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SESSION 7 NOTES The Miracle Mind Method Habit

By Chris Cains

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#2 and #3 above and dictate the ultimate quality of our life Habits and the change of our habits can only come from Inner Motivators. I can tell you their life is very unpleasant. easy to implement and it works amazingly fast. But there are a lot of people who have this habit. The 4 Primary Belief Components of The Mind Method are: 1) Words are important and have the power to focus your mind to get what you want 2) Images (felt with emotion) motivate us and drive us – towards good or bad 3) Futuring exercises are the key to change and greater success in our life 4) Our personal habits are the result of Inner Motivators (IM's) created by Belief #1. are 4 Primary Components to the Mind Method that will aid us in changes necessary for us to succeed in any venture. You would always be afraid.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. the results you'll achieve will be more than enough to convince you of the power of this Method. Change Your Life Introduction to The Miracle Mind Method Welcome to Session 7 of the Mind Method! The Mind Method is a simple concept. But you don't have to take my word for it. in fact. others I may have to convince you that they are. I expect that as you engage in Sessions and complete the exercises. how do you think that would affect the quality of your life? It would not be a very pleasant way to live. If you have the habit of thinking the very worst in every situation. . Session Audios and Session Exercises I believe you'll begin to see a compelling picture of how the Mind Method can be a powerful force for change in your life. Now that you are in possession of The Mind Method you will have a chance soon to begin implementing the technique yourself and benefit from the results. There making the Components the Session Exercise. These are weaved throughout the Method by discussion and example in Notes. the Session Audio Companion and in every Session Some of these beliefs are self-evident. And our habits dictate the quality of our lives. As we work though the Session Notes. true.

THE AUTHOR Session 7: The Miracle Mind Method Habit In Session 6 we started to discuss the Second Key To Success: Habits. The First Key To Success was the development of your internal structure for success using Switchwords (Sessions 1-5) and how to change your mind (or mindset) so you can change your life. In this Session we will continue and our discussion of the importance of they could change their life.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind.. or automatic in nature – that is. the best definitions for our purposes are: 1) “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary” 2) “the prevailing disposition or character of a person's thoughts and feelings: mental makeup: manner of conducting oneself” What can we conclude from this 2-part definition? As part 1 state. According to Webster and Dictionary. So let's get started! I wish you success in all you do.. Change Your Life If that person could change their mind. we do them without hardly thinking. the Second Key To Success. It's important to get into the habit of success. What exactly does that mean? It means acquiring the habit(s) that support your goal of being successful First let's define exactly what a habit is. dictate the ultimate quality of our life”. And that's what this program is all about and I hope that is what it will do for you. That's the idea – a habit is . “habits. Remember Primary Belief Component #4 of The Mind Method states. our habits are “almost involuntary.

Change Your Life something we don't think about. once a habit we've acquired is automatic it becomes a part of us and who we are. What I am about to say in no way disparages his work – in fact it's terrific. He states that you should first work on your attitudes and mindset to be able to change your habits. So.. what habits should we acquire and how can we acquire them so that become automatic? There have been a lot of great books written about acquiring successful habits. It becomes part of our personality. Pay close attention. our mindset will change too! This is amazing! Instead of changing our mindset internally we can change our mindset by developing new habits. we can acquire any habit we want – and so this is also true – we can acquire the success habit and it can change our disposition The secret? Our habits change our mindset! If we develop the right habits. our habits can change our mindset! . it becomes a habit.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. So if a habit is “an acquired behavior pattern” then. The definition says that it's an “acquired behavior”. The question is. This is important – we can acquire successful habits – all we have to do is practice them long enough so they become automatic. through repetition on a regular basis. But he uses the same definitions I do: that a habit. But there is a secret hiding here. it's just something we do. if we do something long enough. besides being an involuntary action is also a reflection of your thoughts and feelings – another way to say that it is: it's your mindset. You see. But as we've just seen. The most famous to date is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. character and changes our disposition..

Am I right? That alone has probably been a difficult habit to acquire – just the repetition of a single word! Your life is busy – if it's anything like mine it's at times hectic and a little crazy with all the demands on my time from family. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People goes to great lengths about selfmastery (Habits 1. Change Your Life The entire foundation of the Mind Method program is a process of changing the way we think about success and internalizing it – we hold success and what we want in our minds firmly planted there by the repetition of our chosen Switchword! And because it is done through daily repetition it will eventually become almost involuntary – automatic . more energetic. let alone try and master. 5 and 6) and finally the catch-all Habit #7 that deals with self-renewal on a physical and emotional level. After working with a lot of private clients. Once you develop the habit of using Switchwords you'll feel more motivated. It's simply overwhelming to anyone except maybe those who already have acquired these habits in the first place! In real life I bet you've had trouble just mastering just one of the Mind Method habits so far – repeating your Switchwords multiple times each day. work and business related tasks to perform each day and there's barely enough time for you stop and think about anything let alone practice acquiring 7 different habits! . 2 and 3). the effects of using their personal Switchword have verified this. then teamwork. Each part of The Miracle Mind Method system re-enforces the other. On average it takes about 30 days to develop the Switchword habit but the initial effects of constantly using Switchwords usually comes within just 1 to 2 weeks. I don't know about you but the truth of the matter is that's a lot to take in. more focused and have a better attitude about life and yourself. customers. cooperation and communication (Habits 4.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind.thereby developing a habit! We are not only working internally to develop our success habits but we can also create a habit that will change our mindset. business associates and acquaintances! You have multiple family.

