Pink Parenting Magazine – Designed With the LGBT Community in Mind The magazine Pink Parenting is an offspring of a media

company called G & J Media Ltd; they focus on creating successful advertising campaigns. G & J Media Ltd came into eing due to its colla oration of thoughts! challenges! and the aspirations that provide amazing niche titles. "n the current scenario #here a considera le section of the population is gay! les ian! ise$ual or transgender! G & J Media has seized the opportunity to start a magazine called Pink Parenting. % realistic figure sho#s that there are close to &' million children elonging to gay parents in the () alone; this figure is ased on a () census report. Pink Parenting is designed for the LG*T community +Les ian! Gay! *ise$uals! and Transgenders,. The magazine concentrates on giving valua le insights a out children to this parent community. The articles either garner interest in LG*T couples to have children or give advice to those that have. This is the era of modern families and the magazine has s#orn to keep its readers #ell informed. Pink Parenting focuses on these present times #here more LG*T people are ecoming parents compared to efore. The first issue of this magazine came out in July-%ugust ./&&. The target audience is for LG*T couples! presently in the age group of 0/ 1 '2! #ho are more interested in modern day life and starting a family! and secondly for the gay clu scene. )ome of the regular features of the magazine include3 • 4e Love section 1 latest ne#s! revie#s! gifts! gadgets and gizmos • *ook & 5hild friendly product revie#s section • %nna el6s 7itchen section 1 %nna el 7armel of 5"T86s is a regular 95ooking #ith 7ids & 5hild :utrition; contri utor • <&% section 1 done using cele rities! authors! attorneys! and real people regarding their =ourneys • Thoughts and legal advice on Pink Parenting section • %nd! a fantastic travel section 1 containing a couples retreat! and travel plans #ith kids to all gay friendly destinations. % Pink Parenting magazine su scription is availa le in many #ays! including #aiting rooms throughout (7 & "reland; ne#sstands! gyms! and gay friendly usinesses 1 legal! finance! surrogacy centers; hotels! coffee shops! ook stores! elonging to LG*Ts! in the most popular gay districts in the (7! "reland! >olland! )pain! ?rance! and Germany. The magazine is also #orking #ith LG*T organizations to help create additional distri ution channels. @ne of the avenues #here the magazine is gaining popularity is in the digital #orld. Many LG*Ts in certain parts of the #orld are still in the closet on their status. %s the magazine offers advice on all sorts of topics related to LG*Ts! a digital su scription to Pink Parenting magazine helps them gain information on all the latest ne#s possi le. Aigital pu lishing can e compared and in some places even outdo print pu lishing. Many pu lishers have made the s#itch to digital pu lishing. Pink Parenting currently pu lishes in oth print and digital versions. 4ith the digital version of the magazine! the pu lisher can include interactive content #ith hyperlinks and videos. Aigital pu lishing has crossed over

from eing online on desktops and P5s to mo ile computing devices. This makes the magazine easily availa le to a larger section of readers. %lso! #ith the spark of the digital age and goBgreen revolution! s#itching to the digitized version of a magazine can help save the environment and you get to keep all of the magazines you purchased #ithout having to #orry a out storage or accessi ility. About the Author: Pink Parenting Magazine is the num er one monthly magazine among the LG*T community in the #orld. 4hether you are in the LG*T community or not! =ust gra a Pink Parenting su scription at! and en=oy a #onderful read of the Pink Parenting online magazine todayC Summary: Pink Parenting magazine is the num er one destination for all types of information! useful to LG*T couples and its community. Dou can read it tooC ey!ords: Pink Parenting!Pink Parenting Magazine!Pink Parenting Magazine )u scription!Pink Parenting @nline Magazine!Pink Parenting Emagazine.