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Many people have helped me on this project and each of their contribution is valuable.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Auto World Ambala for providing me with this highly coveted opportunity to associate my Project with their esteemed organization. My debts for assistance in making this report are more than can be identified here. This whole effort is the result of guidance, assistance and inspiration of several people who helped me through my study and preparation of this report.

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude for the invaluable help of the employees of Auto World. Their knowledge, nature, judgment, support along with their experience was an immense source of inspiration in completing this project and preparing this report.

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Contents Chapter-I Introduction Theoretical background Customer satisfaction Customer buying decision process Marketing Consumer behavior Sampling procedure

Chapter-II Industrial back ground of the study Growth of the industry Industry profile Motor cycle sweep stakes Origin of the organization Product profile

Chapter-III Research Methodology

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CHAPTER-I Introduction Theoretical background Customer satisfaction Customer buying decision process Marketing Consumer behavior

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kb-125. It is also more convenient for travelling short distance within the city and for individual. Most of the officials or some persons generally prefer these two wheelers. The scooterette segment will continue to lead the demand for two wheeler in the coming years. The two strokes consists of kinetic Honda. such as Honda. The motorcycles segment forms 65% of whole of two wheeler segment. improved designs and large options to choose from. whereas now the sales have gone up to millions. the years the sales figured of the two wheelers has increased to a very large extent. Nova. good mileage. They are also concerned with these two wheelers. etc. Whereas earlier the motorcycles had a very small share in the two wheeler segment but with the collaboration of Indian and Japanese companies (Honda. etc. over. so that it would be easy to ride the two wheelers in the cities where there is much traffic. as they prefer unguarded vehicles. better pick-up. as they are more concerned with mileage. and of Kawasaki) the share has increased tremendously with reason being that two wheelers had a superior engine. TVS Scooty. The two wheeler market mainly consists of scooterette and motorcycles. etc. Suzuki. the four strokes category consists of Honda. The two wheeler segment is divided into two stroke and four stroke categories. Yamaha Rx135. The sales of the two wheeler in 1950 were merely 900 units. Kinetic Style. Page 6 . The present day market is such that a two wheeler is affordable by middle class people in urban areas. Scooty. Kinetic Honda.INTRODUCTION The two wheeler segment in the automobile industry plays a vital role in India.

Licensing horns ruled day till the mid 80‟s access to foreig n technology inputs and foreign investment were strictly government controlled. the Indian automobile industry was administered select doses of liberalization.The Indian two wheeler industries produced and sold about 3. Like any other Indian industry. Page 7 . Honda. the policy environment guided and controlled this segment of the industry as well. attracted world major companies like. etc. Yamaha.4 million units in the year 2009-10. Suzuki. foreign collaboration coupled with Indian market potential. Since mid 80‟s.

Post purchase satisfaction When the customer is satisfied or delighted he will be dazzled. perceives and will have some expectations before making any purchase. Marketer‟s job is to understand buyer‟s behavior and aim Page 8 . The customer‟s satisfaction is a function of closeness between the buyer‟s product expectation (E) and products perceived performance (P) Post purchase actions There is high probability of purchasing the product if the customer care satisfied. Customer will be satisfied when the product meets the basic needs set and therefore utility of a product is nothing but consumer‟s estimation of products over all capacity to satisfy his needs. Customer visualizes. Marketers should take keen interest in handling customer‟s dissatisfaction. Dissonance – reducing buying behavior The customer might experience post purchase dissonance by noticing disquieting features of product or by hearing favorable things about other product. where he develops dissonance. If the product matches the expectations of customer he is satisfied. If the product meets customer‟s expectations then he is satisfied.THEROTICAL BACKGROUND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Customer satisfaction suffices the customer. Customer satisfaction is a function of perceived performances and expectations. If performance of product does not satisfy perceived expectations. the customer is dissatisfied.

