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by jamie reed



ach day when I see the disparity in the streets of Lima, I cannot allow myself to become overwhelmed but to claim for Christ the children that I have the privilege of knowing and loving. I trust God when He says that the streets are not all He has for them. Early, painful deaths and years of suffering are not their intended future. However, suffering is their immediate present and it is not easy to love and be in relationship with them. It hurts. But God has also been teaching me not to hold them in my heart and arms but to release them completely to Him. This lesson was brought home to me last Christmas, my first Christmas in Lima. On December 23 Julio, one of the street kids whom WMF works with in Lima, was picked up by the police while he was standing on the street talking to his girlfriend. He

IN THIS ISSUE We celebrate suffering as a part of a willing sacrifice in serving Jesus among the poor. FEATURES Suffering and the Good News............................4 A Call to Enter In................................................5 Beauty in Suffering.............................................5 ASuffering Body................................................7 Hope of the Resurrection.................................11 From Suffering to Reconciliation......................12 From Self-Centered to Community-Centered..13 An Invitation.....................................................13 The Prophetic Voice of the Poor.......................14 DEPARTMENTS Letter from the Editor..........................................2 Staff Profiles......................................................3 Updates from the Field.......................................8 The Insight Series: Dr. Jürgen Moltmann............10 A Word From a Director....................................15

thinks the officers saw him hand his girlfriend money and that they perhaps thought they could take it from him to put it in their own pockets. While the police were putting Julio in the truck, he cut his finger with a piece of glass in an attempt to get them to let him go (sometimes the police will let them go if they do this because they think if they touch them they will get AIDS). While trying to cut his finger and resist the police, Julio accidentally cut the arm of a police captain. When they arrived at the police station, the officers, in revenge, picked up a kitchen knife and four small packets of cocaine off one of the desks in the station and said it was Julio’s. Because of the drugs the police planted on him, they had the right to hold him for fifteen days. I heard that Julio was at the station on the evening of the 24th. He had not shown up to my Christmas party and I had wondered why. Christmas Day, I brought dinner to him in jail. The cell where the kids are normally held is awful--just one big room in the basement that looks like a dungeon. No natural light enters the room, and the police never turn on the lights. As I descended into the darkness, I heard Julio say my name and begin to sob. He was all alone; no one was in the basement cell with him.

Photo: Melanie Curless

I was horrified to realize that Julio was not in a normal cell; he was in a tiny, four-foot by six-foot cell in a corner of the basement. There was no light, no bed, and no toilet-nothing but concrete and bars. I sat with him as he ate a little of the food I had brought. Mostly he just wanted to hold my hand through the bars. I could not imagine spending fifteen days in a cell such as this. If no one brought you food, you would not even eat. I cried when the officer forced me to leave him after twenty minutes. Julio spent the rest of Christmas alone. For the rest of the week I spent a good part of every day at the police station. Trying to seek justice for Julio was so frustrating. The police were purposefully delaying the progress of his case. They did not even take Julio’s statement and formally charge him until the day after Christmas. He was supposed to see a judge the day after being taken into custody. She finally came two days after Christmas. When the judge came, she said that he would be released and Julio would not have (continued on page 14)


or Indian orphans with HIV. HUMILITY We celebrate humility before God and man.com. Such a wide expanse of holy ground must change the world. To request a free quarterly subscription to The Cry. and growth. African child soldiers. On my way home from West Africa this summer. Please turn to the inside of the attached envelope for more info on how to give to WMF’s work among the poor. to grieve next to her. Everyone should have relationships with poor persons.A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Holy Ground from daphne eck. the fragrance of Christ can be spread in more dark crevices. Because the true prayer of love still burns in absence.. we find the greatest potential for discipleship. service. This quarter’s issue on “Suffering” is the last of the nine-part series. one of the children our staff works with dies. SUBMISSION We celebrate submission to Christ Jesus and each other as a visible sign of our humility. We all experience our own suffering. as it certainly comes to each of us. May our shared suffering pave the way for the Kingdom to come in their lives. we began to focus the theme of each issue of “The Cry” on a different WMF Lifestyle Celebration. BROKENNESS We celebrate our own brokenness as our responsibility in ministry among the broken. God is given ground that only He can make holy. so I prayed and cried with her from here. Does the presence of His Spirit within us pave holy ground between us. Perhaps the lives of street children are transformed by our prayerful laying of holy ground while we foolishly think it is EDITOR: because of all our Daphne Eck hard work and proASSOCIATE EDITOR: grams. when together. I lit a candle and realized that it would continue to burn long after I left the church. I am anxious to discover what I think of as the “holy ground” that is created between the members of the Body. But I was here in the States. contact us at 1-800-CRY-4-KIDS or cry4kids@aol. Nepali widows. Afghan refugees. and in recent tragic months. I longed to be near her. SIMPLICITY We celebrate simplicity as our privilege in identification with Jesus and the poor. children are forced to kill other children in a corrupt civil war. and through the heights we cross to get there. ■ ASSISTANT EDITOR: Brent Anderson EDITORIAL COMMITTEE: Clint Baldwin Dave Bayne Jessica Graeve Matt Neher Ben Oldham Christine Pohl Maggie Schroeder DESIGN/LAYOUT: Daphne Eck The Cry is an advocacy publication of Word Made Flesh. and grieve. And may our commitment to suffering with the poor point prophetically to the places where Christ has passed formerly unbeknownst to the world. Word Made Flesh is committed to serving the church as a prophetic voice for the poor. Every few months. SERVICE We celebrate service which fulfills our fellowship. We are in need of your year-end gifts to continue the ministry of Word Made Flesh in the 2002 year. 2 T H E C R Y . I had time for a short stop at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. We sometimes enter into the suffering of our family. beyond even the moment the words are uttered. OBEDIENCE We celebrate total obedience which intimacy demands. YEAR-END GIFTS This quarter. However. COMMUNITY We celebrate community with each other because in community. Now these missionary writers also ask us to enter into the suffering of the poor around the world? This letter is for those of you who ask. to the depths of the places we go. Perhaps this holy ground is what paves the way for all transformation. Though I do not believe that the candle was my prayer. though we are apart? Does the physical distance only increase the span of holy ground? If so. I believe there is great significance in the church entering into long distance suffering such as this. advocacy coordinator LIFESTYLE CELEBRATIONS INTIMACY We celebrate intimacy with Jesus to be our highest calling and created purpose. friends. In Winter 1999. the WMF staff has written about celebrating a lifestyle of suffering--joining in the sufferings of Christ by joining in the sufferings of the people in the world who hunger. we are assured through the Holy Spirit that “suffering with” does not always have to be done in the presence of the one who suffers. hurt. yet do not live in the tangible presence of Romanian or Peruvian street children. SUFFERING We celebrate suffering as part of a willing sacrifice in serving Jesus among the poor. In addition to serving Jesus among the poor through ministries of compassion and proclamation of the Good News. articulating the cry of the poor for God and the cry of God for the poor. and she was many miles plus an ocean away. We strive for The Cry to be a voice to the church. As I prayed in the church. “How?” It is for those of you who seek to enter in. As the church suffers together with and for the poor. May we recognize the patches of holy ground where others stand. lower valleys of despair. we intercede for them and weep over the enemy’s supposed capture of innocence and childhood. it represented what was in my heart at that moment and symbolized the Spirit’s ability to stay where I could not. Our obedience is our response and responsibility to the grace of Jesus. In Sierra Leone. of our country.and sometimes unseen even by us who believe.. our sacrifice Chris Heuertz and sweat. When a dear friend miscarried her first child this spring. they suffer with each other and with the poor. even those who are outside of the fellowship of Christ. we grieve the loss of life together.

