Understanding the Kingdom idea of Keys

2 Peter 1:2-9
King James Version (KJV)

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

According as his di ine power hath gi en unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and irtue!

"hereby are gi en unto us e#ceeding great and precious promises! that by these ye might be partakers of the di ine nature, ha ing escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust$

And beside this, gi ing all diligence, add to your faith irtue% and to irtue knowledge%

And to knowledge temperance% and to temperance patience% and to patience godliness%
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And to godliness brotherly kindness% and to brotherly kindness charity$

&or if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus 'hrist$

(ut he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins$

King James Version (KJV) by Public Domain

Every nation, state. County functions on laws and customs that make that way of life work. These laws and principles are called by Jesus, “Keys of the Kingdom. Matthew 16:18-20
Amplified (ible (A)*)

And + tell you, you are *eter ,Greek, Petros-a large piece of rock., and on this rock ,Greek, petra-a huge rock like Gibraltar. + will build )y church, and the gates of /ades (the powers of the infernal region) shall not o erpower it ,or be strong to its detriment or hold out against it.$
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ingdom of $eaven is -od%s desire and purpose for us. KI2G'03 0ne day Jesus asked $is disciples. has given us the . the .+ will gi e you the keys of the kingdom of hea en% and whate er you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is alread bound in hea en% and whate er you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in hea en$ 19 [e] [!] 0hen /e sternly and strictly charged and warned the disciples to tell no one that /e was Jesus the 'hrist$ 20 Principles of God-cannot be change. Jesus $imself brought the .ingdom.ingdom is really about returning to the overriding authority of -od in the earth and learning how to live and function in that authority. the .ingdom through $is death. the most important 6uestion $e would ever ask them. . )e receive the . 0ur 1ather.. n fact.nowledge of the )ord of -od is important. )e have a big bunch of “keys* called “Scriptures* that most of us don%t know how to use. $ere is the problem today.ingdom to us.ingdom is learning how to use the keys of the .ingdom.ing of heaven.ife in the . The . .ingdom of -od is within you.ingdom& K. t is ours. Jesus said( 'o not be afraid little flock for your (ather has been pleased to give you the kingdom )*uke "!#+!. 'uestion( )hat good are keys you can%t use& They are as useless as locks you can%t open. &his is because most believers lack a proper Kingdom mind$set. n other words !"o more hit and miss### $ave anyone in here ever found some old keys lying around your house and couldn%t remember what they were for& To possessing a key you cannot identify or match to a particular lock is as bad as not having a key at all. ! Peter "#!$% verse all thing pertain to life and godlessness. It’s like having all of this information but not knowing how to use it having all of this power available to us but not knowing how to apply it. *uke "-#!" The . but we don%t know which key unlocks which lock. t was $is main purpose in coming to earth in human flesh.2 Tell someone if you are save./S 0( &1. $is inner circle of 45 most close followers. /art of understanding the . +nd other words we have the keys. .ingdom is in you now###3 )hat are the keys to effective living in the .

others say . including democracy. the deliverer of srael and hope of the world who had been prophesied for centuries. t literally means “called$out ones* and was used by the -reeks to refer to the senate or other political groups that were chosen by the “democrat* or government. This word is a lawmaking term.* most people believe that it is a religious word. because he trusteth in 0hee$ 3 .’ 7:ut what about you89 1e asked. In other words they were to know his mind and see that everything he wished was carried out. Jesus tells /eter that he did not arrive at this knowledge through his own understanding! it was given to him through supernatural revelation. "saiah 26:3 12st 'entury King James Version (KJ12) 0hou wilt keep him in perfect peace. 9ut when the :omans overran the -reek empire. &hey had to talk to him and he had to give them information about what he wanted in the kingdom. n the Jewish faith of that day. This is how Caesar developed such a powerful government. 9ecause it is translated here as “church. =nd I tell you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build 3y church and the gates of 1ades will not overcome it. whose mind is stayed on 0hee.* The -reek word for “church* is a word that is widely misunderstood. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. &his meant that they had to stay in close contact with him. Understand &hese individuals were handpicked by the emperor to receive his thoughts his desires his passion and his intent. 8o 8imon /eter here was confessing his belief that Jesus was the 7essiah. t is not. The -reeks invented the concept of democracy but never really applied it. they adopted much of -reek thought and philosophy.li<ah. Then Jesus says that upon the “rock* of /eter%s confession of faith. whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven9 )3atthew ">#"+$"%.. &heir <ob was to take the mind of the king and turn it into legislation that could be put into operation in the kingdom. $e will build $is “church. and developed them. the titles “6hrist* and “Son of the living God* were reserved entirely for the 7essiah.4hen 5esus came to the region of 6aesarea Philippi 1e asked 1is disciples 74ho do people say the Son of 3an is89 &hey replied 7Some say 5ohn the :aptist. and still others 5eremiah or one of the prophets’. 74ho do you say I am89 Simon Peter answered 7/ou are the 6hrist the Son of the living God9’ 5esus replied 7:lessed are you Simon son of 5onah for this was not revealed to you by man but by 3y (ather in heaven.

