The Tantra Vision, Vol 1 Talks on the Royal Song of Saraha Talks given from 21/04/77 am to 30/04/77 am English Discourse series


CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT THE BLIND LIVE ON IN THEDARK. THOUGH SPONTANEITY IS ALL-ENCOMPASSING AND CLOSE, TOTHE DELUDED IT REMAINS ALWAYSFARAWAY. THOUGH THERE MAYBE MANY RIVERS, THEY ARE ONE IN THE SEA, THOUGH THERE MAYBE MANY LIES, ONE TRUTH WILL CONQUERALL. WHEN ONE SUN APPEARS, THEDARK, HOWEVER DEEP, WILLVANISH. GAUTAM THEBUDDHAIS THE GREATEST MASTERwho haseverwalkedon the earth. Christ isagreat Master, soisKrishna, sois Mahavir, sois Mohammed, and many more butBuddh a still remains the greatest Master. Not that his achievement of Enlightenment is greater than anybody else s Enlightenment is neither less nor more he has attained to the same quality of consciousness as Mahavir, as Christ, as Zarathustra, as Lao Tzu. Thereis no questionof anyEnlightened manbeing more Enlightenedthan anybody else. But asfar as his being a Master is concerned, Buddha is incomparable because, through him, thousands of people have attained to Enlightenment. It has never happened with anyother Maste r. His line has beenthemostfruitfulline.Hisfamilyhasbeenthemost creativefamilyuptonow.Heislikeab ig tree with so manybranches and EACH branch has been fruitful; each branch is load ed with many fruits. Mahavir remaineda localphenomenon. Krishnafell intothe handsof scholarsandwas lo st. Christ was completely destroyedbythepriests. Much couldhave happened,butit didn t happen. Buddha has been tremendouslyfortunate in this. Not that the priests have not tried, not that the scholars havenottriedtheyhavedoneallthatthey candobut somehow Buddha s teaching wasdevisedi n such a way that it could not be destroyed. It is still alive. Even after twentyfive centuries, a few flowers come on his tree, it stillblooms. Spring comes, and still it releases fr agrance, it still bears fruit. Saraha is also a fruit of the same tree. Saraha was born about two centuries aft

er Buddha. He was inthe directlineofadifferentbranch.Onebranchmovesfrom MahakashyaptoBodhidharmaan d Zenisborn anditisstillfullofflowers,thatbranch. Anotherbranchmovesfrom Buddhatohi sson, Rahul Bhadra, and from Rahul Bhadra toSriKirti, and from SriKirti to Saraha, and from Saraha to Nargarjuna that is theTantra branch. It is still bearing fruit in Tibet. Tantra converted Tibet, and Saraha is thefounder ofTantra just as Bodhidharma is thefounder of Zen. Bodhidharma conquered China,Korea,Japan. Saraha conqueredTibet. TheseSongsofSaraha areofgreat beauty.They aretheveryfoundationofTantra.Youwillha veto understand first theTantra attitude towards life, theTantra vision of life. TheTantra Vision,Vol1 3 Osho

CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT The most basic thing about Tantra is this and very radical, revolutionary, rebel lious the basic visionis that theworldis not divided into thelower and the higher,but that thewo rldis one piece. The higher and the lower are holding hands. The higher includes the lower, and t he lowerincludes the higher. The higher is hidden in the lower so the lower has not to be denied, has not to be condemned, has not to be destroyed or killed. The lower has to be transformed. T he lower has to beallowedtomoveupwards... andthelowerbecomes the higher. Thereisno unbridgeableg ap between the Devil and God the Devil is carrying God deep down in his heart. Once that heart starts functioning, theDevil becomes God. That is the reason whythe very root of the word devil means the same as divine . The wo rd devil comes from divine ;itisthe Divinenotyetevolved, that sall.NotthattheDevilis againstthe Divine, not that the Devil is trying to destroythe Divine infact, the Devil is trying to find the Divine. The Devil is on the waytowards the Divine; it is not the enemy, it is the seed. The Divine is the tree fully inbloom andthe Devil is the seed but the tree ishidden in the seed. And the seed is not against thetree;infact,thetree cannotexistiftheseedisnotthere.Andthetreeisnotagainstthes eed they are in deep friendship, they are together. Poison and nectar are two phases of the same energy, so are life and death and so is everything: dayand night, love andhate, sex and superconsciousness. Tantra says: Never condemn anything the attitude of condemnation is the stupid a ttitude. By condemning something,you are denyingyourself the possibility thatwouldhave becom eavailable toyouifyouhadevolvedthelower. Don t condemnthemud, becausethelotusis hiddeninthemu d; usethemudto producethe lotus. Of course,themudisnotthe lotusyet,butit canbe. And the creative person, the religious person, will help the mud to release its lotus so that the lotus can be freed from the mud. SarahaisthefounderoftheTantra vision.Itisof tremendousimport,andparticularlyfort he present moment in human history, because a new man is striving to be born, a new conscio usness is

knocking on the doors. And the future is going to be that of Tantra, because now no more dual attitudes can hold man s mind. Theyhave triedfor centuries and theyhave crippled man and theyhave made man guil ty. And they have not made man free they have made man a prisoner. And they have not made man happy either; they have made man very miserable. They have condemned everything from f ood to sex theyhave condemned everything;from relationship to friendship theyhave condemned all. Love is condemned,bodyis condemned,mindiscondemned. Theyhavenotleftasingleinchforyouto stand on; theyhave taken awayall and man is hanging, just hanging. This stateof man cannotbe toleratedany more. Tantra cangiveyouanew perspective h enceI have chosen Saraha. Saraha is one of my most loved persons. It is myold love affair. You may notevenhave heard the nameof Saraha,but Sarahais oneof thegreat benefact orsof humanity. If I were to count on my fingers ten benefactors of humanity, Saraha w ould be one of those ten.IfI wereto countfive,thentooI wouldnotbeabletodropSaraha. TheTantra Vision,Vol1 4 Osho

CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT BEFORE WE ENTER into these Songs of Saraha, a few things about Saraha s life: Sara ha was bornin Vidarbha; VidarbhaispartofMaharashtra,veryclosetoPoona. Hewasborn whenKin g Mahapala was the ruler. He was the son of a verylearned Brahmin who was in the c ourt of King Mahapala.Thefatherwasinthe court sotheyoungmanwasalsointhe court.Hehadfourother brothers;they wereallgreat scholars,andhewastheyoungestandthe most intelligentof themall. Hisfamewas spreading allover the country,byandby, and the kingwas almost enchant edbyhis superb intelligence. Thefour brotherswerealsoverygreat scholars,but nothingtobe comparedwithSaraha.As they becamemature,thefourgot married. Thekingwas willingtogivehisown daughtertoSaraha ,but Sarahawantedto renounceall Sarahawantedto becomea sannyasin.Thekingwashurt;hetried to persuade Saraha he was so beautiful and he was so intelligent and he was such a handsome young man. Hisfamewas spreading allover the country, and becauseof him Mahapala s courtwas becomingfamous. Thekingwasvery muchworried,andhe didn twant thisyoung manto become a sannyasin. He wanted to protect him, he wanted to give him all comfort possibl e he was ready todoanythingfor him.ButSaraha persistedandthepermissionhadtobegiven he becamea sannyasin,he becameadiscipleofSriKirti. Sri Kirti is in the direct line of Buddha Gautam Buddha, then his son Rahul Bhad ra, and then comesSriKirti. There arejusttwo MastersbetweenSarahaand Buddha;heisnotveryfarawa y from Buddha.Thetreemusthavebeenstillvery, verygreen;thevibemusthavebeenstillvery , very alive. Buddha had just left. The climate must have been full of his fragrance. Thekingwas shocked, becauseSarahawasaBrahmin. Ifhewantedto becomea sannyasinhe shouldhave becomea Hindu sannyasin,buthe chosea Buddhist Master.Saraha sfamilywas also very muchworried. Infact, theyall became enemies... thiswas notright. And then t hings became even worse we will come to know about it. Saraha s original name was Rahul , the name given by his father. We will come to know how he became Saraha that is a beautiful story. When he went to SriKirti, the first thi ng SriKirti told him was: ForgetallyourVedasandallyourlearningandallthat nonsense. Itwas difficultforSara

buthewasready. to become again innocentlikeachild. Justthe sameashehad startedto becomeveryfamousasagreat scholar.Youcanescapefromyour kingdom.itis easyto reno unceagreat kingdom. likea fresh leaf..youcangototheHimalay as.. Something in the presence of Sri Kirti had a ttracted him. by and by. Thisis oneofthegreatestrenunciations:itis easyto renouncewealth.Inthefirstplace . you can distributeyourwealth how canyou renounceyour knowledge? And thenitis too p ainful to become ignorant again. or likedew-drops on thegrassin the morning. He became a great meditator. Years passed and.buttorenounceknowledgeisthemost difficultthingintheworld.nowhisfame starte d spreadingasagreat meditator.Hedroppedallhislearning.People startedcoming fromfarandawayjusttohavea glimp seof thisyoung man who had become so innocent. TheTantra Vision. he erased all that he had known.ha.howto renounceit?Itisthere insideyou. It is thegreatest austerity there is.Vol1 5 Osho . Sri Kirtiwasagreatmagnet.he become ignoran t again. but he was ready to stake anything.

the m oreprimitive. He stood up. The more you become civilized.Theless civilized.Hewas surprised:he reallyfoundthewoman thathehad seenint he vision. still down-to-earth.Infact.ThefearisthattheAmericanhas becomevery much plastic. the more you become p lastic you become artificial. A n egro is more vitalthantheAmerican thatisthefearoftheAmerican. SoTantra says: Those who are still uncivilized.togo intoTantrayou will needthe cooperatio nofa wise woman. It is not an attitude o f loseyour roots into the eart h.andthenegrois still vi tal.You tookmylearningaway. the mo re civilized a person. The third thing to be remembered about Tantra: it says the more cultured.Tantrasays:Tofindthereal personyouwillhavetogotothe roots. The woman was making an arrow.Now. isvery . Hewenttothe marketplace. The conflict between theblacks and the whites in America is not really the confl ict betweenblack andwhite. withoutawisewomanyouwillnotbeableto enterintothecomplexworldofTantra. suddenly he saw a vision a vision that there was a woman inthemarketplacewhowasgoingtobehisreal teacher.thewhiteman. in the thick of life. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT One daywhile Saraha was meditating. And that s the observation of the modern psychologist too. You h ave shown me thePath.SriKirtihasjustputhimontheway. NowI amreadytodothe otherhalf.Sofirstawoman. uneducated. the more alive a person is. they are more alive. Hesawavision:awomanthereinthemarketplace. uncultured. she was an arrowsmith woman.TheAmericanisvery muchafraidofthe negro. Second start posingyourself as t houghyou arenotoftheworld.CHAPTER 1. Where areyou going? And he said.You are afraid of themuddyworld.thistoohastobe understood.Youhave done half thework youhave cleanedmyslat e. WiththeblessingsofSriKirtiwhowas become toomuch cultivated. it is utter positivity.itisthe conflictbetweentheplasticandthereal.but thereal teachingisto comefromawoman.hewentawa y.AndtheAmerican. they have more vitality. SriKirti asked him. Tantra thrives in the marketplace.ItisonlyTantra that hasnever been malechauvinistic.You start livingawayfrom theworld.thelessisthepossibilityofhisTantrictransformation.

theyhave notgrownyet they can still choosearightdi rection. Even SriKirti. they can proceed dir ectly.thereisa possibilityof start ingtogrow. young woman. his energy isstillwild. and for Saraha a learned Brahmin. Tantrasays:Intheworldof thosewho are stillprimitive. looking neither to the right nor to the left.. The negro is more vital. hisMaster. Somethingso freshand somethingfrom the very source.. who had belonged to the court of the king going to an arrowsmith woman is symbolic. Thelearnedhastogotothe vital. a fa mous Brahmin.Andthatisoneofthegreatestfearsof civilizedpeople:tolosetheirwomen.You havegrownina wrong direction. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 6 Osho . And theydon t have anything to undo. something that he had never come across. cutting an arrowshaft.paledbeforethe presenceofthiswoman.theywillnotbeabletoholdtheirwomen. sexually more vital.Th eyknow thatif morevitalpersonsareavailable. they are more potential.much afraid. he wil l lose his woman. basically because he is afraid that if the negro is allowed. H e immediately felt something extraordinaryin her presence. He saw this woman.The plastichastogotothereal. the American will lose his woman. An arrowsmith woman is a low-caste woman. radiant with life.. very alive. but wholly absorbed in making the arrow. more alive.

Is not enough eno ughforyou? Areyou notyetfedup with all this? Do notwasteany more timein that futile search. Buddha s meaning can on ly be known through actions. Yes. his anti-philosophy wa s a sort of philosophy.buthehadhisown scriptu res and his own Vedas. her other eye was open. Soheaskedthewoman whethershewasaprofessional arrowsmith. she was simply posing.Shewasagreat magnetandhewas nothingbutapieceof iron . Now. She is a woman of action.He couldfeel someth ing there.andthewomanlaughedloudly . She had closed one eye. whatitwas. This posturewas symbolic.hehadtoldSarahatodropalllearning. a nd she was aimingat some unknown target invisible. Saraha watched carefully: The arrow ready.but stillitwasverydimanddark.CHAPTER 1. only an uncultured woman can talk that way.and said. And thewayshe laughedwas so uncivilized.Andhewasfeeling pulled.but stillhew asa learned man. the yellow robe.whoissimplyblissfullyunawareoftheworldofphilosophy. Now.butyou remain all the time the same stupid man. And she said. Saraha came still closer.Dhammapada.itwas not there. Come and follow me! . a wild laugh. there was no target. And thenshe said. not throughwords and not through books. somethingwas verymuch alive. You thinkyou area Buddhist? Hemusthave beeninthe robeoftheBuddhist monk. You stupidBrahmin!Youhave lefttheVedas. So whatis the point?Youhave changedyour books. Even though he was anti-philosophical. ofthe world of thought.youhave changedyour philosophy. and she is utterly absorbed in her a ction. buthe could not figureit out. here is a woman who is neither philosophical nor anti-philosoph ical who simply doesnotknowwhat philosophyis.hefelt. assumed the posture of aiming at an invisible target. Nobody had talked to him that way. Saraha startedfeeling so memessage. Hehad toldSarahatodropALLVedasand scriptures. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT SriKirtiwasagreat philosopher. the woman closing one eye and opening the other. And she laughed again.butnowyou areworship ping Buddha s sayings. soprimitive but still. Saraha was shocked.

from the right to the left. For the first time he understood what Buddha meansbybeing in the middle: avoid t he axis.thattobeinthe middleistherightthing. nor looking to the right.butthatisnotgoingtohelp. when it is going to the left it is again gaining momentum to go to the right. then the state of no-time.contemplat ed overit. You canmovefromthelefttotheright.Forthef irsttime TheTantra Vision.. Nei ther looking to the left.hehadreadaboutit.fromtherighttotheleft.nowheisworshippingjusttheopposite buttheworshipcontinue s.itis gaining momentumtogo to the left. First hewasworshippingone thing. First he was a philosopher.Tobein the middle means the pendulum just hang s therein the middle. Andhaveyou observed? whenthe pendulumisgoingtotheright. he had seen her just looking in the middle..hehad pondered. neithertotherightnortotheleft.thentheworldstops. and theworld continues.hehadarguedwith othersaboutit.And somethinghappened.somethinglikea communion.Y ouwill be like a pendulum movingfrom the left to the right. HehadhearditsaidsomanytimesbySriKirti.Thenth ereis no more time.Int hat moment. And the clock continues. the spiritual significance of what she was doing dawned upon Saraha.Thentheclockstops. now he has become anti-philosopher from one extreme to ano ther.Hehad neverfeltlikethatbefore.Vol1 7 Osho .

thatyou have been wastingyourlife. so she said. moneyistheonly god . Ourreligionsaredifferent.. that there is nothing in i t.butyour center of consciousness is still the money. escapeisalsofoolish . And she was so utterly absorbed that she was not even looking at Saraha who was standing the re watching her. FOR THE FIRST TIME Saraha saw it actually there he had not even seen it in Sri K irti..watchitinlife. Whatdoyou meanby saying thatyour religions are different? The woman said. She was so utterly absorbed.Youweremuchtooworldly. It was really there. she wasjust lookinginthemiddle. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT he had seen it in an action: the woman was not looking to the right and not look ing to the left.ismad.andtobe other-worldlyisalsotobeworldly.Itwasyour illusion.. Moneycannotbethegod. and he is broke. Youcanchangefromone desireto beagainst moneyistobemad after money.Youhavemovedfromthelefttothe right. Thenyouturn againstit. The questionerwas puzzled because she knew that bothwere Catholics. Oneday or otheryoucom eto the point whereyou can see that there is no godin it.focussedinthe middle. co ntemplate about it. she was so totally in the action that is again a Bu . she said. And the woman was true.Just to be in the middle is what wisdom is all about.CHAPTER 1.youwere projecting.and that swhy wehavebrokenup. The middle is the point from where the transcendence happens. You can only learn through action .tobefor moneyistobemad after mone y.onedayyoucan become other-worldly you remain the same. Buddha says:To beworldly is to be worldly. One day or other.thenyoutakeanopposite attitude:youbecome against money.A manisrunning after money.. the disease persists. Onewomanwas asking another. nowyouareAGAINSTthe moneybutthe obsession remains. Whyhaveyou leftyourboyfriend? What happened?Ihad been thinkingthatyouwereengagedandthatyouweregoingtobe married what happened? Thewomansaid. the god fails it is bound to fail. Thenyou leave themoney.toseekpowerisfoolish.You are continuously obsess ed now. I worship money. Think about it. There are people whose only god is money.youdon t touch the money.

Doanything incompletelyandithangswithyou. Do anything totally anditis finished.forallthatyouhadbeendoi ng TheTantra Vision. Mindhasagreat temptationto completethings.Youwantedtogotoyour fatherandyouwantedtobeforgivenforallthatyouhadbeen doing.itgoeson itisahangover. Youwantedtoloveawomanandyou didn tlove. Ify ou continuedoingthingstotally. andyou will not carry a psychological memoryo f it.nowthewomanis dead.Vol1 8 Osho .ddhist message: Tobe totalin actionistobe freeof action. Ifyou are totally in it.Mindisthe accumula ted past of all incomplete actions. Karma is created becauseyou are not totally in it. it l eaves no trace.onedayyousuddenlyfindthereisnomind. Completeanythingandthemindisgone. Andthemindwantstocontinue and do it and complete it.

He simply goes ahead. And then he rememberedthat closing one eye. absorbedin whatsoever shewas doing. For the first time Saraha encountered a woman who was not just physically beauti ful. andyou will be free. One thingis incomplete here. alive. Be total. who was spiritually beautiful. He could have touchedit.butfor the first time meditationwas there. It was almost tangible.Thebeauty came becauseshewasnotanextremist..Nowthefriendis no more. He couldfeel it. The woman was totally absorbed. his vision is not clouded. His eyes are clear of the past.Andtherealmanneverlooks back because there is nothing to see. He understoodwhat meditationisforthe firsttime. Notthatyousitfora specialperiodand repeata repent. Have you watched it? Haveyouever completedanything?oriseverythingjust incomplete?Andyougoon pushing a side one thing andyou startanother thing. and beforeitis completeyou startanother. He has no hangovers.Youstartfeelingaguilt. That s why she was looking so luminous.hehadbeenstr uggling hard.buttobeinlife togoondoingtrivialthings.CHAPTER 1.Thebeauty ca me becauseshewasinthemiddle. You are somuchworried with allyour incomplete actions you are likea junkyard..Nowyou are helpless whattodo? Whomtogoto? Andhowtoaskforgiveness? You wantedtobekindtoafriendbutyou couldnotbe becauseyou became closed. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT in suchawaythathewasfeeling hurt nowheis dead. The surrender happened.andithurts.butwithsuch absorptio nthat the profundity is revealed in everyaction. Now the hangover will remain.You become more and moreburdened thisiswhatkarmais.heunderstoodfor the first time: thisis what m editationis..notthatyougotothe churchortoth e templeortothe mosque. Doanyactiontotallyandyouarefreeofit. another thing is incomplete there nothing is complete. Now the ghost. he was surrendered. Ab sorbed totally. The beauty came becauseoftotalabsorption. but the beauty was not of this earth..Hehadbeen meditating. Thingsgoonlikethis..andyoudon tlookback. Naturally.Outof balanceisgrace. she was lo oking so beautiful. balanced. She was an ordinary woman. In THATclarity one comes to know w hat reality is. opening the oth .Karma means incomplete action.

TheTantra Vision. words and words and words and arguments and syllogisms and inferences. Not thatyou infer you simply realize. vision.. The leftside hemisphereis thefaculty of reason. logic... analysis. Thetruthisknownbytheright-sidemind. it is not experience. poetic inspiration.Vol1 9 Osho .truthisinferredbythe left-side mind. That is the meaning of a priori awareness : it is simply there. Buddha says h alf the mind reasons and half the mind intuits. The mind is divided in two parts. in two hemi spheres. Buddha says. a priori conscious ness. phi losophy. is a symbol. Inferenc e isjust inference.. The leftside mind is Aristotelian. The right-side mind is intuitive. after two thousand five hu ndred years psychology has come to that point where Buddha was so long a Buddhist symbol. a priori awareness. discursive thought. psychologists will agree with him now. Not thatyou argue you simply come to know. theology.

IAND THOU. thenithappens.. the unattainable is attained. So he remembered the posture. Itis possib lefora differentkindof man. Thereisaveryfamous book. Asyou are it cannot happen. Martin Buber says the experience of prayer is an I-thou experience he is impossible Ime an that it cannot happen unlessyou are utterly transformed. the invisible. nobody can destroyit. the one that is the aim.Iwillhavetobedrasticallydangero us toyou. awareness. logic. The experience of prayer is an l-thou experience: Godis the thou . Yes. Through that the impossible is possible. Aiming at the unknown. to attain that which cannot be attained.youwillnotknowit. Andthenew manisborn. Aiming at the unknown invisible.A new man will know that eternalawarenessinyour being. Andyou canbetotallyanew man. whereIand thou are lost.b ut there are differentwaysof being. it is area new man.. That is real knowledge: to know that which cannot be known. How to be one with existence? The nondual is the aim. Wh enyou attain to that indestructible elementinyour being. And then he remembered the posture. you willhaveto disappear. This impossible passio n is what makes a man a religious seeker. And she had opened the other eye symbolic o f love. intuition.CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT Suddenly he realized that the woman had closed one eye: she had closed one eye a s symbolic of closing the eye of reason. That swhyJesussays: Untilyouare reborn. By impossible Idon t mean that it will not remain an I .. You cometome. . Only the destructible will be destroyed and the indestructible will be there. where sub ject and object are lost.a new consciousness..of Martin Buber.Iwillhavetokillyou.YOUwillnotknowit. which cannotbe destroyed. andagreat book. we are on the journey to know the unknown to kn ow that which cannot be known. to realize that which is unrealizable.a communion with the thou.anew consciousness comesi n because thereis something indestructibleinyou. the unknowab le. andyouhavea dialogue.

Vol1 10 Osho will be calledSaraha:you have shot the arrow. no seeker and nosou ght. the w oman called him Saraha . The moment he recognized the significance of the woman s ac tions. You are not an ordinary arrowsmith woman I am sorry to have e ven thought thatyouwere an remain separate.but there will be no communion. Buddhism says: Even if there is an I-thou relationship. Realizing this. Understandingthe significanceofmyactions. She d anced and called him Saraha . when subject and object remain divided..I am tremendously sorry. Saraha is a beautiful wor d. The communion happens only when the I-thou division is no more.You can shout at each other. unison. ha(n) means have shot . the woman was tremendously happy. Now. what the woman was trying to show. those symbolic gestures. seeing into this woman s actions.youhave penetrated. and said. Saraha said to her. when there is unity. from today. Excuse me. Saraha means who has shot the arrow . sara means arrow . His name was Rahul.You ar eagreat TheTantra Vision. the moment he could read and decode what the woman was trying to give. the woman called him Saraha. where thereis noI and no thou. and Buddhism goes higher. and recognizing the truth.But Buddhism has no prayer in it. It means he who has shot the arrow .

so is Mahavir. slowly.byandby. TillyesterdayI wasnotarealBrahmin. sometimesforlives.AMasterwaitsfor the dis ciple. Rahul became Saraha. Oneneverknow s whenyouwillbereadytobeborn. They have the quality of the feminine.AMasterhastobe tremendously capable offeminine energy. Butw hy? why the form of a woman? Because Tantra believes that just as a man has to be bo rn out of a woman. Buddha is feminine. Slowly. They maybe livingina male body. Infact.AMasterhastobea mother. slowly.CHAPTER 1. shewaswaiting. Infact. THE LEGENDHASITthatthewomanwasnobodybuta hidden Buddha. Buddha.a certain Buddhaof the name Sukhnatha. Whydoyougivenew names? todroptheold identity.P ARA GATE going. AMasterhastokeepyouinhiswombfor months. gone.rightyou are youhave droppedmyold nameandyouhavegivenmeanew name.And oneda y suddenlyyou willdisappear. Buddhasalwaystaketheformofa woman.You can see thefemininegrace.andyou are gone. Then the new is born. thefeminine roundness.Andthroughtrust. You h ave to become discontinuous with the past. Old traditions say: Before a disciple chooses the Master.The nameoftheBuddha given in the scriptures is Sukhnatha the Buddha who had come to help thegreat po tential man.but they arefeminine because ALL thatis bo rnis born outofthefeminine energy. Saraha.fromtodayI am . Aclean break is can see the feminine beauty. can look into theireyes andyou will not find the male aggres siveness. GATE. Soitisverysymbolic thata Buddha tooktheformofawoman. will not allow him to destroyyou. took theformofawoman.sothenewbirthofa discipleisalsogoingtobeoutofawoman. How willyou trust? Only his lovewillmakeyouabletotrust. Youaskme sometimes.I amno morethe same.You aremyMasterandyou aremymotherandyouhavegivenmeanewbirth. GATE. not to be any more in anyattachment with the past.hewillcutlimbbylimb. so that he can shower love onyou only then can he des troy. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT MasterandI am reborn throughyou.. the Master has chosen the . going. Unless you are certain about his love. Male energy cantriggeritbut cannotgivebirth. So. The arrowsmith woman accepted him.allthe Masters are more mothers than fathers.toforgetthe past.

Before a disciple ever chooses a Master. And it seems more logical too.disciple.How canyou choosea Master?You aresoblind.They movedtoa cremationgroundandstart ed living canyou recognizea Mast er? Youaresounaware.theverypotentiality. the Master has chosen him already.He can penetratetotheverypossibilityofyour being. he knows. SukhnathawashidingintheformofawomanwaitingforSaraha to come and be transformed through him. that a Master should choose first because he is m ore aware. She accepted.howcanyoufeela Master?Ifyoustartfeelinghim. Whytoa cremationground? Because Buddha says: Unlessyou understa nd death youwillnotbeabletounderstandlife.youwillnotbe reborn. Exactly that swhathappenedinthisstory.ShewaswaitingforSarahato come.He ca n seeyour future.He can see that which canhappen.Vol1 11 Osho . thinkyouhave chosen you arewrong. Whenyou choosea Master. TheTantra Vision.that meanshehasalread y entered inyour heart andhas started playing withyour energies that s whyyou startf eeling him.

sometimes a man can alsobe. he livedina cremationground. which is more intimate. Onedayhe had left all theVedas. She taught himTantra.Nowitis unconditional. the contradictories..Andeverydaydeathand death. scriptures.Now dancing washis meditation. those loving. that love.. Saraha became a tantrika under the guidance of this arrowsmith woman. the contraries.dayandnight death. she naturally has that care.Peoplewouldbe brought.It willb e difficultfora man. Yes. Therewasgreatlovebetweenthem nottheloveofawomanandaman. and dancestoo. which is certainly higher than any man-woman love can ever reach . dead bodieswouldbe brought andbu rnt. whichrarely happensonthe earth.Andhelivedwiththis arrowsmithwoman. and where people are crying and weeping.buttheloveofa Master and a disciple. At the most.but thenhe willhaveto becomev ery very feminine.Howwillyou rejoice? Butifyoucannot rejoice there.itwi llbevery difficultforyou to sing and dance where people are beingburnt.theylivedtogethe r. she has already those qualities.greatlove.Now singingwashis meditation. Livingina cremationgroundand celebrating! Living whereonly death happensand livi ngjoyously! This is the beauty ofTantra it joins together the opposites. sometimes it reaches to the mind. then all thatyouthinkisyourjoyis justa make-believ e. Hewas thefo under. Now rumors started spreading all over the country: He no longer meditates. thatfeelingfor the soft. because a man-woman love affair is just of the bodies.itwillbe difficultforyoutobejoyous.thenjoyhasreallyhappenedtoyou. otherwise it remains in thebody. knowledge.. Saraha had found his soulmate. He si ngs. A disciple and a Master it is a soul love affair. andhelivedthere thatwashishome. certainly more intimate.. They were in tremendouslove. Now he was no longer meditating. Awoman is already. Ifyou can rejoicethere. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT ManyTantra disciples have lived in the cremationground since Saraha. Somebodyasked mewhyIhave chose n Kaveeshatobethegroup leaderforTantra onlyawoman canbeaTantragroup leader. nowhe lefteve n meditation. affe ctionate qualities.Nowit doesn tmake . If yougotothe cremationgroundyouwillfeelsad. Onlyawoman can teachTantra.CHAPTER 1. of course. Now celebration was his whole lifestyle.butno meditationany more.

A lover has always the spirit of play. whenyouareatthetopoftheworld. it is sincere.any difference whether death happens or life. Mahatma Gandhi says: Make love only whenyouwant to reproduce. This is j ust ugly! Makelovetoyourwomanonlywhenyouwanttoreproduce issheafactory!? Reproduction ? thevery wordisugly. Even love they change intowork reproduction. Tant ra is a playfulness.joyo us. whether somebody is born or somebody i s dying. Saraha started singing and dancing. Play entere d his being Tantra isplay.Loveyourmanwhenyouhavethatquality of dance and song andjoy notfor reproduction! Theword reproduction is obscene! Makel ove out ofjoy. but not serious. becauseTantraisa becomea husbandorawife.Vol1 12 Osho . Loveis fun! Makelovetoyourwoman whenyou arefeelinghappy. A ndthe TheTantra Vision.thenyou areno longerlovers. He was no longer serious Tantra is not. Yes. There are people who would not like even love to be a play. It is very joyous. Sharethatenergy. thenyou reproduce. The moment t he spirit of play dies. outofabundantjoy. Give whenyouhaveit! Play entered into his being.

Theystarted spreading a bsolutely unbiased rumors about him.CHAPTER 1. more and more people started coming to him.Yes. He was so stoned that others started becoming stoned and more stoned.hypocrisy.buthewasnotamaddog hewasamadgod! It depends on howyou look.Hewas dancingalloverthecremationground. puritans. Those who came around him he was so drunk that his inner drunkenness started overflowi ng to other people.Heisapervert. something beautifulhasgone dead. Playentered his being. contacthig h. theykn ew that the king was always deeply respectful towards Saraha. Theystartedsayingtopeople: Hehasfallenfromgrace. And when people would co me and watch. and through playtrue religion was born. became so potentthatjustifyouwerereadytoparticipatewithhim. The king also was told these things. and the so-called moral people.gointo Samadhi. they would startdancing. HeWASmad. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT momentyou becomea husbandorawife. Theyknew him.Hisveryvibration. the scholars are going to be against him. thejuiceflowsno more.Heisno moreaBrahmin. bodieswere beingburnt still..Heisno moreevena Buddhistmonk.hisverypresence . He was anxious to know exactly what was hap pening.itwould happen.Itisno moreali ve. The cremationground be cameagreat celebration. He became worried. His ecst asy was just like amaddogtothem it dependshowyou interpret. Whenever therei people startedvilifyingand slanderinghim sa manlike Saraha. Hehasgivenup celibacy. that he wanted to appoint him . His ecstasy was s o infectious that people started coming to watch him dancing and singing.Nowitisjust pretension. thepriests are going to be aga inst him. And it became so infectious that people who had never heard anything about ecsta sy would come.but more and more crowds started ga thering around Saraha and the arrowsmithwoman. andgreatjoy was created on that cremationground.Heindulgesinshamefulpractice s with a low-caste woman and runs around like a mad dog in all directions. self-righteous people. But then the inevitable: the Brahmins and the priests and the scholars and the s o-called righteous thatIcalltheinevitable.they would start singing withhim.. danceandsing.andfallinto ecstasy.

This is not good. TheTantra Vision.andhewas concerned.Hehadlovedtheyoungmanand respectedhimtoo. The king hadmuch respectfor his learning. The king s wife.youyourselfwereagreat scholar what areyou do ing? You have gone astray..but Saraha had renounced theworld.yourfatherwasagreat scholar. so shewent there. Thekingwasworried..Vol1 13 Osho . Come back home. and she never came back. so theystarted coming tothe king. And S araha sang eighty verses to the queen. Sohe sentafew peopleto persuadeSarahaand tell him: Comebacktoyourold ways. I am still here! You come to the palace. and those people started d they back! The king was even more worried.. b e part of my his counsellor in the court.You are a Brahmin. Shewanted theyoung man to marry her daughter.. Those one hundred and sixty verses. the queen. The people had come to convert ancing and never came went and Saraha sang one hundred and sixty verses to those people who him. was also always intere sted in the young man.

WhenYOU aretransformed. Thesefortyverseswereatthe root ofit.agreat divineness descendedonthe country. as if nobody was there. of understan ding. eightyfor the queen shewasa little higher.fortyfor the king because he was really a man of intelligence. disappeared from the cou ntry. Becausethekingwas converted. and Saraha sang forty verses and the king was converted. It became a silent country. NOWWE ENTER into thisgreat pilgrimage: The Royal Song of Saraha.andthatwillbefollowedby adifferentkindof action . and he started dancing in t he cremation ground like a mad dog. and The Royal Song of Saraha which we are going to meditate upon forty verses. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT Now the kingwasmuch puzzled: Whatis happening there? So the kinghimselfwent there. People started enjoying the moment. Tantra believes in being. So there are three scripturesavailableinthe nameofSaraha: first.the whole country.your behavioristransfor med not viceversa. The Queen s Song of Saraha first. her understandingwasa little hi gher. The men as such dis appeared from the country. That swhyitis also called The Song on Human Action .character. actionistransformed. It became empty. It is also call ed The Song on Human Action veryparadoxical.byandby. of awareness. but when th e being is transformed. It has something to do with the being. It means people became nobodies. not in action and character. second eighty verses. First attain toadifferentkindof consciousness. Not that firstyou changeyour action and thenyour beingchanges no.ThePeople sSongofS araha one hundred and eighty verses.. second.the very source of it.Empty?! itisaBuddhist word. That s whyit is also called T he Song on Human .was converted. the competitive violence. becauseithas nothingtodo with action. behavior. Tan tra says: First changeyour being and thenyour action changes automatically. One hundred and sixty verses for the people because their understa nding was not great. they lost their ego-trips. The hustle andbustle.. one hundr ed and sixty verses. Anditis sai dinthe oldscripturesthatatimecamewhenthewhole countrybecameempty.of itsown accor d.CHAPTER 1.

heavendescendsonyou.whatwillyoudo?Youwillsuppress the angerandyouwillshowafalseface. Ifyouhaveangerinyouandyouwanttochangeyour action. Nobodyhasevergonetoheaven. Have you not watched the so-called religious people? They are always afraid afra id of hell and always trying somehow to get into heaven. TheTantra Vision. Whatsoeveryou call.Letitbe decided onceandfor all: heaven comes become schizoph renic. but deep down the volcano continues.You will be constantly trembling. t heyhave not tasteditatall.Whohaseverbeenabletochangehisactions directly?Youcanonlyprete nd.You becomefalse andfalse and morefalse. infear.Vol1 14 Osho . Thatistheonlyway to changeyour areforcing something whichis n ot there. andyou becometwo persons. hell comes toyou it comes. it depends suddenly becomeavailabletoheaven your being doesnot change. But theydon t know what heaven is.youwillhavetoweara mask.andnobodyhasevergoneto hell.your actionsaretransformed.Ifyouchangeyour consciousness.notthatyougotoheav areina conflict.Ifyouhavesexualityinyo u. If Ifyour BEING changes. whatwillyoudotochangeit?Youcantakethevowof celibacy ofbrahmacharya andyoucan pretend. constantly afraid. You are sitting on a volcano which can erupt any moment.Action because oncebeingistransformed.heaven comesinyou.

. by and by. he was not a slowgoer:Hewouldsimplycuttheheadinone stroke. Now the Song: IBOWDOWNTONOBLE MANJUSRI IBOWDOWNTOHIM WHOHAS CONQUERED THE FINITE Thisword Manjusri hastobe understood. SO THE KING THINKSOFSARAHA . anguish. the name of Manjusri became a representative name a name for all Masters. Manjusriwas oneofthe disciplesof Buddha. Buddha would send him to Manjusri.. Manjusriwasrare becausehehadthegreatest qualityofbeing a Master.buthew asa very rare disciple. He was really a hard man.Youshowsomething.cruel becausetheywillhaveto destroyand demolishtheold. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT split.CHAPTER 1. Andthenyou are continuouslyplaying hide-and-seek withyourself .. Ithasbecomefamousdownthe ages: the sword of Manjusri because Manjusriused to cut the head in one stroke.youaresomethingelse. Whenever somebody was too much of a difficult problem. Compassionate bec ause theywill givebirthtoanewmaninyou. Just the name of Manjusriand people would sta rt trembling. he says:I BOW DOWN TO N OBLE MANJUSRI the Master of all Masters I BOW DOWNTO HIM WHO HAS CONQUERED THE FINITE. So. Mahakashyap was rare because he could understand the message not delivered in words. Anxiety.. in different ways they were rare. Yousay something youneverdoit. And then he bows down to Buddha who has conquered the finite.Hiscompassionwassogreatthathe could be so cruel. are natural in such a state that s what hell is. AS CALMWATER LASHEDBY WIND TURNS INTOWAVES ANDROLLERS. Whenever somebody was sent to M anjusri. he was really drastic. and who ha s become the infinite. and s o on and so do something else. because theyare all compassionate andtheyall have to be cruel. somebody was a problemati c person. Buddha had many rare disciples. So when Saraha bows down first before starting his Song. the discipleswouldsay: That personhasgoneto Manjusri ssword.

anda thousand and o neripples and waves arise.butina thousand and onefragments. I tis allover the lake. and the lakeis disturbed. The whole lake is silverybecause of the reflection. with nowaves. silent lake. now it is no morethere. Then there comesagreat wind andit starts playing on the surfaceof the lake.IN MANYWAYS. how it looks. Just a moment before. TheTantra Vision. Now the moonis still reflected.a placid.Vol1 15 Osho . Visualizea lake.butyou cannot catch hold of the real reflection where the moon is. ALTHOUGH ONE MAN. It is all distorted. the reflection of the full moon was there in the lake.

CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT Saraha says this is the situation of the worldly mind, of the deluded. This is t he only difference betweena Buddha anda non-Buddha.ABuddhais one whose windis no moreblowing. Thatw ind iscalled TRISHNA desire. Haveyouwatched, observed? Whenever thereisdesire,there area thousandand oneripplesinyour heart,yourconsciousnessis disturbedand distracted.W henever desire stops,you areatease,at peace withyourself. So desire is the wind that distorts the mind. And when the mind is distorted,you cannot reflect the reality. AS CALMWATER LASHEDBY WIND TURNS INTOWAVES ANDROLLERS, SO THE KING THINKSOFSARAHA IN MANYWAYS, ALTHOUGH ONE MAN. Sarahasaystwothings. Firsthesays:Yourmindistoomuch disturbedbytherumors,somuch windhasblownoverthesurfaceofyour mind.Youwillnotbeabletoseeme,THOUGHIAMONE butyourmindis reflectingmeina thousandfragments. This was true. He could see through and through the king. The king was puzzled. On one handhe respectedtheyoungman,on onehandhehadalwaystrustedtheyoung manheknewthathe could not be wrong. But so many people, so many so-called honest, respectable people, rich, learned, came to him and they all reported: He has gone wrong, he has become almost mad -h e is a maniac, he is a pervert, he lives with an arrowsmith woman of low caste. He live s in the cremation ground thisisnotaplacetolive!Hehasforgottenalloldrituals;heno morereadstheVedas, he no more chants the name of the God. He is not even heard to meditate. And he is indulging in strange, ugly, shamefulpractices. Tantra looks shameful to people who are verymuch sexually repressed. Theycannot understand because of their repressions theycannot understand what is happening. So all the se things are like agreat wind in the mind of the king. One part of him loves and respects; one par t of him is in deep doubt. Saraha looked directly and he said: SO THE KING THINKS OF SARAHA IN MANY WAYS, ALTHOUGH ONE MAN. Although Sarahais one man: I amjust like the full moon,but the

lake isinturmoil. So please,ifyouwantto understand me, thereisnoway to understand me directly theonlywayto understandmeistostopthiswind whichisblowingonthesurfaceofyour mind. Letyour consciousnessbeat ease... thensee! Letall thesewavesandthe rollersstop,l etyour consciousness be a placid pool, and then you see. I cannot convince you of what is happening unlessyou areableto seeit.Itis happening,itis here. Iam here standingbeforeyou. Iam one man,butI can seeinyou you are lookingatmeasifIama thousand men. TOAFOOL WHOSQUINTS ONE LAMP IS AS TWO; TheTantra Vision,Vol1 16 Osho

CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT WHERE SEEN AND SEERARE NOTTWO, AH! THE MIND WORKS ON THE THINGNESS OF THEM BOTH. And thenhe takes similes, metaphors. Firsthe says likea lakeyou arein turmoil . Then he says: TOAFOOLWHOSQUINTSONELAMPISASTWO he cannotseeone,he seestwo. Ihave heard: Mulla Nasrudinwas teaching his son thewaysof beingadrunkard. Afterafewdrinks, Mu lla said, Now,letusgo.Always remember,thisistheruletostop:whenyoustartseeingthatonepersonis looking like two, then go home it is enough. Where? Where is that one person?

One person looking liketwo,but the son said, He said,

Look there on that table two persons are sitting. He had already drunk too much.

And the son said, There is nobody!

Remember, whenyou are unconscious, things don t look as theyare; whenyouare uncons cious, you project.Tonight lookingatthe moonyou can pressyoureye withyour finger, andyo u can see two moons. And whenyou are seeingtwo moons,itisverydifficultto believe that ther eis one you areseeingtwo.Just think. Somebodyisbornwitha naturaldefect:hiseyehasthat pressur ewhich makes one thing look like two he will always see two things. Whereveryou see one , he will see two. Our inner vision is clouded with manythings, so we go on seeing things which are not. And when we see, how can we believe that they are not? We have to trust our own eyes, and our own eyes maybe distorting. TOAFOOL WHOSQUINTS ONE LAMP IS AS TWO; WHERE SEEN AND SEERARE NOTTWO... Saraha says to the king: Ifyou are thinkingIandyou are two, thenyou are unconsci ous, thenyou areafool,thenyouaredrunk,thenyou don tknowhowtosee.Ifyouseereally,thenIandyouare one, then the seer and the seen are not two. Thenyou will not see Saraha dancing

here you will seeyourself dancing here. Then whenI go into ecstasy,YOU will gointo ecstasy and that will be the only wayto know what has happenedto Saraha, there is no other way. What has happened to me?Ifyouwanttoknow,theonlywayisto becomeaparticipantinmybeing. Don tbeawatcher. Don t stand asideandjust becomea spectator.Youwillhavetoparticipateinmy experience ;you willhavetoloseyourselfa littlebitintome.Youwillhavetooverlapmyboundaries. That swhat sannyasisallabout.Youstartcomingcloser,youstartlosingyour boundariesint ome. Onlythen,oneday,throughparticipation,whenyoufallenrapport withme, somethingwillb eseen, TheTantra Vision,Vol1 17 Osho

CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT somethingwillbe understood.Andyouwillnotbeabletoconvinceanybodyelsewhohasbeenjus t a spectator becauseyour visionswillbe different. Youhave participated, andhe has only been observing you are livingintwo differentworlds. THOUGH THE HOUSE-LAMPS HAVE BEEN LIT... Listen to this beautiful saying of Saraha: THOUGH THE HOUSE-LAMPS HAVE BEEN LIT, THE BLIND LIVE ON IN THEDARK. THOUGH SPONTANEITY IS ALL-ENCOMPASSING AND CLOSE, TOTHE DELUDED IT REMAINS ALWAYSFARAWAY. HE SAYS: Look! I have become Enlightened. THOUGH THE HOUSE-LAMPS HAVE BEEN LIT.. . myinnermost coreisno moredark. See! Thereisgreatlightinme.Mysoulisawakened.I amn o morethe sameRahulyouusedtoknow IamSaraha:my arrowhasreachedthe target. THOUGH THE HOUSE-LAMPS HAVE BEEN LIT, THE BLIND LIVE ON IN THEDARK. But what canIdo? Sarahasays.If somebodyisblind,even whenthe house-lamps arelithe goes on living in darkness. Not that the lamps are missing, but his eyes are closed. So don t listen to blindpeople!Justopenyoureyesandlookatme,seeme whois standinginfrontofyou,whom you are confronting. THE BLIND LIVE ON IN THEDARK, THOUGH THE HOUSE-LAMPS HAVE BEEN LIT. THOUGH SPONTANEITY IS ALL-ENCOMPASSING AND CLOSE... AndI am so close toyou... the spontaneity is so close toyou,you can already touc h it and eat it anddrinkit.YoucanDANCEwithmeandyoucanmoveinto ecstasywithme.I amSOclose maynot find spontaneity so close again! you

TOTHE DELUDED IT REMAINS ALWAYSFARAWAY. They talk about Samadhi, and they read the Patanjali Sutras, they talk about gre at things, but whenever thatgreat thinghappens they are against it. This is something very strange about man. Man is a very strange animal. You can appreciate Buddha,but if Buddha comes and just confrontsyou,you will not be able to appreci ate him at all youmaygo againsthim,youmaybecomethe enemy.Why?Whenyoureadabook aboutBuddha,

TheTantra Vision,Vol1 18 Osho

CHAPTER 1. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT everythingisokay,thebookisinyourhand.Whenanalive Buddhahastobeconfronted,heisNOT inyourhandyouarefallingintohishand.Hencethefear, resistance.Onewantstoescape. Andthebestwaytoescapeistoconvinceyourselfthathehasgonewrong, somethingiswrongwit h him. Thatistheonlyway ifyouprovetoyourselfthatheis wrong.Andyoucanfindathousand and one thingsina Buddha which can lookwrong, becauseyou aresquinting andyou are blind and yourmindisinaturmoil.Youcan projectanything. Now, this man has attained to Buddhahood, and they are talking about the low-cas te woman. They have not looked into that woman s reality. Theyhave only been thinking that she is an arrowsmith woman, so low-caste, SUDRA, untouchable. How can a Brahmin touch an untouchable woman? How can the Brahmin live there? And theyhave heard that thewoman cooksfoodfor him. Thisisagreat sin; thisisagrea tfall a Brahmineatingfoodcookedbyasudra,byan untouchable,byalow-castewoman?Andwhyshould aBrahminliveonthe cremationground?Brahminshaveneverlived there.Theyliveinthetemp les, they live in the palaces. Why on the cremationground? dirty place, skulls and de ad bodies all around. This is perversion! But they have not looked into thefact that unlessyou understand deathyou will ne ver be able to understandlife. Whenyouhavelookeddeepinto deathandfoundthatlifeisneverdead,wheny ou have looked, penetrated deep into death andfound that life continueseven after d eath, that death makes no difference, that deathis immaterial... you don t know anything about life life is eternal, timeless. So only the body dies. So onlythe DEAD dies. The alive continues. Butf or this, one has to go into deep experimentation. Theywill not look at that. Now they have heard that he is going into strange practices. And they must have gossipped and exaggerated; things must have gone out of their hands. Everybody goes on multipl ying the gossip. And there areTantrapractices which canbe gossipped about. InTantrathe man sitsin frontofthewoman,thenakedwoman,andhehastowatchherso deeply toseeherthroughandthrough,thatalldesiretoseeawomannaked disappears.Thenmanisfree

notin deed.buti tisonly in thought.for months together. something just the opposite is happening from what the gossippers are sayin g.You willsay. But whatishe really doing?Itisa secret science. meditate on her beauty. thetantrika willwatch thewoman.Vol1 19 Osho .fromtheform.Atleastwearenotdoingit. Never again will he want to undress a woman not even in the mind. Now suddenly you see Saraha sitting before a naked woman. otherwiseyougooncontinuouslyseeing herin yourmind.youwanttoundressher thatisthere.Hehasfallen. TheTantra Vision. will look wearebetterthanhim..Bywatching. Sookay. whatsoever he wants to look at.andtheonlywaytogetridoftheformistoknowitso deeply that it has no attraction any more.Eachwomanthat passesbyontheroad. whatwealwayswantedtodoheis doin g. Andyouwillnotmisstheopportunity. meditate on her bodyform.. He is going beyond. we visualize sometimes. Now. How will you interpret ? You will interpret accordingtoyourself.Of course. Breasts have some appeal? he will look and medit ate on the breasts.Nowthisisagreat secret technique. not ev en in the dream.Hehastogetridoftheform.

hehasopenedhi s heart.. WHEN ONE SUN APPEARS. Truth is one. Only lies are many.Theheartisjustopen you comein.SoIknow. HOWEVER DEEP. AndSarahasays:Justlookatme the sunhasrisen.itis goingtovanish.howsoeverdeepyourdark. LOOKatme. ONE TRUTH WILL CONQUERALL. HOWEVER DEEP. ONE WHOSE ARROW IS SHOT That obsessionwillnotbethere. socloseis spontaneity.Letyourriverdropintomyocean.Andhesays:I amnotheretoconvinceyou logically. WHEN ONE SUN APPEARS. HEIS theonlyproof sohecanbarehishearttoyou.The sunhasrisen. thetruthisborninme!Syoumayhave thousandsoflies aboutm e. THOUGH THERE MAYBE MANY RIVERS. THOUGH THERE MAYBE MANY RIVERS. as they becamein the beingof the king. He cannothave anyproofbythevery natureof things. These verses. THEDARK. And one truth conquers all lies. THEDARK. THOUGH SPONTANEITY IS ALL-ENCOMPASSING AND CLOSE.Youseewhathas happened..amystic has no proof.Butthecrowd. Inthesefourverses.Sarahahasinvitedthekingto enterintohisinnerbeing. WILLVANISH. THEY ARE ONE IN THE SEA. And one health conquers all diseases. ONE TRUTH WILL CONQUERALL. these Songs of Saraha.CHAPTER 1.yougoin. socloseisGod.unaware. TOTHE DELUDED IT REMAINS ALWAYSFARAWAY.Openyoureyes! Remember. THOUGH THERE MAYBE MANY LIES.hasitsownideas. they go on talking about things..Ihope thesefortyverses will becomefortyflowersin your being.andyouwillhavemytaste. only lies can be many truth cannot be many.themob. The kingwas liberated so canyoube. THEY ARE ONE IN THE SEA. have to be meditated on deeply. WILLVANISH.andIwillnotsay anythingindefenceofmyself. but one truth will conquer them all. THOUGH THERE MAYBE MANY LIES. He alth is one: diseases are many.soc lose istruth. Each song c an become the openingofaflowerinyourheart. Just come closetome.Ignorant..I amheretoconvinceyouexistent ially! Iwillnotgiveanyproof. Saraha .

You can alsobecomea Saraha one whose arrow is shot.Vol1 20 Osho . TheTantra Vision.You can also penetrate the target.has penetrated the target.

Religions differ asfar a s the door into the Divineisconcerned. awareness.Itisba sically through the mind that Saraha moves. These two basic differences persist. Shiva s approach is that of devotion. Of course.bu t it is the MIND 21 . But asfar as theform is concerned. Either you can approach reality through thinking oryou can approach reality throughfeel ing. The distinction is still formal. of love. What type of bowyouhave chosen does not matter if the target is attained. And these are the two bows because man basically is divided into two: thinking a ndfeeling.but theyreach the same target. Their arrows are released from different bows. love. awareness.And thereareonlytwo basicformaldifferences :thatofthe path of devotion. Religions differ only in their methodology. prayer. Religions di ffer only in theform. The Buddhist approach the approachof BuddhaandSarahaisthrough intelligence. because when the lover a nd the meditator reach they arrive atthe same goal.CHAPTER2 The goose is out! 22 April 1977 am in Buddha Hall The first question: Question1 IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE APPROACHES OF SHIVA AND SARAHA TOWARDSTANTRA? NOT REALLY. the mind has to be left behind. NOT ESSENTIALLY. and the path of meditation. but they reach t he same target.yes. Saraha s approa ch is that of meditation.butnotexistentially. The bow does not matter finally. it is that of prayer. Their arrows are released from different angl es.

theybecome one unity.Amoment comes when thereis purel ove. thatnothing is left. OnShiva spathyouno morelovetheform. that no trace is left. how canyou callyourself l? And whom willyou c allyour God? Godispartof thought. butyou disappearnotliketwozeros. Beyond this. In thatmomentofpurelove.jealousyis dropped. Possessivenessis dropped. andthat can becreated o nlyby slowly dropping thoughts.Soall mindconstructs dissolve andSHOONYA. you are addressed to the whole existence.andIandthouarepartsof thought.itisthe THINKINGthathastobetransformed.Twozeros. But remember: it isa state of no-thought.norI both disappear. THE GOOSE IS OUT! thathas tobe leftbehind.a mind-construct . a thought-construct. On Shiva s way. the BHAKTAand BHAGWAN remain.CHAPTER 2.Anda stateof no-thoug hthas to be created. neitheryouexist. And thefeeling becomes purer and purer. Up to this point they are different. Shiva s approach is that of thefeeling. At the ultimate peak theyboth disappear into each othe r. hatredis dropped all thatis negative infeelingis dropped. is thatyou disappear. emptiness. the devotee and the d eity remain. but that too is a formal difference. When thought is utterly dissolved. The whole existence becomes your thou. of the heart.itisa thought-creation. Listen toit carefully:whenShiva sTantra reachestoits ultimate orgasm.Iis dissolvedintotho u.YouALSOdisappe ar. the fundamental point.the recognitionis: neitheryouareright . Therearetwozerosmeeting notIandtho u.becausethe wholeeffort onSaraha spathishowto dissolve thought. what does it matter whetheryou disappearlikealoverandabelovedoryou disappearliketwozeros?The basic point.youno morelovetheperson youstartlovingthewhole disappearasthebeloved disappearsintothelover andthe lover disappears into the beloved. the mind has to disappear into meditationbut it is the MIND thathasto disappear. neither youaretrue. By andby. neitherI nor thou. Love has to be transformed so that it becomes prayer.Sothe wholeworkconsistsinthethinkingpart. That . WhenSaraha sTantra reachestoits ultimatepeak.two empty spaces dissolve into each other. Thefeeling has to be transfo dissolveintothouandthou andby. arises.andthou is dissolved intoI they are both together.

and THE BOOK OF THE SECRETS will beyourTantra Bible.botharegoingonthe samejourney.Vol1 22 Osho . Soyou have to understand it: if love appeals toyou.Withwhomyouwould like to travel.ifyou cannotbeblissful whenyou are al one.disappearance is Enlightenment. The second question: Question2 TheTantra Vision. This is the difference between HinduTantra and BuddhistTantra. Ifyou canbe alone andblissful. then Saraha.BOTHareright. If meditation appeals toyou. that isyour choice. then Saraha wi ll appeal to you. andyour bliss comes only whenyou relate. Shiva will appeal toyou. then Shiva.Itdependsonyou.

I ALWAYS AGREE WITH IT.Sowhenyouagreewithmeyoua re not really agreeing with me you startfeeling thatI agree withyour theory thatyou have already been carrying withyourself. Ordinarily.yourlife willnotchange. And nobody is ever transformed through agreement. Iam seeking disciples and that is a totally different thing. AND. Agreement. THEN WHY IS MY LIFE NOT CHANGING? MAYBE BECAUSEOFTHEAGREEMENT. The very word disci ple comes from learning. Or. that mutates. who don t hear that.Afolloweris closed. I am not trying anyphilosophy. utterly different. And understanding is beyond both agreement and disagreement. when you understand. one needs understanding.CHAPTER 2.Ifyouhaveunderstoodmethen th ere will be no question of agreement anddisagreement. A discipleis one whois opento learn.orifyoudisagree withme. Drop this! I am not here in search of any converts. WheneverI am not in agreement withyou. I am not here proposing anytheology. now there is nothing and no need to remain open he can close. Agreement is verysuperficial. It is always understanding that tran about theories.disagreement. WHATSOEVER YOU SAY. Howcanyouagreeordisagree?Anda disciple has no ego. Adisciple is not one who agrees: a disciple is one who listens. THE GOOSE IS OUT! OSHO. t henyou don t agree with me.Ifyouagree withme. you are not to do anything the understanding will start .not abouttruth.Itisnota questionofagreementordisagreement itisa questionof underst anding. Afollower thinkshe hasag reed. discipline. then there is trouble. How canyou agree with truth? o r disagree? Thesunhasrisen doyouagreeordoyoudisagree?Youwillsaythe questionis irrelevant. he can afford to close . Wheneveryoufeel that Oshoisinagreement withyou. It is not a question of agreement and disagreement. Adisciple can neveraffordtoclose. veryintellectual.whenyouagreeyou thinkyouhaveunderstoodme. so who will agree and who will not don t listen to that. I am not seeking followers. Adisciple is just an openi ng there is nobody insidetoagreeornotagree.youfe el thatyou agree with Osho.thereissomuchtolearn. To be transformed.You simply closeyours elf whenI am saying something whichdoes notagree withyou.Yourveryagreementis creatingthetrouble.

Finally.It wasa disappointmentbuttheoldmandidnotknowexactlywhy.goesdeepintoyourheart.. and his father had worked hard to raise him properly. as stupid as disagreement. Afew scen es first: The boy s mother had died when he was an infant.theboy wentawayto college. Itis not that firstyou understand. Transformation is a consequence of understanding. TheTantra Vision. thenyoupractise no.Perhaps something in the tone bothered him. The VERYunde rstanding. And then mindisvery cunning! You never know whatyou meanbyagreement. now somethin g has to be practised. Agreement is verystupid. Ifyou agree then the problem arises: Now what to do? I have agreed.doingthings.Vol1 23 Osho . sinks.and thereistransformati on. The letter read: De ar Dad.Surelytherewasnothingtodespa ir of in the content. His first letterwasa disappointment tohisfather. theveryfactof understanding..

What more canyoudo? youhaveagreed.makesitagreeabletoyou. itis notexactly the same thingthatyouhear.Mine died. exaggeratesafew other things.WegottheDean s daughterintrouble. Onedayatelegramarrived: DearDad.son. What areyou goingto do withyours? Mindisverycunning.youhavedoneyourpart.doyou reallyagree with me? ordoy ou find thatI amagreeabletoyou? And then mindisverylegal. You hear throughyour past. After some thinking.Dad. Only partof whatIhave said remains init and the part can never transform.butthereis somethingwhich wouldmakeme veryhappy. only the whole. You hearinyourownway.wewon this big game last Saturday. through knowledge.but whenyou agreeyou startfeeling as if no w it is Osho s dutytotransformyou whatmorecanyoudo ? youareagreeing. through memories.dropsafewthings . The old man took earnestpleasurein this sharingofexperience... whenyouagree with me.It isn tthatIthinkyou reungratefulinany way.Igot an A onmyfirst algebraexam.CHAPTER 2.. Wedidthisandwedidthat.ButI vehadtowork veryhardtoraise youandsendyoutocollegeandIneverhada chancetogoto collegemyself. I m in the best fraternity on campus. THE GOOSE IS OUT! Everything is fine. fills the gaps.WhatI meanis this : itwould can put the mind start getting angry at me. Theboy understood immediatelyand thereafter letters cameintheform: Well. We ve got a date with a swell girl. changesit. YOU HEAR THROUGH THE MIND! And the mind gives a color to everythi ng that youhear.Shehadtwins. Then whenI say somet hing toyou. If in .youhavesurrendered.Watch. Wh en you are not making anyeffort to agree or disagree. I like it here at college. I m on the football team.He wroteback : Look. You hear with a llYour interpretations. throughyour conditionings.Dayswere sunnyfor him.. mindisalawyer:it can findwayst oagree andyet remain the same.Idon twanttoseemtobeasillyoldman. Not only that. We re going to get an A history. insteadof IdidthisandIdid that. Butthe wholecanremain wholeonlywhenyouarenotmakinganyefforttoagreeordisagree.youhave becomea sannyasin. Itwouldhelpmetofeel asifIhadapartinitall. What more canyou do ? Now. ItimmediatelyJumpsonit.thefatherwasabletoputhis fingeronthe difficulty. if nothing is happening.

hewenttoabarandpickedupa lusciousParisienne. Understanding is something bigger than mind. And it goes on pretending that it is the whole.but verydictatorial. he offered ten.Vol1 24 Osho . She wanted fifty American dollars. Aftertraipsing wit hher fromoneshopto another.howcanyouputthemind aside?ItisMINDwhichagreesordisagrees.hebeggedforadayofftorest. It is as muchinyour headasitisinyour toe. TheTantra Vision. Withthewifegoneshopping again. Understandingissomething total.Theygotonwell untilthe questio nof money came up.andgotit. Understanding happens inyour total being. Mindisaverytiny part. Second scene: Thentherewasthe middle-agedbusinessmanwho are trying to makeanefforttoagree.

