Kevin Kochiss Laura Emmery Writing 2 25 November 2013 WP: 3 In the modern world people are surrounded by products and

advertisements designed for them. Business can make the same product appealing to multiple audiences by addressing their ideas through different mediums. The way an idea is understood is all about the way it is presented and perceived. To display this idea I have created two different genres to express the same idea, specifically to not stress about the little annoyances in life. Each genre has its own specific target audience, the comic strip is targeted towards a young audience, while the interpretive art peace is targeted towards an older, more educated audience. These two genres differ in their tone, structure, and complexity to convey an idea to each specific audience in a way that they will comprehend it. During this assignment I learned a lot about guiding information towards specific audiences, keeping in mind all of the ideas discussed above. To begin discussing the creative processes behind creating these genres I will explain my reasoning for selecting these genres. This moral lesson, not stressing of the little things in life, may seem random, but I chose this because of a dilemma my roommate was having. He kept getting stressed out over insignificant things, such as a pulled out chair, and could not let go of his emotions. I decided I would take this concept and apply it to something we could both appreciate, such as art. I knew I could make an interesting art piece for the older audience, however for a younger audience I would have to keep it more simplistic. I chose a comic strip

at least for me. I had to make sure that it would be cohesive for its respective audience. This helped me improve the storyline in my comic strip and how I framed each event. . Taking an idea and transforming it into a visual without the aid of words can be a tall order. To achieve a mood that would suit this idea I listened to relaxing and morbid music. keeping in mind the McCloud reading. heavily dependent on the mood one is in while drawing and the emotion related towards the idea. I used this as a guideline drawing each frame of the comic. When he mentions how the sequence of comic squares can be drawn out in many different ways. Once I had direction. I began work on the comic strip by creating skeletal structure. This helped me visualize what I wanted to draw in my mind. My goal was to depict stress as negative thing so I decide to draw something that would come to represent stress.because it was an easy way to tell a story to express the moral. It took a long time and many rough sketches to figure out what I had wanted to draw. by giving my brain a physical sense to create a foundation on. once I got the hang of it creating the comic became easy. During this process I had some difficulty staying on topic. best done in pieces. I began to organize my ideas onto paper. Once I had finished drawing each frame I wrote out each part of dialogue until I was content with its presentation. however the interpretive art piece is a different story. The transition from an abstract thought to a visual is a complex one. Once I had an idea. and how it withers away at a person. Creating art is. and keeping in mind what is necessary for the story to make sense and what is not. Although getting started was a bit rough. By keeping the piece simple it allows for less leeway as to how it can be interpreted. Being a comic itself I found it to be very helpful while creating action in my comic. without going off on tangents. only including the basic ideas of each segment.

By relating ideas to images in a drawing one can gather a complex or deep meaning from the piece. The questions one would ask when writing a comic for a child are the same for a college student writing a paper. However it does use a basic writing convection that is symbolism. I learned the creative process behind creating each piece and how it applies to the written essay. When looking at it from a business perspective or not. While remembering to use appropriate and simple language. Creating two genres for separate audiences was an interesting writing assignment in which I actually had to apply what I had learned about genre analysis into two small pieces. Art is such an abstract thing for a young person to understand and appreciate which is why I chose this genre for an older audience. explaining an abstract idea with limited vocabulary can prove to be challenging at times. . Creating the art piece was also interesting and taught me how to convey an idea without the use of words. which guides the observer towards the main idea. I better understood why comic book authors would chose different panel sizes and angles depending on the action involved in the story.I learned a lot about comic strips during this process. I also learn a lot about material written for kids in general. When writing something geared towards a younger audience. A drawing can contain so much meaning without the use of any words. Such as who is this for? Does this sequence of events make sense? What frame of view would be the most comprehensive? Having the ability to identify genres can open up new ideas in the real world. the story must also be entertaining to compensate for their shorter attention spans. and can affect the way a person takes in information. Writing a comic is essentially taking enough snapshots of an action and ordering them in such a way that it tells a story. In short it is creating the illusion of action with still images.