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Home to India's largest ship building yard, this thriving industrial city has come a long way since its days as a Dutch colonial settlement. Vishakhapatnam has also witnessed the rule of great kings like Ashoka and Krishnadeva Raya. This rich historic legacy is coupled with an abundant scenic beauty of hills, beaches and valleys.

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Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen, umbrella.
Max: 31.3°C Min: 25.9°C Rain: 154.1mm


Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen, umbrella.
Max: 31.3°C Min: 25.8°C Rain: 219.0mm

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Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen.
Famous For : BeachNature / WildlifePlaces To VisiCity Max: 27.8°C Min: 20.5°C Rain: 12.4mm

Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen, umbrella.
Max: 31.0°C Min: 25.0°C Rain: 202.4mm

Also known as Vizag, Vishakhapatnam is full of abundant tourist traps. The hill trinity of Dargah Konda, Sri Venkateswara Konda and Ross flanking Vizag are each steeped in the different religious legacies of Islam's Baba Ishaq Madina, Lord Shiva and Virgin Mary respectively. While natural and scenic spots such as Araku, Rushikonda Beach and Kailasagiri Hill Park are usually identified with Visakhapatnam, the destination also does not lack in terms of modern sophistication owing to its importance as an industrial city and the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command. Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen.
Max: 29.3°C Min: 22.2°C Rain: 31.7mm

Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen, umbrella.
Max: 29.8°C Min: 23.1°C Rain: 99.3mm

Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen.
Max: 30.9°C Min: 24.5°C Rain: 18.6mm

Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen.
Max: 28.2°C Min: 20.8°C Rain: 10.9mm

Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen.
Max: 31.8°C Min: 26.2°C Rain: 18.8mm

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Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen, umbrella.
Max: 33.0°C Min: 27.4°C Rain: 99.8mm

1 Borra Caves

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Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen, umbrella.
Max: 32.3°C Min: 27.2°C Rain: 124.7mm

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Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen, umbrella.
Max: 31.2°C Min: 26.2°C Rain: 133.2mm

Anantagiri Hills, Visakhapatnam (Vizag), India The stalactite and stalagmite formations at the Borra Caves is something you just can't afford to miss at the Anantagiri area of Visakhapatnam. Located some 1400 meters


Andhra Pradesh. 4 Belum Caves Belum Village. 531001.archaeological&nbsp. Vizag. It is also an ideal spot for water sports. Back in 1807 William King George of the Geological Survey of India discovered some Paleolithic implements here that were assumed to be a million years old at the Borra Caves. Andhra Pradesh.researched by a group of German speleologists in 198284. 5 Rushikonda Beach +91-891-2797533 The multi-cuisine restaurant has a variety of dishes on their menu. The main attraction of the hill is the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu at thia place. B/S Chitralaya Theater. 3 Talakona Waterfall Talakona Waterfall. Another popular multi-cuisine restaurant that offers a wide range of options.&nbsp. It is an enchanting waterfall in the Venkateswara National Park. &nbsp. It is also the highest waterfall in all of Andhra Pradesh and hence on your visit to Chitoor. India 3 Vihar Restaurant Rushikonda. placed there to welcome the devotees of Venkateswara to his abode. Andhra Pradesh. India Rushikonda Beach is situated 6 kms away from the city. Where To Eat 1 Alfa Hotel 3 Places http://www.&nbsp.thoroughly&nbsp. Originally discovered in 1884 by a British surveyor Robert Bruce Foote. Chitoor. the caves were&nbsp.&nbsp. Andhra Pradesh. Vizag. India +91-891-2794027 The residing place of Lord Venkateswara. It is the interior harbour for The caves are exceptionally brilliant and one must visit them when in Kurnool. The beach offers the most picturesque view with frothy white waves of the Bay of Bengal hitting the gold sand of the land. Andhra pradesh. Kurnool. Right at the entrance of the temple is a charming pyramidal gopura.&nbsp. Vihar restaurant offers a plethora of cuisines and a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. a visit to the Talakona Waterfalls is a must. Apart from bearing great&nbsp. The second largest cave in the Indian subcontinent and the longest in the plains of India. Visakhapatnam.http://www. Beach Road. Inside the cave is a Shivalinga and the idol of the holy cow Kamadenu that are regarded to be divine by the local people here. India +91-891-2746920 2 Sri Venkateswara Konda Sri Venkateswara Apart from the religious tangent that is the primary attraction of the place.Vishakhapatnam Travel Guide . the Belum Caves is someting one just cant miss at Kurnool. Jgd Cmml page 2 above sea level the caves offer wonderful experience to tourists. India In the Chitoor District of Andhra Pradesh Talakona Waterfall is located. Sri Venkateswara konda is a small hill located in Visakhapatnam.importanc e the place also has historical and religious significance. &nbsp. India . 28 10 33/6.ixigo. It is a popular evening spot among the locals and tourists alike. Vizag. Visakhapatnam. the majestic view of the port channel from top of the hill is spectacular.ixigo. ships and liners at Vizag Port. Andhra Pradesh. India 2 Amaravati restaurants Daba Gardens. Andhra Pradesh.&nbsp. page 3 Quick LOCATE http://www.Vishakhapatnam Travel Guide See A: Borra Caves B: Sri Venkateswara Konda C: Talakona Waterfall D: Belum Caves E: Rushikonda Beach Food F: Alfa Hotel G: Amaravati restaurants H: Vihar Restaurant .ixigo.

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