Meeting of the General Assembly 4 December 2013 Daggett Lounge, Thorne Hall I. Call to Order: 20:32 II.

Roll Call: N/A III.Approval of Minutes: Minutes Stand IV. Public Comment Time: No one present. V. Introduction of Guests: No guests present. VI. Old Business VII. Reports of Committees a. Facilities & Sustainability – David Levine ’16 1. Response about Freshmen not being able not to change meal plans. 2. Will show that meals are important at Bowdoin. 3. Not money saving issue. 4. Any questions go back to Levine. Rujiraorchai: I had an idea to get inflatable beds to be put at Smith Union. Massa: Where are you going to store the beds? Rujiraorchai: Smith Union, they don’t have about space. Nelson: Have you thought about if you are going to do a deposit on the beds? Rujiraorchai: 5 Dollar “Flat Rate”. Rujiraorchai: All of a sudden, you can go to student union. Goldberg: Deposits are a good idea. Rujiraorchai: How do you get your prospie one? Rujiraorchai: Cheaper option might have sleeping pads? Nelson: Better for us to b. Academic Affairs – Jordan Goldberg ’14 1. Week before Thanksgiving Break. 2. Will is in touch with Mitch Davis online. 3. She knows everything about one direction. 4. Interesting Perspective. 3rd Floor Nixon Lounge. c. Student Affairs – Roberto Tavel ’16 1. Compliments Danny on sweater. 2. Look up to funding, and see what we can do. 3. 3,000 Dollars for good ideas fund. For second semester funding. 4. Chartered Society to Society of Physics Students. 1

5. Cruz reads charter 6. We will be completing the shift from e-mail list to the Orbit over Spring Break. 7. Happy Hanukkah! d. Student Organizations Oversight Committee – Daniel Mejia-Cruz ’16 1. NIL e. Student Activities Funding Committee – Megan Massa ’14 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Happy Hanukah! This year after operating budget: 134,000 We spent: 60,000 about 76,0000 left. Last year: 154,000 dollars Spent: 61,000 Second Semester: 70,000. Second Semester has more programming.

f. Executive Committee – Sarah K. Nelson ’14 / Allen Wong Yu ’1 4 1. Apologies for Pep Rally Cancellation. VIII. Report of Members a. Class Councils 2014:  2015:  2016:  2017:   Very successful first game night event. Working on First Year Sophomore Semi Formal. NIL Preparing for Junior-Senior Ball NIL

c. Inter-House Council 1. Pep rally. 2. Officer Dinner this afternoon.


d. Entertainment Board  Working on ivies

e. Athletic Council 1. NIL f. The McKeen Center 1. NIL g. At-Large 1. NIL IX. Report of the President – Sarah K. Nelson ’14 1. Last meeting of the semester: All things have been really crazy. 2. Semester report is going out. 3. Allen Wong is playing in the chapel. X. Announcements XI. Adjournment: 20:54