Julie and her mother rejoined her father and adopted sister Nema. Carrie was born and raised in Eclectic. she was challenged in her beliefs about missions and what it means to her. Peru where God taught her many lessons through the lives of the street children and the poor as well as confirmed her call and leading to serve among the poorest of the poor. Alabama. During these times she met children living on the streets and visited people in prisons in Mexico City. Jeff graduated with a degree in psychology. Julie was born in Orrville. who Photo: Chris Heuertz led him to Christ when he was six years old. West Africa. She attended Palm Beach Atlantic College for two years. as the Lord’s mercy and grace were made new while she struggled through a knee injury. with a desire to be a missionary. and Nepal with Word Made Flesh while in the Servant Team program in 1995. They began dating their junior year and were married on July 14. giving Jeff a passion for missions. and Indiana. They now live in Wilmore. she came to Wilmore. 2001. West Africa. Also during high school Sarah’s love and curiosity grew for Latin America as she took Spanish classes and had several opportunities to spend time in Mexico.JARED AND JULIE LANDRETH Jared was born in Princeton. Romania. Because of her family’s support of missions. Sarah participated on a Servant Team in Lima. where Julie’s mother was serving as a medical missionary. Please contact our office if you are willing and able to financially support the ministry of a WMF staff member. After high school. Upon arriving in Africa. In the summer of 2001. It was not until high school however. In the fall of 2000. she was introduced to Word Made Flesh and began learning about God’s heart for the poor. In May 2001. Julie’s life was deeply impacted by her father leaving the family and denouncing Christ when Julie was only two years old. Photo: Jonathan Miano Ben studied English at Taylor University. Upon graduating. Jared moved to Florida to study at Palm Beach Atlantic College. where God instilled in him a deep desire to live among the poor and to build relationships with those who have yet to know the love of Christ. Jeff and Carrie met at Asbury in their freshman history class. In 1997. KY and are preparing to move to Rio de Janeiro. many people in Jeff’s life began to recognize qualities that God Photo: Jonathan Miano would use for His ministry. God spoke to Ben of His compassionate love for the poor while studying abroad at Jerusalem University College. Photo: Jonathan Miano JEFF AND CARRIE BURNETT Jeff is the firstborn son of two devoted Christian parents. Jared had already spent time in India. T H E C R Y 3 BEN OLDHAM Ben was born on Guam and has lived in Michigan. In 2000. Ohio and six weeks later returned with her mother to Mali. Maryland as they prepare to serve in Sierra Leone. Jeff too began to realize the gifts God had given him and the call on his life for ministry. Brazil where they will serve together in Field Staff positions. Missouri. Before completing college. and his family and many others throughout his life have challenged and encouraged him in his walk with the Lord. Julie accepted Christ at the age of eight. God developed the call. They now live in Columbia. at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Carrie graduated from Asbury College in May of 2001 with degree in missiology. Carrie became enthralled with culture and missions. California in a Christian home where her parents have continually shown support and unconditional love. he served for two years in the position of Servant Team Coordinator in Nepal. where she met Jared. Jeff went to Asbury College to pursue that call. 2001. Staff Profiles SARAH DOBRIN Sarah was raised in Palo Alto. Through Jared. She was surrounded by a loving Christian family who cultivated her love for God. he participated on a Servant Team in Nepal. Peru in 2002 as Peru Field Staff. These staff members are in need of people to partner with them in ministry. Colorado. that her faith in Christ became real. He invited Jesus to live in him while still very young. As he grew. He completed a history degree from Asbury College in 1997. There. 1-800-CRY-4-KIDS . He was born and raised in Morrison. Julie went on a five-week trip led by Jared to Nepal and India with some students from Palm Beach Atlantic College. Kentucky. Jared and Julie were married on September 1. and began her studies at Asbury College. After graduating from Taylor. Her heart was broken for the poor and suffering. West Virginia and supported spiritually by his mother. At an early age. Julie returned to Ohio with her mother and sister and grew up surrounded by family and friends who loved her and guided her in the ways of the Lord. Sarah will be going to Lima. Ben is currently preparing to return to the WMF Nepal community to serve with them in a Field Staff capacity. both African.

he can also know His healing and restoration. It is not with the poor. and even drugs--a way of distraction from all of the things that have come to threaten and harm him. He is the boy whose eyes dance and whose contagious smile draws you in and doesn’t let you go.Suffering and the Good News by olivia reichert M eet Vasca. And as Jesus calls me. He has shown me that there is a connection between suffering and the Good News. He allows us to know Him in a new light and at a deeper level. and the suffering of the Scriptures that I have really identified.. 53:5). But Vasca has suffered poverty and along with that. This is good news. who has worked and lived among the poor of Brazil for over 30 years. He can know that Jesus is near him in all of his struggles and suffering. they have also come alive to me in a new light. And as the Gospels have come alive to Vasca and have become a very real part of his life. Even still. and like one from whom men hide their face He was despised. For. and afflicted (Is. how can these people ever know any joy in their misery or any hope in their pain? Yet Vasca has shown me the significance of the Good News. the chastening of our well-being fell upon Him. hunger. and the Savior of all reigns as the Lamb that was slain. has said that the poor teach us to read the Bible. He has taught me even more. I have not known their suffering--this unrelenting hopelessness and pain caused by the plague of poverty. As Vasca continues to see that Jesus identifies with him through His own suffering and rejection. has become a dear friend to me. the dead are raised. This boy has suffered much already in his handful of years. Vasca can know Jesus very intimately. Moreover. Vasca continues to draw me in with his smile and now also with his deep faith and following of Jesus. He was despised and forsaken of men. and rarely does it relent. the oppressed. rejection. the oppressed are freed.. the sick are healed. and our sorrows He carried. And he can know Jesus’ promises and hope very deeply. yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken. But never have I seen a young boy take so seriously the words and example of Jesus. Maybe this is why Vasca has so easily taken to heart the words of Jesus and taught me so much about the Good News. For. he has rejoiced with me in my joy and hurt with me in my sorrow. who has suffered little. But I have seen it. a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief. Jesus’ words and even those of the prophets of old have taken on new meaning. or seven living in oneroom homes. and we did not esteem Him. and He was crushed for our iniquities. As I have read the Bible in the past. I have found this to be true. and Vasca has shown me just how good the Good News is. Suffering extends across the globe. The scenes haunt me: boys sleeping in the cold city streets. ■ Olivia lives in Galati. because Jesus has suffered with him and continues to identify in his suffering. Olivia does the accounting for WMF Romania and also uses her degree in Nutrition as a cook at the drop-in center. Bishop Pedro Casaldaliga. Vasca has taken these truths and prinPhoto: Joel Klepac ciples to heart and applied them to his own life. more often than not I have seen the message through the eyes of one who is well taken care of. I have found this to be true [because] Vasca has shown me just how good the Good News is. girls and boys whose small bodies are ravaged and whose short lives are stolen by the monster AIDS. He knows the pain of those who suffer. as well as depend on Him very readily. . and by His scourging we are healed (Is. And rarely did I realize that Jesus identifies with me--at least not in a profound way. though I would not have believed it before I had met him. Vasca holding his nephew. What good can there ever be in suffering? Suffering is ugly and painful. six. Vasca’s response to the Gospel of Christ has surprised me and taught me a lesson that cannot be forgotten. and who doesn’t know how to depend on God for everything. Romania where she works in the WMF drop-in center for street children. My eyes have been opened to suffering in Romania. whether or not we wish to acknowledge it. 53: 3. 4 T H E C R Y . smitten of God. His time spent on the streets has been generously peppered with pain. Surely our griefs He Himself bore. and the rest of the Church--His broken Body--into relationship and identification with those who suffer. though. The poor are blessed. He was pierced through for our transgressions. Vasca has shown me the qualities of a true friend. physical pain and rejection. Marius. cold.4). This boy of 12 years. and families of five. who has spent most of his days on the streets of the city of Galati. Hardly can suffering and good news go together.The poor teach us to read the Bible. abortion clinics crowded with women who can’t afford the addition of another child to the family. and I have often wondered why. In reading about Jesus’ life. it is often without hope.

