Master the Boards: USMLE Step 2 CK Please note the following updates and corrections

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Correction Under “Infections Diarrhea”, 2nd bullet: Campylobacter: most common cause, associated with GBS Box 2: acute to chronic Under “Treatment”, 1st bullet: 350 to 500 Add above “ACE Inhibitors/Angiotensin Receptor Blocker”: Ranolazine Additional therapy for angina refractory or persistent through other treatment. Line 10: systolic function Table, 4th row: carcinoid; Under “Presentation, last bullet: Polyuria Under “Diabetes Mellitus”, line 1: persistently high fasting glucose Under “Diagnostic Tests”, 2nd bullet: about 200 mg/dL with above symptoms Under “Pulmonary Function Testing in Asthma”, 3rd bullet: FVC to FEV1 Under “Treatment”, #2: Itraconazole Under “Definition”, line 4: (VAP) has an incidence as high as 5% per EKG, Line 3: of to or; Line 4: low to high Add under “Diagnostic Tests”, after last bullet: Abnormal x-rays are no longer needed to establish a diagnosis of RA. Instead, diagnostic criteria are assessed on a point system. A total of 6 or more points = RA. Joint involvement (up to 5 points) ESR or CRP (1 point) Duration for longer than 6 weeks (1 point) RF or anti-CCP (1 point) Under “Spontaneous Abortion”, 1st bullet: What; Under Scleroderma, last line: dsymotility, sclerodactyly, telengiectasia Under “Presentation”, 2nd bullet: eyes to eyelids Under “Treatment”, line 4: cefazolin, nafcillin, or… Line 3: II, III, IV respectively Under “Treatment”: vincristine to vinblastine Under “Diagnostic Tests”: One of the main distinctions between chronic pancreatitis and gluten sensitive enteropathy; 3rd bullet: Antiendomysial antibody; Under “Chronic Pancreatitis”, 2nd bullet: 80% to 90% Under “Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Cord”: delete 3rd bullet (“Everything else is intact”) Line 1: with loss of both motor and sensory innervations Under “Urine Osmolality, Dehydration”: above to below Bottom of page: Allopurinol, hydration, and rasburicase should be given Under “Diagnostic Test”, 1st bullet: above to below Under “Complication if Treatment”, line 1: under 0.5 to 1mEq per hour or day as under 12 to 24 mEq per day.; Line 4: demyelinization 2nd bullet: 90 mm Hg Under “Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm”, line 1: of 65 with a smoking history Margin box 1: Griseofluvin; Under Steven‐Johnson syndrome: Use intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG)

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#3: The lateral meniscus to The meniscus Line 13: If the patient has a second PE… First line: Causes an increased preload Line 4. row 3: Normal The correct text for Figure 16. row 1: Decreased. 2nd bullet: fetal movements to fetal heart rate 3rd bullet: Age 75 or younger . dopamine Diagram box “Severe”: Protenuria 3+ to 4+. blood products.25 (OH) 2 Vit D.382 383 387 389 390 391 395 398 401 413 421 432 448 Row 2. Under “Treatment”. line 2: fasting greater than…postprandial greater than 140 mg/dL Under Fetal Testing.2. Under “Diagnostic Tests”.” is as follows: Ectopic Pregnancy Not ruptured Medical treatment Surgical treatment Ruptured Unstable? Stable Surgery 464 467 469 555 IV fluids. under LVEDP: Increase Answer. “Ectopic Pregnancy Algorithm. row 1: Normal or decreased. Under 1. row 2: Decreased. Answer. line 2: pyloric sphincter Under Calcium column. row 2: Decreased. volvulus to achalasia. line 2: one side and tracheal 1st bullet: chest pain Change #1: mediastinum to peritoneum Margin box 2: aortic dissection Smaller box: cholecystitis by failure to visualize the gallbladder from isotope accumulation. line 6: eclampsia Under “Treatment”. line 2: incidence to recurrence Unhappy triad box.