Application for the post of Quality Control / Inspection in welding AWS Certification No.130 3!

"1 #$%$S& '(A)A' SIN*& C&A+&AN
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Email: chauhan " ,g-ail.coOBJECTIVE

Aim to be associated with progressi e !rgani"ation that wo#ld gi e me scope to appl$ m$ %nowledge and s%ills d$namicall$ towards the growth o& organi"ation and thereb$ gain satis&action in all aspects'
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3. $ears( e)perience and e)pos#re to *#alit$ management in the &ield o& welding+ &abrication and ,nspection' -erti&ied welding inspector .A'/'01 2ood %nowledge in welding technolog$ 3 interpretation #sing ario#s codes speci&ication s#ch as A04E+ AP,+ A/0 and other ario#s codes and speci&ications 5eing an e&&ecti e comm#nicator with the abilit$ to wor% with a team E&&ecti e contrib#te to the team goals' 6echnical 7#ali&ication+ 5'tech in 4echanical Engineering .8'P'6'81+2919



. -erti&ied /elding ,nspector .-/,1 . -erti&icate :o' 139;32<1 . E)pir$ =ate: A#g 1+ 2916 . =$e Penetrant testing .P61 . 4agnetic particle testing .4P61 . >is#al testing .>61 . 8ltrasonic testing .861 . ?adiographic testing .?61

ASN) /$%$/ II

0ther training

. < 7- 6ools 6raining . ,0! 9991:299; 6raining . /elding Awareness training


Current co-pany. 1ureau %eritas India '2t. /td. 3o4 (esponsi4ilities
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-hec%ing weld @oint preparation+ &it #p+ alignment 3 dimensional inspection as per drawings' :ote the -orrosionsAPaintings+ pitting+ welding de&ect etc' 4aintaining o& latest pro@ect speci&ication+ ,6P(s+ proced#res and drawings' 4onitoring /elding acti ities as per /P0' ?e iew o& appro ed /P0 and P7?' /itness o& welder *#ali&ication test ./761 and proced#re *#ali&ication test' ?e iew o& recei ed &iller and cons#mable 6est -erti&icate .6-1'

nspections' .nterpretation o& =rawings+ e al#ating Proced#res+ 0t#d$ing in the ?e*#irements and 4a%ing recommendations+ good wor%ing %nowledge o& internal codes+ speci&ication' /ell ersed with the international codes s#ch as A:0. 6elecom .nternational standards 3 codes &or constr#ctions and .India '2t.0-2962 4aterial .nspection -lass' >is#al inspection o& completed welds in the pipe spool and related doc#mentation' 4onitoring P/B6+ Bardness chec%ing+ P4.0!A4echanical clearance o& &abricated pipe spools+ erected spools and str#ct#ral' /itnessing 4P6+ =P6+ P4. chec%ing o& pipe spools' .nd#str$+ Pri ate Beld !rgani"ation' A#g#st 2911 C !ctober 2913 (a-4oll )eleco.0! standards' ?e iew radiographic &ilms' 're2ious Co-pany.India 5echanical $ngineer 6QA7 3o4 (esponsi4ilities                      /elding inspections and 7.nspection o& incoming materials and cons#mables E)perience in preparationAcond#cting /P0+ /P7? and welder *#ali&ication' 2ood Practical and 6heoretical %nowledge in the . /td. 1.acti ities' . 3 .0-169.nter pass temperat#re and inter pass cleaning as per /P0' >is#al inspection o& welded @oint pro&ile+ s#r&ace &inish and de&ects' Preparation o& @oints &or :=E as per re*#ired .             4onitoring o& cons#mable storage+ handling+ pac%ing and dr$ing temperat#re as per pro@ect appro ed proced#re' 4onitoring o& Pre heat+ .nspection o& ?aw material testing as per .n-depth %nowledge o& ario#s welding process' Per&orming ario#s :=6 and preparing reports &or the same' ?eporting dail$ weld and :=6 inspection acti ities to 7AA7.+ E:+ 50+ A/0+ . .0!+ 3 .positi e material identi&ication1' /itnessing mechanical testing' >eri&ication o& weld repair wor%' /itnessing h$dro test and pne#matic test' 4onitoring 3 &ollow #p o& 7#alit$ doc#ments as per . (a-4oll )eleco.denti&ication and re iew o& 4aterial test certi&icate' -hec%ing ario#s dimensions as per .AA04E+ A064+ AP.dept' -alibration o& @igs and &i)t#res' .0-1161 and orientation o& the prod#ct as per drawing' ?esponsible &or de elopment &or new @igs and &i)t#res' Preparation o& *#alit$ plans+ welding 3 :=6 proced#res+ method statements 3 inspection test plans &or all constr#ction acti ities' =etailed anal$sis and interpretation o& drawings -ontrol o& *#alit$ records' -hec%ing dimensions as per drawing' Preparing the 7#alit$ chec%list &or welding acti ities' 2al ani"ing parameters and de&ects in gal ani"ing' >ario#s tests related to gal ani"ing' =eli ering training seminars to welders and s#per isors' .

:ame : =e esh Pratap 0ingh -ha#han =ate o& 5irth : 99-9.nspection Plan and 6eam management &or :=6 acti ities'  -o ordination o& all the mechanical maintenance acti ities with client+ &or smooth progress o& the @ob'  4onitoring o& =ail$Awee%l$Amonthl$ progress and plan wor% sched#le'  6raining and toolbo) tal%s &or wor%ers' 'ersonal details.nspection -hart etc'  ?esponsible &or total non destr#cti e testing'  >is#al inspection o& welding and &abrication wor%s'  ?e iew and monitor :=6  >is#al inspection o& welds @oints as per standards A04E 0ec .6 Eang#age : Bindi+ English :ationalit$ : . 'assi2e Infra 'ro8ects '2t.  4echanical constr#ction 3 Erection o& =#cts &or power plants'  =etailed anal$sis and interpretation o& drawings'  Dabrication o& d#cts as per drawing'  6o chec% and eri&$ indi id#als dimensions o& @obs as per drawing'  !rgani"ing 3 monitoring dail$ Dabrication and Erection wor%s'  Preparation o& .ndian Permanent Address: --193+ 6ra&&ic police line 4eerp#r -antt+ Ganp#r :agar 8ttar Pradesh+ .nspection 3 Preser ation -hart+ 0torage .0! 9991+ 149913 !B0A0 1.-19. hereb$ declare that all the in&ormation .F'  7#ali&$ and certi&$ /P0+ P7? and /P7 as per A04E+ A/0 codes'  Ens#re the e)ca ation o& repair area and welding as per Proced#re'  >eri&$ that correct material is being #sed &or all &abrication wor%  6raining &or welders and all wor%ers  =isc#ssion with -ontractor personnel on ario#s *#alit$ iss#es d#ring man#&act#re and site acti ities  /itnessing o& non-destr#cti e testing'  =a$ to =a$ planning and co-ordination o& 7AA7. ha e stated abo e are tr#e to the best o& m$ %nowledge and belie&' Place: :oida . .acti ities'  Preparation o& .ndia-291391 ' #eclaration.!.991 certi&ied !rgani"ation' 4a$ 2919C A#g#st 2911' 4an#&act#ring str#ct#res+ Dabrication o& =#cts &or 5BEE etc Wor:ed As . /td9 (ohta:9 &aryana ' . 5echanical $ngineer 6QC/QA7 3o4 'rofile.

=ate: 16 Han 2914 #e2esh '.S Chauhan .