Customer satisfaction should be main objective.at satisfying customers. The main attitude tracking systems are: Page 9 . Customers buying decision process Social factors. Satisfaction can be used as gauge for measuring effectiveness of customer care of the organization. The satisfied customers will have brand loyalty and strong affinity towards the product. Tools for tracking & measuring the attitude of the satisfied customers The alert companies set up systems to monitor the attitude of customers by monitoring changing levels of customer satisfaction before they affect sales it takes action. This can be most potent competitive weapon. personal factors. goal and marketing tool for a company. The company should ignore competitions and concentrate on customers one-on-one that will drive competition crazy. so there is less scope of switching to other brands. and psychological factors influence SOCIAL Culture Sub cultural Cross-cultural Social class Reference groups Family PERSONAL Age Life style Occupation Economic Position PSYCHOLGICAL Motivation Perception Learning Personality Attitude BUYER Customers buying decision process. This increases the customer loyalty.

Panels would reveal kinds of people who responded to promotion. Many hotels. restaurants and banks use this feedback method to track and measure customer satisfaction. Complaint & suggestions system 2. analysis and responds to complaints and tries to correct problems by new ideas and should welcome complaints and try to correct problems by new ideas and should help customers. Customer surveys 4. Panels are more representatives of the range of customer attitudes. Ghost shopping 5.1. Complaint handling strengthens buyer-seller relationship by building trust. Lost customer analysis COMPLAINT AND SUGGESTIONS A customer-oriented company records. Page 10 . Customer panel 3. Follow the LIST method to handle complaints: L-ISTEN TO COMPLAINNING CUSTOMERS I-SOLATE CORE PROBLEM THROUGH QUESTIONS S-OLVE PROBLEM FROM KEEPING CUSTOMER INFORMED T-AKE FEEDBACK FROM CUSTOMERS TO MAKE SURE HE IS SATISFIED CUSTOMER PANELS Companies should run panels of customers who have to communicate periodically.

very satisfied) and ask about quality of service and various other aspects. neutral. what they thought of it and it is direct measure of satisfied customers. dissatisfied. The ghost shoppers even pose certain problems to test whether the company‟s sales personal handle the situation well. measurement of customers repurchase intention or willing ness to recommend the product to others are also judged. TAKE ACTION MEASURE CUSTOMER OPINION ANALYSE AND INTERPRET INFORMATION PLAN CORRECTIVE MEASURE MEASURES GHOST SHOPPING Customer oriented companies hire persons to pose as potential buyers to report their findings on strong and weak points they experienced in buying company and competitors product. Companies periodically send questionnaires or make telephonic calls to a random sample to prospective customers to evaluate satisfaction level on 5 point scale (very dissatisfied. satisfied. Page 11 . Management compare these ratings and can arrive at customer satisfaction level.CUSTOMER SURVEYS It is conducted to learn how product has affected brand choice behavior.

safety.  Quality derivativeness should be compulsory. Therefore. Company should reconfigure all planning processes towards customers. Direct all marketing efforts towards meeting customer needs. responsiveness.  Companies should have quest for quality and should meet standards. It is always more costly. Company can make customers happy by providing reliability. highest quality of products should be companies objective maintaining „zero defects‟ or 100% quality. inurn quality increases cost effectiveness. buys other product that company latter adds to its line. empathy and tangible materials.  Quality should be in every stage from planning to production.RETENTION OF CUSTOMERS Retaining a single customer is most important than attracting many new customers. Create corporate strategy aimed at customer value. Company should promise highest standard of product quality.  Quality should be in hallmark of the company. CUTOMERS WILL BE SATISFIED AND BY CONTINUOUS TOTAL IMPROVEMENT QUALITY PROCESS MAINTAINING  Customers are judged of quality.  Proven method and procedures should be adopted and applied consistently. The company should create an emotional bondage between themselves and customers. pay less attention to competing brands. Thus improves quality. comfort and dependability. assurance. Page 12 . Marketer should be aware of profitable and non-profitable customers. satisfying customer‟s requirements.

