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12] Size Shown in Picture: 2 Finished Measurements Chest: 223⁄4[251⁄4. 10. 263⁄4.5. 20] inches Materials .» photos: Sara Parker Photography » model: Jesse Boys Can Wear Pink By Kate Oates Boys CAN wear pink. 281⁄4. I have long been a fan of the embellished tie t-shirt as well. 6. 183⁄4. It occurred to me that putting a tie on a pink sweater would be a great way to design a knit garment that leaves no doubts about for which gender it was intended. 8. and look good doing it! I have ingrained this upon both my boys (and on my husband whenever he protested the purchase of a pink garment) and will continue to do so as they get older. 293⁄4. 32] inches Length: 133⁄4[15. 161⁄4. 17. There are also so many fun things that could be incorporated into the tie—its a small blank slate any knitter can muster patience to work with! Sizes 2T[4T.

Set aside. Skills Required Knitting on DPNs. Place marker and join in a round. 148. 156. 48. 11. 1 hank for all sizes Recommended needle sizes US #7/4. 121⁄2. 168] sts using the long tail cast on method.75 mm set of 5 dpns or 16 inch circular needle Notions Yarn needle Stitch markers Gauge 21 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches in St st on larger needles Pattern Notes Sweater is worked in the round from the bottom up. . #305 Pink (MC). Sleeves (Make 2) Using MC and dpns. 46.5 mm set of 5 dpns US #5/3. 50] sts using the long tail cast on method. 5. grafting (kitchener stitch) INSTRUCTIONS BODY Using MC and larger circular needles. 3[4. picking up stitches. Rnd 7 (Turning ridge): Purl around. cast on 36[40. being careful not to twist stitches. Rnds 8-13: Knit around.Blue Sky Alpacas™ Skinny Cotton [100% organic cotton. rep from * to end of round. Seaming Round: Fold the knit section in half along turning ridge so that purled row becomes bottom edge of piece. Join working sts to cast on edge as follows: * with left needle. consider sizing up! Tie is worked back and forth as an embellishment and stitched onto sweater once knitting is complete. Garment is made to be fitted. pick up the first st from the cast on edge and knit tog with next working st. 131⁄2] inches from bottom edge. 150 yards/137 meters per 2. cast on 120[132.5 mm 24 inch circular needles US #7/4. Rnds 1-6: Knit around. being careful not to twist stitches. Resume knitting in the round until piece measures 91⁄2[101⁄4. 6] skeins #312 Pear (CC). 4. 113⁄4. Sleeves are also knit in the round and joined seamlessly during the knit. 44. 4. Place marker and join in a round.3 ounce/65 gram hank]. if you prefer a looser fit. 140.

38. ssk. 6. ending on a WS row. m1l. k to last 3 sts. 10. Place 14[14. knit to last 3 sts. 16. 41⁄2] inches from bottom edge. k1. sm. 14. 44. 82. 22. Row 2: Knit across. Work back and forth in St st as follows: Row 1 and all WS rows: Purl across.Rnds 1-6: Knit around. 50. 3. k 32[36. Work Decrease Round every other round 7[9. 14] sts to scrap yarn. 40. p2tog. 31⁄2. knit to last st. 11. 6] rounds. k2tog. Next round: Work as for Decrease Round to last 14[14. 33⁄4. 7] sts. 4. ssk. 120. Pick up and knit 8[8. 62. 42. 10] sts along left front collar. 42] sts from second sleeve. sm. k to end of round (do not decrease at end of round marker): 156 [176. k1. 42. pm. k to last st. 46. ssk. 208. k 32[35. 25 sts. Next Round: Knit to last 5[5. 76. 40. Rnd 7 (turning ridge): Purl around. NECKLINE Note:For this section. m1r. 42] sts from first sleeve (keeping underarm sts facing each other). 14] sts to scrap yarn. 46. 82] sts. 216] sts. 12. 224] sts. 38[42. 16] sts. ssk. Row 2: P1. pm. 12. 12. 40. 10. 23. 42] sts on hold. 204. 8. ssp. 16. 8. k to last 3 sts. 10.56] sts. Seaming Round: Work same as Body. 72. pm. 38. 12. k2tog. 84. Decrease Round: *Knit to 2 sts before marker. repeat from * 3 times. 6. 12] more times. * knit to 2 sts before marker. k1. ml. 43]: 164[184. 96. 6. Increase Row: K1. k2tog. 196. 46] sts. 41. 27]. ml. 96] sts. p1 rib for 5 rounds. 52. 184. 46] sts. 10. Bind off loosely in rib. 39. 12] rows. Decrease Row (RS): K1. 8. 16. k2tog. cast on 9 sts. k1. 4. Repeat Increase Row every 6[8. Work in a k1. 16] sts for front collar on spare dpn and knit across. Pick up and knit 8[8. 42. p to last 3 sts. 4] times more. 12. 3. p1. Turn work and purl one row. knit 50[56. 108. 12. 120] sts. 36. pm. 8. 4. . the piece is worked back and forth in St st instead of in the round. TIE Using smaller needles and CC. Rnds 8-13: Knit around. Join Sleeves to Body Pick up circular needles and k18[21. 12. Place marker and join to work in the round: 68[72. 38. 14] sts to scrap yarn (removing marker) and place remaining 32[36. slip next 10[10. 82. Rows 4 & 6: K1. 9 more times. On next RS row. knit 32[36. 2. slip next 10[10. 25. begin decreasing every row: Row 1: K1. 16. ssk. 44. k1. COLLAR Switch to smaller needles and knit 38[42. 6. 42. 12. Work Decrease Row every other round 3[3. Increase Round: K1. slip 10[10. 216. 54. Knit 2[2. 12. Knit in the round until sleeve measures 3[31⁄4. 66. sl rem sts to scrap yarn and place on hold for collar: 78[82. 58. 10. Repeat Increase Round every 4th round 2 more times: 42[46. 10] more sts along right front collar. repeat from * 3 times. 192. 70] sts (back). 11. ending on a round knit evenly: 100[104. 104. 8. 42. k2tog. 14.

using picture as a guide for placement. Weave in all loose ends. Ssk. . k3tog.Repeat these two rows a total of 4 more times. Use cast on tail from Tie to sew tie to front of shirt. FINISHING Use kitchener stitch or the grafting technique of your choice to seam underarms. pass second st over first st. Cut yarn and weave through remaining st to secure. 5 sts.

Her projects often reflect a whimsical spirit. Kate also strives to add specifically to the growing body of knits for boys as she has two of her own! When she can pull herself away from her knitting.Kate Oates is the designer for Tot Toppers. Pattern & images © 2010 Kate Oates.com and she keeps a constant eye on her ravelry group for pattern support. She has recently started a new line for those of us who are not tots. and garments for babies and children. she is finishing up a PhD in Political Science from the University of Florida. she enjoys designing hats in particular. © Copyright Petite Purls 2010 . Her blog is located at www. Contact Kate.tottoppers. called When I Grow Up.