adies and gentlemen. also will build 7y cabinet on the fact that am the Christ. :emember when Jesus asked $is disciples. (irst the word church itself is a political rather than a religious term.* the . n effect. . “Thou art the Christ. his church. will build 7y senate. 8imon 9ar?ona( for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee. “)hom do men say that the 8on of man am&* 23atthew ">#"+3.* 8o Jesus established not a religion but a political force. +nd second. this entire discussion about keys and about binding and loosing is not a religious but a political discussion. )hat /eter heard from -od was revealed knowledge. Jesus was saying. you must have a hearing heart.pon the <rock% of your confession of who am. “ n the same way that Caesar is lord of his government. @ou can%t stop at simply reading the )ord. but my 1ather which is in heaven* 23atthew ">#"-3. The person who got results read the written )ord and heard a rhema=a voice=)ord behind the written )ord. t doesn%t come through the acrobats of your mind or through all of the degrees you%ve earned from schooling. 1irst of all. @ou have to approach -od with an open 9ible and a prayerful spirit. the “anointed king. “9lessed art thou. when one gets results and the other one doesn%t& The difference is this( the person who didn%t get any results was simply reading the written )ord. /eter answered. )hen you have a revelation about something. “.The fact that Jesus used this word church to describe the body of followers that $e was establishing tells us two things. his cabinet. )hat is a force&&&& The /rincipal Thing )hat%s the difference between two people who stand on the same scripture. That%s called revelation# :evelation knowledge is wisdom. the 8on of the living -od* 23atthew ">#">3. . you cannot be defeated# +nd there is a way to position yourself to receive revelation knowledge. or wisdom.et me e>plain. and has created his senate. )hat Jesus essentially said was that /eter did not pull that knowledge from his own mind! it came straight from the 1ather to him.ord of lords and 8on of the living -od* $e said to /eter. Jesus told /eter. t comes from -od# :evelation knowledge is the key to breakthrough and success. will build 7y government. 7y administrators who will carry out 7y wishes and 7y will. 7y cabinet. where do you think you would be today if you had a heart that could hear from -od& %ll tell you# @ou%d be .

f you lack wisdom in any area. prosperity. 8o when your conscience mind speaks. 9ut wisdom is knowing what to do. but have the ability to bring it all to pass through Jesus Christ.9 +nother way to translate that phrase is.ruling and reigning as a king in life through -od%s abundance of grace# 2?omans @#"-3. the $oly 8pirit resides in you as your unseen /artner )ho guides you into all truth. This group will be so powerful that even the “gates of hades will not overcome it. is a secret group entrusted with secret information critical for the operation of the . @ou can now trust your conscience because it has a new root! it%s a new creation. 8o. "othing is more important in the life of a 9eliever than seeking -od for $is wisdom. ask for wisdom to live the life of love. and direction for your life. ask for wisdom to live this life under the covenant of grace. 7y powerful teaching series The Treasure of )isdom highlights how to develop a hearing heart in order to live a spirit-led life. f you%re born again. “the gates of hades will not prove stronger than it* Even hell itself will not be as strong as the church that Jesus is establishing. )hat is this “secret information* that Jesus gives $is cabinet& $e says. The spirit of might resides in me. and victory in every area of your life# The church. you%re walking around with the answer already on the inside of you=in your born-again spirit. and en?oy peace. have all wisdom and spiritual understanding. don%t ignore that# That%s the voice of your spirit. 25ohn ">#"+3. receive it now. your born-again spirit. ask for wisdom to fellowship with @ou. The voice of your spirit is your conscience. pray this prayer( $eavenly 1ather. whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven9 $e gives them=gives us=the keys of . guidance. The 6uestion then becomes “$ow is the $oly 8pirit going to get wisdom and answers to you&* The $oly 8pirit guides and speaks to you through your inner man. “)isdom is the principal thing! therefore get wisdom( and with all thy getting get understanding* 2Proverbs A#-3.earn to pursue -od%s wisdom for every situation. every day. . ask for wisdom to recover everything that the devil has stolen from me. "ot only do know how to do everything. therefore. +men. 7ost of the time our frustration toward -od is the result of not understanding something. or not knowing how to proceed in a particular situation. no matter what%s going on in your life right now.ingdom. in Jesus% name. when you don%t know what to do# -od has made wisdom available to you. don%t ignore it# )hen you get a “hunch* to do this or that. ask for wisdom to walk in health and to walk in wealth. even with my enemies. “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.