Youagree withyourown echo. and here he s potted his gorgeous babe of the afternoon seated at a table near the door. The shockisavoided.theagreementisyours. These protectionswilln otallowyou to change. will not agree. Agreement is verycomfortable. Youagree withyourown idea. monsieur? cks.Itis goingtobe painful transformation is going to be painful.Now thereisno needtobe shocked youagree. That evening he escorted his wife to one of the nicer restaurants.. Now the energy will not go into his roots and will not shake him. as theypassed her. said the babe. Yes. he has cut the energy. so theydidn t get together. Thenhow canyou change?Theideaisyours. The moment I say something and there is somebody who says. I don t make much difference between agreement and disagreement. Wehavecreatedsomanybuffers around ourselves. Ifyouwerenotagreeingordisagreing. You just listen to me. always remember beware of it! It is NO TwhatIhave said:itiswhatyouhavethoughtthatyouhaveheard andthey arenotthe samethings.. Your method of agr eement may be asortoftrick to protectyourself. Whatsoeveryou hear isyour interpretation.itmayhave shakenyoutoyourveryguts. I don t agree. they are two aspe cts of the same coin.To changeyou will needtobe shocked shocked tremendously. You will look fromyour angle.Iagree. He will simply listen to me pure listenin g. disagreeing.sothatyou don tgettheshock.Ifyouwerenotagreeing withme.It functionslikeabuffer don tagree with me. With thisagreementyou cut. Look whatyougotforyour lousy tenbu Your understanding isyour understanding. terribly.itisthe samethingwithdisagreement. Isay something:youagreeimmediately. See. protections.y ou may have shockedyoutoyourveryroots. THE GOOSE IS OUT! Theycouldn t get together on the price. will not disagree. who wants to be really in contact with me. so is disagreement. Your interpretation isyour interpretati on. The REAL person who wants to be near me and close to me.CHAPTER 2. absolutely pure . You please stop thereisnopossibilityofchange.

Canasix-year-oldgirlmakeababy? No. that would be impossible.Maryagainputherhandup. Anyother questions.listening. Can a six-year-old boymake a baby? No. He will put himself aside. Yasee!Itoldya. He will give me wa y. Whereupon the little boybehind Maryleanedforward and whisper ed loudly inherear. LittleMa ry raisedher hand from a front-row seat. TheyGO on saying. I TheTantra Vision. said the teacher smiling. People s whole lives are devoted to one work: how.arejustfindingwaysto remainthewayyouare.n otto change. with no interpretation.Vol1 25 Osho . class? Pause.ya didn thave nothin toworryabout! Allyouragreements. said the teacher.not to change.allyourdisagreements. The third scene: The teacherhadjust finished givingher first-gradersthebasicfactsoflife.

Youcanonlyallowchangeto happen. Iwantto change.Justas BuddhistsarefollowersofBuddha theyhaveagre ed with Buddha.butthathasnotchangedthem.You cannot ch ange yourself.butthathasnotchangedthem.Tryingtochange.thisexpress desirethattheywanttochangeisagainatricknottochange.CHAPTER 2. those moments will bring glimpses of the unknow n. Iamtryingto changeandI amsaying loudlyand shouting loudlyI wantto change .JustasChristians arefollowersofChrist theyhaveagreed with Christ.the measlesthatI amh see whatis happening here. Those moments will make you aware that there is eternity beyond time.Whoistrying?The old?Lookattheinnerlogicofit:youaretryingtochangeyourself.sotheycans ayto theworld.and still if nothing is happening what canIdo? You cannot change the last thingI would like to say about this question YOU canno t change. Those moments wi .Youjust look intome. sothatyou canstart vibratinginthe samewavelength evenforafew moments.Youjust catchthe diseasethatI amhaving. butIlookdeepdowninthemandtheydon twantto change.. You just allow me. Infact.youwillneverchange.You don t tryto changeyourself.. Youcanallowachangetohappen.Itisnotamindthing:itisatotalaffair.andyougivemeway somyenergy canstart functioningonyourenergy.Whatcanyoudotoallowit? Pleasedon tagreeanddisagree withme.Youjustletmypresence functionasa catalyticag ent. Those moments will bring change. T heygo on saying.Youjust listen!Youjustbehere.You justgetinfectedby me. If he has agreed with me. Can tyouseethe wholeworldisfollowingsomebody or other? Sotofollowisawaytoavoidchange. and theygo on doing things which make them miserable.Itis almostlikepullingy ourself upbyyourown shoe-strings. because WHO is this one who is trying to change? It isyour past. This allowing is what surrender is all about. Please don tfollowme. It is you. A sannyasin is not one who has agreed with me. then he is not a sannyasin. THE GOOSE IS OUT! don t want to be miserable. Whatcanhappenoutofit? Nothingis possible.Yousimply listentowhatishappen ing here.

not fromyour pastbut fromyour future.Thepastisdeadandgonea nd finished.Andthenyouwill becomeawarethatwhate ver TheTantra Vision.andsaying. allowing. it isyour futur e which opens openswithme. Becauseof THIS luggage..Vol1 26 Osho . Iagreewithyou ?It meansyourpastagreeing. Those moments will bring the possibility of change. Buryit! It has no meaning any more. of Zen. Be aware.ll give you afeelof whatitistobein meditation. Agreeing it isyour past which agrees with me.. that s contact high. Opening.yourpastfeeling goodand nodding.. Thisisawaytoavoid the future. Just being withme that ssatsang. ofTantra. ofTao. that swhatIhavealwaysbeen thinking. Thosemoments will allowyoualittle tasteofGod. in spiteofy ou.Just being withme. Whatdoyoumeanwhenyousay..afew rayswill enterinyourbeingandwillstartplaying.Yourpossibilityoftransformationisinyour future. because th ose moments will come. Yes.. it is unnec cannotgoveryhigh. Don t go on carrying it.

who areyou to interfere? Who areyouevento judge? This constant hankering to judge others has to be dropped. THE GOOSE IS OUT! lifeyouhavelivedwasnotlifeatall. sometimes we saythey are bound to go to eyesfeel ancientandjadedandmyheart wearyand cynical. It simply shows a situation that everyse eker has to pass. If all that has changed.The questioncanbethatof almost everybody who is present. Good! It is their life and theyhave every right to live it their own way. WASN T I HAPPIER WHEN I THOUGHT THEREWASAGOAL? THEQUESTIONISFROMMADEVAANANDO. It harmsyou.Itis significant. JUST???! I THINK IF YOU SAY THIS WORD AGAIN I WILL SCREAM. Somehow we cannot allow others to have their own way. Listen to it. Whyshouldyoube bothered? Thathasnothingtodowithyou. MY EYES FEEL ANCIENTANDJADED AND MY HEARTWEARYAND CYNICAL. The third question: Question3 SOMETIMES ASIWATCH PEOPLE PLAYING THE SAME OLD GAMESOVER ANDOVER. SometimesasI watchpeopleplayingthe sameold gamesoverandover. Sometimes we saythey are sinners. Pleasedon ttrytowatch others thatis noneofyourbusiness.Iftheyhave decidedtoplaytheo ld games. in the same r outine. In some way or other we go on judging. Thosefew glimpsesof reality will shatteryour whole past. I GUESS IT S BECAUSE I M SEEING MORE AND MORE MYOWN GAMES AND TRICKS AND I HEARYOUR MADDENINGVOICE BETWEEN MY EARS SAYING. Itis others joyi f they want to remain the old and they want to move in the same rut.ifthey wanttoplaytheold games. now a new evaluat ion that they are . First. sometimes we say they are this and that criminals. it onlyharmsyou.thatyouhavebeendrea ming.CHAPTER 2. THAT S OKAY JUSTYOU HAVETOACCEPT ANDLOVEYOURSELF. It comes naturallyofitsown accord itfollows understanding.ifthey arehappyinplaying theirold games. It does not help othe rs. Anandosays.thatyouhavebeeninan illusion. And thenthereistransfor mation. AND THERE IS NO PROBLEM.

that too is their choice.Whyshouldyoubetiredoftheirgames?Letthembetiredoftheir games if they want.hefeelsgoodincompari son.itis a psychologicaltrick:weprojecton others. or if theydon t want.playingoldgamesand Iam tired .Athief thinkseverybodyisathief thatisveryna turalfor him. Your whole energy has to be focussed on yourself. Italways happens. Maybe you are condemning other s for their old gamesjustasatrickbecauseyou don twantto condemnyourself.Vol1 27 Osho . Amurderer thinksthewholeworld consistsofmurderers thatmakeshimfeelgoodandat ease.thatisawayto protecthisego. Please don t wat ch others. TheTantra Vision.Ifhefeelsthe wholeworldisbad.

THE GOOSE IS OUT! Itis convenientto thinkthe wholeworld consistsofmurderers. I have not killed anybody yet although I think of it. and somewhere something else. thenhe canmurderand t hereisno needtohaveanyguiltfeeling. Ihavenotyet escaped with the wife of the neighbor. somebody has been remain the same. thatyou smile will see. You useyour energy.Ifyouareathief. youfeel. Andthenewsp aper brings nothing like news. Ifyou start observingyour anger. and somebody s wi fe has escaped with somebody else. Newspapers helpyouvery much. but thinkingisnotacrimewherepeopleare actuallydoingthings. things will start changing. Andof c ourseyouhave toexaggerate. one dayyou will suddenly f ind the anger has no more areafar better pe rson.For manyl ivesyou have beenplaying it: projectingYOUR defects onto others and thenfeeling good. So we go on projecting on others whatsoever we don t want to see in ourselves. Ple ase stop that! If you are really tired of old games.Watching all that.CHAPTER 2. Youfeelgood. because there is nothing relax. and somewhere somebody has stolen. thata senseof humorisarisinginyou ifyou start w atching . thereisnoneedtohaveanyprickofconscience.Andthemomentyou feel good.thatth ey aregreater thieves thanyou. the negativeis dying and the positi veisbecoming more andmore alive.. Iamnotsobad the wholeworldisgoingtothedogs.beforeyouhaveeventakenyour tea. Thenyoufeel comparison.itisno moresofiery. That swhy peoplego on reading the newspapers. Ifyou observeyo urself. Iamafar better person.. So. Somethinghasgonedeadinit. Butyou feel good: somewhere. Itisnotgoingtohelpyou. and so on and soforth.on yourself.youhavetomagnify others images.your observati on. somewhere there has been a Wat ergate.byandby. And there is something tremendously transforming in observation.youhavetomagnify. Earlyin the morning. It is the same old rotte n thing. sometimesevenforno reason.If you start watchingyourself. that miseryis disappearing andblissis entering intoyour life .you are readyforthenewspaper. Please don twatch others. then this is the old game the OLDEST.

But becauseoftrust.Money. Now. and something almost valueless. Becauseo ftrust.yourtrustwillnotbedestroyedbyit infact.thatolddepressed. I am not saying that your trust will always be respected. to choose comfort against celebration is simply stupid because that comfort able life will be nothingbuta comfortable death.peoplehavelivedlikegodsonearth. seriousness becomes more and more irrelevant. More and mor eyou become innocent. that is tru st. longfaceis disappearing. peoplehaveenjoyedlifesototallythattheycouldfeelgratefultoGod.butno celebration. less and less doubtful.Trustmay notgiveyoumuchc omfort.A senseof humoris born. becausenobodyhaseverbeenfoundtobehappy just becauseof money. You may be deceived more. that is not the po int. You could have saved the money and the tru st would have gone thatwouldhavebeenafargreaterloss.but the TheTantra Vision. the money. atthemost.ifyouwatch.itmay evenbe enhanced. No. Buteven wheny ou are deceived. but will giveyougreat celebration. Youmay sta rt thinkingthatevenifyouare deceived somebodyhastakena little money anddeceivedyou y ou will be able to see that you have saved the far more valuable thing. trusting. cangiveyoua little comfort. because whenyou aretrustingyou canbe deceived more. is gone.You starttaking life more playfully.Vol1 28 Osho . Convenientlyyou can live and convenientlyyou can die.Trustisa benedictio n.

Anda moment comeswhen su ddenlyitis .buteveryb ody wantstohavehisownprivatelife. Is it really there? or haveyou created it? Look deeply into it.. AndI musthave listenedto thousandsofpeopleand their thousandsofproblems. Problem is a created thing. Soit dependsonyou whetheryou createaproblemoryou don t createaproblembutproblems a re not there.don t goto people skeyholes. Problems are not in existence: they are in the psychology of man.butthe totalityofit..itis becoming smallerand smaller .and don twatch. Goodorbad.butthe inte nsityof it.Ifthey wantandiftheylovetoplayth eold game.You startobservingyourself. That sokay justyouhavetoacceptand loveyourself. The moreyou putyour energy into observation. Don twaste your energyforobservationon others thatisasheerwastage!Andnobodywilleverthankyoufo r it.Itis THEIRlife.Andwhoareyouto interfere?Sodon tbeapeepingtom. Ihave to repeat it: There is no problem.itisa thanklessjob. turn the whole energy onyo urself. And whomsoeveryou observe willfeel offended because NOBOD Ylikes tobe observed. Ihave never come across a real problem n ot up to now. Situations are there: problems are not ther e.Just stand as ideand look at the problem.everybodywantstohaveaprivatelife.itis decreasing.wh en your torchisburningfrombothendstogether. let them play! So the first thing: please stopwatching other people.butthe wholenessofit!Andthis happensonly through observat ion. andyou will suddenly seeitis not increasing.The same situationmaynotbeaproblemtoone person andmay be a problem to somebody else.stupidorwise.CHAPTER 2. Observationis oneofthegreatestforcesoftransformation. and there is no problem.Ihavenot come acrossarealproblemyet.AndIdon tthinkthatitisevergoingtohappen becausetherealproblem exists not.atthemaximum. Problems are your interpretationsof situations. Just looknext timeyou arehaving sometripandridingaproblemjustwatch. Secondthingyousay: Iguessit s becauseI m seeing moreandmoremy own gamesandtricks andIhearyour maddeningvoicebetweenmy earssaying. the smallerit becomes.Maybeonlyforasingle moment. THE GOOSE IS OUT! real tasteoflifeispossibleonlywhenyouare celebratingattheoptimum.

not there. they areveryhappy. andyouwillhaveagoodlaugh. He takesitforgranted thatyou are sufferinggreatly. look fromeveryangle how canitbe?Itisaghost!Youwantedit..Justgo aroundtheproblem.asif itis there.thisisagreatprob lem.Andifyousay.just lookatit.You invited it. Problems are fictitious.Ifyou listento theirproblemstheyfeelverygood.but he helps nobody else. But people don t likeitifyou saytheir problemis nota problem theydon t like it. that s whyit is there.he listenstoitverysincerelyand seriously.. And it takesyears! TheTantra Vision. They feelvery bad. The psychoanalyst helps nobody maybe he helps himself. Theyenjoy he accepts their problems.theydon texis t. But still people go and pay. Yes. Wheneveryou arehavingaproblem.Vol1 29 Osho . wha tsoever absurd problemyoubringtothe psychoanalyst. that s whyit is t here. That swhy psychoanalysishas become oneofthe mostimportant thing sof this century.You askedfor it. He cannot. andhe startsworkingonit and a nalyzing it.that swhy it is there.

the problem can continueforyour whole life. That meansit dependshowmuchy ou can afford.oreven more. look intoit. But it is simply timethathashelped. For threeweeksyou are left withyour problem how canyouavoid seeing it? And no an alysisis given. it is no more there.yourfather s relationship withyou.andyouget finished withtheoldproblem.No needforanyanaly sis. Poor people don t suffer from manyproblems. And what psychoanalysis doesinthreeyears. Yes. Within threeweeks the person simply comes out and he says.theysimplyputhiminacorner. Next timeyou arehavingaproblem.inasmallhut. Rich people suffer theycan afford to.youwant somenewproblemnow. it is gone. theygive himfood and theytell him.hiscomfortsarelookedafter. Just be there.foodis supplied.thathas healed. because analysisisawayofdiversion. THE GOOSE IS OUT! Even afteryears of psychoanalysis the problem is not solved-because in the first place the problem has never been there. Yes. so how can anybody solve it? But afteryears of psychoanaly sis. theydoin don tlook atthe problem.far awayfrom the monastery. the problem is finished.Buttherearepeoplewhowoul dnot like simply to wait and get tired.butnobody bothersabouthim. look HARD intoit.You start askingwhy? from where?howdidit come? inyour childhood.yourmothe r s relationship withyou.Ifyo u arerich enough.So onedayyo u suddenly say. Nowy ou are not looking into the problem itself. The poor person cannot afford andcannot enjoyt hat game.Itisnot psychoanalysis. don t analyzeit. and played with great expertise. You have gone astray. They can enjoy the game of havinggreat problems. andyou thank the psychoanalyst .so thereisnodiversion. WhenyoubringamadpersontoaZen monastery.butitwillnotdienow becausewiththe supportof the psychoanalystit willlivefor threeyears. N .It dependshowrichyou are. quiet. obody goes totalktohim. Freudian psychoanalysis is really a mind-game.youarenot distracted.Thepsychoanalyst distractsyou!T heproblem mayhavediedonitsownwithin threeweeks.CHAPTER 2.Whenyou start analyzing.

One feels good. People willbe desire.And don t think about causes.Vol1 30 Osho . thenyou willfeel stagnant. reasons. it starts dream. Just think: one day comes God and says.just enterintoit. PROBLEMSARENOTTHERE. When there is no problemyou are left alone. Go on looking into it andyou will find it has gone. No problems any more finished! Allproblem s gone. people will start gett ingveryangry aboutGod.Don t go into the causes! There is no need because there is no carryon. Andyou will be surprised that looking hard into it. Don t go into the past there is no need because that will be going awayfrom the present problem.Theproblemgivessoman y possibilities to remain occupied.We create them becausewe cannotlive withoutproblems. That is the only reason why we create them.Justwatchtheproblemas itis.togoon. something is there to do.Theywillsay. empt y what to do next? All problems finished.tohope. To have a problem is to have an occupatio n. Thisisnotablessing!Nowwhatarewesupposedtodo?Noproblems? Then suddenly the energyisnot moving anywhere. Whatwillyou do?Just thinkof thatday. TheTantra Vision. LOOK into it as a herenow thing. The pr oblemisa wayforyoutomove.

Ifyouwanttohaveit.butyoufeelitisthere puttheproblemasideandtelltheproblem.I sayitisokay. Iwill sayagain: Thereis no problem. Anando. Andevenifyou arehavingaproblemandyoufeelitisreal. Lifeisnotaproblematall itisamystery tobelivedandenjoyed. is whatI call meditation : an unoccupied mind who enjoys a moment of unoccupation is a meditative mind.ifyouhave nothingtodoyou startfeelin g fidgety. Look into the problemsandyou will find they are fictitious. you startfeeling uncomfortable. just to be. Wait! Lifeis there . Starthavingafew moments canIlovea man or a woman? I amhaving so manyproblems.Or.itisyour pleasure youenjoywithallmyblessingsButthetruthis that there is no problem.CHAPTER 2. it becomes verydifficult to be. Look into thefactofit that thereisNO problemin life. againstlove.Isay itisnot. Problemsgiveyoua prote ction AGAINSTlife.itwill canI dance and sing? impossible! You can fin d some reasonsnottosing.notto dance. Haveyou notwatchedyourself? Sittingina room. or to be capable of unoccupation. oryou will.butright nowlet mehavea little space uno ccupiedby any problem. Haveyouwatchedit? Wheneveryouarenothavi ng anything to do.ifthereisonlyoneway.You cansaytoyourself.Eveniftheproblemis there youfeelitis there . Oryouwillstart startfeeling restless you will turn theradio o n. Problems are createdbyyo u becauseyou areafraidtoenjoylifeandyouareafraidtolivelife. So problems fillthe gap. How canI enjoy?I amhaving so many problems.WhydoI sayitisoka y? Becausethe momentyoustartfeelingitisokay. THE GOOSE IS OUT! And to be unoccupied. againstjoy. the whole lifeis there. HOWcanIenjoy? Iamhaving so manyproblems.Yourproblemsgiveyouagreat opportunitytoavoid. I will solveyou. oryou will start readingthe same newspaperyouhave read three time ssince the morning. turn theTV on. and onceyouhave enjoyed themyou will see thefact that problems are createdbyyou becauseyouwere not capableof enjoying the unoccupied moments.youwillfallasleepsothatyoucancreate dreamsandagai n remain occupied. Start enjoying some unoccupied moments.The momentyousaytoapro .

Youhavenotdoneanythingelseuptonow.itisno moreaproblem.Aproblemcanbeaproblemonlywhenyougoonrejectingit. AndIsay.yourvoice continuouslysaying. youacceptit. .blem thatitisokay. That swhyI sayit. and it is.. sometimes silently. Then the problem is strengthened. TheTantra Vision. Anandosays. Sometimesloudly .. Justyouhaveto acceptandloveyourself..Vol1 31 Osho That sokay. That s how I see people screaming people. IthinkifyousaythiswordagainIwill scream. AndIunderstand.People cometomewith theirbigproblemsandI say. You have been screamingyour whole life whetheryou scream or not is not the point y ou have been screamingyour wholelife. but you have been screaming.itisverygood .Youhave acceptedit! The momentyou accept aproblem. JUST???! And Anandosays.. Itisverymaddening. whenyou sayit should NOTbe so. Itisokay. andthereisnoproblem.youhave stopped giving energytoit.

Tryto understandratherthanscreaming. Whenyou acceptyour imperfection.theirbeingis screaming.Idon t claim any extraordinarymiraculouspowers. The next moment will be of more joy because it will comeoutofthis moment. AndI am sayingit becauseIhave knownit thatway. Andyou wi ll never accept thewayyou are.totally acceptingthewayyouare?Ifyoucanimagine. NotthatIbecame perfect.youwill become more and morejoyous. delight in it. Perfection is not possible because lifeis eternal.TrytoseewhatIamtellingyou. from where cantheproble m come? When whatsoever happensyou say It is okay.Youarecontinuo usly tryingtoimproveyourselfandI amnottryingtoimprovemyself. SotheONLY way togetoutof theseso-calledproblemsisto acceptyourlifeasyoufinditrig ht this moment.thenwhydon tyoudoitrightno w? Why wait?For whom?For what? Ihave accepted thewayIam.butIstarted enjoyingmyimperfectio ns.whycannotithappentoyou?Takethechallengeofit!I amjustas ordinary a man asyouare. Nobody ever becomes perfect because to become perfect means to become absolutely dead. Iamveryordinary. Canyou imagineyourself someday accepting. SoI don thaveanyproblems.justasyouare.You cannot accept thewayyou are.bu . so the problem will alwaysbe there. THE GOOSE IS OUT! theirheartis screaming.byandby.Theonlydifferencebetweenmeandyouisyoudon tsayokayto yourselfandIhavesaidan absoluteokaytomyself thatistheonlydifference. and thatvery moment all problems disappeared.CHAPTER 2. then from WHERE can the problem co me? Whenyou accept limitations. Not thatyou will becomejoyous through improvement. hencethe problem.You aretryingto becomeperfectandIhave acceptedmyimperfections. enjoy. then from where can the problem come? The problem ar ises out of your non-acceptance.Perfectionis not possible because life go es on and on and on there is no end to it. Thatist heonly difference.Butthatwillnothelp. Thatvery moment allworries disappeared. Ihave said: Incompletion isthe waylifeis.andthenexttothatwillbeofeven morejoybecause.AndwhatI amtelling you is nota theory itisafact.Youcan screambu tthatwill not help. and live it. Ifit can happen tomethatthereisnoproblem.

againyouarethe will go on creat ing problems. Evenprimaltherapyhasnotprovedofmuchhelp.unburdened. You can scream butthat won thelp.butthen withinafewdaysthateuphoria disappears. andyou will always have situations where. you can immediately create.. thereisno needto create. if you want to crate problems.. againt he same.Againgototheprimaltherapy youwillfeelgoodforafewdays. Unlessyou understand that one has to STOP creating problems. again accumulating. That s whatyouh ave been doing that has not helped. You can go into an encounter group. you can do primal therapy. Itfeelsa littlegood becauseyoufee la little unloaded.Vol1 32 Osho . Butyou will remain imperfect. If you don t wan t to create problems. you can do thousa nds of other TheTantra Vision. Itallowsyoutovomit.Itallowspeopleto scream yes.itfeelsa litt le good.tbyliving the moment.itisa tantrumtherapy.You will alwayshave limitations.

So it is with then .youwere happierinyour dreamsof thinking ofagoal. Wasn tIhappierwhenIthoughttherewasagoal? Yes.. Yes.youwere happier andyouwere more miserable too becauseyour happinesswasin the hope.happyyouwere there. becauseyou dropp ed something thatwasonyour head BUTYOUHAVENOTDROPPEDTHE MECHANISMTHATCREATESIT.CHAPTER 2.Itwillgiveyouarespite . Miserableyo uwere hereinthepresent. from one psychiatrist to another psychiatrist. Youhave dropped somethingwhichyouwerehaving.SoI sayyouwere happierand more miserabletoo. AndthelastthingAnandosays..Againyouwill create. the thing is that you have to stop creat ing problems otherwise you can go from one group to another group.ItisALWAYShere.a rest. And the present is all there is.a littlerest. from one psychoanalyst to another psychoanalyst. Please don t create problems they are not. happierinyour dreams. There existsnot itisallhere. andeverybodywillgiveyoua littlerespite. I don t think about a beautiful future.andagainyouaredoingthe samet hing. Then exists not. My whole effort here is to cut the problem from the veryroots. they exist not. more joyful ? But that s a trick. from one therapyto another therapy. itwasnotatrue happiness.Itwillnotbeofmuchuse. But why does a person think about a beautiful future? because he is mise rable in the present. But if you REALLY understand the thing. and after eachgroupyou willfeel tremendously beautiful. Soyou areright youwere happier. Everywhere it is here! There exists only in the dictionary. Unhappyyouwerehere.butyouhave not dropped theveryfactor ythat goeson creatingit. It is always now. again a trick of the mind: to avoid the present we go on thinking about t he future so that we need not see the present.of thinkingofabe autiful future. I cannot conceive how it can be more beaut iful! How can it be more beautiful than it is right now this moment? How is existence going to be more happyand joyous than it is this moment? Have a look how can it be more happy.andhappyyouwereinthe future buthow canyoubeinthe future? Thegoal is in the future. THE GOOSE IS OUT! groups.NowIhave shatteredallyour d .

but tomorrowit wi ll never happen.Andtotakegoalsaway onefeelsve ry angry.Ifyou start livingright this moment. TheTantra Vision.. Itishardwork.Vol1 33 Osho . Sooner or laterI a m going to become Enlightened.YouAREsometimesveryangrywithme. You start hoping that NowI am withOsho so there is no need to be afraid. Forget all about it! ENLIGHTENMENTISNOTAHOPE!Itis nota desire and itisnotinthe future.Ihavetakenyourhope. simply deluded .I am tryingtomake you Enlightenedeveryday. andyou say.IAMTRYINGTOBRINGYOUTOTHE t here isnohope left.youareso addictedtoyourhopethatyouevenstarthopingthroughme . This man is not going to do anythi ng. orI amtryin g youare clingingtothem. Happierinyourhopes nowI amtryinginevery wayto createthe stateof hopelessness..I ampullingyouback to herenow. Then asyou will. Tomorrow. You start hoping through me: Osho will do this..Youhavebeenwanderinginthe future.. Either it is now or never! Become Enlightened right now! Andyou can become becauseyou are. simply thinking thatyou are are Enlightened.reams.your dreams.

Itisexistential. don tallowittomove. becauseIknowyou ARE Enlightened..Iwill takeyour miserytoo.sitontopofit.wewill become. Thefourth question: Question4 ISN TTANTRAAWAYOF INDULGENCE? IT IS NOT. out of the mud the lotus. It goes on repressing it.. Sex has not disappeared.butbyunderstanding.. So DON T ask the how.thegoose IS out. The religions have made it only more poisoned.So firstthehopeofhapp iness has to go. Whatyouhavedoneuptonow. It is the ONLY wayto get out of indulgence.CHAPTER 2.but sex has not disappeared.Justasinglemoment of alertness. ere is no problem. because misery existsasa shadowtothehopeof happiness.youcangoonplaying.allotherwayshavemademan moreand moresexual.Justyouhave to accept and loveyourself yes. Thereare .a shock.b ygoing toacaveinthe Himalayas. It is st ill there in a poisonedform. JUST. No otherwayhaseverbeenhelpfulforman. THE GOOSE IS OUT! So don t ask how.youwere and start hoping. only then will the shadow go. It can disappearonlywhenyoubecomesoalienthatyoucanreleasetheenergy encapsulatedinsexual ity notbyrepressionisthe energy repressingsexinthemudofthe unconsci discipline. EverydayI am trying to makeyou Enlightened.Onejusthastobealertinthemoment. Ifyou allow mea little more. andyou are free. Yes. But first t he happiness has togo..I amsayingyouare. and repression takes it deeper into the mud. Soyoucan screamifyouwantto scream. guilt has arisenin man. Happier. It CANNOT disappear becauseitisabiological-reality.And oncethe energyisrelea sed. It is the only wayto get out of cannot simply disappearbyrepr essing it. The momentyou ask the how. it has to go higher. I amnotsayingthat.certainly. But ifyou wanttogoonplayingthegameof Samsara.Ihavetakenyourhappiness becauseyou can not hope any more.the whole humanity. Goon repressingit.killitbyfasting. The lotus has to come UP out of the mud..Thegoosehasneverbeenin. Somendra!.butIwillrepeata thousandandonetimes: movingtoamonasterywhereawomanisnotallowed. and don tsay.

So listening to me or listening to Saraha.Vol1 34 Osho . Listen to this story: An elderly gent named Martinwent toa doctorfor anexamination. don t start thinking that Saraha is sup porting your indulgence. These are ways of repressing.Tantrasays: Whatsoeveri shas to be understood and through understanding changes occur of their own accord. doctor. Iwantyou to tell me what s wrong.monasteries whereawoman has never enteredfor hundredsofyears. AND theycreate more and more sexuality and more and more dreams of indulgence. I ve livedav eryclean life TheTantra Vision.Itistheonlywayof freedom.You will be in bad shape ifyou accept that. andIcan t understand it. No.Tantraisnotawayof indulgence.Ifeel some pains here and there. there are monaster ies where only nuns have lived and a man has never entered.

alone.CHAPTER vegottoexpect thingslike th at. re gettingoninyears. But Tantra is not indulgence at all.foryourself.watchful. It isyour life take care of it! love it! befriend it! Ifyou can befriendyour lif e. But you velotsoftimeleftyet. yougoandenjoylife.Spendyourmoneyforfun. The repressive people have always thought t hat Tantra is indulgence. I ll be seventy-four on my next birthday. it will reveal many mysteriestoyou.I l lbet. One extreme is repression. That s b een mypolicy all mylife. Just be in th e middle. These are the two extremes tha t Buddha says to avoid.drinkandbemerrytoyourheart s content. There he met another gent who looked so old and d ecrepit that Martinfelt encouragedbythe comparison.Justbeinthe middle.I nstead ofmarryingonewoman.aware. Twenty-four.and don tworry. Son. norbe indulgent. The other answered. On the contrary. sir. How old areyou ? Indulgence is suicidal as suicidal as repression. Afterall. said Martin. For example: a man who goes to a m onastery and lives there without ever seeing a woman. WhenI was seventeenmyfather toldme. The doctor answered. Whatisyourformulafor obtainingaripeoldagelikeyouhave reached? So this shriveled old guy says. the other extreme is indulgence.beabachelorandhaveten. So Martin went to Hot Springs.Itisyour life! Neither doesithavetoberepressed. Whyshould Ifeel this way? How old areyou? asked the doctor. how can he believe that Saraha is n ot indulgingwhen .Livelifetothe fullest. at nine o clock everynigh willtakeyoutotheverydoorof God. Brother. life lived to the full. you suremusthavetakengood careofyourself. I velivedaquiet. women and song. inste ad of on a wife and kids.Eat.nordoesithavetobewasted ithastobe understood.Justtakeiteasy.IsuggestyougotoHotSprings. saysMartin. neither be repressive.livingtosucharipeoldage. THE GOOSE IS OUT! no smoking. I m in bed. Yeah: wine. brother! Sounds likeyou got something. drinking or running around. their minds are so much obsessed. said Martin. alert.butnotlikeyou.

Infact. the woman is naked. he wants to be meditative in that peak moment.Youmust startgoin g mad! And youwillprojectallthatyouhave repressedinyourselfonSaraha andSarahaisnotdoinganythi ng like that.youcanseeonlythatheismakinglovetoawoman.Vol1 35 Osho . Now. Andif you are repressive. he wants to see what exactly orgasm is.he lives with awoman?Not only livesbutpractises strange things: sitting before t hewoman naked. or even while making love to the woman he goes on watching. he is moving in a totally different dimension.. maybe there is thekeyto open the door of the Divine.your whole repressed sexuality willbubbleup. he wants to see what this appeal of orgasm cannotwatchhiswatching. and he goes on watchingthe woman. He is not really inter ested in the body: he wants to see what this sexuality is. TheTantra Vision. so that h e can find the clue and thekey. it is there.

But ifyou destroypeople s sexu ality and make them repressed. or prestige. Ordinarilywe don tmovefurtherthantheporch. the people who came to the king.a higher aspect . The politician and the priest HAVE to teach suppression. because it is only thr ough suppression that people aredriven insane. On another hand. On the one hand. And when people are insane in their sex energy. Nobody willliketo becomea presidentoraprime minister for what?! Lifeisso tremendously be autifulin its ordinariness. to decode sex. Now. The other aspect. or power.CHAPTER 2. it is so superb in its ordinariness. they must have been suppr essed people as all people are suppressed. so much is missing that they are always hankering: somewhere the re must be joy here it is missing. If sex-obsession disappears from the world. theybecome their releases.ifyou move with fullawareness inyour sex energy.Sarahaistryingtog o into the palace. So m oney-madness or power-addiction.youwillfindthatyouhave come acrossakeythatcanhelpyoutoenterintoeternallif e. life su rvives. . SexisoneoftheactivitiesgivenbynatureandGodinwhichyouarethrownagainandagaintothe present moment. it is boiling there they have to release it in some way or other. that is only partial useofyour sex energy. Who will bother about money? And people will not be botheredby power. Tantra says one has to understand sex. throughyour sex. they start moving in other direction s money they will start moving thatyou can live in eternity. THE GOOSE IS OUT! God has hidden thekeyinyour sexuality. That something moreisthekeytowards Divinity.One small aspectofsexis thatyour children willlive.towa rdsGod. then theremustbe something moretoit. and then tooforafew seconds only. They have to show their sex en ergy somewhere or other. people will not be money-mad. Sex energy is life energy. If sex is so vital that li fe comes out of it. Ordinarilyyou are neverin thepresent except whenyou are makinglov e. This whole society is sex-obsessed. whyshould one want to bec ome somebody? By being nobody it is so delicious nothing is missing.. Andyou canrule insane people more easily than sane people.


. It has become dictatorial. That s what is missing. not throu gh discursive intellect. FOR THIS.Thati sthemeaning whenallthe religionssaySHRADDHA faith. Nature is God s body.... God sform. Asyou listentomusic. Sojust reading and listening to me will not helpmuch. WE ARE OUT OF TUNE IT MOVES US NOT...Andonecanalwaysgototheextreme. not through the discursive m ind. FOR THIS..Trust meansawayof listeningfro m the heart not through doubt.. Listentomeasyou listen to the windblowing through the pines.. It has absorbed all your energies.listen tomeasyou listentothe birds. feel too not only listen. LITTLE WE SEEINNATURE. startfeeling. GETTING AND is needed. That s what is missing. not through reasoning.. but becauseitworksyouhavestarted dependingonittoomuch... Listening.. Of course .Letitsinkintoyourfeeling aspect. not through logic.Itisagood instrumen t.. WE ARE OUT OF TUNE IT MOVES US NOT.ithasgonetotheveryextreme.CHAPTER 2. WE HAVE GIVEN OURHEARTSAWAY. It has gon e to the very extreme. Listentomeasyou listentoawaterfall.. THE GOOSE IS OUT! THIS SEA THATBARES HER BOSOMTOTHE MOON. FOR EVERYTHING. listentomethatway.. WE LAYWASTE OUR POWERS.... Theheadhas becometoomuchofanexpert.butthrough the participant heart.. How canyou find God andhow canyou findblissifyoudon t look into nature? Nature is manifested God. we are out of tune with existence. Don t listentomeasyou listentoa philosophe r. yes. Andthen something thatyou are continuouslyfeelingis missi ng will notbe missed. FOR EVERYTHING.... IT MOVES US NOT. Th is WORLD ISTOO MUCH WITH US. it works. Listen to me. ..Listening. God s temple.but througha deep participation through the heart. listentoothroughtheheart. THE WINDS THATWILL BE HOWLINGATALL HOURS AND ARE UPGATHERED NOWLIKE SLEEPING FLOWERS. as a slave the head is wonderful as a boss it is very dangerous.

Then he said.Onedaytheboss cal led forhimandsaid. YoungWarrenwasvery ambitious.Vol1 37 Osho . but that ship doesn t sail until the twelfth. sir. Tellthetrafficdepartmenttobookmea passageontheQueenMary.andwhenhegotajobasan officeboyhewas determinedto learneverythingpossiblesothathecouldimpressthebossandget ahead. TheTantra Vision. Excuse me. said the lad. sailingon the eleventh.and mind tends to go to the extreme. The boss looked at him. Have the purchasing department p ut an immediate orderforasix months supplyof aluminium. impressed.

the boyreplied. order only one month s supply because the trend of the marke t indicates the price will go lower..thisisgoingtoofar.. answeredWarren. Ifyouareinlovewithme.. You are ask ing a wrong person.CHAPTER 2.ifyouhavestartedfeelingforme. sir. and the verybest is never delivered.ButIhaveheard a definitionthatIlikedandI wouldlikeyoutoknowit: Agood beginning and a good ending make a good speech if they come really close to gether.not asingleword.. Thatw ay you don t move anymore.ithas crossedits limit. the beginning and the end.You don tgo throughtheheart.. And the last question: Question6 OSHO. that the order be placed tomorrow.only then. In addition. What s the matter. AndIhavealwaysbeendeliveringtheverybest. Send Miss Kate in to take some dictation.ifitisaloveaffair. Nowthisisknowingtoomuch. becausethisisan understand ingofa totally different kind. HOWDOYOU DEFINEAGOOD SPEECH? DIFFICULT TO SAY. is she sick? No.Ihaveneverdeliveredas ingle . That s what is missing. Heart is almost a dead thing. And that swhathashappenedtothe human re on the ball. I have never delivered a single speech in my life.Youhave completelybypassedyourheart.the undeliveredone. a dead weight.. not until the ninth. because the price will be reduced.Andithasabsorbedallthe energyso noth ingisleft fortheheart. Of course.only then.only then. You can listen to me through the head. Verygood. and of courseyou will understand whatsoev erIam saying andstillyouwillnotunderstandanything. This is an understanding which is more akin to love than to knowledge. the best speech has no middle at all.ifanaf fectionis growingbetweenmeandyou. THE GOOSE IS OUT! MayI suggest. Miss Kate is out today..young man.

TheTantra Vision. becauseIdealin silence.thatwasno t the c annotbe discoursed about. becauseyou cannot understand silenceyet.Ihave nothingtosay.Ihavet o usewords whichare meaningless. becausethat whichIhave cannotbesaid. Even whenI use thewords.youwillnot listentothe words but to the message.thewords are used only as necessary evils b ecause theyhave to be used.Butyoudon t understandanythingelsebutwords.soIhavetosuffer. Iamnot talkingtoyou.AndIhavetosaythingswhichshouldnotbesaid inthehope thatbyandbyyouwillstartlookingmore directlyintome.byandby.Vol1 38 Osho .Evenwhenyouhearwords.notinwords.speechinmylife.

soonlythosewhoa re joined with me throughtheir hearts will be able to receive it. Iamtryingtohandyouthe undeliveredspeech. The messa ge is wordless. THE GOOSE IS OUT! Remember: the medium is not the message.Vol1 39 Osho .Itisatransferbeyondwords. The words are not my message.CHAPTER 2. TheTantra Vision.


they bot h areright together. Who is this one who goes on remembering? Theremustbea non-changing elementinyou unchanging.Allisalwaysthe same. andyou willne verfindit again..sooldage butsomething remains eternally the same. that tooyou remember. Thereisnowaytofinditagain. thattoo isonly half the truth. . Nothingever changes.Parmen eides is also right. Childhood comesandgoes.and then gone. The other can stand only if the compleme ntary truth is there otherwise not. It is all fl ux. permanent. Andhow canyoube different?Youwerea child. The river is changing. THIS HONEY IS YOURS BEASTS DO NOTUNDERSTAND THEWORLD TOBEASORRYPLACE. And half the truth is not the true thing. And nothing changes thattooistrue. let me say toyou: Heraclitus andParmeneides. he says: There is nothing new under the sun. And whetheryoustepintherivertoday or tomorrow. so iseverything. momentary..CHAPTER 3. NOTSO THE WISE WHO THE HEAVENLYNECTAR DRINK WHILE BEASTS HUNGERFOR THE SENSUAL. you remember that too. Now..itisonlyhalfthetruth. Whether it is the Ganges or the Thames doe s not make any difference. both areright infact. It is all movement. Heraclitus and Parmeneides are not enemiesbut friends.hewillsayyou canstepinany riveryouwant butyouwil l be stepping in the same river always. EVERYTHING CHANGES.ifParmeneidesisright. Parmeneides talks about the hub. The wheel moves and the hub does not move. IfHeraclitusisright. Heraclitus tal ks about the wheel butthewheelcannotexist withoutthehub!Andwhatuseisahub withoutthe wheel?So those two contradictorylooking half-truths are not contradictorybut complementar comesyouthandisgone. Onlyfora momentitis there. How can there be? Th e sun is old.absolu tely permanent..Oncegoneitisgoneforever. Thenyouwereayoung man.IfyouaskParmeneides. Everything is remember it. or after millionsofyears. Thenyou became old. so are you changing too. They are stating halftruths.itwillbethe sameriver. and Heraclitus is right: you cannot step in the same river twice. THEWATERISTHE SAME!ItisallH20.

it can at the most be only half the truth. seven different things contradictoryto each o ther.thenthestatement wi llhave to be of necessity self-contradictory. then it will have to be of necessity illo gical.Vol1 41 Osho .. TheTantra Vision. that isfollowedbyits contradiction. No statement can coverthe wholetruth..Hedevelopedasevenfold patternof statements.. Oneisfollowedbyits con tradiction. because each statement is immediatelyfo llowedby its contradiction. Then the statement will look crazy. He drivesyou crazy... He goes on contradictin g seven times.Ifanystatementwantstocoverthe wholetruth. and only when he has said seven times. so on and soforth.Meditate on the silent centre of a cyclone. But the momentyou state something. then he says nowthetruthistoldperfectly butthenyou don tknowwhathehas said. Mahavir did that he is the craziest man because he tried to state the whole trut h and nothing but the whole truth.

a ndhe will not saythatyou are not.. SO. The cloud is there som etimes.He willnotsaythatyou are. becausebyyour questionyouwillputmeintotrouble. andsoonandsoforthhe goes.buttheskyisaspureasever. THE EARTH EMBRACES.CHAPTER 3. THE SEA REMAINS WITHOUT INCREASING OR DECREASING. Cloudscan comeandgo.itiseternity.notevenatraceisleftbehind. These are the three possibilities: Buddha has chosen tokeep silent. No. This is one possibility ifyou are insistent on saying the truth. HEISSAYINGtotheking:Lookatthesky. The sky never comes and never goes. Hesays.yo u cannot conclude. He leavesyou hanging in the air. Pleasedon task. knowing that whatsoevery ou saywill be only half. Yes.andhe willnotsaythattheworldispermanent. . whichisnottruthandd angerous. He will not saythe worldisa flux.The cloud comes and goes. The sky is a lways there it is a timelessphenomenon. he prohibits. He does not giveyou anychance to conclude. whichisgoingcrazy. The first sutra: ASACLOUD THATRISESFROM THE SEA ABSORBING RAIN. TherearetwoPhenomena theskyandthe cloud.. THIS HONEY IS YOURS Ifyou ask him: God is? he will say. Both. Its purityisalwaysvirgin you cannot violateit. and he will say. Its purity is absolute. he will say. and sometimes it is not there it is a time phenomenon. He does not say anything about ultimate truths .orIhavetouttera half-truth.The clouds cannot corruptit.andtheyhavebeencom ing and going. And half is dangerous. Both not. it is momentary.. The other possibility is that of Buddha hekeeps silent. There is no possibility of corrupting it. and he will say. it spurity is untouchable. orIhave tokeep quiet. This is the first thing to be understood about today s sutras.noteventheblackclo udscan corrupt it. Finallyyou don t cometoany conclusion. LIKE THE SKY. then with this cont ext it will be easy to understand what Saraha is saying. EitherIhaveto be contradictory. The momentyou ask anything about the absolute truth .

BUT thesky remains all the ti me the same good or bad. Sometimes they bring floods and dest ruction.Your actions are likethe cloud they come andgo.Sothere aretwo thingsinexistence: somethingisliketheskyand somethingislikethe cl oud.your death.y ou are always there. the clouds don t corrupt it. sometimesthey arefullofrainand sometimesthey arejust empty. You are a silent watcher of th e whole play of clouds.Yourbirth. moregreenery. divine ordevilish. arelikethe clouds theyhappen.Sometimestheydo great benefit to the earth. Things happen inyou:you never happen.You? you are like the sky:you never com e andyou nevergo. sometimes great harm. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 42 Osho . Sometimes they are white and beautiful and sometimes they are dark anddi smal andvery ugly.You? younever happen. more crops. and sometimes theybring life. Things happen just like clouds happen in the sky.

Ifyou see the actions.Y ou unfocus on the cloud.You helpa man heis ill you servehim. THIS HONEY IS YOURS Actions are clouds. Whatsoeveryoudowillbring somegoodintotheworldandwillbring somebadintotheworld WHATSOEVERyoudo. because no action can be just white or justblack. Saraha is saying: Look at mysky! Don t look at myactions. you arefocussedonthe cloud. doings are clouds: the being is like the sky. And they are talking about the same person. It needs a shift of awar eness nothing else. Ifyouwatch the actionsyou can find wrong actionsin arewatching hissky. There are many books written about Jesus. it has to be both.CHAPTER 3.but the beggar goes and purchases some poison and c ommits suicide.youtakehimtothe hospital. and theworldisdifferent. To be. Of c ourse.well. Whenyouwatcha person s behav ior. Now. just a shift of awareness... many are written infavour of him which prove that he is the onlybegotten son of God. Then suddenlyyou rememberthesky.andhe commitsmurder .thenthe wholeexisten ceis holy.your intention wasgoodbut the total resultis bad. thenyou cannot see anybody holy.youhaveforgottenthesky. And thenheis healthy.thenyouwillneverseeanybodyevil. What is happening ? How do they manage? Theymanagewell. Just the shiftoffocussing. You are looking a t the cloud. Oneparty goes on choosing the white clouds.Youthinkofanyaction:yougoandyougive some money toa beggar you are doing good. Ram theneven thegreatest saint willlook like a Mahavir. Even the holiest p erson is prone to commit manyfaults asfar as actions are concerned. you focus on the sky then the cloud is irrelevant. Ifyouwatchtheinnermostpurity. they can prove it. Then many are written to prove that he is just a neurotic and nothing else and they can also prove it.inKrishna. another part y goes on choosing theblackclouds and both are are focussingonthe cloud.Your Buddha.Now. Whenyouwatchthe innermostpurityofhis being. It needs a change of gestalt. Justthevery choicethatyoudid something manythingswillbegood andmanythingswillbewrongafterthat. He is the object of thousands of studi es.b . then yo u are in a totally different dimension.

hefelldownbuth is headache disappeared.and somebody. So whethertojudgebythe intentionortojudgebythe result?Andwhoknowsaboutyourintent ion? Intentionis internal. maybedeepdownyouwere hoping that whenhegot healthyhewoul d commit a murder.wantedtokillhi m..andthe rockhithisheadand sincet hen the migraine has disappeared now what to do? What to sayaboutyour act? moral.Vol1 43 Osho . You thro w a rock at a person. Hiding behinda tree. Amanwassufferingfrom headachesformanyyears. That show acupuncturewasborn. The people who were looking after him. Theystarted studying.bycoincidence.By chance. were very much puzzledastohowit happened. AND sometimes it happens: your intention is bad and the result is good. im moral? Youwantedtokilltheman:youcouldonlykillthemigraine.Su ch agreat science! sobeneficial! oneofthegreatest boonsto humanity.andhewassufferingfrommigraineformanyyears.. The arrowhittheman sleg.ut the total result is bad.the man TheTantra Vision. butitwasborni nthisway. the doctor ofthe to wn.his enemy...the enemyshotan arrow.

thenwhatisthepoin tof judginga manbyhis actions? Then change the whole emphasis.Yes. Andin the total reality.Andyouwillbesurprised: Whatareyoudoing? becausemyHEADis wrong. meditate onit whatsoeveryoudo. but something ba d is bound to happen because where willthe other aspectgo?Youmaydobad. He is saying: Rightyou are! People have toldyou and they are notwrong. each actbrings something goodand something ba d.butthisishow acupuncturewasborn. thenitisuptoyou. Ifyouwatchthe actions. somepointwas touchedonthelegbythe arrow. or he mayneedleyour hand oryour back. th ere are seven hundred points.Ifthe proportionisthe same whetheryoudogoodorbad. He maystart pressingyourfeet oryour will not be able to understand me. Then move to another gestalt the sky. Saint s and sinners arebothinthe sameboat!Onceyou understandthisthenachangeispossible.washeagreat saint? orwashea sinner? Diff icult to say. That s what Saraha is saying to the king. was hitby the arrow. Infact thisismyunderstanding. Ihavea headache. wa . That swhywhenyougotothe acupuncturistandyousay. and the inner electric flow of the man s body energy changed..notmyback! But he knows better. E verything is interconnected.I run likea maddog. Watch myinner priority. verydifficult to say.butgoodis boundto hap pen because where will the other aspect go? The coin exists with both aspects togeth er.the manwho shotthe arrowathis enemy. So sinners are sometimes beneficial and saints are sometimes very harmful. the goodnessofit and the b adness ofitisalwaysinthe same proportion. and he knows from where to push the energy to change the flow. WATCH myinner canchoose the bad ones. hemay not touch your head at all. Now. and a single aspect cannot exist alone..CHAPTER 3.ifyou justwatch the actionyou willbe mi sguided. Letme repeat:itisalwaysinthe same proportion! because good and bad are two aspects of the same coin. The whole body is an interconnected electric phenomenon.thenyoudon tlook atthe actions. his headache disappeared. THIS HONEY IS YOURS hadhitone acupuncturepointjustontheleg. You can choosethegood ones. You may do good. And because the inner flow of the electricity changed.

somuch water evaporates.livingwith a woman means what it means. ASACLOUD THATRISESFROM THE SEA ABSORBING RAIN.WATCH! This is NO ordinaryliving! Th ere is no man-woman relationshipatall.Butyouhavetolookint o the sky not into the clouds. SO. Now. ordinarily. THE EARTH EMBRACES.Ilivewiththiswoman and.Welive togetherastwo spaces. Welive togetherastwo freedoms. but the sea does not decrease because of that.Vol1 44 Osho . LIKE THE SKY.Welive togetherastwoemptyboats. Millionsof cloudsrise outof th e sea. And then the cl ouds will rain TheTantra Vision.tch myinner core that stheonlywaytoseethetruth.Yes. And another thinghe reminds him of:Watch the sea. Saraha says.Ithas nothingtodowithsexuality. THE SEA REMAINS WITHOUT INCREASING OR DECREASING.

all the rivers of the earth will pour down their water into the sea. He says: Nothing c anbe added to man and nothing can be deleted from man his inner perfection is such.Yourpurityis infinite.Itjust remains the same.but that does not make the sea increase the sea remains the sa me. It is so vast. not that man has to become good. Itisa tremendously revolutionary saying. Increase and dec rease is on the periphery. Andyour actions maybe thoseofa saint. it does not matter how many clouds arise out of it and how much water evap orates. oryou can remain ignorant that is only on the periphery. It is so vast. Heissaying: Look! the inner beingissoperfect thatyour actions maybe thoseofa sin ner.poured into it makes no difference i ts perfection is such thatyou cannot take anything out of it andyou cannot add anythingto it. He is like the sea. THIS HONEY IS YOURS on the earth.. Twogreatjewelsarethereinthe ocean.andthosetwogreatjewelspreventitfrom increasing and decreasing: it never becomes less and it never becomes more it just remains the same. and many rivers willbe flooded . there is a statement that there a re two very costly jewelsinthe ocean theonepreventsitfrombecominglesswhenwaterisdrawnfromit.itdoesnot matterhowmany riversfallintoitandbringgreat amountsofwater. So is the inner core of man. not that man ha s to change .You remain the same..CHAPTER 3. Itisagreatstatement. So is the inner core of existence.andthe other from becoming too large when water flows in it.but nothingis added un toyou.You can becomea manofgreatknowledge. No knowledge can makeyou more knowing thanyou alr eady are. In one of the Buddhist cann ot make him poor. There is no hankeringfor improvement. and thewater will rush back towards the ocean. Vaipulya sutra. notatthe centre.You cannot make him morerich.Whether something is taken outof it or something is. towards the sea. You can not make man more beautiful andyou cannot make man ugly.but nothingis takenaway. Thisis theTantra vision. Thisis thevery coreof theTantra attitude that manis ashe is. Nothingcanbeaddedtoyou.thereisnowaytoimproveuponit. andrivulets will becomegreatrivers.

Whatishedoingherelivingona cremationground? dancinglikeamadman.Youbecomei nnocent like a child.Oryoucanbringallthescripturesoftheworldandpourthemintome that doesn t make anydifference becauseIdon t become more because ofthat. ThekinghadknownSaraha:He usedtobeagreat manofknowledgeandnowheisbehaving like an ignorant man.Vol1 45 Osho . And. Man has to accept all and remember his sky!.byand by. It does not make anydifference becauseI amnot lessenedbyit. and remember his sea .an understandingariseswhenyouknowwhata cloudisandwhattheskyis. Onceyouareintunewithyoursea.singing like a madman? and doing manyuntraditional things? Where has his knowledge gone? And Saraha says:You can take allmyknowledgeaway. he no more does his rit uals that his religion prescribes he no more even meditates.whatariverisand what the sea is.this and that.allanxiety disappears. He has stopped reciting his Vedas. He does nothing that is ordinaril y thought to be religious. TheTantra Vision.allguilt disappears.

CHAPTER 3. THIS HONEY IS YOURS He was a very respectable man; the whole kingdom had respected him. Now suddenly he has become one of the most unrespectable men. And Saraha is saying:You can give me a ll the honors thatarepossible,andnothingisaddeduntome.Andyoucantakeallthe honors,andyoucan ins ult me,andyoucando whatsoeveryouwantto destroy my respect nothingis happening. ALLth e same,Iremain the same.I am THATwhich never increases and never decreases. NowIkn ow that Iamnotthe cloud Iamthesky. SoI am notmuchworried whether people think the cloudisblack or white, becauseI a m not the cloud. AndI am not the smallriver, the tiny river, ora tiny poolofwater I am nota cupof tea. Storms comeinthecupofteaveryeasily;itissotiny.Justtakeonespoonfuloutofitandsomet hing is lost; pour one more spoonful and it is too much and there is a flood. Hesays:I amthevast sea.Nowtake whatsoeveryouwanttotake,orgive whatsoeveryouwantt o give either wayit does not matter. Just look atthe beauty of it! The moment nothing matters,you have come home. If something still matters,you arefaraway from the home. Ifyou are stillwatching, and being cunning and clever aboutyour actions youhavetodothisandyouhavenottodothis andtherearestill shouldsand should-nots,thenyouarefarawayfromhome.You still thinkofyourselfintermsofthemomen tary and not in terms of the eternal.You have notyet tasted God. Like the sky and like the sea... isyou. The second sutra: SO FROM SPONTANEITY THAT S UNIQUE, REPLETE WITH THEBUDDHA S PERFECTIONS, ARE ALL SENTIENT BEINGS BORN, AND IN IT COME TOREST.BUT IT IS NEITHER CONCRETE NOR ABSTRACT. SO FROM SPONTANEITY THAT S UNIQUE... FIRST,INTANTRA, spontaneityisthegreatestvalue tobejust natural,toallow naturetoha ppen. Not to obstruct it, not to hinder it; not to distract it, not to take it in some other direction where it

was not going on its own. To surrender to nature, to flow with it. Not pushing t he river, but going withit ALLtheway, whereverit leads. ThistrustisTantra. Spontaneityisitsmantra,it sgreatest foundation. Spontaneity means: youdon t interfere,you areina let-go. Whatsoeverhappens,youwatc h,you area witnesstoit.Youknowitis happening,butyou don tjumpintoit,andyou don ttryto chan ge its course. Spontaneity meansyou don t have any direction. Spontaneity meansyou do n t have any goal to attain; ifyou have some goal to attainyou cannot be spontaneous. How canyou be spontaneous if suddenly your nature is going one way and your goal is not? How c an you be spontaneous?You will dragyourself towards the goal. TheTantra Vision,Vol1 46 Osho

CHAPTER 3. THIS HONEY IS YOURS That s what millions of people are doing dragging themselves towards some imaginar ygoal. And because they are dragging themselves towards some imaginarygoal, they are missin g the natural destiny which is the only goal! And that s whythere is so much frustration, and so much misery andsomuchhell because whatsoeveryoudowillneversatisfyyournature. That swhypeople are dulland dead. Theylive,andyettheylive not. Theyaremovinglikepr isoners, chained. Their movement is not that of freedom, their movement is not that of da nce it cannot be becausethey are fighting,they are continuouslyinafightwith themselves. Thereisa conflict,each moment:youwant to eat this, andyour religion does not prescribe it;youwant to mo ve with this woman,butthatwillnotbe respectable.Youwanttolivethisway,butthesociety prohibitsi t.You wanttobeinoneway,youfeelthatthatishowyoucanflower,buteverybodyelseis againstit. So do you listen to your being? or do you listen to everybody else s advice? If yo u listen to everybody s advice,your life will be an empty life of nothingbut frustration. You will finish without everbeingalive;youwilldie withouteverknowingwhatlifeis. Butthesocietyhascreatedsuch conditioninginyouthatitisnotonly outside itissittingi nsideyou. That s what conscienceisall about. Whatsoeveryouwanttodo,your conscience says, Don td o it! The conscienceisyour parentalvoice;thepriestandthe politicianspeak throughit.I tisagreat trick.Theyhavemadea conscienceinyou fromtheverychildhoodwhenyouwerenotawareat allofwhatwasbeingdonetoyou,theyhaveputa conscienceinyou. So wheneveryougo against the conscience,youfeel guilt Guilt meansyou have done something which others don twantyou to do. So wheneveryou are naturalyou areguilty, and wheneveryou are not guiltyyou are unnatural: thisis th e dilemma, thisis the dichotomy, this is the problem. If you listen to your own naturalness, you feel guilty; then there is misery. Yo u start feeling you have done something wrong.You start hiding;you start defendingyourself;you start continuously pretending thatyou have not done it, andyou are afraid somebody is bound to catc hyou sooner or later.Youwillbecaught...and anxiety,andguilt,andfear.Andyoulosealllovewithlif e.

Wheneveryou do something against others,youfeel guilty. And wheneveryou do somet hing that otherssay,youneverfeelhappydoingit becauseithasneverbeenyourownthingtodo.Between these two is man caught. Iwas just reading one anecdote: What s this double jeopardy that the Constitution is supposed to guarantee one agai nst? asked Roland of his lawyer friend Milt. Said the other, Itis like this, Rollie,ifyou are outdrivingyour car and bothyour wife and her mother are sitting in the back seat tellingyou how to drive, well that s double jeopardy. Andyou have a constitutional right to turn around and say, Now, who in hell s driving this car, d ear, you or your mother? TheTantra Vision,Vol1 47 Osho

CHAPTER 3. THIS HONEY IS YOURS Youmaybeatthe wheel,butyou arenotdrivingthe car. There aremanypeople sittingonth eback seat your parents,your parents parents,yourpriest,your politician, the leader, the mahatma, the saint, they are all sitting onthe backseat. And theyall are trying to adviseyou: Do this! Don t do that!Gothisway! Don tgothatway! They aredrivingyoumad,andyouhavebeentaughttofollow them. Ifyou don tfollow them, that too creates suchfear inyou that something is wr ong how can youberightwhensomanypeopleare advising?Andtheyarealways advisingforyourowngood! How canyouberight alone when thewholeworld is saying Do this! Of course, they are in the majority and they mustberight. But remember: it is not a question of being right or wrong the question basicall y is of being spontaneousornot. Spontaneityisright! Otherwiseyouwill becomean imitator,and imi tatorsare never fulfilled beings. Youwantedtobea painter,butyour parentssaid, No!becausepaintingisnotgoingtogiveyou enough money, and painting is not going to give you any respect in society. You will become a hobo,andyouwillbeabeggar.Sodon tbotheraboutpainting. Becomeamagistrate! Soyouhave becomeamagistrate.Nowyoudon tfeelanyhappiness.Itisaplasticthing,thisbeingamagistra te. Anddeepdownyou stillwantto paint. While sitting in the courtyou are still painting deep down. Maybeyou are listeni ng to the criminal, butyouare thinking abouthisface,whata beautifulfacehehasandwhata beautifulportra itwould have been possible.You are lookingathiseyesandthebluenessofhiseyes,andyouarethin king of colors... andyou area magistrate!Soyou are constantlyat unease,a tensionfollo wsyou. And, byandby,you will also startfeelingyou area respectable man and this and that.You are just an imitation,you are artificial Ihave heard: One woman gave up smoking when her pet parrot developed a persistent cough. She was worried, naturally; she thought it must have been the smoke that she went on smoking cont inuously in the house and that it didn t suit the parrot. So she took the parrot to a vet. The vet gave the bird a thorough check-up andfound thatit didn thave pneumonia orpsittacosis. The final di agnosiswas that it had been imitatingthe cough of its cigarette-smoking owner.

