Blackburn 1 Natalie Blackburn Mrs. Jackie Burr English 1010 12 December 2013 Birth Control: Religious an !

olitical "tan #oints $ ne% &orm o& me ical birth control that is coming &or%ar in #o#ularit' is calle Essure. Essure is a small coil(like e)ice* as sho%n in +igure 1* %hich is im#lante insi e a %oman to #re)ent &urther #regnanc'. Because it is a relati)el' ne% e)ice* there is not much kno%le ge about it &or the general #ublic. Natalie* a mother o& t%o* as %ell as mothers Beck' an ,imberl'* imme iatel' got sick an escribe :

Just &rom about a' &i)e m' health -ust %ent o%n* o%n* o%n* o%n* o%n. . ha no energ'. /. %as0 i11'. . %as nauseous. . starte ha)ing reall' ba lo%er back #ain.... ha)e i11' s#ells* lots o& #ain* lots o& #ain. /.2m0 )er' &orget&ul. . &eel like .2m in a &og hal& the time. 34t . in 5e#har t6 Natalie* along %ith thousan s o& other %omen* has e7#erience se)ere #ain an com#lications. Doctors i not %arn these #atients o& #ossible com#lications. Essure is the kno%n cause o& the #ain because once se)eral %omen ha the e)ice remo)e the' %ere able to go back to their normal routines. 8egal in)estigation is being #lea e b' the %omen a&&ecte b' the Essure e)ice. 35e#har t* n.#.6 9he 4uestion that arises is one o& %hether this e)ice can remain legal* e)en though there are se)eral #roblems: an * %hat %ere the %omen;s #olitical an religious belie&s that le them to this ecision o& sto##ing their abilit' to create li&e. +ig. 1. Essure is a #ermanentl' im#lante e)ice into a %oman;s re#ro ucti)e s'stem so she can not ha)e an' more chil ren. 3Dan ,o)ach an Da)i <ost. !hotogra#h. Birth Control Brings Horrible Side Effects. =eb. 1> Dec. 20136

Blackburn 2 Birth control is a ma-or contro)ersial issue in the health %orl because it eals %ith the li)es o& innocent babies. Religious an #olitical belie&s contribute to each o#inion on the la%s set in #lace &or birth control. Most &re4uentl'* religious an #olitical )ie%s coinci e %hile contem#lating %hether to use birth control or not. ?o%e)er* there are cases in %hich religious )ie%s can i&&er among those o& the same religion* as %ell as those %ith the same #olitical )ie%s* that ha)e )ar'ing o#inions on birth control* an the e7tent o& %hat is allo%e .

Birth Control @)er)ie% .n the Anite "tates* there are se)eral i&&erent t'#es o& birth control that are use b' in i)i uals* mostl' %omen* o& all ages. "terili1ation is a surger' #er&orme on males an &emales on their re#ro ucti)e s'stems to ensure that re#ro uction is no longer able to ha##en 39ille' et al. B1C6. 9ermination o& a &etus insi e the %omb is legal ue to &ree om la%s o& abortion. "tates can not inter&ere %ith the abortion #rocess until the en o& the &irst trimester o& #regnanc'. Barnhill* a legal associate in ?ouston* e7#lains that a&ter the &irst trimester* states can Dconstitutionall' regulate abortion #roce ures to the e7tent necessar' to #rotect the health o& the motherE 31C>6. Contrace#tion #ills* generall' kno%n as birth control #ills* are taken &or in&ertilit'. 9he morning a&ter #ill is taken a&ter se7 to terminate a #regnanc' that ma' ha)e alrea ' starte . Con oms o not allo% s#erm an egg to meet* #re)enting #regnanc' an the trans&er o& se7uall' transmitte iseases.

Because o& the +ourteenth $men ment* all $merican citi1ens ha)e the right to Re#ro ucti)e $utonom' 3Barnhill 1CB6. 9his means that i& an in i)i ual esires* the' can re&use to be treate b' octors( against a octor;s o#inion( an to eci e %hat ha##ens to one;s o%n bo '. 9his right %as gi)en man' eca es ago in 1FB2 3Barnhill 1CB6. "ince this time* religious

Blackburn 3 #arties an #olitical #arties ha)e been in argument* making e&&orts to come to a conclusion o& the correct actions to take concerning the birth o& a chil .

!olitical "tan #oints "e)eral 4uali&ie octors &rom the east coast e7#lain that sterili1ation %as the &irst

&e erall' &un e &orm o& birth control in the A.". .t %as isco)ere that %omen %ith lo% income %ere ha)ing more un#lanne #regnancies than those %ho %ere in a higher income class le)el. 3Borrero et al. 1G2B6. Because o& this* the go)ernment %ante to hel# out those in nee an #ro)i e them %ith a &orm o& birth control that %oul lo%er un#lanne #regnanc' rates in the countr'. "terili1ation has recentl' been un er ma-or scrutin' because o& #ast #olicies. .n the #ast* %omen %ere selecte to un ergo a sterili1ation #roce ure because the' %ere thought to be mentall' incom#etent to make their o%n ecisions. 9o a' this is thought to be Dillegitimate me ical #racticeE 39ille' et al. B1F6. No%* too man' in i)i uals regret the #roce ure because the' %ere misin&orme about ho% #ermanent this #roce ure is 3Borrero et al. 1G236. Recentl' in the #resi ential o&&ice* the $&&or able Care $ct has been #asse an #ut into action. 9his is a #ublic health care act that is tr'ing to achie)e a&&or able healthcare &or the entire #o#ulation o& the Anite "tates. $ s#eci&ic #lan that @bama has state %hich must be co)ere is that com#anies an organi1ations must #ro)i e birth control co)erage &or their em#lo'ees 38'nn* n.#.6. 8ucke an ?all* scienti&ic health researchers* state that health care co)erage Denable/s0 %omen to eci e on the number* timing an s#acing o& their chil renE 3103H6* a right gi)en in the Constitution. 9hose %ho are a #art o& the Democratic !art' an e)en some members o& the Re#ublican !art' ha)e sai that re#ro ucti)e health co)erage shoul be a right gi)en to #eo#le* an it is their res#onsibilit' to choose %hether or not to use the co)erage.