$e said.'G. These men had seen Jesus walk on water. multiply bread. calm a storm. unlocking authority. 1e will do even greater things than these because I am going to the (ather. unlocking peace.ingdom citiAens are supposed to be operating on a level that blows other people%s minds. knowing what the keys are for and how to use them. )atch 7e and you will see the . )e should have access to a power that puAAles those who are not yet in the . raise the dead. .ingdom. not the keys to the .ingdom. +s . S. 7y 1ather has given you the knowledge of the secrets of the .ingdom! we don%t need the keys to it. none of these were miracles. 0n another occasion Jesus told $is “cabinet*( The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of -od has been given to you )*uke B#"Ca. and many other “miraculous* things that were beyond the ken of human e>perience. 9ut to Jesus.ingdom at work. CitiAenship in the . The key to keys is knowledge. The . will teach you how to use the keys* Jesus left no doubt that the . but its keys have to be learned. /ou may ask 3e for .&S The key to keys is not having keys. an event or occurrence that seems to confront the laws of nature. + secret is anything you don%t know. we are already in the . K204*. heal the sick. )hat this means is that we who are . especially if somebody else does.. dry up a tree by speaking to it.ingdom was supposed to work for $is Church ?ust as it worked for $im.ingdom. “These are no miracles! %m ?ust using keys.ingdom is a precondition for getting them.ingdom.ingdom and make it work in our lives.ingdom=the keys that will unlock the power of the . + miracle is something that humans cannot e>plain. 7iracles fall into this category. 0( &1. =nd I will do whatever you ask in 3y name so that the Son may bring glory to the (ather.ingdom citiAens have these keys.6?.the . )e are supposed to be living life at a certain level where we are tapping into resources that others cannot e>plain.ingdom of heaven is not a secret group.ingdom citiAens and only . for on the night before $is death $e told them( I tell you the truth anyone who has faith in 3e will do what I have been doing. )hat we need=and what Jesus has given us=are the keys of the . and they are unlocking prosperity. and also how it should work for you.ingdom citiAens. unlocking healing. know how to put them in the locks.

ingdom and how to use them. Then $e gave them to the disciples.ook at the progression( Jesus looked up toward heaven and gave thanks. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven. you will never again say. they said.% “)e have here only five loaves of bread and two fish.. $e gave thanks and broke the loaves. That is what will open $eaven%s floodgates. Jesus used this situation to test $is disciples to see if they picked up on the secrets. They should have asked. t should work for us the same way. “They do not need to go away. The twelve disciples of Jesus had already seen this key activated in unforgettable fashion the day Jesus fed five thousand people with fives loaves of bread and two fish. “4hich key do we use89 nstead. They all ate and were satisfied. 7=ll I have is. @ou give them something to eat%. 9ut in the .. 9 . Through prayer in Jesus% . That is a wide-open promise. +nd $e directed the people to sit down on the grass. The key that opens that lock is prayer=asking in Jesus% name=and whatever and anything we ask will be done. Then $e broke the bread. but Jesus has another idea. )e must ask in Jesus% name=according to $is will and in line with $is purpose.* they answered. “9ring them here to 7e.* &hey were limited by what they could see..anything in 3y name and I will do it )5ohn "A#"!$"A. gave it to $is disciples. 0ne significant key is embedded in this passage( the key to opening the “warehouse* of $eaven. $e was preparing to teach them how to use a key( Jesus replied. besides women and children 23atthew "A#">$!" emphasis added3. Jesus% church 2which includes us3 was going to do the same things $e was doing=and more= because the $oly 8pirit who would come after $e was gone would teach them the keys of the . The lesson Jesus wanted them 2and us3 to learn is that when you know the keys to the .. and the disciples gave them to the people.ingdom secrets.ingdom of $eaven we walk not by sight but by faith. The crowd had been with Jesus all day listening to $is teaching. and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. “@ou feed them* That was the test. "ow it was late in the day. and they distributed it among the people. but it is not a way to gratify our own selfish wants and desires. “+ll we have is. $e put in the key of prayer and unlocked the warehouse. and they were hungry.* $e said. $e said. The number of those who ate was about five thousand men. )e must use the right key. Jesus% disciples suggested $e send them away into the villages to get food.