It was not smoke: it was just imitating. The woman was coughing, and the parrot had learnt coughing. Watch... your life may be just like a parrot. If it is like a parrot, thenyou ar e missing something tremendously valuable you are missing your life. Whatsoever you gain will not pr ove of much value, because thereisnothing morevaluablethanyourlife. SoTantra makes spontaneity the first virtue, the most fundamental virtue. SO FROM SPONTANEITY THAT S UNIQUE... NOW,ONEMORETHINGTANTRASAYS,andthathastobeunderstoodvery veryminutely.The spontaneitycanbeoftwotypes:itcanbeonlyof impulsiveness,butthenitisnotveryunique; ifitis of awareness, then it has that quality of being unique the Buddha quality. TheTantra Vision,Vol1 48 Osho

CHAPTER 3. THIS HONEY IS YOURS Many times, listening to me, you think you are becoming spontaneous while you ar e simply becoming impulsive. What is the difference between being impulsive and being spo ntaneous? You have two things inyou: the body and the mind. The mind is controlledbythe societ y and the body is controlledbyyour biology. The mindis controlledbyyour society becausethe soci ety canput thoughts intoyour mind; andyour body is controlledbymillions ofyears of biologic algrowth. Thebodyis unconscious,soismind unconscious.Youareawatcherbeyondboth.Soifyoustop listeningtothemindandtothesociety,thereiseverypossibilityyouwillstartlisteningto thebiology. So sometimesyoufeellikemurderingsomebody,andyousay, Iamgoingtobe spontaneous Osho has said Be spontaneous! soIhavetodoit.Ihavetobe spontaneous. Youhave misunderstood. Thatisnotgoingtomakeyourlifebeautiful,blissful.Youwillbe continuouslyin conflict again now with outside people. By spontaneity Tantra means a spontaneity full of awareness. So the first thing in order to be spontaneousistobefullyaware.The momentyouareaware,youare neitherinthetrapofthemi nd norinthetrapofthebody. Thenreal spontaneityflowsfromyourvery soul fromthesky,from the sea,your spontaneity flows. Otherwise,you can changeyour masters: from the b odyyou can change to the mind, or from the mindyou can change to the body. The bodyisfast asleep;following the body willbefollowingablind man. And the spon taneity will justtakeyouintoa ditch.Itisnotgoingtohelpyou.Impulsivenessisnot spontaneity.Yes, impulse HASacertainspontaneity, more spontaneitythanthemind,butithasnotthatqualitywhichT antra would likeyou to imbibe. That s why Saraha says: SO FROM SPONTANEITY THAT S UNIQUE... He adds the word unique . Unique meansnotof impulsionbutofawareness,of consciousness. We live unconsciously. Whether we live in the mind or in the body does not make much difference we live unconsciously. Whydidyou tearoutthebackpartofthatnew book? askedthe long-sufferingwifeofan absentm inded doctor. Excuseme, dear, saidthefamous surgeon, thepartyou speakofwas labelled APPENDIXandI took it out without thinking.

TheTantra Vision. Isthatwhat swrong?IthoughtI waslame. Seeing APPENDIX he automatically took it out.Hiswholelifetakingthe appendixoutofeverybody sbodymusthave becomean unconscious ha bit. A drunk staggered from a tavern and started walking with one foot in the street and one on the sidewalk.a policeman spottedhim. saidthecop. An unconscious spontaneity is not much of a spontaneity.Vol1 49 Osho . It is an unconscious life. Afterablock ortwo. you redrunk! Thedrunksighedwithrelief. That s how we are existing and working. Gosh! hesaid. Hey.

The whole existence starts sharing his compassio n. watchfulness. reflecting inyour spontaneity. The wholeworldis suffering. Wisdom does not mean knowledge. These are Buddha s two perfections. and arerushing outwards. flows compassion for beings. And out of that attentiveness.they are carryingit. youareoutofonetrapbutyouareagainin anothertrap. meditativeness. to women. When one person becomes Enlightened.CHAPTER 3.youhavefal len in another are under the influence of chemi stry. his whole being becomes full of compassion towards ALL beings. Wisdom means awareness. Riversof compassion st art flowing from him and start reaching to everybody else to men. REPLETE WITH THEBUDDHA S PERFECTIONS. the same treasure thatyouhave at tained. they arejust standing at the door of the shrine and ar e not entering in. to stars. Again.youwillhaveto becomea witnes s of body and mind both. to trees. These two are the qualities of Buddha. then it is u nique. Whenyou are witnessing. to animals. SO FROM SPONTANEITY THAT S UNIQUE.. Whenyour spontaneityis REALLYofawareness. What a re Buddha s perfections? Two: PRAGYAN and KARUNA wisdom and compassion. to rivers. to b irds. attentiveness. silence. Theyhave the treasure. And Saraha says: The real spontaneity is replete with Buddha s perfections. If these two are there. THIS HONEY IS YOURS Whenyou are under the influence of the body. They can also enjoy. to mountains.Fromone ditchyouareout. andyou are spontaneous out ofyour witnessing.. The wholeexistenceis filledby his compassion. then there is unique spontaneity. Thedayyou start enjoyingyourblissyou will startfeeli ngfor others too. out of that silence. WhenyouREALLY wanttobeoutofall ditchesandin cannotdoanything against compassion :you . that he understands and that hefeels and cares.butthey arenotusingit becausethey arenotawareofit.

in the same p roportion. it is dangerous. So whatis thepoint? Andhow canyoumurderi fyou are so alert and so spontaneous? Compassion will flow sideby side.Itisno t possible. They have compassion. Osho. and that good has noteven happened to theirown beings.yousaytobe spontaneous. The being is the sky : you can only disperse the cloud. and they themselvesneedmuchhelp. nobody is ever murdered. They go on do ing good. How canyoumurder?!Yes.Peoplecometomeandtheyask. PHYSICIAN.Theythemselvesareill. but no awareness. Whenyour spontaneityis alert.cannotmurder.butsometimes Iwant tomurdermywife then what? You cannotmurder. in the same proportion there is compassion. HEAL THYSELF FIRST! TheTantra Vision.butyou cannotmurder. As you become aware. whenitis canyoueven THINKofmurder?You will know that there is no possibility.andtheygoonhelpingotherpeople. Theygo on helping others. noteven your wife you cannotmurder.Vol1 50 Osho . That s what is in the people we call do-gooders. Buddha has said: If there is compassion without awareness.

CHAPTER 3.forty. Inever thoughtTHAT way. No. colleges. and now he was opening a college.Yes..hesaid. they are not better.H. Theydon t know whatthey are doing. WhenIreached them fiftyyears ago. THIS HONEY IS YOURS Buddha says: Ifyouhave compassion without awareness.he came underthe influenceof Mahatma Gandhiandbecomea do-gooder.all schools. hehasdevotedhis wholelife. theyhave become cunning. Gan dhi created thegreatest lot of do-gooders in India. they have become just as other people are. Dogooders are the most mischievous peoplein theworld. Ifyour educationhasnothelpedthem. Whe n hewastwenty. Infact.andif sometimessomebodydidsteal. Justtellmeonething:fiftyyearsyou have been with them canyou say certainly that education has been good. And it seems difficulttogetridof them.Youstarteddoinggoodto others withoutknowingwhatyouweredoing. SoIaskedhim. This man.Youjustthought educationhastobegood. thenfor one hundredyears all univ ersities should be closed completely closed! For one hundred years nobody should be given any education. Oncea man cametome. highschools. under Mahatma Gandhi s influence.gone agapof on ehundred .thenthinkagain. And if sometimes it used to happen.wenttoa primitive tribe in Bastar and started teaching the primitive people fortyyears effort. universities. Therewere no locks fifty years ago in those villages.For one hundredyears. He opened manyschools. that they are better than they were when they were uneducated? Canyoube certain thatyour fiftyyears work has made them more beautiful human beings? Hewasa little puzzled.He started perspiring. D. Fiftyyears ago therewas no ta single murder.but they are always doing something or other to help people.fiftyyears heisseventy. then the murderer would go to the co urt and report. Theyhad always lived in a verysilent peaceful way. fifty years effort. with education..hewouldcometothechiefofthetr ibe and confess that I have stolen becauseI was hungry but punish me.butmayb eyou have something.Isaid. uneducated but theyhada dignity. Therewasno stealing.Hewantedmysupportforthecollege. He cametome.Lawrence has said thatif man hastobe saved. India is still suffering from th ose do-gooders. theywere tremendously beautiful people.your compassion willbe harmf ul.

So Buddhas ays:A perfect Buddha willhave both awareness and compassion.andthe otherhalfis killedbycompassion. Awareness killshalftheego.Compass ion withoutawarenessis dangerous.years. And that is the only wayto save man.theego is utterly destroyed. thenadeepego s till exists.Andwhenamanhas becomea no-self. Between thesetw o. Saraha says: TheTantra Vision. you can think that you are doing don thelp othersto becomeaware thenyou are selfish. you closeyoureyes. cunning to use others more as means.hehasbecomea don t help others.andawareness without compassionisselfish. but go od cannot happen.Vol1 51 Osho . because education has made people ve rycunning cunning to exploit more. Buddhasays: Compassionisgoodwhenitfollowsawareness. otherwiseitisnotgood. If you don t know what you are doing. Ifyou becomeaware andyoufo rget aboutothersandyousay. WhyshouldIbother?NowI amhappy. cunning to be immo ral.

mind is thought.. Thatisthe wholeofTantrain oneword: nottobe attachedtotheclouds because cloudsarethereonlyforthe moment.CHAPTER 3. THIS HONEY IS YOURS SO FROM SPONTANEITY THAT S UNIQUE.and suddenlyyouwill fall silent. BUT IT IS NEITHER CONCRETE NOR ABSTRACT. in the middle of these two. ARE ALL SENTIENT BEINGS BORN.Ashift.achangeofthefocus. So ALL thatis neededisnottobe attachedtothe clouds. we become too much attached to the clouds.BUT IT IS NEITHER CONCRETE NOR ABSTRACT. Body is matter. REPLETE WITH THEBUDDHA S PERFECTIONS. Godisyour goal. AND IN IT COME TOREST. In the meantime. In the meantime we start dreaming a thousand and one dreams of being this and that. Thi s inner godliness is a transcendence. Soifyouthinkyouareabody. that innocent source. mind is subtle. Rememberthatyouarenotthe clouds. ARE ALL SENTIENT BEINGS BORN. GODIS RIGHTNOW HERE! InyourverypresenceGodis itis God s presence. itisnobodyelse.Mindis abstract.bodyis concrete. . Godis the most ordinaryreality. This inner godliness is neither.Justwatch. and we will go backto rest in that innocent source. Hesays:From such unique spontaneitywe are born. Godisyour source.itisGodlookingatme. And again we go backto this godliness to rest. We are gods.youare clouded. and suddenlyyou willfeel fullofbliss.fromthecloudtothesky. AND IN IT COME TOREST. And again we go to God. Tantra is transcendence. Outof such godlinesswe are born. We are out ofGod..We comeoutofthat sou rce.bodyisg ross. Itis neither mind norbody this godliness. and suddenlyyou willfeel benedicti on surroundingyou.thenyouare identifiedwithacloud. Whenyou lookatme.Ifyouthin kyou . In the middle of these two therewillbemanyclouds don tget attachedtothem.

you have arrived.areamind.Vol1 52 Osho . thenyou are missingthe mark. Ifyou becomeawake.youhave becomeaSaraha the arrowis shot. Ifyou thinkin any waythat makesyou identified wit h body or mind. Infact.In that changeof consciousness itisju sta small change of gear the arrow is shot. and suddenlyyou seeyourself only asa witness who sees the bod y. The third sutra: TheTantra Vision. sees the mind.againyou are had never lef t.

youaregoingastrayfromyourtruebliss becauseyour trueblissisyour nature. THIS HONEY IS YOURS THEYWALKOTHERPATHSAND SO FORSAKE TRUE BLISS. There aremillionsof other paths THETRUEPATHISONE.Notgoingisthetruepath. THEYWALKOTHERPATHSAND SO FORSAKE TRUE BLISS. SEEKING THE DELIGHTSTHATSTIMULANTS PRODUCE. So the momentyoustart moving.Ithasnottobe produced.ALLmovementismovementaway.ithasnottobea ttained.. Sothosewho remembertheir sky-being.Ithasnowhereto go. There aretwo typesofbliss. thenyou are walking other paths.few Buddhas. ANDTOTHEM SO NEAR. the others walk so manypaths AND SO FORSAKE TRUE BLISS. Tryto understandthis. Non-goingisarriving. thereishappiness. theyfin d paths.they areathome.CHAPTER 3.Seekandyouwillmiss: don t seek AND find. These are conditional. WILLVANISHIFATONCETHEYDONOTDRINKIT.whenyoufindabagfullof . Oneis: conditional it happensonlyin certain conditions .andthenitisgone. Theygo.Exceptforthesefewbeings .Itisaveryprofound statement. sometimeswestandsometimes east and south and thisway and that. You see yourwoman. SEEKING THE DELIGHTSTHATSTIMULANTS PRODUCE. and they aregreatwanderers. Or.youarehappy.ithasnottobe achieved.youhave to arrangefor them. The momentyouarewalkingonanypath.youaremovingaway.fora moment. Andinfact the truepathisnotapath. IFYOUARE NOT BECOMING ONE WITH THE SKY with whichyou are really one.Itisalready there!Itisalreadythe case.Theskynevergoesanywhere cloudsgo. Yes. How long canyoube happy witha conditional happiness? How long canthe happiness r emain? It comes onlylikeaglimpse. It is all in all. THE HONEY IN THEIRMOUTHS.atrest. Andthey are are an egoist and a Nobel Prizeisawardedtoyou andyou dance. they carrymaps buttheskyissimplythere.youarealoverof moneyandyouhavefoundabagfullofhundred rupee notesby thesideof the road and thereis cannotgoanywhere..ALLgoing isgoingastray. Wefollowpathstoreach somewhere itisnotagoal.Ithasnopath.Or.

TheTantra Vision. but how long will you be happy? Not too long. and anxiety and guilt. for a moment there will be a surge of energy and you will feel happy and the next mo ment you will become afraid areyou going to be caught? Whose moneyis this? Has somebody seen? And the consciencewillsay. maybe somebody has really seen.You shouldgotothe court!You should go to the police you should surrender the money to the police! What areyou doing? You area moral man. nowyou are hidin g it. Thisisnotright.hundred rupee notes you are happy.. Nowyou are afraid: maybe the wife will discover it. Butyou have brought it home..Vol1 53 Osho . In fact. Now the anxiety.Itisasortofstealing. som ebody mayhave looked who knows? Somebody mayhave reported to the police.

it is there. Then. th roughthe smell. Only thisbliss can be always and always.whatareyougoingtodowiththis money? Whatsoeveryouaregoingtodowillagainandagaingiveyouamomentof happiness. THIS HONEY IS YOURS ANDevenifnobodyhasreportedandnobodyhas seen. It floodsfor one moment and then is empty the next. SEEKING THE DELIGHTSTHATSTIMULANTS PRODUCE.. And the honeyis inyour mouth! In India the mystics have always talked about the musk deer. It is unconditi onal. never don t needtohavemuch prestigeandpowerandpull nothing.?Then the ca ris old.You don t needawoman. ANDTOTHEM SO don t needa will find this eterna l one. It is not lik e the sea which is never more. THE HONEY IN THEIRMOUTHS.thefemale deer become attractedtothe deer.. When the musk starts increasing it happens only when the deer is really in sexual don t needabigcar.. There is a certain kind of deer which has musk in his navel. The musk is a natural trick.. There is another kind of bliss that Saraha calls the true bliss. It is like the cloud. again the tiny river is tiny. rain stopped and the flood is gone to the sea.and the carisinyour porch. Only thisbliss can be eternallyyours. Afterafewdaysyou don tlookatitatall.ItisTHERE!Youhavejusttolookintoyourselfanditisthere. in some mountains? You have heard stories: There ismuch honey available in the Himalayas andyou are going to seek it. THEYWALKOTHERPATHSAND SO FORSAKE TRUE BLISS. WILLVANISHIFATONCETHEYDONOTDRINKIT.CHAPTER 3. andfora momentyou arehappy.. .Ifyou closeyoureyesandjustgo don t needabig house. a biological trick: when the mus k starts releasing its fragrance. Without seeking. You are not to managecertain conditions.Youpurchase a car. nextdayitisthe samecar. And it is like the r iver a verytiny river a small rain and it is flooded.. The honey is inyour mouth andyou are going to seek it in the Himalayas.they come throughthemusk. will find momentarythings. A momentary happiness comes and goes.

beautifuleyes. TheTantra Vision. because smellisthe closest sensetosex. You don t smell really.bycleansing.b ythis and thatwe hide!We areafraidofthe smell. Infact.yousayh e hears wellbutyou don tsayhe smellswell. If so mebody has good.Vol1 54 Osho .Why?Infact. Andwe try to hide our sexual smellsbyperfuming. Anim alsfallin love through the smell.yousayhe seeswell. The animals smell each other. theword itself has becomeverymuch condemned.then thereisaharmonyin their being.Smellisoneofthemostsexual senses that swhymanhaskilledhisnose.tosaythathe smells means somethingjust the opposite it means that he stinks. not that he has the capacity to smell. only thendotheymakelove. and when theyfeel that the ir smell suits. The cap acity is lost.if somebodyhasperfect earsformusic.Itisadangerous sense. Man does not smell.

How can he think? eve n man cannot think from whereblisscomes. thereisth e smell.PASHU means the animal. sometimesin respect. This can be done IMMEDIATELY. the beast. from wherejoy comes. the the bondage of the body. because he starts smelling t he musk and he cannot understand that it is coming from his own navel. and the morehe rushes. Youhave broughtitfromyourbirth.Itisyour innermost core. The de er canbe forgiven poor deer. unconscio .CHAPTER 3. THIS HONEY IS YOURS This deer-musk is born in the deer only when he is in sexual heat and he needs a female.the morethefragranceis spreadallovertheforest. this honeyisyours thismuskis hiddeniny ournavel. The beast is one who is in bondage usness. because th ere is no need foranypreparation. And look at what Saraha is saying: THE HONEY IN THEIRMOUTHS. It com es from the wordPASH PASH means bondage. THEWORD BEAST isatranslationofaHindior SanskritwordPASHU. naturally so. And so is the case with man: man goes mad seeking and searching sometimes in mon ey.andyouhavebeen searchingand seekingintheworld.but themuskis withinyou.It issaidthat sometimeshe becomes almostmad. Thefourth sutra: BEASTS DO NOTUNDERSTAND THEWORLD TOBEASORRYPLACE. Literally. from his own body.PASHU means one who is in bondage. the honeyisinyour mo uth.notknowingthatthemuskis withinhim. NOTSO THE WISE WHO THE HEAVENLYNECTAR DRINK WHILE BEASTS HUNGERFOR THE SENSUAL. The female will come to find him. Now or never! At once time has not to be lost.butitisa metaphor. So he runs mad. instincts. He goes onrushing here and therein searchof themusk. whereverhe goes. from where beauty comes. WILLVANISHIFATONCETHEYDONOTDRINKIT. And then he says: At once drink it! Don t lose a single moment! otherwise it will vanish. But he is in trouble.Thatwordhasasignificance of itsown. this and that. tries to find out from where this smell is coming. ANDTOTHEM SO NEAR.

chained. their minds are not fre e to see. mind.. their bodies are not free tofeel. theydon t see. BEASTS DO NOTUNDERSTAND THEWORLD. Theydon t hear.bondage of the society.Vol1 55 Osho . theydon t to uch they are in bondage. thought. TheTantra Vision.. The beast is one who is inbondage. theydon t smell. How can they understand? Their eyes are not free to see... BEASTS DO NOTUNDERSTAND THEWORLD. All senses are crippled.

Ma . I vegot someexcusefor being frightened.yourhandwillbeempty. Of courseyouhaven t.byandbyyouwillfeel disil lusioned.Youwerefantasizingit.Anyhappinessthat happensby anyouter coincidenceisamirage.butitonly appears itis not reallyso. saidthegroom. You are shaking like a leaf! IknowIam. Underst anding happens only in freedom. just mirages callingyou. are! said the best man. Only withawareness does the vision arise. Ihave heard: The best manwas doinghis utmosttomakethegroombraceup. thenwe can see whereitis onlya mirage and whereitis truth. and when noth eology isaprisonforyou. and no philosophyisachaininyour hands.andyouwillsuffert hrough colorful. Theso-calledworld created bythe mind andbythebodyisamirage. When no scriptureisa bondage onyou.But because of unconsciousness we cannot see it.therewillbenothing.CHAPTER 3. BEASTS DO NOTUNDERSTAND THEWORLD TOBEASORRYPLACE. It is a deception. THIS HONEY IS YOURS How can they understand the world? The world can be understood only in freedom.old man? he asked.If youwant tograsptherainbow. When the realityofthewomanandthe manisrevealed. And theycannot understand that theworldisa sorryplace. but thisisa nerve-wracking timeforme. Manytimesyou have been befooled..asyouwatchlife. Whereisyour nerve.. Ifyou hadyouwouldbemuch more scared thanyou Asyoulookintolife. Youfeelthatyouareveryhappywithawomanorwithaman? youaregoingtosuffer. Sooner or lateryou will f ind maybeyouwere just imaginingit ithasneverbeen there.asyoulearnmore aboutit. thenyou can understand.Itisamirage. it is a hallucination. whenyou are outof ALL bondages.It findtwougly beaststryingto dominat e each other. haven t I? I ve never been married before.Itisarainbow so come closerandit appearsverybeautiful. Understanding happens only in an uncluttered mind.Maybeitwasjusta dream. There is nothing. Sooneror lateryou will find that all happiness has disappeared.

yourexperience will makeyou freeof theworld. Andby theworld Idon t mea n. TheTantra Vision. thesky. Ifyou are alert.thatis createdbythought. to find just nothing. the world of the trees and the stars and the rivers an d the mountains by theworld hemeanstheworldthatyouprojectthroughyourmind. and neither does Saraha mean.Vol1 56 Osho . when there is conscious ness without any content. Thatwor ld ismaya.Whent houghtand desire disappear and there is just awareness. That real world is what religions call God. alertness.nytimesyou rushed. just consciousness.when thereis no travelled long. or Buddha calls Nirvana.thatis createdbydesire.thatworldis illusory. thenyou see t he realworld.throughyour desire.

still shaking his think maybeyou have not bee n making asmuch effort aswas needed. thatnext timeyouhavetopullyourselfup. . The woman s curiosity got the best of her and she asked wh yhe was doing it. SoI can tell the time. he said. Nobody can succeed! Success is not possible. You have failed because failure is the only possibility in the world nobody succeeds. That s how it goes on: ifyou don t achieve something. speed. andyou start dreaminganother dream. Oh! ThenI mustbeslow! the man answeredashe thinkyou didn t make asmuch effort aswas needed. Well. Againyou are thin k maybe THIS dreamwas wrong. oryour speedwas slow. Whenyou are not fulfill edinyour desire. You re wrong replied thefellow. it s a quarter until five. And pr ojections never allowyou to see the reality.Youwere not aggressive enough.Youhave notfailed becausey ouwere defective. thatyouhavetopullyourse lftogether next timeyou have toproveyour mettle.Youwere not violent enough.your competitive spiritwas note nough to compete with others. what time is it? Four-thirty. But whenyou are defeated inyour hope. NOTSO THE WISE WHO THE HEAVENLYNECTAR DRINK WHILE BEASTS HUNGERFOR THE SENSUAL. whenyou are defeated inyour dream. like a metronome. Ithas nothing todowithyour mettle. Desires cannot be fulfilled. asked the woman. THIS HONEY IS YOURS BEASTS DO NOTUNDERSTAND THEWORLD TOBEASORRYPLACE.CHAPTER 3.aggression no. th atyouwere lethargicand lazy. Youhave notfailedfor reasonofyour effort. andyou remain in bondage. Awoman sitting ona streetcar noticedthat the man next to herkept shaking his hea d from side to side. Youhavefailed because success isnotpossible.

Youalsoexperiencethe again start hopin g. another experience. but you don t learn anything from willbea Buddha.dreaming youwillfindanother: Itdoesnot meanthatallwomenhavefailedifonewomanhasfailed. Thiswoman provedhorrible. Thiswoman provesafailure again. okay but there are mill ions ofwomen.Youalsoexperienc e the same failure again and again as Buddha or Saraha has experienced. Iwill find another. another experience. One experience. That is the only difference. The momentyou start learning fromit.Vol1 57 Osho . but you don t put all the experiences together you don t conclude!You say.Itdoes TheTantra Vision. Then what is the difference? You experience the failure.

Yougoonhoping. Witha bangingof doorsandanangry swishofskirts.CHAPTER 3. It always glows from the inside. Didyou or didyou not issue this licensefor me to marryJohn Henry? she snapped.heis reallya man.I am saying relate. madam. wheneverit comesit comes fromthe inside.but no relationship is going to giveyou happiness because it ne ver comes from the outside.arejustempty d reams. the One relationship becomesa bondage. The registrar inspected it closely through his glasses. Why? Well. what areyou going to do about it? she screamed. he said cautio He s escaped! All relationships are just beautiful on the surface.heisn o more a beast. THIS HONEY IS YOURS not meanthatonemanhasfailedsoallmenhavefailed. The day you recognize that failure is the only possibility. AndSarahasays:Themanwhobelievesthatit comesfromthe outsideisabeast heisaPASHU he is in bondage.a conversion.youfeel that something has gone wrong next tim eyou will makealltheeffortsnottomakeitabondage.Butyouarenotgoingto succeed because success isnotintheverynatureofthingshere. With that freedom man is born. BEASTS DO NOTUNDERSTAND THEWORLD TOBEASORRYPLACE. desires.yougoonhoping hope goes on winningoveryourexperience. NOTSO THE WISE . Yes. I believeI did.but never think that any relation ship isgoing to giveyou happiness.Failureistheonly possibility: successis impossi free.youwillhaveto relate youareintheworld. Relate!Of course. that ALL rainbows ar e false.aturning. usly. andyou never learn. I am not saying don t relate to people. it always flows from the inside. And the man who recognizes the fact that it never comes from t he outside.theheftyfemale enteredthe registra r s office. deep down they are a sort o f bondage. and all happinessesthatglitterandshinefromfarawayandattractyoulikemagnets. anew being is aredeludingyourself thedayyou recognizethefact. sla mminga document on the table.Youhave to relate to people.Heisa man.

Thereisno death:youare deathless.WHO THE HEAVENLYNECTAR DRINK.TheSKYisdeathl ess: only clouds are born and die. That is the heavenly nectar en there is no death ifyou taste it. Ifyou taste it. Rivers are born and die: the sea is deathless. So areyou.butyouAREan immortal.Vol1 58 Osho . You have not seenit.. th that s whyit is called heavenly nectar : you become an immortal.Youdon thaveanytimeto tasteit.. You are an are in heaven.andyouare rushing from one place to another.You don t have anytime to taste the honeythat is already there.Thewholeworldistoomuch. What is thisheavenly nectar? It is symbolic of the honeythatyouhave already inyo ur mouth and youhavenot tastedit. TheTantra Vision.

Saraha is not trying to convincehim logica lly.Vol1 59 Osho . Infact. THIS HONEY IS YOURS SARAHA says these sutras to the king.CHAPTER 3.AndIhavenever come acrossanything moreprofoundth an Tantra. TheTantra Vision. Tantraisanewgestalttolookatlife.Andheisgivinghimanew gestalt tolookatSaraha. he is simplymakinghisbeing availabletohim.

andtherewillbenofear. there will be deep resistance also.Itis more deathly than death itself becauseyou sur vive after death. this love is unique 60 .CHAPTER4 Love is death 24 April 1977 am in Buddha Hall The first question: Question1 OSHO.theywillbeafraidof taking each step.they cancomeveryclose. Yes. reluctantlytheywilltake those steps. Thosewho will no more beyourself. the less will be their eg o.but afterloveyou don t survive. Coming closer to me is coming closer to a state of nothingness. H ence the fear. veryharditis going tobefor them because the closer they come to me. SO WHY IS THERE SO MUCHRESISTANCE IN METOWARDSYOU? THAT S WHY if you have deep love for me. Wherever love is. The moment theyhave come REALLYclose to me. YOU ARE EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE EVER WANTED OR COULD EVER WANT. they are not just asI a m not. That s whatI meanbydeath.butyou are gone. there is resistance too. Loveis dangerous. Thosewhoarenotinlovewithme. So even in ordin arylove there is resistance this love is extraordinary. from that space because to be imme nsely attracted meansyou willfall into the abyss. somebody elseis born. Whereveryou are tremendou sly attracted. They balance each other.Loveisadeath. you would like to escape also from that place.

Theytalk about love. it is on the way. Sheisavailabletome.Shehasbeen fighting hard. Those who takea long time. Only in the mind is there struggle.Sheisblessed becauseshe cannotwin.AndaChinaWallcanbebroken easily. Theyfan tasize about love. So it is only a question of time. That swhy so many people live without love. In the deepest core of your be ing it has already happened.theego cantrybutitis already a losing battlefortheego. Whenloveis strong. onlythey come.but theylive without love. At the centeryou have already come closertome. But nothing to be worried about. Anditisgoodtogive them time and enough rope.butshe cannotwin . Ineverforceanybody because thereisno need. LOVE IS DEATH The question is from Anand Anupam. Ihave been watching her.Ihave seenthatlove inher eyes. she has crossed the point of no-return.Herdefeatiscertain.buttheegoisamore subtle energy. oryou can be herebut nothing wil l happen. Eitheryouhaveto di ssolveinto me andyou have to allow me to dissolve intoyou. those who fight inchbyinch. Whenyoucometoa Master.Theheadqu arters .ANDshehas crossedthepoint from where she could have gone back. If theego remains. maybeyears. butthey never actualizelove becauseto actualizelove means you willhaveto destroy yourself utterly.butnothingtobeworried!Sheisontherighttrack.itiseither utter destructionor nothing.nowitisjusta questionoftime. She IS resisting. Th e question is notjust intellectual..onlyontheperipherythereis fightinggoingon.Itisgoingtobeagreatstruggle. that it will wi n over all efforts of the ego to survive. But you can trust it is coming.CHAPTER 4.itisexistential. The journeyis going to be a long journey.itisabsolutelycertain.thenthereisaChinaWallbetweenmeandyou.I t is there. Inyour heartyou have already come to me.butgood! because thosewho comeveryeasily do n t come. so they come on their own.. When surrender is out of f reedom it has a beauty. that love is so strong that it will destroyall resistance.sothatthe deepest coreinformsyour superfici al mind. Anupa m will take time. thentheegois impotent andIhave seen thisloveinAnupam seyes. But oncelovehasarisen.

Itwasverydifficultto catchholdofhim. TheTantra Vision. the commanderwas dead.andstill thinkingthathe belongedtothe emperorofJapanandthefightwason.thewa r had finished.hewasverydang erous but he was canyouavoidfortwentyyears? thatJapanhad surrendered.have really already surrendered.hewasgivena hero s reception.Heisa heroin away. manyyearshad passed.andtwentyyears afterthe SecondWorldWarhewas still fi ghting he had not heard that Japan had surrendered.Iwill not s urrender.Vol1 61 Osho .Hehadheardfrom others itwasnot thathehadnot heard. He was somewhere in the deepest for ests of Indonesia.H emust have been mad! He was hiding and escaping and killing people alone! WhenjustafewyearsagohewentbacktoJapan.Hewasunaware buthemustbeamanofgreatwill. Youmusthave heard about aJapanese soldier whowas still fighting: the SecondWorld Warwas over. Buthe insisted: UnlessI receivean order frommycommander. so therewas nowayto receive an order from the comman der and hewasgoingtofighthis wholelife.

they fight with the system. beating upon the bars and screaming: Let me out! Thatisyour situation. so they fight with the prison. Theyfight with the walls! Theygo on filing the bars of the windows.. You THINKthatyouareimprisoned.thatyouhavemanagedtoseeinyoursleep. Youarenotlockedup.IWOULD LIKETOCOME OUT. certainly. Ifyou start thinking. the commander is dead!Just on the periphery.BUT HOW? THE FIRST THING: you are not in a prison nobody is.they try to unlocktheprisonbutit cannotbedone. How to come out of the p rison? thenyou willstart fightingwiththeprison WHICHISNOT thenyouwillbemovinginawrong direction. they want to escape fromtheprison. Youareinadeepsleepandyouareseeinga nightmare.CHAPTER 4.Anupam. LOVE IS DEATH Exactlythat is the case with Anupam: the headquarters have already surrendered.Sothebasicquestionisnothowto come outoftheprison.You are unconscious. howsoever madyou are. they fight with the jail will receive the news..And thereisagreatdiffer ence in howyou articulate the question.The basic questionishowto comeoutof sleep.Thisisjusta thought. The pr ison is make-believe. That s what manypeople have been doing down the arenotimprisonedyou are simplydrunk.AndIknowwhythatthoughtarisesinyour mind: becauseyoufeelyourself soverylimitedfromeverywhere outof the limitation th . nobody ever has been. INAPRISON. BUT WHAT IS IT AND HOW IS IT? I FEEL IN A DEVILCIRC LE. The jailor and the guard and the bars and the locks are all imagination. The second question: Question2 I WOULD LIKE TO BECOME TRUE. they fight with the guards. Ihave heard: No durance vile couldbe more pathetic than that sufferedbythedrunk whowasfoundwa ndering agonizedly around and around on the sidewalk outside the fence which encloses a public park.butyou are notinaprison. Theythink they are in a prison.a nightmare. Theprisonis a dream.. somewherein theforestsof Indonesiayou are fightin g. becausetheprisonexi sts not. But sooner or later.thebasic questionishowtocomeoutofthesleep..

Insleepyou become identifiedwiththemind.but wheneveryou move in ANY cangoonlysofarand thenyou ca nnot go any further. again and againyou stumble and you cannot go beyond a certain point. Thisgivesyoutheideaofaprison.maybenotvisible. In sleepyou become identified with the body.Whereveryoumove thereisalimitation.sothe limitationsofthemind b ecomeyour limitations.e ideaof prisonarises. so the limitations of the bo dy becomeyour limitations. Butthis limitationisalso beca useof sleep.youcans ee through it. then theremustbeawall whichis hinderingyou.maybeitisaglasswallmadeofverytransparentglass. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 62 Osho . Soyou infer that the reisawall all around.

Itisawayofsayingthe samething. Ana-el-Haqq Iam theTruth. and more and more you will lose self-confidence. You are unbounded. Beingawareyou will startfeelingthat thewalls thatwere too closeare no more so cl ose. That is the meaning when the mystic of the Upanishad declares: Aham Brahmasmi I a m the Absolute.. And more and moreyou willbe defeated. declares.spreadalloverexistence. whenyouare luminousfromtheinnerawareness then suddenlyyouseethateventheskyisnot your limit. when the light is burning bright. This is the meaning when the Sufi.tolove . When Jesussays: Iandmyfatherin heavenareone. The moreyour consciousness exp ands. they are widening. and thewalls come closer. But to KNOW that godhood. othe rwise you will neverbea winner. Mansoor. .when there is nothing unconscious in you. IAMasbigasexistence itself. More expansive consciousnessand bigger spaceisavailabletoyoutomove.tolive.Startbybecoming morealert.. no limitati on exists you are a god. And thenyou know the basic mechanism: less conscious.Yourprisonis becoming bigger and bigger.tobe.I amGod. unco nscious.My sourcean dI are one.CHAPTER 4. Thisis utteredina stateofawareness whereno unconsciousnessexist s.a symbolicway: IandmyFatherinheaven arenottwobut one I. and more and moreyou willfeel frustrated. and thewalls arejust touchingyou fromeverywhere. the moreyou will see thatyour prison is no more THATsmall it is becoming bigger and bigger.a metaphoricalway. Thatistheon lything that has to be done.arenottwobutone. thisiswhathe means. whenyour consciousnessis absoluteand thereisnotalingering shadowofdarkness insid e. LOVE IS DEATH YOU ARE UNLIMITED. With thatexpansion. more attentive.evena slightmo vementis not possible. One day. Thisisthe wholeexperienceofthemysticsofallthe ages. AS you are in your pure being.YOUexpand. Remember thisphrase:expansionof consciousness.stayinginthissmallbodyandHe. don t start fighting with the prison. all has become conscious.You areina small cell. there is no limitation toyou. Startbybecoming moreaware.Heissaying: Ihaveno limitations. more and more you w illfeel that it seems impossible to get out of it.

LSDor mar ijuanaor mescalin. it is not the same experience. Of course. Yes. They simply say that you are as big as your consciousness never are the same m an again. Growth is not cheap. the same small man.itisa violenceonyour biology and onyourchemistry. That s why there is so much appeal in drugs. Andyou remai n the same! You don tgrow through it.Anditis chemical ithasnothingtodowithyourspirituality. not s o cheap thatjusta small quantityofLSD. because theychemicallyforceyour consciousnessto becomea little wider thanitis. never less. Aldous Huxley was very much wrong when he started thinking that he had attained through LSD the same experience as Kabir.that similarityisin theexpansionof consciousness. somethingis similar.These great utterances are very significant.aVERYsmall quantityofLSD.theygiveyoua suddenexpansionof consciousness. cangiveyouspiritualgrowt h. Butitisver ydissimilar too.itisforcedand v iolent andshouldNOTbedone.Vol1 63 Osho . Once the influenceof thedrugwears off. or as Eckhardt. itisaforced thing. TheTantra Vision. or as Baso no.YOUDON T GROWTHROUGH IT! Growth comes through voluntaryeffort.

Butmanisalwaysseekingexpansion. since see the car.manwantsto are not limited.itisadrug.CHAPTER 4. It has become his being. The caris there. It has become part of him.. LOVE IS DEATH Kabirwillneverbethe sameagain becausethatexpansionof consciousnesswasnotjustafor ced thing he hasgrown to it.youcanhaveitright now but thereisawallbetweenyouandthecar:thewallofpoverty. WhydoI sa yso? because throughLSDyouwillonlybe destroyingyourself. butthe limitation. It has always been cannotgobeyond it. orwithasyringeinhand.but through politics you will destroy millions of people.T hrough LSDyou will be simply destroyingyour chemistry.Youfeel hurt thewall.You canhave as many cars asyouwant.theworldwouldhavebeenfar better...but that doesn t helpyougrow. If su ddenly youwanttohaveaRollsRoyce.You don thave anybank balance. The appeal has always been there. If one has to choose between politics and LSD.wewouldhavefeltblessed.You canhave many more things.the desirearises.the wholeparaphernaliaofthe stateis yours. Sometimes through money he wants to become great yes. You don t become more youhave more. it has nothi ng to do with the modern generation.butyourbeing remainsthe same..butthroughmoneyyou destroyotherstoo.youfeelyour boundaries arenotso close to you they arefaraway.youcanhaveit youfeelfree. But that too is a drug. Whenyouhavemuch money.itgivesyoua little glimpseofthe realinaver y unnatural way. But that tooisafalse freedo m. money also gives you a fee ling of expansion. But the appeal can be understood. If one has to choose between LSD and money. Now there is no going back.afeelingof freedom.Yourpocketisempty. Just think:if Adolf Hitlerhadbeenadrug addict.Soispower:ifyouareaprime ministerora president of a countryyoufeelpowerful thearmy. Whenthe moneyisnotthere. He has absorbed it.wewouldhave thankedGod It . Letmesay toyou:Politicsand money areasmuchdrugsasLSDand marijuana andfar more dangerous. LSD isfar better. man has alwaysfel t tremendously attractedtowardsdrugs.the court.Itisafalse coin. i fhehad beenonLSD.the police. The boundariesof the countryareyour boundaries:youfeel tremendouslypowerf ul.a RollsRoyce passesby.your biology. then LSD isfar better andfar more religious. Moneygivesyouafeelingofexpansion.

LSD can at the m ost be a suicidal thing. TheTantra Vision. this is very ironical: polit icians are always against drugs.Youarejustlivinginafalse notion:yourfalse notionisyourbarrier. LSD.butitisnevermurder. Itis suicide! And oneIS freeto commit suicide. Iam not saying to choose drugs. because theirt rip implies others lives too. But moneyis murder. marijuana. ifyou don twanttolive.Vol1 64 Osho . because IN FACT it i s already expanded. people who have money are always against drugs and they are not a ware that they themselves aredrug-addicts. are far more dangerous drugs. politics. Money. I am saying ALL drugs are bad: money. The consciousness can be expanded very simply. A man is free to do whatsoever he wants to do. Andthey areonafar more dangeroustrip. The world can go on easily without verygood that he remains in his house and goes on taking shots and is stoned. You choose these things becauseyouhaveafalse idea that theywillexpandyour consci ousness.itisokay. so is power-politics murder it kills least oneHASto be freeto commit suicide becauseitisyourlife. very easily. politics. Now.isyourpri son.

Itisnota questionofyour choice. That s whyKrishnamurti insists so much on choiceless awareness. dislike.butyou cannotchoosetruth truthis there.. You cannot choose truth. Christian. and becauseyou dislike s omethingyou cannotseethatwhichis. like.YOU AREACHRIST! WHY becomea Christian? CHRISThoodisyour nature. Mohammedan. truth is cannot see that which is.CHAPTER 4.. with Germany. And see thedifference! . liking.butbytruth the whole belongs toy ou andyou belong to the wholeyou are universal. The momentyou dropyour choice. Youcan chooselies.You areNOTjusta part. Christhood has nothing to do with Jesus. Drop this desire just be. By choiceyou have become identified with India. YOU CANNOTLIKEOR DISLIKE. don t bec ome a Hindu.Youarehere alive. andyougo astray.Tobeistrue. Nowyousay. because he thinks Christianity is true an d I would like to become true. That s how a person becomes a Christian. Throughlikeand dislikeyouarehaving coloredglassesonyoureye sand you don t see the real color of existence as It is. Iwouldliketo becometrue. it is as muchyours as Jesus .breathing. By truthyou are not Hindu. How can you be untrue? Your choice: by choice you have become a Christian or a H indu or a Mohammedan..YOUARETRUE!Droplikes and dislikes!Howcanyoubeuntrue?Beingistrue. Truth is already there! It has nothing to do withyour choice. with China. theninthe nameoftruth alsoyou will become untr ue. LOVE IS DEATH You ask: I would like to become true.. so he becomes a Christian. don t tryto become. The total livesthroughyouAS tot ality. Now t his is the wayto become untrue.Your choice functionslikea screenonyoureyes. So please don t startthinking in terms of desire: I would like to become true. The total lives throughyou. It is because ofyour choice thaty ou cannot see thetruth. Truthis! Whetheryoulike itordonotlikeitis irrelevant. Yousay: Iwouldliketobecometrue. Choose..Your likingand dislikingist heproblem! Becauseyou like something. Please don t become a Christian. Christhood is a state of choiceless awareness. That showyou remain untrue.. Becoming is becoming untrue: being is truth. disliking.

I am sayingyou AREThat. it has a goal.Godisnotsomewhereinthefuture.justbethat.Youhavebeentaught idea ls. whenyouask Iwouldliketo becometrue. ALREADYyouareThat. whosoeveryouare. Themysticin the Upanishad says:TAT-TAT-TVAM-ASI-ASI thou art That. it is not a goal it is already the case.. naturally.that s beautiful.Itisnotaquestionofbecoming. h ow also comes: How to attain it? Then the whole technology.Becoming is in the future. So whosoeveryouare. goals become! Alwaysyou have beenforced to become something. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 65 Osho .. My whole teachingis: Whatsoever.thencertainlyyouwanttoknowwhatthegoalis:What is it? whatis thistruththatI wantto become? And then naturally. Being is herenow..Itis morethan en ough.but whatisitandhowis it? once youstart thinkingintermsof becoming.You just be that. when goal comes there. methodology.don ttryto becomeanythingelse. Stop becoming and be! Andnow.

thenyouare on an ego-trip.What more canyouhaveasan ideal? The religiouspersonwantstogoto MOKSH A. Buddha-like.toparadise now. Can tyou seea simple truth? Krishna has never bee n again. Can tyouseeaVERYsimpletruth.apseudoexiste nce.You cannot drop the ego unlessyou drop the idea. this very moment. the hop e. Thereisnowheretog heaven.the more possibilities. The egoexists between the present moment and the future ideal.ifyouareaChristianthenyouhaveabigego maybeevenpious. nothing else exists.Thenonethingleadsto another:Ifyouwantto become.the biggertheego.People come to me and theyask: How to drop the ego? You cannot drop the ego un lessyou drop becoming.thennatural ly the idea arises: What ideal? What amI to become? Thenyou have to imagine an idea l. whatfarther shore canyou imagine? The religious personwant stobe absolutely perfect. Betheoriginal!So. andyou will becomea carbon copy.youcanonlybeyourself. nothing to become. Krishna has never been repeated. thatyou haveto be like this Christ-like.the ideal. because o Sobe! Don ttryto become. sometimes even more dangerous than ordinaryegos. You willbea carboncopy.thatBuddhais unrepeatable?EACHbeingisunique. without you. The pious ego is as much an ego as anyother ego. within you. Krishna-like. Ifyou area Christian. Now ego will exist in the shadow of this idea of perfection. That swhy a r eligious person is more of an egoist than a materialist. The religious person wants to become God! Now. Ego means the distance betweeny ou and the goal. everywhere nly God is.Ifyoutryto become somebody. utterly unique so areyou. But the egowants some willbeafalse entity. the future. .Ifyouwantto becomea Christ. Thenyou willhave to choose an image. this is the greatest possibility. The egoexistsbetween the present moment and the goal .butit doesn tmakeany difference. See the mechanismoftheego. LOVE IS DEATH God is just now.CHAPTER 4. The materialist cannot have THAT much space as the religious person has. All that exists is divine.the more spacetheegohastoexist. thefarther awaythe ideal. The bigger the id eal. The biggerthegoalyouhave.

Thereisnowayto attain them. but a religious person willfeel guilty because he has an ego-ideal that he should not smoke. guilt is the shadow ofthe ego. Itisa functionofthepresent moment..You arenottogotoheaven you are alr eady there. you cannot attain them.Yousmokea cigarette. smokingisaninn ocent.Vol1 66 Osho . Soon one hand the ego thrives.Justhaveagoodlook around. thereisno space left. becauseyou are alwaysfalling short. continuouslyfeel guilty. Those ideal s are impossible.Now.Listentome! I don tsayyouhaveto becomegods I declareyou aregods.. stupid thing very innocent and very stupid.paradiseisanow ness. on another hand guilt. Then thereisno questionofanyegoarising.. Nothing worth feeling guilty about.Andtherearea thousandandoneproblemswith theego.ifyouareanegoistyouwillfeelguilty. Haveyouwatchedthisstrangephenomenon?An egoisticpersonfeelsverymuchguiltyaboutsma ll things..soyou arealwaysfalling short.youarealready there!Itisanowness.ontheotherhanditmakesyoufee l guilty. Theegothriveswhenyouhavegoalsand ideals.Ontheonehanditfeelsverygoodtohavegreat ideals. Now that ideal that TheTantra Vision.

So a guilty person creates guilt all around. LOVE IS DEATH he should not smoke and the reality that he smokes create two things: the ideal gives him a good feelingthat Iama religious person. And theydon t allowyou to laugh. Ifeelveryveryguilty aboutmyhomose xuality. Just the other night. Nowtheygivean idealtothe child thisisavery subtleandcunningway tomakethe childfee l guilty. Ifyouhavelong hair. Buthehas cometoawrong person. whatwouldhave happened? They wouldhave really made himfeel guilt y. Alonehe cannotdothatjobvery well. Whatsoeveryou are doinghe will findfaults.good!Ifyou are doingthingsinyourownwayhe willmakeyoufeel guilty. It is unnatural.againandagainthechildwillfeel Iamnotcoming closertotheideal. He makes everybody feel guilty for small things. Henceyouseesomuchmiseryintheworld.he willmakeyoufeel guilty. Thisisavery subtletrick: the parents give an ideal to the child to Be like this.ayoung man came andhe said..IKNOWthatIshouldnotsmoke. nobody has ever been. he is himself invi ting.. He is calling the mahatmasto comeandmakehimfeelguilty. Andhe is ready! tofall into the hands of any torturer.HeHASto findfa ults heis suffering from guilt. And the is one sownlife if onewantstohavelong hair. Thetrick tomake othersfeel guiltyistogive them ideals. depressed.Itisnot actual:ninety percentis becauseofthe i deals that have been imposed uponyou. or to the Vatican willbe tooburdensome.sohefeelsguilty.infact. Now.Itoldhim.Iamg oing fartherawayfromit! Soithurts. theydon t allowyou to enjoy.soheisaski ng the experts. but hewillalsofeelthatheagainandagainfalls.itkeepshimdown. for irrelevant things. So what!Whydoyousayitis unnatural? .He cannotreachtotheideal.Ieventry. He is ready.Now.How canhe suffer alone? Wheneverybodyisfeeling guiltyhefeel sat ease.CHAPTER 4. Theyhave never been like this .At least one consolation that I am not alone in the boat everybody is in the same bo at. Aman who has no ideals will never make anybody elsefeel guilty.Itry mybest. if he had gone to Mahatma Gandhi. o r to Puri s Shankaracharya. Thereis nothing muchinit.Itis natural:howcanyo ujustfeel guilty alone?It willbetoo hard.

Youcanputthe CHOICESTfood shewillnot bother. How can the unnatural happen in the first place? ImmediatelyIcould seehewas coming outof the ditch.Youcangoandseeabuffaloeatinggrass sheonly eatsacertaingrass.She TheTantra Vision. animals theydon t become homosexual. It is not unnatural? He was surprised and shocked. Whatsoever biology allows. Sohe said. Itis not unnatural?Itisnotaperversion?Itisnot somesortofabnormality? AndItold him. It is not! But. It is not unnatural? Isaid. nothi ng else.hisface started smiling.shewillgooneatinghergrass. he said. They don t have that much intelligence! They live a fixed life.Vol1 67 Osho . How can it be unnatural? My definition of nature is: that which happens is natural. theylivethatway.He said. I said.

youhave more possibilities. he will not call his friends: Come on! Thatis naturaltoadog.itisacelebration.noego.Now. one: The nurseryman who spoke at the garden club meetingplaced emphasis on the advant age to be gainedbytheuseofoldhorsemanureforfertilizingspringgardens.tolive.asajoy!Don tturnitintoasuffering! Don tturnitintoaduty. Manistheonly animalwho findsnewways. You arein God s house. WHATSOEVERYOUCANBE. LOVE IS DEATH has no alternatives. Man has intellige nce.butyou are not dogs... becauseno animallives soisitaperversion?Ortowear clothesisabnormal.I am not certain how long he will remain free and unburdened.You GO on interpreting. Existenceisnotajourney. Listeningto me alsoyou can interpret manythings wrongly. Thereisnogoal.Duringthe questionanda .We arefar superior. Hewas relieved.itis not. Some mahatma maycatch hold of him. Two scenes.Youhave interpretedit wrongly.toliveina house is unnatural.Manmakeseverythinginhisownway thatis HIS nature.. Mahatmasareeither sadistsor masochists avo id! Wheneveryouseeamahatma.Icould seeagreatburden.YOUARE. and againputthesameideathat thisis unnatural . he tries to find newwaysto relate. Thinkofitasac elebration! asa delight. He will never invite. Andwearenotgoinganywhere. You are cause no animalwears clothesisitaperversion?To cookfoodis unnatural no animalhasever d oneit! Isit wrongtoeatcookedfood?Toinvitepeopletoyourhouseforadrinkorfor lunchisunnatur al because no animal ever invites any other animal because animals in fact always g o in privacy when they want to eat. Consciousness is very narrow..awork letitbeplay! ThisiswhatImeanbybecoming religious:noguilt.CHAPTER 4.Youhave misunderstood. You have more intelligence.a mountain thatwas on his head.RUNasfastasyoucanbeforeheputs someguiltinyourmind.notripofanykind justbeinghereno arein God s temple please don tcallita prison. You give something to a dog: he will immediately go into a corner and will keep everybody at the back. and will be in a hurry to eat. being with the trees and The birds and the rivers and the mountains and the star s.was gone. almost nil.

The speaker nodde d to her and she earnestly enquired: You said old horse manurewas the bestfertilizer.Hewasjusta no-good. changing. TheTantra Vision. No.Wouldyou mind telling me how old the horse should be? The second: A hillbilly type woman brought her little boy to the county school.I mean hobosexual. When questio ned about her husband.sheconfided. Thatprivate dictionarygoes on infiltrating. Ineverknewmuchaboutthisboy sfather. a city lady who had been taking notes raised her hand.sir. passionatebum. came the correction.courted meandwegot married.He camethroughhere.Idon tknowwhat you are going to understand out ofit. Eachonehashisowninterpretationofwords. coloring.nswer period. You mean homosexual.Vol1 68 Osho .SowhenI amsayingsomething. Each one has a private dictionaryhidden in the unconscious. Soon afterwardsIfoundouthewasahobosexual.

JustlistentowhatIamsaying.MyemphasiswasonYOU:Befree!Your emphasishasgoneontheprison. Don tbring YOUR mind into it. Itisa totally different thing whe nyou say Iamin prison. please don tinterpretit.Ifyouhave chosenNOTtobefree. Ithaslearntver y manytrickstobefool.howcanIbe free? My emphasiswas: Befree. The animals are less free because. ItisYOURthingtobefreeornotto befree. otherwiseyou will hear something else. You have misunderstood me you thoughtyou a re in a prison.the guardsandtheprisonandeverythingdisappear s.andifyouarefreethereisnoprison. a great difference. The whole thing has changed.byandby.andyoumaynotevenseethedifferenc e thedifferencemaybeso subtlethatitis almostsynonymous andthemindhasplayedatrick. less conscious. LOVE IS DEATH I have been tellingyou to become free.Yes. Thentheguardandtheprison theybecomeresponsible.Yourprison consistsofthelayerso fyour unconsciousness.but youhave cultivateditfor others.themind becomesexp . Startbecoming consciousand thereisno otherprison. I am in a prison ? a LOT of dif ference. Andyouhave cultivated that cunningness. How canyou drop it?Freedomand consciousnessgo handin hand: more conscious.Just listentoitas attentively aspossible. Just drop the habitofbeing unfree. almost nil. less free. WhenI wassaying Be free! I wassaying Youare responsible. Always be alert about the cunningness of the mind. more free. Nowyousay.Then unlesstheyallowyou. Iaminaprison. UnlessIgetoutoftheprison. Man is the most highly evolved being.thentherewillbeaprison. don tchangeasingleword. Man has a little freedom then a Buddha has absolu te freedom: his consciousness.themindisverycunning. The whole emphasishas changed. And remember. Youhave not cultivateditfor yourself. at least on this earth.notevenasingle comma.thentherewillbeguardsa nd theprisoner. Look!The emphasishaschanged andit seemsthatit almost meansthesame.CHAPTER 4.Themindcanjustuse anotherword. Soitisonlya questionofthedegreesof canyou get out of it?You have thrown the responsibility on somebodyelse.WhenI say Be free! what difference is there if somebody says Yes. The rockis even less free because the rockhas no consciousness.Ifyouhavechosentobefree.Theprisonis createdbyyourhabitofbeing unfr ee. So whenI amsaying something.Wetrytobefooleverybody.Itcanalwaysfindwaystobefoolyou.they are less consc ious.I say Become free! Immediatelyyou interpretit asifyou areinaprison.

Naturally.Thingsaregoingso smoothly.ertin befooling then it starts befoolingyou.thereisnonews! Nothinghappensthereever. Ihave heard: Ajournalist died.noappointmentwasever needed hewasagreatjournalist.hewasajournalist.howcanne ws happen? And what news canyou think about saints lives: they are sittingunder thei r trees.Soherushedtowardsheaven whyshouldhegoto hell? buthewas preventedby SaintPeter.Vol1 69 Osho . We alreadyhavethe full quota.weonly need onedozen infact. Bodhi TheTantra Vision. Infact. Wait!No morejournalists are needed he re.they are also uselessbecau se there is no newspaper being printed in heaven.andeveninthe president s houseandthep rime minister shousehehadbeenimmediatelywelcomedandtakenin. And SaintPeter said.

j ust asaformality. You refakingandIknowyou refaking.but whentwelve personshave believed then one starts believing it oneself. That s how mind has become so cunning.. And there are always more and more jou rnalists needed. and new new spapers arebeingplanned Ihavejust heard. We don t need any journalists you go to hell.howmuchtimedoyouneedto convert ajournalistto go to hell? He said. He himselfhas spreadtherumor. Sohewasallowedintoheavenfortwenty-fourhours.andeverydayitiswritten ditto . LOVE IS DEATH Trees. But. meditating. and newspapers and newspapers. He immediatelystarted circulating a rumor that one of thegreatest newspapers is being planned. the sub-editors are needed andgreat is the possibility. just twenty-four hours. You have been deceiving and deceiving.. He met all the journalists. The plaintiff in an accident-injury case.the sameasbefor e. appearing in court in a wheelchair.thenIwillhavetogo preventme. because there is much news.willhisplacebegiventome? SaintPetertookpityonhim..butjusttohaveitpublished.thenewspaperISpublished..Sothenewspaperisnotmuchofanewspaper.. you will have to go to hell.Yougothereandyouwillhaveagreatjobandgreatjoy! Butthejournalistwantedtobeinheaven.. and the chief editor is need ed.untilIgetproof. .. and a fter twenty-four hourswhenhewenttoSaintPetertosee whetheranybodyhadleft. wo n a huge settlement. it has become suchanexpertindeceptionthatit deceivesyoutoo.CHAPTER 4. Youdo one thing:Iknowjournalists. the lawyerforthe defence advanced on the winner in his wheelchair. Twenty-four hours.SaintPetersimplyclosedthe door and told him. SohelpmeGod.Youpleasedon t Butthejournalistsaid. the assistant editors are needed. ifI can managetoget somejournalisttogotohell. No.IwillHAVEtogo. Enraged. Don t go outside because theyALL have left! maybethereis somethinginit. he shouted. Okay.. For twenty-four hours he went round and round.hesaid.I mgoingtofollowyou around forthe restofyourlife.sohe said.

Fir st. So he said: SohelpmeGod. that that manwasafake. Hewas perfectly okay. witha smile.Vol1 70 Osho .I mgoingtofollowyou roundforthe restofyourlife.Thelawyer knewitperfectlywell. that wheelchairwasa show.thentotheRivieraforthesun. I mgoingtoLondonforsome clothes. there was nothing wrong in his body. TheTantra Vision. r the miracle. Letme tellyoumyplans.andafterthat toLourdes. untilIgetproof. respondedthe maninthe wheelchair.

