FACULTY OF SOCIAL STUDIES AND HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH STUDIES ACADEMIC YEAR 2013-2014 Tutor: Mo u!" Co ": Mo u!" T#t!": L"$"!: Pro%r&''"()*: Cr" #t r&t#+%: Cor" or E!",t#$": Dur&t#o+: AIMS: 'he "irst semester (ro&ided st$dents #ith the o((ort$nit) to dis%o&er a range o" short (ostmodern "i%tion* #ritten in a &ariet) o" registers* and (ro&iding s%o(e "or de+ate, 'his semester* ho#e&er* ta-es $( "o$r #e .-no#n (ostmodern no&e s in an attem(t to#ards readings that are arge ) (ost.str$%t$ra ist in /$a it), 0hi e this might +e oo-ed $(on as a "o%$s on neo. (ostmodern* minima ist (rose1"i%tion that "o%$ses on margina i2ed &oi%es in the 0est* this semester3s dire%tion remains &er) m$%h te%hni%a , E4(erimenta "orm* a +rea-do#n +et#een high and o# %$ t$re* and h)(er+o i% se ".re"erentia it) are 5$st a "e# o" the ha mar-s o" (ostmodernism* a notorio$s ) s i((er) %on%e(t that is the "o%$s in this semester, B$t #hat e se is (ostmodernism6 7s it a iterar) mo&ement6 A moment in histor)6 An e%onomi% %ondition6 A state o" mind6 0e ma) not arri&e at a de"initi&e ans#er to these /$estions* +$t the no&e s $nder st$d) ma) s$ggest that (ostmodernism is mar-ed +) a "$ndamenta shi"t in o$r re ationshi( to te%hno og)* mass media* and (o( %$ t$re, Mrs Sonia Kotiah ENG 3012 (5) Postmodernism Yr 3 BA (Hons) Eng ish ! "or #ho e mod$ e E e%ti&e Semester 2

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Sin%e this semester re/$ires % ose readings o" the te4t* st$dents are e4(e%ted to ha&e a &er) thoro$gh $nderstanding o" the te%hni%a %om( e4ities that s$rro$nd (ostmodernism as a %on%e(t, Engaging #ith these (arti%$ ar te4ts %ontin$es the aims set $( "or Sm 1* in that the /$estion o" #hether (ostmodernism might (ro&ide $se"$ means o" engaging %riti%a ) #ith %ontem(orar) iterat$re is raised, St$dents are there"ore e4(e%ted to $se the (ra%ti%a s-i s a%/$ired in Sm 1 so that the) %an "orm their o#n res(onses to the te4t,

: • Pa$ o 8oe ho* The Zahir Pr")"+t&t#o+) 23 Grou1) 142 C!&)) D#).: • 7ta o 8a &ino* If on a Winter`s Night. Sa man 9$shdie* Midnight`s Children.US: /""0 1 To1#. a Traveler>.: • 7ta o 8a &ino* If on a Winter`s Night.'he Po#er Behind the Prono$nA Narrati&e Games in 8a &ino3s If on a Winter`s Night.<oes =iterat$re sti Matter6 (0or-ing Notes on the States o" the Art o" Bra2i ian =iterat$re)> To1#. a Traveler R"& #+%: Gregor) =.An 7nter&ie# #ith Pa$ o 8oe ho>. Pa$ o 8oe ho* The Zahir. 2.An 7nter&ie# #ith 7ta o 8a &ino>.: • 7ta o 8a &ino* If on a Winter`s Night. Margaret At#ood* The Robber Bride. a Traveler Pr")"+t&t#o+) 23 Grou1) 344 C!&)) D#).u))#o+ /""0 2 /""0 3 /""0 4 /""0 5 /""0 6 . a Traveler R"& #+%: • 7nge @in-* . To1#.: • Pa$ o 8oe ho* The Zahir R"& #+%: • G a$%o ?rto ano and Pa$ o 8oe ho* .SET TE-TS: 1. To1#. =$%ente and 7ta o 8a &ino * . 7ta o 8a &ino* If on a Winter`s Night.: • Pa$ o 8oe ho* The Zahir R"& #+%: • 7ta o Mori%oni and Mar.u))#o+ To1#. To1#.Streeter* . :. 3. A Traveler. COURSE SYLLA.

: • Sa man 9$shdie* Midnight`s Children R"& #+%: 'eresa He""ernan* .: • Sa man 9$shdie* Midnight`s Children R"& #+%: • Sara C(stone.: • Margaret At#ood* The Robber Bride R"& #+%: • <onna =.7 0ant to Be Yo$A En&)* the =a%anian <o$+ e* and @eminist 8omm$nit) in Margaret At#oodBs The Robber Bride’. Potts* .: • Margaret At#ood* The Robber Bride R"& #+%: • Eean 0)att* . To1#.9ea ist Post%o onia @i%tionA 9e&ersa s o" 9e(resentation in Sa man 9$shdieBs Midnight`s Children’./""0 7 /""0 8 /""0 9 To1#.'he ? d Ma(s Are <isso &ingDA 7nterte4t$a it) and 7dentit) in At#oodBs The Robber Bride’ /""0 10 /""0 11 /""0 12 To1#. • ASSIGNMENT DUE To1#. To1#.u))#o+ R"& #+% /""0 CLASS TEST /""0 13 /""0 14 .: • Margaret At#ood* The Robber Bride Pr")"+t&t#o+) 23 Grou1) 748 C!&)) D#).: • Sa man 9$shdie* Midnight`s Children Pr")"+t&t#o+) 23 Grou1) 546 C!&)) D#).A(o%a )(ti% Narrati&esA 'he Nation in Sa man 9$shdieBs Midnight's Children’. ‘<omesti%it) in Magi%a .u))#o+ To1#.

ASSESSMENT: @or this )ear ) mod$ e* the ratio o" %o$rse#or. 'he) are re/$ired to %om( ete these readings and to (arti%i(ate a%ti&e ) in % ass.9e e&ant arti% es to +e oo-ed $( in the on ine data+ase a&ai a+ e (ES'?9 and EBS8?) .) readings. Ea%h semester the st$dents #i +e assessed on the "o o#ingA 1) 1 % ass test (15F) 2) 1 ta-e. READING: St$dents #i +e assigned e4ams is 30FAG0F.home (a(er (10F) 2) 1 % ass (resentation (5F) 'here #i +e a "ina )ear ) e4am (G0F) COURSE RE:UIREMENTS: Att"+ &+.": Attendan%e is mandator).Primar) theoreti%a materia as indi%ated in the Sm 1 M7S . INDICATIVE READING LIST: .