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JBIC’s Loan/Guarantee Scheme For Sales Finance in Emerging Markets September 6, 2011

Tatsuhiko Takesada Global Manufacturing Finance Department

JBIC’s Loan/Guarantee Scheme For Sales Finance in Emerging Markets 2 .Contents 1.Profile of JBIC’s Operation and Finance Tools 2.

Profile of JBIC’s Operation and Finance Tools 3 .1.

JBIC’s Mission To contribute to the sound development of the Japanese and international economy by conducting international finance operation in the following four fields. Promoting overseas development and acquisition of strategically important natural resources to Japan Maintaining and improving the international competitiveness of Japanese industries Responding to disruptions in financial order in the international economy Promoting overseas projects for conserving global environment. such as mitigating global warming 4     .

Our Mission and Finance Tools Missions Natural Resources International Competitiveness Financial Crisis Global Environment JBIC Facilities Export Credit Import Loans Investment Loans Untied Loans Financing exports by Japanese companies Financing imports of strategically important materials to Japan Financing overseas investment & natural resource development undertaken by Japanese companies Financing projects related with improving Japanese companies’ business environment. Prevention of disruptions to international order Guarantees Equity Participation 5 .

JBIC’s Loan/Guarantee Scheme For Sales Finance in Emerging Markets 6 .2.

Purpose of providing Loan/Guarantee for Sales Financing Companies in Emerging Markets  To meet increasing funding needs and sustain stable development of emerging markets Assist Japanese auto companies’ operations under competition in such markets  7 .

.Indonesia and Thai are primary targets ・AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Co.T. Federal International Finance 8 . Summit Oto Finance ・Bussan Auto Finance ・P. Ltd ・Nissan Leasing Thailand Co..T. Ltd ・P.

Outlook of Indonesian Motorcycle Market and Units (in thousands) Market Share of Japanese Manufactures Market Share 9 .

JBIC signed a guarantee agreement totaling Rp 475 billion (about 4. there is increasing need for stable local currency funding. Bussan Auto Finance  As sales finance companies are significantly expanding financial assets to meet growing demand for motorcycles.JBIC Guarantee for Local Currency Loan to PT. In response to such needs. 10  . Bussan Auto Finance (BAF).3 billion yen) with the Jakarta Branch of The Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ for BTMU’s rupiah-denominated loan to PT.

BAF Finance Scheme Guarantee repayment by BAF to BTMU Loan in IDR Repayment in IDR Sales Finance for Individual Purchasers 11 .

Thank you for listening! 12 .