Youhavetogoalong way. man has lost hisprimitive..itgoes roundand round. Iwon t listen tomymind.itissimplyatechnique to helpyouto doubtyourown mind.TheMasteris si mply a passage to your own Master. The Mastersays. Itis justa pretension.Itcangoto Lourdes.primordial innocence. The moment the doubt about mind arises.tiny mechanismgoodto use. Iwill liste nto you. doubt it. mind starts dying. andyou will not know what to do with the mind. sooneror lateryou willbethe victimyourself.CHAPTER 4.Ihave listenedtomymindlong enough. A Master is just anexcuse to getrid of the mind. Rightnowit pretendsasifitisyour wholelife. Yousay.byandby.You starttrusting me:yousay. Onceyou have gotrid of the mind there is no needtotrustthe Master.itismonotonous. I will listentoyou.but man has not b ecome civilized . mind starts dying. I t comes to its right size. Thatisthe whole meaningoftrustinga Master. the mind is start trusting the self. Rightnowitis pretending. LOVE IS DEATH Mindissocunning. Don t trust it. It againandagaintakestothesametrip.itcanfindaway outalways. Themindsays Become! TheMastersays Be! Themindsays Desire! TheMastersays Delight! The mindsays. it becomes do ubt the self. becauseyou willhave come uponyourownMaster.verydangeroustomakeityour areSaraha you have shot the target already. Listening to the Master. And manytimesyou have to drop the mind because the Master is saying something which goes against it itALWAYS goes against it! Neglected.. ifyou mistrustthe mind.Itisjus ta small. Whenyou cometome. Ifyou start doubtingyour mind.itisa repetition.Yes. Youhave arrived. Not trusted. that isagreat moment. Ifyou trust the mind. The third question: Question3 WHATDOYOU THINK ABOUT CIVILIZATION? AREYOU ABSOLUTELYAGAINST IT? THEREISNOCIVILIZATION ANYWHERE sohow canIbe against it? Itexists not.. trusting the Master. otherwise the min d will go on deceiving.youstarttrustingthe self. Via the Master.itleadsnowhere. But onceyouareplay ing thesetrickson others. Bewareofyourow n mind.

you will never know what truth is. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 71 Osho Whatisyourideaofcivilization? .I amnotagainst civilization because this is not civilization. It isfake. unlessyou become a child again. This so-called civilizationisfake.IfI amagainstit.becausethatisNOwayto become civilized.itisapseudocoin.tobaseyourselfonyourprimitive innocence.I am against it because this is not civilizatio n at all.Theonlywayto become civilizedistobaseyours elf onyour innocence. Ihave heard: Someone onceaskedtheformerPrinceofWales.togrowfrom there. That swhy Jesussays: Unlessyou are reborn.

yourmurderous possibilitieshavesurfaced. LOVE IS DEATH It is a good idea. .CHAPTER 4.Itwillbeagrowthuponit. clever. Only meditation can bring real civilization to the world.Yes. This civilization destroys the innocence of childhood. Theyhave lost all! Theyare just pretenders.butitwillberootedintheprimal innoce nce. and you area maniacandyouwantto kill. will not be againstyour childhood. and then it givesyou just false coins. Everything go eswell. andyou ar e mad. Itisa skin-deep civilization. thenitgivesy oufalse coins you have to depend on it.andjusta mom ent afterwards.peopleareno morepeople ey have lost their personality.Justa momentbefore. theyhave lost their originalfaces. Iam against pretensions.Whatkindofc ivilization is this? Aman can be civilized only when he has become really meditative. replied the Prince. Onceyou are alienated. and somebody just throwsaword atyou. Scratchhima little and all thatis goodis just superficial. Man only shows thatheis civiliz ed. thenyou are trapped. Only Buddhas are civilized. calculating. And onthat baseagreat temple iserected. they use the childhood innocence as the base.youhave becomecun ning. Scratch him a little andyou will find an uncivilized man. Can tyou seethewhole earthhas bec omeabig madhouse?Peoplehavelosttheirsouls.youarereadytokill. somebody ought to start are smiling andeverything. Ilovetheanswer.Itwillgohigherandhigher. and all thatis badisverydeep-rooted. then this society goes on civilizingyo u.youwere smiling. man only pretends. This civilizationis nothingbuta maddeningaffair. First it destroysyourprimal innocence. an insult.Manisnotcivilize d. Firstit makesyou alienated fromyourown self.Itwillnothaveany antagonismtowardsprimitive inno cence. Theyhav e willbeafloweringofit. somebodyoughttostartit ithasnotyetbeenstarted. Onceprimal innocenceis destroyed.I am againsthypocrisies. And this is the paradox: that Buddhas are not against the primitive they use the primitive as the base. Real civilization will not be againstyour nature.

theycreatea character.Thatistherootmeaningof the TheTantra Vision.nottobecultivatedfromthe outside. Jesus. It is an armour.but that culture can onlygrow it cannot beforced from the outside.Butthey arefollowers.buthelped.It can spreadtowardstheperiphery. the plastic smile. Buddha. they all teach non-violence . This civilizationisdoingjustthe opposite:itforcesthingsfromthe outside. Deep down they are boilinglike volcanos ready to erupt. That swhyI amagainstit. This is a very ugly phenomenon. I would like the non-violence to comefromwithin. really cultured. Tha t characteris just around them. theyforcea non-violence upon themselves.Iamallfor civilization. It can comeonly fromthe within. This is not civilization. And on the surface theysmile thefalse smile. They teach non-violence because they have enjoyed non-violence. Thereisa non-violent preaching all over the world Mahavir. Yes. Butfollowers? theyhave neve r enjoyed anymomentofnonviolence.Theyknowonly the center.sotheypretendt obe non-violent.butit shouldrise.itHASt orise.butthisisnot civilization.I wouldli keamanreally civilized.Vol1 72 Osho .

then theywill takeyou to th e psychiatrist.I LAUGH SO MUCHATYOUR JOKES. it is acce pted. That which is hidden in the child has to b e brought can laugh without being called mad. Butifyou are laughing. That swhyI am againstit. it does not think about the child. In a better world. The child has not to be patterned. it is the way thingshavetobe.Itislikearepres sed spring any excuseisenoughandit comesout. laughing toomuch. This civilizationisfalse. Sadness is illness: laughter is health. his freedom should be left intact. And education creates civilization. You can say. The child is just used as a mechanism into which more and more information has to befed.your laughterisrepressed. because you have not been allowed to laugh. Only when a person is sad will we hospitalize him. Moreinformationisnot more education! Moreawarenessis education. nobody thinks that you are doing something wrong. thenyou are mad.. mo reloveis education.itis notworried a bout the child at all. that is the root meaning of the word education .IWOULD LIKETO ASK ONEQUESTION: WHY DOESAJOKE CREATE SO MUCH LAUGHTER? ONETHING:youhaveneverbeenallowedtolaugh. . This is not education! The child s soul has to be brought out.CHAPTER 4. Itgoes onforcing thingsin the headof the child. But what has education been doing? It never dra ws anything out itforces have been taught to be serious. Question4 OSHO.longfaces. then people will st artfeeling embarrassedbyyou. Helaughs withoutanyreason!Onlymadpeoplela ugh without any reason. It is almost like drawing water from a well: education means to dra w out. any smallexcuse. LOVE IS DEATH word education . and his consci ousness has to be helpedtogrow. in a more civilized world. in a really civilized world..Youhavebeentaughttobesad. laugh ter will be accepted as natural. If you are serious.I am agains tit becauseit is not really a civilization. Theywill start thinking somethingisweird: Whyis this man laughin g ? Andif you are laughing without anyreason.Theywillsay. jokes areexcuses to laugh. thentheywill hospitalizeyou. So.its educationisfalse. becomealert. The joke goes on one plane. deep down verycomplex.Youmayhavebeendozingand sleeping.Youautohypnotizeyourself.Yourbackboneisstraight. Ajoke is not a joke! It isa difficult listenattentively.. firstyou start expecting that thereis goingtobe some laughter. What happens? Whenajokeis told.andthen thereisa suddenturn.That suddenturn releasesyourspr ing. but now thereisajokeyoubecomealert.. and there seem s to be nothing muchlikeajokeinit. Andajokehasa mechanism:ithelpsyou uncoil. You want to know the conclusion.You becometense and tense becauseyou arewaiting andwaiting andwaiting. Inafewwords. And then the story goes on in such a way that it creates more and mo re tension in you.inafew lines..You become more aware.. You are ready forit.Vol1 73 Osho can create sucha changein the whole climate.. Thewholemechanism of a joke is verycomplex in a waysimple-looking. andyou see that there TheTantra Vision.

Why?Each momentwillbea momentoflaughter.itdoesnot bother.CHAPTER 4. otherwise it is ridiculous..nobodywill bother. Go and tell him thatfather is not a t home. thefather cannot see what is happening.youwillhavea little laughterbutnotmuch. And they create embarrassment in parents.buta presidentofa coun tryslips ona bananapeel thewholeworldwilllaugh. itisALLjoke. Jokessimplyshowthatthesocietyhasforgottenhowtolaugh.Thefathergoesonsayingtothe child. in some smal l thing. Hetakesthe wholejuiceoutofit.Heenjoyseverybitofit..buttheyhadagood laugh. henevertriedtoprovethatheis morethanlifesize sothereisnotmuch laughter.. becauseheisan ordi naryman. Just think:ifabeggarslipsona bananapeel. that s whychildren are laughing more easily and m ore loudly. thatyouforgetyour seriousness. suddenlytheridiculousnessofit.. Butyouarenotallowedtosee! Blinkershavebeenputonyoureyes. There will be no need people will be laughing andpeoplewillbehappy. We are cultivatedin suchawaythatwe don tsee theridiculousnes sof life. And then suddenly it is there! And it is so sudd enly there. Andyour repressed laughter is released. Fathersaysheisnotathome.therealityofit.but the child laughs. for example:Fordslippedandfellontheground. thatyouforgetwhoyou are.thatthismanwas thinking . we will miss one thing: the joke.Andifyoucanseelife. and thefather says. That s why sometimes even without a joke.Butifapres ident slipsona bananapeel. so out of theblue. LOVE IS DEATH seems to be nothing much in it. comeprimeminister. We live withblinkers. thatyou beco mea child again in that suddenness andyou laugh.Ina betterworldwherepeoplewi ll be laughing more. He can not believe what is happening this is ridiculous! And the child goes to the stranger knocking on the door andhe says.Comebeggar.You arenotallowedto seetheridiculousnessofit itISridiculous! Children can see it more easily. Now the child.alwaysbetrue! Andth en a man knocks on the door.Andthe bananapeelmakesnodifferenceatall.Why? Becausethe bananapeel broughtthingsrig ht! That bananapeelshowedtothepresidentthatheisasmucha humanbeingasabeggar. And the blinkers arenotyetfixed. Betrue.Abananapeelisa bananapeel.youareonly allowedto seesomuch.comepresident.mak es nodifference. because they can see the whole nonsense of it. Ifanordinary manfalls.Whydidpeoplewhowere standingtherehaveagood laugh?They maynothaveshownit.

whomwereyoutryingtobefool? evena bananapeelisnot Watch..Foramomentithe lps theblinkerstoslip fromtheeyes.You are againa child. whereveryou laugh. and that she should just t ell in her own words what had happened.thathewasatthetopoftheworld befooled. Therefore a cor oner s jury wasimpanelled. theridiculousnessof life has entered throughyourblin kers. when time called had gone on to her place to have another drink.The foreman assured her that all present knew each other. One thing led to anot and theyended TheTantra Vision. had met in the local pub.Vol1 74 Osho .your innocence. The and was her woman related that she and the man.. Andyou laugh. Listen toafew jokes: One of the local men was found dead under unusual circumstances.andtheforeman calledthewomaninwhosebedthemanhaddiedtotestify. Ajokebringsyoubackyour childhoodness. now deceased.

Itisa sorto f punishmentfor not being enlightenedyet.twoof which alreadyhadoccupants. but at this juncture he hear d him exclaim. The deacon had supposed the third gentleman asleep. And the last is a veryprecious one meditate over it: One day. Soon afterthelightwasextinguished. Mot her. said Jesus betweengritted teeth. Suddenly she noticed a strange look in his eyes which she de scribed to the coroner sjuryin thesewords: Coming. Raising his hand.Ithought. he is dead. The tum ult increased as thenightworeawayuntilitbecame absolutelyfearful. when Jesus was walking through a village. Jesus quieted the mob and then said solemnly. LOVE IS DEATH up in bed together.but goinghewas.gavea hideousgroanand became silent.on eof these began to snore so loudly as to prevent the deacon from getting to sleep. Sometwoor three hours aftermidn ightthe snorerturned himselfinbed. youexasperate me.CHAPTER 4. who is without sin cast the first stone. He is dead! Thank God. And the last question: Question5 IT IS OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH ORANGE YOURSELF WEAR ORANGE: BUT THEN WHY DON T YOU I andinlove withorange? Godforbid! I hateit! That swhyIforceyoutowearit. let that one Immediately a little old lady picked up a big rockand hurled it at the woman. he came upon an angrymob who hadbacked a woman up against a wall and were getting ready to stone her. And the second: An old deacon having occasion to spend a night at a hotel was assigned a room co ntaining three singlebeds. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 75 Osho . Now.


Ifyou believe thatyou are a lreadya man.You cannot takeitforgranted. thinks he is healthy. But remember. ITMUST BE BLISS ITSELF. MANISAMYTH.CHAPTER 5. SometimesitHAS produceda man. it canbe missed. Manis not born.. thenwe stop creatingit.your belief willbe suicidal because oncewe believe that someth ingis already there. he s inperfect health.. THE CROPS RIPEN WHENFROM IT POURS THE RAIN. thereisno need.the most dangerousmytheverevolvedbythepriest . Yes. yet he succeeds in the world. IF UNIMAGINABLE. NEVERISONE UNSATISFIED. Itis JUSTa possib ility. thenyou don ttry toevolvethe manatall. That swhyI saythismythisverydangerous. Man exists as a seed.Youmaynotbe. he exists not. Sometimes it has produced a Buddha. Manisa machine.Youcanbe.but don tyou believe thatyou are alreadya man. It can produce something transcendental to its own structure. a Christ. thenwe stop discovering it. thenwe stop evolving it. and he is dying! His belief will kill him. then allgrowth stops. thenwe stop lookingforit. Man is notyet actual. This machine is no ordinary machine. it has tremendous potentiality to go beyond itself.Youmay miss. a seriously ill person.itis notagivenfact.ANDTHE MOSTDANGEROUS MYTH becauseifyou believe that manexists.youarejusta potentialitytobe. Just think: an ill person. THOUGH FROMACLOUD ONE FEARS THE THUNDERCLAP. Remember. not as a tree notyet. he is a robot. y et he lives a so-called life and dies. His function is that of a mechanism. MAN IS A MYTH IF INEFFABLE.a Gurdjieff.Ifyou believe. Youarenotalreadyaman. Whyshou ld he go to the doctor? Whyshould he take anymedicine? Whyshould he go under treatment? Whyshould he be willing to go to the hospital? He believes he is healthy. this machine cangrow somethinginit which cangobeyond mechan ism. and the difference between the potential and the actual isgreat. Man as he exists is just a machine yet he works.

These millions of people on the earth are just possibilities. WhatdoImeanwhenIsaymanisamachine?Imeanthatmanlivesoutofthepast.andunfortunately. neverisit otherwise.Manlivesalifeofroutine.s and the politicians: that man is already on the earth. Can tyou see the vicious circl einyour life? The same thingsyouhave been doingeveryday: hoping.. manyof them will die as machines. being frustrated. being sensual. desiring.Vol1 77 Osho . sexual. being ambit ious. beingangry. E ach hope leads toafrustration. TheTantra Vision. and after eachfrustrationa new hope and the circle starts the samerut. again and again and again.themajorityofthemarenevergoingto become actual. again the whole circle moves.Mangoesonmovinginthe s ame circle. again hoping.un fortunately..Manlivesoutof habit.Manlivesoutof adeadstructure.

Thatis not so. Onlyforrare moments: sometimesinlove. Yes.Justthe wheelgoesonm oving and goes on killingyou.You again starthoping. becauseitisyour potentiality.inraremomen ts.the benedictionofit. the so-called man.thatyou don tha ve asoulyet.itis already gone.thesoul canbeborninyou.thefragranceofit. sometimes a rising sun. Thisis whatImean whenIsaymanisa machine. giggling. achieves seven moments of awareness in his whole life.thatyou are already that man.Andyouare deludedbyit againand again.Iagree with George Gurdjieff absolutely. whatit canbe. Sometimesit happensin sp iteofyou.CHAPTER 5. you become conscious. but themyth has tobe destroyed.but these moments arerare. Each moment thatis lostis lostforever. Down the centuries thepriestshave toldyou thatyouhave already that soul. Yes. See thefactof it:you are nota conscious being. He used tosaythatyou don thaveasoulyet.and nothing happensoutofthathope. If an ordinaryman.Itisa wheel!Thespokesarethe same. sometimesinmusic. Andyou know youhave hoped befor e.sometimesw atching a full moon. goes on destroyingyour life.Youwillhaveto become capable of giving birth to it. that . Onlyamemoryisleft. Butthe momentyou become alert thatitis there. andifyou are nota conscious beinghow canyoubeaman? Whatis the difference betweena rockandyou? Whatis the difference betweenan anima l andyou? Whatisthedifferencebetweenatreeandyou?Thedifferenceisthatof consciousness buthow much consciousnessdoyouhave?Justaflickerhereand there.butyouwillhavetogivebirthtoit.thebeau ty havehoped millionsof times.yes. sometimes sitting in a silent mountain cave .thelightofit. andyougo o n repeating the old. MAN IS A MYTH IntheEastwecallitthewheelof Samsara. sometimes looking ata childplaying. and that is onlyfor seconds and againyoufall backinto unco nsciousness. sometimesit happens. Timeisrunning outofyour hands. Onedaythesunisrisingandyoufallintotunewithexistence and suddenlyitisthere.You are only potentially so.Hewasthe firstmantosayitsodrastically. whatitis.Just sometimes. Suddenlyitis thereandyou havea taste of whatitwouldbe.You can become actually too.

absolutely restless.willbetoomuch. dull and dead.He startedfeelinghis restlessnesstoomuch.Rarely.He wouldwalkupanddownintheroom. And thenhe recognized thefact that the pipe had beenvery veryhelp ful.he woulddo somethingorother. Justthe otherdayIwasreading aboutCarlJung.Soheaskedthe doctors.But sometimes one wonders whether to call these people psychologists or not.He couldnotsit silentlyfora singlemoment.asortof releaseofhis restlessness.Hewouldturnand toss.Thenhehadaheartattackandthe doctorssaidtostopsmoking an absolutestop . Itwasa release. If therewas nothingtodohewould smokehispipe. Nowitwasverydifficult.justarayenters. And thisis not so only with ordinary people: itis s o withyourso-called extraordinarypeople.He startedfeeling crazy.Andyouarebacktoy our trivial life. Andhewasa chain-smoker. CanIputtheemptypip ein mymouth? Is it allowed? Empty pipe! That will help me.Vol1 78 Osho . Hewouldsitinthischair and the other. TheTantra Vision.oneofthegreatest psychologistsofthisag e.hewouldgo outside forno reason.andthenitisgone.very rarely. He was a veryrestless man.

It almost alway s happens that near about the ageofforty-five one startsfeeling that the whole lifeis gone. and will tryto prove th at it is not unconscious: Iamdoingitvery consciously infact. He rationalized that s how unconscious man goes on liv it beautifully.oftheeternal. He needs a caring woman. MAN IS A MYTH Hewasallowed. Andthenhewouldlookatthepipe.whichwill haveno death. who becomes an inspiration.heneedsaroma . those whohavelived their wholelives throughthe head. He needs inspiration too. the mistres s type.amothertype.Sexualityeruptswithavengeance. D eath is coming here andyouhavelivedalifeofthe head.CHAPTER 5.wouldplay withthepipe.astowhy wearedoingthis. It has been denied. then we go on pretending to ourselves.just pretendingtha t hewassmoking. Carl Gustav Jung fell in love with a young woman. Dea this coming closer. the caring type. whether life will be there or not. And particularly in tellectuals. Attheageofforty-fiveCarlJungfellinlovewithawoman.andthenforyearsheusedtoputtheemptypipeinhismouth. And thisis aboutagreat psychologistof thisage!What unconsciousness! Somuch inthegripofthehabit.Hewasa marriedman. What did he do? He suddenly developed a theorythat there are two types of women in the world: one.wouldkeepthepipeinthehand. are more victimsattheageofforty-f ive. now death is coming closer.itHAStobedone. Now. and the other.somuchinthegripofthe unconscious!Itlooksverychildish. but it must have been the restlessness. oryou start drowningyourself in more eroticfantasies. that his wife is fulfilling she is loving. The wife was disturbed. Look at his rationalization ing. thebeloved. Nothing was wrong. then we g o on protecting and defending ourselves.Butthat doesn t fulfillhisneed heneedsinspirationtoo. Thesearetheonlytwodefences: eitheryouturnin searchoftruth. then will tryto rationalize it. And man needs both and a man like Carl Gustav Jung c ertainly needs both. the WIFE type. it was very much against his prestige. the mother type. and then one never knows whetheryou will be here again or not. and the wife had loved him tremendously and trusted him. He will do something unconsciously. Then the sexuality takes revenge.Andthen we go on finding rationalizations. And because of death coming closer.withaverylovi ng wife. eitheryou become spiritual oryou become more sexual.

thatmenaretwotypes. This is a rationalization. thenJung swife needstwo!IfJung thinksthatheisalovertype.arationali zation.ntic womantoo.Itisjustatrickymind. That showyoucanseeitisnotan insight. We go on rationalizing. Butthat he neverdeveloped. Butwe cannot acceptthefact itisveryhumiliatingto accept that Ihavebeen doing somethingof whichI amnotawareandIdon tknowwhy. And how can such people be beneficial to others? It is a well known fact that ma ny of Carl Jung s patients committed suicide. He is a very arrogant man..t hefather typeandthelovertype.a mistresswhocantakehimintodeep dreams. Bewareofrationalizations. continuously ready to fight.Vol1 79 Osho . Ifitwasareal insight.Jungdeveloped this theory. Maybe his whole psychoanalysis d eveloped only as TheTantra Vision.thensheneedsalovertype. Now. We do things unconsciously. IfJung thinksheisafathertype..thentheotherpart.the nshe needsthefathertype.thatisamustforhim.heneverdevelopedtheotherpart ofit. That swhereyoucanfindtha t itisarationalization. veryegoistic.thatmenaretwotypes. Why? They had come to be helped why did they co mmit suicide? Something must be basically wrong. His analysis is just lousy. We do them without knowing w hy we are doing them.

a noteof horror creeping into hisvoice. whatsoeverexistsisnotpsychology.butitisnotthatheknows the reality because to know the realityyou will have to become tremendously consciou s.Maybeitis somethingaboutthemachinethatmanis. there is no otherway. doctor. even in his old age he was afraid of ghosts. But. and everything else he could think of. H e did not publish hismostimportantbookwhilehewasalive becausehewasafraidthatpeoplewouldcometoknow thefacts.I can t stand them. To know reality one hastogrow intoawareness. then the science about the man can exist. how can th ere be a science about man? First the man has to exist.buthemadecertainthattheyshouldbepublishedonl y whenhewasdead.CHAPTER 5. Well. He used to say that psychology still exists not. They re all over me. covering his childhood experiences. butterflies.Now. recoiling. because how can it exist? Even man exists not! When man is not there. becaus ehe himself seems to be suffering from the same problems he is thinking to help others about .Itisnota questionof intellectual thinking. all are in the same boat.whattypeoftruthand authenticityisthis?Hewassomuchafraidofbeing found wrong or in the wrong that he never allowed anyfact to be disclosed about his life while he was alive. his emotional life. it doesn t seem to me as though there were anything wrong withyou. You . cried the doctor. Gurdjieff used to talk about a future psychology.Sohis memoirswerepublished. said the doctor. his vocational pro blems. Right now. protested the patient. don t brush them off on me! it s these The patients and the doctors. Maybeitis again justarationalization.You seem as sane asI am. Psychology can exist only around a Buddha. The psychoanalyst and th e analyzed are not veryfarapart. his eating habits.Itisagame. MAN IS A MYTH his arrogance against SigmundFreud.Ithas nothingtodowithyour phi losophizing. Iwas reading one anecdote: Aman came to a psychiatrist and proceeded to unfold before the doctor his life s tory. For heaven s sake. Jung was always afraid of ghosts.Maybethe psychoanalystis moreclever. With consciousness Buddha lives.

what his soul is. TheTantra Vision. Ordinary man lives without a soul. Butmanisnot there. And in THAT sense. althoughthe y are not absolutely true because theythink this is the end: man cannot be otherwi se.Theyaretrueaboutthemanthatexists. That is their limitation: theythink man can only be the machine. you can find something wrong in his mechanism. and that wrong can be put right. there they a re wrong. Itisavery unconscious phenomenon.can find what his psyche is. What we know as psychol ogy today is nothing but behaviorism.. Manisamyth letthatbeoneofthemostbasic insights.Itwillhelpyouto comeoutofthelie. Pavlov and Skinner are FAR truer tha n Freud and Jung becausetheythinkmanisa machine.ou t of the deception.Vol1 80 Osho . They are true asfar as the pr esent-day man is concerned manisa machinebut theythinkthat man cannotbe otherwise.. Yes. ButFreudandJungandAdleraremorewrong becausetheythinkmanisalreadyontheearth:all thatyouneedistostudymanandyouwillknow.

But ifyou joina societyof nonsmokers. From one percentithasgonetoten percent. children. now there are ten possibilities . . Lookatitinthisway:onthenewyeardayyou think.Forexample:if oneis asleep.and suddenlyyoustart lookinginyourp ocket. at least ten perce nt.andalwaysyouhavetakenavowthatnever again willyou smoke and again the newyear has come andyou start thinking this ti me it is going tohappen. thatyou will not smoke. and the most fundamentalfact to be understood is thatyou arefast asleep. ninety-nine possibilities are thatit will be broken sooner or later.your respect and honor are at stak e. then the possibilityiseven more becauseyou live thro ugh habits! Somebodytakeshis cigarette-boxoutofhispocket. there are more possibilities.youhavetobeawakened.Tosayittoothersisdangerous becauseyouknowyourself: manytimesyouhavebrok en yourvows thenitisveryhumiliating. Youarean unconsciousbeing. soyou are notworried either. Tantra believes in school methods that has tobe understood also.yourvowdoesnot meanmuch. It comes from a Sanskrit root tan : tan means expansion. then the possibilityiseven more: ninety-nine percentis the possibil ity thatyou will not smoke.andmanynewyeardayshavepassed. thereisverylittle possibility that one can becomeawake alone. When all know. more solidit y.CHAPTER 5. First there was only one possibility. Ninety percent thepossibilityis thatyou will smoke.Youtakeavowthatyouwillneversmoke.butyoudon tgoandtellitto others. Nowyour ego is at stake. their knowi ng willfunction tokeepyou more alert.Soyoukeepittoyourself.asyouhave always thought.Butifyougoandyoutelleverybody in the town canfall as leep easily. colleagues. wife you go and tell everybody that I h ave taken a vow thatI am not going to smoke. The very word Tantra means expansion of awareness. MAN IS A MYTH TANTRA IS AN EFFORT TO MAKE YOU MORE CONSCIOUS. Tantra means expansion of consciousness and the basicfact. In that sense Gu rdjieff is one ofthegreatest tantrikasof thisage. Butifyoujoinagroupof non-smokers.youare afraidto.Now thereisonly onepossibi lity outofa hundred that thevow willbekept. What happens? Whenyou are aloneyou don thave anysupport from outside you are alone.but non-smoking has moreground.ifyoujoinasociet yof non-smokers. Youarejustmechanical: somebodyissmokingandyoustartthinkinghow beautifulitwastosm oke.And nobody knows.

butifalltheprisoners becomeagroup. Alone. Nowtheydecideonagroup method. the wild animals can kill them. thereisnotmuch chance. he shouldmake somebody elseawake.Nobody smokes. Or.buteachonewill remainawakeforonehour.itte nds to become dead. through schools. it loses itsgrip onyou.anditisverydangerousinthenight:the enemiescankil lthem.much more possibili ty. the murderers can come it is verydifficult.Ifahabitisnotused. the robbers can come. Alone.byandbyit disappears.Andbeforehestartsfallingasle ep.then thereismuch more ch ance TheTantra Vision.Vol1 81 Osho .youdon t standa chance. and the habitbyandbywill disappear outofnouse.Itis asiften personsarelostinadesert.Together. then thereis more possibility thatat least one ofthegroup will be awake the whole Gurdjieffusedtosay:Youareinaprisonandyouwantto comeoutoftheprison. That s whyI insistsomuchfor sannyas.They say: Eachonewillbeawakeforonehour. then nobody will remindyou . Tothinkthat eachonewillbecapableof remainingawakeforeight hoursinthenightistoasktoomuchfroma n unconsciousman. andyou arein the societyofnon-smokers. Tantra says man canbecome awake only throughgroup methods.

If the society is not ready to acceptyou from the outside. and somebodyisveryloving. womanishalf. He can create an atmosphere so that whenyou are released from the jailyou will be a cceptedbythe people. Tobein contactwith someonewhoisalreadyawakeisamust. more wholen ess.Andtobetogetherwiththosepeopl e who are all thinking to become awake is also a must. then there is much more chance that they can come out into freedom. who are already free.He caninvitethe jailortohis houseforaparty. Join together! Let yin andyang function together.CHAPTER 5. starts esc aping from women rather than using the possibilityof the help. files. ExceptforTantra. Tantra is agroup method.Hecansendinstrument s. Tantra says: Whynot be together join ha nds together? Thewomanishalf.alltheseekershavetriedtodo withoutthe ot her.themanishalf togetherthey areagreaterenergy. Somebody is veryint elligent. That is the whole meaning of finding a Master: fin ding somebody who is already outside the prison. He can be of tremendous help for many reasons. It says: Be together. women have tried alone. But the chances willincreaseeven moreif they arein contactwithafew people who ar e outside the prison. If a ll the prisoners are together. He can supply necessarythingswhichwillbe neededforyouto comeoutoftheprison.Botharehalf.he starts thinkingof thewoman as th . He cani nformyou when the guardsfall asleep in the night. so thatyou can break outof theprison.a healthier energy. taken into houses. Other methods use fight and conflict. This is the meaning of a sc hool method. MAN IS A MYTH they can throw the guard. There will b e more possibility of getting out of it. Manishalf. He can make arrangements so that the gu ards are drunk on oneparticular night. He canwatch from the outside andhe can inform you whenthe guards change in that interval thereisa possibilitytoget out. they can break the wall.youmay comeoutofthejailbutthe societywill deliveryoubacktotheprison auth orities.a morewholeenergy.Man has tried alone.He candoa thou sandand one things whichyou cannot do from the inside. Find out all the po ssibilities. He can find supportforyou from th e outside.but will be sheltered. they can kill the guard. Man starts fighting with women. so manypeople can be together and they can pool their energies. a group method.

andyouhelpher.Vol1 82 Osho first sutra: .you arewastingyour energy unnecessarily fighting wi th thewoman because there aregreater things to befought about! It is better tokeep companywi th theWoman. TheTantra Vision.e enemy. then onlyis there SOME chance thatyou canevolve intoa con scious being. letherhelpyou. THE FRAGRANCE OF SANDALWOOD IS FOUL. Now the sutras these are verysignificant sutras TOAFLYTHATLIKES THESMELL OF PUTRID MEAT. Go togetheras one unitandyouhave more chancesto sta nd against the unconscious nature.Tantra says thisis sheerfoolishness. BEINGS WHO DISCARD NIRVANA COVET COARSE SAMSARA S REALM. Use all possibilities. you can become a Buddha.

Shehasacertaincastofme mory. some day to my house you will find them standingina queue! Socrates said.andsaid. The prostitutemusthave beenof tremendous intelligence. the most honored the politicians. once cametoS ocrates. That is her knowledge. theyinterpret according to their past.the mostfamous prostituteof Athens.. that is her routine that is her dead past.youwillnotfeelthefragrance. OnedayI was reading:Aprostitute.a chosenfew. that is her habit. a certain past. Others cannotfeelmyfragrance. Andafew peoplewere sitting there. Socrates. Ifyouhavelivedtoomuchinthebody.then evencomingclosertoamanwholivesinhissoulandyouwillfeel somethingiswrong.. acquired before. said Socrates.Man lives out of knowledge that he has known. that swhatishappeningtoyou. andneverleft. Socrates. She has always thought that the putrid smell of meat is fragranc e. The prostitute looked around and said to Socrates. He is like a fly that likes the smel l of putrid meat.They avoid!Evenifthey come acrossm e. They are afraid.Comingtoa Buddha. MAN IS A MYTH FIRST THING: just as I said man is a machine. su ddenly she comes across sandalwood: thefragranceof sandalwood will looktotheflyasifitisaveryfoula ndfetid odor. . Man lives out of habit. the foulandfetidodor.Your interp retation otherwise whydid people murder Jesus? Jesus was a sandalwood! And people simply killed him. Why? such agreatmanlikeyou. You areright becauseyou caterfora universal demandI don t. Don tbesurprised.acceptmeasoneofyourfriends. Whydid people poison Socrates? Socrates was sandalwood! But the flies theyunders tand their own past.they escape. I attracto nlya few. becamepartof that small school.youmay even startfeelingabad smell.andonlysofew people listeningtoyou?Ihad thoughtthe wholeof Athe ns wouldbe here! AndIdon t seethe most respectable. justafew people.. thepriests. and the truth is always the new. out of the past. Now.thefragranceof sandalwoodisfoultothatfly. What is the matter? Come. boweddown.CHAPTER 5. out of memories. and Socrates was talking to them. She looked into theeyesof Socrates. It is a totally different fragrance. just as hereafew people are s itting. So he go es on missing the new.. the intellectuals I don t see them here.

Whatwashe doing? He was doing something totally different: he was trying to create a state of nomind. TheTantra Vision. Maybethebodyisold. An old.Theo ld dog knows old tricks. the flies. One was that He destroys people s b eliefs. they a reyoung people only.Yes.butifanoldman comestomeoranoldwoman. and he goes on repeating them.young p eoplewere tremendously attracted to Socrates because onlyyoung people can be attracted to such things.she comesonly because she still has theyouth of her soul. He is anarchic.tolearnthenew. If he is allowed to live any more the society will be uprooted heisadangerous enemy. They did not like the man. onlyyouth has that courage. But the people thought He destroys people s minds.Must have been a woman of great awareness so sudden a change. She understood it so immediately! But Athens killed Socrates. otherwise theycannot come. That s whythey come. he destroysyoung people s minds. still she is ab le to understand the new. They are alsoright.Vol1 83 Osho . rotten mind cannot c ome to me. Against him there were many charges.They sayyou cannotteachanolddognewtricks itisverydifficult. It is verydifficult to teac h anything to an old mind. The man look ed very dangerous. Even if old people come to me or to Socrates. she is stillyoung somewhere.

. there is nofear LOVE CASTETH OUT ALL FEAR.. so diametrically opposite to all th at has been taught to you. That must have been coinedbydead. because He will beyour enemy. When truth is old. . Thatwasa sign that somethingof the eternal. afraid. al most dead. Godfearing? How can onefear God? And i fyoufear God.You will not findyoung pe ople going to see thePope old people.youth isattracted. Unreal religion isfear -oriented. long. Whenayoung manis attractedtowards somethingitisnot becauseoft hefearof death. You must have heard. Soyoungpeoplewere attracted. how canyou love Him? And ifyou lov e Him.waspouring throughSocrates.youthis attracted. doctrines.becausehedoesnotknowanydeathyet... But to the Shankaracharyaof Purionly dead bodies. whentruthisthere. Alive persons you cannot f ind them. that means truth isyoung andyouth is attracted. Youcangoandlookintoanytempleandyouwillfindoldwomenandoldmen youthisnot there. neverlove only hatred can arise. corpses canyoulove Him? Outoffear. long ago dead. then old people come. somethi ngof the eternalyoungnessoftheuniverse. Outoffearyou can be against God.. creeds. Godloving. Old people are attracted only because of the fear of death.. When Jesusis aliveyou will findyoungpeoplefollowinghim. how canyoubeafraid?Haveyoueverbeenafraidofthe personyoulove?Haveyoueverbeenafraidof your motherifyoulove her?Haveyouever beenafraidofyourwomanifyoulove her?Ifyoulov e. theygo to see thePo pe. dogmas. then dead people are attracted. When there are only lies left.. in all the languages of the world that ugly word exists: go dfearing. When the original Shankaracharya was alive you would find young people all around him . MAN IS A MYTH And these things are SO radically different..In fact. old people.itis becauseof tremendousloveforlife. real religion is love-oriented. ecstatically in love withGod. that unlessa manis REALLYyounghe cannoteven listen.CHAPTER 5. romantically in love wit h God. dead people.Andth atis the difference between real religion and unreal religion. dull.. In old age. even ath eists become theists. whenevera religionis REALLYthere. When youth is attracted.

That is not where the a ction is! Where young people are going. TheTantra Vision. that is the place where action can be certain nothing is happening there. THEY should be the symbol that something has happened. But always remember: whenevera religionisborn. Socra tes ispunished because he attractedyoung people.youngpeoplerushfromallcornersoftheworl d. Now. BEINGS WHO DISCARD NIRVANA COVET COARSE SAMSARA S REALM. When old people are rushi ng somewhere. But: TOAFLYTHATLIKES THESMELL OF PUTRID MEAT. THE FRAGRANCE OF SANDALWOOD IS FOUL.But that is possible onlyfor theyoung mind.Vol1 84 Osho . Buddha is punished because he attractedyoung p eople. that is irrelevant but it is possible onlyfor theyoung mind. Whether theyoung mind is in theyoung body or in the old body.

Yougoonimposing somethingwhichisnotthere. You function throu ghmemory.Youhavelived a lifeof body and mind. these aretwo different functions. You cannot approach it throughyour past ha bit.Youwillhavetoputall memoryaside.but truth has never been known through memory. Memoryis willagainbenew. no scriptures.alldressesare dropped. Andthereisnoway toexplainittoyouaccordingtoyour mind.ifyou reallywanttoknowthetruth of whathas happenedtome. no religions. thenyou don t see that which is. It is alwaysyoung. You go on seeing that whichyou have seen before.nakedofall habits. And remember:truthnever becomesa cannotbe containedby the memory. no thoughts.letmelookintothatwhichis confrontingme.I am standing here:I ambey ond both. You can approach it only whenyou are naked of all cannotbeexplained. Keep quiet. never explain i Truthis sovast.butGo d can . The Christian priest s robe is called the habit it is a beautiful use of the word habit . Let me look directly.Itisnever old.butit cannotbeexplained. God cannotbe containedbyanythought. no philosophies. Let me see withoutyou! Let me look only functionno tthrough memorybut throughawareness.CHAPTER 5.itneverbecomes a memory.Youwillhavetos ay toyour mind. I say. canexperienceit. Mem oryhas to be put aside.andyou willknowit. Soifyouwanttoknowthetruth.Itisalways fresh that is one of its qualities.Iknowyou arejustlikeafly. Truthisnotknown. no beliefs. immediately!Letmelook herenow.Sir. that it never becomes don t know anythingbeyond them.youput asideyour mind.Evenwhenyouhaveknownit. use it. Truthisastranger. Yes. Onlythenarey ou in tune with the mysteryof truth. And wheneverit will againbe there. God cannot be defined. MAN IS A MYTH Truth is the unknown. God cannot be explained. You go on interpretingthepresentintermsofthepast. Please remember. If you reallywanttoexperienceit. the mysterious. because if youexplainityou willbeexplainingitaway. How canyou know truth through memory?You have never known truth in the past. You go on seeing things which are not. not with clouded eyes. andyou go on not seeing things which are.

it will taste like it. Itislikea teaspoon andyouwanttohaveth e Pacific oceanin the teaspoon ?Yes. Hence the insistence of all the mystics of the TheTantra willhavetoputyour mind asideyouhaveafly s min d. YOU CAN BECOME GODS! that is possible but the mind c annot containthe God.Sarahasays:Ithas happenedtome!Butto seeityou will need a different quality ofseeing.great waves will not arise. The ways of the mind and the ways of the truth are absolutely separate. Mindisaverysmall container. he knows it well.but it will not be an ocean.Youh avelivedalife ofbodyandmind.but thatwon t give the ideaof thePacific. God can be loved. He k nows what the king knows:hisknowledgeisjustinformation. Youhave certain habitsof thinking. Sarahasays:Ifyouwantto seeme.youcanhavea little saltywaterinyour lived. Saraha himself was reading scriptures to the king before. Stormswon t happeninyour teaspoon.offeeling.and. Mind never meets the truth.Vol1 85 Osho .atthemost. It is a separate reality. whatsoeveryouhaveknownuptonowisjustheardbyyou you have read scriptures.of thevastness.youhave certain habitsof living. never encounters the truth.sir.

desires. pull to live in the world with the idea of having more power.butnevertoyourownpeople becauseyoutakethemforgranted. or isshejusta utility. ambitions. A person cannot be used. Desireisacloud. AS EGO.nota person. to live in things andfor things. or just as a utility that he is th e provider of bread and butter.. looks after the children? Isyour wife an end unto herself.your sky is clean of to a state of no-mind. To live with persons is to live in Ni . that t he sun cannot shine. only things canbe purchased.Ithidesbehindthosedarkclouds. and then the sun shines bright. Samsara means to live with the idea that all is matter and nothing else. toyour mother? Haveyouever been thankfultoyourfriends? Sometimesyou are thankful toa stranger. this and that .butyou cannot use. MAN IS A MYTH world to attain e of no-mind. Samsara means to live outwards.Apersonhas such tremendousvalue.acommoditytobe used?Sometimesyou usehersexually. Saraha says: BEINGS WHO DISCARD NIRVANA COVET COARSE SAMSARA S REALM. prestige. Haveyouever been thankful toyour wife? Haveyouever been thankful toyou rfather. Ordinarilywe are clouded with so manythoughts. A person cannot be purchased. Thatisthe meaningoftheword Samsara THEWORLD. SAMSARA MEANS TO LIVE AS BODY. To live with things is to live in Samsara.dreams. a of non-thinking hought. such divinity. That s what meditation is all about: a stat state yet fullyaware. Samsara means three poisons: power. luminous withawareness. Andyouhavetobe thankful. such dignity howc anyou useaperson? Yes. When thereis notasingle t all clouds. only things can be used. more prestige. intrinsically valuable person. as a superbly.thoughtisacloud. sometimesyou use herinotherways butusingtheperson meansthepersonisathingtoyou. Justwatchyourself:haveyoueverlived with personsordoyouliveonly with things?Isyou rwifea person ora thing? Isyourhusbanda person ora thing? Doyou treatyourhusband asa pe rson. more money. or that she is the housekeeper. AS MIND. Samsara means to live with things.CHAPTER 5.hecangiveoutofherorhislove.. more pull.imaginationis acloud and one needs to be unclouded to know that which is.

Sarahasays:Sir.Toknow. and when a person starts becoming meditative even things start becoming persons. startshavinga personal ity because God is spread all over the existence. Ordinarily.youwillhav eto taste somethingof it.byandby.a rockbecomesa person.even persons are reducedto things. HAVEYOU GONE MAD? said Saraha to the king.youwillhavetoliveit thereisnootherway. standing beforeyou andyou are askingforexpla nations!? Nirvanais standingin frontofyou. things startdisappearing. AndI am here.youhavelivedin Samsaraandyou cannot understandthewayofNirvana.rvana.Everything. Let me persuadeyou to come tomy worldrather t hanyou TheTantra Vision.andyou are askingfor theories? Not only that youm ustbe utterlyblind youhave cometo persuademeto comebacktoyour Samsara?!Aflyispersuading me to leave theforest of sandalwood and its fragrance for theputrid smell of mea t. even a tree becomesa person.Vol1 86 Osho .Ify ou reallywantto understandit. And onceyou start living withpersons.

Now. When a Buddha says this world is illusory.aMahavircanbetrusted. a man who has never gone into the lab and says that the theoryof relativity is just mumbo-jumbo it cannot be relied upon.Now. Marx saying there is no God is simply making a stupid statement never medit . all the meditators have become mystics. theyknowonlytheworldoftheflyandtheworldofthefoulandfetidodorofputrid meat. You cannottrusthis assertions aboutthe otherworld. For example.their statements cannot betrusted. they saysomethi ng about the lower which has to be meditated upon.thatnumberisnotright noteventwelv e personswere thereto understandhis theorycorrectly.buttheyknowonlythatand. Itwas said when Einsteinwas alive that there were only twelve persons alive who understood his theory all ov er the world.andbyknowing the higher. There areveryfew people who understand the theoryof relativity. Marx. Stalin.Ican compare. He knows only this world. You have to go to the lab. some communist.Youwillhavetog o through the same processes. When some atheist.aChristcanbetrusted. And thereareafewpeoplewho thinkthatisanexaggeration. you have to go into higher mathematics youhavetoproveit!Just becauseyou cannot understandit. Mao.hehasneve r entered into it. Engels. there is no need to bother about it at all because he has not known cannotbe all owed to denyit.CHAPTER 5. Lookatit:ofallthosewhohavemeditated. theyhave never meditated and they saythere is no God.youdon tknowmyreality youcan cannotsa yitisnot right. MAN IS A MYTH persuadingmeto cometoyourworld.certainly. says that the world of Nirvana i s just illusory.Youhaveknownonlyyourworld.Ihaveknownyourworld. meditate over it because he has known this world cannottakeavote aboutit.Theyhaveknownboth! Theyhave known the lower and the higher. Don t reject it outright.itis almostasifa manhasnevergonetothelabofthe scientistandsays someth ing about science. Lenin. materialist.andIhaveknownthisnew reality too.notasingleonehasdeniedtheinnerreality notasing le one! Without exception.Theyli vein the rottenworldofthings.But cannotdefeatitinan election.Hehasnever meditated. ABuddhacanbetrusted. Those who have n ot meditated.

theyhave come to the same truths. those who have dug a little deeper into their being. He pulled the king outof theworldof the flies. Those who have meditate d. Youhave com e to persuademe. never ecstaticI am. outoft heworldof putrid meat.Lookatme!I amnotthesamepersonwhohad leftyour court Iamtotallyadifferent person. never prayed.sir?Lookatme. BEINGS WHO DISCARD NIRVANA COVET COARSE SAMSARA S REALM.Vol1 87 Osho . His statement is irrelevant. He is tryingto bring the king s awareness to the present moment. He pulled him to the world of sandalwood and its fragrance.andyougoonrushing after illusions. and he succeeded. He must have beena manofgreat presence. Sarahaissaying:You discardNirvana. The second sutra: TheTantra Vision.ated.

But this smallfootprintof anoxis fullofwaterright now. within hours ordaysit willbe gone. It will disappear.Lookatthe containeranddon tlookatthe content. don t lookatthe clouds.Just behind themi .it willdryup soisthe skullofthe human mind. rainwaterhow long willitbe there? Sooner or laterit willevaporate and theox sfootprint filledwithwaterwillnotbe thereany more. And it can only be temporary: it can never be the eternal. dreams. never decreasing.lov eis there. angeris there. never increasing. jealousyis there these are contents. Thatisthewhole secretofTantra. The ocean always remains. ANOX S FOOTPRINTSFILLED WITHWATER WILL SOON DRYUP. a mbitions. THESE IMPERFECTIONS WILL IN TIME DRYUP.Theskyi sfull of clouds.SOWITHAMIND THAT S FIRM BUT FULL OFQUALITIES THATARE NOTPERFECT. emotions these are the things thatyou arekeeping as content. Don t lookat whatis thereinyour hea d. THESE IMPERFECTIONS WILL IN TIME DRYUP.Butthe oceanisalways. it is already drying up. and thereisafootprint on the land. greedis there. thoughts. will. Great rivers pour their waters into it: it never increases. imagination. HESAYS:Look! Anox haswalked.SOWITHAMIND THAT S FIRM BUT FULL OFQUALITIES THATARE NOTPERFECT.Justa litt lewater is there don t trust it too much. What areyoukeeping inyour small skull? What are the contents? Desires.Itisjustanox sfootprint. All contents will dryup! so change the emphasis from the content s to the container. Althoughthewaterint heox s footprint is also from the ocean. sucha small thing. andthefootprinti s filled withwater. Great clouds arise out of it: it never decreases.Emotionis there. It remain s always the same. lookatthesky. still something is different. The skull is a verysmall thing. whatis thereinyour mind just lookatyour consciousness. MAN IS A MYTH ANOX S FOOTPRINTSFILLED WITHWATER WILL SOON DRYUP.fearis there.CHAPTER 5. Don t think thatyou can contain the universe in the skull. They ALL will dryup.

the skull is not bigger th an that. infini te. Emotions. this has to be understood: emotions are in your head.s the infinite sky of consciousness. Aman who lives through the contents. but consciousness is not in your head. And the man wh o starts changing his emphasis from the contents to the container starts living the life of awaren ess. lives the life of a machine.Vol1 88 Osho . And says Saraha: Sir. your head is in your consciousness! Consciousness is vast. these contents thatyou are having inyour mind will soon dr y up look at that ox s footprint! Your head is not bigger than that. TheTantra Vision. In fact. But your consciousness is infinite. of Buddhahood. Now.

My ambition is againstyour ambition. There are people who ask. sometimes somebody comes to me and asks: Where is the soul in the human body? In the heart? In the navel? In the head? Where is the soul? Theyt hink they are askingaverypertinent question. Andyour soulandmysoul are not different!We livein theexistence.CHAPTER 5. ALL consciousness is universal.Thefanisdifferentfromthebulb. It is almost like the elect ricity running into the bulbandrunning intotheradioandrunning intotheTVandmovingthefan. We cannot share our dreams. ambitions. it is biggerthanyou. Weareone energy.youareauniversal man. Ifyouarehavingkidneytrouble. In that moment there is unity. And in that moment there is universalconsciousnes s.. We have different bodies.Ifyoulookatthecont ent.we livein one sou l s ocean.butourrealityisone. Unconsciousness is private.butthe electricitythatrunsthemisthe sa me.Thatisthemeaningof Buddha :universalman come to total and absolute awareness.Itisnowhereinthebody yourbodyisinthesoul. The soul surroundsyou. Manasa machineisdifferent. evenifyoulo ve me you cannotsharethe headache.You don t contain the consciousness inyou: the consciousness containsyou.your amb ition is against my ambition. and doingathou sand andonethings. withinand without. Consciousness is uni versal.Ourexpressionsaredifferent.youhaveyour ambitions. Onesoul surroundsus. But if we forget the contents and just look at consciousness. Thishastobe understood.. are inyour head.I am nothaving arenothaving the headache. cloudless sky then where is you and where is I ?We are one.your consciousness willnot disappear.Itisallone energy. pure consciousness. if I look at the content then my dreams are different from yours. The day you becomereallyaman. they will dry up.Ihavemy ambitions. The soul isa bigger phenomenon thanyour body.EvenifIloveyouIcannothaveyourpain...Anditisnotonlythatwe cannotshareo ur dreams: our dreams are in conflict. IfI amhavinga headache. certainly.Butifwetwoaresitti ng . MAN IS A MYTH desires.Idon thaveadifferentsoula ndyou don t have a different soul. But even whenyour head ha s completely dropped and disappeared into the earth.

andIamsittingattheonlydoor.thenyouarenotmany.togetherand meditatinganda moment comeswhenIhaveno contentinmymindandyoualso don t haveanycontentinyourmind. Many timeshe look edin. when they come to real meditat ion are no more twenty: there is only one meditative quality in the room.butendasone. Twenty meditators in a room meditating.. They are meditating. Thereisastory:afewpeoplecametosee Buddha.wewillnotbetwo. listeningtome. then he came inside the room to see what was happening.Vol1 89 Osho . TheTantra Vision.thenyouareo ne. And there he found nobody just Buddha sitting. Whe re have thosefellowsgone?And thereisnootherdoor. Meditatorsbeginasseparate. So he asked Buddha.. but theycontinued and continued and continued. Ifyouallaresittingin meditationhere. Thenyou are not only one: the speaker and the listener are not separate thenwe a rebridged together. Anandawassittingonguard outsidethe roo m. But thosepeople took suchalong time that Ananda becameworried. sowherehavet hey gone ? And Buddha said.

because they were not as their bodies there.sohe becameafraid . He could not see this new phenomenon.Theyallfell into meditation.and Ananda couldnot see them b ecausehewas still not a meditator.theyareintheirbeings. Withhisprime minister. He couldnot believe thereweretenthousand people sitting underthetrees silently. And these are not ten thousand people right now they are all part of one c onsciousness. becauseinthe capita ltherumorwas spreadingthathewasagainst Buddha. Hisprime minister persuadedhimto come. so he went to see. he became very much afraid. They aredoing something.whenhe reached closertothegrove where Buddhawassittingwith histen thousand monks.thekingwentintothegrove. He asked Buddha. This is a miracle! ten thousand people.a sif therewas no one. They are doingsomethingintheirinnerworld. . He pulled his sword out and he said to the prime minister.You don t know Buddha s men.Theyarenotintheir bodies. MAN IS A MYTH Itisa beautiful story.You neednotbe afraid.A new reality had happen ed. Even ten people together create somuch noise what are these peopledoing? What has happened to these peopl e? Has something gone wrong? Are theystill alive? Theylook like statues! And what are t heydoing sitting here? Theyshould do something! And Buddha said. Those egos dissolved.It was not diplomatic. You don tknowbuddha s people.andallthepeoplewerefor Buddha. Agreatking once cametosee Buddha. this total shift of energy.holdinghishandonthesword. Ananda could see only what HE could see.Hewassurprise d.Youjustputyoursword back!You come on thereis no conspiracy or anything.but it has nothing to do with the outsid thevery core. they were not as their m inds there.Hedidn twanttocome inthe first place.Verysuspicious.CHAPTER 5.buthewas a verysuspiciousman aspoliticiansandKingsusuallyare.justfor political reasonshe cameto seehim. andwe have come so close andthere is no noise! Is there some conspiracy? Theprime minister laughedandbe said. Butverysuspicious. They ar e not going to killyou. They were not there. Whatis the matter? becauseyou said ten thousandpeople are staying there .

In fact. they are not two but the same energy functioning as two forms. SOAFIRM MIND THATWORKS FOROTHERS TURNS THE POISON OF SENSE-OBJECTS INTONECTAR. Modernphysicssays matter canbetransformed into energy. very basic and fundamental. energycanbetransformed in to matter.The third sutra: LIKE SALTSEAWATER THATTURNS SWEET WHEN DRUNK UP BY THE CLOUDS.matter can be transformed into mind. THE BASICTANTRAATTITUDEIS:the sensual canbetransformed intothesublime. Tantra s ays sex can be transformed into Samadhi the same approach. the unconscious can be transformed into consciousness. The lowe r can be TheTantra Vision.Vol1 90 Osho .

itisyour abode.nowhere separate.Andmanisaladder. you createasplit. that is his dec ision. Yes.Itisnotthe turnssweet and th .itisa la dder. andyou canevolveit with deeplove. Youcanbefusedinonereality.itissosalty.Youwilldieifyoudrinkthesa ltysea water. You cannotdrinkthesaltseawater. much can be evolved.becauselower ana higher are joined together. MAN IS A MYTH transformed into the higher. He can move upwards.the mindtriestopullintothemind thereisa conflictand canbeevolved. that the bodyisin the serviceof theDevil. Tantra is non-divisive. LIKE SALTSEAWATER THATTURNS SWEET WHEN DRUNK UP BY THE CLOUDS. If yo u divide. But both are not separate that is the beauty ofTantra. care. andby. There is no need to go insane.thatthebodyh asto be condemned. thereisnogap betweenthem. He can exist as a beast.Tantra says: Love reality in its totality. Tantra is the only religion which is not schizophrenic. Tantrasaysyouareone. then the man becomes afraidof the body.Thebodypullsintothebod y. They are never separate. But whena cloud comes anddraws thewater from the sea.thelowestandthe highest.You canmove fromthelow erto the higher. There is no need to have any conflict. creativity. Tantra is the only religion which is really sane the sanest religion because it doesn t divide. or he c an exist as a Buddha botharehisrungs. And there is no need to fight. and he can rise to absolute consciousness and can become a God..Thebodyisnotthe can move from the higher to the lower.CHAPTER 5.Ifyoutellpeoplethatthebodyisbad. Thebodyisjustthetemple.thatthebodyisthe enemy.but violence with oneself. andheispulledintotwoparts.thebodyisjustthe sheathofyoursword.Heistornintoopposite directions.You canlove all thatisavailable. but all evolution is through love.thereisnoneedtohaveanyconfusion. And that ladder is what man is.itisyourfriend.Hecanfallintodeep unconsciousness and become a rock. Tantra drops all sortsof violence not only violence with others. he can exist on the highest rung. He can exist on the lowest rung. thereis created an unbridge able gulf. there is no need to be torn apart. thenyou are creatinga sp litin man.

Nowyoucantransformanything through that fire. Sarahasays: Samadhiislikea cloud. You can create that cloud. That cloud is created by meditation. ambitions:byandby. bitter experiences of the world into sweet nectar-like experiences of Nir vana. meditative energyislikea cloud. the baser metal is t urned into gold.enyou can drink it.your consciousnessisaburnin g fire that cloudis there. That firetransm utes. droppingthoughts. Buddha has actually called it DHARMAMEGHA SAMADHI the Samadhi of the cloud of the fundament al law DHARMAMEGHA SAMADHI. TheTantra Vision. Through meditation the lower becomes higher. droppingdesires. that fire is alchemical. The Samsara itself becomes Nirvana if you can create the cloud that transforms it. That clou d. whichturns the salty. which turnsyourphysicalexistence into non-physicalexistence. You go on intens ely meditating. whichturnsyour sexuality into higher realms.Vol1 91 Osho .

. Two things: first. Can tyou see something ineffable has happened? C an tyou feelmyvibe? Areyou so dull and dead thatyou needexplanations? IF INEFFABLE. Look at my contentment! Lookhow satisfiedIhave become! Youhave known me before too how restl essI was. NEVERISONE UNSATISFIED. MAN IS A MYTH LIKE SALTSEAWATER THATTURNS SWEET WHEN DRUNK UP BY THE CLOUDS.I am living with this arrowsmithwoman. THEINEFFABLE. But it can be experienced .. THOUGH FROMACLOUD ONE FEARS THE THUNDERCLAP.It cann ot be expressed. we have to know the alchemy..allwasa vailableto me yetIwas not satisfied.andyouwillbe getting moreand moreand more. No language exists which can express it.giveit. B ut look intomy eyes.. Theneverything becomes nectar. Meditate..but share the deli ght. ego starts arising.I wasyourfavorite. notevena ro ofover myhead! AndIdon tlive with Kingsandqueens. The last sutra: IF INEFFABLE.The moreyougive. because onceyou start hoarding. somethinggoessour. The momentyougetit. NEVERISONE UNSATISFIED. don t hoard it. delight. Now.. too. . Andallwasavailable. ITMUST BE BLISS ITSELF. one has to create a cloud of meditation in one s being. and the second thing is compassion onewhoworksfor others. how contentedI am. THE CROPS RIPEN WHENFROM IT POURS THE RAIN. IF UNIMAGINABLE.Everythingis nectar wejusthavetoknowhow to turn it. He says that sometimes it happens that a meditator can becom e too much selfish. look!I am standingina cemeteryground. SOAFIRM MIND THATWORKS FOROTHERS TURNS THE POISON OF SENSE-OBJECTS unsatisfied witheverything. the moreyouget.go on sharing cannotbesaid. then. Buddha insistsontwo things: meditationand comp assion PRAGYAN and KARUNA. Never hoar d anything.CHAPTER 5.Sarahasays:Dontaskmewhatitis itisineffable.

His tr anquility. IF INEFFABLE. TheTantra Vision. life or death. Success or fail ure. You cannot drag him out of his contentment. NEVERISONE UNSATISFIED. You can not make him discontented.. friends or no friends. then there is only one wayto know it and that wayis to see the contentment. contented.Vol1 92 Osho . Whatsoever happens he remains the same.That is the only criterion whether a man has attained to truth or not he will ne ver be unsatisfied. Heis centered.. is utterly absolute. his stillness. His contentment is absolute. If that which cannot be said has happened. lovers or no lovers it makes no difference.

CHAPTER 5. MAN IS A MYTH IF UNIMAGINABLE, ITMUST BE BLISS ITSELF... AndIknow,hesays,you cannotimaginewhathashappenedtome.Howcanyou imagine?because you have never known it. Imagination is always repeating the same thatyou have k nown. Youcan imagine happiness;youhave known bits and piecesof it.You can imagine unha ppiness; youhaveknownit,alotofit.You can imaginehappinessevenifyou don tknow happiness you can imagineit as the contraryof unhappiness. Buthow canyou imaginebliss?Youhave not known it. And there is nothing as contraryto it; it is not a duality. It is impossible to imagine. SoSarahasays:I canunderstand you cannotimagineit butIamnotsayingtoimagineit. Look! It is present herenow. And ifyou cannot imagine it, that also is one of the crit erions of truth: truth cannotbe imagined.It canbe seen,butnot imagined.You canhavea visionofit,butyou c annot dream about it. And that is the difference between a dream and a vision. Dream isyours: vision is notyours. Christ saw God, and the scriptures say he saw the vision. Now, the psychoanalyst will say it was justadream;hedoesnotknowthedifferencebetweenadreamanda vision.AdreamisYOURS; youwere imagining;you createdit;itwasyourfantasy. A visionis somethingoutofthebl uethat youhavenever thought aboutnotevenapartofithaseverbeen thoughtbyyou.Itisso utterl ynew thenitisa vision.VisionisfromGod; dreamisfromyour mind. IF UNIMAGINABLE, ITMUST BE BLISS ITSELF. Lookatme you cannot imagine whathas happened. Can tyou see it... youhaveeyesto see.

Look,watch,holdmyhand!Come closertome,justbe vulnerabletome,somyvibrationcanvibr ate your being and the unimaginable and the ineffable can be experienced. THOUGH FROMACLOUD ONE FEARS THE THUNDERCLAP... And Saraha says: I know... he must have seen the king a little afraid. I see it every day: people cometomeandI see them trembling,afraid,fearful,andthey say, Weareafraid, Osho. Iknow ! Saraha must have seen the king was trembling deep inside maybe not on the outsid e. He was a greatking,averydisciplinedmanhemusthavebeen;hemusthavebeen standing erect,butdee p down he must have been afraid.