you will automatically begin to develop all the other habits required for success – 7 or even more habits.. Change Your Life So even though Mr.and now this ONE HABIT will simplify the entire process of acquiring all the other habits we need to succeed – automatically. After I started using my Switchword “FIND” as I related in Session 1. I want to give you a brief introduction to how it was developed and why it's so powerful. . What amazed me is that several weeks later.. It really is amazing. Once you develop this ONE HABIT.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. ideas started flooding my brain clamoring for attention. This ONE HABIT is symbolized by the following four letters: S→T→P→I Before I go into depth on each step of this habit and how you can acquire this habit. You will automatically acquire all the other 7 or more habits of highly effective and successful people – they will come automatically. what I had written down came about – I actually implemented them and most of the ideas were highly successful getting me closer to my goal every day! . Covey states that there are 7 habits of highly effective people I would counter that. Using Switchwords simplified the process of changing our mindset automatically . You will have a new attitude.there is only one true success habit you need to acquire This ONE HABIT is the second key to success.. There were so many ideas that I couldn't remember them all so I would take out a legal pad and write them down so I wouldn't forget them. There are 4 steps to completing this ONE HABIT. Once it's complete you will be on fire.. even months later. This ONE HABIT is responsible for creating a multi-million dollar empire for myself and it's been responsible for many other empires of highly successful people.

.. After 5 years of continued use I stopped! That's was a mistake. When you don't use your Switchwords you will have an uneasy feeling – like you're missing something. It's easy to do. Don't let that happen to you. Lemmon used it as he rehearsed and more often every time he needed some inspiration. I thought I had already become successful so I didn't need them. This is a true event: At one time I didn't think I needed to repeat my Switchwords. I want to give you a picture of what my week was like. It does not take much effort and – even more importantly – you will enjoy it! You should have already started using Switchwords – and after 30 days of non-stop use and repetition it's probably already become a habit for you. Keep using Switchwords – make it a lifelong habit. in the very early stages of my development of the Mind Method and being successful in my business – which at that time didn’t have a name for yet. The actor Jack Lemmon was said to inspire himself each and every time he got in front of a camera by repeating the simple phrase. but I eventually realized that the act of writing down my plans and objectives gave me an edge – I was creating a habit that was helping me succeed – faster. and it works. “OK. Change Your Life I didn't know it at the time. I stopped for an entire year and lost money that year for the first time in my business. you will never be the same again. It's simple. I'm sure Mr. This two part system – Switchwords and S → T → P → I .The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. If you simply stick to this two part system which is the Keys To Success of the Mind Method I promise you. You are! YOU FORGOT TO USE YOUR SWITCHWORDS! Listen to yourself and start repeating your switchwords again. There are very successful people using this method but never discuss it with anyone! The great part about Switchword use and S →T →P →I is that you can take it up and start to use it again at any time! . How To Advertise). Magic time!” (As told to Kenneth Roman in his excellent responsible for my success.

and it worked again. Yes. Now.when combined with the Switchword technique will create the internal and external environment for you to be successful like no other system I have ever seen or read. since it's taken all at once (not split up during the week) it will be done at one time.. It could not be simpler and it should take you less then 2 hours each week.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. 2 hours may seem like a lot but you could take less time than that and. . Change Your Life And that's what I did. And it's the ONE HABIT that you need to complete your Mind Method training. The advantages are it's EASY to start using. But this is an important habit to develop. but keep up the habit of using them! Don't go back to be directionless in your life ever again! Ok.. so let's talk about the 2nd part of the Mind Method Success System: S→ T→ P→ I “S” stands for STOP “T” stands for THINK “P” stands for PLAN “I” stands for IMPLEMENT This ONE HABIT: STOP → THINK → PLAN → IMPLEMENT . It is THE SUCCESS HABIT.. Session 7 Exercise Worksheet will walk you through step-by-step on how to acquire this habit – how to make it automatic and part of your life and routine. ok? Never stop.. just like it did the first time I used it! Use the Mind Method for your entire life.. it's SIMPLE – there are 2 Parts to the System and does not require a lot of your time to get started. your Switchword can change depending on your goals..