+s that vast crowd marched toward Jesus on the mountainside.. refreshing breeAe and a welcome rest. implying that they reclined on the slopes of the mountainside. and we then give it to others. Certainly they must have been tired. 8o before Jesus and $is men entered Jerusalem to resume their ministry activities. it means to purchase something at the marketplace. 9y using this word. where they could en?oy a cool. listening attentively to every word because he doesn%t want to miss anything important in the play. because they had been ministering to multitudes of people who were following them for many days. 7Send them away that they may go into the country round . This was a massive crowd of people. they took a break on top of a mountain apart from the crowd. The words “great company* in -reek are the e>actly the same words used to describe the massive number of soldiers who came to arrest Jesus in the -arden of -ethsemane. that these may eat&* 2John C(D3. The word “saw* is from the word where we get our word for a theater. It was the time of the feast and before 1e and the twelve entered the city 7D 5esus went up into a mountain and there he sat with his disciples9 )5ohn >#+.ing $imself draws forth from its abundance and gives it to us. The word “buy* is the -reek word which describes a marketplace. “B )hence shall we buy bread. like a patron who attends a play and carefully watches every act. 3ark >#+> tells us the disciples were worried about where to buy food for this crowd. 7D 5esus then lifted up his eyes and saw a great company come unto himD9 25ohn >#@3. John lets us know that Jesus carefully looked out at this crowd in amaAement=observing the entire scene. and determining what needed to be done for them. they pleaded with Jesus. t means to really look. 9ut this was a strange 6uestion for Jesus to put to /hilip. analyAing the siAe of the crowd. n fact. The . The word “sat* is the -reek word . That knowledge is Christ%s promise to us( “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of -od has been given to you* Is 5esus &esting /ou8 5ohn >#@ > =fter ministering to multitudes for many days 5esus and 1is disciples privately retreated to the top of a mountainside <ust outside 5erusalem. Jesus turned to /hilip and asked. 9ut we have to know the key that opens the warehouse. because they were seated on top of a remote mountain where there were no markets# n fact.name 2the key3. 8uddenly. we unlock $eaven%s warehouse.

Jesus asked /hilip this 6uestion to e>pose any insufficiency in $is disciple%s faith. Jesus knew e>actly how $e was going to meet the need. these disciples had lived in the presence of Jesus and had seen $im perform every kind of creative miracle. 7iracles were nothing new to them. but only a blaAing fire could e>pose all the hidden defects. /hilip didn%t realiAe -od%s stores of supernatural provision are always more than enough# t is simply a fact that new challenges often e>pose a lack in our faith and highlight any weak area in our lives. Even if there had been a local shop nearby. “B )hence shall we buy bread. but to assure that the metal would be purer. cleansing lepers. The metal may have looked strong. that these may eat&* 5ohn >#> goes on to tell us the reason Jesus asked this 6uestion( “=nd this he said to prove him( for he himself knew what he would do. Jesus asked /hilip. “. n other words. that every one of them may take a little* 2v. E3. @et in spite of the huge crowd and the impossibility of the situation. they were being confronted with a problem that was totally different from anything they had faced before=they needed food to feed a multitude# t is amaAing to that after seeing Jesus perform possibly thousands of miracles.9 There was simply no place nearby to purchase bread for the people on that mountaintop. and even raising the dead. /hilip certainly didn%t consider a supernatural solution. but $e asked /hilip the 6uestion so /hilip%s lack of faith would be e>posed=and so the disciples would see that there was still room for improvement in regard to the level of their faith# . This test wasn%t ?ust done for the sake of testing. 9ut at this moment.9 The word “prove* is the word means to put to the test. plus “women and children* 23atthew "A#!"3. the purpose of the test was to make the item better. they went on a food search and worriedly tried to solve this problem by themselves. @ou see. and stronger. he and the other disciples began to “grasp at straws* as they went looking for a way to solve this problem through natural means. we trust that @ou can provide for all these people#* nstead. 0nce the defects were e>posed. the disciples didn%t immediately say. +n e>ample of this is how the word prove was used to describe the purifying fires placed under molten metal.about and into the villages and buy themselves breadD.ord. n verse E. /hilip told Jesus. it wouldn%t have been possible to purchase enough bread to feed a crowd that siAe=a crowd of “five thousand men* 25ohn >#"C3. or to test in order to e>pose the truth about the 6uality of a substance. including turning water into wine. finer. “B Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them. they could be scraped off and removed. to test in order to prove. but without the test of fire they would remain undetectable.

