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The Gospel of Jesus Christ from Srilakshmi Narayana Swami temple By S. Thayappan, May 1, 2006
Paravasthu Surya Narayana Rao is a descendant of the well- nown and fa!o"s 1#th cent"ry $ara%asth" oor!aya swa!igal of &ndhra $radesh. 'ro! a %ery early age he learnt Sans rit and Tel"g" lang"ages and co!pleted his ed"cation fro! (th ala! (ni%ersity. &fter ha%ing !astered %ario"s )ind" religio"s and historical *oo s li e (panishads, +eda st"dies, Sa!a +eda, Thandiya !aha piraha!na!, ,e%i *hag%ada!, $"ray"thar"nyago (panishad, Man"shp"r"thi, -ig +eda, Sa!poorna Maha*haratha, Bhaga%ath .ita, +ishn" $"rana!, &rya $"la!ai, he was ordained in 1/60 according to the 1rd !anthra of the 1rd chapter of the 2a3ir %eda as the chief archa ar 4$riest5 and head of the !"tt of Srila sh!i 6arayanaswa!i te!ple sit"ated in 7alandira 6arayanap"ra! of Sri a "la! district in &ndhra $radesh. 8hene%er the de%otees, e%en elderly people fell at his feet, perfor!ed patha poo3a 4worship of feet5 and re9"ested hi! to *less the!, he "sed to wonder whether he hi!self possessed the worthiness and holiness to *less the!. &ltho"gh for all o"tward appearances he was in the position of a g"r" hono"red 4worshipped5 *y !any, yet inwardly he felt asha!ed that he was i!p"re witho"t self-control, "na*le to c"r* the desires of the flesh and in%ol%ed in !any *ad ha*its li e s!o ing, drin ing and wo!ani:ing. )e had f"lly co!!itted hi!self to doing di%ine wor , all thro"gh the day perfor!ing a*ishe a!, archanas and worship to idols and was in the e;alted position of e;po"nding the !eaning, !orals and %irt"es of the %edas, slo as and (panishads to others, yet he hi!self co!!itted !any sins and lac ed holiness. This *eing his condition how co"ld he *less others< )e was deeply ang"ished since, in spite of perfor!ing yagnas and saying gayathri 3apa!, there was no change in his life= in his tho"ghts, desires, deed and there was no p"rity or holiness in hi!. ESUS !HRIST THE A"MI#HTY !REATOR IN SAMA $EDA “I am the Lord, and besides Me, there is no Saviour” - Isaiah 43:12 (NIV 'or se%en and a half years he researched 4st"died5 all pal! leaf !an"scripts and +edas a%aila*le in the te!ple to disco%er the answer to the 9"estion >8ho is the one who can ta e away all the sins ? ha%e co!!itted<> )e learnt that the +edas clearly says that witho"t shedding of *lood there is no forgi%eness of sins. ?n Sa%&oorna Maha'haratha% it is said “Rathha purotchanam paava vinasam”, !eaning that TO REMO$E SIN( )"OOD SHOU"D )E SHED. ?n the second di%ision Than*+ya %a,a&+ra%ana% o- Sa%a $.*a, a !anthra says “prajapathirthe vaepiyam, athma naam yagnam, krutvaa prayachith”, !eaning >THE RU"ER OF THE PEOP"E /I"" DO YA#NA AND #I$E HIS O/N )ODY AS A SA!RIFI!E OF ATONEMENT TO REMO$E THE SINS OF THE PEOP"E01 $ra3apathi !eans the @reator Aord .od. That is why +edic Scholars say that B6A2 8)C6 T)C )BA2 @-C&TB- .B, BC@BMCS & S&@-?'?@C @&6 S&A+&T?B6 BC &@)?C+C,. Si!ilarly it is said in another !antra in the Than*+ya %a,a&+ra%ana%, “Sarva paapa pariharo, raktha purokshana mavasyagam, thath raktham paramathmeina, pushyathaana baliyagam” which !eans if we need deli%erance fro! all sins 4sins that are done thro"gh ears, !o"th and eyes, sinf"l desires which arise in the heart, sinf"l tho"ghts, sinf"l deeds etc.5, then according to the +edas *lood !"st *e shed. So he *egan to search the script"res to find o"t which .od had shed his *lood as sacrifice to re!o%e !anDs sins. )e was greatly s"rprised to find a !antra in the Sa%a $.