The widow of an abusive. and teach us compassion. will turn us to the Father and that He will redeem them.A Call To Enter In by rachel langley BEAUTY IN SUFFERING by christine erny M very day in Lima. The kids with whom we work. And pray for the presence of God to whisper words of freedom to the street kids and mothers in Lima. to Christians around the world who suffer for their faith. they are wonderful. like many Americans. or cold and are powerless to provide the things their children need.” Looking at the lives of Maya Aama and Shiva Hari. yet in Christ. redemption. May you be driven to your knees for a world that needs to know its Savior. Trying to make sense of suffering like this seems absurd. however. This experience shook me to the core. They now reside in Anderson. 1:9). nor unlovely. 70-year-old Maya is a beautiful toothless woman who has much to teach us from her story. burning. fearing He was not lovable in the eyes of God. Christians in Sudan who suffer beatings. We long for them to know that they are not abandoned. aya Aama came to us from her daughterin-law’s home where she was being treated as a slave. 3:10). ■ Rachel and Brian are the Peru Servant Team Coordinators. They struggle for existence and love. who suffered for our salvation. This includes the “fellowship of His sufferings” (Phil. One of the mothers on the streets told us. In addition to being mom to Isabel and discipling Servant Teams. for “our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ” (1 Jn. I see redemption in suffering that would be meaningless without Jesus. he became a Christian and traded his esteemed position in Hindu society for the rejection and scorn of his family and friends. ■ This year. Marilyn Howshall writes. E My husband Brian was recently awakened out of a terrible dream. and pastor of the little church that meets on the second floor of our shared home. fellow mom. from suffering comes joy. “I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the sharing of His sufferings” (Phil. These are the lies that Satan wants the street kids to believe. as Christians. These are the lies that the enemy wants to use to torture and destroy the spirit. Rachel ministers to teenage mothers who are raising children on the streets. the highest caste of the Hindu. or money to bring her to a doctor. and the battle has already been won! We long for those who suffer to feel the loving presence of God in their midst. Stuart. and can bring them joy beyond measure. 3:10). God has called us “into the fellowship of His Son” (1 Cor. The ultimate suffering I have seen is the feeling of being abandoned by God. I have never been persecuted for my faith. and I have never worried if I would have food to feed my little girl. A paradoxical beauty is evident in the lives of saints who have suffered. our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the evil one. “When people suffer it hurts God’s heart. and vitality have found expression in them. knows what it means to suffer for Christ’s sake. But much worse than physical pain is the pain of being unlovable.” She trusts that God will not abandon her in her suffering. Christ’s life--His power. I pray that the painful experiences in our own lives. They are called “trash” and “nobodies.” From the cross comes our salvation. Suffering was a part of the earthly life of Jesus and the cross--and these saints well know what it means to “take up their cross and follow me. but through their weakness and suffering. and to those who persecute them. and totally experience the sufferings of Jesus-take up my cross to follow Him. Shiva Hari. We have the promise that nothing can separate us from the love of God. our housemate. the God who can weep with them. and those shared with community. In countries like Sudan. and their society. I live among and work with kids who are disregarded by their families. what can I possibly understand of the suffering that is tearing apart the lives of people all around the world? But God has been faithful to give me glimpses of suffering. sick. Being a child of privilege. rape. And these are the lies for which one day the enemy will be destroyed. He hid in the church for weeks because his father threatened to kill him. How destroying to a person’s spirit to feel abandoned by your Heavenly Father. sleeping on a cold floor with very little provisions. joy. friend. T H E C R Y 5 Photo: Daphne Eck . bring healing through them. How utterly unspeakable to think God does not love you. and friend she has a unique opportunity to love and speak Truth into the girls’ lives. As a nurse. from death comes life. Wesley (3) and Luke (1). but that in the eyes of the God who weeps and dances over them. Further. The Bible says. and without real knowledge of God.” I have friends here on the streets of Lima who cannot provide basic needs for their children. there are examples of many who suffer unspeakable torture for the name of Christ. join in. not in spite of. “I am called to partake in. are willing to suffer all these things rather than to suffer the abandonment of God. identify with. relate to. hold the knowledge of the Truth. I live in an adequate home. their loved ones. we find purpose. unlovable. Christine and her husband. This is where the paradox of the gospel begins. still cry out to Him in their helplessness. Born a Brahmin. which speaks freedom and love into the hearts of those Satan seeks to destroy. Indiana where Stuart is the Director of Campus Ministries at Anderson University. Christine is a full-time mom to their sons. and hope in the context of loss and pain. plagued by the lies of the enemy which caused him to feel completely abandoned by God. 1:3). These moms suffer the heartbreaking pain of watching their children cry when they are hungry. We. alcoholic husband. as I saw my husband weep in hopelessness. completed their two-term with WMF in Nepal. share in. in all the ways they suffer. and other tortures that most of us cannot fathom. Please pass this glorious news to the kids and the adults that you know and love. I cannot relate to suffering to the extreme that they can.

They are so frail.June 15. who lives on the streets of Galati. We realize that we are not in the position to judge others. Discipleship is primary. ROMANIA teams will spend time developing relationships with street children in the city of Galati where WMF operates a day center that cares for at-risk children and children living on the streets and abusing drugs. Cry4Kids@aol. You may also email us at 1-800-CRY-4-KIDS. My sins run out behind me. It was clear that they were leading the teams. but also a part of the teams. deadline April 15. to be needy. solitude. We are currently receiving applications for the TEAM DATES are August 15 . DAY 1 I saw a lot of nakedness today…gaunt. I felt so huge and wealthy. Iulian.Sara Peabody (Former Servant Team member) SERVANT TEAMS REFLECTIONS FROM CALCUTTA by sarah lance CALCUTTA. 2002) & February 15 .community research ministry discipleship THE SERVANT TEAM is a four-month commitment to serving Jesus among the poorest of the poor.” . let me see with Your eyes.December 15. Monica. 2002). 6 T H E C R Y countries of service BOLIVIA teams will focus on building relationships with the poor and destitute in the city of La Paz. really after the heart of God. “The leaders were really accessible and vulnerable. and the elderly in the city of Calcutta. but real. research.” . in pediatric AIDS care. I want to serve until God’s love aches in my arms. PERU teams may work with street children. identifying ourselves with the poor through community. or slum community development projects in the city of Lima. DAY 3 Seeking silence. To deny your need and the tragic state of your heart is to cling to putrid flesh. just pain in my privilege here. to need to have your life cleaned up is not gross. reached out to me. with Munoch) journaled these thoughts while on a Servant Team in 1999. The Servant Teams are open to people who are willing to be broken in service to the 2002 Servant Teams. brokenness. 2002 (applicaAPPLICATIONS and more information about the Servant Teams may be obtained on our website at www. Iulian is pictured above with Joel at the annual celebration for the patron saint of the city of Galati. It is not gross. to wallow in vomit…this is truly gross. the destitute.. MY PROPHET by joel klepac He called me a madman And told me I was a thief Black were his nails Even as black as my heart My name was faith But he called me a doubter My hat was new And he called it stolen My prophet and guide Knows not his name But he sees like a cat As he sleeps in the dark But for me he knows He calls me a rat And with that smile and hug I can’t turn my back Joel wrote this poem about his friend. to fear revelation is gross. I pray that more people take the opportunity. touched me. I carried many of them to the bath. are the Romania Servant Team Coordinators. To be frail. The enemy wants me to look at myself so I will not see these atrocities. skeleton-like women dying. We shared in the tragedy of humanity. the devil’s backyard. 2002 (application tion deadline September 15. in pain. The rich man is me. Lord. CALCUTTA.Ben Miller (Former Servant Team member) .I have come to Calcutta. BRAZIL teams will focus on building relationships with street children in the city of Rio de Janeiro. To hide is gross. and discipleship. Joel and his wife. I do not see justice. In solitude we are so aware Photo: Taryn Moran of our own slime.com. Sarah (pictured left. INDIA teams may work with street children. I am finding brokenness everywhere.. and taught me.com or call the US office at 859-858-0064 or Photo: Teri Knittel “Word Made Flesh is one-of-a-kind.wordmadeflesh. yet they shared their joy with me. least of these. God can make good. sharing with us what they were still learning about living in relationship with the poor. not to play but to pull weeds and break the soil so that what is now evil. The Servant Team is designed for every Christian. ministry. she returned to Calcutta to serve as the India Servant Team Coordinator. Romania. They smiled. This year.