It is the process of identifying a group of consumers with similar needs and producing a product that will meet those needs at a profit. Page 13 . that is from customer point of view… business success is not determined by the producer but by the customer” Peter. WHAT IS MARKET? Market consists of all the potential customers sharing a particular need or wants who might be willing and able to engage in exchange to satisfy that need or wants MARKETING “Marketing is so basic that it cannot be considered as a separate function.F.Drucker “Marketing consists of all activities by which a company adapts itself to its environment” Ray Corey WHAT IS MARKETING? Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating. Companies should have quest to find innovative ideas and featured or attributes that will create excitement and desire and they should look beyond what the customer says. It is the whole business seen from points the point of view of its final results. offering and exchanging products of value with others. . MARKET SEGMENTATION The task of breaking the total market into segments that share common properties is market segmentation.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR The term consumer behaviour refers to the behaviour that consumer‟s display in searching for purchasing.Market segmentation will facilitate the firm to identify and find out the additional benefit desired by the people to pay benefits and source where they would like to buy it. Consumer behavior was a Page 14 . evaluating and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. we are able to understand consumer behavior. WHY WE STUDY CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR? There are various reasons as to why people study consumer behavior. As consumers. where they buy it and how they buy it and how often they use it. money. then we can predict how consumers are likely to react to the various information. The study of consumer behavior is the study of how the individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time. using. we benefit from insights in our own consumption related decisions: what we buy. why they buy. In other words. why we buy. As marketers and future marketers. Marketers have also observed a change in the psychological behavior of the consumers. effort) on consumption related items. how we buy and the promotional influences that persuade us to buy. which help us to shape the marketing strategies accordingly to gain a competitive advantage in the market. there is a positive buying motive shown by the consumers. It includes the study of what they buy. There is an increasing awareness among the consumers to the changes taking place around them resulting in an urge to purchase various goods and services. when they buy it. The study of consumer behavior enables us to become better and wiser consumers.

how and from whom to purchase goods and services”. income. “Consumer may be defined as all the individuals and households that buy and acquire goods and services for personal consumption. sociology. etc. as positivism and the people concerned with predicting consumer behavior are known as positivists.” Consumers differ in the age. on the notion that individual act rationally to maximize their benefits in the purchase of goods and services. According to the consumer tastes and preference. DEFINATIONS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR According to Walters & Paul “Consumer behaviour is the process whereby individuals decide what. This new discipline borrowed heavily from the concept enveloping other scientific disciplines like psychology. Therefore a study Page 15 . Many early theories were based on the economic theory. when. CONSUMER BEHAVOIUR MAY BE DEFINED AS “The process whereby the individuals decide whether what. IMPORTANCE OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 1) Consumer behaviour is dynamic and changes continuously. how and from whom to purchase goods and services”. when. They regarded it as an applied marketing science: if they could predict consumer behavior they could influence. This approach has come to known. taste and preference and educational levels and therefore the marketers should identify the different consumer groups and develop products and services according to the needs of the consumers. The initial thrust to consumer research from a perspective here marketing managers wanted to know the specific causes of consumer behavior.relatively new field of study in the mid to late 1960. where.

3) A study of consumer behaviour helps in effective marketing management. Consumer behaviour can be said to be the melding of all those bodies of knowledge concerning with human behaviour-behavioral sciences.of to analyze. 4) Product decision regarding price. 6) Consumer behaviour study helps a marketer in exploiting new opportunities and meeting the challenges and requirements of an Indian consumer. where the government keeps on changing. it is essential to study the expectations of the consumer based on the changes. 5) In an Indian market where changes take place very often. Page 16 . 2) Only by studying consumer behaviour a businessman can solve the problems faced by the consumers. monitor and understand the consumer behaviour is very essential. promotion and distribution can be taken after studying the consumer behaviour and how they react to the product.

CHAPTER-II Industrial back ground of the study Growth of the industry Industry profile Motor cycle sweep stakes Origin of the organization Product profile Page 17 .

In 1985 Gattlib Palmer and Kalt Benz invented the first petrol driven car. Since the 1980‟s the market for personalized transport experienced a strident growth in the country. Initially human beings and animals were used for drawing carts but the zest to faster and deliver large quantities in faster period resulted in constant improvement of wheel driven carts. a car on two wheels. Among these is the transportation for himself and the goods. So the manufacturers are all set to woo the customers with the styles that surprise. The production capacity has been consistently increased. Thus resulted in the invention of Europe. From January 1994 the market especially for two wheelers has so grown to meet the demand of the customers of India. Page 18 . GROWTH OF THE INDUSTRY In India two wheelers have demonstrated the ever since they come to know been used in the country. Efficiency above expectations. This was the beginning of the trend. But with the passage of time the need for a fuelefficient light weight vehicle was felt. Durability and services more reliable and pricing. The invention of wheel revolutionized the concept of transportation. The two wheelers came to recognize as a family vehicle and have retained this character of date. which revolutionized the concept of personal transport.INDUSTRIAL BACK GROUND OF THE STUDY Since time immemorial man has been trying to make things which would make life easier. Not only it is recognized to be useful mode of transportation for a family it is also safe.