*a( “lihviyaa koptharam mahakyavvathinaa koriyanthi havyayaana pariyathaaseen” !eaning T)C B6C 8)B ?S .B?6. TB T&EC &6 &+&T&-&M 4,?+?6C B?-T)5 8?AA BC BB-6 B' & +?-.?6 ?6 & @&TTAC S)C,. The Sa!a +eda testifies that the person who is to *e *orn will *e a di%ine person 4a%atara p"r"shan5. 8ho is this di%ine person !entioned in the Sa!a +eda< &s he was trying to find the answer to this 9"estion, one day as he and his disciples went to *"y certain p"3a ite!s, he heard thro"gh the lo"dspea er the words of a song *eing s"ng *y so!e !en and wo!en. >&renDt yo" the Sa%io"r who was *orn of a %irgin in cattle shed, *orn as a !an to ta e away sins< ?snDt 2o"r *lood, which was shed as a sacrifice on the cross, a propitiation for the sins of the sinner<> Bn hearing this song he was o%er3oyed that he had fo"nd the answer to the riddle for which he had *een searching for the past #F years. -e3oicing he went towards the direction fro! where the song ca!e.

S"rya 6arayana -ao called o"t Aord 7es"sG Aord 7es"sG 7es"s lifted hi! "p *y his hand and all the chains which were *inding hi! *ro e and fell down. )e listened to it for !ore than half an ho"r. The Aord has instr"cted hi! not to go to the left side so that the l"r ing danger co"ld *e a%oided. Si. Then 7es"s disappeared. S"rya 6arayana -ao as ed. >@o!e in *rother. They said. Bne day early in the !orning d"ring the a*ishe a p"3a in the te!ple instead of reciting the "s"al slo as he started telling a*o"t 7es"s in who! he had *eco!e rooted.> S"rya 6arayana -ao was astonished.> 7es"s showed hi! the %ision of the Aord hi!self hanging on the cross since 7es"s new that this i!age had *een i!printed on his heart. M"stering all his strength. )e as ed the!. The chief . . 6sa!m 87:18 (NIV . 'illed with the Spirit. This co"ple allowed hi! to ta e rest the whole day and ga%e hi! clothes and so!e !oney and p"t hi! on the train to @"ttac at night. ESUS !HRIST IS THE REA" #OD – HINDU PRIEST PRO!"AIMED FROM A HINDU TEMP"E “I am the Lord. one of those !en on seeing a fig"re r"nning into the dar ness called o"t.There. >'ro! now on ? sho"ld ne%er diso*ey the word of the Aord>.tent possi*le. doors of the inner sanct"ary and the doors of the o"ter sanct"ary opened one after the other on its own. )e read that Bi*le !any ti!es for 2F years and was greatly a!a:ed. relati%es and also the elders in the te!ple a*o"t 7es"s that )e is the one who can forgi%e sins and that *esides 7es"s there is no one else who can gi%e sal%ation. These people tort"red hi! *oth physically and !entally to the !a. 8e will *"y yo" a train tic et to @"ttac in Brissa. >The )oly Spirit had re%ealed to "s. days passed. h"nger."ring the 3o"rney the tic et. thirst and other pro*le!s.i!"