thesaurus of business and management terms

glossary of alternative words for common terms of business, management and work
ability - skill, intelligence, competence, experience, expertise, capability accelerate - hasten, increase, expedite access - permission, entry, obtain acceptable - reasonable, fair, appropriate accessible - reachable, available, easily entered accommodation - arrangement, agreement, place to stay or live account - statement, description, report, facts accountable - responsible, answerable, explainable, duty-bound accountability - responsibility, duty, expectation, contract, deliverable, deliverables accrue - increase, accumulate, grow, collect achievement - goal, objective, target acquire - obtain, buy, gain, procure, get, take over act - deed, perform, execute, procedure activity - action, job, duty adapt - change, modify, adjust, alter add - increase, calculate, attach adjourn - pause, break, take a break, finish adjunct - attachment, supplement, addendum adjust - change, alter, rectify, amend, modify, make more suitable adopt - accept, use, buy adverse - negative, hostile, opposed, unfavorable

advice - input, help, assistance, recommendation, suggestion, feedback advise - inform, help, tell, post, brief, notify, counsel, instruct agency - organisation, service provider, representative organization agenda - list, schedule, program, programme, concerns, motive, motives, wish-list, drivers, expectation, expectations agent - contractor, operator, dealer, representative, middle-man aggressive - determined, firm, pushy, vigorous agreement - arrangement, promise, contract, understanding aid - help, assistance, support aim - goal, purpose, objective, intention alliance - agreement, partnership allot - share, apportion, distribute, allocate allow - permit, let, agree, grant, concede ambition - goal, desire, aspiration, hope, vision amass - collect, gather, store, accumulate amend - alter, change, correct, rectify, adjust, revise amount - quantity, sum analyse - examine, study, analyze analysis - examination, study, exploration, assessment, calculation annul - invalidate, cancel, dissolve, make void, nullify appeal - request, plea, ask, attraction application - request, use (of something) appoint - choose, pick, elect, select apportion - divide, share, allocate, distribute appraise - judge, consider, examine, assess, review appropriate - save, take, seize, keep appropriate - acceptable, fair, reasonable, relevant approval - agreement, permission, consent, endorsement

approve - agree, allow, permit, accept, grant endorse aptitude - ability, skill, leaning, gift, talent archive - collection, collect, store, file, documentation arrange - plan, formulate, set, order, structure, manage, organise, organize array - collection, group, number (of) article - item, piece, thing, legal document assemble - gather, collect, compile, fit together assess - calculate, judge, measure, form an opinion, gauge, analyze assessment - opinion, judgment, calculation, estimate associate - colleague, member, co-worker, partner, business partner, contractor assured - certain, definite attach - join, connect, fasten, add attribute - quality, feature, speciality, credit, specialty authority - power, permission, control, sway, leading special knowledge authorise - allow, permit, grant, authorize available - free, ready, potential, offered, on offer average - typical, normal, usual, mean, medium, standard, par If the word(s) you are trying to find are not listed try the business dictionary

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ backup - copy, help, extra, contingency bail out - rescue, leave balance - remainder, amount owed, adjust, correlate, equalise, equalize balloon - grow, expand, swell, enlarge ban - disallow, bar, exclude, prohibit, embargo

development. onus. summary. towards. criticised. well-known. labeled breakdown . end.against. activity buy . intrinsic. stranded. surpass beleaguered . kind. named.competition. patented. outdo. news burden . responsibility. . commerce.purchase. emerge brief . simple basis . obtain with money. tender books . experiencing difficulties. exceed.increase. store barrier .instructions. pack battle . organisation. progress. made to measure bet . struggle. influence in favour of.offer.rapidly grow. bundle.accounts boost . be attempt. create bulletin .defeat. improve. trade. venture bias . risk. obstacle basic . shun brand . invest in . augment boycott .avoid.fundamental.labelled. corporation.problem. isolated. escalate. failure. work. venture.increase.duty. grounds batch . short. design.discovery. win. for. organization.reason motive. swell business . effort beat . strengthen. refuse. in favor of bid . concise. collection. argument. foundational. difficulty burgeon .tailor-made. criticized bespoke . concern. list of details breakthrough .type. sort. explanation. develop. trademark branded .gamble. affairs.beset. quick build . tendency. develop. stop. discontinue. head. diagram. entrant cap .list. notification. publication.custodian. nullify candidate .selection. replace. janitor cargo . line change . accuse. responsibility chart . supplies. investigate. deceive. largest amount certification .authenticate.route. restriction.list. record .limit. permit written statement chartered .applicant.goods. record.buyer . examine. leaflet.provide.purchaser. hired. defraud check .main.hire.annul. most important. investor. highest ranking choice . option. rented. letter. leased cheat . wares catalogue . lease. series. draw charter .alter. flyer . authentication certify . contender.claim. rent. notice. classification cater .advertisement. make different channel .qualified.qualification. surpass caretaker . control. confirm. modulate. direct charge . range. halt make certain chief . supply ceiling . good quality circular .trick.stop. freight. call off. catalog category . amend. customer C ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ cancel .group. state officially chain . notice. graph.

