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Aliso Niguel High School Teenage Republicans Constitution


We the People, in order to form a more perfect society, do hereby resolve to educate the
young in politics, to spread the Republican message, and to keep the state under
Republican control, and help the community in any way felt necessary by President. Be it
hereby resolved in this constitution of the Teenage Republicans of Aliso Niguel High

Article I: Official Title

The official title of this organization shall herein be resolved to be the Aliso Niguel High
School Teenage Republicans and herein and thereafter shall be referred to as TARS.

Article II: General Membership

Membership in this organization shall be limited to those teenagers between the youthful
ages of 13 and 18 who are willing to support the goals of TARS and the Republican
Party. Only active members shall have the honorable privilege of voting at club
assemblies in which they are present. Within the first two weeks of the first month of
school the general membership shall meet to elect a general chairman and general vice-
chairman. The general membership shall be required to attend 2/3 of all meeting held that
year unless there exist excusable absences as determined by the Executive Board.

Article III: The Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of three voting members, the General Chairman,
General Vice-Chairman, General Secretary and the General Treasurer; in addition to one
consulting member, the Programs Coordinator, who shall not possess the right to vote,
except when another voting member is absent in which the Treasurer shall have the honor
of voting. The Executive Board shall meet one Monday of every month that school is in
session. The Executive Board may also conduct emergency meetings provided that a
quorum of 2/3 voting members is present. The Executive Board shall possess the
authority to issue Executive Orders to benefit the club provided that such orders do not
prove to be unconstitutional.

The General Chairman shall appoint the General Secretary, the Treasurer, Chairman of
the Committee on Financial Affairs (CFA), the Chairman of the Social and Program
Committee, the Chairman of the Committee on Membership, and the Chairman of the
Newsletter Committee.

The General Chairman shall have the responsibilities and privileges of leading the
Executive Board, running the meetings of the General Assembly, proclaiming the
Executive orders to the masses, and ensuring that the club runs well.
The General Vice-Chairman shall have the duties to act as the assistant to the General
Chairman and to assume the role of the General Chairman in the event of his absence or
his untimely death.

The General Secretary shall have the responsibilities of transcribing the minutes,
uploading the minutes onto the website, and performing any other task as directed by the
General Chairman.

The Treasurer shall have the duty of supervising the CFA Chairman and doing any other
tasks as determined by the General Chairman.

Article IV: The Committees

There shall exist at all times, four committees:

 The Committee on Financial Affairs (CFA) which shall be responsible for
maintaining the fiscal matters of this club. There shall be a ranking member,
who shall be appointed by the General Chairman, in addition to the Committee
Chairman. The CFA shall be held responsible for any financial
miscalculations. The Chairman shall report to the Treasurer.
 The Social and Program Committee shall be responsible for planning and
coordinating all activities. The Chairman shall be held responsible for any and
all problems that may arise at the Social event.
 The Committee on Membership shall be responsible for the recruitment and
orientation of new members.
 The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for publicizing a monthly
newsletter to serve as a vehicle of communication to all club members.
All committee shall be present at the Executive Board meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday
of every month that school is in session and shall report to such the Executive Board on
the state of their committee.

Article V:

This club shall adhere to all rules specified by the Orange County Federation of Teenage
Republicans, and the Teenage Republicans. Adherence to the Orange County Federation
of Teenage Republicans is void if all members of the Executive Board vote against
restraints given. This club shall not officially endorse any candidate for public office
prior to the Republican Party primary or nominating convention.

Article VI:

Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern all proceedings of the club except when

Article VII:
The Executive Board shall assess dues of an amount of five (5) dollars each year on the
General Membership. An alteration to this amount can be made by a 2/3 vote of the
Executive Board.

Article VIII:

This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the delegates at the General Elections
in August. No amendments shall take effect until the adjournment of the convention
adopting them, unless unanimous vote by Executive Board is made.