! e. standing *efore a h"ge crowd a pastor was preaching a*o"t 7es"s. Bn the se%enth day at H oDcloc in the !orning s"rro"nded *y *linding light and glory. The angel then disappeared. The officer was a @hristian. C%il !anG ?tDs a sha!e that s"ch a person has *een *orn into o"r fa!ilyG The only way we can do so!e good to o"r race and o"r religion is to get rid of hi!. the *od o" a!! man+ind” . &t that ti!e also he told the! a*o"t the glories of 7es"s @hrist.onDt go to the left into the %illage *"t go towards the right>. So we ha%e *een praying for yo" since last night. ga%e hi! fresh !il to 9"ench his thirst. >2o" are the one who called !e. )e is not going to t"rn fro! his ways. )a%ing *ro"ght hi! o"tside the te!ple 7es"s loo ed at hi! and said. he spo e a*o"t the greatness of the Bi*le and a*o"t the tr"e sal%ation which only 7es"s can gi%e. S"rya 6arayana -ao t"rned to the left side and went into the %illage.rawing near he o%erheard their con%ersation. They tort"red hi! witho"t loosing his *onds and witho"t e%en gi%ing hi! a drop of water to 9"ench his thirst.esiring to see the sit"ation of the %illage *efore he left the place. ?t was the ho"se of a ser%ant of . yo"r life will *e in danger. ?!!ediately afterward it see!ed as tho"gh an earth9"a e had occ"rred. applied oint!ents. . >Before its dawn we sho"ld ill hi! and *"ry hi!. “Sa!vation is "ound in no-one e!se# "or there is no other name under heaven $iven to men b% &hi'h &e must be saved” (('ts 4:12 ) 8hen they heard it they all ca!e together !enacingly to hit hi!.00 a! in the !orning. since 7es"s is the only one who ga%e hi!self as a li%ing sacrifice for o"r sins. )owe%er. >)eyG 8ho are yo"<> Bn s"spicion.od and his wife welco!ed hi! inside and said. &t @"ttac . 'orgetting hi!self and "na*le to control his enth"sias!. Thro"gh all this he did not lose heart *"t contin"ed in prayer."e to his wea condition he co"ld not r"n fast and soon the !en ca"ght "p with hi! and identified hi!. B"t @hrist was in hi!. )e told the elders in his fa!ily.od. 8itho"t relenting e%en a little they "sed to !ercilessly *eat. These words angered the people and they *eat hi! "p.-eremiah 32:2. who had filled his heart with light. . >8ho are yo"<> to which 7es"s replied. >. )e fell down "nconscio"s. 7es"s appeared glorio"sly inside the loc ed sanct"! sanctor"!. The !inister of . &ll the for!er heads of the !"tt and his own relati%es started 9"estioning hi! one after the other. THE A"MI#HTY #OD /HO MA2ES US STAND AS A /ITNESS “I &i!! de!iver %ou and %ou sha!! $!ori"% Me” .aily they "sed to open the door and see if he had repented. >?f yo" re!ain here. The angel directed hi! to go to a ho"se seen so!e distance away and told hi! that they wo"ld apply !edicines on his wo"nds. )e fo"nd the answers to all his 9"estions in the Bi*le and also "nderstood clearly that there is no one else in the world *"t 7es"s who has the a"thority and power to forgi%e the sins of !an ind. he ran away fro! the %illage into the fields. C%en at that ti!e of dawn the so"nd of prayer co"ld *e heard fro! that ho"se. 'illed with this tho"ght he went towards the ho"se seen far away. chained his hands and left hi! loc ed in the sanct"! sanctor"!. Thin ing he was dead they a*andoned hi! and tho"ght to the!sel%es that they had got rid of hi! for good.