customers. binding. trade clone .fall.finish. include. knowledgeable compile . skillful. debt-free. unite.spread. willingness commute . stop operating code . compose compliance .order. skill. fail. clients. end activity.remove. order. rules.obedience. have. regulations collapse .obligatory. exact copy close . piece item comprise . corporation organization compete . feature. put together command . group together. incumbent. finish. duplicate. duty. approve. categorise.replicate. sanction. . vie competence . loyalty. proficiency competent .promise. state.standards. submission complimentary . proficient. legal right classify . reliable (goods) clear . intelligible make sense clearance .ability.consist of. bring together combine . made from compulsory .business. factor. dominate commerce .journey. categorize clean . organisation. knowledge. state officially.demand. leave clientele .join. obtain.honest. decrease. harmless. trade commitment .contend. publish. agreement. instruction. travel a regular route company . ruin collect .part of a whole. request.permission. pass round claim .list. mandatory . free of charge gratis component .

flawed. most important center corporation .parts. secret.private. letters. win someone over core . practice conformity convert . influence restrain rule over convene . adapt oneself. forum inquiry confidence . gather together.meeting. pervert. off the record conform . structure. reduction in price. illicit. agreement consolidate . email. exchange. formulate. spoil.meeting. attach. venture. power.join.bring or join together.dishonest. correlating.change from one form to another modify. limit.matching. essential. business. demeanour. understanding concession . essence.behaviour. give conference . attitude. demeanor confer . immoral. positiveness.restrict.main. make. incorrect information. terms. opposite corrupt . erect consultant . manage. information contract . advisor consumer . deceive. organise a meeting convention .discuss. buyer. consult. contact consensus . a secret. ruin .build. principle. engage control . symmetry corresponding .compromise. debate. adviser. accommodate connect . link. guide.idea. defraud.trick. centralize construct . gathering of people conference. cheat. assurance conviction confidential . enterprise correspondence .con . troubleshooter. bestow. reward. centre. connected. similarity. user content . behavior. belief. negative (opposite of 'pro') concept . bearing. discussion. combine. movement conduct . illegal. trade.general view.obey.

resist . imperfection. subtract deed . cut customer .buyer. restrain. price.adviser. advisor. incomplete defend . lawyer counsellor .state.voucher cover . value. imperfect.faulty.serious.official order. announce. references. shorten. conceal. extreme. leave defective . decrease decouple . client. divulge. endorsements.present. action. forgery coupon . shortfall.simple.trader. decide. cost.qualities.facts. quotation counsel .fault. counselor counterfeit . protect.action. inaccurate. quote. decision made in court deduct . evidence dealer . pricing. shrink. speak affirm decline .weaken. purchaser. merchant declaration . written agreement deep .estimating.fake. happening now curtail . provide a service credentials . moderate current . adviser.limit. improvised. experience. limit. topical.include. makeshift. valuation. patron D ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ data . improvized curb .disconnect decree . reduce. tell. information.protect.costing .troubleshooter.take away.affirmation. official statement declare . crude .control. profound defect . existing.

show. sketch. use up. piece of equipment method (of doing something) devise .grow. leave. aspect . make. produce. demonetise.explanation.delay. make smaller. stop making deliver . picture. waste. amortize deputy . require.size. insufficiency deflate . conceive. finger dilute . conceptualize diagram .worsen.trick.detract. disrespect delete . claim demonstrate . be dishonest. lessen effectiveness weaken dimension . no longer existing degrade . plan. map. image dictate . innovate. demonetize. influence.firm request. order. think of. advance. dead. shortfall.object.reduce. prove demonstration . erase. substitute.stand-in. dominate digit . exhaust depreciate .provide money defunct .control.plan. defect. impair. representation.reduce. produce. reliant deplete . build. obliterate. pattern. artwork develop . proxy design . connected.remove.provide. conceptualise.unused. create become device . blueprint. obtain money illegally defray . give demand . put off deficiency . create.number. proof depart . supported. explain. tool.controlled. lessen.defer . ridicule defraud . prototype. extinct. decrease in value. achieve. originate.plan. invent. character.reduce.drawing. go dependent .exit.lack. amortise.

