Manjaro 0.8.

4 Openbox-Lite

1. Introduction 2. Keyboard Shortcuts 3. Scrolling and Workspace Switching 4. Pulse-Audio 5. Java Support 6. Printing Support 7. Multimedia Support 8. Accessing the Arch ser !epository 9. Power Management 10. System Security " #W and $pen-SS%& 11. 'ibre $((ice 12. S'iM )isplay Manager 13. *+ecutables, #astest servers and -.K/ theme (i+ (or '0Appearance 14. 1hanging Keymaps and 'ocales on the (ly

1. Introduction
.his 23435 release o( Man6aro $penbo+-'ite is intended (or more e+perienced users who wish to use the $penbo+ base provided to build their own desktop environment (rom the ground up3 $nly a (ew lightweight though power(ul applications have been included to serve this purpose7 no multimedia support 8 codes9 multimedia applications9 Java9 or access to the Arch ser !epository "A !& have been pre-installed3 We hope you en6oy building on it as much as we have creating it:


e!board "#ortcut$

$penbo+ is particularly notable (or its standard inclusion o( keyboard shortcuts to ;uickly do things3 .hese have been retained9 with a (ew e+tra custom keybindings, %"uper & 'indo($) * %d) %"uper & 'indo($) * %+) %"uper & 'indo($) * %,) %"uper & 'indo($) * %t) %-rint "creen) %"uper & 'indo($) * %Le+t-Mou$e) %"uper & 'indo($) * %x) , .oggle desktop 8 application windows , )e(ault #ile Manager ".hunar& , )Menu , .erminal , Screenshot , Move application windows , 'ogout and Shutdown $ptions

Where presented with the 'ogout and Shutdown options9 one o( the (ollowing keys can then be pressed, %e$c) %.) %r) %$) %u) %#) %/) , 1ancel , 'ogout , !estart 8 !eboot , Shutdown , Suspend "system is <asleep<9 though still active& , %ibernate "system shuts down9 but will reboot e+actly where it le(t o((& , 'ock

0ote1 .he ability to Suspend or %ibernate will only become available a(ter installing Man6aro3

3. "cro..in2 and 'or/$pace "(itc#in2
I( the mouse pointer is placed over an open application window9 then the wheel may be used to scroll through its contents3 $therwise9 i( the mouse pointer is placed over the desktop background or the panel9 then the wheel may be used to ;uickly switch to other workspaces3 It is o( course also possible to select a desired workspace by simply clicking on it in the workspace switcher9 located in the top-right o( the screen3 .he standard shortcut keys are also available "i3e3 %ctr.) * %a.t) * %.e+t or ri2#t arro() keys&3

4. -u.$e-3udio
Although A'SA is used as standard (or sound9 Pulse Audio can also be optionally installed with the (ollowing command in the terminal, sudo pacman -S pnmixer-xfce4 manjaro-pulse pavucontrol $nce installed9 right-click on the volume icon9 select Preferences9 and then the Behaviour tab3 %ere9 under the header Volume Control Command9 simply replace 2no,e-a.$a,ixer with pa4ucontro.3 Press $K to save the changes3 $nce enabled9 it will then be necessary to amend rc3m+l (ile in order to update the volume control keybindings3 .he appropriate commands to do so have been listed as comments in the volumecontrol keybindings section3

5. 5a4a "upport
.o enable Java support (or web applets9 enter the (ollowing command in the terminal, sudo pacman -S icedtea-web-java7 .o enable general Java support9 enter the (ollowing command, sudo pacman -S jre7-openjdk

6. -rintin2 "upport
.o enable this (eature9 enter the (ollowing command in the terminal , sudo pacman -S manjaro-printer sudo s!stemctl enable cups"service

$nce complete9 reboot the system (or the change to take e((ect3 Alternatively9 enter the (ollowing command to start printing immediately, sudo s!stemctl start cups"service

7. Mu.ti,edia "upport
.o enable (ull multimedia support = including (lash - enter the (ollowing command in the terminal, sudo pacman -S #streamer$"%$-plu#ins #st-plu#ins flashplu#in )>) access has already been pre-installed "libdvdcss&3

