I was walking down the road, in the middle of the storm, Lost and confused, dreadful feelings, od! torn It was cold and rain!, fog setting in, than I hear the horn, "ou sto##ed to #ick me u#$ inside !our car it was warm

I could see !ou were cr!ing, I said what%s u# with that, "ou said !ou were lea&ing !our o!friend, !ou were sad with that fact I said aren%t we a #erfect cou#le, similar circumstances we ha&e, And it seem one facts the same, we%re all alone and sad

"ou said$ let%s sto# here, Last Chance Caf', efore we hit the gorge road, Then it%s twent! miles of desolation, with rain, lightening and the cold (a! e we could talk a out our #ro lems, that%d e nice and soothing, )ithout someone !elling ack with hate$ with all that he%s loosing

As we oth walked in and sat down at the counter, ask for menus, Counter clerk said$ on storm! night were we looking for different &enues I said !es and then I notice his name tag said *esus, I said wow$ now there%s a name, can !ou sa! something to #lease us

Then *esus said I%ll tr! what seems to e the #ro lem with oth of !ou, )e oth lurt out, we%re lost in our li&es and we don%t know what to do *esus said, !ou know when we are orn+ )e come into this world hel#less, Then we learn through trials and tri ulation to ecome selfless or selfish

A selfish #erson is one, who gets without reall! gi&ing ack, A selfless #erson gi&es to others without thought of self, that%s o fact Selfish #eo#le when the! don%t get, feel mad and alone, A selfless #erson knows their #ur#ose in life and can li&e on their own

*esus further said$ !ou girls ha&e two men, who constantl! take from !ou, I said how did !ou know that$ I%m *esus, I know e&er!thing a out !ou two ,irls -ust listen to what I am sa!ing and don%t gi&e a second thought, I #lanted the seed in !our minds and here !ou oth I rought

.ring ,od into !our life, let him /uench !our search for answers, Sto# !our stum ling through life, the oth of !ou should e dancers Find #eo#le to e with that are on a similar #ath in life, Not #eo#le that seem to follow strife after strife

And once !ou find ,od, !ou will finall! understand #eace, And for oth of !ou, that should alwa!s e !our goal, at the &er! lease So wi#e awa! those tears of des#air, !ou two ha&e found !our /uest,

,od less !ou oth, e on !our wa! and find all the rest

)hen we got into the car, she turned to me and said what -ust ha##ened, I said, I know, I don%t elie&e it, ut then I do, no longer do I feel sadden I cried, I ha&e a #ur#ose in life and for the first time I know what to do, )e oth together ga&e thanks that he sa&es the oth of us too

! Tim Tha!er

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