influence donate .sack. feasible docket . ban. develop wider range.prohibit. viable. important. apportion. disregard. get rid of dispute . argue disqualify .achievable.list. report display . share out diversify .stop. official paper dodge . record.sell. section. evade dominant .disagreement. exclude.deteriorate. reject dissolve . cancel distribute . argument. remove. refuse permission discharge .end (contract or partnership) terminate discount . exclude. practicable.disagreement. difference between two amounts .completed. disregard. extend activities divest .send. reduction in price discrepancy . finished.ignore. break up (into pieces) dismiss .prevent.label. practical. disintegrate . expose discontinue . classification doable . ended . reveal. database disallow . can be done.remove (person). main. exhibit.give done . elude. get rid of.tell. influential dominate . give. sack. reject dispatch .avoid.control. arrange (items) dispose . dispose of division . .show.record. listing. cease. possible.unit.modify. ticket document . outlaw. adapt. give official permission carry out a duty disclose .sell.

inquire enquiry .compelled.empower.downgrade .improve.obligation.threat. advisable efficient . trading economical . force duty . lower. fall discontinue duplicate . decrease. reduce value.good value. successful.reduce status.use.claim. reproduce durable . viable. request for information (RFI). affordable edge . financial. department store. highlight enquire . tax necessity E ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ earnings . wages. work.operative. find out . chosen eligible . hire employee .weaken. official right .appear. Long-lasting duress . brink effective . skillful elect .strong. low-budget. make less important driven .profitable. not reduce. influenced drop . have the right emerge . vote for.worker. inquiry entitlement .choose. income economic . cheap. forceful. facilitate endorse . commercial. tough.ask. job. depot enable . approve enhance .copy. cost-effective.productive. salary. staff member emporium . be disclosed employ .advantage.included. permit.question. engage. task.

take advantage of. share erode . convention. unusually good. funds. superfluous. interpret exploit . reduce error . carry out.overpriced. proficient expire .outstanding.create. make best use of .opinion evolve .skill.exorbitant. misuse. apply excessive . guess. act. presentation exit . skilled. elude evaluate . account for.activity.mistake.justify. make more serious establish .right. unreasonably high exhibition .develop gradually. finish. display. grow. invoke. knowledge. overstep exceptional estimate. very unusual execute .leave. keep fit.avoid. behavior evade . sell (ownership of an enterprise) exorbitant . principle ethical . rules of correct behaviour. assess evaluation .money. perform action or task exercise .moral.treat unfairly. quit.appraise. capital. misjudgment escalate . morally correct or acceptable etiquette . wherewithal equity .end. elapse explain .ace.increase.outdo. work-out. become. act. machinery. unwarranted. unfold exceed . extortionate expand . broaden. impair. wisdom expert . be superior. increase experience .weaken. dear. asset.protocol. become successful demonstrate ethic .

appropriate. help. weakness flood . provide facility . imitation. services. advise. fake something.grow.leaflet . expand. equipment. ease facilities . drop. washout. unreliable firm . ease.failure. sham fall . habitual flag . lengthen. build.set. develop. be fruitful flyer .extend .decrease. numerous. non-event.imperfect. achievable fee .charge (money) feed . factory. descend.mistake.lengthen. company fixed .false. fallen short fair . enable. incorrect.deluge. fail false . means. just.acceptable. feature.unsuccessful. unchanging.tire. coach. provide fickle . incorrect. not genuine. make longer. erroneous faulty . honorable fake . not genuine.make.make easy. lie facilitate .wrong. mark (something) flaw . prosper.building.quality.changeable. component. damp squib flourish .possible. mentor.buildings. weaken. many flop . inexact feasible .supply. accommodate. convenience. scope factor . cause. make (an offer) F ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ fabricate . influence failed .

inclusive goal . arrange foundation . uncertainty gap . strength.working. difference. source.plan .supply.cargo. power grant . design formulate . novelty.problem. personnel forecast . merchandise functional .standard. pointless G ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ gamble .influence.force .measure. fault global .useless. ultimate goods goods. merchandise governance . cause generic .control. requirement gauge . energy. absurd. permit.trick. instrumental furnish . foretell formal . speculate.unimportant.arrangement. plan. suitable format .create. consent graph . receive. contrivance glitch .obtain.worldwide. create. prepare.basis.products. beginning fractional . make ready futile . unbranded (product) get . useful. permission. objective. provide.predict. universal. power. estimate. correct.aim. judge generate . practical.official. very small freight . understand gimmick .

