Poetry Christmas is a time Eating is a dime meeting is a crime vime lime Melono Vrfo eonoalo Ghaoslotoo Magaronno Dzhomborgady

Zetzriel Molkdo Vramram Monhado Miltonium Gugracto Once upon a time a man was profoundly unhappy. He felt he had nothing. And then, we in his darkest desperation realized there was nothing to be had. Bliss and suffering, joy and just boredom. What there is, what there is in the now. That is the divine. And that is everything. Bliss, the subtlest sensation of being just being feeling the sensations you are currently experiencing. It can be so boring to me if I am not paying attention. I always enjoy reading the Bible. I know that you can replace the Lord or Jesus with now. It isn't a replacement though. What the Lord has made is what there is right now. To look at the now is at least a part of it. One way of the many ways to conceive of God. And maybe God beyond that, but also maybe not. But the now is an extreme way of being. Follow God means follow the truth of the now. When i read the Bible I'm so confused Is this what the story is saying about reality. There is a universe and a world with people in it and they have souls. God created the universe, he creates everything and has power over everything. He chose the Israelites to be the people who had a cove net and these were the chosen people. There were laws he gave them and they followed each other and worshipped God, this was the actual God and God was not into people who worshipped idols and things that were not the actual God. Eventually the Israelites would stray and then be punished. Then, eventually they waited for the Moschiach. Many prophets talked about him coming.

Jesus was born from 4 BC to 1 AD. For . and God the Holy Spirit. That He answers prayers is something I wonder about. He is the Son of God and He is God. Okay interesting. the Son (Jesus). We have to ask and some times things happen. There is a lot of wisdom in the OT and the NT. and most of all believe that Jesus forgives sins.He came and He is Yeshua Jesus Christ. and is a part of the trinity with God the Father. of course many questions about sexual immorality pertaining to sexual minorities. once you believe continue to act in obedience with the laws. not all of them but the ones that have been especially highlighted by Jesus. is everything predetermined or not. Certain rules do not seem like they matter much. all people to worship God the Father. Here are some basic questions I have. Worship all of the trinity. Is praying supplication prayer something that works. and the Holy Spirit. God the Son. the more I read the more it does not mash up with my understanding of reality. Then act and build loving kind communities where the goal is among many wonderful acts and instances of helping people. What I wonder about is there re also instances that I think people could be met with more understanding. I have many doubts. Believe in Jesus and you will be forgiven by Jesus. Can sin be met with understanding. the goal is to get people. Especially dietary ones. So in belief we believe that God created the Universe and we communicate with Him through prayer. Or sin is vanquished by believing that Jesus is the Son of God and He is God and having reverence for that.