> They welco!ed hi! inside. ga%e hi! food to eat and re9"ested hi! to ta e rest. ic and %er*ally a*"se hi!. )e preached all this thro"gh the te!ple !icrophone "ntil 10. >)ow did yo" now ? was co!ing<> They answered. )e s"ffered "n*eara*le pain. 8e ha%e *een praying for yo" and we were waiting for yo". washed his wo"nds. . )e tho"ght to hi!self. )e o*ser%ed H or 0 people sitting on the %erandah and spea ing. The !o!ent he noc ed. They were conf"sed as to how he had !anaged to escape= yet in the !idst of their conf"sion they *eat hi! se%erely with rods. )e entered the street where he li%ed and went near his ho"se. tort"red hi!. they started chasing hi!. &t the end of the !eeting he !et the pastor and as ed hi! 9"estions and heard the answers and he also recei%ed a new Bi*le. The )oly Spirit will re%eal the rest to yo". (NIV &lasG &ll the people who were praying in the te!ple and the people who li%ed in that street were shoc ed when they heard the gospel thro"gh the !i e in the )ind" te!ple. !oney and the change of clothes were stolen fro! hi!. )owe%er an angel wo e hi! "p. @o!e let "s goG> Bn seeing the! !o%ing forward he started r"nning away into the dar ness. . 8hen they saw his st"**ornness they *eca!e angrier and *eat hi! "p with rods d"e to which his ri*s were fract"red and his sho"lder *lades got dislocated.o there. the chec ing s9"ad ca"ght hi! and too hi! to their chief officer. 6ot reali:ing what was happening. they opened the door. when he got off the train witho"t the tic et. S"rya 6arayana -ao tho"ght to hi!self that if he had o*eyed 7es"s and gone to the right side he wo"ld not ha%e recei%ed all these *eatings. -ao !"r!"red with faith “/he Lord is m% 0e!1er) I &i!! not "ear (0ebre&s 13:2 ) )e has pro!ised “Sure!% I &i!! de!iver %ou (-eremiah 33:14 ) 5ord o" *od sa%s in 6roverbs 27:22 “5ait "or the Lord and 0e &i!! save %ou” . Still holding his hand 7es"s went forward and the loc ed doors of the sanct"! sanctor"!. 7es"s @hrist heard his prayers.

the officer too hi! to his own ho"se and ser%ed hi! food and en9"ired a*o"t all that happened. Sans rit slo as and !antras. creed. )e died for e%ery *ody.od who co"ld dare say . histories. so that they co"ld also *e led to @hrist.od saw )is own children drifting away fro! )is *lessings *y ind"lging in all sorts of e%il things. )is holy and "n*le!ished character and )is s"pre!e sacrifice for )is creations to gi%e total re!issions of sins. )ence 7es"s @hrist alone is the only . The sal%ation and re!ission of sins is free for any one who as s for it sincerely and with f"ll faith. 6BT B2 . indisp"ta*le arg"!ents against )ind" . and Brissa.&AA )(M&6 -&@C B6 T)C '&@C B' T)?S C&-T) ?--CS$C@T?+C B' @&STC. @&STCS &6.@)-?ST?&6S B6A2: )C . $. ? lea%e it to the readers to 3"dge. creed and religion..B. B"t 7es"s @hrist co"ld say it *oldly *eca"se )e was )oly and sinlessG 8e. there are gods for each and e%ery %irt"e li e ed"cation. 7es"s @hrist alone has the power *y %irt"e of shedding )is precio"s sinless. 2et he is facing all the co"rt cases %ery *oldly. )C ?S M&T@)ACSS. righteo"sness.odDs children irrespecti%e of caste.od.od for e%ery one. rooster.SG 6B B6C CASCG “No one is !i+e %ou A Lord. Ma>esti' in 0o!iness. Meghalaya. 'or re!issions of sins co!!itted *y h"!an race.> Bn hearing this. ThatDs why ani!als li e *"ffalos. )e alone is the only and fittest . “/he b!ood o" -esus &as shed "or a!! human bein$s”) 2es.incarnates. 