The customer‟s attitudes too changed with preference for looks. The two wheeler age revolutionized Indian automobile market. INDIAN AUTOMOBILE MARKET: In India basically the people are composed of middle and lower income people.Fuel efficient .Looks . The recent trend is for the scooterette. Consumer‟s long list of preference was carefully kept in mind and a new era of market segmentation began. Bikes and scooterettes for every one has become a motto for automobile industry. the Scooters. the Motorcycles and Mopeds. maintenance.Power The middle and low-income people goes for: . comfortable riding and good after sales service. Power engine. The market now segregates high income and middle income from rich class of customers. Honda noticed this and their efforts paid dividends when Honda and Dio were launched.Power . fuel efficiency.Maintenance . availability of spare parts. Rich and high-income group of customers usually goes for: . For them economical and reasonable comfortable bike or scooter with less maintenance was the priority.Largely speaking three major categories of two wheeler started coming. low cost.Economical cost Page 19 .

89 3.88 3628. Where the motor cycles have consistently gained market share from scooter and moped segment to corner a share of 41% of total two wheeler sales.497 1. In the terms of three wheeler vehicle population in Maharashtra State stands first with a population of 0.307 36.57 not listed -41.52 VOLUME SALES in nos.INDUSTRY PROFILE The Indian two wheelers industries can be broadly classified as scooters. Cr ) PROFIT (%) Page 20 . The table below gives an idea about the strides made by motor cycle segment in the last six years.33 6. Moped sales in southern region lead in three wheeler sales with a contribution of 42% and 35. These segments as shown below constitute the domestic two wheeler sales of 3.39 mn and Gujarat in the second place with 0.4 million in financial year 2009-09. This can be seen from the change in composition of two wheeler sales. MOTOR CYCLE SWEEP STAKES: MARGINS 2009-10 (assessment year ) Hero-Honda Bajaj auto TVS Yamaha LML 10.44 not listed -6.98 not listed 633. In the last six years.531 3. ( Rs.71.160 3369.29.591 5.42.74 1820.22 mn as on March 31st 2009.29 7.54.74 246.95 62.87 249. Cr) NET ( Rs. the domestic two wheeler industries have seen structural changes. motorcycles and mopeds. This trend is expected to continue in the next two years till the four stroke scooters make their presence felt in this segment.8% of total three wheeler sales respectively.

Bullet and many others occupy pre-dominant positions in our eyes. Page 21 . Kawasaki. a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd. Its symbol. TVS-Suzuki. Tata. HONDA Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of 2-wheelers. many multinational companies are collaborating with Indian companies to market share for their vehicles at international level. conforming to international norms. but also meet and exceed the expectations of Indian customers with outstanding after sales support. TVS. (HMSI). When we shift our attention to manufacturers of bikes in India such as Hero Honda. Japan. Yamaha. the Wings. These wings are now in India as Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Suzuki. Honda's dream for India is to not only manufacture 2-wheelers of global quality. These have been gained big status to their entity with liberalization opening gates of conservative Indian economy. Yamaha. represents the company's unwavering dedication in achieving goals that are unique and above all.INDUSTRIAL BACKGROUND Indian automobile industry is full of big names such as Maruti. and many others have swept away the automobile market with high quality 2 and 4 wheelers. Hero Honda. These wings are here to initiate a change and make a difference in the Indian 2-wheeler industry. Ltd..