S 0( K. f there is any faith deficiency in me. + key gives you instant access to everything that key opens. n fact.2 P?I26IP*.ingdom of $eaven. but @ou have chosen to use me. t%s getting stronger.SSI02 (0? &0'=/ confess that am ready for -od to use me# 7y faith is growing. Keys represent authority. “ am giving you the keys of the . but now am filled with faith.ingdom of $eaven give us immediate access to all the resources of heaven. 9ut we have to know how to use them. re?oice if it reveals a little instability in your ability to believe. There are several principles that define the properties of keys. There was a time when would have doubted and feared.E.ord. f you possess a key to a place.nowledge leads to understanding. The key to your house means you have authority there. %m e>cited about taking on +"@ assignment Jesus Christ wants to give me# declare this by faith in Jesus% name# S. 8o often we limit ourselves by trusting or believing only in what we can see with our eyes or reason out with our minds.? (0? &0'=/ . 1or this.Fon%t be surprised if Jesus asks you to do something that seems impossible to your natural mind. Keys represent access. The keys of the . = Kingdom mind$set completely changes our perspective. The key to your car gives you authority to drive whenever you want to. impossible-looking ?ob to do. we can understand how they work in the ./S . )hen $e tells you that $e e>pects you to take a leap of faith and accomplish what others say can%t be done. Christ says. 0nce we know the principles behind keys. The secret is in knowing what the key opens. the same authority have* )e ?ust scratch the surface in learning what this means. $is re6uest may e>pose the fact that you need to work a little more on your faith# )hat a blessing that Jesus would ask us to do things that reveal who we really are=for only then will we really discover the areas of our faith that need improvement# 8o the ne>t time Jesus gives you a remarkable. it means you have authority in that place. please e>pose it "0) so can get it fi>ed and be prepared for any assignment @ou give to me in the future# pray this in Jesus% name# 3/ 602(. . @ou could use someone else. "ow you know that you have a deficiency in your faith walk=and you can start today to do something about it# 3/ P?=/. There was a time when was weak. am so thankful to @ou. 5. 4. but now -od%s )ord is making me stronger. want to thank @ou for allowing me to be a part of @our great plans.ingdom. am giving you authority in heaven. and the deficiency in my faith is being reduced day by day.

you operate a key.li<ah met a poor widow gathering sticks at the town gate. =s the enemy came down toward him .lisha. and brought down an angelic host to protect them. Elisha%s servant was frightened by what he saw around him. 7'on’t be afraid’ the prophet answered. you have ownership of heaven on earth. the prophet%s servant was terrified one morning to find the army surrounding the city. you have no lack and no crisis because the .? :. 0ne day the 1ebrew prophet . 70h my lord what shall we do89 the servant asked. Jesus said $e would teach us to walk in that kind of authority. )hen you “own* the resources of the . and confidence. unlocked heaven. @ou control when it opens.9 n other words. Therefore. however.ingdom. /ossession of a key gives you ownership of whatever that key opens. “4hatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. +s a . when you possess the keys of the . The prophet tapped into a principle that took him to a system that made that pagan army look like toy soldiers by comparison.ingdom of heaven. you control it. access. I am gathering a few sticks to take home .ingdom citiAen with the keys of the . =20&1. but he didn%t have a key.ingdom cannot even conceive. you have ownership of heaven on earth. you are never poor. H. 8o go have a prosperity party# The .ing is greater than them all. ) I 2. f you need something now. Keys represent ownership. 7&hose who are with us are more than those who are with them9 =nd . you own on earth whatever is going on in $eaven.. n other words. :?0K.ing is preparing to bless and prosper you from a completely une>pected direction. Keys represent control. This gives you control over when something comes. when it closes.ing. and who gets access to it. 8uppose you get laid off from your ?ob.)hen a pagan king sent his army to capture the $ebrew prophet Elisha. This means that you should never ?udge how your life is going simply by your circumstances. you decide whether to open it up at I(JJ or 4J(JJ or C(JJ or whenever. 7=s surely as the *ord your God lives9 she replied 7I don’t have any breadFonly a handful of flour in a <ar and a little oil in a <ug.lisha prayed to the *ord 7Strike these people with blindness9 So he struck them with blindness as . t would be easy to get scared and stressed out because you have a family and bills to pay and no money. f you possess the key to something.ingdom.E.. G. 1e asked her for a drink of water and a piece of bread.lisha had asked )! Kings >#"@b$"B. That%s your circumstances. &his was during a severe drought.? '=/ I2 3/ *I(. Elisha had a key.lisha prayed 70 *ord open his eyes so he may see9 &hen the *ord opened the servant’s eyes and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around . )hen you have the keys of the . Jesus said. + key helps you control time. @ou can be confident and even re?oice in the view of a bright future because you have a source of supply and provision that those outside the .