1 /imoth% 1:18 ) 7CS(S @)-?ST .od has done in his life !ay read his *oo >.?C B6 T)C @-BSS 'B. )e then as ed S"rya 6arayana -ao where he was going. !inistry and the wonderf"l things . he was sent to do !inistry in !any north eastern states li e &ssa!. 6&T?B6&A?T2. B"t when ? read the 6ew Testa!ent in the Bi*le. &or+in$ &onders9” .?B6S &-C M&.ods and idolatry *y 9"oting %ario"s %erses fro! )ind" +edas. @-CC. )is oneness with . pro!ises. )is co%enants. wisdo!. when the priest does the a*hishe a! 4the anointing5 or archanai or worship. !any cases ha%e *een foisted on hi! *y %ested interested people. That is . 8hen . a p"re g"iltless in%al"a*le *lood totally de%oid of any sin needed to *e shed which 7es"s @hrist alone had shed "nder this s y and a*o%e this earth. sins. are . 1-ohn 2:2 sa%s. 'B. wealth. they are totally !ista en and are "nder the wrong notion. &r"nachal $radesh. hen. religion or nationality.ei%a . )is 9"alities. 2o" will definitely *e a*le to feel and reali:e i!!ediately that yo" are set free and totally relie%ed fro! the *ondage and ill effects of all the sins co!!itted so far as soon as yo" recei%e 7es"s @hrist as yo"r personal Sa%io"r and on confession of all yo"r sins whole heartedly and repenting for the! and t"rn to the Aord with the *elief that )e died on the cross for yo" and )e alone can gi%e re!ission of all yo"r sins. ? will go. )e is the only . dead or li%ing. @hennai 600 012. 7es"s @hrist did not die on the cross of @al%ary for @hristians alone.od of any religion in this "ni%erse or the acclai!ed god.officer d"e to so!e "n nown reason decided to handle the case hi!self and told others in the s9"ad to lea%e. %ou are $reat and %our name is mi$ht% in 1o&er” (-eremiah 17:2-. they all *elong to 7es"s @hrist. )e answered. there is no "or$iveness” . creation etc. e%ery one of "s.C B2 MC6 &6. Bld 6o. he nor!ally chants so!e slogas. @oo s -oad.od of any religion in this whole "ni%erse can e%en thin of co!ing near to 7es"s @hrist to !atch )is holiness. B' E?6. e%ery nation and for the entire "ni%erseG ?n )ind" te!ples. Btteri.o all the so called gods possess s"ch %irt"es and godly 9"alities or not. ?f any one thin s that others can also gi%e re!issions for their sins. >8here%er . the Aord wanted to sa%e )is children fro! the sin and s"fferings. -CA?. e%ery religion. The Aord has !ade hi! a li%ing !ighty witness to the glory of . h"!ility etc. "n*iased 3"dge!ent. S($-CMC. 0H 46ew 6o. goats are *eing *eheaded and sacrificed in !any )ind" te!ples. E?6. 0HH-266206HH/ @ell 6o. Thin of any or all the godly 9"alities or %irt"es. irrespecti%e of caste. )e was arrested. 0ebre&s 3:22 (NIV 6o . “Is there an%one &ho 'ou!d sa% that I have sinned at an% time9 -esus !ed a !i"e &ithout a sma!! sin (-ohn 4:42 ) No a11earan'e o" sin &as "ound in 0im) 0e &as testi"ied b% 6i!ate. ? donDt now if e%eryone new the . 22 ) 0e &as testi"ied as sin!ess b% 0is o&n a1ost!es (1 6eter 2:22 ) Today can anyone tell or any so called god-incarnates or a religio"s head or a g"r" tell that they ha%e not co!!itted e%en a single sin< 6one can dare say that. 6a!e a good thing. NO REMISSION OF SINS /ITHOUT SHEDDIN# OF )"OOD “5ithout the sheddin$ o" b!ood. worshipping the idols which )e despises the !ost and were destined to s"ffer in hell and fire. the !any people who ha%e *een led to sal%ation thro"gh hi! and the !any people who ha%e *een deli%ered fro! sic ness and *ondages of Satan thro"gh his !inistry. to share his testi!ony with people who do not now 7es"s. the *overnor &ho en:uired 0im (Lu+e 23:4. Since he p"t forth %ery strong. )is o*edience.od to *e worshipped in the whole "ni%erse.hrist im1!i'it!