We run from one event to another and rarely take time to stop what we are doing.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. One key to success though involves STOPPING. I mean really busy. we see friends and invite friends to do things with us and so much more. No matter what. your future and your success. take a break from it and do one thing for yourself. Just having the ability to stop what we're doing takes some skill. The river of life carries us and to stop would mean getting out of the boat we're in and getting up on dry land and letting others and the world pass us by. Suspend time. I think you will enjoy this as well. We have meetings. more meetings. you stop everything and take some time for yourself. Do you take time for yourself now? You should. Change Your Life So let's get going! We'll discuss each process and how it relates to the Mind Method system for success. grocery shopping. that's exactly what I'm asking you to do. That's hard to do. “S” (STOP) Most people's lives are busy. STOP When you stop. Do it for no other reason than you simply enjoy it. errands. reports to write. And in a way. We are constantly doing something. we watch movies. we eat out. It means that we stop doing everything for other people and we concentrate on one thing long enough to have an impact on our lives. It's like stopping TIME. Do something you enjoy. calls to make. You're going to do something for yourself each week. How does that sound? . you're going to make a date with yourself and do something for yourself. we cook.

Change Your Life Pretty cool uh? STOPPING gives you the ability to control your time... THINKING. We turn it over in our minds and begin to see how we can progress towards it at a faster pace or perhaps from a better direction. “How can I get closer to my goal this week”? Once you have an idea formulated then it's time to.. 2 and 3. You decide what to do. where to do it and how you want to do it. We want to review the past week quickly then move our thoughts toward our goal. we now have time to explore the goal in more depth... This is PROACTIVE thinking – not passive. Why a legal pad and not a computer? .The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. “T” (THINK) When we STOP we operate on our own time. Examine the goal. But STOP you must – at least once each week . It's like taking a DEEP BREATH with a full exhale – it's a refreshing change.. Review what you've done in the past week and examine how you might have performed better in your work toward your goal. write them that you can. “P” (PLAN) Take an idea you have and using a legal pad of paper. look at it and give it some time to play in your mind. We have time then to THINK. Then ask yourself. Instead of simply repeating our Switchword to keep the goal in front of our minds. our destination that we identified in Sessions 1. What should we think about? The object of our goal.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Typing is mechanical. create mind Handwriting Is Unique Although some people’s writing may look quite similar. In fact it's so creative that no two person's handwriting is exactly the same! Almost like fingerprints and DNA you're handwriting is unique to you. and each of us has a unique personality. The act of sending impulses from our brain to our hands to write and create drawings taps into the subconscious that typing can't. This is real example from someone whose goal is to find a job: . everyone’s handwriting is unique. (SOURCE: http://www. Change Your Life The act of hand-writing your notes create a connection to your brain that can't be achieved through typing. In any case. in fact. As you think. Here's an interesting quote from Hedy Bookin-Weiner at Ancestry. by using a legal pad to scribble and freehand some ideas. In the medical field. write your ideas down in graphical format – brainwriting make your thoughts and ideas come alive almost like a mind-map using freehand drawings and connections. That’s because handwriting is really brainwriting. connecting your thoughts in writing and there's the touch of the pen or pencil – a physical connection to your thoughts – you can't replicate that with a computer unless you have a tablet PC maybe where you can use a stylus to write in freehand. graphology (the study and analysis of handwriting) is used as an aid in diagnosis and tracking of diseases of the brain and nervous system! The Library of Congress has classified handwriting analysis (graphology) as a social science. Handwriting is like an electrocardiogram of the brain that a handwriting analyst can interpret into various personality traits and behavior patterns. allowing experts to testify in court about whose writing was really on that will. of a sort.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. drawing and forming letters is The hand formulates the letters.

there are several ideas here that you could explore further and expand on or right away you could begin to . They rest comfortably in someone's mind. dormant.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. I guess if there was one last thing I would tell you about having great success in this world it would be this: MAKE A DECISION AND TAKE ACTION It's sad that so many people have wonderful ideas – life changing ideas for themselves and others – but they never get implemented... Change Your Life Now you're PROACTIVE in your thoughts – you're THINKING and WRITING and VISUALIZING at the same time. If this was your legal pad note. Do not let that happen to you. “I” (IMPLEMENT) This is where you take what you've written and create a plan of action. START NOW to implement what you have learned in this program Repeat your switchwords constantly Take action using S →T →P →I .

if you ever need help implementing the Mind Method or have a question about any aspect of the Mind Method please email me. Change Your Life And finally. Instructions for the exercise are at the beginning of the Session 7 Exercise Worksheet. then open your Session 7 Exercise Worksheet and begin the exercise.The Miracle Mind Method: Change Your Mind. I'm really here to help you achieve success on your terms. Chris Cains . Best wishes for your success. WHAT TO DO NOW Please listen to the Audio Companion for Session 7.