deal with.supporting. uncharged grievance .complaint.aggression. positive reflection. instructions. notes.descriptive. organize handmade . bully. expand. manage. safeguard. frighten. standard (of quality of something) halo-effect . positive association.upset. advice. pressurise. discontent ground . guide hand-holding . exert force upon.graphic . mature guarantee . exclusive.see also BIRGing) haggle . high quality.visitor guidance .expert.paper printed format (as distinct from electronic or digital format) hardball . organise. labour intensive. bespoke.promise. knowledge grow . be responsible for. harmonize . representing gratis . legal agreement. basis. bargain handbook . feature. (more about halo effect . make certain. helping handle . reflected glory.feelgood factor.increase. made by hand not machine or automated harass . indication. buddying. determination hard selling . educate grounding . pressurize (a person or people) hard copy . instructions. individual. intimidate. sage H ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ hallmark . tips guru .unique. bring together (successfully). barter. guest .aggressive selling. annoy. pressure. strong persuasion harmonise .argue.reason.combine. integrate. labor intensive.

indicate.employ. make obvious. classification.gain. guide. message heads-up . carrier of goods hazard . heart. information (department or team or group) hierarchy . pecking order highlight .centre. gamble. chief thing center hypothetical . imaginary I ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ . order.emphasise. protect against risk help . risk. debate (between two parties) headway .develop. teach. workgroup headline . damaging headcount . standoff.problem.warning. increase.centre. core.suppositional.main. monetise.aid. organizational structure. rent.unfriendly. care for. support. epicentre. lease hitch .transporter. progress. battle. labor force. focus. milk. story. threat hazardous . system. reap reward. offset risk.profit.danger. fight. enable helpdesk . management structure.structure. staff.harvest . assist. assistance. heartlands (usually an area of something successful or popular) hedge . exploit. buddy.reduce risk. rise. brief update. support. obstacle. argument. improvement heartland . assistance. short report head-to-head . monetize haulier .service.employees. difficulty hone . oversee.dangerous. workforce. adverse. facilitate. attacking hub . labour force. grouping. middle. team. taxonomy. sharpen hostile . overall. total. mentor. improve. focus. reward.confrontation. obstacle. emphasize hire .

unbendable. blemish improper .disallowed. illicit illicit . received incompetence . reward.influence. incentivize income . rejected inertia . salary incoming .unlawful. uncontrolled. sign. influence. disreputable imprudent . not in use inadmissible . unchangeable. disallowed by law image . authority inform .impression. details. importance imperfection . obstinate influence .find.showing. fault. copy. picture.facts. relate.identify . evidential indicate . reckless inactive . not working . show inefficient . not sensible.point. inapt.illegal. discover illegal . indifference inflate .unwise. prohibited.encourage. unskillful.arriving. wages. data inoperative .dishonest. inert. unsupported.increase.motivate. careless. unrelated indicative . powerless. modify. excluded incentive . motivation. useless ineligible . bias.inactivity. educate information .lack of skill or ability independent . enlarge inflexible . unusable.unqualified.rigid. not working.tell. something that encourages incentivise . risky.inducement.earnings.idle. inappropriate. suggesting. reflection impact .invalid.weakness.wasteful. offer a reward.unconnected.

demonstrate. put together integrated .incorrect. enroll. unwarranted. not permanent intermediary . train. command instruction . increase. main.opening.explain.combine. duty undertaking jobless . fix.information.reject. interval jumpy . arbitrate. get rid of job . bring together become a member judge . command integrate .check. position. competitive. sharp. inactive join . chief thing. officially or legally unacceptable item .connected. component itinerary . destroy. chief thing kill . Short-term.object. form an opinion.tell. warrant K ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ keen . scan.eager. article. combined interim . task. willing key . eject.schedule. inform. route. leap. roadmap J ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ jettison . anxious.unemployed.most essential.middleman. teach. crucial influential keynote . opportunity. stop . journey plan.lull.inspect . travel route. facilitator invalid .spoil. meet. look closely at instruct .connected. adjudicate jump . agitated justify .decide.rise. most important. mediator.important thing.nervous.

equipment. regulation legitimate . esteem L ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ label .restrict. upper hand liable . growth.influence. legitimate lead hire legible . comprehension.sideways thinking.concealed.important event or achievement or matter languish . restriction. direct leading . gauge. journal logic .legal. communicate. vulnerable limit . guide. lurking lateral . exposed to. understanding. relationship. inspiring learning . subject to law. genuine. become mark of identification landmark .tag. coaching. reasoning. experience. legally acceptable leverage . managing. experience. licit. understandable legislation . advantage.connect. mastery kudos . skill knowledge . punishable by law. restrain. documentation. bind link . intelligible. materials. discovery lease . edification. ahead. intermediary log . open to. different perspective lawful . responsible.kit . teaching.control.record. rationality .information.prestige. legally responsible. diary. parts know-how . brand. be affected latent .