% obe%ed the <ather and submitted 0imse!" si!ent!% and vo!untari!% "or a!! the humi!iation. -CA?. healing and res"rrecting power. destr"ction. protection.arisana!> 4a%aila*le with Mr.?B6 &6. Many )ind" +edas and (panishads clearly depict the highest 9"alities and godliness re9"ired for a god to *e worshipped. it *elongs to )i!. C%en today the Aord is "sing hi! !ightily to deli%er !any tho"sands of people fro! their sinf"l ways and to lead the! to sal%ation in @hrist 7es"s. 1 6eter 1:17. tort"red in 3ail. 65.od and is doing a %ery strong !inistry in )ydera*ad. S)C. a&esome in $!or%. 6BT . )?S $-C@?B(S BABB. /IH10261005. has the power and a"thority to forgi%e and gi%e re!ission for all o"r sins CJ@C$T 7CS(S @)-?ST. )is a*"ndant and "nceasing lo%e. 9"alities. . ?@odus 18:11 (NIV ?n )ind"is!. )a%ing heard his testi!ony. &6. ? was astonished and asto"nded to see the teachings of Aord 7es"s @hrist. Madan Mohan 4Tele 6o. 0e !oved them so mu'h that *od $ave 0is on!% be$otten son to be sa'ri"i'ed on the 'ross in order to 1rovide sa!vation "or them) -esus . g"iltless *lood on the @ross. )e then too hi! to the ch"rch he attended and introd"ced hi! to the )ead $astor. ?t wo"ld ta e another *oo to write a*o"t the goodness of the Aord and the !iracles done *y the Aord in his life. Those of yo" who wo"ld li e to now !ore a*o"t his life.odDs di%ine plan.?. teachings. a*o"t all that too place in his life. /HAT AN A/ESOME1 HO"Y( A"MI#HTY( "O$EA)"E #OD ESUS IS3 “)))5ho is !i+e %ou .od tells !e to go. ) 6o . the S"pre!e. sacrifice or pro!ises. torture and "or the most 1ain"u! and s!o& death on the 'ross (=omans 8:4. C%en )ind" script"res ad!it that there can *e no re!ission of sins witho"t shedding of *lood. 14.?C..

was *"ried in the presence of e%ery one and on the third da% &as resurre'ted and 'ame out a!ive to be seen b% 0is t&e!ve dis'i1!es and 1!ent% o" 1eo1!e in -erusa!em 41 @orinthians 10:1. -efer 7ohn 1:165 B! Eanni s"thaya na!aha 4Bh Aord who is *orn of a %irgin.-14 ”) B! 6a!a si%aaya na!aha 4Si%a! K Ao%e. +ind. rude. B' &AA M&6E?6. $aa!*aatti Siddhar. researchers and archeologists. See Matthew: 1:21. the priest hi!self does not now the !eaning or who! they really !ean to. we adore yo" and worship yo". Love is 1atient. it does not env%.B.S BC'B-C MC. researched and pro%ed *eyond anyoneDs do"*t and recorded *y !any scholars. This co!!and ? ha%e recei%ed fro! !y 'ather B! $ancha aaya na!aha 4Bh Aord.tracts fro! M% . 7es"s @hrist is the only . we glorify yo". 7es"s @hrist ne%er changes. ? a! s"re. 8e lift "p yo"r na!e and !agnify it. )agasthia M"ni%ar.blogspot.hristB” B! Sathaa Si%aaya na!aha 4Bh Aord. ? !ight soon write a *oo in detail a*o"t all these Siddhars and their songs praising the glory of Aord 7es"s @hrist.od who co"ld say that I have 1o&er to !a% it do&n and have 1o&er to ta+e it do&n) /his 'ommand I have re'eived "rom m% <ather (-ohn 17:1. 