wants and needs of the consumers. By adopting environmental management system. It has been developed exclusively for the Indian market after closely examining the changing lifestyles. recognize that well being of humans and conservation of earth's environment is important. we Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Pvt. Ltd. Manesar manufacturer of two wheelers. (HMSI). Page 22 . The Honda has been designed to cater people who believe: • The conventional Indian scooter is too big and difficult to handle • The scooterette is too small and similar to mopeds The Honda is equipped with a number of new functions and mechanisms.ORIGIN OF THE ORGANIZATION Honda is the first scooter model of HMSI for the Indian market. introduced for the first time in India. performance. As responsible members of society and industry. and ease of handling and maintenance to a wide cross-section of the Indian society. HMSI is moving towards realization of Honda's green factory concept. economy. It is designed to offer greater functionality. The Honda has set a new standard for new era of scooters in India. Within the 1st year of its launch it has been awarded the ' Scooter of the Year' by Overdrive magazine and also the 'Readers Choice Award' for the best scooter by Auto India Magazine. It has revitalized the Indian scooter market after its launch in the year 2009.

• Promoting conservation of resources such as energy. • Increasing environment awareness and competence amongst our employees and encourage vendors & dealers to adopt EMS. water. HMSI will establish its environmental management system following PDCA cycle and continuously work to make it more effective. • Regular monitoring and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets. HMSI conducts all its daily activities in pursuit of the following joys: The Joy of Buying The Joy of Selling The Joy of Manufacturing The joy of using world The joy of selling world The joy of class products class products producing high quality products Page 23 . environmental excellence in all its industrial activities. in the following ways: • Conserving environment through preventing pollution at its source of generation and strengthening our existing pollution control system. by reusing. oil and grease and other raw materials. recycling and minimizing the waste generation.We shall endeavor to continually monitor. • Complying with all applicable legal/regulatory requirements and strive to go beyond wherever possible. The Three Joys In line with Honda's Philosophy. improve and conserve the environment in which we operate. The policy will be well disseminated to our employees as well as to public at large. HMSI is committed to achieve.

India 200.Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of 2-wheelers. District Gurgaon. Ltd. Haryana. Its symbol. Haruo Takiguchi. a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd. ADDRESSES: • Official Name • Established • Place • Capital •Representative •Factory Location •Production Capacity Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt.MARCH 2010 New Delhi. Ltd. India Rs. Honda's dream for India is to not only manufacture 2-wheelers of global quality.. conforming to international norms. These wings are here to initiate a change and make a difference in the Indian 2-wheeler industry.000 units per year Racing Honda has always played an important role in motor sports. 300 Crore Mr. (HMSI). Honda has made its mark in the 500cc class Motorcycle Racing World Championship and more. believing it to be the springboard for technological advancement. These wings are now in India as Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Page 24 . Japan. 20th FIB. the Wings. President & CEO Manesar. but also meet and exceed the expectations of Indian customers with outstanding after sales support. represents the company's unwavering dedication in achieving goals that are unique and above all.

Honda's safety philosophy emphasizes the development of appropriate technologies for its products. It is actively pursuing the development of a 4-stroke engine in all 2-wheelers by 2009. 2 and 4-wheelers. Safety At Honda. while minimizing the space required for mechanical components. we use a three-prong approach. Honda was the first manufacturer in Japan and India to develop and apply the anti-lock brake system for the two wheelers.Technology Our fundamental design philosophy seeks to maximize space and comfort for people. Environment Honda is unrivalled in making a conscious effort to lower the emissions of every one of its vehicles. Honda's R&D activities include product-specific development and research. With this aim in mind. minimizing injury in the unlikely event of an accident and our Driving Safety Promotion operations. so as to ultimately achieve maximum riding comfort for its customers. based on preventing accidents. Page 25 .

air cooled. 5 Ah 35 W 102 cc 7 Bhp at 7000 rpm 0.PRODUCT PROFILE HONDA Technical Specifications Engine: Type 4-stroke. single cylinder.8 Kg-m at 5500 rpm V-matic Self and Kick Brakes: Front Drum. 130 mm dia Page 26 . OHC Displacement Maximum Power Maximum Torque Transmission Ignition Electricals: Battery Headlamp Chassis: Frame Dimensions (l*b*h) Wheel Base Seat Height Ground Clearance Fuel Tank Capacity: Tank capacity 6 litres High rigidity under bone type 1765*715*1130 mm 1235 mm 760 mm 145 mm 12 V.