” doing everything in our power to avoid it. Moreover. Do we truly care? If we say we do. Peru where they serve as the South America Regional Coordinators. The video told of the horrible realities of the civil war in Sierra Leone.” ■ Walter and his wife. and I might add the universal Church. as human beings and as the Church. along with the rest of my friends. The imperial consciousness lives by its capacity to still the groans and to go on with business as usual as though none were hurting and there were no groans (The Prophetic Imagination). At the deepest levels. Each part has its own function and value to the whole and none have primacy over the others. The Cry. Therefore recognizing our own humanity and the humanity of others. for the most part. In his first letter to the Corinthian church. Another answer could point to our worship of the idols of consumerism. we barely notice. let alone suffer. we can ask. but we do know from our own pain and hurt and loneliness that tears break barriers like no harshness or anger.1). where is this solidarity occurring in the Church. “Now you are the body of Christ. 12:26). I wept. May our tears be one form of solidarity that leads us to other paths of significant and concrete actions of compassion. our Christian virtue is qualified and validated in relationship to my neighbor. Paul explains that the local church. The Cry. the community of faith ought to be suffering with Christ for those who suffer.5. we can with integrity point the suffering to the Crucified Christ who on the cross became Himself the brother of all who suffer. T H E C R Y 7 . “and each one of you is a part of it (v. humankind is intrinsically connected together by this thread of truth. In fact. how then can we ignore or be unconcerned about the suffering of millions? In the same light. These things cause me to question if I have any idea of the extent to which people are suffering today. 3:17). become so molded to the consciousness of the kingdom of man that we do not want to hear the voices of those suffering or draw near to them? In embracing suffering for the sake of Christ. as we listened to children tell their stories of being drugged and forced to commit cold-blooded murder. Photo: Jonathan Miano I We do not know how it is possible to be a human being and not sometimes feel the shame of belonging to inhuman humanity (The Principle of Mercy). the capital city of Sierra Leone. then what will be our response. as the body of Christ. social sin. This wholeness and fullness is to such an extent that Paul can say. No.” So.” Paul says. suppress it or at least keep it at a safe and comfortable distance. and especially my poor neighbor (Chris Heuertz. It is time to take our eyes off ourselves long enough to notice and be touched by the suffering of others. Regardless of our perceived difference or likeness. our own wholeness depends on some strained recognition of the humanity of the other (Exclusion and Embrace). a Croatian Protestant theologian. puts it this way. As a visible sign of the Kingdom of God and as God’s witness on earth. every part suffers with it. “If one part suffers. over a year ago. Adriana.” Solidarity in suffering is a sign and witness of the unity and wholeness of the community of faith.7. 1:26-27). which means “suffering with. as we face suffering? Scripture teaches us that we were created in the image of the triune God (Gen. is like the human body formed by many parts. live in Lima. our culture tends to generalize and qualify suffering as “bad. Vol. Last summer. Daily here in Lima.A Suffering Body by walter forcatto t was an October morning. Vol. Mt. when globally our own brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering? What numbs us to the brokenness and suffering of others? One factor I believe is a prevalent theology that perpetuates a warped understanding of suffering which makes it almost always a direct consequence of personal sins. 27). God has arranged the body in such a way that its parts should have equal concern for each other. Tears are a way of solidarity in pain when no other form of solidarity remains (Brueggemann). Peru we witness the inhumanity of the suffering of street children as they try to survive on the streets. Does not our incessant pursuit of these idols numb us to the rest of the body as though we have been given a huge dose of Novocaine? Walter Brueggemann explains. if one part is honored. Also. West Africa.1. There is no room to ask the question whether the suffering of others may be due to my personal sin or our This girl is one of thousands of child victims of the civil war in Sierra Leone. the teaching of Scripture to love my neighbor implies that I cannot separate my humanity from humankind (David Chronic. Have we. especially in the Western church? Why is it that. In fact. when I watched the documentary Cry Freetown with a group of WMF staff and board members. materialism and wealth. Miroslav Volf. especially the ones who have no one to comfort them. The inherent dignity of a human being is found in this divine truth. She now lives in a refugee camp in Freetown. every part rejoices with it (1 Cor. 1 Jn. Jon Sobrino exclaims. I sat in a classroom with seminary students in south India and listened to young pastors and evangelists share their burden of brokenness and pain for the suffering of their people in India and Myanmar (also known as Burma). 25. So where can we start? We know we cannot continue in our numbness. No.

■ The Board conducts staff interviews. approving the following applicants: Jeff & Carrie Burnett (Brazil) Craig Curell (Peru) Jared & Julie Landreth (Sierra Leone) Matt & Julie Neher (South Africa) Paul Rase (Thailand) Donnie Richards (Sierra Leone) Rachel Simons (Romania) ■ The Board commissions the following staff to international service: Seth and Kari Allgire (Romania) Sarah Dobrin (Peru) Ben Oldham (Nepal) ■ WMF celebrates its 10-year anniversary on November 15. ■ Staff travel to northern Peru for the baptism of the child of two ex-street kids and visit the young lady’s family. . ■ La Palabra Hecha Hombre (WMF Peru) has its first Executive Committee Board Meeting. is killed in a car accident. 2001 Jared and Julie Landreth Married on September 1. OCTOBER ■ Andy and Andrea Baker. Kentucky. ■ WMF Peru Executive Committee meets to discuss further developments concerning the proposed drop-in center. Kentucky for the Fall 2001 Board Meeting. SEPTEMBER ■ Jared and Julie Landreth are married in Wilmore. staff.fuller. Kentucky. and guests participate in the weekend. Photo: Jonathan Miano Photo: Christy Griffith Jeff and Carrie Burnett Married on July 14. ■ Chris and Phileena Heuertz make a field visit to Lima. Peru. staff work visas. a city in the Andes Mountains.Updates From the Field NORTH AMERICA AUGUST ■ Matt and Julie Neher are married in Wilmore.html NOVEMBER ■ The Board of Directors convenes in WiImore. OCTOBER ■ Rob O’Callaghan has an article published in the Fuller Theological Seminary publication. The couple plans to begin their service with WMF in Nepel. Over 40 board members. He is missed by many friends in Lima. Servant Team Coordinators in Bolivia. 2001 Photo: Chris Heuertz Carlos was only 20 years old when he died. You may download a copy of the article at: http://www. ■ Staff begins the search for possible sites for the proposed drop-in center in Lima.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. They now make their home in Columbia. a young man who lived on the streets and a friend of the WMF staff. then move on to serve in South Africa. Kentucky on August 11. and other issues. The SEMI. 2001 8 T H E C R Y Matt and Julie Neher Married on August 11. ■ Servant Team takes their retreat to Huaraz. SOUTH AMERICA Twyla giving baby Toby a bath SEPTEMBER ■ Carlos. spend a week in Lima with the staff. ■ The Langley’s and Jamie Reed complete their first year as staff in Lima. Matt and Julie live in Wilmore. West Africa as WMF staff. NOVEMBER ■ Jamie Downhower. Kentucky on September 1. Photo: Jonathan Miano WMF Staff and Board who attended the Fall Board Meeting in Wilmore. visits Lima. Maryland as they prepare to move to Sierra Leone. a former Servant Team member and friend. ■ Planning meeting with the ministry Mustard Seed (ministry to street kids) for our annual Christmas Party for the street children.

