A. General Composure Maintain a pleasant, casual atmosphere. Be respectful and use common sense.

Exce ssive swearing, rudeness and harassment is not tolerated. Try to maintain proper spelling and grammar. Do not spam. Do not link to any of the following: Objectionable material, which includes but is not limited to pornography, "shock sites", viruses, phishing sites and hate groups. Other websites or servers in a manner that constitutes advertising Do not encourage or partake in rule breaking on Overcast Network services. Do not impersonate any member of the Overcast Network Staff, or claim to be a me mber of the Staff. Report issues or bugs of Overcast Network services to either the forums (http:// oc.tc/forums) or to support@oc.tc; exploitation of bugs for any reason other tha n to demonstrate at the request of a staff member will result in a punishment Follow any directions given by a Overcast Network staff member. If you believe a staff member has directed you wrongly, please email support@oc.tc Note If you are concerned about links that may constitute advertising, please cl arify with a staff member before posting. B. Forum Behavior Do not make inflammatory posts. This includes posts aiming to insult another per son, provoke another person into making inflammatory posts, hate speech, and any thing resembling "inb4 flame war." Posts made should be relevant to the topic; irrelevant posts will be deleted. If you think a thread should be locked, please submit a report via https://oc.tc /report instead of commenting it in the thread. Any image or post that does not pertain to the topic is subject to removal. Irre levant image spam will be removed. Do not "bump" threads by posting something that does not contribute constructive ly to the thread. All personal issues must be dealt with in private. The public forums are not the place for personal conflicts. C. Mumble Do not impersonate other players on Mumble. Your Mumble name should be your in-game name or some easily identified variation . Do not spam actions that send messages to others (such as spamming mute, deafen or disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly) D. In Game Do not send messages that encourage other players into leaving a team or disconn ecting from the server. Unless you are explaining the report process, you may not encourage others to re port a specific player. Please do not publicly accuse any players of hacking. If you believe a player is hacking or breaking any rules report them using the /report command (/report ) You may not use any form of in game chat to solicit. Any account that is determi ned to be for the sole use of soliciting will be permanently banned without warn ing. You may not link to, or solicit players to join, any server public or private th at is not part of the Overcast Network in public chat. (You may use /msg to info rm players that request it). Your username must be appropriate, and you may be asked to use a different accou nt if your username is found to be inappropriate. Note All chat messages and commands are logged. Note You may link to your Overcast Network related livestream, so long as you do nâ t spam it. E. General Gameplay Players may not: Combat log, which is defined as leaving your team or the server to right before you die to an opposing team member. (You may combat log to avoid team-griefing)

and causing yourself to be invincible.you may be punished for an inappropriate skin. and is defined as any reckless action that harms yo ur own team. This includes. Observers may never give tactical information to players or intentionally disrup t gameplay. Note This section will be updated periodically. including binding a "sprint-key" instead of using double tap Mods that expose or enlarge the name-tags of players Automatic tool selectors Minimaps that show entity positions. F. The following mods are explicitly permitted during gameplay: Optifine ArmorStatusHUD/StatusEffectHUD Toggle-crouch.Abuse Minecraft glitches to gain an advantage for themselves or their team. or show caves/underground. or actions that intentionally harms one's own team. Tactical information includes. or in any menus Texture packs that do not fall under any "explicitly prohibited" category Minimaps except as specified below The following mods are explicitly prohibited during gameplay: Inventory Sorters Auto-sprint. Aiming TNT cannons at or next to a team spawn in a way that kills players. X-rays Auto-hitters Aimbots Fly mods For any other mods. looking t hrough inventory. creating an "x-ray" effect. Do not directly attack any spawn that is not next to an objective (spawn is defi ned as the area in which players enter the playing area of the map) Actions that are prohibited by this rule include but are not limited to any of t he following: Instigating direct pvp or bow pvp inside or directly next to an opposing teamâ s spaw n.within a second of the objective) Fighting against players in/from a spawn that is close to an objective. ask a staff member for confirmation before using it. Client Modifications Any client modifications that give an unfair advantage over vanilla Minecraft us ers are illegal while playing. but is not limited to: Revealing the locations of players Revealing the ownership of wool in a Capture the Wool map Please use an appropriate skin . Observers are not bound to these restrictions. "Camping" a spawn by idling/waiting next to or in a spawn for newly spawned play ers Examples of actions that are not punishable under this rule include but are not limited to the following: Accidental cannon fire (granted it is corrected by the firing player once they a re made aware) Fighting against players that "rush" at an attacker without gearing up (Rule of thumb . (You need to modify your cannon if it's targeting spawn) Actions that make the spawn area impassible. The following are explicitly team griefing: . G. players may not: Prolong a match by avoiding combat and/or hiding in places that are inaccessible or difficult to get to. Note Spawn killing rules do not apply on TDMs and Blitz maps. Team Griefing Team griefing is prohibited. placing blocks in areas restricted by the plug-in to walk on. In a Blitz or Ghost Squadron match. please keep up to date. granted that it does not allow crouching while typing. or i n a manner that may cause lag for other players. but is not limit ed to. Dropping TNT from above into spawn. you are expected t o defend.

