MineSight Data Analyst (MSDA

New Features & Enhancements

What is MSDA?
• Statistical and geostatistical tools • Reads MineSight drillhole & block model data as well as external sources, e.g. spreadsheets • Classical statistics including Histograms, Scatterplots, Cumulative Probability Plots • Custom Reports • Traditional variograms and variogram modeling • 3D Variogram modeling with Auto-Fit

MSDA Timeline
• • • • 2005 Q2: MSDA Beta released 2005 Q4: MSDA Released with MineSight 3.5 2006 Q3: Mintec begins expanding and enhancing MSDA. 2007 Q2 (est.): Release first set of new / enhanced features.
– Will be demonstrating many of these during this presentation

2007 Q3 (est.): Release second set of new / enhanced features.
– Will mention some of our ideas towards the end of this presentation

Summary of Enhancements expected in 2007 (Q2)
• New tools such as Box Plots, QQ Plots & Indicator Variograms • Dozens of significant functional enhancements to existing tools • Many general workflow and ease of use improvements • Improved validation of user input at data entry time • Miscellaneous cleanup and bug fixes

New Tools
• • • • • Box Plots Indicator Variograms QQ Plots Auto-Fit Multiple Variograms Multi-Chart Viewer

Box Plots

Indicator Variograms
• (1) Create Indicator Variograms
– Added “Indicator” type to the variogram tool; user specifies a range of cutoffs and MSDA generates indicator variograms for each one

• (2) Build 3D Variogram models for each Indicator
– Added save & restore capability to Variogram 3D Modeler to manage the large number of models typically involved with Indicator Variograms

• (3) Organize and display indicator variograms
– Wrote new tool to display multiple indicator variograms by azimuth & dip

• (4) Create input file for MIK Program (m624)
– Wrote new tool to create the MIK Variogram Parameters File from the collection of 3D Variogram Models

Create Indicator Variograms

Build 3D Variogram Models for Each Indicator
• Build 3D variogram model for each Indicator Cutoff • New tool lets you name & save all info associated w/ each 3D Variogram Model

• These 3D Variogram Model files can be used by other applications such as MIK

Organize and Display Indicator Variograms

Create Input File for MIK Program (m624)

Q-Q Plots

Multi-Chart Viewer

Auto-Fit Multiple Variograms

Custom Reports Enhancements
• • • • • “Quick Add” multiple fields to report Embedded HTML Report View Re-order statistics on page Add/remove/resequence report tabs Clone a field dimension for bivariate stats

“Quick Add” Multiple Fields to Report

Embedded HTML Report View

Re-order statistics on page

Form Validation
• Error indicators immediately draw attention to invalid data • Hover over any error indicator to get details in a tool tip

View Multiple Series in Cumulative Probability Plots

Scatterplot Overflow Categories
• Improved the way users define overflow categories

Improved File Selection dialogs

Add Variogram Model Parameters to Charts

Style and Workflow Enhancements
• Simplified the way we set the output file for most tools
• Extended Metadata updates automatically (user setting) • Added a “remember choice” option to most dialogs

• Fixed some Annotations problems
• Miscellaneous improvements & fixes, e.g. tab order

Other Enhancements (completed)
• Simplified the way we import variograms into the 3D Modeler • Provided default titles & file suffixes for the Application Filter • Added direct access to Text Files (not via ODBC Data Source Names) • Various bug fixes, e.g. problems w/ ODBC Reserved Words • Dozens of smaller improvements and fixes

MSDA Enhancements under consideration for future release (est. 2007 Q3)
• • • • • • • • • • • • Downhole variograms Cross Variograms Batch Processing / Scripting Auditing / Log files Standardize numeric formats via user settings Calculated fields in Data Source Save / restore Custom Report view settings More statistics for Custom Reports More info on all charts, e.g.. Data Source details Extract parameters from previous file & rebuild (all tools) A variety of new options for the Variogram 3D Modeler Extended support for string data, e.g. in filters