Romania. WMF Nepal will continue to take in girls like Bhavani. and David Chronic. ■ India Servant Team travels to Gangnapur to visit a child outreach project. The house is currently being renovated. Catalina . Amelia. Marian. Amelia consults the WMF staff on bio-intensive urban gardening philosophy and techniques. Olivia Reichert. a 7-year-old girl. please include a check made to Word Made Flesh in the attached envelope and designate the gift to “International Ministry: Nepal. Vali Stefan. health. India to attend Chris Heuertz’s class at Lakeside Bible College. Mihai. ■ India Servant Team. Please pray for energy. an organization that raises support and awareness about the plight of the Romanian street children. Cornel Munteanu. Elena and Robert start first grade. comes to live in the Rai and Wests’ home. ■ Chris and Phileena Heuertz travel to visit staff and the newly comprised Board of Directors for Cuvantul Intrupat (WMF Romania). Back Row: Gabi Andrici (lives with Dennis and Nelu). ■ WMF Romania meets for its second board meeting. ■ Sarah Lance travels to the States to attend her brother’s wedding. ■ Paul. Nepal Servant Team. visits the WMF community. OCTOBER ■ A work team from Joel’s church in Ohio comes to install the electricity at the drop-in center. given the resources. Miu and Emi start school.” NOVEMBER ■ Samaaj Utthan Samuha (WMF Nepal) board convenes for the winter board meeting. ■ Nepal Servant Team. Gheorghe. ■ The Servant Team goes on a trip to Lupeni where they hike and experiment the ropes course of the New Life program. and Cindy. Bela Ispas. Vasca. Photo: Silas West If you would like to support the outreach to abused girls in Nepal. The Romania field staff continues to work hard to complete the renovations (which include installing heat and hot water) before winter. likely stemming from the abuse she has suffered as a child. ■ India Servant Team returns to Calcutta. other girls like her. Photo: Chris Heuertz 7 Romanian staff and 5 North American staff work at the WMF drop-in center in Galati. India Servant Team and South Asia staff travel to Pokhara. and Nelu Stefan. Florin. OCTOBER ■ One of the widows living in the Nepal home for the elderly is forced by her family to return home to a life of destitution. beginning WMF Nepal’s first outreach to destitute children. ■ Nepal Servant Team travels to India and spends two days in Calcutta before going on to Chennai. Please pray for Bhavani who desires to learn and “be like the other kids. ■ Chris and Phileena Heuertz travel to India for WMF India board meetings and to teach a class at the Lakeside Bible College. They desire to provide a safe and nurturing home for her and. Romania. Nina Sinca. Cati. Dennis Mills (far back). and resources to complete this project. a girl from Amelia’s urban ministry. Front row: Cristina Tudose. From left.” Photo: Daphne Eck Amelia Eck. Nepal for a combined Servant Team/South Asia staff retreat on “Living the Life of the Beloved. SOUTH ASIA SEPTEMBER ■ Bhavani.” Also pray for the Rai and West families as they learn to care for Bhavani’s special needs. The India Servant Team goes to Kathmandu to join the Nepal Servant Team while she is away. T H E C R Y 9 . Mihai. and Miu search for “good bugs” in the garden at the drop-in center in Galati. ■ Daphne Eck visits Galati with her sister. Joel Klepac. Monica Klepac. Given the resources. NOVEMBER ■ The Perton Fellowship. It has become evident that Bhavani has a learning disability and hearing problems.EASTERN EUROPE SEPTEMBER ■ Coco and Laurentiu start second grade. and Jyoti Bhattarai (WMF Nepal board member and Director of Elderly Ministries) travel to Chennai.

writers. I held my peace and my sorrow was stirred. They were words of my own heart and they called my soul to God. JÜRGEN MOLTMANN Only The Suffering God Can Help In this quarter’s issue of The Insight Series. seized by a great hope. as all my fathers were. and then to the death of the body. this was the first Bible in my life. at the end of World War II. however. have influenced the philoI was taken sophical identity of WMF. April 1948.” features guest writers who In February 1945.” I knew with certainty. why have you forsaken me.” but rather the eternal love who feels and suffers with us. Each wire in Belgium. You may purchase this book at the WMF online bookstore at: http://www. and would be in the future. by Jürgen Moltmann. I began to summon up the courage to live again. Later I read the Gospel of Mark. a wellmeaning British army chaplain visited our camp and distributed Bibles to the prisoners. (continued on next page) his was the saving experience of my life. 1 0 T H E C R Y . I have to eat T . I am a stranger with Thee. indifferent heavenly power named “fate. only possible when the Godhead is not an unfeeling. practitioners. That makes it possible for us to experience in our sorrow. Moltmann follows the path of crucifixion into the Godhead itself.com/resources.htm. where He had been in my life before. just as conversely. I am sure that there and then.wordmadeflesh. When I came to the story of the passion and read Jesus’ death cry. jürgen moltmann shares his own story of meeting the suffering Christ. As a boy of 18 years. The pain of grief lies in the feeling of losing someone and of being lost oneself. Walter Brueggemann. God weeps God-forsakenness. “My God. dr. speak to the WMF community and constituency.” I began to understand the assailed Jesus because I felt that He understood me in my God-forsakenness. in the dark pit of my soul. famous mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead died in a car accident at the age of 21 he wrote in his very abstract book. all interest in life faded away. He found me. “This is the One who understands you. reading a profundity of interpretation that is rare in trinitarian thought. and a sojourner. “The theological foundation for Christian hope is the raising of the crucified Christ. than three years and professors have had behind barbed a role in shaping the vision of WMF. remembrance without hope. I was drafted into the German army. their former enemies.DR. Anyone who develops a ‘theology of hope’ from this center will be inescapably reminded of the other side of that foundation: the cross of the risen Christ... God sordistress. The dark night of the soul came upon me and I felt that last temptation of all who are imprisoned. My lifetime is as nothing in Thy sight.I felt that [Jesus] THE INSIGHT SERIES W E R E C OMMEND The Crucified God. At the beginning of my imprisonment. the very concrete and personal sentence. “The Insight Series. At the end of 1945. quarter. He is the divine Brother in distress. Minneapolis: 1993 In the preface. The encounter with the suffering God in Christ is a great consolation in our personal life when we are losing beloved ones and have to mourn at their graves. This early fellowship with Jesus. This is. Because I came from a secular family in Hamburg. Process and Reality. I felt completely Godforsaken. My turn from this sickness unto death to new hope and new life came about through two things: first through the Bible. also God’s sorrow and in the pain of our love. scholand spent more ars. Psalm 39 held me spellbound: I was dumb with silence. I started reading without much interest until I stumbled on the Psalms of lament. can result in resignation.” The book is a timely reminder to disillusioned visionaries--who too quickly abandon the struggles for personal and political liberation--that the risen Christ reigns from the cross. “God is the fellow-sufferer who understands. and Dr. Jesus’ Godforsakenness on the cross showed me where God is in my forsakenness. Dr. (from cover). God loves understood me in my with those who love. Dr. The suffering God saved me in my sufferings. Some of us wondered and would rather have had a few cigarettes. has never left me since. up my suffering within myself. He with those who is the divine Brother in weep. It was 1944. God’s pain present. Hope without remembrance leads to illusion.” With a beautiful English hymn we sing. Christine Pohl. prisoners with Him on When the only the way to resurrection son of the and life. I tributor a platform to was repatriated. Moltmann writes. Paulist Press. prisoner of war These theologians. Miroslav Volf are among future contributors. who takes the rows with the sorrowful. I lost all hope. who takes the prisoners with Him on the way to resurrection and life. to give myself up--to die the death of the soul first. The consolation therefore lies in the experience of indestructible community with God. and then through the kindness of the Scottish workers and their families towards the prisoners. the Brother in suffering and the Redeemer from guilt. “The Insight Scotland and EngSeries” gives each conland.

