Test 4 - Module 4

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A. Put the words in the correct categor . chair kitchen restaurant bathroom roo!s "urniture bookcase #laces hospital

B. Circle the correct words. $. Your cell phone is on the night % &ed table. '. Turn right at the traffic la!#s % lights. (. The food is in the re"rigerator % shower. 4. Monica lives on the ground % ele!entar floor. ). Go straight % down ahead on and turn left at the school.

Match the ,uestions with the answers. $. Need any help '. !hat"s your address (. !here"s my camera 4. !here"s the police station ). #s there a big yard a. Yes% please. !here"s the bathroom &. #t"s ne+t to ,t. -eter"s .athedral. c. Yes% it"s very nice. d. #t"s /0 'radford 1oad. e. 2n the couch.

A. Co!#lete with the correct "or! o" there is/are. $. A. B. No% '. A. B. Yes% (. A. B. Thanks& B. Circle the correct words. $. The hospital is ne/t to % &etween the cathedral. '. 'e (uiet please% children. )isten to !e % +. (. The dog food is in % in "ront the cupboard. 4. Your parents have a lot of house$ork. *elp her % the!. t$o museums in your neighborhood . a bathroom upstairs% too . t$o presents for you on the table. only one museum.

There is a big living room and a small kitchen. a micro$ave (. and Mrs. !hat"s on the armchair a.). Mr. 8enny likes her ne$ apartment. !here"s the bank a. Mandy al$ays takes her dog for a $alk in house. #s there balcony has fantastic vie$. # have ne$ T4. 2. #talian restaurant in your neighborhood park ne+t to her (. There is a small park across from 8enny"s apartment. Co!#lete with a3 an or the. 3cross from my apartment% there is a large park. #n the living room% there"s a couch% a T4 and a bookcase ne+t to the $indo$. To . There is also a very stylish red and orange rug on the floor in front of my bed. a dish$asher &. *e lives on the fourth floor. anna$ilson5/6mymail. 4. 4. There"s a police station under % across "ro! my house. # kno$ hi! % he. There is a stylish rug ne+t to 8enny"s bed. '.com 7ro! . #n my bedroom% there is a bed% a desk% a chair and a night table $ith a lamp on it. 3lbert live near our house. 7ennybaker6campusmail. $. C. $. 1. (. #t"s in living room. !hat don"t they have a. The restaurant is in % &etween the gym and the school. !ell% # have lots of $ork to do no$. a cell phone &. #t"s great& #t"s big and the furniture is very modern. ne+t to the police station &. 0. . Take care% 8enny $. The neighborhood is nice% too. the remote control '. '. 8enny has a bookcase in her bedroom. L+4T5* Listen to three dialogues and choose a or b.edu Dear 3nna% *ello& #"m at my ne$ apartment near the campus. ne+t to the hospital R5A6 Read the e-!ail and write T "or True or 7 "or 7alse. The % The! have three sons.

.8R+T5 8rite a #aragra#h descri&ing our li9ing roo! or our &edroo!.