threaten. stall. impend low-end .persuade.must-do. greatest part. create. produce. controller mandate .usual. saleable. compulsory. improve malfunction . main part make .largest. continue. break down manage . insignificantly markdown .official order or instruction charge. undertake. insignificant. gainful. required by law. salesperson .create. necessary manipulate . make or produce goods marginal . build. trust mandatory .fail. mass maintain . main (part).faithful. run. money-making lure . unavoidable. operate. trustworthy lucrative .keep. entice. misuse manufacture .cheapen. influence. record. inexpensive loyal .cheap.control. compel constitute makeover . director. support sustain provide majority .easy to sell. business chief mainstream .small.slightly. attractive to employers or customers salable marketeer .tycoon. head.boss. conduct manager . reduce price marketable . inconsiderable. tendency. marginally . mogul.seller. deceive. form.changeable. supervise. obligatory.profit-making.control. tempt M ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ magnate . check. unimportant.loom . normal.production.

vocation. unacceptable behaviour. mixed. largest. well-established maximum .design. proposal. most meagre .mark-up . fixed ideas minimal .average. non-uniform misconduct .various. referee.moveable.impressive. poor quality. form an opinion moderate . bad management. mix middleman .attitude. moving model . products merchandising . unskilled (work) merchandise .selling merge .smallest or lowest possible minted . intervene.goods. reminder memorandum .combine. greatest part.malpractice.moderate. inferior mega .recently produced or created very rich miscellaneous copy. average.aim. agent milestone . smallest or least amount minimum . well-developed. middling. not very good. arbitrate mediocre . middle of the road moderator .small quantity.increase in price. mild. very large memo . prototype. transportable.reasonable. economical meager mean .inferior.experienced. goal. overcharge mature . negotiate.important stage or event mindset .note. mediator.intermediary. middle mediate . mediator .lesser.average. record menial . unacceptable behavior mission . important job mobile .

suggest. discuss negotiations .invalidate. testimony. remarkable. insubstantial. dying. sudden drop or fall notable . inconsiderable negotiate .descent. push mushroom .modify . well-known person or company or product need . choose. vary.most important. shortfall negligible . watch (something) moribund .formal discussions. conference no-frills . self O ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ oath .make terms. make more suitable monitor . suppositional novel .unimportant.requirement.proposal motivate . rapidly grow or increase N ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ name .promise. require. develop quickly.noteworthy.changeable. interesting.check. alter. repute. outstanding.very small. person of repute. likely to fail motion . best.brand.basic. in name select nosedive . guessed. nominate . premier. unadorned nominal . trivial.estimated.multiply. inactive.encourage. unforgettable notional .ineffective. amusing nullify . true statement . extinguish number one .

study.outdated. persuasion. activity.duty. organization organise .formal.opportunity.watcher. scope. instruction. goal obligation . command. compose. force out outcome . starting place oust .watch.arrange. require organisation . disused. conviction. antiquated. decision. overview. disagree objective .do better than expected .result. necessity observe .business. superior. genuine. interests offend . main points or facts outstanding . possibility.notable.source. businesslike.request. point of view opportunity . group. authorized opening . no longer in use occupation . corporation. purpose.choice.control. work. use. pick order displease official .opening. not yet paid or done or solved overachieve .upset someone. profession. thing.job. effect outdated . see observer .object . organize origin . commit crime. function operation .business. job.idea. spectator obsolete .outmoded. goal.description.item. authorised. plan. authoritative. structure. chance optimal . demand. company. most likely to succeed option . undertaking opinion . starting operate . promise. old-fashioned outline .

reduce gradually parity . certain particulars . general description P ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ pact .support. cajole. handshake par . external.bonus. custom payback . hold pending . partner particular . collaborate. influence. right to do something persuade . guideline. standard parameter . sell .mistake. negligence.cooperate.package.unimportant. let. happening soon perform . just desert peg . return.incomplete. in part participate . pressurize.specific.supervise. equality partial .allow. target. being equal. forecast. apportion.overhype . fractional. in process.equivalence.overrule.exaggerate override .similarity. forget to do something overview . constraint. induce. promise. measure parcel . protection. stop.details. description patronage .fix (prices). advantage. watch (something).limit. balance. reward.outline.waiting. border. information. urge. manage oversight . marginal. reject decision or order oversee . outside perk .cut. pressurise. piece pare . benefit permit . take part in.agreement. convince. entertain peripheral . act.

