ntelligence
– ##T Hharagpur, #ndia – Stanford @ni$ersity, !redication done atalifornia Mid1Stage are pu'lished • at We' Sites – www>rwitc>com www>analisiracing>'logspot>com – www>'angaloreraces>com – www>indiarace>com <or more info please contact us at – www>racingpulse>in analisiracingKgmail>com – www>'olrace>com

• #nspiration

*dios – /ook J/ringing ;own the "ouseJ ● aptain

'y /en Me(rich

– /ook JThe Richest Man in /a'ylonJ

'y &eorge Samuel lason

• %ur <amily 7 <riends