Then they quickly dropped again as the young man continued digging through the heaps of garbage for whatever scraps that could become his evening meal.” I SAW YOU AFTER MIDNIGHT by adriana forcatto a face without a name dark eyes exposing shame digging through trash each day’s the same what will your next meal contain? survival is not a game who is to blame? i saw you after midnight caught just a glimpse of your plight then left you out of sight tried to forget you with all my might your burden far less than light can this be right? how many little mouths to feed depend on you for every need? can’t give to them for you’ve not received the life we all deserve to lead from this pain which you have grieved shall you be freed? T H E C R Y 1 1 Photo: Chris Heuertz . And we are no gods. Someone else cannot possibly know how much it hurts me. They could not bear to leave the children they had grown to love after completing their first term with WMF. Jesus identifies with this young man.. This does not absolve me from responsibility. “…teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever. remember the resurrection has to come. As usual. he began to study theology as it was one of the options available in the prison camp.” by adriana forcatto I t was our usual walk back from another late night on the streets. He wrote in a letter.” “The Church in the Power of the Spirit. “This is the end. From that time on. Christians stand with God in God’s suffering.” In their religions. But where is he now. he discovered the eyes of the “crucified God” in the eyes of the poor and homeless children of his crucified people. Son of Man and World Judge is already present among us and is expecting us. though he continues to lecture and preach at universities and churches. we were still unable to shake the image we had just seen. Dr. blaring music. Then we find the self-aching Deep within the heart of God.” A few months later Bonhoffer was brought to the gallows in the concentration camp of Flossenbürg and died with the words. in a way I could never fathom. We have not seen this young man since that night. “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day…” But what about the days that follow? The proverb continues.” For Bonhoeffer the suffering God was not only a consolation in his own suffering. the naked. After Moltmann became a Christian. Unsurprisingly. is that one man’s hopeless suffering on the record as just another statistic? Mother Teresa invites us to “remember that the passion of Christ ends always in the joy of the resurrection. Walter returned to the alley. Jesus on the other hand has lived this man’s suffering. our fellowship and our justice. Suppose. much of the liberation thought that he is known for came out of his period of imprisonment. was imprisoned by the Gestapo in Berlin. men in their distress are searching for divine power. I have never known this young man’s desperation. Moltmann aspired to become a physician. serving with WMF among street children.it is for them we will stay. he had a similar encounter with God. Jürgen Moltmann taught Systematic Theology at the University of Tübingen in Germany. And as I do that to which I am called I stand on the hope that Jesus offers. This place. He is now retired and living in Tübingen. the hope of a resurrection. So. The only hint of a market place was the putrid smell of trash left over from a long day of business. which were lining our path. We have done a good deed. where I can give him none. A sincere thank you was exchanged for the food. “The Crucified God. ■ In addition to authoring a list of theological works. ■ Adriana and Walter have lived in Lima. was now dark and deserted. the homeless.” When the Archbishop of El Salvador Oscar Arnulfo Romero met God at the grave of a murdered priest. It was unmistakable. My hunger has never driven me to the trash heaps. Once in the comfort of our home. so when you feel in your own heart the suffering of Christ. We turned the corner without a word. the imprisoned Christ. we carefully watched our steps so as not to trample upon any of the day’s scraps. It is said that his genius has been his eschatology and in interpreting God’s acts in history in light of God’s desires for history. but the Bible brings us to the powerlessness and the suffering of God. because “through His wounds we are healed. The dark eyes looked up at us only for a second as we passed. As the proverb says. “It is for [the children] that we have come to this place. the theologian of the German resistance-movement against Hitler. In his youth. but his plans changed after the experiences he relates in this article.” This implies relationship. because he is someone else and not me. We turned down the alley that runs through the market near our flat.Hope of the Resurrection ONLY THE SUFFERING GOD CAN HELP (continued from previous page) And when the human hearts are breaking Under sorrow’s iron rod. Christ’s love for human beings was an impossible miracle on earth. that I am in great pain. or lively food stalls. I am still called to defend the cause of the needy. Peru for three years. Our conscience is appeased. “Only the suffering God can help. They renewed their contract saying. he experienced his second conversion.. Moltmann is probably the most prominent Protestant theologian of the century. for me the beginning of life. which bustles during the day. right at this very moment? His hunger continues to gnaw away his very life. Dr. We gathered some food from our shelves and my husband.” and “The Spirit of Life. When Dietrich Bonhoeffer. No more crowds. He also discovered that we are called “to share in the suffering of God in the world. Some of Moltmann’s books include. Then why is his face unforgettable? What we were able to do for him filled his stomach for one night. we spotted a figure hunched over a wooden railing. In the poor. for instance. Fyodor Dostoevsky writes.” Jesus provides hope for this young man. But He was God. Where there is usually not a person in sight. Vendors had closed down shop.

It reflects a commit. but in reality. We may choose to live beneath the belief that our problems are isolated. 1 2 T H E C R Y There is something profound that happens when someone commits to suffer with another person. As those of us who have grown up rich seek to live among the poor. Those of us with material wealth say to the materially impoverished. they are founded in the wide context of our world. There is no doubt that we must be liberated. But the images he sketches. stand through a relationship of there can be reconpartnership that ciliation--reconciliaccompanies the ation between the poor. Tuna still carries his pad and pencil everywhere. Share my home. has been influential in the lives of many WMF staff members. We hurt together. Share what I have. suffer with them. We begin to care. in reconciliation. he lives on the streets of Calcutta. We reconcile and bring close what has He calls himself Tuna. in the end. She serves with WMF in an Inactive Extension Staff position. are usually incomprehensible. Volf proposes instead a “theology of embrace” wherein freedom and liberation are not the ultimate goals for society. California where she is working towards a PsyD in Clinical Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. We begin to see the importance of relatedness. and love have remained. there provides a space of reconciliation. . in the end. He writes. there can be reconciliation--reconciliation between the poor and the rich. Specifically. while the other side contains the sufferings of the rich. Black theology. or the racially discriminated. To make reconciliation our highest goal completely alters and deepens our vision of solidarity with the poor. . It is undertaken because to know suffering is to struggle against it. reality of the poor into who we are. and thus.Suffering is a willment to join the ing sacrifice given poor and to underso that. we realize that we are related. Can we really turn away from the loneliness that the pursuit of riches has born for us? Can we really see this as separate from the homeless and hungry street child? When we commit to suffering. and feminist theology speak from the liberation perspective. Tuna’s peace and sanity was taken by a mysterious family tragedy. Miroslav Volf. It reflects the desire to empathize with the reality of the poor. ■ Danielle lives in Pasadena. spending her school breaks among the street children of Lima. between the oppressed and the oppressor. Whether it be the poor. Overarching all of this. Danielle with a Peruvian street child.. surrender who we between the once were in order oppressed and the to incorporate the oppressor. We become one. the marginalized. This is revolutionary. Latin American liberation theology. In the midst of suffering. We see that our lives have already been woven together and that the manifestation of relationship completes a piece of us. but over and above that. author of Exclusion and Embrace. This commitment reflects many things. “Take. Will justice ever be done if the ultimate goal is not reconciliation…to make love tower over freedom does not mean abandoning the project of liberation…but it transforms the project. intimate contact with his constant sufferings. we find a way to move beyond the pain of this world into a beauty and love.Daphne Eck once been separate. Tuna’s friendship. It reflects our willingness to poor and the rich. hope. And faith. and through it. and then we see that healing must take place in both the rich and the poor so that everyone may be healed.” And the materially poor give to us a wealth of soul. the anguish reminds us that there has to be a reality much better than the pain of the suffering. which exists within and beyond the pain. Though once a promising art student. This is true liberation. Suffering isn’t undertaken simply so that we may be overwhelmed by sadness. The suffering of mutual humanity has been shared between souls and struggled against. Photo: Matt Ammerman Word Made Flesh has made a commitment to suffering as a willing sacrifice in serving Jesus among the poorest of the poor. We begin to love. The willing sacrifice of suffering becomes redemptive. In suffering together.From Suffering to Reconciliation by danielle speakman L iberation. which we have lost. Planted in this common goal. This is the cry of oppressed people throughout the world. suffering is a willing sacrifice given so that. we need to be reconciled. The sufferings of the poor are but one side of the coin. suffering can be a strangely hopeful and beautiful thing. And we cry together. Share my food. reconciliation expands our understanding of suffering. argues for something different. people who live beneath the whim of the powerful are demanding freedom from the system and the people who have oppressed them. His friendship has helped reconcile these rich Westerners to the poor.. like his words.