It always happens whenyou are closeby a Saraha-likeman, ora Buddha-like man,you are bound tobeafraid.Justtheothernightayoungman cameandhesaid, Butwhy amIafraidofyou ?.You havenotdoneanything wrongtome why amIafraidofyou?Iloveyou, certainly,butwhy amI afraid ofyou? Itis natural. Whenyou comeclosetoanabyss,whatdoyouexpect?Youwillbeafraid. There is every possibility you may fall into it and will not be able to recover yourse lf again. It is going to be irrevocable, irrecoverable completely, utterly goneyou will be in it. You will not be able to recapitulate.Fear is natural. Saraha says: TheTantra Vision,Vol1 93 Osho

CHAPTER 5. MAN IS A MYTH THOUGH FROMACLOUD ONE FEARS THE THUNDERCLAP... He says: I am like a cloud and you are afraid because of the thunderclap, of the lightning. But remember: THE CROPS RIPEN WHENFROM IT POURS THE RAIN. But if you allow me to rain on you, the seeds will sprout, sir, and the man that is still hidden behind you, still not yet born, will be born; you will be able to ripen, to matu re; you will be able to blossom. I invite you, says Saraha, for a great harvest... the harvest of con sciousness, the harvest of awareness. TheTantra Vision,Vol1 94 Osho

CHAPTER6 Iam a destroyer 26 April 1977 am in Buddha Hall The first question: Question1 I HAVE TAKEN LATELY TO DAYDREAMING ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT DELICIOUS THAN LOVE ANDFAME. HAVEYOU ANY COMMENTTOMAKE ABOUTDAYDREAMING? THEQUESTIONISFROM PREMPANKAJA.Daydreamingisperfectlyokayasfarasloveandfame are concerned they arepartofa dreamworld.You can dreamasmuchasyoulike. Loveisa dream, so isfame; they are not against dreaming. Infact, when dreaming stops, th ey disappear. They exist in the same dimension, the dimension of dream. But you cannot dream about Enlightenment. Enlightenment is possible only when dr eaming disappears. Enlightenment is absence of dreaming day or night, that doesn t matter . Enlightenment meansnowyourconsciousnessisfullyaware.Inanawareconsciousnessdreami ng cannot exist. Dreaming is like darkness. It exists when the light is not there. When the light is there, darkness simply cannot exist. Dreaming exists because life is dark, dim, dismal. Dreaming exists as a substitu te because we don t have real joy, hence we dream; because we don t really have anything in life, hence we dream; otherwise,howwillwebeableto toleratethe emptinessthatweare?howwillwebeabletotole rate ourexistence? It willbe absolutely unbearable. Dreams makeitbearable. Dreams hel p us. They 95 EVEN MORE

CHAPTER 6. I AM A DESTROYER saytous, Wait.Todaythings are not goingright? Don tbeworried: tomorroweverything wil lbeput right.EverythingHAStoberight.We willtry maybewehavenottried enoughyet.Maybewehave notworkedintheright direction.Maybefatewasnotwithus,Godwasagainstus,butitcannotb e forever. And Godis compassionate,kind; all the religionsoftheworld sayGodisveryki nd,very compassionate. It isahope! Mohammedans continuously repeat: God is Rahim, Rehman compassionate, kind. Why? For what do they repeat again and again? Each time they utter the word God they will re peat the compassionate,the kind .Why?IfHeisnotkindthenwherewillourhopeand dreamingexist.He HAStobe kindfor our dreamstoexist, because THEREexists our hope:inHis kindness,i nHis compassion.Tomorrow things will be okay; tomorrow they are going to be okay. Daydreaming is good as far as love and fame are concerned, as far as outgoing en ergies are concerned because outgoing, we are going in a dream. The world is a dream phenom enon; that is what Hindus mean when theycall it MAYAillusion. It is made of the same s tuff dreams are made of. It is a daydream seen with open eyes. But Enlightenmentisatotallydifferentplaneofbeing. Dreamsdon texistthere.Andifyouco ntinue to dream, Enlightenment will not be possible. Justthe otherdayIwas readinga beautiful anecdote: Aparsonhadaparrot,butdespitealleffortstotryandteachittospeakthebird remaineddumb .The parson mentioned this one day to an elderly lady parishioner who visited him. Sh e was interested andsaid, Ialsohavea parrotwhichdoesnotspeak.Itmightbeagoodideatoputthetwobirds together and see whathappens. Well, this theydid, the parrots being put in a large cage while the parson and h is lady parishioner withdrewoutofsightbutnotoutofhearing.Atfirstallwasquiet,thencamesome flutteringa ndthe old lady s parrot was heard to exclaim, What about a spot of love, deary? to which t he parson s parrot replied, That s whatIhave been silentlyprayingandwaitingforforyears today my dreamis fulfilled.I can speak today. Ifyouarewaitingandprayingand dreamingforloveandfame,itwillhappenoneday!Itisnota

difficult phenomenon.Onejustneedsstubbornness... andit happens.Onejust needstogo onand onand on... itisboundto happen, becauseitisYOUR dream. Youwillfind someplaceor o ther whereyou can projectitandyou can seeit, almostasifithas becomea reality. Whenyoufallinlove withawomanora man, what areyou doingexactly? Youwere carryinga dream insideyou; now suddenly thewoman functions asa screen you projectyour dream on her. You startfeeling, My dreamis fulfilled. Thewoman projectsher dreamonyou;you function asa screen,andshefeelsher dreamis fulfilled.Ifyougoon dreaming, someday or otheryouw illfinda screen, somebodywillbecomea screen,andyour dreamwillbe fulfilled. But Enlightenment is not a dream. It is a dropping of all dreams. So please don t dream about Enlightenment. Love is possible through dreaming in fact, it is possible only th rough dreaming. Fame ispossible through dreaming infact, it is only possible through dreaming, it happens ONLY TheTantra Vision,Vol1 96 Osho

CHAPTER 6. I AM A DESTROYER to dreamers.But Enlightenmentisnotpossible through dreaming eaming will make it impossible. thevery existenceofdr

Dreamforitandyouwillmiss. Waitforitandyouwillmiss. Hopeforitandyouwillmiss. Then what areyou supposed to do? Whatyou are supposed to do is to understand the mech anism of dreaming.Youcanleave Enlightenmentaside;itis noneofyourbusiness.Youjustlookdeepi nto thefacultyof dreaming, understandhow dreamingfunctions.Thatveryunderstanding wil lbringa clarity. In that claritydreaming stops, disappears. When dreamingis not,Enlightenmentis. Youforget about Enlightenment! You arenottoeven think aboutit how canyou think a boutit? And whatsoeveryou think is going to be wrong. How canyou hopefor it? ALL hopes a bout it are goingtobe wrong.How canyou desireit?It cannotbe desired. ThenWHAT arewe supposed to do? Try to understand desiring.Try to understand hoping.Try to understanddreaming. T hat s whatis needed.Yousimplytryto understandhowyourmindhasbeen functioninguptonow. Seeingint o the functioning of the mind, mind disappears. Just a good look into the inner me chanism of the mind,and suddenlyitcomestoa halt. In thathalt, thereis Enlightenment. In that ha lt, thereisa taste of a totally new dimension of existence. Dreaming is one dimension: existence is another dimension. Existence is: dreamin g is simply a belief. The second question: Question2 YOU SPOKE IN SEVERAL RECENT DISCOURSES ON THE NO-PROBLEM, THE NONEXISTENCE OF OUR PROBLEMS. HAVING BEEN BROUGHT UP IN A REPRESSIVE CATHOLIC FAMILY, AND HAVING SPENT TWENTY-ONE YEARS IN AN EQUALLY CRAZY EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM ARE YOU SAYING THATALL THE COATS OF ARMOUR, ALL THE CONDITIONINGS AND ALL THE REPRESSIONS DO NOTEXIST, CAN BE DROPPED IMMEDIATELY NOW? WHAT ABOUT ALL THE IMPRINTS LEFT ON THE BRAIN, ON THE MUSCULATURE OF THE

Psychoana lysis goes into TheTantra Vision. to recondition the body. or to recondition the mind.tofindthe causesoftheproblem. The question is significa nt because it shows two different approaches concerning the inner reality of man.Vol1 97 Osho . into the past of the problem. to take out all those imprints that have been left on the brain this is theWestern approach. to uproot the problem from the verybeginning. to uncondition the mind.BODY? THIS ISA VERY SIGNIFICANTQUESTION it is fromJayananda. TheWestern approachistothinkabouttheproblem.togoint othe historyof the problem.

I AM A DESTROYER the memory.You willbedragged more an d more into the problems.. which are on the same logical pattern. that the problem comes from the past. But one thing is certain about both the appro aches. Now thereisno longeranypotentiality toreformit. at the mostyou go into the memoryof it. soyou cannot reform it.itmovesbackwa rds. it is just the can look intoyour autobiography and find out the causes.Andeventhenit doesn thelpmuch bec ause there are MILLIONS of problems.but there are millions of problems. Again. The pastis no morethere. and so on and soforth. Thisis oneof the imposs ible goals of humanity. it is not the rea lpast. You ca n go into one problem s history. youhave to go into the historyof the body. bio-ene rgetics.Youwanttoundothepast howcanyou undo it? The pastis absolute. This is almost impr actical.It goes intoyour childhood. those lives will create theirown problems. One is: to reform t he past which cannot be hasbecome actual. Ifyou start going into each problem. May beyou can eliminate one problem. The past means: all potentialityofitis finished. And all those millions of lives whenyou will be solving the problems of this solveonelife sproblemsyouwillneed millionsoflives.You cannotdoA NYthing with the past. Fiftyyearsof history!Itisaverylong.It finds out from where the problem has arisen maybe fiftyyears before whenyouwereachild the problem aroseinyour relationshipwithyour mother. Wheny ou think of going into thepast. the same psychoanalytical approach has gone into the body: rolfing.Letmerepeatit:tosolveONElife sprob lems you will have to be born again and again. And the second impossible idea that has always dominated the human mind is: to e stablish the .manhassufferedvery much redoit. This cannot be done.CHAPTER 6. It is not only a question of one problem.. The past has happened. millions of times. so somehow it ha s to be tackled in the past. Man s mind has always been trying to do two impossible things.itworks undoit.then psychoanalysiswillgoback. You cannot REALLY go into the past.inthemusculature. intoyour past. This is absurd! Now. and other methods are there whichtryto eliminateimprintsonthebody.

Thefutureis uncertainty. it is a dead cannot establish it. And don twas teyour time looking standsinthepresentalwaysthinkingoftheimpossibles. Future means that which is notyet. Nothing can be don e about it. Futureis pure potentiality! Un lessithappens. What. The past has happened. That s all. TheTantra Vision. but both have millionsoffollowers becausemanLIKESitthatway. Psychoanalysis and astrology: astrology tries somehow to make the future certain can do isyou can reinterpret it. Both things are imp ossible.Vol1 98 Osho . Don twasteyourpresent momentformakingthe fu ture certain.Hewantstobecertainaboutthefutur e. Betweenthesetwo. Future remainsunestablished. That s whatpsycho analysis is doing: reinterpretingit. at the most. thatis thevery qualityofthe future. you cannot be certain about it. and psychoanalysis tries to redo the past. Neither is a science.future which cannot be done again. Reinterpretationcanbedone butthepast remainsthe same. Future remains open. Pastispure actuality ithas happened. Let it sink as deeply inyourheartaspossible:it cannotbedone.Hewantstoma ke everything certain about the future. about tomorrow which canNOTbe done.

how to solve them. onceyou start thinking about man asa problem. millions of papers are writ ten andtreatises andbooks.he consultstheI CHING. Thenyou know the past i s finished. I AM A DESTROYER sohe goestothe astrologer..CHAPTER 6.Nowsuchgreatliteraturehascomeup in this centuryabout mind deceive oneself.Youcanonly destroythe present moment.Andwhenyouaregoinginacertainlogic. And then there are people who saythey can change the past he consults them also.and there area thousandand onewaystofool oneself. the other one cuts out we will be up here all night! Goodgolly! If Whenyou are thinkingina certain line.. whenever it happe ns. theverydirectionofit makes certain things possible. we will see nothingcanbedoneaboutitrightnow. absurd thingsalso possible.youhave accepted some premiseyouhave taken the first stepw rongly. psychoanalysis.thatl ogic looks perfect. He i s sitting in his seat and thinkinggreat mathematical problems.whichistheo nly moment available. Once these two things are dropped. So the philosopher turns to thefellow sitting next to him and says. real.andyoucangoonandon.hegoestoaTarot reader.OnceFreudopenedthedoorsofacertainlogic. Onceyouhavetaken humanproblemsvery seriously. when suddenly an announcement come s from the captain: I am sorry. Engine number one has cut ou t and we are now flying on three engines. About ten minutes later another announcement: I am afraid there will be further d elay engines twoand threehavecutoutand thereisonlynumberfour become free of all sorts offoolishnesses. Nowyoucangointothe direction. . there will be a a slight delay.giventhe premises. you also be finished with it. Iwas just reading one anecdote: Agreat philosopher and world renowned mathematician is aboard an aeroplane. Thenyou don t go to the psychoanalyst andyou don t go to the astrologer. TheW est takes the problemsvery seriously. TheWest has been continuously looking into the dominatedthewhole century. And the future has not happened.

Go intothe past. how did this anger arise? In what situations did it become more and more conditioned and imprintedonyour mind?Wewillhavetowashoutall thoseimprints. You think thatyou areanger.he willsay.youfeel identifie d with the anger thatis where things are going wrong. Your whol e vision changes about it. The second thing the East says is: the problem is there becauseyou are identified with it.youjustbeaw atcher. Ifyougotoan says no problemis serious. Ifyougotothe psychoanalyst.The East hasa totally different outlook. The momentyou say no problem is serious.nothingtodowithitshistory.Youare identifiedwithit tha tisthe REAL thing. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 99 Osho . Forexample:you areanangryperson. We will have to cleanyour past completely. And thatis thekeyto solve all problems. the problem is almost ninety-nine percent dead.wewillhavetowipethemof f. First. Ithasnothingtodowiththepast..Next time angerhappens..he willsay.

I am angry. NOW!I say. this very moment. It is so with anger.AndthentheWHOLEseriesof angersofyourpastisno morepart ofyou.Thirtyyearsbefore.but thatis me aningless. Remember that s what Gurdjieff means when he says self-remembering .youcancutyourselfawayfromit. it is so with sex: it is so with everything else that the mind is capable of. Be alert thata cloudis passingby!Maybethe cloud comes fromthe past. it is so withgr eed.itisno morethere. Youwillnothavetogobackandundo whatsoeveryour parents andyour society and thepriest and the churchhave done.Thebridgecanbe brokenrightnow andit canbebrokenONLYinthenow. Don t say.theangeraroseandyougot identifiedwithi tthat day. Just seeit happeningasifitis happeningonaTV screen... Lookatyourselfasifyou are looking at somebody else.Thewholethingishownottobecome identifiedwi ththe problem.just asasnakeslips outof the old skin. Remember thatyou area witness! Be mindful! that s what Buddha says. itwillbedestroyingyour presentmoments.Butyoucangetuniden tified this moment.. When the cloud of anger comes around you.Jayananda has asked: You spoke in several recent discourse s on the no-problem.Nowyoucannotget unidentifiedfromthatpast. THEQUESTION IS RELEVANT. I am anger.thisverymoment.Having beenbroughtupina repressiv e Catholic family.the non-existenceof ourproblems. You don t get identified with the anger. Why be bothered about it? RIGHT NOW. becomeanon-Catholic. Goingintothepastwon thelp. I AM A DESTROYER you just be a witness. Itmusthavea certain past.Inthe first placeithas destroyedmanyyears. and then there is no question of so manyproblem s because thekey. The East says: Just remain unidentified. just watch it. .youcan become detachedfromit. Th at willbea sheerwastageof precious present time. again. Youcan.itmustbe comingfroma cer tain sequence of events but that is cannot comejustoutoftheblue. Onceyou have learnt it. Don t say.Youcansimplydropoutofit.n ow.CHAPTER 6. You are pure consciousness..right now. the samekeywill open all the locks. AND remainalertsothatyoudon tget identified.

so many years of a certain education. this consciousness is no longer Catholic. because the consciousness cannot be conditioned.andhaving spenttwenty-oneyears inan equally crazy educational system areyou saying that all the coats of armour. Consciousness REMAINS free! Fre edom is its innermostquality.Youcan look:soma ny years of Catholic repression.theydon texistinyour consciou sness.Infact.. all the conditionings and all the repressionsdo notexist..Vol1 100 Osho . In this mome nt when you are looking at it.youareshowingthat freed om. then who would be aware? Then there would be no poss ibility of becoming aware. otherwise.theyexist. TheTantra Vision.evenaskingit.Buttheyexisteitherinthebodyorinthebrain. Whenyousay twenty-oneyearsinacrazy educationalsystem .? No.whenyousay havingbeenbrought upina repressive Catholicfamily inTHIS momentyouarenot identified.freedomisits nature. who will be aware? If you had really BECOME Catholic.Having been broughtupina repressive Catholicfamily.

Anymomentyou can stand aloof.I amnotsayingthatyourwhit eskin will change. It CANNOT reallysucceed.yousimplygetoutofthe circle. The whole Eastern methodology canbe reducedto oneword: witnessing. I AM A DESTROYER Ifyoucansay twenty-oneyearsinanequally crazy educational system.Justa momentbeforeyouwerean Englishman understandingthenonsen se of nationalism. unattached. it didn twork.asecondlateryouarenolongeran Englishman. Analyzing.Amadman cannotseethatheismad. It succeeds only in the proportion thatyou get identified with it.Nowgoon.youtry will remain white butyou are no more identified with the whiteness .faraway. henceyou canseethewholesystemascrazy. onethingiscertain:y ou are notyet crazy. all that repressive conditioning hasfailed. the Englishmanis deadin thevalleyandyou are standing on the hills.I am not sayingit is not there:but it is no more part ofyour conscio usness. This is the beauty of consciousness: consciousness can slip out of anything. The re is no barrier to it. Andthe wholeW estern methodology can be be Reduced to one thing: analyzing. your consciousness is standing on a hillock looki ng at the boundarytoit. wherewillyouend? Whereexactly? If you go into the past. it is there. no.. Analysisisa vicious circle. Jayananda.wasn tit getting ready? Then when? The momentyouwere conceived?Butbefore that? Halfofyoursexualitywas matureinyourmothe r s eggandhalfofthesexualitywas maturinginyourfather are no more againsttheblack.To see madnessas madness.butyour consciousness has slipped out.Iamnotsayingthatjustbyseeingthatyouareno more an Englishmanyouwillforgetthe English language.wherewillyouend? .CHAPTER 6. So when? Whenyo uwere born? But then whenyouwerein the mother swomb. Now. you go round a nd round.Youseethe stupidityofit.. The system hasfailed. Thosetwenty-on eyears of crazy systemhavefailed.wheredidyour sexuality start? Whenyouwerefourteenyearsof age? B ut then it came outof theblue? Itmusthave been getting readyin the willbe simply puzzl ed howisit possible?If. untouched.Onlyasanepersoncan see that thisis madness. sanityisneeded. Witnessing. Ifyou REALLYgo into analysis.Itwill stillbe thereinyour me are not crazy ..

. That s what Saraha is saying to the king again and again. There is no transformation through it. their genesis. there is no radical change through it. that s all. Cloudshavea genesis.but consciousness remains unconditioned.Vol1 101 Osho .Itispure. Witnessingisarevolution.Andeven thenit doesnotend:you willhavetogotoFather God Himself. Its virginity cannot be violated. Whyin the first place did He create Adam?.Itisaradical change fromtheVERYroots!Itbringsa totallynew man intoexistence. Co nditionings are thereinthebodyandinthemind. of thi s purity. of this innocence. It makes youalittle more adjustedtoyour reality.Ithelps youto attaina little bit of understanding aboutyour problems.butyou remai n the same person. It can not help. Our emphasis is on the sky andtheWestern emphasisisonthe clouds.alwa yspure.ifyoufindoutfrom where they come. how theyhave aris en. Analysis will always remain half.youwillhavetogototheocean.You willhavetogoto AdamandEve. The Eastern approach is to make you mindful of this virgin consciousness.thentothe sunraysandtheevaporationofthewaterandth e TheTantra Vision. so analysis never helps anybody really. becauseit takesyour consciousness outof all the conditionings. And that little intellectual understanding helpsyou to adjust to the society better. It is virgin..Itisa sortof adjustment.

The cloudsform.youcanremain out.itisnot producedby anything.rising again on sunrays.noproblemexists notforyou. Inthat momentofbeyondness.foran ything to be. beco me rivers.all co nditioning. Andnowitisuptoyou.You cannotsay God created space.Andthe circumferenceisa cyclone.andhelpsyoua little. then again they come.CHAPTER 6.Youhavetof indthe center of the cyclone. Witnessing will notchangeyour conditioning... I AM A DESTROYER cloudsforming. where did God used to e xist? He must have needed space. Space must precede God.. round and round and round.From where willyoube out? One t hing will lead to another andyou will be in the wheel. The problem will remain as an imprintin the bodymind phenomenon. That showa Buddha functions. But witnessing will simplygiveyouanexperience thatyou arebeyondallmusculature. it has to exist before anything else can exist. Witnessing will not changeyour bodym usculature. evenforGodtoexist.Ifyou don twanttohaveit... Thebodywill still carrythemusculatureandthemindwill still car rythe conditioning nowitisuptoyou:if sometimesyou are hankeringfortheproblem. a sky is needed as a must. go to the ocean. Ask him whether before ask the Christian theologian He created the world there was any sky or not. because then He would not have anyspace to exist.butit doesn tmak e you aware of your innermost core. andyou cango on. Theskyhasno genesis. where did He create the world? where d id He put the world? Spaceisamust. fall in love with the trees. againfall on th e earth.And that happens only through witnessing. TheWestern approachmakesyoumoreand morealerttothe clouds.butit willbe movingina circle. you become a little more aw are of the circumference. start evaporating..butyou willbe al oof andaway from it. a priori. start pouring again into the earth.butnotawareofthe center. The Eastern approach is to become mindful of the sky. Itisa wheel.a Buddha also uses memory butheis n . Thatwould be absurd.Infact. Sky has always been there.You also use memory. Theskyis uncreated.inthat momentoftranscendence. You can he says God created the world. become clouds. If there was no canget into the mindbodyandhavetheproblemandenjoyit.. If there was no sky. It goes on andon. Circumference yes.

Soyour questionisright:problemsWILLexist.but continuouslyI am no t the mind that awarenessisthere. The ywill remain TheTantra Vision.ot identified with it. on the musculature ofthe body? They willbe there. Ifyoufeel too lonely andyouwa ntproblems.howcanyouchangethosefortyyearsandNOTbea Catholic?No. What about all the imprints left on the brain.Nowyou knowthatthatwasjust identification. Ifyoufeel too miserable without misery. Thosefortyyears cannotbe can have them. in a creative way. Howcanyouchangeyourpast? Youhavebeena Catholicinthepast. He uses memory asa mechanism.buttheywillexistonlyintheseedformintheb ody andthemind. thereisno need. Even that crazy education can be used in a creative way.and there isnoneed to destroythem.No butyoucanslipoutofit. WhenI have to use language.Vol1 102 Osho . you can have them.Whenthemindiscalled.You can useeven th oseforty years in a certain way.but asa seed: potentially there.I use the mind and all the imprints.ifforforty yearsyouhavebeena Catholic. its utility is there but it cannot dominate.I am using language .Ifyou arethe masterofthe comes. Thosefortyyearswill remainasaperiodofbeingCatholic. Forexample.

. The third question: Question3 DO YOUR ACTIONS ALSO BRING THE SAME PROPORTION OF GOOD AND BAD IN THE WORLD? WHATACTIONS?Canyou detectanyactionsinme.Soin. he was the pioneer.itisju stplayful.It willbe your choice..Itisabeing. The future humanity will have to decide whether it has to go on the path of anal ysis or it has to changetothepathof witnessing. slowly I change. Andifyo u understand thisstateof no-action.particularlyforseek erswho come from the West I put them in the groups.Iput them into thegroups.Igo onnegatingmyself. WhenWestern people come to me.Andthatisso contradictorythatit cannotbring either good or bad.Andif somethinglikeaction appearsthere..but thereisno needtohave them.without him there would be noprimal therapy. Those groups are analytical. thereisno necessitytohave them.theend. Th eyshould start with what is easier for them. those groups are by-productsof psychoanalysis. IMMEDIATELYI sayminus one and the total resultiszero. Thatistheuseof co ntradiction... Iamnotadoer. except talking?AndinthattooItakeevery careto contradicteverythingI say. Vipassanaisa witnessing. Whenyou move from encounter to vipassana. Iusebothmethods.orprimaltherapywillbe difficultforhimto recognize whatis happening?Haveal lthese people gone mad? But they are offshoots of HIS work. primal therapy.youwillhaveunderstoodthehighest possibilityof consciousnes s. then vipassana.justemptiness. Theyhavegrown:Freud will notbeableto recognize enc ounterif hecomes.He started the whole game. and then I start putting them into intens ive enlightenment. That is goodfor them. First they go into cathartic groups like encounter. Andthe wholeeffortisthatyou don tbecome dogmatic aboutme. You cannot become I don t .I use analysis. I AM A DESTROYER alwaysavailable. IfI sayplus one.Allthatyoucancall actionismytalkingtoyou.CHAPTER 6. My talking is just a play.Idon tdoanything.From encounterto vipassana thereisagreat synthesis. Then by and by.Thehighest are moving fromWest to East.

Vol1 103 Osho . And he will not find any way to choose and what to choose. You have spoken so much . manypeople are going t o become insaneworkingontheirPh. Isaid. thesesonme becauseIhavesaidallthatcanbesaid. Thefourth question: TheTantra Vision. If somebody is going to put me In short . Now what is neededisa small book which introducesyour philosophy something likea Christia n catechism. That will be difficult.allowthat possibility. OnceI am gone. I contradictsomuch:how canyou create a dogma? Ifyoutry to create a dogma.D. he will go mad. AChristian missionaryused to come to see me.andIhave denied all that can bedenied. in short. and he said. immediatelyyou will findIhave contradicted it.

Ego is idiotic. Ifyou understandthategoisalsoGod splay. I am going upstream. You are part of the river. Now. Butbeware!Youmaybejustplayingatrickuponyourself. It means having a private idiom.Ifyouhave cometosuchadeep understanding. Then there is no needto drop becauseyou have nothing to drop. then it is perfectly good! Then th ere is noproblem.CHAPTER 6. that the ego is also God s play. It simply says that I am notpartof the universal:I amprivate.Idon t carewheretheexistenceisgoing. And then there will be relaxation and rest and joy. this idea of being separate.Idon tbelongtothe continent. go with the river. Go with the river! All the way. anxiety.AGAMEPLAYEDBYEXISTENCE? IFYOU UNDERSTANDTHAT.andIamtry ing to find them and achieve them Ego means having a private goal. thenyou are not. I have my own privategoals. And don t flow against theriver thatisfoolish. Against the river there is strain. With the river there is joy. Ifyouhave REALLY understood that all isGod s. Thisnot belongingtothewholeiswhat ego is. It means havin g a private goal. Dropping the ego does not mean anything else: don t be se parate be together ask: Whydoyou talksomuch againstthe ego ? Isn ttheego alsoa manifestationof God. Itisuptoyou! Butbewatchful. I AM A DESTROYER Question4 AQUESTION IN BADFAITH WHY DOYOUTALK SO MUCHAGAINST THE EGO? ISN T THE EGOALSOAMANIFESTATIONOFGOD. What are they saying ? Th ey are saying: Don t be separate.Ihavemy ownprivategoals. aprivate style. The word idiot is very beautiful. That s why all the mystics have been saying: Drop the ego.I am willbe s imply tired and defeated. I am n ot part of the universal flux. Iamanisland.EverythingisGod s that swhat egolessness means even ego.a gameplayedby existence? .Inthe name ofGodyoumaybetryingtosaveyourego.thenyouarenotinit. So where is the ego? What does ego mean? It means: I have a private life. Ego cre ates anxiety and strain. Egois idiotic. Thatis the whole pu rposeof whyIgoontalkingagainsttheegosothatyouarenotandGodis. I am not part of the river I am swimming.andmindisverycunning. then thereis no problem about the ego.

But be verycareful and cautious. then toyou at leastI am not sayingto drop th e ego.Vol1 104 Osho said the monkey.Iwill come withyou this time. Mind is so cunning.Ifyou have come to understand that. andIdon t know why! Well. TheTantra Vision. Ih ave heard this small anecdote: Amonkeyand ahyenawerewalking throughthe jungletogether whenthehyena said. . thenyou don t have anyego to drop. andIwill stickupforyou. Everytim e Igo through thosebushesover thereabiglionjumpsoutandkeepson hittingmeand hitting me.

Absolutely beautifully difficult. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR MIND IS TRYING. neither happ y.the firstthing:yousaythatIhavetosaytoyou. Justby my sayingit. the ego is a greatrationalist. The monkeyjust climbedupina treeandwatched...itwillnot become beautiful. Youwere laughingsomuchIthoughtyouwere winning. EVERYTHING IS GOING ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFULLY WITH whenthe l ionhad gone the half deadhyena asked the monkey. It can rational ize well. Everything is going absolutely beautifully difficult. Beware of the ego! It can find ways and means to protect itself. Eithertaketherealthingor don t neitherfeel ugly nor beautiful. Youwouldliketohaveeverythingbeautiful you don t wanttobea witness. THANKYOU OSHO. PLEASE SAYTHISTOME SOICAN STOPWORRYING ABOUT IT ARUP. another thing. it is just to pass time. I AM A DESTROYER So they walked along together.Now. And whenyou witness. THEQUESTIONISFROMARUP. People cometomenotreallytobehelpedbuttobe consoled. It is a toyto playwith. That swhyyouconstantl y seek consolation. unhappiness is n ot absolute.IHOPE IT IS SO. Ugly is not absolute. Everything is going absolutely beautifully withyou. beautiful is not absolute. Nothing is absolute here on the earth. The fifth question: Question5 BELOVED OSHO. Happiness is not absolute. My wholeworkistomakeyoua witness. And.butI amn othere togiveyouanyconsolation. nor unhappy you simplyfeela witness.Itmaygiveyoua consolation. Consolationis afalse thing. except witnessing .justtobepat ted . you say.andarationalizationisits wholefoundation.CHAPTER 6. AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE MORE AND MORE BLISSFUL FROM NOWON. And passing time is wast ing time. Only witnessing. Whydidn tyou come down and help me? Andthemonkeysaid. I HAVE GOT YOU SAFELY UNDER MY WING AND THERE IS NO WAY BACK.Youwanttohave more pleasurableexperiences. NOW IT IS TOO LATE.BUT SOMETIMESIWAVER. and just as theygot to thebushesa lion jumped out on them and started hittingthehyena.

No havetobeyourown self.theyfeelgood. Thisisnot goingtohelpyou. And whenitis REALLYtoolate. Itis never too late!You can again slip into the old can again become id entified with it.IfI say everythingis going good. Againtheyhaveto come.youhavetobeonyourown. And this will createa dependenceonme.Vol1 105 Osho .nowitistoolate.andI amnottomakeyou dependentonme youhavetobe independent. Thenyouwillknowthatnow th ereis TheTantra Vision.thenyouwillnotaskthis question.ontheback.buthowlongis thisfeeling goingto help?Itwillwearoff sooner or later. You needatransformation.andagainthey waitformet opat themonthe head.

Yourinterpretationsareboundtobether e.Itis natural! Sometimesyouwaver. then something is amiss. that is human. willhaveto interpretit you cannot accept it totally. But he has confessed.. Listen to this small story: A priest was returning home late at night from a meeting. WhatsoeverI dyou willfindnewworries.everythingis going absolutely beautifully withyou. he .Itisinhumantoexpectnoworry.I wouldh ave said ittoeverybody. Blushing. Arup has confessed this is not a question. Was Osho joking? Does hereally meanit? Theworryingmindwilljumpuponit. then something is wrong. As he drove along. PleasesaythistomesothatI canstopworryingaboutit. MullaNasrudin. Ifyou are not doing such things. AndI showsit has no t happened you are wavering. This willbea certaintyinyou. this is a confe ssion that she feelsworriedis natural. rather than deny it. I AM A DESTROYER no possibilityof goingback. and was carried out in a skillful. rather than create a screenandhideit. Sometimesyoufeeljusttodropeverythingandgoawaybacktoyouroldworld. sometimesyou arevery neg ative. flatterywillgetyo unowhere Iain t gonna confess.Sometimess hefeels wavering. rosetohisfeetandsaid. you will think. clever manner. EvenifI say exac tly:Yes. Itisnotsoeasy.Idon taskanyunnaturalthingfromyou. WhatsoeverI saywill againbe interpretedbythe sameworrying mind.youwill interpretitinyourownway.Just becauseyou needa certificate. natural.CHAPTER 6. Sir.You will not needmy certificatefor it. WhatsoeverI say. said the prosecutor.atthisstageat least. How willyoustopworrying about it? justby my saying it? Ifitwere so easy.Idon taskanyabsurdthingsfromyou. This willbeyourownknowi ng. you cannottrustittotally.sometimesyou are against me. This crime was the workof a master crim inal.Idon tsaythatyou are doing something criminal no itis just human.I amsaying thisis simplynatural. Itisvery natural. Ihave heard: Mulla Nasrudin was standing in the court. It is good to accept it.thedefendant.

AllI cansay is: thatmustbea helluvagood bookyou are reading there! Nowjustthinkof somebodyreadingabookonalonelylanebythe headlightsofthecar whatwill you think?Canyou imagine somebody readingtheBible? WhatisthehurrytoreadtheBible? Can TheTantra Vision. a lorry came along.everythingisalright.suddenly remembered that he had not said evensong. got out of his car and using the light of his car headlamps began to saythe offi ce. The d the lorry. Thedriverputhislorryingearand. thankyou. repliedthepriest. He pulled up at the side of a quiet co untry lane.Vol1 106 Osho .nottobe outdoneashepulled away. Not long river of thinking g a spot trouble. let down his window. Havin of mate? No.criedout. and much to his surprise. after he had begun. that something was wrong. and asked. stopped.

Youjustgodownandeattherice! Thiswilljustgiveyoua dreamifI say: Arup.I am throwingyou into thevery turmoilofexistence. I dreamtthatI wastheking. I AM A DESTROYER somebody be so interested in reading the Bible? Can t he wait and go home and read it there? The lorry-drivermusthaveinterpreted accordingtohismind hesaid. and they came to the house where the governor was cooking rice. JustsaytomesothatI canstopworryingaboutit.Wha tIsaywillnot be heard. Arupsays. andthericeisreallygettingcold. YouwillhavetodowhatIsay. That snothing IdreamtIwasGod willworry about it. with no .soIwentdownandateit.andtheri ceis getting cold. My dreamwasveryordinaryandIdon t standa chanceof winningat a ll: Idreamt aboutthathotrice gettingcold.You willhavetodo witnessing. The secondtrampsaid.Youwantmetohelp createadreaminyou...youwillbe negative aboutit.So. There were three veryhungrytramps.I am pushingyouintoanabyss. Sothenextmorningthefirsttrampsaid. Ifyou areworrying.. and he said to them that theycould staythe night and whoever had the best dream could have some hot rice.Ifyo uaretrusting. Ifyou are doubting.Ifyouare negative.Andyou interpret.Youwouldli ke tobe safely undermywings now. AllI cansayis:thatmustbe a helluva good bookyou are reading there! You continuously interpret.No matterhowmuchyourmindistrying. No. you will trust.Iam pushingyouintoa dangerous realm. worrying cannotbestoppedtha t easy. naturally.Arup.You willhavetobea littlemorepractical.nowitistoolate.everythingisgoing absolutely beautifullywi thyou. accordingtoyour mind. Inthe firstplaceI cannotsayit becausethevery desiretobesafeand secure is against spiritual growth. ThisiswhatI meanbybeingpractical.youwill doubt aboutit. Andthe thirdtramp will hearitinyourownway.CHAPTER 6. Ihavegotyousafely undermywingand there is no wayback..bepractical!DowhatIsay justmysayingitwon t help.Mysayingitwillnothelpyouwillhavetodo something.

thatIhavegotyousafelyundermywingandthereisnowayback.Iam nota protector Iama canfall fromtheverylastrung.You candeny. can betray.You w ill enjoybeing in the Open. vulnerable to deat h too.I am going to becomeyour dangerous life.I cango back. Until and unlessyouhave crossedthe whole ladder . No.Youcan can reject.even the TheTantra Vision. You willabhor safety and security.You will thinkof them as enemies they are. You will alwaysbeinsecureifyouhave understood me. plastic lives are safe. IfyouREALLY understand me.You canfall into the misery again from theverylastrung alsoyou canfall.Iam notyour security. Unlessyou become Enlightened.Vol1 107 Osho .AREAL life is encountering death each moment. all includes death with no security. thereisawayb ack.You will never askfor safety an dsecurity. Only unreal. vulnerable to all that is possible in life.

Whenyo u areina stateof disillusionment. Think. Andsafetyisnotmy way. utter disillusionment.greatbliss becomes possible.itcanagain become a new trip. Only in that witnessing willyo u become more and moreblissfuleveryday notbyrepeatingit!Onlyinthat witnessingwillyoustopwavering.goon repeatin g. Yes.. Repeat.itisperfec tly human to waver sometimes. each morning after the sleep. Enlightenmentisvery closeby. Howyou can deceiveyourself! Ihopeitisso. he simply hopes.itcanagainintegrate.ithelpsa little. Acceptitasitis.Yes.itisnotofhypnosisatall.On lyin that witnessingwillyoucometothe centerofyourbeing wheredeathexistsnot.It createsan illusion aroundyou.I am getting happier.and become moreand morewatchful. isenoughtobringyouback..whereonlyli fe .you canhypnotizeyourself thisway.Ihope it is so.justa tremoro fego. I AM A DESTROYER lastrung.Tobea sannyasin meansyouarereadytolivelife withoutsafety. It is not so s See! Her mind has already started interpreting...untilandunlessyouarejustanobody.. Tha twas the verymethodology of Coue. v isualize each night before going to sleep. Andyouaregoingtobe moreand moreand moreblissfulfromnowon.CHAPTER 6. It is perfectly right! Never condemn it! Accept it! Do n t tryto create a falseunwavering thatwillbeofthemindandwillbea deception. become moreand mo reofa witness. Letitbeasitis. andwith thatgreat courage. I HOPE it is so.Aslightego. dream. Then Arup says.youcanfallback.. Thankyou Osho.Idon twantyou tobe hypnotizedbyanyillusion..Itcanagain condense.Th atis thegreatest courage.I amgetting healthier. He would tell his patients.. Only in that witnessing willyou be safe. Butwouldyoulikemetohelpyoui ncreating illusions?My whole approachisthatofdehypnosis.but sometimesI waver.andwillnotleadyouanywhere. imagine. Iam not an Emile Coue Iam notahypnotist. AndI amnot condemningyourwavering itisperfectlyokay towaver sometimes. repeat again and agai n and again I am getting better.I wantyoutobe utterlydehypnotizedofall illusions.

Youstartseekingforit:inthatvery momentyouhavemadeit distant. WHEN WILLIBE ABLE TOHEAR THE SOUNDOFSILENCE? What is it exactly that is obstructing myvision from seeing the obvious? THE VERYDESIRETOSEEIT. where oneis drinking the nectar Saraha talks about. Theobvious cannotbe desired.itisno moreobvi TheTantra Vision.Vol1 108 Osho . The sixth question: Question7 WHAT IS IT EXACTLY THAT IS OBSTRUCTING MY VISION FROM SEEING THE OBVIOUS? I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHATTO DO AND WHAT NOTTO DO.abundant is. Theobvious is!Youdesire:youg o away.

AndIca .Why ? The egofeels good if the journeyis hard the egofeels good. then He used to live on the earth. There is an old story: God created the world. the distant.. so manydesires. He has reache d Everest. There is something to prove.theegofeelsgood.Tryto understandit. You cannot meet anybody else.OnlyGodis!Butyouseek.buttogointoon e sown being will not be much of a claim. In the night people would come and they would say. And God was getting almost mad: What to do?! So many people. I AM A DESTROYER isnomorecloseby. GOD IS VERY OBVIOUS. becausehe has made pots andtheywillbe destroyed.Thatisanegotrick. The God called His council and asked: What to do? nnot satisfy theywill drive me crazy. thereis somethingtoprove. Andthetrivialisprofound. how canyou seek it? It is just there! What is the need to seek it and t o desire it? Theobviousisthe divine.faraway. everybody was knocking at odd hours. Theegois interestedinthe are meeting Godevery momentofit because thereis nobody e lse. ordinary activities.. but still he has not developed soul travel.youhaveputitfaraway.and manhasnot reachedtohisownheartyet. and today we need rain and it is so hot. The ego is not interested in the obvious.Just think: man has reachedtothe moon. but he doesnot bothertogointohisownbeing.The close-byis missedandthefarawayissought. because the ego cannot exist with the obvious. If it is difficult. Themundaneisthesublime. Don tbringrains Iamdoingsomething and it will spoil everything. and everybody expecting and everybody needs fulfillment. This is wrong. The ego is NOTinterestedatallinthe close-by. Manh as invented space travel.heneedshotsunforafewdays andsoonandsoforth. it is always God in a thousand and one forms.InyourveryseekingyouputGod verydistant.Inyourda desire. You can imagine: His t roubles were too many. Thefarmerwants therain and the potterwants norain.. and their desires are so contradictory. Everybody was complaining.Togotothe moon..Howcanyouseektheobvious?Ifyou understanditis obvious.CHAPTER 6.. andyoumiss. And somebodywould comejust afterwardsandhewouldsay.

Ortheywillmurderme someday!I wouldlike someplacetohide.themall.. And whynot the moon? afew seconds moreand somebodywillreachthe moon. God said.No. Remember. and then the trouble will start. Thattooisnotveryfar And theysuggestedfarawaystars. Hesaid. thentheywill start comingin helicoptersandbuses.In Indiawesaymillion s ofyearsis onedayofGod soafew seconds. Somebodysaid.. And once theyknow.andeverything will.. nobody will ever reach there. You don t know!Just afterafew seconds for God thatis just afterafew seconds Edmund Hillarywill reach there withTensing. Thatisnotaproblem youjustgotoEverest.but God said. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 109 Osho .I wanta permanent solution.It s simply a sortof postponement.thatwon t do.Itwill solvethingsforafew seconds.God stimehasadifferentway. Then somebody suggested. Andtheysuggestedmanythings. That is the highest peak in the Himalayas. That is not going to solve the proble m.

i t strengthens the ego.You justbe. smallvoice.Justyouneedtobe silentsothatyoucanhearit. Now or never. not going anywhere. You are right. There is only one place where man will never reach y ou hide in man himself. It is nota searchin the first place. because thereisachallenge.He fi nds man. Man cannever findHim. I just do not understandwhat to do and what not to do.egofeelsgood could not hear His still. whispered something in His ear. and egofalls flat on theground.Butneversay when . Youarenottodoanything.themusicisallover. Andhowcanyouseekthe distantwhenyou cannotevenseektheobvious? What is it exactly that is obstructing myvision from seeing the obvious? Theverydesireistakingyouastray. not doing anything.andthesearchforitis concerned.becauseegoisnot interested. difficu lt. When willIbe able tohear the sound of silence? When? you aska wrong question. That is the last thing man will ever think.Doi ng isagainanego-trip.Doing. Theobviousisthe missed. Non-doing. Le t me sayitin anotherway:ifyou areina stateof being.Youhavejusttobewatchfulofallthatis happening aroundyou. And thatis the place where God has been hiding since then: in man hi mself. when means . Hearit now! becauseitis there.CHAPTER 6. Don tdoanythingasfarasGod.Hehasalwaysbeen there!Justyouwerenotsil ent. That will do! And the old servant had said. Sojustbea non-doer. when meansyou have started dreaming. and God sa id.Dropthe desireandyouwillseetheobvious.truth. not drea ming andin that silentspace suddenlyyouwillfindHeisthere.God comestoyou. It is n o more nourished. when meansyou have brought future can claim.Doingisafoodfortheego.whatsortof victoryisthis?Youarenotmuchofawinner. I AM A DESTROYER Then an old servant ofGod came close. It dies. That swhy mangoesonmissingthe obvious and goes on seeking the distant.Egoisinterestedinhard. arduous things.Iftheobviousis there andyou win. soyou cannotdoanything about it. Just be in a silent space. soyou couldn t see Him. Whenyouwin. themu sicis on.

then drop them.Ifeelata loss because that whichI want to saycannot be said. There .ForGod thereisonlyonetime:now. Each timeIutteraword. Thenyou will naturally ask. anditisalwaysnow. whydoIgo on speaking? TheTantra Vision..Vol1 110 Osho .Itisalwaysnow-time.notnow. And the last question: Question8 OSHO. DOYOU EVERFEELATALOSS WITHWORDS? THEQUESTIONISFROM RISHI. cannot be conveyed . And that which has to be conveyed..ando nly one place: here.

Ihave heard a beautiful story meditate over it: Aparishpriestwashavingafewwords with his Bishop. It is trying to do the impossib le! But there is no other way.I amnottryingtoexplain some theory toyou.Igoon speaking indifferentways:maybethiswayyouhavenotheard.I amnottryingtogiveyou somedogma.youhave not heard.MaybetodayIhavefailed. Theycannot contain thatwhi chI want themto contain.YesterdayIfailed. They areverytiny and verysmall. It is veryirrational. I willtakeyouupon that. . Without hesitation. tomorrow.mylord. Something has happened in me. he can always fi nd something from his memory. The Bishop replied. any word willdo.Peoplewhodon thaveany experiencearenever ata loss. He has so manyscriptures available.Ihav e to use the mind because there is no other way.I amnotapriest. andin the courseof conversation said.... saidthe someotherway maybeitwillbeclosert o you. to the test. It isalrightforyou. he started: And Moses too k two tablets and went out on to the mountainside. You should be able to give a sermon on almost any subject at a moment s notice asI can.. Even to conveythe heart one has t o use the mind hence the absurdity of it.. Words areveryawkward.WhatIWANTtosaytoyouismyheart!itisnotmymind.. something has happened to me Iam tryi ng to conveyTHAT.Unfortunately.I amcontinuouslyataloss becausewhatI wanttosaytoyouisnotasubjectmatter : itismysubjectivity. Words don t come easily because the m essage is wordless.CHAPTER 6.SoEACH momentI amataloss. Apriest is never at a loss. In anotherway maybeyou willbe able to hear it. Iam helpless. I AM A DESTROYER Iamtrying hard. Thisway somebody has heard.whenyou prepareasermonyoucandeliverittoseveral churchesin the diocese.I am trying to commune withyou.butIhavetogivetwonew sermonseverySunday. But I am at a loss continuously. You cometomychurchnext SundayandIwillputyou Thebishopagreedandindue coursewenttothepulpittofindacardwiththeoneword constipati on written on it that was the subject. today.

andIhesit ate: will itdo?Howcanitdo?Knowingitisnotgoingtohelp.but whenILOOKatyou thenIhesitate. TheTantra Vision. theyat least go on hanging around.IfIbecome silent. Thosefive per cent can understand through the words too. Each singleword.Vol1 111 Osho . because they are listening to my silence not t o my willyoub eable to understand the silence? And ifyou can understand silence. So there is no problemfor those five percent.Itisa necessary evil. thenatthemostfive percentofyou willbe aroundme. I will not be able to help them at all.Igoonusingit. Sil ence wouldbe better. Through my will be able to hear that silence in my words too. But the other ninety-five percent who cannot understand words and cannot understand the silence contained in them will be simply lost.Butifyou ask:AmI everata lossforwords?I am constantly.far w illbeeven more difficultforyouto comeclosertome. IfI become silent.You cannot understandthewords.

eighty percent.met.Itisaperhaps. Kabir was never silent with h is disciples and neither was Farid silent with his disciples: they were continuously hammering on their disciples.. They were hoping. nor nobodyeverwas. and there would be a great showering. somethingmaybe stirred. some unguarded moment. Andthatfive percentalso..Tha tfive percentshowstheway.eigh ty-five percent. Nobody ever was: neither was Lao Tzu. ThedayIfeelatleast fifty percentof people can understand silence..KabirandFarid. I am not very happy about them. But t hey were just sitting silently.andfortwodayssatsilently together.sothatthe ninety-five percentbyandbywillbeninety percent. they wanted them to talk so t hat they could hear something valuable.butitisworthgoingon. some unguarded moment and in spite of themselves they may come closer to me.butfor thataveryhigher consciousnessis needed . And the followersof Kabir said. and I may penetrate into th eir heart.itwas no t appropriate. .CHAPTER 6.yawning what to do? And what happ enedto these two people? because they were never silent before. nor was Sa raha. Why? What hashappened? Have theygone dumb? But theycould not say anything.wouldnotbehere. that Kab ir and Farid would meet. thenwords canb edropped. they jumped upon their Mast ers. for months they were hoping. and the discipleswere dozing. Once it happened: TwogreatmysticsofIndia.notbecause silence cannotbea was Buddha communion silence canbea communion.ifIhadbeen silentfromtheverybeginning. Thatfive percentwillbehelped eitherway. I AM A DESTROYER In their hanging around there is a possibility that in some unguarded moment the y may have a contact with me.Thedi sciples werevery muchfrustrated: they wanted them to talk. Buttheyallhadto usewords. Whatwent wrong? Andfor monthswehave beenwaitingforFaridto come. when Kabir and Farid hugged each other and said goodbye in silence that too and when the disciples were left with their Masters. After two days. and they would enjoy it.butthis ninety-five percentwillnotbehelpe dbysilence. they may stumble upon me.

. we recognized. Wewerejustenjoyingeachother each other sspace.andhe came. what wereyou doingfortwodays? AndFaridsaid. The dialogue finished at the first moment! Thenfortwodays. so t hereis nothingtoconvey. he would have thought me ignorant because when silence is there a nd silence can sayit.. wegot tir ed! These two days have been hell! AndKabir laughed. nothingtosay!ThemomentIlookedintohiseyesandhelookedintomy eyes. Buttherewasnothingtosay hecan understand silence..Weweregueststoeach other..andyouneverspokea singleword. what is the use of words? And thefollowers ofFaridaskedFarid. Areyou mad? Speaking with Kabir? We areexactlyat the same space. Andwewerewaitingandwaiting. What happened? Whydidn tyou speak? Farid said. We overlapped each other. Hesaid. we overflowed each other. IfIhad said anything.Vol1 112 Osho . we mingled with each other we TheTantra Vision.

When silence can speak. knowingwell th atitis not going to suffice. I AM A DESTROYER danced. we sang. it is not adequate. Nothing is ever adequate truth is so vast and words are so small. But it all happened in silence.Vol1 113 Osho . what is the need of language? Iam continuouslyata lossforwords.CHAPTER 6. EachwordIutterveryhesitatingly. TheTantra Vision.


Yes. Because onlyITis.true butHemustbelike horsesalso.but man cannotbeTHEform.In millionsofformsitisthe same realitythatisbeingexpressed.but the substance.Tantraisagreat vision.TheymightevenwritethatGod createdtheDevilinman simage. Tantra drops that whole anthropomorphism.certainlynot. but not God at all. thereisno beginning. It is to think about God is human terms that is creatin g a limitation.Itisnot centeredona .Totalk aboutGodisa little anthropomorphic.Manfeelsvery veryhappywhen he can think in terms of God being like him.the middleisinit.Infact. man will be includedASaform. Remember.It abides.CHAPTER 7.Tantradoesnottalk aboutGod.wecallittruth. Just thinkof God as a horse it looks absurd.If horseswerewritingtheirBible.Itisnot centeredon man.itnever goes. puts man inhisrightplace. In the Bible it is sa id God created man inHisownimage certainlythisiswrittenby man. Lookedintodeeply.the beginningisinit..becau se God how can God create man in His own image? And man has been so cruel to horses .it isto create God in man s image. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY TIS ALL PERVASIVEANDATONCE PERCEPTIBLE.itisinthe end. IT SIMPLYIS. never goes out of existence. IT JUST IS.Itisallover. But we goonthinkingofGodasman andit doesn tlook sacrilegious?Itisthehumanego.Formsarediff erent. remainsforever. Maybe the Devil.theendisinit calledtruth. and He must be like stars. and He must be like rocks. GodMUSTbelikehumanbeings.andHemustbelikedogs middle. He must be like all . It never comes into existence.Infact.Itisinthebeginning. Forms arelikewavesandthe essenceislikethe ocean. TRUTH IS. SO BY UNPATTERNEDBEING-IN-SELF RECOGNIZE THEROUND OF MYSTIC CIRCLES.. that which abides.itisinthe middle .It r emains. is the same.they wo uldnot writethat.noend. nothing in man seems to be divine ask a horse. That which remains. Tantra brings things to their right pr oportion. the essence. Itnevercomes. Think of God as a dog it looks sacri legious. maybe a representative o f Beelzebub.

a bigger wave.Itdoesnot talkabout God.a manisaform.nomiddle.Truth can have the qualities of all.Itis not vice versa.Infact. TheTantra Vision.It seesrealityasitis inits suchness. they are modesoftruth.nypartial attitude.initsthusness. Tantra is a vision beyond time. Truth does not exist in space.initsTATHATA. there is no limitation in it. The Bible says: In the beginning God created the world. Instead of God.butineternitythereisno spaceisaform. Truthisnot temporal. Tantra says: How can there b e anybeginning? And how can there be anyend? And when there is no beginningand no end.Tantra talks about truth. so is time. does not exist in time.andspaceexistsintruthasawave . Truth is non-personal.Justasa horseisaform.timeexistsintruthasawave. In t ime there is a beginning andthereisamiddleandthereisanend.It simply is.Vol1 115 Osho . impersonal. how can t here be a middle? It is all eternity: it is not time. noen d. Time and space exist in truth.

no mediator is needed. It is a trick to paint death in beautiful colors. nothing elseis self-evident. The priests GO on talk ing about truth and God and heaven and a thousand and one things. they know something else. Itis either Switzerlandorheaven. No priest is ever deceived.CHAPTER 7.Truthistranscendence. Oh. merewords. Iwas reading about a rabbi: AJew. theydo something else. How canyou befoolyourself? Gurdjieffusedtosaythatifyouwanttogetridof religion. Well. does not create thepriesthood they are not needed. dear. Thepriest thoughtfora whileandthensaid. Yououghttospendafew monthsin Switzerland.Truthis self-evid ent. not knowing anything of what t hey are talking about. Man can standface toface with trut h in direct relationship. Oh. Rabbi.Truthistheverygroundof being. I will be quite frank withyou:I nearby apriestandyouwill getrid of religion. Thosewordsarejustempty.ayoung man. I mapoor man.alrightthen then Switzerland. does not create any temple. Who wants to go to heaven? not even the priest who continuously talks about it. no priest is needed. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY Truthis timelessness.Truthis spacelessness. Theytalk ab out one thing. Maybe the ordinaryhuman being is deceived.the ultimatesubstratumofexisten ce. Well. couldIaskyour advice onratheranimportant . That will notbe possible myfinance won t allow know. Iwas reading aboutaveryfamouspriest who had beenfeeling unwellfor some time: He called in his doctor who gave him a thorough overhaul.Theyhavenotexperienced.butyou know all the time it is suptoyou. came tohisrabbi. Truthexistsbyitself.Words. saidthe doctor. I m afraidIcould not manage it.Everythingelseexistswiththesupportof truth.but how can the priest be deceived? He himself is creating the whole deception. replied thepriest. They say one thing. Tantra does not create any ritual. he said. does not create any worship.

TheTantra Vision. said therabbi.Now. oneisverybeauti fulbut hasno money. Right! saidthefellow. Well. That swhatI lldo.whiletheotherisrathernicebutveryplain.Vol1 116 Osho .althoughshehasplentyofmoney.rabbi. head and marryher.matter? Certainly. I m sure thatinyour heartyoulovethe beautiful one. came the slike this:I aminlovewithtwogirls..IthinkI am.Wh at wouldyoudointhe circumstances?Ifyouwereme. thatis.whatwouldyoudo? Well.rabbi. soIshouldgo a Thankyou.

bytheway.helivesonyour illusions heexploitsyour ill usions.Heaskedthepub-owner. Whenyouhave aninvestmentin somebody s illusion. somehow dragging himself. Bri ng in the priest and he poisons. Butwhydon tyouexplainitto him? He said.YOUAREENOUGHtoknowwhatiti . Ithasnot created anypriesthood. illusionsabouthell h enowhasa greatstake. illusionsaboutsoul. When there is no cannot destroy that illusion. Healwaysdoesthat. Oh.therabbisaid. A man entered into a pub. Tantrasaysitisbetween youand truth itself. illusionsaboutheaven. religion is pure. the rabbi. he thinks he is driving agreat car. It isfor others it is meantfor others. Whyshould we explain? he gives 1perweektokeepthecarwashed. and there should be no one standing betweenyou and truth. the parson they know well that whatsoever they are talkin g about is just nonsense. Wheneverhehastakentoomuchhedoesthat. Thenewcomerwassurprised.I wonderifyoucouldgivemethe address of the other girl? The priest. Whydon tyoutellthispoorguywhathe is doing? Andthepub-ownersaid. andmaking the noises of the engine and the honking of the horn. because the prie st has his own investment in it. Tantraisa disillusionment. and while he was drinking he saw a drunkard coming out of the pub. suddenly. Once the priest comes in. Nobodyis neededto interpretit. Sothenewcomersaid.Now he will do it almost the whole night. Tantra creates no priesthood. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY Ashepreparedtodepart. he has his investment i n allyourillusions: illusionsaboutGod. And then.CHAPTER 7. Letyour heart be open to truth. the drunkard who had com e out of the pub started making gestures as if he was driving a car. He will go around and around in the town.Nowhedependsonyour illusions.andtruthis enough. Bring in the priest and it is BOUND to be poisoned. Y ouwould like the illusion to continue. wavering.

Saraha says to the king: IT IS IN THE BEGINNING. YET END AND BEGINNING ARE NOWHERE ELSE.. it abides.thelessisthepossibilitytoknowthat whichis. Truth is in the beginning.Truth is not passing. no beginning. IN THE MIDDLE.the moreyouarefullofthe interpretations.. THIS verymoment is the beginning. This is the first sutra.andhereistruth-space.Nowistruth-time. no end itis all one.s. is the end. Infac t. is the middle .Vol1 117 Osho . truth is converging here. Infact. Endand beginningarenowhereelse...THISverymome nt. there is no middle. now. AND THE END. You TheTantra Vision. truth is in the middle and truth is in the end.

And the firewas notburningeven thegreenbush. otherwiseoneliveslukewarm.muchofyourbeingisinvolvedinthe future. And when you are imaginingthe future.You arespreadverythin. and the firewas notbu rning Him.You need not go into the future to see when existence will end. unclean.andtheend becauseeach momentexistenceisnew. area fire alive.each moment it is dying and is reborn. Thewholeoflifeisfire. That swhyman becomesdirty. That is not a way to live that is a slow suicide. It carries no past and it imagines no future. Each moment everything goes into the state of non-manifestation and comes backinto the state of manifestation.youneed intensity. It maybe that each moment everything disappears and comes backagain. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY neednotgointothepasttoknowwhentheexistencebegan.Tantr asays there is only one commandment: Don t live lukewarm.Thisverymomentitis beginning. pops back again. But the interval is so small that we cannot see it. thebushwas aliveand fresh andyoung. The ascetics have condemned ta ntrikas very tyet. It is ending this ve ry moment! EACH momentisa beginning.theyaretrue.butinawaythe yare .muchofyour beingisinvolvedin the past a past whichis no t.that swhyyourlifehasno intensity. Tantra says that s whyit remains fresh. the luggage of memory. Tantra says to know truth one needs only one thing: intensity total intensity. because it is only man who carries the load. loaded.Inaway. H ow to create this total intensity? Drop the past and drop the future.andthe middle. ma y be ultimately true. disappears. existence remains fresh.CHAPTER 7. andin thatfocussingyou area fire. It is SIMPLYhere ! totally here! When you are carrying the past. pops backagain. be intensely there. Except for man everything is fresh. and Godwas standingin the fire.theysaytheyarejust eat-drink-be-merrypeople.You are the same fire that Moses saw on the mountain. When you are eating.Toknowit.thenyour whole life energyisf ocussed on the small herenow.burdened otherwisethe wholeexis tence is new and fresh. Now there are rumors in modern physics that this Tantra attitude may be true.

The small thing becomes big and great ifyou enter into it utterly.Let therebeloveandaffectionandgratitudetowardsfood. Whenyou aredrinkingwater.It makesyou tick on. then you don t knowhowa tantrika lives. become thirst! Let th erebe an intensitytoit. everything is small. Ifyou taste onlyfood andyou don t tasteexistenceinit.soeachdropofcoolwatergivesyou tremendousjoy. It is not justfood.andyouwillhavenotonlythe tasteofthefoodbutthe tasteofexis tence becausethefoodispartofexistence!Itbringslife. A tantrika says: This is theWAY to know truth but whileyou are eating. totally. TheTantra Vision.itis through the small thingso f life thatyou have the taste.itbrings PRANA. then le tyour whole energy bepouredonyourfood. Tantra is NOT ordinary indulgence: it is extraordinary will ta ste God.wrong because thereisagreatdifference betweenthe ordinaryeat-drink-be-merryperso nanda tantrika.Food maybe the containe r life is contained in it. wholly. It is not ord inary indulgence becauseit indulgesin God Himself. It helpsyou to remain alive.Cheweachbi te with tremendous energy.Tantra says. But.Itbrings vitality.Inthatvery experienceo f those dropsofwater entering intoyour throat and givingyougreat contentment. There are no big things in life.Vol1 118 Osho .you will taste reality. then let t here be only eating and nothing else. then let the past disappear and the future are livinga lukewa rm life.