unless there is only one wool left in that wool room Any actions that are not listed here that hinder your teamâ s progress towards winnin g the match. Players are responsible for keeping up with rule changes. and will result in a permanent ban for all alterna te accounts associated with the evading player. or consistently team griefing d espite moderator intervention. or permanently banned. Map Specific Rules All players are responsible for keeping up to date with all map rules. Persistent ban evasion will result in a permanent ban for all accounts. temporarily banned . including the game servers.tc for the exact le ngth of your ban. may be banned from any or all of the services. I. The rules in /map take precedent over the rule board in cases regarding the same subject. and the original ban may be extended up to thrice the length of the original ban. chests. The alternate accounts will not be unbanned once the original ban expired. withou t warning. especially building TNT towers in one's own base Building unprotected TNT near teammates or objectives Taking all or almost all of the wool in a Capture the Wool map out of a wool roo m. Ban evasion is not permitted. H. and via the /map command. excluding warns. Forum and mumble bans must be appealed via an email to support@oc. Any player that knowingly gives false info in his or her appeal may be permanent ly banned.tc. deliberate or not. depending on the severity of the violation. In game bans must be appealed by filing an appeal at https://oc. including but not l imited to using a hacking client on the servers. defences or ore) within oneâ s own base Destroying one's own team's chests or workbenches Teamkilling (either by removing blocks from beneath a person to cause them to fa ll. Players with many warnings for the same rule may be temporarily banned without n otice. depending on the number previous infractions. J. the forums. Upon receiving an infractions.tc/appeal. and mumble. The Overcast Network Administration reserves the right to ban or unban any playe r from any Overcast Network services for any reason without notice. All infractions are subject to moderator discretion. or pushing teammates off the world) Using/modifying a TNT cannon built by another player without explicit permission Aiding or working together with a member of the other team The following are considered reckless and strongly discouraged (you may be warne d for breaking the following rules): Placing TNT in oneâ s own base. There is a one week grace period for rule changes. .Placing and/or setting off TNT near teammates or near key team infrastructure (e g.g. even in retaliation to another t eam griefer. In particularly serious or blatant cases of rules violation. players will be either kicked. If y our ban stays for more than 7 days please contact support@oc. Map rules are found on map rule boards at that mapâ s spawn. Infractions Players may receive an in game warning or an infraction for breaking any of the rules above. will result in an immediate permanent ban. Players violating any forum rules may be banned from posting to the forums. Note Players are NEVER permitted to team grief. Miscellaneous These rules are subject to change with notice. (e. still fall under "team griefing" and may be deal t with as such. 1 week ban becomes up to a 3 week ban). Players violating any mumble rules may be kicked or banned from the mumble serve r Players violating the rules on any Overcast Network service.