live in Cumming. Jesus took on the sufferings of those around Him. back to the hope that once captured our hearts. He brought children to the center of His teachings. We are to be His hands and His feet in the world. and compassion as pity. They currently make their home in Trinidad. When we embrace the felt needs and the suffering of the least of these. through His grace and our obedience. leaving us with hope in the midst of our suffering and trials. He was born into persecution. Why would anyone desire less than the greatest ease in life? Do we not hear and see messages every day that tell us that comfort is our right and is ours for the taking? Our culture tells us that the closest we should come to suffering is watching the evening news while we are free to change the channel with nothing more than the thought. He had few rights and little power in their eyes. Jesus challenged death and won. Jesus became Immanuel. Seth and his wife. rejection. Every day Jesus invites us to participate in revealing the love and compassion of God by following Him into His life shared with those who suffer. “I’m glad I’m not in their shoes. His fate was in the hands of the Roman Empire.In addition to sharing experience and lessons from the field. however. Kelly. By becoming a man. However. S J Our society’s turn from one that is community-centered to one that is self-centered. You see.” When Jesus was with us on earth. He suffered humiliation. compassion is something far beyond pitying someone’s misfortunes. they will understand and experience it for themselves. and healed the sick. We are called to die to self. It is identifying with people. Jesus became fully human and chose to live and move among the poor. As Christians. and the sick it brings us back to the scriptures. But suffering is not the end. uffering is naturally repellent to us in our humanity. And we too rejoice in this fellowship of the suffering because there we find the compassionate embrace of a loving God inviting us to enter into His Kingdom. the widows. and laying ourselves aside so that Jesus can minister His love and mercy into their hearts and into their specific situations. Herod ordered all the children in Bethlehem and the surrounding areas to be killed in order to prevent the survival of the one that was called the King of the Jews. Jesus did not suffer. We are called to live like Jesus. In his death. Christ was born into poverty. This is a part of the fellowship of sharing in Christ’s sufferings that Paul wrote about. We cannot talk about His suffering without mentioning the resurrection. Colorado. embracing their needs and their sufferings. He took care of the widows and orphans. Jesus was ultimately born to suffer and die the death of a lowly Jewish prisoner at the hands of the Roman Empire. He did not limit himself to the beautiful. We tend to view suffering as punishment. and leave this world a defeated man. It brings us back to Jesus. die. we remember why Jesus died on the cross. He took on the sufferings of all people for all time. or individualistic. and the weight of the sins of all people on the cross that dark day. His birth took place in a barn. allows Jesus to bring new life to everyone. Please contact the WMF office if you would like to receive the Angels’ or Allgires’ personal prayer updates or if you are interested in giving financially to their ministry with WMF. the sick and lame. In this life of suffering. orphans. we are called to follow Jesus all the way to the cross. They will be the Brazil Servant Team Coordinators. stretching out our arms and embracing others’ needs and suffering. Jesus identified and had compassion for the marginalized in society. are called to live differently than our culture dictates. He was born a Jew--a second rate citizen in the eyes of the Gentiles. He was a friend of the poor. lovable. An Invitation by seth allgire From Self-Centeredness to Community-Centeredness by eric angel esus’ life was one of suffering--suffering that began on the day of His birth. he was far from royalty. We come to know the love and compassion of our God through the life of Jesus. He touched the people with leprosy. Georgia where they are preparing to serve with WMF in Rio de Janeiro. He was a carpenter by trade. we hope for The Cry to give voice to staff who. and Jesus living through us brings hope to a suffering world. widows. Brazil. Kari. ■ In February. Please pray for the Angels and Allgires as they will soon be leaving their homes to serve Jesus among the poor. loneliness. ■ Eric and his wife. and through His death. Dying to ourselves allows Jesus to live through us. T H E C R Y 1 3 . will join the WMF Romania community in Galati. the fatherless. Romania to serve in Field Staff positions. and a feeding trough was His crib. When we go to those who suffer and enter into suffering with them in the name of Jesus. unimaginable physical pain. it is a declaration that God is for them and with them. so that He can live in us and through us. the blind. attractive. and He even asked a tax collector to follow Him. are in the process of preparing to go. This means that we must also embrace the suffering of those around us--this is true compassion. like Eric and Seth. Jesus chose to encounter a suffering humanity. has changed our understanding of suffering and ultimately our understanding of compassion. and the hungry. He spent time with harlots. “God with us. to give Himself fully to those who suffer and to share in those sufferings. and hopefully. Turning our eyes outward.” Those of us who choose to follow Jesus. As we spend time among the poor. injustice. or comfortable.

For a few minutes. With a kind “No thank you. They took their time. I have been learning about God’s heart for the poor. They never got up the nerve to ask me. the more I join them in their suffering. discussion group. Certainly. Thankfully. Our game that day was toss the buckeye. but not to the ones who have always lived in poverty. He didn’t even want that. Thankfully. Relieved. and with each book. Monica’s open heart and easy laughter are refreshing reminders of the joy of the Lord as she ministers among suffering children and families. the more I love them. and inner promptings. I recently spent an afternoon with Gabi in the hospital’s yard under the shelter of gentle trees. Often I catch what He says in snippets. Julio didn’t care. wouldn’t you?” she continued. Gabi simply said. a bribe would have made them move more quickly. The next frustration was getting the police to do the paperwork. and fringed scarf. “And if God asked you for clothes. They will continue to violently interrupt peaceful moments in the park with the children.” All at once. and Bible study I feel like I am the first to discover amazingly new ideas. He didn’t want to carry his pain alone. no matter how insistent or angry I became. She spends most of her time ministering among a group of teenagers who are addicted to smoking a form of freebase cocaine called “pasta. It is this suffering with that I am learning and struggling to do. But it is to these kinds of relationships that the resurrected Christ calls us.” Photo: Teri Knittel .Photo: Monica Klepac G THE PROPHETIC VOICE OF THE POOR by monica klepac etting my body and heart still enough to listen attentively to our Father’s voice is not easy for me. God’s grace came through Gabi’s words to save me from myself. “She was a gypsy who wanted to tell me the future. she paused and stared with thoughtful eyes. For a few years now. ■ Jamie serves in Lima. but she offered yet again. Of course. I could not take his suffering away. tragically stemming from a broken arm that was not treated properly. I declined again. I was his gift. Julio and his girlfriend made a surprise visit to my apartment. she is currently receiving treatment at the best pediatric hospital in Romania. she could not release him because he did not have his identification documents. Gabi has had extensive medical problems. “Yes.” I hoped she would leave us to our game. Throughout the whole ordeal. This exchange continued for a few minutes until my refusal became firm enough for her to leave with a swish of her skirt. The day of his release. His words came though a 6-year-old prophet named Gabriela. you would give it to Him. He said the Lord knew what he needed for Christmas. We exchanged greetings and she offered to tell my fortune. SHARED SUFFERING (continued from front page) to spend the full fifteen days in that horrible cell. The judge declared he had paid the price 1 4 T H E C R Y for the crime he had not even committed. Romania and serve together as the Romania Servant Team Coordinators. slightly embarrassed. After this conversation. I had not been able to do anything for Julio. they just want me to share in it with them. I had felt so helpless against the corrupt police who abuse their power. I was ashamed. Peru as a social worker to street children. he would be released the same day. But only God knows the future. we just enjoyed the fall sunshine and each other’s company. the police took Julio to the courthouse where he was given his freedom. “She is poor. I felt uncomfortably similar to the goats that disregarded the poor yet thought they were generous. They don’t want to suffer alone. after spending seven days in that tiny cell. But the kids aren’t asking me to take away their suffering. The the bone damage in attempts to increase the use of Gabi’s left arm. The judge also told me that she knew that the police often plant drugs on the kids and believed his story. but they told Julio’s girlfriend if we gave them 100 soles (35 dollars). ■ Monica and Joel live in Galati. by train). he was okay. The hospital is in Bucharest (four-hours away. I immediately knew that she was a gypsy. The deep truth of how God sees the poor and how His followers should respond is new to the affluent. braided hair. “Yes. I gave Daniel some candy and I would also give some to Cati or anyone. and the more I join them in their suffering. right?” she countered. seeing her gathered skirt. I replied. They will continue to beat the kids when I am not there and I will continue to only be able to bandage their wounds afterwards. You know. May our hearts be exposed and led to the Healer through the prophetic voice of the poor. focus of my concern--the evils of fortune telling--was insignificant to Gabi in light of the woman’s need. and I will still only be able to save the few I can hold in my arms. Julio thanked me for being at his side every day. I have come to accept that I will not be able to stop all the injustice.” I answered. As it turned out. “Do you think I should have given her money?” With a glance over her shoulder towards the gypsy woman. I was thankful for this respite from talk about doctors and operations. right?” “But if God asked for money. Gabi has finally were truly a proreceived adequate care and her last operphetic voice into ation for infection in her arm. Finally. so the staff has been taking turns going there to accompany our friend through her pain and fear. “Who was that?” Gabi asked. sharing in their suffering is painful. he just wanted me to share the burden with him. Gabi’s words After over a year of incompetence from healthcare professionals. verses. She offered again and said it would only cost a few thousand lei (about 20 cents). There will be more operations next year to correct my life. However. and it was a time of laughing and being children. you would give it to Him. The more I love the street children. His words stunned me. Instead of tossing the buckeye.” I said sheepishly. I had failed Julio. Thankfully. and part of me constantly wants to pull back. The police will continue to mistreat the kids and I won’t be able to stop it. A woman approached as we played and. while Gabi modeled the attitude of the sheep that helped the poor without even realizing it. I turned to Gabi to resume our game. Last week.