AND YET END AND BEGINNING ARE NOWHERE ELSE. it can be known throughlove.Letthatlovebewild. . Saraha s emphasis is on the negativ e.It canbeknown from EVERYspace.Letthe wholeexistenceconvergeonyourlove-making. remain empty. thisexistential experienceof that which is. They are herenow.CHAPTER 7. all positive words have boundaries. absorbed. fromevery corner.YoucanseeHim creatingTHIS moment. each moment being born anew.. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY Making love to a woman or a man. . it can be known through eating. the positive word gives it a certain boundary. Don t think about it! D on t imagine about it! because all that imagination and thinkingkeepsyou thin. Each moment it is born. be the love.Anddon tthinkyouwillmisswhentheworld disappearswithabang itisdisappearing right now. And don t thinkthatyou areunfortunate becauseyouwerenotinthe beginning whenGodcrea ted theworld Heis creatingRIGHTNOW!Youarefortunatetobehere. SoTantra says let that beyour life also each moment dying to the past. Let all thinking disappear. the experience of suchness. It is all truth. Buddha liked the negativevery much fora certain reason. each moment it dies. because that was the emphasis of Buddha. NOWTHEREARETWOWAYSto describethisexperienceoftruth.. Negative words don t have any boundaries.youwill know what God is. Each moment it is created. spread thin.. Whenyou describeexistence witha positive word.inn ocent innocent in the sense that there is no mind to corrupt it. the negative is unbounded. There are two ways to describe it bec ause we have two types of words: the positive and the negative. ALL THOSE WITH MINDSDELUDED BY INTERPRETATIVE THOUGHTS ARE IN TWOMINDS AND SO DISCUSS NOTHINGNESS AND COMPASSIONASTWOTHINGS. each moment it disappears. fromeveryangle becau se all angles are His. Tantra says it can be known through drinking.. Lettheactbetotal!Youbeintheact lost. andthen. Don t carrythe load. Forget everything! In that moment let there be nothingelse. For example.throughlove.gone.

Taste it.. The mome nt you call it Absolute .. God? immediately thereisa boundary. but remember: Buddha does not mean by nothing just nothing.yougiveita definition. the notion arises that the thing is finished.thenitseemstheperfectionhasarrived.all boundaries dis appear.if you call existence all.nowthereisno moretoit. turn it this way and that: you cannot find any boundary in it nothingness.Whenyoucall itGod. So Buddha has chosen the negative. Buddhist emphasis is on the negative for this reason. He calls itSHOONYAM nothingness. The momentyou say nothingness . cannotbe defined. that it is no more an on -going process.Vol1 119 Osho .Itis unbounded. No thing can TheTantra Vision. then you are giving a certain boundary.itissova stthatall positivewordsfall short. andexistenceissovast. existence becomesa little smaller.The momentyousay Go d . You callit Brahma . zero. When Buddha says nothingness he means no-thingness . God. Just l isten to the word: nothingness.

CHAPTER 7. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY define existence because all things are in it and it is bigger than all things. It is more than all the parts put together. Now, this has to be understood one of theTantra attitudes. Youlookata roseflower.Youcangotothe chemist;hecananalyzetheflower,andhewilltelly ou of what constituents it is made what matter, what chemicals, what colors he can dissect it. But ifyouask, Whereisthebeautyofit? hewillshrughis shoulders. Hewillsay, I couldnotfind anybeautyin it. Thisis all thatIcould find this manycolors, thismuch matter, the sechemicals. That sall.ANDIhavenotmissed anythingandnothinghasbeenleft outside.Youcanweigh:itis exactly the sameweight as the flower. So nothing has left it. ndeluded; that beautymusthavebeenyour projection. Thenyoumusthave bee

Tantrasays beautyexists but beautyis morethanallthepartsput together. The wholeis more thanthe sumoftheparts. ThatisoneoftheTantra attitudes,ofverygreat significance. Beautyis more than that of which it is constituted. Or, a small baby, bubbling with joy, giggling, happy, life is there dissect the small baby; put the baby onthe surgeon stable. Whatwillyoufind after dissection? Therewillbenobubbling joy, there will be no laughter, no giggling. There will be no innocence found. There will b e NO life found. The moment you cut the baby, the baby is gone, the life disappears. But the surg eon will insist that nothing has left. You can weigh; the parts weigh the same as the whole baby used to weigh nothinghasleft;itisexactlythe samebaby.Butcanyouconvincethe motherthatitisthe sam e baby?AreYOU convinceditisthe samebaby? Andifthe childbelongedtothe surgeon himse lf, would he be convinced it is the same baby? these dead limbsLying on the table? Something has disappeared. Maybe that something cannot be weighed, maybe that so mething is not measurable; maybe that something is not physical, maybe that something is no t material but something has left. The babywill not dance any more, and the babywill not laugh any more, and thebabywillnoteatand willnotdrinkandwillnotgotosleepand willnotcryandwillnotbelo ving and will not be angry something has left.

Tantrasaysthetotalisnotthewhole.Thesumtotalofthepartsisnotthewhole thewholeis more than the sum total of the parts. And in that moreness is the experience of life. Nothingness means no-thingness. All things put together will not make existence existence is more. It is always more than its parts; that s the beauty of it, that s the life of it. That s whyit is so tremendously delightful. That s whythere is celebration. So these two positive and negative words have to be remembered. Tantra will be u sing negative words, BuddhistTantra especially. HinduTantra uses positivewords; that s oneof the differences between Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra. Buddha always uses no to describe the U ltimate, because he says onceyou start giving attributes, those attributes are limitingfa ctors. So Buddha says: Go on eliminating NETI, NETI; go on saying this is not, this is not, this is not. And then that which isleft after ALL denials is. So remember that nothingness does not mean emptiness it means fullness, but inde scribable fullness. That indescribableness has been described through the word nothing . TheTantra Vision,Vol1 120 Osho

CHAPTER 7. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY ALL THOSE WITH MINDSDELUDED BY INTERPRETATIVE THOUGHTS ARE IN TWOMINDS... Saraha says: Those who are too much analytical, interpretative, continuously thi nking in categories of mind,they are always divided, they are split. Thereis alwaysa problemfor them . The problem is not in existence; that problem comes from their own divided mind. Their own m ind is not a single unity. Now,you canaskthe scientist also;hesays mindis dividedintwoparts: the leftandthe right,and both function differently not only differently: both function diametrically oppo site to each other. The left side mind is analytical, and the right side mind is intuitive. The left sid e mind is mathematical, logical,syllogistic. Theright side mindis poetic,artistic, aesthetic,mystic. And theylivein different categories, and there is only a verysmall bridge between the two, just a small l ink. Sometimes it has happened that in some accident that link was broken, and the ma n became two. Inthe SecondWorldWar therewere many cases when the linkwas broken and the man be came two; then he was not one man. Then sometimes he would say one thing in the morni ng and by theeveninghewould completelyforget aboutit andhewould start saying something els e. In the morning one hemisphere was working, in the evening another hemisphere is working . And these change. Modern sciencehastolookdeeplyintoit.Yogahaslookedverydeeplyintoit Yogasays:When your breathingchanges... for near aboutfortyminutesyou breath through one nostri l, and thenfor forty minutesyou breath through another nostril. Up to now modern science has no t thought about it,whythe breathing changes and what the implicationsofit are. ButYoga has thoug ht deeply about it. Whenyour leftnostrilisworking,yourright mind will function; whenyourright nostri lisworking, your left mind will function. This is a sort of arrangement inside so one mind f unctions only for forty minutes and thenit can rest. Somehow, man hasfeltiteven without knowingexa

ctly whatit is, that after eachfortyminutesyouhaveto changeyourwork that swhyinthe schools,col leges, universities,theychangetheperiodafterfortyminutes.Onepartofthemind becomestired. Forty minutesseemstobethe ultimatelimit,thenitneedsrest.Soifyouhavebeenstudyingmathema tics, it is good afterforty minutes to study poetry; thenyou can come backto mathemati cs again. This becameveryclearin the SecondWorldWar, that thebridgeisverysmall,veryfragile , and can bebrokenby anyaccident.And onceitisbroken,theman functionsastwo,thenheisnotonema n; forfortyminutesheisoneman,forfortyminutesheis another man.Ifheborrows moneyfromy ou, afterfortyminuteshewilldenyit;hewillsay, Ihavenevertakenit. AndheisnotLying, remembe r heis notLying. The mind that has takenis no more functioning, sohe has no memory about it. The othermindhasneverborrowed;the othermindwillsimply,flatlydenythat Haveyougonemad?I have never borrowed anything fromyou. And this happensevenin those whose links are not broken. You canwatchyourown lif e andyou willfindarhythm continuously.Justa momentbefore,youweresolovingtowardsyourwife,an d suddenly something clicks andyou are no more loving. Andyou areworried becauseyo u are TheTantra Vision,Vol1 121 Osho

CHAPTER 7. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY linked,youhavea slight memory,a remembranceofjustafewminutesbefore.Youweresolovi ng andflowing,andwhat happened? Suddenlytheflowisnotthere;youarefrozen. Maybeyouwer e holding the hand ofyour wife and the mind has changed and another mind has come in, and the handisinyourhand!but suddenly energyisno moreflowing.Nowyouwanttoleavethehandand escape fromthiswoman.Infact,you startthinking, What areyoudoing here?Whyareyouwas ting your time with thiswoman? What has she got? Andyoufeelverymuch anxiety also, beca use justa momentbeforeyouwere promising, Iwillloveyouforever. Andyou becomeworried becauseyou thinkthisisnotright. Justa momentbeforeIpromised,andI amalready breakingthe promi se. Youareangryandyouwanttokill somebody andjustaFEWminuteslaterthatangerisgone,you areno moreangry.Youeven startfeeling compassionforthe other person.You startfeel inghappy: ItisgoodthatIhavenot killedhim. Watchyour mind andyou will continuously find this shift; this gear goes on chang ing. Tantrasays thereisa stateofunity,whenthebridgeisno morea smalllinkbutboththe min dsare really together. This togetherness is the real meeting of the man and the woman, because one part of the mind, theright mind,isfeminine; the left mindis masculine. And whenyou ar e makinglove toawomanora man,whenthe orgasm happens, bothyour minds comeveryclose; that swhythe orgasm happens. It has nothing to do with the woman; it has nothing to do with a nything outside. It is just insideyou.Watch.... TANTRIKASHAVE BEENWATCHING THE PHENOMENONOFLOVEverydeeply, because they think,andtheyareright,thatthegreatest phenomenononearthislove,andthegreatestexpe rience of humanityis orgasm.Soif thereis sometruth, thattruthmustbe closerinthe momento f orgasm than anywhere else. This is simple logic. One need not be very logical about it: it is such an OBVIOUS thing that this is man s GREATEST joy, so this joy must somehow be opening a door totheinfinite maybeveryslightly,veryslowly,maybejustapartofit,but somethingofthe infinite enters into it. For a moment the man and the woman are lost, they are no more in their egos; their

capsules disappear. What happens exactly? You can ask the physiologists too. Tantra has discovered m anythings. A few:one,whenyouaremakinglovetoawomanandyoufeel orgasmicandhappy,ithasnothingto dowiththewoman thewholethingis happeningwithinyou.Ithasnothingtodowiththewoman s orgasm; they are not related at all. Whenthewomanishavingher orgasm,sheishavingherorgasm ithasnothingtodowithyou. Maybeyoujust functioned asatriggerpoint,butthewoman s orgasmisherprivate orgasm,an d your orgasmisyourprivate orgasm. You both are together,butyour orgasmisyours; an d when you arehavingyour orgasmyourwoman cannot shareyourjoy,no. Itis just absolutelyyo urs. It is private. She can see something is happening onyourface, inyour body but that i s just an observation fromthe outside. She cannotparticipateinit. Whenthewomanishavingher orgasm, you arejusta spectator;you areno moreaparticipantinit. Andevenifyou both arehaving orgasms together, then tooyour orgasmicjoy will notb e more or less;itwillnotbeaffectedbythe orgasmofthewoman,and neitherwillthewoman s orgasmbe affectedbyyou.You are completelyprivate, totallyinyourself one thing. That means allorgasm, TheTantra Vision,Vol1 122 Osho

CHAPTER 7. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY deepdown,is masturbatory. Thewomanisjustahelp,anexcuse;the manisahelp,anexcuse but not a must. Thesecondthingthattantrikashavebeenwatchingis:whentheorgasmis happening,ithasnot hing to withyour sex centers nothing. Because if the sex centers are cut from the bra in,you will have orgasm,butyouwillnothaveanyjoy. So,deepdown,itisnot happeningatthesex center:iti s happening in the brain. Something from the sex center is triggered in the brain, it is happening in the brain. And modern research agrees with it perfectly. You must have heard the name of the famous psychologist, Delgado. He has devised small instruments: he puts electrodes in the head and those electrodes can be controll ed by remote control.You canhavea smallboxof remote control push-buttons. You cankeep theboxi nyour pocketandanytimeyouwanttohaveasexual orgasm,youjustpushabutton.It willhave nothi ng to do withyour sexcenter; thatbutton will just push something inyour head inside the head it will push those centers which are pushedby sexual energy when it is released. It will push them directly andyou willhaveagreat orgasm. Or,you can push anotherbutton andyou will become immediately angry. Oryou can push anotherbutton andyou willfall intoa deep depre ssion. You can have all thebuttons in the box andyou can changeyour mood asyou like. When Delgado experimented with his animalsfor the first time, particularly with mice, hewas surprised. He fixed the electrode in his most favorite mouse, who was very well trained; he had beenexperimentingwithhimformanydays,andaveryintelligent mouse.... Hefixedhiselec trode inhis headandgaveaboxtothe mouseandtrainedhimtopushthebutton. Onceheknew that whenthebuttonis pushedhehasasexual orgasm,the mousewentmad.In oneday,sixthousand times.... He died! because he would not go anywhere. He would not eat, he would not sleep, he would... he forgot everything. He was just going crazy pushing the button again and again and again. This modern research into the human brain saysexactly whatTantra has been saying . First, the orgasmhas nothingtodo withthe person outside yourwoman,your man. Secondithasnothi

about that modern research is not yet ca pable of saying anything butTantra does.Thewomantriggersyoursex energy. Otherwise.inthe beauty. One step more: Modern research agrees up to this point.yoursexenergytriggersyourb rain energy. Thewoman s orgasm happensin theright sidebrain.butwhydon tyouliketheuglywoman? It does not appeal to the head. both are as capable. asfar as orgasm is concerne d. a Cleopatra.inthehead.Vol1 123 Osho . The ugliestwoman orthe most beautiful woman.A beautifulwoman or an uglywomanhas nothing todo withyour orgasm. because th atis thefeminine todowithyoursex energy.Tan tra goes TheTantra Vision. that s all. An uglyw oman cangiveyouas beautifulan orgasmasa beautifulwoman.yourbrain. because pornography can directly stimul ate your brain. that orgasm happens in the brain. The w oman s orgasm happens in the right side of the brain. Tantrasays oncewe understandthis whole immaterial b utyour more interestedintheform.agreat understandingcan arise. Andthe male orgasm happensinthe left thatisthe malebrain. That s why pornography has so much appeal.abrain centeristriggered butorgasmhappensexactlythereinthebrain.

the more aesthetic your approach is.theydon t have the analyt ical mind.butnotsomuch. Can tyou see? women are happier creatures than men. the more theywill come close and the more possibility of joy. thenthejoywillnothappensomuch. The moreyou start thinking logically. there will be. Theylive long.killingpeople. Animals are happier than human beings. That s why an interpretative mind is never a happy mind. celebration. The analytical mind makes the gap bigger. Thefeminine mindis morejoyous becauseitis more poetic. the closer they come. theydon t go mad so much the prop ortion is double. And allthewars. theydon t commit suicide so much. The lessyou think logically. more intu itive. Then or . TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY further into thiswork. then man has beendoingnothingelse. Butifyou arenot attachedtoanypartandyouarejusta witness. Man goes twice as much: in suicide also man commits twice as much.Toknowthis witnessisto becomeone. That s why they look more beauti ful. then they are lost into oneness. And these sidesof thebrain can come togethervery easily the less analyticyou are . delight. the closer they are. The last point is that the joyis not happening exactly in the brain either it happens in the witne ss who is standing behind both these sides af the brain. theylive more peacefully. an d in madness also.ifyou include them alsoin suicidal andmurderous activities. the cultured. andTantra says when boththese sidesof thebrain come toget hergreatjoy arises. And the last point. absolutelyone. Primitive people are more joyous than the so-called civilized.ifthewitnessis attachedtoomuchtothefemalemind. total orgasm happens.thenthewoman and the man inyou disappear completely.younger.Downthe centurieshehasbeenpreparingforwar. Now. thenjoywillbea littlemore. the bigger is the gap between the two mind s. whichI think will take many centuriesfor science to come to. the educ ated. Thi sjoy we have called anand bliss. The more poetic. more innocent. more contentedly .ultimate.Or.thenyourjoyis utter.CHAPTER 7. birds are happier. They are not worried so much. more aesthetic. if the witness is too much attached t o the male mind. A non-interpret ative mind is happier.

Sarahasaysthattheexistenceis nothingness. Orgasm thenis nota momentarything your simple nature. that will make a demarcation.If wecallit something.butdon tbeworried by nothingness wedon tmean thatitisemptyofeverything.Infact. When a person lives orgasmically twenty-four hours a day. means: I have to be non-egoistic. This is what ecstasy is. Noth ingness.Vol1 124 Osho thenitis . in existence. But Buddhists have been asked again and again: If it is nothing. then from where does the comp assion come? then whydoes Buddhatalk about compassion? Saraha says: Nothingness and compassion are two aspects of the same energy. Andin that state.we meanitisfull itissofullthatwecallitnothing. and it is unbounded so we call it nothi ng. what is th e need? Inyour witnessingyou become orgasmic. If exist ence is nothing TheTantra Vision. Ego means: I am disappears automatically be cause there is no need. ALL THOSE WITH MINDSDELUDED BY INTERPRETATIVE THOUGHTS ARE IN TWOMINDS AND SO DISCUSS NOTHINGNESS AND COMPASSIONASTWOTHINGS.gasmicness is your moment-to-momentexistence.

Outofnothin gness is non-violence. How didyou guess? he could not believe it. anger. cunning mind. affection. soIthoughtitmustbeagla ss eye. compassion willbeflowingoutofyouofitsown accord.Ihave to become a no-ego. compassionisea sy. He said.CHAPTER 7. otherwise. then it flows. That s correct.Ifyou are. Saraha says: Nothingness and compassion are not two things. Byrights.Afterhehadtakenparticulars. The ego.butIwillgiveyoua sportingchance. In th e very existence of theego. and in that no-ego is compassion. cannot be.sir. thereis are violent.thebankmanager said.ifIhaveto becomepartofthisexist ence. itappearedtobe more compassionate. With ego there is violence: with no-ego there is love.Ifyo uwanttobe non-violent.youwillhaveto becomea nothingness. It is not a question ofpractising it.I have to drop the ego. the calculating. said the bank manager .Ihave heard: Amanwenttohisbank managertoaskforaloan. With ego there is aggression. Itistheblockof the I thatisblockingtheflowofyour energies.Ishould refuseyour request. With ego is passion: with no-ego is compassion. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY andIhavetogo intoparticipationwith thisexistence.youwillhavetodropyourI. one ofmy eyes is made of glass: ifyou can tell me which one it isIwillgrantyou the loan. Itisyourrighteye . cruelty: with no-ego there is kindnes s. You be nothing and t here will be .itis nothingness anatta thenIhavealsotobea nothing. When existenceis withoutanyself. sharing. how he had guessed it Well. is never compassionate. it is a question of becom ing nobody. is giving me a definition.You cannotbe non-violent. The customerlookedatthe other intentlyforafew momentsandthensaid. a limitation.Now. repliedthe customer. Ifyou can live in nothingnes s.only then will thesetwo nothingsbecapableof meetingwitheach otherand dissolvingintoeach ot her. Saraha says compassion has not tobe cultivated. So. The ego is making me somebody.

It is as empty as existence itself. the moralist will not fi nd any thyself .Vol1 125 Osho . It is emptiness.andthesearenotgoingtohelpultimately. The righteous person starts feeling. everything is flowing.youattainto compassionandyouwillfindyouhavebecome nothing. Otherreligionsgooncu ltivating in subtle ways the same ego. Buddh asays cultivationisnotthequestion understanding. Themanwhopractisesreligion thinkshimself more relig ious thanothers. Thischaracterizationofexistence as nothingnessisagreatsteptowards annihilationof theego. and you will not come across anyself.You will find silence. there is pure silence. And ou t of that emptiness.Or. You will not hit against any wall .buttheseareallegoqualities.anobody. Socrates says: Know thyself! And Buddha says: Ifyou come to know.compassion. out of that nothingness. TheTantra Vision.awarenessis neededthatthereisNOBODYiny ou! Haveyouever looked inside? Haveyouever gone inside and looked around? Is there a nybody? You will not find anybody. everything is flowing. Andthisisoneofthegreatest contributionsof Buddhatotheworld. Iammoremoralthan others. there is nobody inside.You will not come across anybody . I am righteous .

thatth ey are destroying themselves.a new guest comes intoexist ence through sex energy! Sex energy is the most creative energy.greater. Life comes through sex energy.itis likea diamond which hasfallen into the mud. THATSAMSARA AND NIRVANA ARE NOTTWO HOWWILL THE DELUDEDEVER UNDERSTAND? HAVE YOU WATCHED IT? Around a small beautiful lake there are many flowers.Inthe energyofsexthereisakey whichcanopenthedoorofexistence.onehastobecomeabee.thatoutofsex energylifeisborn that means that sex must be at the very core of life.buttheydon tknowthatflowershavehoneyin them. A new child is born through sex energy.But justwash t hediamond .of libido. Samadhi.Ifyou enterintoitwith morea wareness andyou search into it deeply.andheisnotatallaware. if we look deep i nto it we mayfind even more. more creative possibilities of it. Sarahasays asceticsarelikefrogsandthetantrikaislikeabee.Inthephenomenonofsexther eis hiddenthesublime. Tantrasayssexisthelowestrungofthesexenergy.You clean the diamond.He thinksbeesare indulgent.Helivesbythesideoftheflowers.Tantrasaysitissuchanobviousfact. swans.thatbeesarefools.CHAPTER 7. BEES KNOWTHATIN FLOWERS HONEY CAN BE FOUND.Toknowthatflowershavehoney. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY BEES KNOWTHATIN FLOWERS HONEY CAN BE FOUND.Sarahasaysthe tantrikaislik e abeeandthe asceticislikeafrog. fish and frogs do not know even when they are living just by t he side of the plants. Waterfowl. Frogs may be sittingjustbythe will find the highest possibility. Certainly. Sexis like Samadhifallen into themud. hid den in it. Themudis only on the surface. Notonlyishenotaware:he denies. a new being enters intoexistence.themud cannot destroyit.

TheJewishGodsays. It ca nnot come from the Jewish tradition. Who knows? Maybe it was Saraha and Saraha s idea which travelled. Iamvery jealous.hemayhavegot this idea somewhere fromTantra.WhenJesussaysGodislove.Vol1 126 Osho .Iwilltake revenge. There iseve rypossibility TheTantra Vision. Andifyougo againstme. Saraha was here three hundred years before Jesus.and again it is shining with all its luster and all its glory. Insexishiddenthe diamond. There are absolute reasons to think so. Love does not fit with the Jew ish idea. because the Jewish God is not love at all.InloveishiddenGod. From where did Jesus get this idea that God is love? Everypossibility is that it came through theTantric school of India.I amveryangry. that it spread from the tantrikas. The Jewish God is a veryangryGod. The Jewish God is a very dictatorial God.

IfHeagreed withyour mahatmas. THATSAMSARA AND NIRVANA ARE NOTTWO HOWWILL THE DELUDEDEVER UNDERSTAND? Who are these deluded people? The frogs. there is every possibility of messengers spreading from India towards Israel.and there is no other wayto find God. But one thing is certain. the ascetic thinks that the tantrikas talk . Even Jesushas given the hint that God is love.onthesurface. Sothe ascetic. The ascetic is the obsessed person:the tantrikaisaverynatural person hehasno obsessions. the more pervertedyou become. theyhave missed. thenHewouldhave stoppedit long before. Tantra says God is not against the world: Samsara and Nirvana are not two they a re one.Hedoesnotseemtobeagainstit He seemstobeabsolutelyforit. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY of Jesus coming to India. falling away from the vital source of life. backdoors to enter intoit again. The moreyou fight with something.fightswithlife. the so-called mahatmas. the more he becomes obsessed with it. BEES KNOWTHATIN FLOWERS HONEY CAN BE FOUND.Buttheironyisthatthe ascetic thinks that the tantrika is obsessed. But Christians missed.falling awayfrom life. Jesus is not saying God is loving: Jesus is saying God is love God isequaltolove. And then there are perversions bound to be. then whydoes He go on creating it? He can simply stop it anymoment if He is so against it. that it is Tantra which has looked at God as love ener gy. the ascetics.Ifyougodeep intoloveyou will findGo d. And thenyou start fi nding tricks. ButHe g oes on creating.fightswithsex.hestartsfallingawayfromGod. The more he represses.anddeepdownstartsfantasi zingabout it. This is foolish! If God is against the world.Itisaformula:loveisequalto God. The asceticfightssexenergyandthroughthat fighting. Theyhave interpreted it as God-loving theymissed it.CHAPTER 7. w ho go on denying the world because they say God is against the world.

Infact. I believein celibacy. whatdo you do? supposingduring the nightyoufeel thatyouwould likea littlelove TheTantra Vision. Iprefertosleepalone. said thefriend. His mind goes on reeling around and around it.about sex Why do theytalk aboutsex? butthereal obsessionisinthe ascetic.Vol1 127 Osho .yourfailureis certain. . Ihave heard: AJewwastalkingtoafriendandsaid. ever sincewewere married. Mind will findso meway or other.eve nif he talks about it he only talks to condemn it but he continuously thinks about i t. Itis difficulttogo againstGod evenifyougo.mywifeandIhavehad separate rooms.or. But.Hedoesnottalkaboutit.

. Butonethingiscertain:you cannotescapetherealityoflife. he replied.Itislikealake.your cunningmindwillfindways andwill become more cunning. THE MINDIS LIKEA MIRROR itonly reflects. SO THE MIND THATHAS TRUTH DENIED RELIES ON THATWHICH IS NOTTRUE. what doesit matter? Mind will find somew ay the mind will startwhistling.andyoucanseethefull mooninthelake reflect ed.Truthhastobewithlife. THATSAMSARA AND NIRVANA ARE NOTTWO. says Saraha.andwhenI answersays. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY Oh. Ikey.but the reflection is not the real leastformy sannyasins: Becomeabee.nevertheoriginal. don t becomeafrog.Theseflowersoflife a re carrying the honeyof God. He de nies life: how can he realize truth? Truthhastobealive. Thefriendwas astonished. WHEN THE DELUDED INAMIRROR LOOK THEY SEEAFACE. Ikey. Be totally in it! There is the door.CHAPTER 7.didyou whistle? Whetheryou stayin the same room or not.neve r thereal. NOTAREFLECTION.of course.butwentontoask. shecomestomydoorandtaps. replied the canonlygiveyoua shadowexperience. I just whistle. And thewoman cannot whistle. sheisexpected nottob e so vulgar as to whistle. But she can come and knock on the door and can ask. Ifyout ry to escape. That swhytomysannyasinsI neversayle ave life Isaybe in life. Ican t see anyascetic ever realizing truth .Andyouwillbe more in the trap of the mind. HOWWILL THE DELUDEDEVER UNDERSTAND? But the frogs? how will they ever understand? Become a bee! Let this be a deep r emembrance inyou. collect. didYOU whis tle? Mindisverycunning. But supposingitisthe otherway roundandyou r wifefeelsthatshewouldlikealittleloving whathappens then? Oh. And ifyou start thinking that the reflectio n is the realmoon. somewherein the marketp lace.

only reflections. TheTantra Vision. In the mirror there can be no realface.Vol1 128 Osho . Whatis the differencein seeingaface and nota reflection? Whenyou start seeing th efacein the mirror. Thatis notyourface thatis ju st the reflection are thinking. Says Saraha: WHEN THE DELUDED INAMIRROR LOOK THEY SEEAFACE. aredeluded. Thatismyface.will never find the real moon.

Ifyou don t doubt. Doubtnot! reflects. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY Mind isa mirror! It reflects reality.intheimage.Sarahasaysifyouwanttokno w the truth.Lifeistobetrusted. Mind is thegreatfaculty of delusion. of dreaming.Gohandinhandwithtrust and youwillfindtruth:gowith doubtandyou.Youmay evenmissyourself. SO BY UNPATTERNEDBEING-IN-ITSELF RECOGNIZE THEROUND OF MYSTIC CIRCLES.CHAPTER 7. Mind believesin logic: don t believeinlogic.truthisherenow.t hinking aside. is what meditation is all about. Forexample.whereareyougoingtoseektheful l moon? Areyougoingtotakeajumpintothelake? Areyougoingtodivedeep intothelaketo fin d the moon?Thenyouwillneverfindit. reasons don taskforproofsand reasons. .but ifyou start believing in that reflectio n.Andtoputthemindasideiswhat meditationisallabout. then go against the reflection.thengoagainstthe reflect ion. The searchfortruthisthe searchinthe opposite directionofthemind becausemindisami rror. TIS ALL PERVASIVEANDATONCE PERCEPTIBLE. just in the diametrically opposite directi on thenyou will find the moon. willgo astray. Don tgointhemind.youseethefullmoon reflectedinthelake.Putthemindaside!Ifyoureallywanttoknowthereal.Mi nd isagreat doubter.Ifyoureallywanttoseether eal moon. illusion. Mind analyzes:you synthesize.go diametrically oppositetothemind. mentation aside. mindisverycunning:yoube innocent. Whenyoucanlookintoreality withoutthoughts reflectingit.youarebelieving in untruth.Gointhe opposite direction! Mind asksfor proofs .nottobe doubted.Now.yougointothe mind.thenyouare truthand all is truth.Ifyou doubt. THOUGHTHEFRAGRANCEOFAFLOWER CANNOTBETOUCHED.Andthatverybeliefwill becomeabarrier. put the mind aside otherwise it will go on reflecting andyou will go on looking at the reflection.Mindisve rycalculative.yougo againstthe mind.toputthethoughtsaside.Thatisthemeaningoftrust:gointotheopposite direction.

Truth canbeexperienced.You canno t touchit.Truthisnot thinkable..butyou can smellit. Justas thefragranceofaflower cannotbe seenbytheeyes. You cannot touch the fragrance of a flower. cannotbeheardbythe ears. thenyou will say itis nottrue.Ifyou think. And ifyou make tangibility the criterion o f truth..butnot concluded. ifyouma keita TheTantra is not tangible..Agreat sutra: THOUGHTHEFRAGRANCEOFAFLOWER CANNOTBETOUCHED.. Truth canbe realized.but cannotbeknown.It surroundsyou.You cannot seeit. IT IS ALL PERVASIVEANDATONCE PERCEPTIBLE. it is not will miss.Vol1 129 Osho . Butyou can smellit.

faith simply indicates one thing: that thefaculty to know truth i s not doubt.. Be open.CHAPTER 7. this and that. you are simply vulnerable. you are in a state of suchness. anybody.All patterningisasortofprotec tion.. Let friend or foe enter.falls out of use..thatyousay. you are empty. Trustisafaculty!Youhavebeenwithdoubtsolong. under the open sky. Ifyou insist on doubt..All patterning is a wayto avoid.Ifyoutrust.tru this there. With trust. Don tpatternyourself!All patterningisasortofarmoring. Andthenyouwillseethatoutofthis suchnesstwo circlesarearising: oneisofNirvana. you are a nothingness. SO BY remain with doubt. Ifyou are not patterned. unpatterne d. is not skepticism.. then you are creating barriers andyou will never come to know it. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY criterion that UnlessIhear the smellIwill not believe. doubt. Iwi ll firstneedrationalproofs Idoubt. becomesbya ndby crippled. but all do ors are open. ifyou are simply open. andyou will recognize what truth is: RECOGNIZE THEROUND OF MYSTIC CIRCLES. IT IS ALL PERVASIVEANDATONCE PERCEPTIBLE. not trusted. you are being-in-itself. Soyou remainwithdoubt. all doors open. In that are n ot protecting yourself by logic.ifyou don t believeit. And.byandby.andtruthcanbeknownonlythrough trust. Andwhatistrust?Ihavenever come acrosssucha beautiful definitionoftrust: SO BY UNPATTERNEDBEING-IN-ITSELF. immediately it is there SO BY UNPATTERNEDBEING-IN-ITSELF. don t have any armour.. unlessI see the smellIwill not believe..ifyou don t believeatall. don t be patterned.. SHRADDHA trust.Itis thereifyou smell.ano theris at once! Not a single moment .youwilllosethefacultyofsm elling it because anyfaculty that is not used.justasfragrance canbeknownonlybysmell. unprotected.

no distinction . the ultimate reality. It will bring somethingofitsownfalsitieswithit. truth is neither unholy nor holy all distinctions have disappeared.of Samsara. Two waves are arising in this ocean of suchness: one is of matter.Vol1 130 Osho . Ifyou bringyour mind to. and on being asked his name replied. Truthis neither mind nor matter. a nother is of mind but both arewaves. TheTantra Vision. Andyou arebeyond both. b-all. Iwas reading one anecdote meditate over it: Charlie Gra Aman arrived at thePearly Gates. it will not allowyou to see the u ltimate reality. truth is neither Samsara nor Nirvana. Now thereis no division.

We tried trust on the outside objective thingsandwefailed. When he returned. the visitor said. Whenyou are goinginwards. But to carry this mind to the innermost core ofyour reality IS dangerous. Oh.Ifyouwanttoknowthe outsideworl d. Doubt is the verymethodology of carry doubt that s notright.youwillbeatthecenter. The East has beenafai lure asfar as science is concerned. doubt less and less and less and let there be a moment when the re is no doubt left.valid methodtoknow. sappeared so had thePearly Gates. Let me say it in this way: doubt is helpful in the world of science in fact. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY I don t thinkwehave anynoticeofyour coming.wethoughttrustwastheonly methodofinquiry thatwasfallac ious. lessand less doubt ifyou want to come in. said the angel. Whenyou are goingoutwa rds.. so we thought through trust we can create science also we were never able to cre ate science. That also has happened in the past in the East.Because we entered insidewithtrust.. the sa mefallacy theythink doubtistheonlyright. TheWest has succeededthrough doubt in will not be helpful.ifyoutrydoubtinthe inner world. In the Eastwe could not create anygreat science nothing to sayabout it. doubtis helpful. now.Trust. So whenyougoin.Now. It will disturb there. We came to know the inner realit y through trust. Maybe mindis useful asfar as the man-madeworldis concerned. Maybe mindis useful asfar as thinking about matter is concerned. .CHAPTER 7. wit hout doubt there would be no science. nothingmuch .Inthat stateof no-doubt.Itis carryyour habitstotheveryend. it seems that doubt has become the only methodology to inquire. Whatwasyour occupationin earthly life? Scrap metal willfail as certainly as the East hasfailedin scientificgrowth. Because science ha s become so prevalent. hewas informed. I will go and inquire. Charlie Grab-all had di CharlieGrab-all: scrapmetal merchant. doubtisa barrier. has been so successfulin the past.

The humanitythatisgoingtobebornin futurewillbecapableof doubtingandtrustingbotht ogether.Doubtisgoodabout objects. trust is good ifyou are moving towar ds the center awayfrom the periphery.Youcanalsopartakeofthisgreat insight.Vol1 131 Osho i .andwhentrustisneededheputsthedoubtasideandtrusts.Andaman who is capable of both will be beyond both. TheTantra Vision.Trust and doubt are like two wings. MEDITATEON THESE SUTRAS.Sarahaissayinggreatthingsin simplewords. That s transcendence. that *beyondbothness sgreat freedom.he doubts.Youcangoverydeepin to human reality with Saraha.Hewasshowering hisgreatinsightontheking. Exactly that is what Nirvana is:great freedom. Doubtisgoodifyouaremovi ngfurther away fromyour center towards the periphery. That will be the highest synthesis: the synthesis of East and West. the synthesi s of science and religion. certainly beyond both. When a man is capable of doubting and trusting both when doubt is need ed. when he is goingoutwards. because he wi ll use both and he will know that I am separate from both.trustisgood about subjectivity.

Body isyour reality: bodilessness canbe approached through it. One can proceedo nly from the place where one is.Vol1 132 Osho .CHAPTER 7. Outwardnessisyour reality: in wardness canbe approached throughit. because thatiswhereyou are. TRUTH IS NEITHER HOLY NOR UNHOLY And always remember: that is the only way to go to the ultimate reality the huma n reality is the onlyway togotothe ultimate reality. Sex isyour reality: Samadhi can be approached through it . TheTantra Vision.Youreyesare looking outwards:they canbeturnedinwards.

. the sweetness of just being herenow.. in th e memories.itisarepeti don t really live. When you live through thepastyoulivelikea mechanism.CHAPTER8 Be true to love 28 April 1977 am in Buddha Hall The first question: Question1 I AM A FROG. That swhat h oney is: the joyof only apparently live. the sweetness of just b eing able to be.thejoyoflifeandexistence. and there are millionsof flowersblooming all around.alive.but he has not moved in that dimension. itisa monotonous repetition youmissthe delight.andthenthereishoneyall around.Ifone canlivenotoutofthepastthenoneisabee. I KNOW I M A FROG BECAUSE I LIKE SWIMMING IN MURKY DARK GREEN WATER AND HOPPING ABOUT IN SLIMY MUD.Everybody cangrow into beinga bee.thekey toit. By frog Saraha means a person who lives out of the past. moment-to-momentlife.Andhelivesjustatthe rootoftheplant whereflowersbloomandbee s collect honey. That joyis honey. An unpatterned. Iknow it is difficult to explain this to a frog. The question is right: What is h oneyanyway? The frog hasneverknown aboutit.Whenyoulivethroughthepast. 133 . WILL IT BECOMEABEE? CERTAINLY!TOBEABEEIS EVERYBODY S POSSIBILITY. encaged in the past. The wholeexi stenceis fullof flowers. AND WHAT IS HONEY ANYWAY? IFA FROG CAN BE IN AN UNPATTERNED STATE OF BEING. spontaneouslife. Whenyou live through the past.notlikea man.isthegatetoit.

. Ithas freedom.thefrogwillmiss.thissun.thatthesweetnes soflife has completely been poisoned.Tantraisverymuchagainstfamily andtheinsightisgre at.itisallovertheplace. You are obliged to give me love! Nobodyisobligedtogiveanybodylove. he can say. love disappears then there is only pretension..CHAPTER 8.youareNOTenjoyingher..thesepeoplearoundyou everybodyiscarrying i nfinite sourcesofhoney.ambit ion has entered.butitisnothoney.People are clinging to each other.I am not sayingyou cannot live withawomanfor long you c an livefor lives together buttherewillbenofamily.everybodyisflowing withsweetnessandlove.By family Imeanthelegalpossession. BE TRUE TO LOVE Ifyouknowhowto collecthoney.The husbandcanforcethewifetolovehim.a littlebitlikethehoney.Godisallovertheplace. It has nonuclearfamily no wife.Whenyoucan force somebody to love. Manhas become confinedtothefamily. Tantrasaysitis becauseoffamilythatlovehasbeen completely damaged.People are trying to possess each other nottoenjoybutto possess.itis agai nst universal brotherhood.. Therehashappened agreat shift:youarewithawomannottoenjoyher. Love knows no areNOTenjoyingatall butto possess. Then the husband is fulfilling a duty. These birds singing here honeyis showering! The b ee will collect.Possessionhas becometheenjoyment. Yes. Thefamilyis against man.Thissky.. it is pure poison white sugar. Love is not there.. The become an emperor.. Ifyou don t know. One: the bee is never attached to any flower. no husband. It is poison. Duty is not love! Love is honey: du ty is white sugar. Thefamilyisverypossessive. You will suffer from diabetes sooner or later.ifyouknowhowtobejoyful. It simply mov eswherever ANY flower invites it.youarewithaman nottoenjoythe man. it tastes similar. That is the most profound secret t he bee is not attached to anyflower.itisagainst society.. Youmay notfeelit because you have become accustomed to it. The tasteofGodiswhatSa raha calls honey . The husband can demand from the family I mean the demand. Thebeehasafew thingsand thosehavetobe understood andthey areverydangerous things.Ifyouknowhowtocollectitan d howto tasteit. Then the w ife is fulfilling a duty. economics has entered.Politicshas remainabeggar.

You areNOTfree!Yes.hewouldliketokillyou andjustthe otherdayhewassaying.haveyou notfelt humiliated? Thenyou know that t he country was not your country it was a great prison. the rope is big. Getting out and coming in you will k now at the checking post. Ifyou start crossing the boundary thenyou wil l knowyou are imprisoned.your wife isyour enemy.Vol1 134 Osho . You will know while passing through the customs t hat you are a prisoner.I can dieforyou. Just cross the boundary! andyou willknow thatyou areaprisoner. Ifyou are dancing with some other m an. And so is the case with thefamily.You will thinkyou are free. and you canliveinblissfulignorancethateverythingisokay. at the airport.butyou are not free.. Iloveyou somuch. I fyou are happy with some can move around. Ifyou start loving the neighbor thenyourfamily will be againstyou. Never cross the b oundary. just holy cow dung. if you don t cross the boundaryyou willneverknow aboutit. TheTantra Vision.your husbandismadatyou.Crossing the boundaryofa country. freedom was bogus. But living in a country.

. andhow canI drop outof thejob? Anditis goingvery well financially.nottowardsthewoman. not towards the man. People cometomeandthey say. thenyou will start getting bored. when happinessis gone.itisnotrich. With risk. And such should be the case with everything inyour life. Love hasdisappeared! Itisasifyouareforcedtoeatthe samethingeveryday:howlongwillyoubeabletoenjoyit?You mayhave enjoyed it on the first day. Tryto understand.Yourlifeisboring.the commitment is towards love. Iam bored! What shouldIdo? Andthey aredoingeverything toget bored.. then saythankyou and move. Ifyou are a doctor andy ou are bored withyour job.. you are livingwithawomanyou don tloveany more. thenitisperfectlyokay.Now.andthey are thinking that boredomis happeningfromsomewhere else. Somehowoneistryingtodist ract oneself from the boredom that has happened out of the relationship.Therichness comesoutofthevariety. Butthemomentyoufeel thatthejobisno moreasat isfying ..butyour scripturessay: onceyouhave promised. it is possessiveness. the second day. orgoestoclubswhereboredpeoplejustlikeyougathertogether.forty-five. psychologically. Just think of a bee only collecting honeyfrom one flower that honeywill not bevery rich. the third day but then i t will start getting onyour nerves.. that has destroyedyour capacity to go to many flowers. or listens to the radio. nothing is surprising. Now. Thenforever andever. BE TRUE TO LOVE It is attachment. but spiritually.yo u are dying!You areslowly committing suicide. you haveto fulfillthe promise bea manof promise! Onceyou are committedyouhaveto fulfi llthe commitment..yes. ifyou are bored. NowI amforty... And be cause manis bored he invents a thousand and one ways to distract his mind: sits glued to the chair before the TV for six hours what stupidity! Or goes to the movie. life becomes adventure. thenyou should be capable of dropping it any moment whatsoever the cost. This is a BASIC difference: you are committed tolove!you are committedto happiness! Whenloveis disappearing.. Tantrasays:Beabee be free!Tantraisnotsayingthatifyouloveawomanthen don tbetogether withher be togetherwithher! butthe commitmentistowardslove.CHAPTER 8. to taste all the flowers.Thenitisperfectlyokay:ifyouwantto destroyyourselfan dsavethe bank-balance. or r eads the newspaper. Butyou think.

AndSarahasays: Onlythebeeknows that eachfloweris fullof honey. The momentyou see that someth ing is no more appealing. Thenfeelgratefulfor the past.. DROP out of it! This is theTantra revolution. then don t cling to it. And manisso stupid.. Now. thereisarulein their commune thatyou cannot sleep with the samewomantwonights together.Vol1 135 Osho . is no more magnet ic. then say. through anything! but remain open in the future.. TheTantra Vision. This i s the meaning of being a bee. through the job.Justthe otherdayI was reading abouta communeinGer many: Action Analysis Commune. of enchantment. But I am not saying go to the opposite extreme there are people who can go to th e opposite extreme.for all that has happene d through the person.Now.It seemsmanissuchan idiotthat you cannot help him.thisisagainfoolish. the commune throwsyou out. has lost the quality of allurement. I am sorry. Ifyou sleep two nights consecutively with onewoman.job.

with the same man not knowing WHY. How canyou enjoy the same . the stat e says so. now they are reacting too much and going to the opposite extreme which wi ll be again wrong. otherwiseyouareacriminal.Ifyou canenjoyonewomanforyour wholelife.whyyou continue. The society has don e something wrong. With the first.Beinthatplace.? Thenitwillbere pression.Butthisis not family thisisloveaffair. intimacy will disappear and you willfeelveryalienated. they don t allowyou to moveaway from thewoman or the man or the relationship. the oppositeextreme. will prove wron g! The first extreme was repressive: you have to sleep with the same woman for years. because then intimacy willgrow. They have been repressingyou. first thing. out of which this wholeprison is made.beinthatjob. andthatisagreatexperience!The highestpeakofTantrawillbeknown throughit. Tantrasays:Justinthe middleistheway..UNPATTERNED STATE OF BEING. Now these kind of people this A. Commune these kind of people are dangerous! T heythink they are doing somethingverygreat.bewiththat person. the insanefamily is the unit. the one extreme has proved wrong this is another extreme..You arefortunate. They are simply reacting. SECOND THING: Saraha says UNSTRUCTURED. thepriestandthe politician say so thatonthe stabilityofyournuclearfamilythewholeso ciety depends. With the second. BE TRUE TO LOVE Now. love disappeared and boredom entered. Insane religions depend on the in sanefamily.Youhavegoneintotheverydepthoflove. This too isagain repressive. Ifyou live through cannot enjoy life because the habit is of the old. Man has to bebalanced somewhere. Now. where you areenjoying otherwisechange.CHAPTER 8.They sayyouhavetobewithit. the brick.. thatyou cannot staywith the samewoman the next night a gain.your beings will become intertwined..Theyma keyou veryafraid of hell andhell-fire. Insane politicians depend on the insanefamily. like an island.your roots willgo into each other.You will notfeelyour roots anywhere. for you r whole life.A.By andby. then.itis bea utiful.a will become ONE pers on. one soul.Ifyouwanttobewithherthenextnightalso. This insane societydepends on the is tremendously beautiful. The society says so.

Enjoylife throughnewways.FINDnewwaystoenjoyit. there is celebratio n.thentherewillbe boredom.jumphereandthere can not fly and cannot know that each flower is carrying divine fragrance.butYOU are the same. there is joy. There will be boredom. Don t persist in your past pattern. What Saraha m eansby honey is a poetic metaphorforGod.Vol1 136 Osho . remain free of persona lities. a discoverer. so fifty percentis always the same. Try to be inventive.Infact. Don tbe confinedinthepatternofafrog.goon findingneww ays ofdoingthe sameoldthing. Then life is rich.Your freedom is utter.thefrogcanhopa little.butfindnewways. You can come to the same experience from many doors. that each beingis carrying divinity.Youca n even change thewoman and the man.Yes.Youcanfly anywhere. and each door willgiveyouad ifferent vision. Thereare infinitepossibilities. Second Tantrasays: Remainfreeofyourpast thenyouarea hundred percentfreelikeabee. So first Tantra says: Never get obsessed with any person. Nothing holdsyou. try to be innovative! Be an adventurer. there is sweetness. That is what honeyis.thingagainandagainandagain?Yourmind remainsthesame. TheTantra Vision.

Ifyou are lookingfor power. He has taken so manyforms to surroundyou. where man has not created something of his own. This is one of the most difficult thingsinthe modernworld.. BE TRUE TO LOVE People come to me and they say. Just the veryidea to dominate somebody is insane.Evenmountains grow! The Himalayas are stillgrowing. WHEREISHENOT?YouaskWHEREHeis.youmustbedeadblind. remember those thing s have not to be included which man has made. Man-made things don tgrow eventhegreatest. And remember: in money. still getting higher and higher.inthejungleof cementand con creteyou will notfeel God because man-made things don tgrow.theydon thaveanylife.S o whattosay abouta cement..inaveryfocussedway. in man. God is not because moneyis man-madeandGod cannotbe man-made. God is not i n . And God is not in power. That is one of the problems: m an-made thingsdon tgrow they aredead. oryouhavegotblinkerson you don tlookanywhere.that too is agai n a madness of man. Can tyou just see thefact of it?! Whenyouaresittingnearatree.ItistooHARD. You just lookinavery narrowway. From everywhere He is saying Hello! andyou don t listen...CHAPTER 8. God-madethingsgrow. WhenI sayGodiseverywhere. the questio n is just absurd. to dance ar oundyou. Ifyou are lookingfor money. God cannot be man-made. in the animal. FromeverywhereHeisinvitingyou: Cometome! Butyouare somehowkeepingyoureyes closed. Just the VERYidea that I s hould be in powerand others shouldbepowerless istheideaofa madman adestructiveidea. everywhere He is. thenyou don t look anywhere lo ok onlyfor power andyou don t look anywhere else. We want to know God where is God? Now. in woman. in th e mountain. Godisnotin politicsandGodisnotin moneyandGodisnotin ambition butGodiseverywhere where man has not destroyed Him. concretebuilding? Eventhemusicof Beethoven willnevergro w.a childgrows.just cementandconcretebuildingsall cangoon searchingonthe asphalt road. Can tyousee Him? Only He is! In the tree and in the bird. Whenyouare sittingonan asphaltroad .yo u only lookfor money.becauseyou are surroundedbytoo many m an-made things.Atreegrows .youwillnotfindGod. in the river.Evena paintingofa Picasso willnevergrow. Moneyis a verycunning invention of man.itiseasytofeelGod. From everywhere He is calli ngyou.Whenyouarein a moderncity.

.When the birdis on the wing. When a new leaf is coming in the tree. Tantra says:Ifyou dropyourblinkers mm? that s whatTantra meansby unpatterned life-styl e. it is God comi ng out of the tree. Listen carefully.Vol1 137 Osho . Come closer.Youhave been befooledbythe societ y to look only in certain directions. su ddenly you will see thatyou can see in all directions.itis God giggling..what to sayabout technology.yes. Whenyou see tears flowing from theeyesofawom an ora man.itis God on the wing. WHEREVERyou find aliveness. Ifyoudropyourblinkers. In everything only God grows. Be cautious!you are on holyground.. about man-made machines? Watch! Wherever you see growth. TheTantra Vision.ifyoustartopeningyoureyesaswideasthey are destinedtobe. there is God because only God grows. there is God.Feel carefully. nothing els e. Thesociety has convertedyou intoa slave. Whenyou seea smallgirllau ghing ora smallboygiggling. it is God crying.

Wheneverthechildisjoyful.It believesina totallydifferentkindof society. Tantrasays:Regain health! Undo whatsoeverthe societyhasdonetoyou!Byandby. everybodyisafraid! Theirfear comes from their own parents. Tantraisveryrebellious.Andthesocietyandthefamilyaresoafraidof sexthat theycannot allow the children to be sexually joyful and that is the BASE of all joy! They are VERY restrictive: the children are not allowed even to touch their genital organs. which will not be money-oriented. Thefatherisafraid. there is danger and everybody is trying to kill the joyof the child.Ourfamiliesarelif e-negative. Achildisbornandthewholefamilytriestokillalljoyoflife. Whenever the child is alive. BE TRUE TO LOVE Thereisagreat conspiracy. and wheneverheissadandlong-facedandsittinginthecorner. It believes in a different kind of family. Haveyounot seen?Achildisplayingwithhis genital organsand immediatelyeverybodyjum pson . It is yourlife.the motherisafraid. he will never becomea freeman. The mother is veryhappybecause he is no trouble.onthearmy hewillhavetodependona thousand and one things. they are neurotic..Thefathe rsays. Good! Verygood boy.Youenjoyit.h eiswrong.on the society.thattooisperfectlygoo d.onthegovernment. And because of that dependence he will be a slave alway s.Evenif sometimesyouhavetopayforyourlifewithyourlife. the society starts damaging him. everythingisokay.i tisworth paying.andwhichwillnotbelife-negative.CHAPTER 8. which will not be power-oriented.youliveit!Andevenifyouhavetopay muchforit. Beforeyou are able to know anything. Each small childis damaged immediately. And basicallyalljoyis related tosexuality. become alert and start undoing the impressions that society hasforced uponyou and start livin gyour life. whichwilln otbepossessive.whichwillnotbepossessive. th ey cannot play with them. the momentheis born..onthe state. Whena personiscrippled.ItisGod sgifttoYOU.a persona lgiftto you.Itis utterlyyourlife. So the society cripples cripplesin such subtleways andyou don t k now.onthepolice. are already crippled. So before he becomes alert he is a slave and cri ppled.itisnobody else sbusiness. crippled in a thousandand oneways.he willhaveto dependonthefamily.

theyshouldfeel happywithfather and mother making love. and who wil l say Stop! What areyou doing? Whenever they are sad.everythingis okay.him: Stop! Don t do that again! And he is not doing anything he is simply enjoying h is body.The children should participate. And whenever hef eels guilty he will feel that he is a sinner.Itisugly. Now. most pleasurable. This is my observation of thousands of sannyasins: whenever they are happy. now guilt has been put inside him. nothing to bekept secret. m iseryis accepted joyis denied. whenever hefeels happyhe willfeel guilty too. the chil dren should play around.Itis nota sin!ItisaJOY. Sadnessis accepted.itis destru ctive. nothing to be made private. When thefather and mother are making love.notallowedeventobethere. Something in his energy isblocked. He becomes afraid. something is cut in the child. Theyshould know t hat love is a beautiful phenomenon not anything ugly. most alive. Thefatherand mother are makinglove children know it. he is doing something wrong. They start lookingfor the parent whomustbe somewhere around. And the children are somehow prevented from knowing thejoysof life. and naturally the sex organs are the most sensitive. Theyhear the sounds.Vol1 138 Osho . sometimes theyfeel thatitis ha ppening but they arenotallowedtoparticipateinit. S uddenly. nothing to hide. TheTantra Vision. they start feeling guilty.

Abouteverythingthat createsbondag eyou have to be alert and beware. very very rare. And they will feel respec tful towards the father and the mother. areabee. reverence. I have never heard of any pri est ever reaching Nirvana. oneday they will also makelove.CHAPTER 8.a totally. not in knowing. that the children canfeel that somethinggreatis happening. Knowledge is from the outside.radically different visionof life. AND HOPE FOR BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME? NOHOPEFORTHEPRIEST. ButNOhopeforthepriest. The second question: Question2 I AM A SCHOOLMASTER.FORTHE SCHOLARnoteveninthenextlife! Butyoucandropbeingapriest.I am absolute about that. Listentothe messageoffreedom. Even in the next life or next to next never. . A SORT OF WATERED-DOWN MIXTURE OF PRIEST. knowing. The scholar trusts information.Aslave. area frog. with such grea t religious awe. The scholarbelieves in knowledge.beinga scholar. never heard about any politician ever meeting God. it is not possible. wise. The unhappy man is insane. Theirjoywi llgrow AND there will not be anyguilt in their joy. there willbeagreatimpact.FORTHE POLITICIAN. POLITICIAN AND SCHOLAR ALL THATYOU ABHOR. The information goes on collecting. You CAN becomea bee.Getreadytobefree. BE TRUE TO LOVE And if the children can see theirfather andmother making love. IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR ME? ALSOIAM FIFTYSIX HAD I BEST JUST LIVE OUT THE REST OF THIS LIFE IN PATIENCE.nohopeforthe politician.nohopeforthe scholar. And only the h appy man is sane. Tantrahasa different vision. In freedomyou becomeabee. anymoment andthereish ope. and they will know t hatitisagreat celebration.Free. B ut this world is not happy. never heard about an y scholar ever becoming aware. that love should be made with such celebration. It is very rare to come across a happyman.beinga politician. knowing is from the inside. Tantra says that. thousands of sexu al diseases will disappear from the world because their joy will erupt. If they can seefather and mother making love as if they are praying and meditating. This world can be tremendously happy.

Egois thegreatestbar rierbetween you and God the only barrier. and he has not known God at all.. not egoists. So the politician cannot come.Notonlythat:thathe willmakeGodavailabletoyou. Egoists never arrive.Vol1 139 Osho . H e is committing thegreatestcrimeamancan commit:heis pretendingthatheknowsGod. He is the becomes a heavy load. The inner reality remains the same fore. as ignorant as be The politician seeks power it is an ego-trip.buthe TheTantra Vision. And those who arrive are humble pe ople.Heistryingto becomea mediatorbetweenyouand God.but theirveryegoism they cannot arrive.. Andhedoesnotknowanythingofthe ultimate!Hemayknowtheritual.thatyou comeandfollowhimandhewilltakeyoutotheultimate.thepriestisverycunning. the most fraudulent. Andthepriest.howtodotheprayer.

The sixteen-year-oldhas n ot thatmuch to drop. not qualitative. no hopefor the politician. or a hund red and six that doesn tmatter. And the sixteen years are not helpful. Thiswaytheyoungerisinabetter situation. any moment is as right as anyother moment BECAUSE ONE ENTERS HERENOW! How does i t make anydifferencehow oldyou are? Fifty-six or sixteen the sixteen-year-old has to enterright now. much imagination. EVERYhopeforyo u. thatI know. or seventy-six. There is not much space. both have to enter right now. and the fifty-six-year-oldhas to enter right now.much knowledge. manydreams. The sixteen-year-old has only sixteenyearsof past. there is no difference. no m ore imagination. Whatisthedifference?Butifyouweighthem fin allythe difference is quantitative.hehasa fifty-sixyears past.foryou. So finally. The sixteen-year-old has a long the final reckoning.Howcanheleadyou?Heisablindman. Afifty-six-year-old. no hopefor the scholar but there is hope. the future is small onthe wholeitisthe same. less luggage a small suitcase mm? just a small bo y s suitcase.Whenasixteen-year-oldyoungmanwantstoenterinto meditationorintoGodhisproblem is differentfromthatofamanwhoisfifty-six. The past is smallbut the future is bigfor theyoung.Itisnota questionofage becauseitisnota questionoftime.for the old. neither are fifty-sixyears helpful. There are different p roblemsfor both. Anand Tejas. the past is big. He has a little load. if he is goingto be alive seventyyears on the earth. no more dreaming. No hopefor thepriest.To enterintoet ernity.andwhenablindman leads theblind.Hehasabig loadtodrop. sixteenyearsinthepast. BE TRUE TO LOVE doesnotknowthe ultimate. manyattachmen ts fifty-sixyearsof life. Death is coming. The fifty-six-year-oldhasmuch luggage. The question is from AnandTejas there IS hopeforyou.The futurehasalsotobedroppedasmu ch as the past.CHAPTER thatwayheisina better situa tion than the manwhois fifty-six.Itisseventyyears: bothhavetodropseventyyears.Fortheyoung.remainingyearsinthefuture. . has onlyfourteenyears left no more future. And it is NOT a question of age. You may be fifty-six. many experiences. theybothfall into the ditch. But there is another thing: the old man has no more future.

I amneverinfavourof postpone ment.thework has already started. Andyouhave become a sannyasin.AnandTejas. is half the treatment. scholar tha t s good.Youhave becomealert aboutyourpriest.Everything canbe done!You are simply pretendin g.To become aware of a disease.your politician. otherwiseyouwouldnothaveevenasked.Youhavefeltthati tis Iwill postponeinthislife nothi ngcan be done.allthatyouhavebeendoinguptonowis meaningless youhavefeltit.Thereiseveryhopeforyou. to know what it is. Ifyou are going to be with me. And this isatricktosave: Nowwhatcanbe done?I amsoold.Thatfeelin g is of tremendous value. SoIwillnotsayjustbe patientandwaitforthenextlife. And becauseyouhaveaskedthe question.Ifyousay.Vol1 140 Osho .you will have to saygoodbye toyour priest. ButI feel confidentthatyoucandoit. All postponementisdangerousandisverytricky. TheTantra Vision. you areavoidinga situation.youhave takena step intothe unknown already. politician.yo ur scholar.

. and he can die utterly fresh. he can open hiseyefora single MOMENT. You should ask questions about yourself. somehow. The next life will start from whereyo u end this life. And he can dr op the whole past before death comes in. The first thing.CHAPTER 8.youmaytakeseventyyearsto have stumbled upon me. This timeyou took fifty-sixyearstocometoa man through whomrevolutionIS possible..Evenwhenthepersonisdying. Next time. Be a sannyasin and then ask.. because he will be dying with full awareness of the deathless. How canyoube? These are things that gather around.... one never know s.but t he innermost core remainsalwaysfree.thenextlifeisnotgoingtobeanydifferent that swhyI saythereisnohopefort he priest and the politician and the scholar..ortofinda man. that is n ot gentlemanly.and you are nota politician. And this time I am available to you. Don tsay: HadIbestjustliveoutthe rest of this life in patience. That swhyI saythereisnohopeforthe politicianandthepriestandthe scholarinthe future either. certainlyyou will become moreburdened the past life sburden. BE TRUE TO LOVE Evenonthedeathbed. Who knows? next time I may not be available . again the politician.. Butforyouthereiseveryhope becauseYOUARENOTAPRIEST..andthenextlife sburden. How is it going to be different? It will be the same wheel turning again.. again the scholar..thechangecanhappen. This time. You drop it right now it is worthless! Why carryit? Why wait? Andifyouwait. become a sannyasin.. And I have the feeling that sooner or later Philip . But the qu estion is meaningful so I am going to answer it anyway. You should not ask questions about others.andyouarenot a scholar. The third question: Question3 WHATROLE SHOULDCHARITYPLAYINTHELIFEOFASANNYASIN? THEQUESTION IS NOT FROMA SANNYASIN it is from Philip Martin.? No. Don tthinkofyourselfintermsofbeingafrog beabee. Whok nows? next timeyou may become moreburdened. Again thepriest.You willhave the next lifein continuity with this life.groping in the dark. Itcanhappeninasingle moment!Sopleasedon t postpone.. Phi lip Martin. And he is dying in a new way he isdyingasa sannyasin.Heisdyingindeep meditation andtodieindeep meditationisnottod ie at all.atthelast moment. and the change can happen.

some poor man will die because he will TheTantra Vision. Wheneveryouhavemoney. guilt . First thing: all the religions of the world have emphasized charity DHAN too muc h.youknowsomewhere somebodywillbestarvin g andyourbank balancegoesonbecomingbiggerandbigger. Some woman will not get the medicine. Wheneveryou have moneyyoufeel guilty. Geld ..Martin will be a sannyasin. And the reasonisthatmanhasalwaysfeltguiltywith money. and it is natural because so many people don t have money.You willbe surprised:inold English thereisaword gilt g-i -l-t which means money. Charityhasbeen preachedsomuchtohel p manfeela little less guilty. Even the question shows some leaning. And the gold is verycloseby! Gilt . In German there is a word Geld g-e-l-d which means money..Vol1 141 Osho . gold somehowdeepdownagreatguiltisinvolvedin money. How canyouavoid guilt? Wheneveryouhave moneyyou know somebody has become poorer becauseofyou.Somechildwillnotgetthemedicine needed to survive.