4 PR Suspension: Front Bottom link with spring loaded hydraulic damper Rear Unit swing with spring loaded hydraulic damper Colors:  Strand silver metallic  Black  Laser red  Precious gold metallic  Azure blue metallic Features: Aerodynamic Design: The Honda has an aerodynamic body that helps cool the engine through smoother airflow. Tuffup Tube: The Tyres of the Honda have double layered tubes with fluid in between. Under Seat Box: Neatly hidden beneath the seat of the Honda is space that can comfortably hold a helmet or any other thing you wish to put away. Page 27 . 130 mm dia 3.50-10. 4 PR 3. It also helps to lower fuel consumption by lowering air resistance. This seals the air leakage in case of a puncture to ensure that the rider enjoys a hassle-free ride.50-10.Rear Tyre size: Front Rear Drum.

Do real men ride scooters? Those girly. UN-geared. A pertinent question which I must ask. men ride motorcycles. preferably big brawny Bullets! Ask me this question today and you will hear me coo a different tune. Maybe it's just me becoming old and boring but everyone in the office seems to concur with my view. HONDA DIO Honda has done it again! After wooing the masses with its brilliant but conservatively styled Honda. Spoilt us it has. Being young in years most of my waking hours are spent trying to impress the ladies and the conservative. styling of the Honda ain't going to cut much ice. Come on. And for that the Honda has to be blamed. Multi-Reflector headlamp: Honda has a powerful and very stylish multi-reflector headlamp that increases road visibility to make night driving a safe experience. But there still was that one little reservation I had against the Honda. And squashes the opposition in emphatic style. even boring. like the bonnet of a car. over a year of leisurely riding.CLIC: The „Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover‟ enables one to easily lift-up the Honda‟s body cover. Page 28 . This makes routine maintenance easier and faster. twist and go scooters? No? I would have yelled an emphatic 'no' if this question was posed to me a year ago. Honda now plays the style card with the Dio. electric-start.

as we have come to expect from any Honda offering. a departure from the steelbodied Honda. But didn't someone say there always is light at the end of the tunnel and in this case the light ain't of an oncoming train. In terms of build quality. more of which later. The Dio is clad entirely in plastic panels. but with the Dio. Developing plastic moulds is also much cheaper that steel. Page 29 . Ergonomically the Dio is spot-on and quality of components and controls is top-notch. Honda wanted to play it safe with the Honda and hence it is steel-bodied.Which is why the Honda has been in Aspi's possession (he being of the married type) for all these months while I have been breaking my head over a succession of Bullets. we can emphatically state the Dio will remain bombproof. the contemporary approach to panels has been adopted resulting in 12kg weight reduction. The handlebar-seat-footboard relationship has been optimized perfectly for riding comfort. Rather it has 'Dio' splattered across its sides. The Dio also has the CLIC cover that lifts up the Honda's body like a car bonnet allowing easy access to the engine for routine maintenance.

CHAPTER-III Research Methodology Page 30 .

In short. However. representation. Keeping in mind curriculum requirement and organizational requirement the study has been conducted to find out customer satisfaction towards Honda. It is a planed structure and strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answers to research questions and constitutes the blue print for the collection. due to time constraint an in depth study could not be undertaken. With this outlook of today‟s market it is even a layman‟s perceptive that Honda has stood against all odds this indicates that Honda. and analysis of data. . o Produce and techniques to be followed for gathering information. Statement of problem With the recent influx of different brands in today‟s two wheel auto segment each striving to satisfy customer with the end results of maintaining loyalty. Page 31 . it is the logical and systematic plan prepared for directing the research study. o Methods to be used in processing and analyzing data. at present cars as such have become necessity but not a nicety.RESEARCH Methodology A research design is a logical and systematic plan prepared for directing a research study. A good research design should consists of o Clear statement of research design. o Population to be studied. by itself reflects a satisfied customer.