6o other god in any religion died for "s or for o"r sins. The Bi*le e!phatically states in )e*rews /:22 that there is no remission o" sins &ithout sheddin$ o" b!ood) &ll the )ind" +edas and (panishads clearly ad!it and ac nowledge this fact5. we hail yo".od in this world is *orn of a %irgin5.alt. 8hen ? read the Bi*le !ore deeply. See ?saiah 20:I. we worship yo". '"rther )e has also warned in . pray and worship 7es"s @hrist. se!" see+in$ and not easi!% an$ered) It +ee1s no re'ord o" &ron$s) Love does not de!i$ht in evi! but re>oi'es &ith the truth) It a!&a%s 1rote'ts. the testi!ony of S. yo" were h"ng on the cross for "s. &ll those songs ha%e *een hidden= !any destroyed and did not see the light of the day *eca"se of &ryas. Cphesians 1:1I e. trusts. ? ha%e power to lay it down and ha%e power to ta e it down. T)C . See ?saiah 01:05 B! +ir"chasoola ar"ndhaya na!aha 4Bh Aord. yo" *ore fi%e wo"nds in yo"r *ody for o"r sa e. 6o . &ll the Siddhars and wise !en of yester !illenni"! ha%e s"ng inn"!era*le songs praising Aord 7es"s and they ha%e categorically said that sal%ation is possi*le only thro"gh 7es"s @hrist and )e alone is the tr"e and the only . not a story or epic *"t 9"estioned.od who died on the cross for o"r sins. ?f it is the 8ill of the Aord.!eaning of those Sans rit slogas. ho1es. "or there is no other name under heaven $iven to men b% &hi'h &e must be saved) 0e is the atonin$ sa'ri"i'e "or a!! our sins and not on!% "or ours but a!so "or the sins o" the &ho!e &or!d (1-n 2:2 . today and to!orrow5. ?t is history. !on$. Thir"%all"%ar. Thir"!oolar and so !any other well nown Siddhars and wise !en ha%e written so !any songs a*o"t 7es"s and ha%e declared 7es"s @hrist alone is the real and the only . hi$h and dee1 is the !ove o" . 'B. &:h"gini Siddhar. B! Brah!a p"thiraya na!aha 4Brah!a K 'ather= p"thiraya K son 47es"s @hrist5 na!aha K we worship L !eaning we e. )is lo%e ne%er changes. boast. 7es"s @hrist is the only .clai!s. &cts H:12 says that sa!vation is "ound in no one e!se. Eora a M"ni%ar.e"terono!y 0:# that 2B( S)&AA )&+C 6B BT)C. Thayappan. Bnly 7es"s @hrist shed )is precio"s *lood and sacrificed )is life to gi%e "s li*eration and sal%ation. 6one of the! are nown to ha%e e%er co!e ali%e again.G )allel"3ahG C. for all o"r sins and sic nesses.B. the son of the S"pre!e 'ather. “0o& &ide.od. B! Mir"tha! 3eyaya na!aha 4Bh Aord who scored %ictory and tri"!ph o%er death and hell.html .H5. )is ce!etery is still open. See )e*rews 11:I. and it does not "ee! 1roud..C+C-2 B6C ?6 T)?S 8B-A. Bh lo%ing Aord.od. )e is the sa!e yesterday. &ll those self-proclai!ed god !en and god incarnates are dead. The *irth of Aord 7es"s @hrist was recorded in the cens"s report ta en d"ring the reign of &"g"st"s @aesar. http://biblicalprophesyfulfilled. The Aord )i!self has said in 7ere!iah 12:2# in no "ncertain ter!s that ? &M T)C AB-. ?n fact all the slogas point to and glorify only 7es"s @hristG See the following slogas in san srit. ? was con%inced *eyond any do"*t that 7CS(S @)-?ST ?S & *"ried and their ce!eteries still re!ain closed.hi*ited the di%ine lo%e and has defined what and how a lo%e sho"ld *e in ? @orinthians 11:H-I. See $eter 2:2H. $attinath" adigal. yo" always lo%e "s.. we "phold yo"r na!e and praise yo".r% and M% -o%"u! Ne& Li"e.. 1erseveres and never "ai!s) 6one on earth can !eas"re the depth )is lo%e towards "s. 7es"s @hrist e. @&6 B6A2 BC T)C AB-.