Ifyou have. But what typeof helpis this? On one handyou snatch one hundredrupees. Itis not onlya questionof . The world has lived in poverty. whatsoeveritis. To me.Itistoridthemof their guilt. Ifthepoorwere helped. the moreyougrow.aby-product.youregofeelsalittlemore protected. Not becausebysharingyou will be helping others. ninety -nine percent of people have lived a poor life.The more moneyyouhave. Charity is to unburdenyou fromyour guilt. It is only thatyou repentfor all the bad thatyou have donein accumulating the money. Youfeelalittlegood. no.thatwasjusta consequenceofit. you are repenting. WhatdoI saytomy sannyasins? I don t talk about charity. almost starving and dying. charityis notagreatquality itis repentance.I give money to this charity fund. to that trus t. BE TRUE TO LOVE nothavefood. NotonlywasI exploiting.. going to opena college.youwillfeelguilty.tenrupeesyougiveincharity itisarepentanc e. the moreyouhave money.I was also helping poor people. SothefirstthingI wouldliketosayis: Charityisnotavirtue..butthatwasnotthego alof it. I am doing something: I goin g to opena hospital.with money theyhavealwaysfeltguilty. Charityis nota virtue itis nota PUNYA.Tohelpthem.the morethesethingswillbethereeruptinginyour consciousness.. and on the other handyou give tenrupees no teven the interest! Thisisatrickthatwasinventedbythe so-called religiouspeopletohelpNOTTHEPOORBUTTHE RICH.Itis n ot thatyouhave done something good whenyou do charity.CHAPTER 8.itisjustahelptokeepyoursa nity intact.One hundredrupeesyouhaveearned. the world has lived in scarcity. That word seems ugly to me. Youfeela little happier.butbysharingyou will share. And the moreyou share. I talk about sharing and w ith a totally different quality in it: sharing. The moreyou share.the religionsdevelopedthe idea of charity.Howcanyouavoidthesethings?Theywillbethere.Youcansay to God.youdon tfeelTHATbad. and only one percent of peopl e have lived with richness. Let it be absolutely clear: this is MY attitude it has been a trickto help the rich not the poor. otherwiseyou willgo insane. soyou say.

spread it all over.IamnotsayingthisisavirtueandGodisgoingtogiveyoua specialplaceinheav en. There area thousandand one typesofpoverty. thatyou willbe specially treated. He neverenjoysit. whatsoever he gets. Arich man maybe poor because he has never known anylove. becauseeveninenjoyingityouhaveto shareit becauseallenjoymentisa s ortof sharing. If you have meditation.By sharing here nowyou willbe happier. Share wi th anybody that is available. and there are different types of poor people. It has nothing to do particularly with poor people. Share love with him. thatyou willbe thoughta VIP no. he sim ply hoards it.Ahoarderisneverahappy man. But remember. TheTantra Vision. let it spread like the fragra nce of a flower going to the winds.Vol1 142 Osho . He goes on hoarding. WHATSOEVER you have.. share it. share it. he is also poor.Ahoarderis basically constipated.. he cannot relax. he cannot give.A rich man mayhav e everything and has no understanding shareyour understanding with him.Hegoesonhoard ing.If you have knowledge. share it! If you have l ove. Ap oor man mayhave knownlovebut has not known goodfood sharefood with him. Whatsoeveryouhave. shareit. share it.

Itisa togetherness. they don t talk about thefact thathe came backinto the world. Just think!FortwelveyearsMahavirwas standinginthejunglesalone buthewasnotalone. it was joy! Yes.hewasnotalone.andthe animal s would come and sit around. No human being couldhurt him any more.youwillhavetocallfriends. and the sun would rise. FortwelveyearsMahavirwas silent: standing. The wholeexistencewas merging upon him.withtherocksandthe trees.theywillnotgiveyoua chancetoundowhattheyhavedone. other drunkards... theywillnotallowyoutoheal. BE TRUE TO LOVE Ifyouwanttoreallyenjoyyourfood. Joyisa relationship.that is only half the story. How canyou be happyalone? absolutely alone think! HOW canyou be happy. Infact. youwillhavetoinvite guests. he was away from human beings he had to be.. . his wounds the mountains and have lived an alone life.CHAPTER 8..Isa y toyou.buth ewasnot alone hewas crowdedbythe wholeexistence. how canyou enjoy it alone inyour room? You will have to find friends. Then the day came when he was healed. They share with the stars and the mountains and the birds and the trees they are not alone. to SHARE the joythat he had attained there.onauthority. absolutel y alone? No. and now he knew nobody could harm him. beca use human beings had done so much damage to him that he needed to be awayfrom them so that he could be healed. and the whole year around. theyalso share with existence not alone. You will have to share! Joyisalwaysasharing.Thebirdswerecomingandplayingaround. that is not the full story. And the dayand the night. otherwiseyouwillnotbeabletoenjoyit. and the trees would shower their flowers on him. sitting. It was just to avoid human beings for a certain period so they didn t g o on damaging him.Ifyoureallywantto enjoy drinking. Jain scripturestalk only about thefact thathe left theworld. and the stars would come.Ifyou REALLY wanttoenjoy food. He came backto relate to human beings. Otherwise people willgo on poking their knives intoyourwounds and they willkeep themgreen. He had gone beyond. and summer and winter.even those people whohave mo ved. That s why sannyasins have moved sometimes into aloneness just to heal their wounds.Joydoesnotexist alone.

youexpect TheTantra Vision.Vol1 143 Osho .Tomy sannyasinsI say share.Tolookatthe otherasifheislowerthanyou youhaveandhehasnot is not good. thatheis in need. Sharing gives a totally different perspective.Itisaveryloadedword. but trees cannot understandthatmuch. The questionisthatyouhavegotittoomuch youhavetoshare. to share theirjoy . How canyougo on being there whenyouHA VE it? You will have to come back and share it.Italk aboutsharing.theyare beautifu l but the beauty of a human dialogue.Itisgoodtosharewith animals. to human beings.Thatisnotgood.Buddhawent into theforest.Intheword charity thereis some uglinessalso:itseemsthatyouarehavingtheupperhan d andthe otherislower thanyou. their ecstasy. Whenyougivecharity. it is impossible to find anywhere else.They areverydumb. theirbliss.buthe came back. The resp onse. it is good to share with trees . the human response! They HAD to come back! to theworld. Yes. Charity isnotagoodword. thatthe otherisa beggar. It is not a question of whether t he other has it or not. it is inhuman.thatyou are helpingthe othe r.

CHAPTER 8. Share! Whatsoeveryouhave.Enjoythis ! enjoythis playof the mind.thatisagreatquality! Ratherthantakingitnegatively.Youmustbe ambitious.Butnothingtobeworried thatisthebeautyofthe mind. Whatis wronginit?Letitbea beautiful dance.Tryto seeWHY this mindisrushing. In Sanskritwehaveaspecial termforit.but sharing. YoujustWATCHandtrytoseewhatis happening. Charityisfor others poverty.but nobody can stop it. Sharingis outofyourabundance.whythismindisrushing. No. You say: During the meditations.Youbeawatcher.Youwatchthemindgoing aroundsofast.Mindknowsnospeeditgoessofast.Enj oy it! this play of mind rushing towards stars. Lighttravels1 86. share. mymind still goes five hundred miles per hour let it go! Let it gofaster.ratherthanfightingwithit. Thatisa fundamentallaw:the moreyougive.but that is notoutof youreffort.. jumping all over existence.Fivehundredmilesperhour. I NEVER EXPERIENCE SILENCE. AMIWASTING MY TIME? YOURMINDISMIGHTYSLOW. LIKE FLASHES.Itisfasterthanlight.itwas gettingheavy.000 milesisone second.only?!Anddoyouthinkthisisspeed? Mightyslowyouare. AND WHATEVER WITNESSING HAPPENS IS VERY thank him that he allowedyou to pouryou r energy whichwas gettingtoomuchuponyou. Acceptit.the moreyouget. Thefourth question: Question4 DURING THE MEDITATIONS. Sharingis outofyourrich ness. Myfeeling is that whatyou are doing isyou are trying to stop it you cannot do th at. Mind stopsoutofyour understanding. whereitisrushing y ou . There is a qualitative difference. mind stops oneday.Mindisfasterthanthat.I don t talk about charity. MY MIND STILL GOES FIVE HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR.Itisnotrushing with out any reason. Nobody can stop the mind!Yes. Mind stops.wecallitCHIDVILAS theplayof consciousness. befriendthe mind.Youfeelgrateful.Neverbea miserin giving.withsuchspeed. andi t willgrow. moving so fast from here and there. Whenyou share. BE TRUE TO LOVE the other to thankyou.

andthenyou start thinking whattodonow.thatyouhavewona lottery or this and that.JustWATCHthe mind! what mindis goingtowards.or theworld. Mind is not the question. and thenyoue ven start planninghowtospendit. You startdreaming about money. You cannot stop the mindunless that seed disappears.aprime minister. then somewhere thereis repressed sexuality.whatto purchaseandwhatnot. Somebodyisthinkingaboutsex. Theremustbeadeep seedinyou . find where the seeds are.Watch where mindisrushing. Look deep intoy ourself. Themindissimplyfollowingtheorderofyourinnermostseed.howtorunthe coun try. TheTantra Vision.Or.must be ambitious.themind thinksyouhave becomea president. If it thinks about money. then try to understand.Vol1 144 Osho .

Sundaycame. Whenyouget to Thoushaltnotsteal . Theverger suggested thatthe bestplanwouldbeforthe rectorto directhisSunday sermo ntothe ten commandments.thenlosthisthread. in the layers.. deep layers of the unconscious. They CAN stop.andI am not here to help anybody to become stupid. ifyou manage to succeed. I know.CHAPTER 8. Listen.youandIwillwatchthefaces wewill soon see. and trailed off lamely. with thatspeedthereis contin uous sharpeningof theswordof thinking. Just see whereyouhave leftyour bicycle. somebodyhasstolenmybicycle. Don ttry tostopit. they just try to stop. In the name of religion.IFYOUCAN succeed effortforyears ifYOU CAN succeed..I amnotinfavourof du llards. No satoriwill happen out I s Inthe firstplace.. cannot succeed. why in the first place? The mind cannot go without any reason. intellect.IfyouCANsu cceed. Rector? inquiredthatworthy. wi ll lose intelligence. Only round the parish on mycalls. and the price will be that their intelligence will be lost. But you see. . With that speed thereis anged his subject. hesaidtohisverger. Wherehaveyoubeenonit.anditisgoodthatyou cannot succeed.inthe secondplace. but they w ill have to pay a price. mindisrushingfor certain reasons.inthe firstplaceyou onecan succeedifonemakesperseverant become dull. they have almostbecome idiots just trying to stop the mind without anyunderstanding about whyit is going with such speed. BE TRUE TO LOVE Ihave heard: Theparsonwasverymuchworried. The e mind needs understanding. Sir. many people have become stupid. when I got to Thou shalt not commit adultery uddenly remembered whereIhad leftmybicycle. Th Ifyoutry tostopit.awareness. I will of cannot succeed.logic. Giles. Without going into the r eason. Please don ttrytostopit.the rectorstartedinfineflowaboutthe commandments. I know. that will bevery unfortunate you will become dull.

you will need certain qualities of the mind. Ifyou look in theireyes there is no i andby. mind slows down.rather. Iwould not suggest thatyou stop the mind. they are not alive people. Theyhavenoteven produceda paintingorapoemorasong. theyhave not created anyt hing. those causes disappear. because m ind is notforced.but stupid. They are uncreative people. whenyou under stand the causes and those causes are looked into can find thousandsofsannyasins.Vol1 145 Osho . TheTantra Vision. The miracle is that with understanding. becauseeventoproduceapoemyou will need intelligence. But intelligence is not lost.You cango around India. mahatmas. and through that looking deeply into those will not see anylightning. They are vegetating.they are good people. look into t heireyes yes. With unders tanding there happensa miracle. thatyou understand. Theyhave not helped the w orld in ANY way. nice. Theyjust sit there.

And thereiseverypossibilityyou wi llhave some accident. BE TRUE TO LOVE What areyou doingifyou don t remove the causes by understanding? You aredrivinga c ar. And with the taste. And whatever witnessing happens is veryshort.Feelhappythatyouareblessed w. like flashes.Feelgrateful theywillgrow. DON Tdoboth thethingstogether.CHAPTER 8. Feel happy! Even that is something of tremendous value. Butyou are notfeelinggrateful. You will destroythe whole mechanismof the car. You say: I never experience arefortunate.youwillhavet he taste of it.thendon tpushthebrake. With that positivity. the most delicate in the whole of existence. There is no need to stop it. andyougo onpressing the accelerator and at the same timeyou try topress the brake. You will destroy the who le subtle mechanism of the mind. then leave the andby.otherwiseyouwilldestroythewhole mechanism.youaredoingtwocontra dictory things.Ifyouarepushingthe accelerator.for example. those flashes will disappe ar.You are happy. theywillgro Letitbeveryshort!Ifitcanhappenforasinglesplit moment. and mind is a verydelicate phenomenon. Ambition you carry on and you try to stop the mind? Ambition creates the speed. and whatever witnessing happens is veryshort .becauseyou don t possess time. Withgratitude. Those flashes.You canwaste something thatyou . This cannot be done together. they are not ordinary flashes. Theywill live and die and theywill never know what w itnessing is evenfora single moment.everythinggrows. Ifyou are pushing the brake. don tpushitanymore. Don t just take themforgranted! There are millionsof peoplefor whomeven t hose small glimpses have not happened.itis happening. things willgrow. AmI wastingmytime? You cannotwaste will create more and more situationsin wh ichithappens more and more. so you are accelerating the speed and putting a brake on the mind. Ifyou don tfeelgrateful. So don t befoolish about it.

the prestige thatyou earned. Only thosefew moments thatyou had so me flashes of witnessing. You cannot save time sohow canyouwaste time? You canwaste only something whichyo u can save. Timeisrushingby.Vol1 146 Osho . and all else has gone down the drain. The moneythatyou earned. or don tdo anything. Timeyou don t possess. timeis going. Time willbewasted anyway whetheryou meditate or not time wi ll be wasted. You don t possess time.Forget about it! Andthebestuseyoucanhaveoftimeistohavethesesmallglimpses becausefinallyyouwillcom e to see only those moments have been saved which were moments of witnessing. the r espectability thatyou earned. Only those moments will go withyou whe nyou leave TheTantra anything. Whatsoeveryoudo. only those moments are saved. is all gone down the drain.

Butthey arevery veryhelpfulto understands omething of the inner man.they nevergrow. and becauseof wrongupbringing.ifthechildhasgrownwell. because those moments belong to eternity. it will helpyougreatly. First.That swhy so much smoking. MUL means the basic. they laughed. kissing shows the manhas remained oral. notinthebody. This is an oral fixation they remain in the mouth. Two persons kissing each other: it lo youwatch. These are the three angles of the muladhar. Otherwise. BE TRUE TO LOVE this life only those moments can go. Therearemanyprimitive societieswhichdon tkiss. .Italways happensslowly. chewing gum. with celebration. andthe most basic. of the roots. You just receive it withgratitude. manypeople remainattheoral.CHAPTER 8. t heydon t belong to time.slowly. And don ttrytostopthe mind. But in the drops the ocean is coming . theysimply thought it ridiculous. The muladhar chakra is the center wheresex energyisrightnowavailable. This muladhar chakra has three angles to it: one is oral the mouth. Butfeelhappyitis happening. continuous eating.Infact. happens. TantraandYoga suppose that there areseven centersin man sphysiology the subtlephysi ology. the basic.butthe societyhasdamagedthat chakraver ymuch. The child starts h is life with the oral.kissin gwill disappear. with thankfulness. what does sex have to do with lips? When for the first time primitive societies came to know about civilized m an s kissing.Itwillbegoodifyouunderstand that map it will helpyou. These are the seven chakras. It happens in drops. the second i s anal and the third is genital.they are metaphors. is MULADHAR that s whyit is called MULADHAR: MULADHAR me ans the most fundamental.Infact.Letthemindhaveitsspeed The fifth question: Question5 HOWCAN THE SEX ENERGY BE TRANSFORMED INTOSAMADHI? TANTRAANDYOGAHAVEACERTAINMAPOFTHE INNERMAN. But onedropby onedropa great ocean can become full.

If mother sgive their breasts as much as the child needs. Letithang aroundyour neck. infections. The child is not satisfied orally.Isay.try a pacifier andyou willbe suddenly surprised.andkeepitinthe mouth.Justhavea pacifier. And what are they doing? Andfor what? But humanity has remained oral. continuously eating thisandthat.orwillbecomeagreat eater.If somebody comesandasksmehowtostop smoking. will be comeagreat kisser.oks unhygienic too. Ifyou area smoker.and whene veryou TheTantra Vision.Vol1 147 Osho . Igiveittomanypeople. The mother does not give her breast as much a s the child needs. just transferring all sorts of illnesses to each other. the lips remain unsatisfied.Ithas helped ma nypeople. willchew gum.afalse breast. then the muladhar is not damaged. So the child will smokecigarettes later on.

Now. children cannot control their bowel movements. Aman becomesahoarder ahoarderofknowledge.theysimplyclosetheiranal mechanism. in the wild state no animal suffers from const ipation. There seemstobeno reason.pornography everything seemstobe breast-oriented! Andwomen are co ntinuously tryingtohideandyetshowtheir breasts otherwise. becausethe secondgre at damage happens with the toilet training.itisavery contradictorytrick. film. Constipation is more psychological. Somewherethe breastis still appealing. it takes time.whereeveryfoolish t hing goes to its extreme. If theyget fixated at the oral or at the anal. he h olds it. Children are forced to go to the toilet at a certain time. Hen ce. That swhy manissomuchfocussedonfeminine bre asts. hoarderof money. it is a damage to the muladhar.Andwithinthreeweeksyouwi llbe surprised: the urge to smoke has disappeared. so much .Sowhatdotheydo?Theysimplyforce. hoarderofvirtue becomes a hoarder andbecomes miserly.Itisonlymanwhosuffersfrom constipatio n. This is the LOWEST state of the muladhar. silicon and oth er things.. And withthisanal emphasis.. they are injecting chemicals into women s breasts. they never go to the genital that is thetrickthe societyhasuseduptonownottoallowyouto becomefullysexual.agreatdamagehappenstomuladhar becausethemanorthewomanhas to go to the genital.No animal suffers from constipation. Then anal fixation becomes so important that genitals become less important. it takesyears for them to come toa control. He cannot leave anything! Whatsoever hegrabs. Andnowin America.CHAPTER 8.Itisatricktohi deand show together. BE TRUE TO LOVE feellike smokingjustputthe pacifierinthemouthandenjoyit. That swhysomuch constipationexistsintheworld.thebraisjustfoolish.why ?Whyis mansomuch interestedinfeminine breasts?Paint ing. And because of constipati on many other thingsgrow into the human d because of this theybecome anal fixated. sculpture. they are stuffing breasts with silicon so they become bigger and can get the shape th e shape that ungrown-up humanity wants to see. Thenafew people change fromoralandtheybecomestuckattheanal. This childish idea! But man remains somehow or al.

Sexis suchasin thathow can Jesus motherhavesex?Itisokayfor other ordinarypeople. then there is great guilt created in humanity about sex.b utfor Jesus mother to have sex then how can Jesus. She s pregnant. said the doctor. such a pure man. somehow they are not fixated at the oral and the anal and become genita l. Christianity has t hought sex so much asinthattheygoon pretendingand proposingandtryingtoproveafoolishthing. And then. Mother did all the talking she was that sort. if some people become genital. so her mother took her to the doct or. The toilet-training is agreat.homosexuality. TheTantra Vision. be born out of sex? Iwas reading: Therewasayoungwoman who did not seemverywell. Sex means the sin. tha t Mary was a virgin. Homosexuality will not disappear from the world until and unless anal-orientation disappears.Vol1 148 Osho .thatChrist was born out of a miracle: that he was not born out of a man/woman relationship. dangerous training.

notatall.IntheHindumindthereisafearthatsemenenergyis greatenergy evenifasingledropislost.CHAPTER 8. and gazed at the sky. only then can the damaged sex center function in a healthy way. then they feelverymuchfrustrated.youarelost.Ihave noteven helda man s hand. destructured from these three things. And to relieveyou of the anal fixation. crying.very muchdepressed. SoTant ra says that the firstgreatworkhasto happeninthemuladhar. NOTHINGis lost. BASTRIKA fast chaotic breathing is very helpful.yougoon creatingthatenergyeveryday. And that s why energy remains fixated somewhere:oral. walked to the window.Not hing is lost. .You have to start relearning about it. because theystartthinking somuch ener gyis lost. PRANAYAM. So whenever they make love.It cannotgoupwards. Fororal freedom: screaming.You don thavea dead quotaof energy. you cannot enjoy it. BE TRUE TO LOVE Doctor. laughing. Is there anything wrong out there. mama.anal. Andthenthesexcenter:thesex area dynamo you create energy . doctor? Notatall. You have to startrelearning to enjoyit without anyguilt.Thisisaveryconstipatoryattitude hoar d it! Nothingislost!Youaresuchadynamicforce.Mydaughterhasneversomuchas kissedaman!haveyoudarling? No. condemnation . The Hindu mind is too much obsessed with VEERYA with semen energy.Onlythelasttimethis happened. That s why my choice of encounter. Therearea thousandandonetypesofguilt. if they make love. outing. Hence th e dynamic meditation is of tremendous value.astarappearedintheeast to miss it this time! andIdon twant Sex has been condemned so much. Not a single drop should be lost! They are continuously afraid. is very helpful.genital. Tantra says man has to be relieved. because it hits direc tly on the anal center and makes you able to relieve and relax the anal mechanism. prim al and that type ofgroups they are all helpful to relieve the oral fixation. The doctor left his chair. weeping.I mustcallyouafool. There was a long silence. then mother asked.

Se xis good. This is on the lines of constipation. Useall thathas beengiventoyoubyGodandyou willhave MOREofit! So there is one Hindu madness: to hoard.Vol1 149 Osho . A nd now there is an American madness. the moreyouhave it. Soevena manof eightyyears continuously thinksin childishways. TheTantra createit EVERYday. He will not have even the musculature to run. meaning lessly.thatislikediarrhoea:justthrow. sexis beautiful.Itisthealphabutnotthe omega. Don t think that a person who has never run and suddenly runs will have energy he will not have energy.Bu t goingbeyonditisNOTACONDEMNATION!Onehastogo throughittogobeyondit. Infact. the moreyou useit. It functio ns like the wholebody.theywillgrow.Ifyouwalk.goonthrowing meaningfully. you will have more energy to run.yourlegs willbe strong. go on throwing.Onehastogobeyondit.Ifyou useyourmuscles.butisnottheend.Ify ourun.

don ttakeanynoteofit. because man has been afraid of sex and man has been afraid of death. The muladhar chakra has tofunction at the optimum.CHAPTER 8. relaxed from di arrhoea. badl y damaged. The muladhar chakra has to be relaxed relaxed from These two centers are natur ally available. the death center.Onthe cremationground. fullsex.livingwithawoman. oncey ou accept sex andyouarenotafraidofit. see.. These two c enters are very much damaged..but sex has more possibilities than just reproduction. dominate man. Sex is carrying something of the ultimate in it.ofoptimumsex. It says sex is good. And death is going to happen: svadh isthan the secondcenter.Andhewentwiththe arrowsmithwomantolivealifeofhealthy. sex is health y. he releases so much energy from the svadhisthan chakra. Once they are relieved. Feel. Onceyou accept death andyou are not afraidofit. participateinhis death. Goin deep meditation with t he dying man. Birth has happened: the sex center muladhar. meditate while somebody dies go.Thesetwothingsarethereineverybody slife.don t noticeit. sex is natural. through these two things. Even if sometimesitexists. BE TRUE TO LOVE Tantra is the most healthyattitude about sex.. That swhySarahawenttothe cremationgroun d to meditate nottoavoiddeath. he has to relea se because he is . And those are the two lower centers which have been damaged by the society. The second chakra is SVADHISTHAN that is the HARA. Sitby the sideofa dying man. then energy starts moving. there is no ne ed to damage them because people don t live in those other five centers. And when a man is dying there is a possibility to have a taste of death because when a man is dying. And sex has more possibilitie sthan just fun. of Samadhi.Goonthinkingthatyouaregoingtol ive for ever avoid death! Tantrasays: Don tavoidsexand don tavoid death. So death has been avoided: Don t talk about death! Just forget about it! It does not exist. sosocietyhasdestroyedboth ce nters and tried to manipulate man. Tantrasays: Meditate whileyoumakelove. the other five centers are not damaged..yourtwolower centersarerelaxed.thesetwo centershadt o be relaxed: death and sex. one hundred percent.

fortunately. W hen the man dies.dying.arenot destroyed. Thesetwoexperienceswillhelpyoutogoupwardsveryeas ily.Vol1 150 Osho . If these first two centers are helped. And while meditating on death.but nobody dies. without releasingithewillnotbeabletodie. go deep into it so that you can see th at something of the deathless entersinto death. energy starts moving.butinf act death never happens. The last question: Question6 TheTantra Vision. meditate silently. meditate so that you can know that something of Samadhi penet rates into sexuality. andyou canhavea tasteof death. And th atwillgive youagreat relaxation:Yes. The whole repressed energy on the svadhisthan chakra will be released bec ause he is dying. Ifyou are closeby toa dying man. So le t death and love be your two objects of meditation.Sowhenamandiesorawomandies.Yes. sit silently. ina suddenburst the energy willbe allover. While making love.The otherfive centers.death happens.don tmissthe opportunity. death happens.theyareperfectlyintune just energy hastomove through them.



We are like an uprooted tr ee. we have not become actual. It is like a seed how can the seed rest and relax? The rest and relaxation is kn own only by the flowers. we have lost our roots in it. The trembling is: whether he will be able to become actual? whether he will find the right soi l? whether he will find the right climate? whether he will find the right sky? Is it going to happe n? or will he simply die without being born? The seed trembles inside. anguish. It is in limbo. We are still existing as potentialities. The potentialis ambitious. The actual isblissful. an dyou are not yet actual. Who knows? Which will come first? actualization. the juice has dried up. or fruits. the song. We are dead! becausewe are notyet born. Wehave takenphysicalbirth as our birth. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING HE WHO THINKS OF THEMIND IN TERMS OF ONE OR MANY.the potentiallongsforthe future.. thatis not our birth. Life goes on slipping out ofyour hands. desiring. The seed has anxiety. thatyou are continuously hankering. the seed suffers from insomnia. the seed has to continuously trembl e. It hangs in the air.Haveyounotwatchedthisi nyourown being? thatyou are continuously longingfor something to happen and it is not hap pening. The potential is continuously restless it HAS to be restless. The sap flows no more.blossomi . H ence the misery. Not even birds come to take shelter in us. Something is going go happen. and the dan ce! But we are not here. And death comes closer. hoping. and it is not happenin g! And life goes on flowingby.realization. Whyis it so? Because the potentia l cannot be at rest. The seed cannot sleep. THE BEAUTYOFEXISTENCE! The sheer delightof it! thejoy.. The seed HAS to be deep in anguish. No more flowers will come.CHAPTER 9. dreaming. We appear to exist. CASTSAWAYTHE LIGHT AND ENTERS THEWORLD. INTOA(RAGING) FIRE HEWALKS WITH OPEN EYES WHO COULD BE MORE DESERVING OF COMPASSION? OH. the potential is miserable. but we are almost non-existential because w e have lost contact with existence.

thereis nothing elseto happe n. Friedrich Nietzsche has said man is a bridge. or maybe death? Who knows? Hence thefear. thereis nothing moreithasalready happened.Adogis actual. You cannotsay toadog. Youcansay toman.Whatsoever could happen.Butyoucansaytoman.. a rope stretched between two eternities. Yes.You cannotrestatbeing man. TheTantra Vision. Youarenotyeta man.Manisnot abeing: man is an arrow on the way.Vol1 153 Osho .. the trembling. You are incomplete. Soren Kierkegaard has said man is a Exactly right! Man is not a place to rest! It is a bridge topassover.has happened. Youarenotyetabuffalo thatwillbefoolish. That willbe stupid to say. You cannotsaytoabuffalo.Abuffalo is actual. man is a trembling because m an is a seed. the anguish. It is only man who suffers from anxiety.Manisadoortogo through. Wha t can be the cause of it? Itisonly manwhoexistsas potentiality. All dogs are fully complete. the only animal on the earth who suffers from anxiety. Youareincomplete. Man is a tension .

a future. What to say about the right answer? We have NOT evenaskedtheright question. Infact.It seemstobean endless waiting. And remember.. And mind is a wayto cut yourselfoff fromexistence.Wedon tknowwhoweare.Nirvanaisthatidea.andwedon tknowforwhatwegoonexisting. Man has forgotten how to relate wit h existence. Man is an opening.atleastyouarewaiting.whoisthisGodot? Nobodyknows eventhat butonehastowaitfor something.Infact.Ithasnot will find theright answer through thatveryquestioni ng. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING Man has a possibility.Heavenisthatidea. What is it that is going to happen? We have not even raised the right question. waitingfor Godot. TH INKING IS THE BARRIER.theright answeris notveryfarawayitisjustbythe corner. SothefirstthingtodaythatIwouldliketotellyouisthatweare missing.Thewholeexistenceateach momentisinanorgasm!Somehow man has become a stranger.itisnotthewaytoputyourself on.itis hiddenintherightquestion itself.soone creates someideaandwaitsforit.andwe don tknowwhy weare. Man has forgotten the language of innocence. Thereisgreat singing.CHAPTER 9.Onehastowait becauseonehas somehowtofill one s being. thereisgreatjoy.You canfeelgood.Godisth at idea.Itisacarnival. So the constant fear: whethe r we are going to make it or not? whether we are going to make it this time or not? How many ti mes have we missed before? Are we going to miss again? That s why we are not happy. To relate with existence means prayer. oncetheright questionisasked. The existe nce goes on celebrating. Thoughts are like China Walls around you.Waitinggivesa senseofpurposeanda directio n.I fyougoon asking theright question. Man hasforgotten how to relate with himself! To relate with oneself means medita tion. and you are groping th .weare continuousl ymissing because we have taken mind as the language to relate with existence. That s why we ap pear like strangers strangersinourownhome!strangersto ourselves. Nobodyknows whetherGodotiseverto comeornot..Itistoputyourselfoff. thereisgreat rejoicing! The wholeexistenceis alwaysinanorgy. otherwise onefeelsveryempty. Man has forgotten the very language.butitisgoingtohappen somed ay.

the further and furthera wayyoufall fromreality becausethe more thoughtsyouhave. But ifyou are doing something like thinking. in deep silence. brooding. One has to learn the language of silence. TheTantra Vision.thatathinkingmindisamissingmind. Theycreateblindness.Itwasnot union. Then what is the language to relate with re ality? Non-thinking.butfornine monthsyouhadnotspokenasingleword. You didn texist asa separate self.They createagreatfog.itwasunity.soitwasnot union itwassim ple unityYouwere nottwo.butyouweretoget her. Silence is pregnant. Thisisoneofthe fundamentalsofTantra. Therewas tremendousunity.thatthinking isnot the language to relate with reality. thenyou startfallingawayandawayandaway. Silence is meaningful. analyzi ng. philosophizing.You cannot touch reality.Youwerenottwo. Words are meaningless with reality. Not that realityisfaraway.your mother andyouwere one .rough the thoughts.Vol1 154 Osho .Youwere one with the mother. interpreting.therewas no barrier betweenyou and t he mother..the more difficultitistolookthrought hem. And then somethingexactlylike this happens:youwereinyour mother swombyouhaveforgot ten aboutit completely. In that deep silence. Godisjust closeby j ustaprayer away at the most.. words are just dead.

thereisthebeginningofaunion. you arenotlookingatme.Inajumpyouare outsidethemind.You are no more separate.Forthosefew seconds oforgasmwhenyouareoutofthemind.butyouhaveforgotten it. That s whatI mean whenI say man hasforgo tten the languagetorelate. There was simple understanding. becauseyou had knownit inyour mother swomb. the samehappens: againyoufall into thewombofexist ence. Exactlythe sameis happeningwhenyou releas ea cloud ofthoughts aroundyou you are lost intoit. every vibe of the mother was conveyed to you.You are hiding behindyour thoughts. Then nobody can see the octopus. Misunder standing comes only when thinking comes in..With ashockyouarecutofffromthemind.Butwhenorgasm comes there is no union there is have started interpreting. Thenyou cannot relateandnobody can rel atetoyou.whenyouaremakinglovetoawomanortoa man.Sothe firstthingTantrasays is thatyouhavetolearnthe languageof orgasm. Aconsciousnesshasnopast.Again.I amhere present. inthe wombofyourwoman orin thewombofyour man. Notexactly totally new. The moment you think. Itis simply lostin i tsown created releasesblackink aro und itself. the duality is lost.Amindisjustpastandnothingelse.CHAPTER 9. Youmustknow aboutthe octopus.youagain relate. Itis impossibleto relatetoamind. Whenthe octopuswantstohide. againyou relate you relateina totally newway.andyoubringyourpast.Yourt houghts comefromyourpast. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING Thedayyou become silent again.Againyouarebackinthewomb..itisitssafety measure. Whenyoustartmakinglovetoawoman.youcan relateonlytoa consciousness. What happens in that deep .I ama statement herenow. what happens?Forafewseconds itisvery rare. The momentyou think. Thatistheway:asyou relatedwithyour motherinherwomb everyvib e was conveyed to the mother. How canyou misunderstand somebody without thinking ? Canyou? Canyou misunderstand me if you don t think about me? How canyou misunderstand? And how canyou understand me i fyou think? Impossible.itis becomingevenrarer andrarer as man isbecomingmoreandmore civilized forafew secondsagainyouarenomoreinthemind.a cloudofblack ink. no misunderstanding existed between you and your mother. Again thereis u nity not union.

Ifyouarenotavoidingtheother. When two lovers are really in deep harmony. when their vibes are just synchronizing with each ot her. then thereis silence.itbecomesveryembarrassing. The language of love is silent. We haveforgotten thatlanguage and that language has to be learnt again. or thinkin termsof whenyou a re again lostintothewombofyourbeloved. in w hat Carl Jung used to call synchronicity.ifyouarenot talking. Loversfall silent.Itisonly husbands and wives who talk.thepre sence TheTantra Vision.Itisthe languageoftheguts.Andforafew secondsmindsimplydoesnotwork! Those moments of no-mind areyour glimpses into Samadhi. Love is the language. glimpses of Satori.So either thinkin termsof whenyouwerein thewombofyour mother.itisthe languageofyourverybeing . Infact.the husbandandwife cannotkeep silence becauselanguageisthewaytoavoidthe o ther.Vol1 155 Osho .thenlovers don tliketo ta lk. glim pses of God.. peak experience? Tantra remindsyou again and again that whatsoever happens in that peak moment is the language to relatewithexistence. when they are both vibratingonthe samewavelength.

The bodyis born outof themuladhar. the language of theguts. Muladhar means the base.CHAPTER 9. Anything will do.itisawaytoavoid.Butasyoumovedeeperandhigher. the birth center.. In thatrippleless lakeofyour consciousness. the language of the heart. and he says: Abraham?I am before Abrahameverwas. languagewon tdo.Itisawordlessm essage. svadhisthan whereyouexistreally. Whenyou die. Whenyou die the body disappears. the root. utter silence. JUSTTHEOTHERDAY.Your motherandfathe r havegivenyoua certain mechanism thatistakenawayin death.Indeath? y es. they are lost in the cloud. the language of each other s presence. Thenext cha kra was svadhisthan: it means the abode of the self it is the death chakra. It is a verystrange name togivetothedeathchakra: abodeoftheself. then there is no problem.youhaveexistedalways. The body dies. Whenyouareindeeploveyouma y hold the handofyour beloved. what he thinks about the prophet Abr aham.but theyrelease the ink around themselves. Whatsoeverhasbeengivenbythemuladharistakenawayby svadhisthan.the come toyour pureexistence because only that dies whichyou are no t. Butyou? youexistedeven beforeyourfatherandmotherhadknowneach other. It is from your mother smuladharandyourfather smuladhar thatyouhave attainedto thisbody.Italked abouttwo *chak-ras:MULADH AR chakra and SVADHISTHAN chakra. Tantra says one has to learn the language of love.I was talking aboutthe chakras. The husband and wife immediately release their ink. .bu tyou? no. We have learnt a language which is not existential. Jesus says somebody asks him about Abraham.butyou willbesilent. Languageisnotawayto relate moreorless. of course. notaripple.of course. oryou can call it the life center. We have learnt an alien lang uage utilitarian.butasfaras higherexplorationof cons ciousnessis concerneditisa barrier.. somethingis conveyed. It is the sex cen ter. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING of the other.fulfillsa certainpurpose. the language of silence. It is from muladhar that you are born. On thelowerlevelitis okay in the marketplaceof course you needa certain language: silencewon tdo.

Itisexactlythe centerthatinJapanisknownas HAR A. Theycalleditsvadhisthanbecause when you die thenyou know whoyou are.isbeautiful. Hindushave beengreatexplorersofthe consciousness.butthat whichhasbeencomin g from eternity. Die in love andyou will know whoyou are. Die to the past andyou willknow whoyou are.Abrahamexisted almosttwo thousand..andhesays:Iamb efore Abraham was! What is he talking about? Asfar as bodies are concerned. Die in meditation andyou willknow whoyou are. This name. Die to t he mind and youwillknowwhoyouare. how can he be before Ab raham? He is not talking about the body he is talking about I-am-ness. This svadhisthantakesonlythatwhichhasbeengivenbythemuladhar.Vol1 156 Osho . his purebeing. TheTantra Vision. three thousandyearsbeforeJesus. Deathisthewaytoknow.your consciousness.. svadhisthan. That s why inJapan suicide is called HARAKIRI to die or to killyourself through the har a center. that is eternal.isnottakenaway.

don t be soft. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING In ancientdaysinIndia. emotions. tears and smiles. These are the glory of life hence the chakra is called manipura. behard. These two centers have been very much poisoned by the society.Be hard!At leastshow thatyou are hard. and the seventh is SAHASRAR . laughter.Ifyouarealsobornandyoudie. Createfear aroundyou. the disciple has to die in the Master. Don t showyour human limitations. re . Repress the third center andyou becomea soldier. don t b e vulnerable! otherwiseyou willbeexploited. they never go beyond them. crying.CHAPTER 9.isthe centerofallyour sentiments. emotions.afalse man. These are the cen ters easily availabletothesociety. It means the diamond life is valuable because of senti ments. All other animals exist with only two chakras: muladhar and svadhisthan.Beyondthesetwoarefivemore centers. We have been taught to repress sentiments. Only man is capable of having THIS precious diamond. Don t laugh.. Don tweep ifyouweepyou show thatyou are afra id yourself.atleastpreten d thatyou are dangerous. Pretend thatyou are perfect. We have been taught sentimentality does not pay be practical.youarean animal you are not manyet.manipura. And many.thef ourth is ANAHATA. an armyman Muchworkis doneinTantrato relax this third center. The third center. natur ally. the diamond chakra. Tears are a certain dimension which is available to man only.Wegoonrepre ssingour emotions in the manipura. The bea uty of tears. thatyou are nota soft being. Life is valuable because of all these things . bec auseifyou laughyou cannot createfear aroundyou. millions of people exist only with these two chakras.theMasterwascalledTHEDEATH becauseyouhavetodieintheMaster. nota manbuta soldier . Animals cannot laugh.Thethirdis MANIPURA. only then does he come to know who he i s.. betweenthetwothereisnothingmuch. They are bo rn and theydie. the sixth is AJNA. the beauty of laughter. We have been taught not to be sentime ntal. the fifth isVISUDDHI. theycannot cryeither. the poetry of tears and the poetry of laughter is available to man only. Emotionshavetobe relieved.

You can talkfor hours anditwon t do.Vol1 157 Osho . butyourfacewill show just the opposite. your emotions..You cannotevenbringa single tear more thanis needed.Youhavetodr op this nonsenseof cannot exaggerate. TheTantra Vision.Alittle laughter. Be authentic. so if you allow the third centeryou will relax inyour tense mind more easily. andyou cannot la ugh more than is needed. And remember.youhavetolearnexpression becauseonlythroughyoursentim ents.andatearcansayall. andyou need n ot say anything the laughtersaysall.a real authentic laughter.laxed.Whenyouseeyourfriend. It is against thinking. your sensitivity.. sens itive. crymore. The third center has to be made more and more available.Youcangoonsaying. touch more.flasheswithjoy. do you come to that vibration through which com munication is possible.and nothingissaid. feel more. When youfeellikecryingyouhavetocry.yourfacebeams.thisand that.butatearrollsdown onyour cheek andeverythingis cannotdo more thanisneeded. and don t be miserly.Atear can say much more. Iamveryhappy.whenyoufeellikelaughingyouhaveto laugh. laugh more. So don t be afraid. Haveyounotseenit?Youcansay asmuchasyouwant.

The heart is hidden deep behin d the lungs.Itistheplacefrom wherelovearises.Andif somebodygoesongivingyou more ice-cream.Itisjustlikeyouliked ice-cream.CHAPTER 9.Youlikeawoman. Language is strucksound. we have to create it with our vocal chords. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING Tantra allows life all its emotions.Youhave notevenbeenallowedtogointotherealmoftheheart.Wemoveinsuchawayinourbeing asiftheheartdoesnotexist or. just asyou like icecream.And sentimental love belongs to the third center.wehavebypassedit. called anahata iful.youhaveeatenit nowy oudon t lookatthe ice-creamatall. love has more validity than sentiments.youlovedher.Intheheart thereisnoword.Itisthe c enter of the soundless sound. the heart center. Love is not just sentimental. and the nextdayitis go ne andyoucallitlove. not to thefourth. The heartis like a crossroads.asifitisjustapumping mechanismforbreathing.Itisa sentiment:youlikedthewoman liked. The heart is just e centers below it.lowerrungsofthe ladder.theydon thaveanycapacitytostaylong. remember. That swhyloveisnotasentimen t. Onedayyoufallinlove witha man orawoman. ANAHATA means unstruck soundit means exactly what Zen people mean when ar the sound of one hand clapping? unstruck sound. that s all. The lungs are not the heart. they cannotstaylong. Itwasa like.atthemost. or from the higher to the lower. And it isnotphysical either.not loved itwas a like . thesearethethreelowe The word is beaut they say. andfinished!thelikeis finished. three centers above it. likes are mo mentary. Love has more depth than sentiments. Sentiments are momentary.youwillsay .itiswordless. Likes come and go.Itisnotlove.Youhavenotbeentaughttobeheartful. the sentiment of love is mis understood as the experienceoflove. Wehaveavoidedtheheart completely. becauseitisverydangerous. it is the non-linguistic center unstruck sound. And the heart is the door from the er. Thesearethethreelower centers lower. it has to be struck it is two hands clapping. More or less. It is not. Then comes the fourth center.notinanysenseofevaluation r centers. The heartis onehand clapping. Doyou he in the middle: thre lower to the high Andthehearthasbeen completelybypassed.

Vol1 158 Osho . Never misunderstand likingforlove. Likingis notlove. they heara continuous chanting inside their being which sounds like aum. otherwiseyour whole lifeyou willbe justa driftwood.isverysignificant.indeep orgasm. Andtheheartcenteristhe centerfromwherethe soundlesssoundarises. Thatisagreat discovery.againyouare related throughtheheart. Thefourth center. in prayer... never will intimacy grow. Itwas throughtheHEARTthatyouwere relatedtoyour mother .becauseitisin the heartthatfor t he first timeyou were relatedtoyour mother.Yes. Now it is nauseating stop!Icannot take any more.Indeeplove. the same happens: you are related with exist ence through the heart heart-to-heart. Haveyou ever heard anythinglikea chantingwhichgoesonbyitself notthatyouDOit.. TheTantra Vision.not throughthe will hear OMKAR.itisa dialogue heart-to-heart.AUM. the anahata.not through the head.Ifyourelaxintothe heart center.Itis non -linguistic. Those whohave entered th e will be drifting from one person to another. nothead-to-head. In meditation.

Mohammed heardtheKoran he heardit happening will startfeeling.You are simply silent. Don t be afraid! What has happened?Tell me! His wife was the first Mohammedan Khadija was her name.Itwassoweird!Whensuddenly. it is not thatyou repeat aum.andyou can createa mental substitutefortheheart.CHAPTER 9. That isexactly what happens at the innermost core ofyour heart. He really became disturbed. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING That swhyI amnotinfavourof mantras..agreatfeverhas cometome. there is a certain sound. You cangoon chanting aum..Itisa deception.youh earit. That is the meaning when Mohammedans say that Mohammed HEARD the Koran that is t he meaning. hehad ahighfever. l don t thi nk it is a fever Ithink God hasblessedyou.You are simply quiet.Itisthe soundofyour inner silence.Andyouca ngoon chantingforyears. One day. Areyou going mad? Mohammedwas sitting ona hilltop whenheheard it. it was so unfamiliar. whenyou havefallen silent. AmI going mad? You are not saying it.Toknowtheheartyouarenottochantaum youhavejusttobesilent.Agreat silencehasfal lenover the house.that on a very. The story says that he becameill.Youhearit you don tsayit. aum. Even his wife started hearing something. aum. She said to Mohammed.Agracehas entered withhiminthe house. He came back home don tsayasingleword.No.ifonedayyoustarthearing in side aum.sittinginyourroom.suddenlyit startsflowing.ex actly like.afirewithsome thing tremendously beautiful. very much deeperlevela soundarisesinyou. suddenly the mantra is there. Just as in a silent night. aum.itis there.Oneday. suddenlyyou hear the so und is coming fromnowhere. It was so unknown.Hewas really puzzle d. aum. Justbring allthebl ankets and coverme!Ihaveneverhadsucha trembling.Itisarisingoutofyoufromthe innermost core. She was the first conver . nobody else is saying it.Itisnotgoingtohelp. the sound of the silence. Not tha tyou say it: youhearit. It arises let me remindyou again and again it is not thatyou bring it in. He told his wife.he had never heard anything like this. or ANYTHING.andyou can createafalse sound withinyourselfasifyour heartis sp eaking it isnot. Buthiswife couldsee thathisfacewas illuminated: Whattypeoffeveristhis?Hiseyesareburning. An ditbursts forthlikeaspring. per spiring.

At this center of the heart. I can SEE.very much afraidof what shewould think.but she become conv erted she was the first Mohammedan.Tellmewhyyou aresomuchworriedand hear.youhave takena shortcut. The shortcut simply goes fr om the third centeravoiding thefourth.for the holy scriptureswehaveaword. something has happened toyou.andthe soundofrunning wateris there mantra.Maybeitisne w. That simply meansyouhaveavoidedthe heart. She said. Thefourthisthe most dangerous center becauseitis the c enter outof TheTantra Vision. butyou tell me. In India. thewordis SHRUTI S HRUTI means that which has been heard. anahata chakra. And Mohammed told her. Thewaterfa llis there.youhavebypassed. Hindus saytheVedaswere recitedbyGod Himself. Ithas happened so omkar. Butyou have not heard anyt hing insideyou no sound. God has happened toyou. It simply means that they were heard. something is flo wing from yourheartallovertheplace.Vol1 159 Osho .Youhave become luminous!Youhaveneverbeenlikethis somethin g extraordinaryhas have taken some other route.

AndTantrasays:Onlyspeakwhenyouhave cometothefifth centerviathefourth onlyspeak through love. afterlovehas happened there is purity and innocence never before it. Veryfew people cometothe fifth center. Beforeityouwe reaslave. When that chakra starts. Love is nectar. AndTantra says through loveyou will cometo know thisfo urth center. They speak andyet they speak not. And the sixth chakra is AJNA ajna means order. Visuddhi meanspurity. Somewhere a Christ.CHAPTER 9. It cleanses a ll poisons.the soundof one h and clapping. then you are allowed to speak. The beauty of even their words is tremendous what to sayabout their silence? Even their words carry silence. a Saraha. . so how can they come to the fifth? It is very canbe pouredeven intoword s. That chakra is completely dead . Only love purifies AND only love nothin g else purifies.Iftheminddoesnotavoidit. WhenyouHAVEit. otherwise don t speak ! What is point of speaking? Ifyouhave come through the heart and ifyou have heard God spe aking there orGodrunning therelikeawaterfall. Certainly. The fifth centeris calledVISUDDHI. This is thefourth center.adance. thenyourwordshaveafragrance. Speak through compassion.veryrarely becausetheydon t cometothefourthe ven.ifyouhave heardthe soundofGod. Even the ugliest person in love becomes beautiful.the n there will be no possibilityfor doubt. Withthe sixth chakra.but that is not visuddhi. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING whichtrustisborn. thenyourwordshav ea musictothem. They say and t hey say the unsayable. whatsoeveryou utterissheerjoy. never beforeit. they come to the fifth. otherwise don t speak. then your throat center can convey the message.faithisborn. Mind lives through doubt. absolute purity. the ineffable.Then whatsoeveryousayispoetry. It is th e throat center. then something canbe pouredeven intowords. Andthemindhastoavoidit.yourwordshave honeyin them. the becomethe master. With the sixth chakrayou are in o rder. a Buddha .neverbeforeit. You also use the throat. So the fifth chakra is called visuddhi visuddhi means purity.

With the fifth chakra all impurities disap becomea lotus. and thenyou have will soyou cannot harm throughyour will.amessenger. whatsoeveryou saywill happen. Infact.Your sahasrarhas opened. sahasrar. because this is the last.but thenyou entera totally differentw orld.your lotusisin fullbloom. because the ego disappears at the fourth. Whenyour ene rgy movestotheseventh. Beyond thisis the seventh. the checkpost. In the world. The seventh is SAHASRAR SAHASRAR means one-thousand-petalled lotus. TheTantra Vision. With thefourth chakra ego disappears. whatsoeveryou desire will hap pen.Withthe sixthchakra.neverbeforeit. The sixth is the last boundaryline. Nowyou attract bees from the whole eart h. Veryrarely does a person come to this sixth chakra. This lotus is Nirvana.Nowyouneednotgotoanyotherflowerfor honey now other bees start coming toyou. all impurities disappear at the fifth. instrumental.But thereisaparadox init.Beforeit. thisis the last. Nowyouhave will becauseyou are not now God s will isyour will.Vol1 160 Osho . justavehicle. Now you are the purest being.willexistsnot. it is no moreyour will: it is God s will. in a way. oreven sometimes from other planets bees start comingtoyou.a separate reality. With the sixth chakrayouhavewill.

it is vulnerable. thenyougointothehead. and very cold.nowindblowing thatisthe metaphorfor consciousness. ITTAKESASICETHESHAPEAND willnever cometo that cloudednessof thoughts. Desires are a de sert.Ithasflowandithaslifeandithas dynamism. Desiresblocklife. It is soft like roseflowers.. winter means when desires have arisen. Thisis theTant raphysiology.itisnotblocked.Now.theydon thelplif e. ASILENTLAKE WITHOUTANY RIPPLESisthe metaphorforconsciousness a silentlake without any ripples. IN WINTER. With the seventh lifeis born lifeeternal.CHAPTER 9. From the lowest life is born life of the body and the se nses. silent. notof the body. Whycall them winter ? When desires arise you are in a cold desert land. ITTAKES (AS ICE) THE SHAPE AND TEXTURE OFAROCK.but nothing is disturbed the lake is stirring.Ifyouavoidthefourt hchakra. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING The lowest is muladhar. WHEN THE DELUDED AREDISTURBED BY INTERPRETATIVE THOUGHTS. flowing. peaceful. This is the state of consciousness. when desires have arisen in you. Itis notaphysiologyof the medical books.Please don t lookforitin the medical books itis not there. it is not like rock. notofthe senses. IN WINTER STILLWATER BY THE WIND IS STIRRED. THATWHICH IS AS YET UNPATTERNED TURNS VERYHARD AND SOLID. there is no fulfillment in them. meditate on each word: . Thelake is liquid. So Saraha says: WHEN IN WINTER. Saraha says in WINTER listen to each word.waves.. Ifyou move thisway. Itisa metaphor..itisawayof speaking.tobein thoughts means not to be in trust. tobe thinking means not to be looking. It canflowinanydirection. Theynever come to anyfruition it is a dese rt land.. because theynever are fulfilled.Nolifeflows through desires.. Now the sutras: WHEN (IN WINTER) STILLWATER BY THE WIND IS STIRRED. that is the c limate of .tobeinthehead meansnottobeinlove..coldlike death. it is not hard. Itisamaptomake things understandable. Theydelude you.

thoughts will come fromeverydirection. and thoughts come. Now.. STILL WATER BY THE WIND IS STIRRED. So when there is desire. thoughts cannot come. WHEN IN WINTER STILLWATER BY THE WIND IS STIRRED.fulloflust.and thena car passesbyanda desirehasarisen:youwouldliketohave this car. a thousand and one thoughts. ambition.Vol1 161 Osho . winds willblow upon the lakeof consciousness.winter.. Infact. immediately they are there. Winds are coming. Unlessyou desire. And desireiscold.andthoughtsgoon stirringthelake. a thousand an d one thoughts from every direction. becoming. Desire invites thought. that is the symbol for wind. st ormy winds are coming. TheTantra Vision.Justa momentbeforetherewasnotasin gle thought... Just sta rt a desire and immediatelyyouwillseethoughtshavestartedcoming.Youareinadesire state.and thoughtsarise. desiresinvite thoughts.

mind is rocklike.Hewilllose solidity that strue butnot identity.He fightsalleffortstomakehim liquid. Mm? then the lake starts becoming frozen.You canpourwaterintoany vessel:itwilltaketheshapeofthevesse l. The mind and consciousness are not two things but two states. Whenyou are flowing. rocklike. childlike. and theice canbe melted again throughlove. It becomes frozen. Thelakeisunpatterned. armoring himself . it simply disappears it goes into the unmanifested.mindislikeice itisthe samething.whenitevapo rates. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING ITTAKESASICETHESHAPEAND TEXTUREOFAROCK.You cannotevenseeitnow. cessation. Work starts immediately. WHEN THE DELUDED AREDISTURBED BY INTERPRETATIVE THOUGHTS. These are three states of wa ter. two phases of the same phenomenon. flowing. Mind means ice. This is what in Tantra is called the are likea dead rock. Nirvana means evaporation.butthatsolidityisbringing miseryand nothingelse. he does not resist. Meditate over it. Whenyou are .his surrender is simple . Two types of people come to me: one who comes like water. And the third stage is when water evaporates and becomes invisible and disappear s that is Nirvana. consciousness means liquid water.The samewaterbeco mes ice.Itisverydifficulttogivehim liquidity. Consciousnessislikewater. THATWHICH IS AS YET UNPATTERNED TURNS VERYHARD AND SOLID. Nothing can flowerinyou. andyou canno t flow.hewilllosethe id entitythat have energy.But you cannot pour ice into anyvessel: it will resist. throughwarmth. No need to waste time.Hei safraidhemay losehisidentity. like ice. it will fight. withfear.CHAPTER 9. Whenyou are solid. and these are three states of mind too. he is protecting himself. Then he is like ice. It starts becoming solid. T hen somebody comes withgreat resistance.veryinnocent. It loses canbe melted ag ain and will become water. Consci ousness is like water. Consciousness is liquid. When you are have juice.Waterisliquid.butyoucansee.

becausedownthecentur ies we have been taught to have characters. Whenyou have become frozen. Be without character that swhatTantrasays. WHEN THE DELUDED AREDISTURBED BY INTERPRETATIVE are no more part of thisgreat flow. character meansa certainenforced discipline. Be more and more in the state of unpatternedness.flowing. unstructuredness. dead. Character means to have a rigid structur e. youhave a re partof God. Character meansyou a reno more free youonlyfollow certainrules. frozen.Itisveryhard.younevergobeyond are creative. TheTantra Vision.Aman of character is a solid man. Be mindful.evento understand. character meansthe past.Youhaveasolidity.Vol1 162 Osho .youhave becomea small island. THATWHICH IS AS YET UNPATTERNED TURNS VERYHARD AND SOLID.Whenyou are are n o more part of thisgreat ocean. Whenyou are flowing.

MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING Tantra says: Drop character.that can depend on him too. The saint has a character.Butwhenyou don thaveanycharacter. WhatTantra meansbycharacterlessnessis freedom from character the characterof the saint and the character of the sinner..andavery.Givehimtheopportunityandhewilldo somethingwrong he has a character. live moment-to-moment.nojailhasever curedanybody. both makeyou solid like rocks.thereisnoneedtobeawake. and again the character wins over and he is defeated. that he is characterless... When you use that word characterless you are not using it rightly . more flowing.whenyou don thaveanyhardstructure aroundyou. The sinner has a character. imprisoninga person..butnothingelse. Maybe it is against the socie ty. jaili ngaperson.Maybeyouwon tbeabletocatchhim soeasilynexttime. You don t have an y freedom.againhe comes out. Giv e him the . Each momentyou have to respond to the new situation. A man who has no character. The moment he comes out of the jail he starts thinking. he has a cha need notbeaware character takes care. so does the sinner they both have characters. so has the saint. Each momentyou have to see whatyou a re doing.verystubborncharacter. and I am not using the word in the same sense as when you use it about somebody. otherwise. because whomsoever you call characterless has a CHARACTER. What to do now? Again heisthrowninthejail. but he hasa character.youjustgivehim morecleverness.Athousandand one times he thinks not to drink any more. be fluid. Can tyousee? adrunkardhasacharacter. ice. You cal l the sinner characterless because you want to condemn his character. W henyou can live througha character.CHAPTER have to be alert each moment. He has a past but no future. You can depend on him: give him the opportunity andhe will steal hehasacharacter.Buthehasacharacter . Whenyou live t hrougha character.Infact.thecharacterwill continu eina mechanicalform. It d oes not mean irresponsibilityit meansgreater responsibility becauseitmeansgreaterawareness.makeshimeven moreclever. A man of character is a dead man.

Acharacter becomes an alibi:you need not live. the known. Sarahawassayingtotheking:Sir. Lookatme!NowIdon tfollowany rules Ifollowmyawarene ss.I amacharacterless person. The society cre ates a conscience inyousothatyouneednothaveanyconsciousness.Iliveoutofit.Vol1 163 Osho . the wellpractised you areskilledinit.Ifanew situationarisesyoucannot respondinanewway rewardsyouifyoufollow. Conscience is character and conscience is a trickof the society. I don t have any discipline I have only my consciousness. My only sh elter is my consciousness. It makesyoua robot.Itmakesyoufollowcertainrulessuchalong time..I punishesyouifyou don tfollow..apunditinthe court?Youwanttoputmebackintomypast?Ihave droppedou t ofit. be without character. Look at me. Characterlessness is freedo m. how canyou respondina newway?Youhaveto respondin the oldway. Onceit TheTantra Vision.can tmoveeasily. Tantra says: Be characterless.Idon thaveanyconscience myconsciousnessismyonly shelter. The old.Youwanttoputmebackintomyold solid ity ofbeinga scholar.

no interpr etativethoughts.itcanbefreeofyou thenyoucanbetrusted:you willbeaslaveyour wholelife. no analytical thoughts.whenthemindisnot philosophizingbutjustis.. There i s nothing tofear you have nothing to lose. n or canmy mad activities pollute me nothing can pollute me! I am beyond pollution. becauseno thought can createarippleinme Ihaveno d esire. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITSVERYBEING CAN NEVER BE POLLUTED BY SAMSARA S OR NIRVANA S IMPURITIES. SAYS SARAHA: MIND IMMACULATE..Butithas killedyou.Youareno moreaflow.! Exist without thinking. Not even Nirvana can pollute me! What to say about Samsa ra? This arrowsmithwoman cannot pollute me. when the mind has no thoughts that is when the m ind is pure consciousness.. THOUGH IT HAS LUSTER. Let life flow throughyou without anyfear. when the mindisa silent lake without any ripples. neither can this cremationgroundpollute me. it is not possible. I am no more in a state . Let life flow throughyou. Nothing can pollutemeany more. sir. AND it isgoing to take it anyway. Idon t have any identity any more. Ihave dropped out of all patter ns. AndSarahasays:You thinkIhave become impuresoyouhave cometohelpmeandbringmeto the world of the pure people? I am now in an immaculate state of mind. sit. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITSVERYBEING CAN NEVER BE POLLUTED BY SAMSARA S OR NIRVANA S IMPURITIES. sitting.Ilivein the moment.. Let li fe flow throughyou without anyblocks of thoughts. Saraha says to the king: I am unstructured. Tantra says:Walking. That s why a tremendous saying he says: .CHAPTER 9. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING hasmadethe mechanismof conscienceinyou. APRECIOUS JEWEL DEEP IN MUD WILL NOTSHINE.Ithasputa conscienceinyoujustasif Delgadohadputanelec trode inyou.. so there is nothing morea dynam ism. POLLUTED BY SAMSARA S OR NIRVANA S IMPURITIES..itisa subtleelectrode.. being. There is nothing tofear because death will take only t hat which birth has given toyou.walk. I am no m ore solid ice.