selection. peril. drawing. easily carried portion . subsequent. pool .basis.steal. energy. authority .level out.protest.classification. compartment. affirmative. select. take. step.moveable. indicator policy . joint possession portable . plot. be obstructive pigeonhole . stabilise. blueprint plateau . publish. fall suddenly plunge .sign.choose. categorize pilfer . collect money or information store. operate. influence. transferable.control. founder. put off until later potential . rob pitfall .defer. holder post . job. envision. postpone . strength. aspect. believing possessor . useful. bequeath. obstruct. trap placement . diagram. job. bequeathment plummet .job.goods. prestige positive .plunge. opinion. stabilize platform .place. formal promise. intention. section pick . flatten.owner.part (of a whole) position . announce.stage. categorise. demonstrate. after or later than. contract of insurance procedure. descend rapidly pointer .chart. detailed standpoint pledge . opt. oath. danger. qualities that can be developed power .promise. choice picket .course of action.phase . location plan .difficulty. indication. delay. bequest. policy. thieve.mail. vision.plummet. situation. put into a particular group.

behave precise . happening or existing before prioritise . most important. cause harm. repeat.main.admired. have a harmful effect on premier .very common. very precious pricey .expensive. act. definite prefer .exact. earlier. show. director. usual way of doing something practise . universal prey . precedence.action.practice . previously.choose. most important prime . custom. important luxury presumption .persuade.special right or advantage .outweigh.rank. like better preferential .most important. extensive.respect.supposition prevail . put in order of importance. prioritize priority . exercise. important. formal introduction press . before. request prestige . respected. habitual.unreasonable dislike an advantage to prejudice . primary.ill-treat. accurate. most important. influence. override prevailing .speech. to be dealt with first privilege .previous to. etiquette. admiration. fundamental.rehearse. in general law prior . dear primary . most successful.easy target.most important.existing prevalent . victim prey on .main. importance prestigious . trick priceless . excellent principal .extremely valuable. rule. push. con. first showing of something presentation . simple. do.main. exploit.

expected or likely to happen prosper .privileged . business idea proprietor .conservatism. money-making. ask questions procedure . advance. remind proportion . prospective .punctual.owner of business or land or property. progress productive .plan of action.description. attract interest. itinerary progress . usual or correct way of doing things proceed . avoiding unnecessary risks prudent . improve. sensible when making decisions showing care and though for the future pull . sell prompt . vocation.on time . commence. qualification proficient . advertise. prevent.potential.award. without delay.skilled job.influence. hint. very valuable. put forward. future. make available prudence .policy. schedule. cancel an event punctual . be successful. making. reputation profitable . go forward.etc. ban promote . intention. make better. caution. viable. visibility.begin.flourish. achieving or doing a lot profession . economical. gainful. desired object probe . prolific. skilled.confidential information prize . give. bar. trade.investigate.growing. market. part or share of a whole proposal . rewarding programme .upgrade. outline. restrain. improvement prohibit . course.careful.advantageous. starting place. competent profile . skill. practised.develop. formal suggestion proposition . profitable.plan.program.stipulate. shape. request.portion. develop successfully provide . agenda.stop.

doubt questionable .doubt. indiscriminate.measure. number quarantine . prepared completed training passed exams quality . instance. character quantity .position. skilled. pursue . mention. amount. depart. give courage random . estimated cost of job or service quote . partly. assembly. referral.experienced. chase up Q ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ qualified . illustrate. dishonest.almost. classification. limited number quotation .increase.orderless.incite.variety. similar query .repeat.price. aspect. decide. price . estimate. seclusion quarter .district. period of three months mercy quasi .follow. quotation R ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ raise .amount. importance ratchet .leave. done or chosen without prior thought range . place. scope. vary.portion. expert. disreputable quit . cite. elevate rally . series.increase by small amounts rate . resign quota .protection.high standard. knowledgeable. portfolio rank . feature. ask.purchase . fixed amount. wrong.

