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Presence of oxalate ions in Guava Chemistry Investigatory Project Ratings: (4)|Views: 16,459|Likes: 6 Published by Punit Goswami A chemistry investigatory project on the presence of oxalate ions in guava with all the required sample readings and observations, graphic customized and ready to print.( Though you will need to change the credentials.) See More

Chemistry Investigatory Project .


This does not necessarilyendorse or accept th . Ihave examined the project and hereby accord my approvalof it as a study carried out and presented in the manner required for its acceptance.This is to certify that Punit Goswami of class 12 Bhas satisfactorily completed the project in chemistryon Presence of Oxalate ions prescribed by the AISSCE course in the academic year 2012-13.

P.N.N. Mr. genius guidance. Yadav. K. initiations.V. enthusiasm and inspiration made this work a master art anda joint enterprise.every statement made or opinionexpressed or conclusion drawn. Shalini DikshitPGT Chemistry Principal. Yadav Dr. PGT (Chemistry) whose immensehelp. necessary suggestions. Manauri I hereby acknowledge my deep sense of gratitudeand indebtedness to Mr P. encouragement. but only signifies theacceptance of the project for the purpose it is submittedfor. o .

Aim of the project o .

Introduction Theory Requirements Chemical Equations Procedure Precautions Observations Calculations Conclusions o o o o o o o o .



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A Computer Science Project Punit Goswami Download and print this document    Read and print without ads Download to keep your version Edit. Project Arti Mukar  Common Guava Rahul Bora  More From This User  Slam Book .PDF Download Recommended . Abdud Dayan Adeeb Study of oxlate ion in Guava fruit Arpit Shringi .. email or read offline Choose a format: .DOCX Study of Oxalate Ion Content in Guava..

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