You can desire God. it is impure. it is impure. You can desire power. You c an desire money.Idon t desireeven Nirvana.where pollution is possible. You TheTantra Vision. Even Nirvana cannot pollute me! What does he mean when he says even Nirvana. Desire IS impure WHAT you desire is irrelevant. even Nirvana s impurities ? Saraha is say ing: I don t desire theworld.Vol1 164 Osho . To desire is to be impure. it is impure.

KNOWLEDGE SHINESNOTIN THEDARK.your lake willbe stirred.. SoSarahasays: Nothingcanpolluteme don tbeworriedaboutme. . then winds startblowing. you have will become solid. where impurity is not possible. and fl owis God.Ihave attained to a point. THOUGH IT HAS LUSTER. Truth is not an experience: truth is experiencing.CHAPTER 9. Desire is impure hatyou desire is meaningless. maybeit will not shine.itisyour being. and flowis Nirvana. Ifyou start thinking how to attain to Nirvana. desire! the object does not matter. anydirt. Once the climate of cold winter is there .you willbeinviting can become polluted buttruthisexperiencing.You will lose the flow and flowis life. Says Soren Kierke gaard: Truth is subjectivity.. Itisyou. If truth is like an object. the desire.Ih aveattained to that precious jewelness. It will still be the same precious jewel . If tr uth is some experience. how to become Enlightened. W The moment desire comes. into dirtymud. thoughts come.itisyourinnermost consci ousness.but now dirtymud cannot make me dirty.Ihavecometoapoint. how can you lose it? Once you have known. it is impure. Amoment comes whenyou look intoyourself andyou seeyour transcendental consciousn ess. SUFFERING DISAPPEARS (ATONCE).butit c annot lose its preciousness it will still have luster. Truth is not an object of awa reness: truth is awareness. Againyouwill startbecoming fro zenin pieces. You can throw me intomud. but if tru th is you. APRECIOUS JEWEL DEEP IN MUD WILL NOTSHINE. I have become a precious jewel now I have understood who I am! Nowyou can throw thisjewel into any mud. dead. then nothing can polluteyou. Truth is not outside: truth is your interiority. then there is no going back. rocklike. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING can desire Nirvana.BUT WHEN THEDARKNESS IS ILLUMINED. you can get it and lose it.

the darkness of ego..Youhav e towaitforthe future. Onceyou stop creatingthis ink aroundyou. Otherreligionssayyou willhavetowait. thisblackcloud aroundyou. Because of willhave towaitfor the LastJudgementDay wheneverything willbe reckoned with what goodyouh ave done. the darkness of the mind. Christianitysays.yourinnermostjewelshinesnot.Judaismsays. Islamsays. whatbadyouhavedone and thenyou willberewardedor punished accordingly.Vol1 165 Osho . TheTantra Vision.SAYS SARAHA: KNOWLEDGE SHINES NOT IN THE DARK. otherwiseitisalampo flight..fortheJudgementDay. agreatliberatingmessage. the darkness of a structured being. then there is illumination. AndSUFFERING DISAPPEARSATONCE!ThisistheTantra message. the darkness of thoughts a thousand and one thoughts the darkness thatyou go on creating aroundyourself like an octopus.

at once! It does not take even a split second. And then things start changing. Youhave not donea nything. Then the seed is broken. So Tantra says you have not done anything good or bad. This is tremendously beautiful! Tantra says: You have not done anything God is t he bal ance it. Tantra says. all suffe ring stops immediately.goodandbad tosortitout. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING Hindus.ifyouhav e beena sinner.badkarmahast o bedroppedandgoodkarmahastobeevolved. is ego. that swhyyou a re suffering. that s all.He will judge that isHis business. eternally pure.CHAPTER 9. For millionsoflivesyouhavebeendoing millionsofthings. Tantrais liberating. that single moment of inner vision and suffering disappears because suf fering had never reallyexisted. The closed seed. The Christian and the Judaic and the Mohammedan Judgement Day is easier: at leas t you will nothaveto reckon witheverythingyouhave done.It willtake time .Youwillhavetowaitforthattoo. unpollute dbySamsara or Nirvana.Itisnot becauseyouhavedonebadkarmas. dr op the bad.itwasHiswillyouhavenotdoneanything. it is univers al will. neither good nor bad.The momentyoulookinto yourself. Once you have seen that vision of your pure consciousness. This has to be looked int o.Itwasa nightmare. will take millions of lives. thebrokenseedis egolessness.Tantra saysyou aresuffering becauseyou are dreaming.itwasHis will. But Jainism and Hinduism say you have to look into your bad karmas.Youputtheseedintheearth:it cannotgrow unlessitdisapp .Tantrasays: SUFFERING DISAPPEARSATONCE.Howcanyoudo?Youarenotseparate from Him how canyoudo?You don t have anyseparate will it isHis will. SHOOTS GROWFROM THESEED AND LEAVES FROM THE SHOOTS. it seems. You have to seeyour innermost consciousness it is pure. replace it with good that too.Jainsand otherssayyouhaveto balanceyourbad actswithgood acts. The Wholeisthe doer how canyoudoanything?Ifyouhave beena saint. God willtake care. it is going to be impossible.

The last sutra: HE WHO THINKS OF THEMIND IN TERMS OF ONE OR MANY. CASTSAWAYTHE LIGHT AND ENTERS THEWORLD. no-mind. Once th e seed is broken.ears. The Master is the earth and the disciple is the seed. hidden behinditisthepossibilityofgrowth. no-desires. Then flowers come flowers are SATCHITANAND: being. once broken. Samadhi. becomes egolessness. consciousness. unlessit breaks. utter disappearance into existence.dies. The seed. illumina tion.toallowittodi sappear. truth . Satori. And then the fruit the fruit is Nirvana.Egoislikeanegg. everythingfollows. TheTantra Vision.Vol1 166 Osho . Theonlythingtobedoneistoputtheseedintothe earth. Then shoots come shoots are no-thoug hts. Then leaves come leaves are knowing. experiencing.

Mindis duali stic.Say divine andyouhave divided youhave said profane . and he was praising Ramakrishna very highly. they come in one package. The world is a rainbow. mind is dialectical: it thinks in terms of thesis. Youaresimplygreat youhave . MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING INTOA(RAGING) FIRE HEWALKS WITH OPEN EYES WHO COULD BE MORE DESERVING OF COMPASSION? HE WHO THINKS OF THEMIND IN TERMS OF ONE OR MANY. they are not separate.Howcanyousay God withoutaDevil there?Theygotogether. Themind divides.andbecomesarainbow. anger is present.italwaysthinksintermsofduality. Mind divides. A man came once to Ramakrishna. HE WHO THINKS OF THEMIND IN TERMS OF ONE OR MANY. You say beautiful andyou have said ugly too. The momentyou talk about compassion.afalsething theworldisafalsething. indivisibly one. It isyour choice. hate is present. Thinkingislikeaprism.It cannotseethewhole. The momentyou tal k about love. How canyou say beautiful ifyou don t know wha uglinessis?Youhave divided. charityis present. antithesis.Or.ifyou thinkin concepts. through the prism of the mind.Talk about charityandgreedis pres ent theygo together.CHAPTER 9. Then what to do? Mind has to be put aside.yes. But the mind continuo usly creates that. dual or non-dual. and reality is one. mindislikeaprism :a pure white rayenters into the prism and is divided into seven colors a rainbow i s born.andhewassaying. Push away the prism and let the white light. the oneness of existence penetrateyour being.IT DIVIDES..Say God andyouhave proposedaDeviltoo.youhave enter ed theworld you have cast awaythe light.theoppositeis present. There are only two possibilities: either cast awayth e mind or cast awaythe light. one single rayof light. and he was touching Ramakrishna sfeetagainandagain. Don t look through the prism. Through the mind. Ifyou thinkof one or many. one single ray oftruth enters.. CASTSAWAYTHE LIGHT AND ENTERS THEWORLD. THINKINGISALWAYS DIVISIVE. The momentyou ta lk about greed.

TheTantra Vision. Wait!Youaregoingtoofar thetruthisjusttheopposit e.Vol1 167 Osho . Ihavenot renouncedanything youhave renounced. The man said.How can Ibe calledgreat?No.a thousandand onegreedsare there. What doyou mean? Ramakrishnasaid.renouncedtheworld.Youaresuchagreatman!Howmuchyouhave renounced! Ramakrishna listened.laughedandsaid.I amveryambitious. Areyou kidding?Ihave renounced?I amaWORLDLY man Iindulgein youmustbe joking.Youareagreatman! The man said.I amvery money-oriented.

Certainly.. Mahavir.or renounc ethelight and choosethemind itIsuptoyou.doyouthinkyouareenjoying?Youarejustinaragingfire. Thereareonlytwo possibilities:either renouncethemindandchoosethelight. Saraha theyha ve not renounced. renouncedthe world. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING And Ramakrishna said.CHAPTER 9.Ihave chosen the Precious One.Ihave renounced.and chosen the meaningless.We who arerunning after ordinarystones. Youreyes appeartobeopenbutthey arenotopen. not otherwise. Livingintheworld. Exactly that happened when Buddha left his palace.Itoo agree with Ramakrishna. You think you are compassionate towa rds me. AndIhave renounced the meaningless and chosen thevaluable. and two were th e possibilities beforeyou. No. Youareblind!Youdon tknowwhatyouare doing. HE WHO THINKS OF THEMIND IN TERMS OF ONE OR MANY. Theyhave REALLYenjoyed th eyhave celebratedexistence. Yes. CASTSAWAYTHE LIGHT AND ENTERS THEWORLD.morevaluable..itisI who amfeeling compassionforyou. Youhave chosentheworldand renouncedGod:Ihave chosenGod. you have come to help me. Mohammed.Whoisthereal renouncer?Youhave renouncedthegreater. If there isagreat diamond anda stone. . and he toldhisdriver..youhave chosen the stone and renounced the diamond. Nowyougoback Iamgoingintothejungle. INTOARAGING FIRE HEWALKS WITH OPEN EYES WHO COULD BE MORE DESERVING OF COMPASSION? Saraha says: Sir. Iti sI who am feeling sorryforyou you areafool! INTOARAGING FIRE HEWALKS WITH OPEN EYES. Jesus. There were two possibilities before me. Buddha... infact. theyhave truly indulged..your whole kingdom will think thatway thatthekinghas gonetothe cremati onground: howmuchis his compassionfor Saraha!You thinkyouhave come becauseof compassion? Y ou make me laugh.weare thegreat renoun cers. Theyhave indulged. and left the boundaries of hi s kingdom.Ihave chos en the diamondandrenouncedthe stone andyou callmeagreat man? agreat manof renunciation? Haveyou gone mad?!I am indulging in God.

I amtryingjusttoescapefromthefire. I see there only fire and n othing else.Thewholeworldisburningwithfire andIamnot renouncingit becausethereisnot hing to renounceinit. You are doing something utterlyfoolish! Leaving this beautiful kingdom.a beautiful wife. Sir.No.Idon tseeanypalace!andIdon tsee anyjoythere. this pal ace.Theolddriver said. a ragingfire.I amold enough.I am moreaged thanyourfather listentomy adv ice. Saraha says to the king: TheTantra Vision. all the luxuriesfor which each human being hankers where areyougoing andfor what ? Buddha looked back at that marble palace and he said.Vol1 168 Osho .

sir. because all that is beautiful. the situatio n is just the reverse:Ifeel compassionforyou you are livinginaragingfire. you have come because of compassion to help me? No. TheTantra Vision. all that is good.Vol1 169 Osho .Beware!Be alert!Beawa ke! and get out of it as soon as possible.NomindisthedoorofNirvana. MIND IMMACULATE IN ITS VERY BEING INTOARAGING FIRE HEWALKS WITH OPEN EYES WHO COULD BE MORE DESERVING OF COMPASSION? You think.CHAPTER 9. Tantraisa processofcreating no-mindinyou. is known and experienced only through the no-mind. all that is tr uthful.

you are divine.DEJUNBUNG.I amdrivingyou sane. FIRST. It is not! Prayer is God. THISISWONDERFUL.TOFEEL HIS GRACE.ItisnotaMEANStoanythingelse howcanyouuseit? I can understand the questioner s mind. Not that t he prayer leadsyou towardsthe Divine:inprayerfulnessyou discoveryour divinity.Thisisjustfarout. PRAYER IS NOTUSEFUL not at all. Whenyou are prayerful.itisnotathing.IMEAN. HINGLEDE JIBBITYDANGELYJI. no utility. and the Enlightenment. HINGLEDEJE. The so-called religions have been teaching people that prayer is a means to God. PRAYERTORECEIVE GOD S LOVE.Justa step more.CHAPTER 10 Hingle de jibity dangely ji 30 April 1977 am in Buddha Hall The first question it is from Prabha: Question1 BIPITYJANGDANG DORUNNUN. It is not a commodity. 170 . It is not a MEANS towards an ything to be prayerful is the end in itself. TEACHMEHOWTOPRAY.. You cannotuseit. PRABHA!THISISBEAUTIFUL. Prayer has no use.. The second question: Question2 IS PRAYER USEFUL?IFSO.

Loveisalsoa means.soispraye r.. that is already the case. And only that can be done which is already there. so is meditation all that is impossible to reduce to means has been reduced. Love is useless.the first thing:prayerisnotanyutility. Religion is concerned only with one thing: to know wher e we are! To celebrate this moment is prayer. You cannot contain God. so is prayer.butyou are God. only that can be done whi ch has already happened. Be praye rful. but because it is a joy. To be herenow is prayer. You cannot interpret God. Nothing new can be added. not because throughityouwillarriveanywhere. Throughityouare present: withoutityouare absent.youmakeitugly. Butthisfallacyhaspersisteddownthe centuriesinman smind. And God cannot begrabbed! YOU cannot possess God.CHAPTER 10. nowyou are findingways and means tograb. Ends are beyond economics. Religion is no t concerned at all with reaching somewhere. Recognizeit or not..Youwant God. Thatisa sacrilege!touseprayer. If it is a means.Itisnotagoal somewhereinthe futu re. Be prayerful. Nothing else canbe done aboutit becauseyou ARE God. not withthe means. You ca nnot experience God. You ar e greedy.butTHROUGHITYOUARE!THROUGHITYOUSTARTBEING.youwant tograb God. And don t think in terms of things. He does not understand what he is saying. When you ask: Is prayer useful? you don t understand what the word prayer means.And whosoeverhassaidtoyoutouseprayerhasbeennotonlyirreligi ous but anti-religious. And that s whythe beauty is lost. So. only discovery. not because it has some utility. no t part of religion. The momentyou useprayer.itisa discoveryof the presence that is already there. All means are part of economics. only revelation. realizeit or not . so is meditation. To listen to these . otherwise prayer becomes part of economics. Then what can be done about God? Only one thing: you can be God. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Prayer is not a means. He is talking nons ense. then it is part of economics. It is the end unto itself. Religion is concerned with the end.

the unmanifest. thereis no if .isprayer. Prayerisnotathing.Itisso. teachmehowtopray.theinvisible.Prayer needstrust. To feelthe presenceofpeoplearoundyouisprayer. thenprayer willbeat mostahypothesis. TheTantra Vision.not a theory prayerisanexperience.thenthereisprayer.Itis absolutelyso .Youcannot startbyif. first thing: don t ask Is prayer useful? Andthenthe secondthingyousay: Ifso. andprayeris nota theory. If isnotpartofaprayerfulmind. The VERYbeginning with if is the beginning of doubt.Vol1 171 Osho . Ifyou startby if .birds is prayer.Totouchatreewithloveisprayer. Whenyoucantrusttheunknown. Tolookat a childwithdeep respect. So.Ifyousta rtby if . prayer cannot be taught. Thenprayer willbea theory.withreverenceforlife.

. Gather all the momentsofyour life wh ichwere beautiful they wereall momentsofprayer. and that breeze has not touchedyou whi chis calledlove. But w ithiflove cannot be taught.butithasnoend. Drop ALL ifs.buty our heart will not be there. Don t startby if. you musthavebeenreading romanticpoetry. soyou ask: If thereislove. Science works through ifs: religion does not workthrough ifs. You must have read in some book. thenIwill pray. don t live life throughhypothetical things: If this is so.prayer.Theword love hascometoyou. then teach me love. thenyo ur prayer will alsobe just asif . Haveyou neverexperienced any momentoflove.Ithasa beginning. Thebricksofif arefalse.Itisagreatworld.Itwillbeanempty gesture. then teach us. ONLYthenis therea possibilityofyourever entering into theworld ofprayer. then the spring has not come. You are asking: If there is love.Dropifsandyouw ill be in prayer..Youhavetakenastepinthe wrong direction.... Build thefoundation with cer tainties.Itis oceanic. if there is God. Baseyour templeofprayeron those moments. Let thatbethefoundation. You must have heard somebody else talking about love. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Theverybeginninggoes wrong. with absolute certainties only then. Haveyouneverheldthehand ofa human being and something started flowing fromyou to him and from him toyou? Haveyou neverexperiencedwhentwo human spacesoverlapandflowintoeach other?Haveyounever se en aroseflowerandsmeltthefragranceofit? andsuddenlyyouaretransportedinto anotherworl d? These are moments ofprayer. beatitude? Ihave nevercome acr oss a single humanbeingwhoissopoor. notif.CHAPTER 10. Buthow canyou prayif God is just an if? If God is just as if . IFthere is love? Then nothing has stirred in your heart. The heart is never with ifs.pouringfromeverywhere?Maybefora moment.youwill utterafewwords.Youwillbowdown..buttherehasbeennot a single momentofloveexperience.Haveyounotever listenedtothe silenceofthenight?Have you notever been thrilledbyit? touchedbyit? transformedbyit? Haveyou never seena sun rising on the horizon? Haveyouneverfelt likea deep interrelationship with therising sun? H aveyou notfelt morelifeinyou.

whyit is happening whyshould it be so? The mind is at a loss. because theygo against the logical mind. Now. There was no authentic experience in it... then look in toyour life and find out some certainties about beauty. Theyhappen to the poorest man. So we never take note of them. But we don t take note of them because they are dangerous mom ents. TheTantra Vision.forgetaboutit!Itisjustawhim maybesom e eccentric moment. listeningtoabird. then what will happen to our logical mind? They are veryillogical mome nts. man IS in such a way they are bound to happen. If they are real. maybeyou have gone temporarily mad. Let me repeat: Nobody is so poor.Vol1 172 Osho . The ordinaryhabit of the mind is not to collect them.andsomethingstartssinging withinyou thisisveryillogical. about experiences which go b eyond the mind. The only courseleftforthemindisnottotakenoteofit. theyhappen to everybody. Collect all those. Man is MADE in such a way. it was nothing.You cannot find out how it is happening. about love. Theyhappen. The mind interprets these things like this. IT IS SO! And ifyou have notyetfelt it is so. you were being sentimen tal that s all. just a mood. You were emotional.So please don t say if so .

A philo sopher cannot pray. Onceyou startdenying. which is simply transcendental to the mind. ..For the f irst time youfellinlove withawoman ora man.. Then thereistrust. Hencethe question: If so.. thinker. Johnsonasked. Becauseofthat cheerfulness. But cheerfulnessagainandagaineruptedintomylife cheerfulness . and the w indwas salty andsharp. Johnson.theywilldo butthentherewillbenoif.CHAPTER 10. a thinker cannot pray because all thinking starts with if.Nokinghaseverbeensojoyful.. the old man said. Justthe otherdayIwas reading abouta man. w hichthe mind cannot interpret. Thenitis notahypothesis.averysimple man. and the sunwas showering onyou. was staying with the old man..evenafew. you may be surprised to kno w that when youngIalsotriedtobecomea philosopher.. rememberall those moments. thenyou don thaveany momentsto baseyour prayer life upon. Remember. And prayer starts with trust. andyour heart was churned and stirred. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Thisistheway todeny.Againandagain Itriedhardt o repress it! I like that answer. Ifit could happentoyouwhenyouwerea child.Youwere almostat thetopoftheworld youwerean emperor. all thinking starts with doubt. thatwasthe momentofprayer. And in the m orning when they were taking their tea. My first suggestionis:gointoyourlife. Thenwhat happened?Whycouldyounot becomea philosopher? Themanlaughedandhesaid.averyold man. Andthe Eng lish philosopher.why can tit happentoyounow?Why? Gather those momentsofwonder! whenyouwerethrilled.your firstfriendsh ip.Icouldnotbecomea philosopher. Collect thosetranscendental moments.your firstlove.Thenyoumov e with certainty.andyouwerein tremendousjoy. thatistherightbricktobaseupon. Dr. Doctor Johnson. Those moments of cheerfulness are moments of prayer.. Dr. Youwerea small childrunning afterabutterfly thatwas the momentofprayer. which the mind cannot dissect. Gather fromyour pastafew certainties about something that goesbeyond the mind.Youmusthave been a small child collecting sea shells ona beach.. andyous tarted dreaminginanewway.

Prayer is not a met hod it is a love affair! You canpray. those whose hearts are still open to be thrilled.butprayercannotbe taught. that is the first lesson about pr SECONDTHINGYOUSAY: . it is a method. Meditation can be taught. Master. And what did Jesus do? you know? He acted exactly the way a Zen Master is suppos ed to act: he TheTantra Vision. it is a technique. teachmehowtopray. and collect some certainties ayer. Thereisnohow.. only theywill be abl e to enter into the KingdomofmyGod those whoseeyes arefullofwonder. It happened once:Someof Jesus disciplesaskedhim. So first drop if.Prayerisnotatechnique. only they.Vol1 173 Osho .for whom each momentisamoment of surprise.. teachustoprayand teachusho w.That s whyJesus says: Only those who are like small children.

and don t repeat NAMOKAR don t repeat anymantra. But that is the only way there is no technique! Jesus prayed what else canyou do? If they had been a little more alert.CHAPTER 10. Icannotteachyouprayer. somenew energy. And don t keep these questions inside your mind because they will be the barriers.butI amprayer.asifinadarknighta suddenrayoflighthas entere dyour being.Getmoreintunewithmypresence. Don t re peat the Christian prayer. andyouwilltouchprayer. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI simplyfell on theground... let therebea dialogue a dialogue withexisten ce. Andit will teac hyou what prayer is.and Jesussaid. Feelmeandyouwillfeelprayer. You just imbibemy being. and something is dancing withinyou. Listentomeandyouare listening to words which are full of prayer.You can call theexistenceGodorFatheror Mother anythingisokay. don t repeat the GayatriMant ra. Tibetan. Something would have happened there.. they wou ld have sat silently by the side of Jesus. Thisisprayer!You cannotdoit you canonly allowitto happen.Itisaninfection prayerisaninfection. Just be vulnerable and it will happen. it can be taught.. And then. One daysuddenlyyou will see the heart is singing. But pr ayer? Prayer is absolutely unscientific. Icannotteachyouhowtopray. and what is he doing? He is praying buthowcanHISprayinghelpus? Laterontheymusthaveasked.. EVERY morningI am teachingyou what prayer is! Every moment wheny ou come tomeI am teachingyou whatprayeris. But don t repeatany ritual. They must have shrugged their shoulders that We have askedhim to teach. Meditation is more scientific that way.Youjust op enyour doors. The ylooked. on hisknees. Chinese.butIcanmakeyouprayerful. Indian.mypresence. Meditationcanbe done pra yer cannot be done. Letmybreezepass throughyou. holding his hands or touching his robe.youdrink me asmuch asyou can. Don t repeat!CREATE your ..Touchme. and startedpraying! They were puzzled. sometime sitting silently. it is a matter of the heart..I aminprayer!Youjustbea little open. and don t repeat theHindu prayer. contact high.AndIneednotfallonmykneestopray Iamprayer..

You can repeatitin the night andfall asleep. Can tyousaysomethingtoGodonyourown? And don trehearse it. I don t have anything to saytoda y. Can tyouface God directly asa small childfaces hisfather or mother? Can t you saysomething to Him? Can tyou say hello ? Letprayer happen! Don t prepareforit.butit will not makey ouaware because it has not been done as a response! I have heard about a great mathematician who used to pray every night with a sin gle word: he would look at the sky and would say Ditto. TheTantra Vision. just say.own mantra: don tbea parrot. don t preparefor it. What is the point of repeating everydayt he same as yesterday? What areyou doing whenyou repeat the same prayer again and again ? ditto is better!WhybotherGodeverydaywiththe same repetition?Saysomethingifyouhave somethi ng to say.Vol1 174 Osho .YoucanrepeattheChristianprayer youhavecrammedit. ifyou don t have something to say.Apreparedprayerisafalseprayer. Anda repeatedp rayer isjusta mechanicalthing.ithasbeen forced uponyou.

HEhadlice.andtakeyourprayerback! And Moses goes and falls at the feet of the shepherd and says.itwasprayertimeandhew as praying.waitfor those moments. and this and that. Ify ou have liceI will remove areright.hewas oneofthe bestprayers. AndIwillprepare milkfo ryou. What nonsense areyou talking about!You will remove lice. Letit happen.Hewasalover.andhe came acrossaman.Yes. Letyourprayergrow. Andhewaspraying. AndI can do good massage too! Then it was too much. forgive me! I was wrong. When he came to lice.I willgiveyou sucha good bath. Idon tknowexactlybecauseIhaveneverseenHim.Openyourheart. then it was too much Moses just shoo k him and said.a shepherd. and the poor shepherd goes with his sheep. And then suddenlyGod thundersallovertheforest. at least betwe Ihave heard: Moseswaspassingthroughaforest.andyouhavebrokenhisheart.adirty.God approvesofyou. AndIwill take care ofyour sheep.Andthereisnoneedto repeatiteve ryday thereisno need.apoo r man. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Or justbe silent what is the need of saying anything? But be true enyou and the Whole. Youaremad! Ihave sentyouintotheworldtobringpeopletome. becausehewas saying. don tmakearitualouto .AndIdon tknow youteachmetherightway. soGod has lice? Thepoormanwas disturbed. Exactly that showit shouldbe. whenI die. He said. stood behind him and listened. wheneveryou are feeling likehavinga chitchatwithGod. But I have been doing this my whole life whatsoever comestomy mind. God.Hesaid. poor man.andyouarethrowingmypeopleawayfromme alover.I say. Stop!Neverprayin thisway! Thisis sacrilege you willfall into hell! The man started trembling and perspiring.. And he cou ld not believe what sortofprayer thiswas.Iwill removethem. That swhatprayeris. allow meintoyour parad ise I willtake careofyou.socertainlyhesays.CHAPTER 10.Butall thatIknowiswhatIknow aboutmyself:Ihavelice.youhave brokenhistrust. Ifyouhavelice. Moses said. Excuse me. withragsfor clothes.andGodisveryangry.. andI will cookfoodfor you andI cook really good things. And Moses teaches him the right wayto pray. Whenthefeeling comes!Letitbeoutofyourfeeling.HesaystoMoses.YouGOand apologize.let therebetruth. Moses.myprayerhastobetakenback. just out of curiosity.

.your bathroomisperfectlygood thereisnoneedtogotoanychurch .Itisperfectlygood.your bathroomisthe church. When the orgasmis showering onyou.Lettheprayerbe there. Whenitcomes outof the heartitis heard. it is responded to.f it.Vol1 175 Osho . Thatis the whole Tantra attitude: let things be spontaneous. Sometimesmakinglovetoyourwoman. suddenlyanurgearisestopray prayTHAT very moment! You cannot find a better moment than that.Hav ea little chitchat! andyou willbe surprisedhow beautifulitis.. pray! Butwait don t makeitaritual.sittingundertheshower.In that are closest to God. TheTantra Vision. are closest to life energy.andyou suddenlyfeeltheurgetopray letit be there.

Andbewareofbusiness! InasmallschoolsomewhereintheUnitedStates. WHILE VERY FEW WOMEN SEEM TO NEED MORE THAN ONE MAN AT A TIME. an American says. thenyourprayerisabargain. Ifyou simplywant God slove.Itisafalse history. comesfromGoda thousandfold. Yes. The desireis wrong.itis male-managed.Youtakeoneste ptowards GodandGodtakesa thousand stepstowardsyou. Man has . Mahatma Gandhi. A LOT OF MEN SEEM TO FEEL THIS WAY.andHiswhole oceanbecomesavailabletoyou. Thenmuch comes. Iknowallthetimeinmyheartitis Moses butbusinessisbusiness.tofeelHisgrace.thathappens!butthat shouldn ot be the desire. and he wins.. Don t makeprayerabusiness. Man has tried to condition woman in such a way that he can exploit her easily. Letitbea pure offering: justgiveit outofyour heart. thenitisbusiness. and that swhyyou arep raying. Againyour questionis wrong: I meanprayerto receive God slove. Slavesalwayshavetobehypnotizedin suchaway thatthey cannot rebel.. But t he teacher askshim. remember: it is a consequence not a result. Historically. a nd she cannot even rebel.Yes.alotofmenseemto feelthisway. and an Indian s ays. Youaregreedy!Prayeristo loveGod.nowomanhaswritten his tory. But. A nd then a small Jewish boy stands up and says. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Andthelastthingyousay: I meanprayerto receiveGod slove.whydidyousayJesus ? Hesaid.Yes. millionfold. YougiveHim onedrop.Godflowstoward syou. WHY? THEQUESTIONISFROMANANDPREM.It is male-oriented. again..the teacheraskstheboys: Whowasthegreatest man in human history? Of course.Firstthing:shesays. Winston Churchill.itismale-dominated.lovewill comelikea flood. HISTORICALLY..notthe result. Don t ask foranythingin return. Historyisjustbunk. CAN THERE BE SOMETHING TO THIS IDEA IN MALE PSYCHOLOGY? IF SO. Abraham Lincoln.butthe consequence.offerHim onedropof yourlove.And historyis createdbymen.CHAPTER 10. The third question: Question3 YOU MENTIONED JUNG S IDEA THAT MEN NEEDTWO TYPES OFWOMEN. and so on and soforth.butthatisnotthe desire: thatistheout come ofit. and an English boy says. You areaJew. thousandfold. he wins a reward.

Vol1 176 Osho .conditioned the woman s mind in such a waythat she thinks the way man wants her to think. TheTantra Vision.they ar e the masters.Fortunately. becausemenare eydecided thatwomendohavesouls butonlybyONEvote.alotofmen seemtofeelthisway..Bythemajorityofone vote! justonevotelessand historicallyyouwouldnothaveanysoul. Justthe othernightIwas readingthatinthe sixth centurytherewasagreatChristianconf erenceof allthegreatChristian leadersto decidewhetherwomenhave soulsor have to come out of it.thissoul.Itisnotmuch.. You ha ve to throw that slaverycompletely. Yousay: Historically. theyhave accepted the slavery. Women have lived like slaves.Itisnotmuchofa victory.

But if the relationship is only physical.a remote camp. Ifyou likeyou canhavemybunk I ll slee p on the floor. What is the difference between the two ? Boredom is as naturaltomanastowoman. The Sergeant of the Guard showed her where to leave the lorry. something are no more interestedin her. the body needs sensation. and the Sergeant thoughtfora moment and said. . HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Man has crushed the whole psychology of women. their psychology is different but theyare not unequals. afteralongjourneyacross SalisburyPlain. Unless something more thana sexual relationship arises betweenyou. arrivedather destination. somethinglikeaspiritualmarriagehappens.TheyAREdifferent! Their biologyisdi fferent. The b ody needs a thrill. the more you will also feel the same way because men and women are not REALLY sodifferentastheyhavebeen thoughttobe. man-createdpsychology in women. and. and then said. Let it be very clear to you: a sexual relationship in itself cannot be a lasting affair. at midnight.Theny oucan staytogether. It is finished you havefoundyour soulmate.THENtherewillbenoproblem. AnATSdriver.And unlessasexual relationshipevolvesintoaspiritualfriends hip. Where willyou sleep tonight? The girl explained that the only thing she could do was to kip down in the cab. the body needs the new. The body is always hankeringfor so mething new.Onceyouhave madelovetoawoman.itis going to be are really finished with her. It was a cold night. bored. some spiritual contactis made it canbe made through sex. Just think: amaneatingthe samethingeverydaygetsfedup. And whatsoever you see is not rea lly the psychology of women it is man-made psychology. it SHOULD be made. whetheryou area man orawomanyou will not thinkof otherwo men or other men.CHAPTER 10.andawoman? willshegetfedup with it or not? She will also get fed up. because as far as sexis concerneditisa momentarything. Their sim ilarities are more than their dissimilarities. T he more free you will be. And then. then the body gets tired. certainly. otherwise sexual relationship is just physical i f something spiritual.

he said turning his backon her and goi Marriage bores. Unless something spiritual happens in it. Afterthegirlhadturnedin. Why? TheTantra Vision. don tyou? Right. they existin LondonI think. That s why you see so many bored faces all around the world.said.Yes.Theofferwas acceptedwith thanks.. we ll sleep married then.the sarge said... That swhy you find so many women prostitutes. ng off to sleep.Women will ALSO look outside.Vol1 177 Osho . I m not fussy. but male prostitutes are just almost non-existent.but not so manymale prostitutes. I thinkitwouldbeniceifweslept married. which is rare. This isn tright whydon tyouget up here and squeeze in alongside of me? Thisbeingdone.and. leaningout.. Marri age is a tremendous boredom.but theyhave not been free.afew.shefeltvery sorryforthe Sergeant Lyingdownthereonthehardcold floor. S o men start looking sittobe?Doyouwanttosleepsingleor married? Thegirlgiggledandsaid. Well.

anewhouseisasubstitu te. . Theydon thavemuchof awardrobe butwomen? The whole marketexistsfor them! Theyare the real consumers. Why? They want new things more. and unless marriage willhavetogivewomen total freedom and then see. But male prost itutes are not so manybecause women have not been free. But this is not reality. Have you ever found any animal prostituting itself ? There is no problem! Whyshould prostitution exist at all? That ugly thing exists because of one other ugly thing: marriage.not ladies. Theyput their energy somewhere else. Andyou wi llbe surprised: theywill befar ahead of men.Ifthey aregiven total freedom. This is managed history this is arranged history.yourso-called mahatmashave been tryingtostop prostitutionand thesearethepeoplewhogoonforcing marriage. Maybe because their sexuality has been repressed it is a diversion of their energy bec ause theycannot haveanewhusband.anewsariisasubstitute. In animals there i s no prostitution because there is no marriage.It willgoonly with marriage. Theyhav e not becomes almostreal. And if you go on for thousandsofyearsenforcing someidea.onlywomen.And somethinglikefashio n doesnotexistasfarasmanis concerned. Ninety percentof the thingsin the marke texistfor women. prosti tution is going to remain itisaby-product.I watch their mind.Whatfashion?The samegreyofficialsuit.theywillbe far ahead ofmen!Mencangoon.. Manis the producer:womanis the consumer. This is not real history. You canwatch them:a man almostalways goesonwearingthe samegreydress women? every daytheyneedanew sari.CHAPTER 10. new thrills mo re. they want new experiences.Itisnottrue psychology. Toknow thetrue psychology.Theyarenoteven supposedtohaveit onlybadwomen are supposedtohavesexualjoy...youcansee their clothesarenotverycolorful.Now.Andtheydon t see the absurdity of it! Prostitution exists BECAUSE of marriage.anew carisasubstitute.notgoodwomen. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Prostitution is a by-product of marriage.thesamet ie. Ladiesarenotsuppo sed tohaveanyjoy they arefar superior. Theyhave been repressedcompletely.

Vol1 178 Osho .Women have been so much corrupted and destroyed that it is verydifficult to deci de what their real psychology is.then marriagewil l create prostitution.newflowersblooming. go on will never find the same oldwoman withyou. andyou wi ll never find the same old man. man or woman. There is no end to it. you can go o n exploring. TheTantra Vision. man or woman. Each human being.. But ifyour marriage is deeper thanyour body. You willbe surprised that whenyou imposea certain idea.. history is an ugly record it is a record o f long slavery. Life is such a tremendous dynamism.then there is n o need. the mind starts function ing thatway. Each single human being.newmoods ifyoulove.anew climate. Don t listen to history.if you are really intimate.Iamsayingthatsexshouldbeajump ingboard. Mind starts imitating ideas.. Ifyour relationshipis definedby sexonlyandithasnothing moreinit. is such an infinite space. At leastwomen shouldNOTlistento history..theyshouldburnall historybooks!Theyshouldsa ythat historyhas to be written again. ButIamnotsayingthat societyshouldbejustlikeanimals. EACH dayis so alive and sonew newleaves comingup..

thenyou become bored. Either live with the establishment. wellbe dead PLEASE canI smoke justa little? Very well. Ifyoustaywith society.yourlifeb ecomes boring. And with the freedom of women.bu tthenyou look like a criminal. Eitheryoupackupsmoking. what MORE change doyou need? Butyou don t look at that. because he cannot be: HALF of humanityisforced to remain slaves how can man be free? His freedom is just so-so. Aftera while the manwent back and said. thenyou will livea boredlife.Itisagreat dile mma:you are not allowed to move anywhere! Between these two hornsyou are crushed and kil led. Ifyou move withexcitement. Whenexcitementislost.oryou llbedeadin twelve months.? . Aman who hadfelt unwellfor some timewent to his doctor and askedforacheck-up. Thenit losesexcitement.. becauseyou are getting neuro tic. Look. who was a very abrupt man Someweekslaterthemanwasbackagain: Lookhere.Amasterisaslaveofth e slave. man will also be free.CHAPTER 10. With the freed om of women.thebodyisthe same. man will also be free becauseyou cannotbereallyfreeifyouarekeepingsomebodyasaslave.Yougotothe psychoanalyst..Somethingisgoing wrong:you don tenjoylife.The doctor gavehimagoingoverandsaid. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Butyou don tlove!You are stuck withthebody. thenyou startfeeling guilty.You don t lookin.Your life isadrag.withthe establishment..drinkingandsex.You don t lookatthe inners ky which is constantly changing.. thenyou beco me criminals.please.nowyougotothe psychoanalyst youaskforhelp. thereisnodeli ght. Man is not really free.Idomissmypint. Women have to come to absolute freedom. then there is no need to remain cl inging to each other. You start thinkingof committing suicide. just five filter-tips a day. Of course.inthepastyouusedtogotothepriest. I m sobloody miserableI might just as said the medico. orgo anti-establishment. And with freedom there is a possibility to enter into a deeper relationship and if that DOESN T happen then there is no need to remain bored. just superficial. . Whenyou become boredyou start seeking help..

Vol1 179 Osho . it w ill need physical excitement. Give it a higher excitement and the lower excitements disappear. the doctor said. the inspiration. If you cannot allow it to have spiritual excitement. and no spirits.butonlywithyourwife noexcitement! Life needs excitement. If man needs two women. TheTantra Vision. Man has tried tokeep himself open. and whatJung is saying is the old crap. This hasalwaysbeensaidbyman.. another. Yes.the mothertype. Jung is tricky. seeingthe man. Timewentby.thewife type.thatamanneedstwowomenatleast: one.Alright. and the patient approached the doctorfor the third time. Don t give it a higher excitement and the lower is the only available excitement. the mistress. two halves a daythen. then women also need two men: thefather type andthe DonJuan..they are not needed.yes.

Womenhavetothinkfor themselves. And girls are not girls? Girls are girls too! Why are boys boys? Virginity is not asked from the boys.Shehasbeenmadeafraid! Thatisthetrickoftheman. Through virginity. twentyyearsof conditioning she willbecomefrigid.agreat conditioning.Downthecenturieshehas createdthatfear. Butif virginityistooimportant.tomakethewomanafraid. and that clinging is also because of the historical conditioning.andthereistwentyyearsof conditioningthatonehastobe avirgin andalwayson guard. Thefear. Theysimply suffer. The woman clings too much because she is afraid about insecurity. When thewomanis afraid she canbeeasily dominated. Theyhave to come to their own understanding and NOWthere is an opportunity for them to come to their own understanding. And onceawoman becomes toomuch afraidof l osing her virginity think:uptothetwentiethyearofage. about finance. She cannothaveafewexperiencesbeforeshe decides whomto choo se. BUT ANAND PREM SQUESTIONisnot basically aboutwomen:itis aboutherownmind. she will never have anyorgasm.You cannot dominate somebody wh ois not afraid. about safety. Lookatthe distinction:theyhavenottoldtheboysthat youhavetobe virgin they say boysare boys. she has tobe virgin. she cannotmovein freedom. Then she will never enjoy! Then she will never be able to flow in love. Through thatfear she cannot relate to people. Thisagreatdegradation. mill ions of women have not had anyorgasm theydon tknow what orgasmis. So createfear! First man createsfearinwomen about their virginity he createsgreatfear that virgi nityis something very valuable. she cannot make friendships. How canyou sudde nlydropit aftertwentyyearsof conditioning? Just onedaythe honeymoon comesandyouhavetodropi . all is lost. They are given freedom. about this and that.CHAPTER 10.Sheisa clinging type. They are simplym eansfor the man. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI ButwhatI amtryingtosayisthateveninthetwentieth century menlikeFreudandJungaresti llas male chauvinisticasever notmuchdifference. Down the centuries.twentyyearsshehas been protectinghervi rginity.. thenit willbeverydifficulttodrop that cann ot be of much help..soeverygirlisafraid:ifshe lo sesher virginity. She is somuchafraid.

Infact. becauseheis doing something whichyouknowisa sin. thenshewillHATEthisman.Howcanyou respectthe husbandwhenheis the sinner? Withouthimyouwerea virgin. deepdownin the unconscious. That swhythe society t eaches too much: Respect the husband! because the society knows.Vol1 180 Osho . Theverypresenceof the children will remind you again and again of the sin thatyou have committed! TheTantra Vision. and this man is doing that! No wifeisever capableofforgiving the husband.withhimyouhavefallen. but CANNOT respect deep down she hates t he man Indiaparticularly. an ugly man. cannot.a beast.t how canyou drop it?You can only pretend but deepdownyou thinkyour husbanda crimin al.. you will hate them too.Thisisthemanwhois preparinghellforher.You never al lowed any other man love is sin. Respectthe husband! Becauseif thingsgon aturally.. nowom an respects the respecthastobeforced. naturally the woman wi ll not be able to respecthim. Shows all respect. And outof this sin are born children how canyouloveyour children? Born outof sin.

Soyouknow! thisisa natural inference.but theydon t understand whyjealousy comes. When sheis small. Butitisnottruth neither about otherwomennor aboutyou. theydon t understand the mechanism of it. she must be looking somewhere. Why does this jealousy come as a shadow of boredom? Boredombringsit. sometimesagran dmother but NEVER herself. morejoyous. how can she avoid loo king? There are so many men and she isbored withyou. sheisagrandmother but s heis never herself. A woman is a woman! her being a daughter is secondary. sometimesa mother. sheisa mother. Love is virtue. That s natural! If sheis bored withyou.thenyouwillhave some tasteof freedom. sheisa daughter. the driver whosoever is available.Tobecapableofenjoyingloveisa basic qualit yofa religious man these are mydefinitions.youstartlookingatotherwomen. When sheisyoung. And. Sometimesa daughter. her being a wife is secondary. Listen: whenyouare boredwithawoman. t he woman is bored with you. nothing else. Jealousy arises. she is jealous. Thenyou star t finding ways to see whether she is looking or not. Becomecapableofbeingindividuals. naturally. A wom an is a woman her womanhood is primary.Always in relation to somebody else! Individuality is needed as a basic requirement. When shebecomesa little older.itisnottruth. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI The whole society has suffered because of this foolishness. It is her life. You are bored with the woman.Too manypeople cometomeandthey wantnottobe jealous. sheisa wife.A womanisne ver thoughtof as an individual. Youknowwhenyouarebored. And when women start becoming individuals. her being a mother is secondary. her whole life is at stake. because all other women have been conditioned in t he same way. Now there is boredom and jealousy.AnandPrem.youknowdeepdownthatshemustbe boredwithyoutoo. You are jealous. Soyou become jealous shemustbe looking.istobe morevirtuous. And to be capableof morelove. there will be a totally differentworld morebeautiful. Anand Premisagreat clinger andshe thinks that whatsoeveristrue aboutheristrue abo utall women? In a way she is right. .still older. not sin. then shemustbe lookingfor some other man s omewhere the milkman. the postman. sometimesa wife.CHAPTER 10.

sheisworried:hemusthavebeenwith some becomes m ore certain. Then suddenly.heis mor e interested in his newspaper than he is interested in her. TheTantra Vision.Ifhestartsgoingtoomuchonbusinesstrips.Nowheisnotso delightedasheused tobe. because of theOTHER S inte rest in the other: it is because ofYOUR interest in the other thatyou become jealous. But it is part of boredom! Ifyou are not bored with the person.nowhedoesnot comerunninghomewithjoy. that honeymoon soft ness is gone. very angryand rough.Vol1 181 Osho will not be j ealous becauseyou will not have that idea inyour mind..nowhesimplytoleratesher. He immediately gets ir ritated. that jealousy arises.. Thenif somedayhe comeshomehappy. It is not.herinstinctknows.certainlysheknows. She knows he is bored.Thewomanis jealous. otherwise why is he looking so happy? If he goes for a holiday. infact. jealousy poisons the relationship.sheknowsthatthe husbandisbored. He is no more interested in her. small things and he becomes very. or i f he goes for somebusinesstrip.hemustbebecominginterestedsomew here else jealousy. All that softness.Infact.

Veryinteresting indeed. And. three hundred different cows. min dyou. opportunities. willyou. no indeed. Aha. always the same cow. My.goovertohis Lordshipwillyou.andtellhim there sabullherewen t to stud three hundredtimes in oneyear. That s what has happened. it is an ugly phenomenon.myLady. Yes. Indeed?Well. They are encage d in the home.. Giles dutifully trotted up to Squire and gave the message. Go on. what willhappen?Aslave becomes MORE attachedtohissafety thantohis freedom.goand tellherLadyship that. AndBOTH are livingin hell! The Squire and his Lady were Chief Patrons of the Agricultural Show. willyou.CHAPTER 10.andfather o champions. tell me abouthim. shesaidtotheyokelincharge. was his comment. It ha s nothing to do with feminine psychology.. Their boredom is m ore fixed. M am. Prem.Ipresume? Oh. Well. the more theycling. imprisoned in the home with the kids. Sir. because theydon t have anyinstitution to live in. I understand: it has happened to woman.Fear arises.I am not .hebechampion.but that safinebeastyouhave there. and looking at the exhibits. it is difficult for them to have so much f reedom. They feel jealous. mixing with the tenants and peasantry.Neverwasamale animalso splendidly equipped.Aslavebecom es MORE attached to his security than to his freedom. he has more possibilities. But his Lordship spent so much time in the beer tent that her Ladyship wandered off to admire the prizebull. The more theyfeel jealous. Giles. It should not be so in the future if men and w omen become a little moreaware.mygoodfellow. They know the man goes out. If the man l eaves them.. and after t he opening ceremony they dutifully walked round. women are more jealous because they are less free. Animals are so happy.. this herebullwentto stud three hundred times lastyear. It has to be dropped.. Yes. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Of course.

thentherewillbeaNATUR AL togetherness no law is needed to enforce it.against marriage:I amfora higher marriage. Till it lasts. Ifyoucanfindthe intimacy. when itdisappears.there is nopoint in being together no poi nt at all! Thenyou are crushing each other.becausemanhasbecomesoaccustomed to dead roles that he has forgotten how to live if some day LIFE prevails and ma n becomes TheTantra Vision. thenyou are eithera masochist ora s adist you are neurotic. killing each other. Then there will be a spontaneous jo yin being together. good. IfMYideasomedayprevails whichseemsverydifficult.I amfora higher marriage.spiritual intimacywithamanorwoman. I am against THIS marriage because th ismarriage has created prostitution.Vol1 182 Osho .

itis impossible. And with thefather camea thousand and one il lnesses. kids then private property came. The world has come to that state of consciousness where communes can exist.but thefath er should not be known thereisno need.Private property came withthefamily.but nothing is wrong in it. Acommune where kids belong to the commune. it will bring only dictatorship. it will bring only an ugly society as it has happened i n Soviet Russia or is happening in China. Kids should belong to the commune. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI courageousenoughtolivedangerously.EveninSoviet Russia.thenyouwillfindm any soulmates together. The mother will look after them. there w ill be real communism. communism not otherwise. and the commu ne should take care of the kids. when the property belongs to the commune and not to any individual. If communism comes first. even if she dies. There will be no prostitution.Andthesocietywillsufferf romprivate property untilfather disappears. the commune is there.It cannotexistwiththefa ther. this is a commune. Then soc iety became patriarchal:fatherbecame important. For example. and THROUGH communes.notofafamily.Familieshavetodisapp ear communes should exist. Private property can go only when this nuclear famil y disappears and a totally new concept of commune arrives. mother. The greatest illnesshasbeenprivateproperty. The kids should be taken care of. the larger part of humanity will go on changing partners. Thatwastheoriginal stateof humanity: matriarchal. .but the mother can trust one thing: that she can mov e from one man to another there is no problem in it. Of course.My conceptionisthatof commune. It is possible now. Not that communism comes first it is not possible. withthenuclearfamily father.itcamewithfather. who the mother is.thentherewillbereal marriages. The only problem that arises again and againin the mindsof men andwomen is:What abou t kids? That isnotabigproblem. when the commune can take care of the m.real communismdoesnotexist.CHAPTER 10. The mother should be known. And.

you possess property you have to possess property. Property can be used more freely. non-spiritualfamilies will disappear.First. And it is easier to use it withoutpossessing it. why should they beforcedto remain bored? Whyshouldtheybeforcedto remainina relationship whichdoe snot lead to anyjoy? Why? This is criminal.Vol1 183 Osho . because those people who are not spiritual enoug h. who bothers to possess property? Then property is to be used. But it is good. there is no need to possess. then property will di sappear.. But first thefamily hasto disappear. Propertyis partofsexual possession. Whenyou don t possess anyh uman possess property.whenyou poss ess a man.let therebe communal life asfar as sexis concerned. Only spiritualfamilies will remai n. Whenyou possessawoman. Iam not sayingthat allfamilies will disappear. they are miserly. Thefourth question: Question4 TheTantra Vision. because people who possess cann ot use it they are always afraid.

Don t cal l it some degree of awareness .you willfeel angry. I AM MISERABLE WITH SOME DEGREEOFAWARENESS. AND THE DONKEY DOESNOT. Choose whatsoeveryouwantto choose. so big.. STUPIDAND INDIFFERENTALLATONCE.PRETTY SURRENDERED.w ehave lived like machines so long. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI IUSEDTOTHINK THATIAM PRETTYAWARE.. AND THATNONE OF IT REALLYEXISTS ANDTHATMAKESMEFEELANGRY.the choiceisyours.Ifyou catchholdoftheray.Thenyou havetogoon believingthatthe carrotdoesnotexist.ifyoumoveinthedi rection therayiscomingfrom. If even ONE ray exists in darkness.itisuptoyou. that even when a little awareness comes. I WAS MISERABLE AND TOTALLY UNAWARE.youwillreachtothevery sourceoflight. .Nowitisuptoyouto choose:you can beadonkey.wehavelived unconsciously solong..thenyouhaveto choosethedonkey. our old ha bits are so heavy.BUTIDON T REALLYBELIEVEINIT. willstart seeing thatthe donkeyis disappearing:itwasjustan idea. The fifth question: Question5 BEFORE I MET YOU. Withthe carrot thereisbliss. becauseyou willbe the donkey. Withtheego thereisonly hell. Rather than thinking that the carrot does notexist .. WHAT S NEW? CAN TYOU SEE IT? THATSOME DEGREEOFAWARENESS -doyou thinkitisvalueless? That isthe firstray. thenmiseryis possible onlywiththeego thenyouhaveto choosetheego.. THATIMAGE STILL CROSSESMYMIND. andthesunisnotfaraway.ifyou think the carrot does notexist..BUTIT EXISTS!And onceyou startfee ling the carrot. THE CARROTEXISTS.... it is enough proof of light. NOW.CHAPTER 10.the carrotexistsandth edonkey disappears. Ifyouwantto choose misery. ButI understand. s tupid and indifferent.thenthe carrotdoesnotexist. of God. ego does Butstill.Ifyoulookatthe carrot. AND ALL THIS MAKESMEWONDER THAT MAYBE ALL YOUR TALK OF AWARENESS AND SURRENDER IS JUST TO DRIVE US CRAZY LIKEACARROTIN FRONT OFADONKEY.whydon tyou look insideyourself doyouexist? My whole emphasis is: Enlightenmentexists you don texist! Awareness exists not exist: that is mywhole emphasis. Wehave lived unaware so long..

TheTantra Vision. and then called over his assistant. By George. that sahugenavel canItakea photograp hof itfor the medical press? Thegirl wasfedupand couldnotunderstandwhatallthiswasinaidof. The doctor had her stripped off. Look at that: the biggest navel I ve ever seen in all mycareer! Theyoung doctor lookedand said.Vol1 184 Osho . You dhaveabignavelif you dbeen in the Salvation Armyfor as manyyears asIhave.There was once a young woman joined the ATS and went for her medical.girl.

What is the matter? said t what s that got to do with it Don t talk daft man!She might have kickedyou. That swhatmany aredoing. old habit of being unconscious. It is a long.darkness is impotent. It s mywife another of her .CHAPTER 10. WHATSHOULDIDO? THERE ARE THREE THINGS: first. The unconsciousness is all your biography. he doctor.beforeyouknowitisagainstyou . naturally. So even when a ray of light enters. But look at that some degree of awar eness .quick myhusbandiscoming home! And me beingonly halfawake.Ijumped straight outof the window. Getout. Listendoc. Maybe you are lookingata dream? illusion? projection?Maybe thereis sometrickinit!Evenifyoutrus tit.Butwhenyo u areherelistening. focus yourselfonit thatisyourhope. don t listen to that which goes againstyou. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI This only heightened the mystery.itis difficult howtoavoidthat?Infact. Aman came to the surgery covered withblood and bruises. all that you know about yourself is nothing but unconsciousness. A small candle is potential BECAUSE IT IS! Darkness is just an absence. only listen to that which suitsyou.ILOVEYOURTALKS. Through that looks so small againstyourgreatpastthatyou cannottrustthatitisgoingtohelpinany way.but not these injuries. The Salvation Army? ? I carried the bannerfor tenyears! And you have been carrying the banner for millions of lives so the navel has bec ome very big. But let me tellyou one thing: a small candleis morepowerful than ALL the darknes s uponall the planets.BUTWHENYOUSAYSOMETHING WHICH GOESAGAINST MY RELIGION THENIAM TERRIBLYUPSET. otherwiseitisgoingtobearoughjourney. Darkness has no power.shehadoneofher nightmares:she shoutedout. Can tyou seeit?Youa sk me: What is new? The sixth question: Question6 IAMACATHOLICCHRISTIAN. first you cannot trust it.

It happened: A woman went to the doctor and complained she could not get passionate.Itisasmallthing!Maybea littlediffere ncein the details. TheTantra Vision. pundits. Thenyouneedtodosomething whichprofessorsknowhowtodo. Thiswasa does notmatter.andtoldherthatifshewouldfollowhis specialdietshewouldgetvery randy.itdoesnotchangeyourmind. scholarsknowhowtod o. first: thinkthatitistrivial.Keepthatinthemind. The doct or examined her.but basicallyOshoagreeswithyou. Whenyou listento something which goes againstyou.have listened to it.Vol1 185 Osho . itisnotveryrelevant.

There is no problem in it: now some girl seems to be ill. don t worryabout that trifle. Just think that this man is mad! Only a madman can say things agains . When the rabbi goes. The second thing is: interpret it mm? that s what Saraha goes on saying: Be interp retative! Interpretitinsuchawaythatit comes closertoyour idea..Alittlelogic.turneduphis collar. Ifyouhave really beena Catholicit will notbe difficultat all. That canalwaysbe done. This is an interpretation. Thisis the firstway: that onlyin small details..andinhewent. This is the second wayto avoid me.SaysPattoMike. when the p riest goes. Didyousee that!Justwhatyou d expect with one of them parsons! Soonafter. Isitnotaterr ible thingthatthepriestofGod sOwnPeople shouldgoin there! Lastly a Catholic priest arrived. That will helpyou andyou will not get so upset.a lit tleskillis need..SaysMiketoPat. wrapped his cloak round his head.youcan man ageit. isn t that dreadful now.Itisnotmuchofaproblem. it is something else. that works.pulleddownhishatandwentin. and dived qu ickly into the bawdy house.CHAPTER 10. A parson came along. when the Catholic priest arrives.. itis nothingvery important. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI but afterafewweeks shewas backand said. it s only protein no carbohydrates. to think that one of the girls must have been taken i ll.arabbiarrived. you can change the interpret ation. it is something else. t so passionateIchewedmyboyfriend s ear off. Pat. And the third wayis: think that this guy here is mad. Listen to this: The Irish navvies were digging the road outside a house full of made-up floozies . There s something gone wrong! Last nightIgo Oh. Yo u need notworry.a littleplaywithwords that sall. said the doctor. That is the surest of all if nothing else works.

.but thisisa Protestantfamily! TheTantra Vision. Itwasa tiredpriest whogreetedDoylan and his sixteen children.t Catholicism..but Godbless all t heseeighteen little Catholics. One day he followeda dustytrackfor milesto findadevoutfamily withfourteenchildren.andwillnot upsetyouatall. he said. Sorryfather. Goodday. The newly appointed priest thought he d walk this vast parish and meet the flock.father. rea creditto Ireland the biggestfamilyintheparish. Goodday.overthe hill. Connelly.Vol1 186 Osho .butthisisnotthe biggestfamilyintheparish that sDoylan.

Onlytru th upsets. thinkoverit. The last question: Question7 WHATIS SAMSARA? The samsara is this story: The Londonfogwasswirlingoverthe Thamesasayoungtramp settled himselfontheembankme nt for the night. Butifyour wholeeffortisnottoget upset.Letitbethere presentinyourbeinglongsothatyouc an look at itfrom all the angles possible because something upsetting simply means that something has madeyouaware that whatsoeveryouhave been believinguptonowisjustalie. saidthepriest. Allowitto haveitswholesay. forit s nothingbutadirtysex maniacthatye are! IfIgowithyou.Icannottransform you.n ohope foryou. thismanisgreat . UnlessI amverydrastic.thenwhy areyou here?My wholeefforthereisto make youasmuchupsetaspossible.takingyourcharacteraway.. andifyouarereallygoingtobewithme. otherwise it will not upsetyou. Iam helpless.TAKINGYOUR MINDAWAY!Itis surgical... Only truth destroys because only truth can create. thereisnoway. you can do that too. UnlessIdestroyyou. meditate overit .CHAPTER 10. That s whatSarahasays.I cannot createyou.ifIdon tgowithyou think thismanismad thatwillhelpyou. Nowyou know the s ecrets. Somethingupsetsyou because something true comes intoyour vision. Suddenlyhewas rousedby a gentlevoice and lookingup sawa beautiful brunette alighting from her chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce..youhavetopassthroughchaos. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI ThenI llgoat once. Iamachaos. Always remember: anything upsettingyouisvaluable. These are the tricks others are playing and not getting upset. taking your ideologyaway. Contemplateoverit.Thenwhygowithmeatall? UnlessIupsetyou.. that swhatTantraisall about destructuring. Itismycompassion thatIgoon hammeringonyour head because thatistheonlyway! AndIha ve tohammertoomuch:whatcanIdo? youhavesuchthickheads.Ihavetodoit.. .AndIknowitisaverythanklessjob.

the tramp didn t refuse this invitation and climbed into the car beside her. she said. Of course. with instructions that he should be given a meal.Vol1 187 Osho . Letmedriveyoutomyhomeandput youupfor the night. youmustbe terribly coldandwet.into whosechargetheladygavethetramp . After a short drive the car stopped before a large Victorian mansion and the brunette stepped out. a bath and a comfortable bed i n the servants quarters.Thedoorwasopenedbythebutler. TheTantra Vision. beckoning the tramptofollowher.Mypoor man.

asthebrunettewas preparingto retire. so. Knocking softlyonthedoorsheenteredthe roomand inquiredoftheyoungmanwhyhewasnot sleeping. Then perhapsyour bed is not comfortable? But it is soft and occurredtoherthather gue st mightbe in need of something. Thenyoumust need company..CHAPTER 10..Moveovera little.Vol1 188 Osho . TheTantra Vision. Surelyyou are not hungry? Oh no. slipping on her negligee.yourbutlerfedme royally. As she roundedthe cornera chinkof light met hereye..indicating thattheyoung manwasawake. she hurried along to the ser vants wing. HINGLE DE JIBITY DANGELY JI Some while later.