become smaller. get back (something) recognise .acceptable. active. retrieve recover .accumulate. remedy reduce .refund. communicate with react . fair. respond reactive .correct something. discount recall .improve. unused re-evaluate . rational rebate . make (figures) agree reconstruct .retreat.pacify. see. arrive. remake.pre-prepared. gather. recoup. remember. make legal rationale . get money back redefine . go over. call something in recap . restore record .jobless. advise reconcile . prepared in advance reap . moderate. benefit from reasonable .receiver. gain. attain.showing a response ready-made . inquiry reach . taker reclaim .get something back improvement. recognize recommend . achieve. reasons or principles (that explain a decision) . make smaller redundant . shrink. become weaker.know. withdraw recipient .enquiry. appropriate. useless.lessen.change limits or nature of something redress . obtain. recover.suggest.repeat. restore recuperate .get money back.rebuild.ratify .endorse.restore. acceptor. give summary recede .remember. written account recoup .

rent .about. indicate.control. speak about refine . hire repair . secluded remove .enrol enlist.frequent.recede.strengthen.connected. true.transform. make solution. distant. make something available to free from duty. back (money). get rid of. purify reform . supervise. take out. make stronger reject . deputize for. refuse to accept related . relating to region . fall back. improve bad situation remote .far. repay reinforce . make or become less advanced regular . make good.trustworthy. law.refer .liberate. credible. deputise for. symbolize . concerning.sell for.inferior. akin release . unusable item.mend. officially record something. symbolise.make pure. improve refurbish .repair. certain relief .dismiss from job. aid remedy . reliable . support.area. legislation reimburse . usual. response represent . locality register . supervize regulation . redecorate regain . fix reply . rejoinder. trusty. standard regulate . take away.rule. act or speak for. enroll regress .describe.acquire. get something back regarding .answer. improve.

need. withdraw a statement make smaller in amount or value retrieve . speculate rival . restructure. modesty. not completion retail . recoup.limit. hold something back preserve retract . able to recover quickly resistance .ask require . product. fall short rescue . get something back revamp .find a solution. reorganise. respected.duty. obstinacy. reorganize resilient . necessitate. credible. defend research . answer.reply.means. established. formally reach a decision intend. experiment reserve .save.competitor.outcome.strong. end validity of rise . re-order. chance. change around. contender . supply of something. moderation restrict . put something by for later reshuffle . honorable. improve appearance of review .sell retain .ascend.cancel. cooperate responsibility . increase in amount or level risk . fuel.reputable . react. materials respond .limit amount or size of keep under control result . peril. dislike of. onus restraint . refusal to accept something resolve . inquiry. resources .keep something.recant.honest.available supply. consider or examine something rectify revoke . trustworthy request .find. energy. energies.danger.

system scrap . divide.acceptable.plan. operating S ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ salary . measure. project plan. piece.change regularly.knowledge.cancel.check. part. spoil.damage. trader . overproduce.function. masterplan role .division. search. stop using screen . try to obtain segment .pursue.restore. list scheme .inferior. taste. plan. understanding scale .wages.roadmap . sufficient. over supply savvy . example. achieve (something) seek opt for. pick. earnings salvage . pass to each member in regular order ruin . gauge schedule .tester. look at or examine closely.drench. scrutinize secondary . orders running .managing. good enough saturate . vision. excellent seller .regulations. pay.choose. position (of somebody) rotate . small amount satisfactory . make someone lose all their money rules . part of something select . less important section .timetable. milestones. annul. department secure . subdivision.scan. inquire scrutinise . carefully chosen. save (from being destroyed) sample .vendor. spectrum. unimportant.plan. protected. look for.

issue. job. help. advanced (technology) snip-a-bargain . classification. maxim.specification.difficulty. get rid of ship . deteriorate.lack. discriminating. do duty for setback .reliable. showing good judgment clever at understanding simulate . detailed description . matter. part of something slogan . expertise.intelligent. circumstances. (information) not to be shared serve .by-line. sudden fall smart . carry shopper . predicament.decrease.buyer. tag line.arrange. emit. problem.Short-handed. opportunity skill . competence. clever. understanding. concern.aware. spend time. a type (of something) sound . one sort .a share.only. in good condition spec . delay.provide.half. suppress situation .intelligent. good and thorough.semi .decrease.shortage.decline. deteriorate.good value sole .ability. decrease.circumstance. piece. hitch shed . shortfall shortfall . dexterity skilled . create artificially sink . advertisement slump . position. portion. less (than is needed) short-staffed . purchaser shortage . undamaged. put in order. qualified slash . incomplete sensitive .send. understaffed shrewd . react quickly. partly. sensible when making decisions.reduce something by a large amount cut slice .imitate. transport. subject.experienced.