Suffering. enclose $5 in the attached envelope and designate the check to “Sermon Tapes. 15:15). In His meekness and vulnerability. that you should follow in His steps. My new. we are moved to do the same for others. I had met this boy at the Madras International Airport. 49) The apostle Peter tells us. Paul’s letter to the Philippians tells us how Christ laid down His life to the point of death. He warmly welcomed us with his kind smile and loving gestures. the young South Indian boy at Madras International Airport asks me if I am willing to lay down my life for him. Because Christ laid down His life for us. p.” a message given by Chris Heuertz (Executive Director) at Great Commission Fellowship in Wilmore. he greeted us with his big eyes and the brightest smile I have ever known. Unlike the other street children. “To this you were called. than this suffering can become a celebration because it presses both of us closer to the Suffering Servant that the prophet Isaiah speaks about.A WORD FROM A DIRECTOR To Follow in His Steps from phileena heuertz. never speaking a word. What do I really know of suffering? Kind friends sometimes remark on the sacrifices we make to live and work among the poor. He crosses over the boundary line of humanity which separates those whose needs are satisfied from those who are broken and cry out in need. 5 T H E Photo: Chris Heuertz dollars C R Y 1 5 . because Christ suffered for you. how can I not love my neighbors in the same way? We echo the apostle Paul. His fragile body is shivering. leaving you an example. young friend cannot speak and instead communicates with me through his desperate. Am I willing to somehow embrace his suffering to the point that it becomes my own? If I am. this boy never asked us for a thing. from the man who cries out: “If anyone thirsts let him come to me to drink.” From announcing the good news to the poor.” whom she found sick and living alone at the Madras International Airport. I reach out to him and discover he is burning with fever and suffering from dysentery. but He also challenges us to lay down our life and to suffer with those who suffer. from the man of compassion to the man in need of compassion. It is their suffering that moves us to willingly make sacrifices. Sick and alone with no family. is available for purchase. Jesus becomes poor. KY. We tried desperately to get information about him to see if there was something we could do. “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. I can hear him asking if I’m willing to suffer with him. Jesus has shown us the way to live. our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 5:14-15). dirty pavement. Scripture describes how He became poor and intimately familiar with suffering. To order the tape. When I have been so loved by Christ. “Christ’s love compels us…and He died for all.” Phileena with “Samuel. leaving you an example. . ■ SERMO N TA PES “Prayer for Revolution. 3:16). 2:21) Jesus not only shows us the way of compassion and hope and healing. but no one knew anything about him. he lays on the cold. innocent eyes. In his rags for clothes.” to the man who cries out: “I thirst. his frail body lay on the pavement and grew weaker with every breath. But more than that. Christ’s words challenge us: “Greater love has no man than this. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers” (1 Jn. we recognize the greater suffering that our brothers and sisters live through everyday. Though the sacrifices we make are often painful. that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again (2 Cor. director of child advocacy To this you were called. Seemingly deaf and mute. that you should follow in his steps. because Christ suffered for you. Weeks before. he couldn’t tell us anything. And in his epistle. if I listen carefully.” (1 Pet.” We love because He first loved us. Jean Vanier reiterates this.1 Peter 2:21 Photo: Chris Heuertz I n the dark of night. John writes. This was now the third or fourth time I had encountered this boy at the airport. that he lay down his life for his friends” (Jn. So Jesus begins to make the passage from the one who is healer to the one who is wounded. suggesting that we suffer. (The Broken Body. But do we understand what it meant for Him to lay down His life? Imagine the sacrifices of all His privilege as the Son of God that Christ made for us.

there are still 4. the way we grieve will forever be changed. Afghanistan. ■ Photo: © Sebastião Salgado/AMAZONAS Images. these children hold the future of how suffering and grief are accepted and absorbed in our world. New York City. but in the requital of its response. Photo printed with permission fom The Children: Refugees and Migrants. 2000. can be a stage of solidarity where we will be united? In Kabul.com/resources. Before September 11. which is directly linked to our suffering. Alone and scared.326 people missing in the rubble of what once was the World Trade Center in New York. thoughtful book of photography by Sebastião Salgado. Mazar-eSharif. Our example to them is the key. We highly recommend this excellent. Can we learn to harness the redemptive potential of our suffering? Can we allow the reality of the grief in our hearts to nurture compassion for the grief of others? Can we extend love to our enemies in such a way that causes us to embrace their pain? Today. Children at the Kamaz camp for dispaced Afghans. using the link on the resources page of the WMF website at: http://www. However.S. there were over 4 million refugees in Afghanistan who probably couldn’t find New York on a map. New York. Could it be possible that their suffering. executive director I n the aftermath of the events of September 11. may the Lord have His way in our hearts and transform our contemporary understanding of justice so that it includes the justice of all who suffer. 1996. U. and Mazar-e-Sharif hundreds. Aperature.htm Non-Profit Org. With this newfound posture of suffering. As we reflect on the events of this year. KY � � � .THE CRY F O R SUFFERING T H E C RY: A N A D V O C A C Y P U B L I C AT I O N O F W O R D M A D E F L E S H SOLIDARITY OF SUFFERING by chris heuertz. of boys and girls are left orphans. if not thousands. the United States entered a posture of suffering that for many had previously been uncharted ground. The redemptive potential of suffering finds its fulfillment not in the reprisal of its cause. Recent Pentagon press briefings have indicated the unfortunate destruction of villages and civilian neighborhoods in various parts of Afghanistan. Postage PAID Permit #25 Wilmore.wordmadeflesh. You may purchase the book from Barnes & Noble. the challenge of change for us is found in where our grieving takes us.