8. 3cce$$in2 t#e 3rc# 6$er 7epo$itor! 83679
.o enable (ull access to the A ! via yaourt9 enter the (ollowing command in the terminal, sudo pacman -S autoconf automake binutils bison fakeroot flex #cc libtool m4 make patch !aourt

9. -o(er Mana2e,ent
A good = and user-(riendly = means o( enabling power management is to download the +(ce5power-manager3 .o do so9 enter the (ollowing command in the terminal, sudo pacman -s xfce4-power-mana#er $nce installed9 it can be added to the autostart (ile3 It is recommended to list it as (ollows, &sleep %s xfce4-power-mana#er'

$nce done9 it is worth taking the time to con(igure your system<s power management9 particularly as the de(ault settings will not do very much3 #or e+ample9 this can include determining what a laptop will do i( the screen is closed "e3g3 suspend or hibernate&9 and8or what will happen i( the battery runs very low3 .o determine the behaviour o( your system9 right-click on your desktop to bring up the menu9 select Confi#uration9 and then Power (ana#ement3

10. "!$te, "ecurit! 8:ire(a.. and Open-"";9
ncomplicated #ireWall " #W& and $pen-SS% have been pre-installed3 %owever9 as the #irewall Application must be con(igured by using the terminal9 new users may wish to obtain a user-(riendly graphical inter(ace to use it instead3 .o do so9 enter the (ollowing command in the terminal, !aourt #ufw

11. LibreO++ice
Where deciding to install 'ibre$((ice "in (ull or in part&9 as well as the language packs9 it is also recommended to install the package .ibreo++ice-2no,e9 as this will provide a nicer look and (ont set3

12. "LiM <i$p.a! Mana2er
?oth the S'iM con(igutation and 3+initrc (iles have been pre-con(igured to enable the immediate use o( the 0#1*9 -nome/9 K)*9 1innamon9 !a@or-A.9 '1)*9 and MA.* desktops upon installation3 In addition9 two Man6aro themes have also been pre-installed "<man6aroB< and <man6aroC<&3

13. =xecutab.e$1 :a$te$t $er4er$ and >? 3 t#e,e +ix +or L@3ppearance
.wo e+ecutable (iles have been placed in your home (older to (ind the (astest available mirrors, B3& +a$te$t$er4er$.$#1 Accessable (rom the DAdvanced SettingsE section o( the menu once installed9 this provides options to (ind the (astest available downloads9 or having done so9 to then upgrade your system3 Alternatively9 it can also be run (rom the terminal9 using the command, sudo )*fastestservers"sh C3& 3..$er4er$.$#1 .his provides additional options9 including updating (rom the A ! and cleaning the cache3 It will there(ore be necessary to enable A ! access and install an application called cacheclean (rom the A !9 too3 .his must be run (rom the terminal with the command, sudo )*allservers"sh A special e+ecutable (ile has also been added to (i+ the use o( -.K/ themes in '0Appearance "D1ustomise 'ook and #eelE&3 .his is the .xapp-+ix-2t/3.$# (ile3 Where (inding that a downloaded -.K/ does not work properly with '0Appearance9 run the (ollowing command in the terminal, )*lxapp-fix-#tk+"sh ,theme name$r9 to list installed -.K/ themes9 6ust enter, )*lxapp-fix-#tk+"sh -.ea$e <O 0O? run an! o+ t#e$e executab.e$ in Li4eA<-,ode. Bou (onCt brea/ t#e .i4e $!$te,D but t#en not#in2 !ou do (i.. tran$+er o4er to t#e in$ta..ed $!$te,.

14. A#an2in2

e!,ap$ and Loca.e$ on t#e +.!

Keymaps can be very easily changed on the (ly using the /bct. command in the terminal3 .he synta+ o( the command to do so is, sudo kbctl -l ,ke!map code#or e+ample9 to set the keymap to a K layout9 enter the (ollowing, sudo kbctl -l uk #or all the options available = including setting keyboard models and variants - enter, sudo kbctl .help Alternatively9 it is also possible to download a user-(riendly graphical inter(ace called the Manjaro "ettin2$ Mana2er to instantly change your keyboard layout and labguage locale at any time3 .o install this9 enter the (ollowing command, sudo pacman -S manjaro-settin#s-mana#er