resource/s. retention strapline . emphasise.steady.state clearly. out of the ordinary specialist . prestige. undeveloping.complete control. legislation.unusual. insulate/insulation. demand. particular. supervise supply .divide. very strict. add to surpass . apportion. (something) amount provided. emphasis. be superior . clearly defined.explain. unchanging. precise and clear specify . demands.oversee. formal rule stipulate . unimportant superintend . undeveloping.pressure. emphasize strife .supporter. chosen. conditions.a plan.special .outdo. firmly fixed stagnant . situation.special. bolster. advocate.slogan strategic . specify stipulations .contention.requirements. specifications stranglehold . manage. make available for use support . backer. patron stable . tactics.litigate. augment. encourage/ment. name. a quarrel. aid. important (part) static .severe.planned strategy . level of something or somebody statute . not moving status . protect/ion.unchanging. share (something) sponsor . angry disagreement stringent . claim damages in court sundry . highly skilled person specific . not growing staple . policy stress . give exact instructions state (something) split .inert. strictly controlled sue . unchanging.

trivial.touchable. extra. duty. supposition thrive . tutor. worked out. unit. existing. terminate .short-term. school. piece of work team . calling tangible .best.cheat. passion. explain.delay. illustrate .meaning. superfluity. nurture.aptitude. precept. natural ability. series token . deceive. gift.job. most successful. ground. prime.symbol. gift. discontinue territory . develop.end. act fraudulently T ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ tactical . cautious. demonstrate. finish. mould. provisional.glut. layer.schematic. company template .teach. offer tentative . makeshift tender . material theory . clearly seen target . conclude.goal. put off. objective task . security top flight . coach. carefully planned. example mold temporary . educate.idea. zone.experimental. non-permanent. pitch text . edify. become strong or healthy or successful tier . aim. highest train . strategic talent . written words textile . mentor. impart (facts/information).group. opinion. flourish.model. outfit.level. prevent from happening or being used halt temporarily defer debar from job or duties temporarily as a punishment swindle . indication.prosper. prepare. more than is needed suspend . instruct.area. not definite.surplus .fabric.

uneconomic.jobless. not made known undue . unproductive.hostile.unopposed. project. promise. transportable. show (something) upbeat . one of a kind unlawful .illegal. remaining. unprofitable unemployed . carry. opposing. not secret. unused unexpired . open. modernize . displace transferable . modernise. unskilled . communicable transparent . commitment undisclosed . negotiable.illegal. development. coaching. enthusiastic. unauthorized unprofitable .immoral.uncontrollable.task.unreasonable.conditions.provide recent information. dishonest. profitless unscrupulous .concealed. final warning. hidden. not honest. duplicate. out of work.move over. undeserving uneconomic .special. morally unacceptable unfriendly . independent.positive. unwarranted.valid.clear. still in force unethical .moveable. undisputed undertaking . trainings. inimitable. disobedient. unambiguous. agreement. unauthorised. deadline uncontested . mentoring transfer . unusual. threat. without morals.introduce. not . antagonistic unique . inexpert unveil . disclose.untrained.learning. optimistic update . unqualified. illicit unmanageable . unnecessary. course. artless. difficult to deal with unofficial .dishonest. easily understood U ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ultimatum .wasteful.

second-hand. intention void . electronic.ordinary. dear.sudden large increase used .changeable. done willingly W . cost-effective.possible. aspiration.empty.examine. transient. business project or activity verbal . dream. safe. shape. speculate.uncharged (fee).holiday valid . scheme. web-based vision . utilized V ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ vacancy .maintenance.buyer.nullify. notion. not completely. check. good quality upsurge . thought.job. screen (something or someone) viable . plan. unwritten vet . offered.worth.seller. importance vanilla . employed. preservation upmarket . likely to be successful virtual . not legal. intent. non-uniform vendee . undertaking. job opening.excitable. not special variable .enterprise.genuine. supplier venture .expensive. ambition. not being used vacation . property purchaser vendor .almost.upkeep . invalid (contract) volatile . price. can be done or achieved or used. utilised.spoken. digital. job opportunity vacant . idea. nearly. pre-owned. legally or officially acceptable value . suddenly changeable voluntary .concept. wish.

labor force X ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ x-rated . top.salaried. agreed.sudden warning walkout .ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ waged .close down. useless (big. understood yield . pornographic. expensive) thing wind-up .produce. terminate.gauge.shrinkage. employed wake-up call . beginning (of operation) .strike (by workers). liquidate. peak zero hour . relinquish Z ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ zeal . confirmed.okay.summit. having regular paid work.keenness. security wastage . unsuitable for children and under-age people Y ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ yardstick .bane. willingness. cease workforce . submit.staff.informer white elephant . fail in duty warranty . affirmative. a measure yes . labour force .departure. enthusiasm zenith loss whistle-blower .