@ou have control=power=over whatever you possess the keys for. This is similar to number 4. C.* /ossession of keys means that you are authoriAed to act in the name and authority of the one who owns the keys. Go home and do as you have said. 30?. D. &rust in the *ord. “The boss authoriAed me to do this. =2' *I(. The . This is why Christ was able to live an abundant life in times of crisis. (or this is what the *ord the God of Israel says# G&he <ar of flour will not be used up and the <ug of oil will not run dry until the day the *ord gives rain on the land’9’ She went away and did as . 1e will take care of you. 0nce she took it. Keys represent authoriIation. This is similar to control. $er entire life and mind-set shifted from the circumstances of want and hardship to a . Fo we really have that much power as . +uthoriAation means to be given the authority to act in the name or in the stead of whoever gave you the authority. ) I 603. The truth of the widow%s circumstances was that she and her son were about to starve. she had control. *I(. Eli?ah was offering the woman a key.and make a meal for myself and my son that we may eat itFand die9. re6uest( 7I know you don’t have much but feed me first and then yourself and your son. 9y faith and obedience she unlocked heaven%s storeroom and brought down for herself and her family supernatural provision that sustained them until the drought ended.ingdom citiAens& @es. so $e has given us the ability to tap into a realm that is invisible but absolutely real and can literally affect the physical earth.ingdom of $eaven. $e had power from $eaven. some might even say selfish. So there was food every day for . )hoever gives you keys gives you power at the same time. Eli?ah approaches and makes a bold.HHHHH. f you know how to use the keys. Jesus gives us the authority to influence $eaven. :ut first make a small cake of bread for me from what you have and bring it to me and then make something for yourself and your son. $eaven closes.9 This was not selfishness. Keys represent power. $e gave us power in $eaven. The keys to your house give you the power to come and go and to allow or disallow others to enter. )hen Jesus gave us the keys to the kingdom.ing does not want us to live as victims of the earth%s system.li<ah and for the woman and her family.li<ah )" Kings "-#"!$">. )hatever we bind on earth affects $eaven! whatever we loose on earth affects $eaven! whatever we close on earth. (or the <ar of flour was not used up and the <ug of oil did not run dry in keeping with the word of the *ord spoken by .. whatever they unlock is at your disposal. &1=& /0U 3IG1& 1=E.li<ah had told her. $e has authoriAed us to act in $is name and on $is authority to re6uest whatever we wish that is in accordance with $is will and purpose.li<ah said to her 7'on’t be afraid. +nd $e has given that power to .ingdom perspective of unlimited abundance. 9y giving us the keys of the .

@ou are free to lock and unlock.ingdom of $eaven work. The keys of the .ingdom are principles.ingdom give us freedom from fear and all the other limiting emotions of an earthly system. &hen you will know the truth and the truth will set you free )5ohn B#+"b$+!. locked up the storm. Truth alone is not what sets you free.ingdom are the keys to final truth. +s happens fre6uently on that body of water. “@ou of little faith.2 61=?=6&.eys are principles. the knowledge of which brings true liberty. The keys of the . “)hat kind of man is this&* 5ust a man with keys. ..ingdom* $e wasn%t talking about literal physical keys to open physical locks.eys are laws. . t was because $e had the key of freedom. the system. Keys represent freedom. )hen Jesus spoke of “the keys of the .ven the winds and the waves obey 1imJ9 )3atthew B#!@$!-. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK K S. The storm was so fierce that even the e>perienced sailors aboard feared that the boat was going to sink. . you are free to go in and out. they always work. Jesus said. saying. all of heaven will be available to us. 0ne day Jesus was asleep in the back of a boat while $is cabinet 2some of whom were fishermen3 sailed it across the 8ea of -alilee. a severe storm blew up suddenly.. and precepts contained in those verses. )hen used correctly. )e gain access to the systems that make the . “.us. $e gives us the principles by which the . reliable standards that never change.ord. and it stopped. so calm. +nd once we learn the laws. Jesus said( f you hold to 7y teaching. n amaAement.?IS&I6S 0( K. )hat sets you free is the truth you know. “4hat’s the matter8 4here are your keys89 Then $e took out a key. Jesus was so carefree. to open and close. 5. )hen you have keys.ingdom of $eaven operates. and the principles. The keys of the . They are fi>ed. the disciples asked. $ow could Jesus sleep through such a crisis& Their lives were in danger.* Jesus is not referring so much to 8cripture verses as much as the principles./S 4. save us# )e%re going to drown#* $e replied. “/ou of little faith why are you so afraid89 &hen 1e got up and rebuked the winds and the waves and it was completely calm. and so in control no matter what was happening around $im. laws. E. systems that operate under fi>ed laws. you are really 7y disciples. )hen $e gives us the keys. The keys of the . 1reedom comes in knowing the truth.ingdom can bring you into the knowledge of the truth.E. and $e was snooAing in the severe# The disciples went and woke $im. 9y “teaching. &he men were amaIed and asked 74hat kind of man is this8 . why are you so afraid&* n essence $e was saying.

