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Andrew Dismore AM
Our Ref: AD/TM/20/01 Date: 20 January 2014 URGENT Entry of Gábor Vona to the United Kingdom Dear Secretary of State, I am writing to you as London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden to ask you to make an exclusion order to prevent Gábor Vona entering the United Kingdom As you will know Gábor Vona is the leader of the neo-nazi Jobbik Party in Hungary. I have become aware that he is due to hold a rally for his supporters in my Assembly constituency in Holborn, Camden next Sunday, 26th January 2014. I am sure you are aware of the extremist and racist language that Jobbik, its politicians and its now banned ‘paramilitary guard’ use, but if not perhaps I could remind you that their manifesto includes frequent references to Roma communities. The Hungarian Police have frequently blamed murders of Roma people on the paramilitary guard. At a recent Jobbik rally in Budapest protesting against the World Jewish Congress meeting, a speaker told the audience "We have a domestic problem that is the gypsy criminality and an external problem that is the Jew expansion." Members of Jobbik have repeatedly denied the Holocaust. Gábor Vona also headed the paramilitary guard “Magyar Gárda” which was found by the Hungarian Courts to be against the human rights of minorities and in contradiction of the Hungarian constitution. Although now banned, it has rebranded itself as the “Magyar Gárda Foundation” and is essentially the same organisation. While I advocate the right to free speech in our society, this must also be balanced against other human rights. In this instance it must be balanced against the right of the people of Camden and London as a whole to a peaceful existence free from the

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hate message promulgated by Gábor Vona, whose aim is to create hostility and incite division within our communities. It is particularly important to note that his event is being held on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day when the offence of his meeting will be all the more damaging. I am also very concerned about the public order implications of such an inflammatory figure coming to speak in Camden, as he will no doubt generate an extremely strong reaction and protests at his presence. On behalf of the people of Camden and the large Jewish, Roma and all ethnic communities of London I am asking you to use your powers to exclude Gábor Vona’s from the United Kingdom. Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dismore Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden CC Boris Johnson, Mayor of London Rt. Hon Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary Rt. Hon Frank Dobson MP, Member of Parliament for Holborn & St Pancras Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner, Metropolitan Police

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