Question: Does Sir. John A. Macdonald deserve to be on the $10 bill?

If not, who should replace him and why? When determining whether or not Sir John A. Macdonald should be on the $10 bill, you want to consider the following aspects: • Canadian money must reflect: Canada’s heritage, culture and values. Should commemorate, celebrate and promote Canada. • • Racism was normal. It was not looked down upon as it is today. Canada was a new country.

Background Information: John A. Macdonald’s life (1815-1891) • • • • • • shoulders. • her. • His first child named after him died as a baby. Born January 11th, 1815. Lived till June 6th 1891. Born in a poor family in Scotland, Glasgow. Moved to Canada at age 5. Dropped out of school at age 15. Joined a law office before joining politics. 1841- his father pasted away leaving the family on his Married his first cousin Isabella. He was very much in love with

• He then had another child with Isabella. A baby boy named Hugh John Macdonald. • Isabella was desperately ill for a decade and slowly died.

• Got married again to a woman named Agnes Bernard. She soon gave birth to a baby girl who had brain damage. • He was a heavy drinker as his life was very depressing.

Career: • Kingston. • 1833 - Opened his own law office and was elected aldermen in 1835 - Won seat in the Legislative Assembly of Canada.

• 1844 - Elected to the Legislative Province of Canada Assembly in October. • • premier. Asked to run for election as a Conservative member. 1856-1862 Appointed attorney-general and served as co-

• 1857 - Macdonald and Cartier (leader of Canada East Party) became heads of the government. • 1858-1864 - Became difficult for Macdonald-Cartier government; it was defeated 3 times by reform parties. • 1864 - In June, George Brown wanted to form a coalition government of his party and Macdonald’s party (to establish a union of all British colonies in eastern North America.) September 1st Charlottetown Conference about confederation. • 1867- July 1st he took office as Prime Minister.

• Canada bought Rupert’s Land, and the Red River Rebellion occurred. • British North America Act was signed by Queen Victoria on March 29 and created the dominion of Canada. • November of 1867 Macdonald at the age of 52 opened the first Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. • 1870 – Manitoba was formed.

• 1871- Promised to build railway linking all provinces together 10 years after the last province (Prince Edward Island) joined Confederation. • 1873 – Resigned because of the railway scandal (claims of bribery and corruption). • 1876 – John A. Macdonald developed the National Policy.

1878 – Re-elected and began building the CPR again.

• 1880 – He pitched his proposal, upon completion of railway line the government would hand over $25 million along with 25 million acres (prairies), an exemption on from tax on land • 1881 – Contract was approved for the railway on February 1st • 1886 – Railway finished

• Northwest Rebellion – caused over land ownership. This problem was being handled by John A. Macdonald. He was allowing Metis to sign up for their land as well as making strips of land in the Metis fashion. Relationships: • Metis: Was racist towards them but by 1885 was willing to work in a more Metis friendly way as John told surveyors to make land in the Metis fashion. He also made laws allowing them to own land if they signed up for it and also gave Metis land scrip. • Canadians: Was very liked and elected 4 plus times.

• Government: Was very friendly with Cartier and partnered the parties together. Many parties did not like him as he was sometimes drunk in parliament. • Conservatives: He was asked to join the Conservative party at a young age and did many great things for the party. • Victoria. Britain: Was loyal to his Queen and was knighted by Queen

Great Accomplishments: • •

First Prime Minister CPR was built under his control.

• Wrote many laws and resolutions. Some are still used till the 20 century. • • Stopped any attempt of annexation by USA. Is a founding father of Canada

• Legacy: • • • •

Opened first Canadian Parliament in Canada.

On the $10 bill Macdonald- Cartier Freeway in Ontario and airport. Most famous of all Canadian leaders. National day named after him –January 11th (his birthday).

• Had a hand in confederation as he wrote many of the 72 resolutions. • Also made a trans-continental train in Canada possible.