nowledge of the systems and how they work is a key to power and influence.ingdom ambassador /aul counsels( Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth. and without it. that%s how powerful knowledge can be.ingdom citiAens can rest confident in victory and success no matter what circumstances may suggest. . That%s how powerful systems are. the schematic. Just as the key to a car initiates action by starting the engine.eys are systems. religion may look beautiful and impressive on the outside with all its regalia and traditions. keys to the operation of the . C.eys initiate action.eys are the principles by which the . Control the systems and you control the government. but to put their hope in -od. a radio with no receiver cannot fulfill its function of converting radio waves into audible sound waves for you to hear. initiate action in $eaven. etc. )ithout gasoline.ingdom. the radio is only an empty.ingdom of $eaven. Festroy the systems and you destroy the nation. but it cannot fulfill its purpose because the key to activate its function is not there. . but it has no keys and therefore lacks the ability and the power to activate . . . To me. religion is like that attractive radio or that stylish but gas-less car that does not work.eys activate function. the keys of the . + car operates on gasoline. have access to those systems and can bring the influence of . the economic system. This is far more sure and secure than depending on the systems of the world for our en?oyment. who richly provides us with everything for our en?oyment 24 Timothy C(4E3. The “key* of a receiver is missing. but specifically. H.G. The keys of the . 0n this point. the telecommunications system. They give us access to the blueprints.ingdom activate $eaven so that we can fully en?oy our rights and privileges as . .ingdom function. Fisrupt the systems and you disrupt the government.ikewise.ingdom systems to bear in earthly situations. Every government runs on systems( the social system. Even more.ingdom of $eaven are beyond the reach of those outside the kingdom and are in no danger of being disrupted or destroyed. silent bo>. The keys of the . the flowcharts so that we can understand and appropriate the inner workings of the . when we know how to use them. the political system.ingdom allow us to en?oy all the rich and good things of -od without measure.ingdom citiAens.ingdom of $eaven.ingdom of -od operates. . That is why . "ot only are keys principles. 8o the most important thing any of us could do is to make sure that we are citiAens of the .ingdom. the car will not run no matter how many other keys you have. The systems of the . The “key* of gasoline activates the function of the car. which is so uncertain. on the other hand. the educational system.ingdom citiAens. the glass clean and shiny. . .ike them. . The bo> may be pretty. D. .

. To get ahead. do not defraud.ingdom. do not give false testimony. The . do not steal.ingdom living.ingdom works.ingdom.* +t this the man%s face fell. stealing.eys do. +s Jesus started on $is way. sell everything you have and give to the poor. you must do the opposite of what you do in the world.ingdom of $eaven operates on keys. you can sit behind the wheel and dream and will all you want for it to move. @ou can wish and feel and beg and plead all you want. follow 7e. /rosperity is a natural product of ."TE: "T.eys cannot be substituted by feelings. and manipulation. $e went away sad. or manipulation. do not commit adultery. you give up! instead of hating. because he had great wealth. This rich young man had problems with Jesus% conditions because they ran counter to everything he had ever heard and believed about success and prosperity.ingdom of $eaven and the kingdoms of this world operate by completely opposite principles. you will still be locked out of all the things -od promised you because feelings don%t open doors. wishful thinking. $e simply was not prepared for the counterintuitive command of Jesus to part with everything that he thought made him .:E 01 . using people. “0ne thing you lack* $e said. this is counterintuitive. hurting. 9ut in the .ingdom. but without the right keys. you love! instead of every-man-for-himself. gam-bling=any way you can. you get ahead by killing. f your car is out of gas. f you are locked out of your house without a key.ingdom in order to prosper in the . Jesus looked around and said to $is disciples. “what must do to inherit eternal life&* “)hy do you call 7e good&* Jesus answered. “-o. The . This is why 8imon /eter could not recogniAe Jesus as the 7essiah e>cept by divine revelation. nstead of getting. 9ut we must live by the standards of the . n the world%s system. wishful thinking. you give! instead of hoarding. and you will have treasure in heaven. T LE "+T. @es. robbing. we inevitably become prosperous. “all these have kept since was a boy* Jesus looked at him and loved him. but that is the way -od%s . climbing up on people. but it will stay right where it is. /eople raised in the world%s system cannot comprehend on their own the truly otherworldly nature of -od%s . .ingdom. @ou know the commandments( MFo not murder. honor your father and mother#* “Teacher*% he declared. emotions. Then come.ingdom and start functioning properly. “-ood teacher. t is different with the . T$E C0. you release! instead of grabbing.E. emotions. “"o one is good=e>cept -od alone. 0nce we get into the . manipulating.ingdom of heaven that makes it so hard for the world to understand. “$ow hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of -od#* 27ark 4J(4E-5G3. :eligion is built on feelings.ingdom of $eaven. everything is reversed. This clash of systems is vividly illustrated by an encounter Jesus had one day with a rich young man who was interested in getting into the .* he asked.E@8 t is this very counterintuitive 6uality of the . you show first regard to others. no amount of begging or pleading or wishing will make that door open. a man ran up to $im and fell on his knees before $im.

