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BP is divided into four main business segments: Exploration and Production. supply and transportation. BP HROL currently used by BP Indonesia staffs. and Gas. Resourcing. Addition of administrator back end for current static data Such as company policy & procedures. Personal Development Plan. 8. administered by BP HR Department. Employee Directory. 2. Online Recruitment. Finishing of HR modules currently under progress. Internal Recruitment & Hiring. Main Features: 1. 6. Training Information & Enrollment. Planning. BP has growing presence in gas and power and in solar power generation. including: Changing the backend database from MS Access to Oracle Server 8i. Personnel Information. as intranet application to maintain employee information at BP Indonesia. Petrochemicals. Addition of other modules currently not available. Procedures and Company . marketing. Power and Renewable. 5. Expatriate Documents. 4. The system has been run for over a year and has been accepted as a common application for maintaining personal data for every employee at BP Indonesia. Learning & Development. Case Study Objective The goal of this project (HROL Enhancement Project) is to enhance the application. www.BP Indonesia “Human Resource Online” About BP main activities are the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. Refining and Marketing. and the manufacture and marketing of petrochemicals. 7. Solution BP Human Resource Online uses ASP and Oracle database. Performance Management.konsep. Personnel File. 3. Staffing. Policy. Rewards & Benefit. Executive Information System. refining. Addition of workflow or procedures for HR modules such as approval process for employee data changing.

Initiatives/Projects. Data Analysis/Business Info Module.7. now and in the future. To provide decision support making process related to Supply Chain data analysis process. is a part of Shell Group located in Jakarta. The aim of the Shell Group is to meet the energy needs of society. 1.Supply Chain & Operation. 1. Organization. Supply Chain & Operation (SCO) of Shell Companies in Indonesia (SCI) has been using financial software from Sun Systems for managing SCO's activity. Feedback Module. 5. Data Synchronization & Additional Data Entry Module. User Authentication Module. 4. 3. 1. Objective 1. 1. Article/News. knowledge and initiatives.4. 3. Improve performance monitoring and control in Supply Chain & Operations. MSSQL Server database.8. Provide an easy to access media to share out Supply Chain & Operations area of expertise. Meeting Arrangement & Result. 2.Shell Companies in Indonesia “Supply Chain Web” About Shell Group (The Royal Dutch) is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. socially and environmentally viable.5. 1. Transporter/Transportation Info. . Useful Website URL (Links).konsep. 1.6. in ways that are economically. 1. Shell Indonesia . Improve reporting reliability and reduce complexity in creating reports within Supply Chain & Operation area of responsibility. Main Features: Case Study Solution Shell Supply Chain Web uses ASP . MS Analysis Service (OLAP) with integration with existing SUN System. www. 1.1.2. 4. 2.3. Warehouse & Distribution Location Info. Content Management Module. Procedures Info.

Complain Report. Account Receivables . Individual Customer Discount. Objective JogjaMediaNet needs an information system in order to improve customer relationship. Network Menu Network Coverage. Income Projection developed integrated information system named “Customer Care & Billing System” (CCBS). CCBS also provides complete reporting facility to inform JogjaMediaNet services performance. Services Menu Services Administration. Case Study www.JogjaMediaNet “Customer Care & Billing System” About JogjaMediaNet is a company located in Yogyakarta that provides cable network services. Writing List. Cable TV. CCBS provides customer care facility from registration to automatic monthly billing info generation. Collocation. Solution Konsep. Hosting. Invoicing. Types of services provided by Jogja MediaNet are: Internet Service Provider (ISP). One Account Multi Services. Disconnection. Main Features: Customer Menu Registration. Material Usage Report. Network Utilization Report.konsep. Field Task. VAT Report. Waiting List Report. Credit Payment. Operational Reports Customer Report. Voice over IP (VoIP). Complaint Report. Special Promo Discount. Quality of Service Report. Complaint. Financial Reports Net Income Report.

Built Tools: Ant. • Online integrated availability information from many Indonesian airlines. Database Layer: iBatis. • Single entry to access different host mainframe. . JScience. Relational Database: MaxDB.NET: XML-RPC. This application designed to enabled travel agent book reservation in Indonesian airlines. Test Tools: JUnit and JMeter. ActiveX (For Mainframe Connectivity): QPlexView. • Online booking capability with many Indonesian airlines. PT “Local Distribution System” About Gradian Local Distribution System is web based multi airline reservation system.NET. LDS will map LDS entry to each host mainframe entry.NET Framework. Web Framework: JPublish. www. Main Features: Case Study Solution • • • • • • • • • • • • Platform: Java 2 SDK and . JodaTime. That's why it's called Local Distribution System because the scope of this application is local (Indonesian airlines). Messaging Server: ActiveMQ.konsep. Objective Provide functionality and benefits of GDS to travel agents with much lower cost by reducing network communication and computing infrastructure cost. Web Server: Tomcat. • Adopt entry style from mainframe GDS application to accomodate travel agents familiarity with mainframe GDS. You can book one flight which Involves many Indonesian airlines in a single booking. Library: Javolution.Gradian Data System. IDE: Eclipse and Visual Studio. PT Gradian Data System is focused in providing the benefits of integrated reservation system like GDS (Global Distribution System) but with much lower cost for Indonesian airlines. • Automatically map one LDS booking to many booking in many host as needed. Communication Java with .

net . • Alumni record. They are responsible for managing fund given by PT FI and supervise the programs.konsep. especially Amungme and Kamoro.Net develop SID enhancement with additional features. Case Study www. • Periodic academic evaluation. • Student's academic history. • Additional reports and summaries.Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme dan Kamoro “Scholarship Interactive Database Enhancement” About Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme dan Kamoro (LPMAK) is an organization sponsored by PT Freeport Indonesia (PT FI) whose mission is to develop local community. Konsep. • Scholarship quota based on tribes and level of study. • Ranking system for scholarship admission.NET Framework. Objective LPMAK needs to improve the efficiency of SID application with optimum features to accomodate scholarship application & admission. decision making. and modified some of its business process. ad hoc reports. Monitoring Scholarship Program is one of the LPMAK activity. for control/auditing. • Preliminary check for predefined standards. academic periodic evaluation. and Microsoft SQL Server as database server. Main Features: • Scholarship application. Solution Using Microsoft . and analysis purposes.

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