Blackburn B Religious "tan #oints 9he @bamacare la% has been met %ith contro)ers' b' se)eral religious conser)ati)es. 9he' are s#eaking out against this &e eral la% Darguing that it is a )iolation o& their religious &ree omE 3,li&& an Boorstein6. Religious grou#s %ant to #ractice %hat the' belie)e an not ha)e the in&luence o& others eci ing %hich me ications the' must take. E)en bosses are s#eaking out against the la% an are threatening to not &ollo% it because o& their religious belie&s. Da)i "te)ens* a irector o& 9he Christian Me ical $ssociation argues the 4uestion D"ince %hen oes the go)ernment get to #ick an choose %hich grou#s %ill get to en-o' &irst amen ment #rotectionsIE 34t in De)i6. .& the' o not belie)e in &orms o& contrace#ti)es* bosses o not %ant others to take contrace#ti)es because o& the belie& that it is %rong. E)angelical Christians an Catholic com#an' o%ners are also arguing that the' shoul ha)e a right to ignore a &e eral la% i& it contra icts their religious belie&s 38'nn6. "ome octors %ill not #er&orm the sterili1ation #roce ure an Jor the abortion #roce ure because o& their religious belie&s. 9he' belie)e that aborting a bab' is the eath o& a human being. $ccor ing to &irst amen ment rights* citi1ens are allo%e to #ractice %hate)er religion the' choose. ?o%e)er* the &act that octors re&use certain me ical #roce ures an me ications has an a&&ect on other in i)i uals in a %a' that a #atient;s re#ro ucti)e autonom' is not being met 3Borrero et al. 1G226. Rural areas sometimes consist o& onl' one #harmac' in the to%n. 9hese #harmacists are t'#icall' ol er an ha)e more tra itional an conser)ati)e religious )ie%s. Because o& this* there is a high chance that a #oor %oman %ill be enie certain contrace#ti)es an can not tra)el to &urther istances &or treatment. 3=ill B2F6 +ig. 2. 9he #icture to the right is a bab' that %as aborte : ha)ing &ull' &orme organs an istinct &acial &eatures. Conser)ati)es belie)e that this counts as a li)ing human being* no matter ho% small. 3"cott @lsen. !hotogra#h. Examiner. =eb. 1F Dec. 2013.6

Blackburn > "e)ere measures against birth* such as abortion an the morning(a&ter #ill* are against the belie&s o& the 8D" church an se)eral members o& the !rotestant E)angelicalists 3De)i B3F6. E)en among grou#s o& the same religion* there are o##osing )ie%s %hen it comes to birth control. Most Catholics are o##ose to all &orms o& contrace#tion. !ri)ate Catholic uni)ersities ha)e banne stu ents &rom han ing out con oms an other &orms o& birth control on cam#us 38o%er' B.16. @n the o##osing si e o& the Catholic religion are liberal Catholics %ho Da##lau e the =hite ?ouseE %hen it %as announce that birth control %oul be un er the ne% healthcare la% 3,li&& an Boorstein6. 9here are t%o o##osing )ie%s among Catholics because there are )ar'ing #olitical #arties in this religious grou#.

Conclusion Birth control is a ma-or contro)ersial issue* an no one #erson can sol)e the issue. "ome argue that a little control is acce#table* others belie)e in total control* an a &e% belie)e that it shoul not be in an'bo ';s control at all to choose %hen to ha)e chil ren. =hether or not somebo ' uses birth control an to %hat e7tent is e#en ent u#on their religious belie&s an #olitical )ie%#oints. More o&ten than not* those %ho are o& the same religion are o& the same #olitical #art'* thus a&&ecting each grou#;s stan #oint on contrace#tion. ?o%e)er there are occasions %here isagreements %ithin a #olitical #art' an a religious grou# %ill arise. 9his i&&erence bet%een #arties an grou#s* an %ithin them* is the reason &or so much contro)ers' o)er birth control. B' researching this to#ic in great e#th* . %as able to make m' o%n o#inions on birth control. . belie)e that as an in i)i ual o& this &ree countr'* . shoul #ractice the constitutional right to choose the timing o& %hen . gi)e birth. Birth control is a)ailable to me &or %hen . am not

Blackburn C 'et rea ' to concei)e* an . %ill utili1e these resources %hen . esire an think it is the a##ro#riate time. ?o%e)er* . think that it is morall' %rong to terminate a chil i& it has alrea ' been concei)e . Emergenc' contrace#tion (also kno%n as the morning a&ter #ill( an abortion %ill en one o& m' #regnancies that has starte %hich . belie)e is to kill another human being. Because o& the right o& re#ro ucti)e autonom'* . kno% that . can choose %hat to o %hen it comes to eci ing matters o& #ersonal health* an also ho% to create li&e. =hen another #erson;s health an li&e is at stake b' altering or #re)enting that li&e to gro% is the #oint that . sto# belie)ing in the use o& birth control. $cce#ting m' actions &or %hat has come about is a main )alue an belie& o& mine* ue to m' religious an conser)ati)e stan #oints. Centere bet%een no birth control an total control is %here m' o#inions an stan ar s lie.

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