ingdom where you get by giving. +nother factor in the difficulty people have in understanding the .ingdom keys makes it difficult for many people to understand the . the systems of the .ord brings wealth. +dditionally. “:epent* Change the way you think. /rinciples work but are not always understood. we are dysfunctional creatures who believe either that there is nothing wrong with us or that whatever is wrong we can fi> ourselves. we assume that you must do certain things to succeed=climb the corporate ladder by walking on people%s heads and stepping on their hands.ingdom was. lie.ingdom of -od neither makes you poor nor re6uires you to become poor.ingdom of -od are completely foreign to the way we have been trained to think.ingdom of $eaven we are stewards. $e could not understand the principle of a . Then Jesus comes along and says.ingdom and learn how they work.ingdom keys that can destroy us. is this( The blessing of the . get rid of all of that. 7an%s rebellion against -od resulted in a corrupted mind and conscience. on the other hand.ingdom keys. 0nce you get the keys of the . +nd $e can do it in an instant if $e is so inclined. + key principle of the . this rich young man did not know how to become richer. from where they ac6uired their wealth. use them selfishly. 9ecause of ignorance of .ingdom. the opposite nature of .ingdom is the danger of the fallen nature of human reasoning. so he chose to hold onto wealth that literally was killing him rather than enter into wealth that could give him life. and perhaps more so. 9ecause of our fallen nature of human reasoning. the principles and keys of the . 9ut because of our fallen nature. “ f you want real wealth and real success.ingdom. The rich young man simply could not see how following Jesus% instructions would get him what he wanted. $e could not grasp the principle. n other words. That is why the first word Jesus said when $e came to announce the . Coming into the .ingdom of -od. This rich man thought he was rich.ike the rich young man. in the . -ive it back to the people you got it from and follow 7e* The attitude of willingness to part with it all is as important. .ingdom are opposite to those of the world. :emember. we don%t understand how they work. it is the power of ignorance of . the blessing of -od will bring you wealth without sorrow. but was really poor because he did not understand the nature of true wealth. betray them. but sometimes even after we learn how to use them. This young man had grown up in a world where you get by taking. The keys. The keys of the .ingdom work. steal=whatever it takes to be a millionaire before the age of HJ. the principles . cheat.“somebody* This is why Jesus said that it is hard for a rich person to enter the . 8cripture says( “7y people are destroyed from lack of knowledge* 2$osea H(Ca3. They ?ust do. 0ur Creator knows $is creation. not owners. 8o he went away sad. hurt them. 9ut you have to know the keys.ingdom of $eaven. than the actual act. The way most of us in this world pursue success and wealth and try to get ahead is completely contrary to the principles and laws that -od designed into creation. Counterintuitive wisdom leads us to understand that the keys of the . and $e adds no trouble to it 2/roverbs 4J(553. scheme against them. the principles. 9ut we are too blinded by our corrupt minds to see it. /rinciples are established by the manufacturer. -od knows what is best for us.

.ingdom secrets. G. “+ll have is.ingdom of $eaven is not a secret society. . .eys represent control. even when human logic or reasoning says otherwise. you will never again say. . .. O.ingdom is really about returning to the governing authority of -od in the earth and learning how to live and function in that authority. C.eys represent authoriAation. the knowledge of which brings true liberty. 4J. are also the keys to bringing the life. E.eys represent freedom. )hen you know the keys to the .eys represent ownership.eys represent authority.ingdom are the keys to ultimate truth. .eys represent access. .ingdom operates. . N H. /: "C /. but its keys have to be learned.E8 4.under which the . The . I. 5. . law.ife in the . The keys of the . D. 44.eys represent power. and culture of $eaven to earth.