Page 32 .Scope of the study 1. marketing sales. It helps to know that which publicity media gives maximum retention to the customers. To find customer satisfaction level towards sales process. To find the availability of finances schemes and mode of purchase through the various financial schemes. It also helps in putting in possible improvements. The study also helps the company to improve their standard of service & handle the competition in the near future. occupation. Objectives 1. additions. 4. and new strategies and offers the customers. It also puts a detailed insight into the different aspects of the company. 3. 5. 3. To find out the customer satisfaction level. To find out the impact of showroom ambience. 2. and household income of all the respondents. To various age groups. product briefing and salesman effectiveness. 4. such as manufacturing. production and finance etc. 2. To find out from which dealer the customer has purchased their product and the source of awareness about the dealership and the product. qualification. 6.

a category of non-probability sampling since the respondents were chosen by me and were not provided by the company. Method of Data Collection Data collection tool is to collect the primary data that is.Methodology of the study Sampling Design A part of population is know as a sample and drawing a sample from larger population is called sampling A Good sample should be representative. data collected specifically for the study and is not published anywhere before is through a questionnaire. Page 33 . Sample size for the project work It is impossible to collect the response from the total population due to limitation of time. The total sample size taken for survey is 100 respondents. It is used to collect data about that general Brand Awareness and Market Potential of two wheelers of Honda and its other competitors. accurate and precision sampling can be categorized:  Convenience sampling Sample procedure for the project work The sampling method used is convenience sampling. The area of sampling is in Ambala.

The concept of is to fulfill the research objectives. textbooks. and internet. SAMPLING PROCEDURE The sample size of collection of data is 100 respondents. Sampling is basically targeted to the consumers who own Honda. So that respondent easily understands the questions and will reply the answers sincerely and correctly.Primary data: The primary data is collected through survey method Secondary data: The secondary data is collected through various sources like magazines. It was developed personally and offered the latest information Designing for Questionnaire: The designing of questionnaire needs precision and classify the subject. Though the size of sample is small. . Page 34 . it has highly reliable findings as it is targeted to right Honda owners. who are chosen by simple random technique. The source of data for compilation of this report was gartered directly from the respondents through the use of questionnaire. Primary data (Exploratory Research Design) Primary Data is the first hand information collected for specific purpose directly from the field of enquiry.

for the study of “Honda”. So data is collected through „personal interview method‟. Page 35 . satisfaction level. mode of purchase etc. offices.DATA COLLECTION METHOD The type of information required for the study was satisfactory level of the consumers who own Honda. This method has helped in obtaining data on factors such as attitude. by this method one can expect a reliable information. The respondents were contacted at place like colleges. SOURCES OF DATA It refers to method used to conduct research for Auto Worldin this research all the data have been collected through “primary source of Data collection” method. Field works for project The field work for the project was carried in Ambala. which is referred to as quantitative research design method. residents and different areas in the Ambala. The fieldwork schedule contained structured set of questions to be answered by respondents to suit the objective of the project.

 The overall sample size is 100. this itself can be a limitation. because of subjectivity. Their perceptions are portrayed in a statistical and graphical manner. Hence this is not to be a truly representative picture  The duration for the survey was very less Page 36 .  As the primary data will be collected by individuals responses are likely to be biased.Limitation of the project  Project work and study is confined to Ambala only  The data will be collected only from respondents.

CHAPTER-IV Data Analysis & Interpretation Page 37 .

Table 1: Age Group of the Respondents Age 18-25 25-32 32-39 39 & above Observation No of respondents 39 18 11 32 Age is the very important factor in the purchase decisions of the customers. 32 % of them belong to 39 & Above. and 11 % respondents belong to the age group of 32-39. Graph 1: Age Group of the Respondents 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 39 32 18-25 18 11 25-32 32-39 39 & above a b c d Page 38 . 39 % respondents belong to the age group 18-25 years. 18 % respondents belong to the age group of 25-32 years. People of different age group prefer different types of two wheelers. Out of the surveyed 100 respondents.

This reveals that male users are more in number but there are also females who too use Honda.Table 2: Sex of the respondents Sex Male Female Observation Sex is also an important consideration for the marketers so as to know which of the sex prefer to buy their products. Graph 2: Sex of the respondents No of respondents 76 24 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 76 male female 24 a b Page 39 . The above study shows that out of the surveyed 100 respondents of Honda 76% of the users were male and the rest 24% of them were female.

People prefer to buy a two wheeler for the sake of their status and the kind of work they do. and 34 % or 34 respondents were student. 21 % or 21 respondents were doing service. Graph 3: Occupation of the Respondents No of respondents 34 21 6 39 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 6 21 34 39 student service business professional 5 0 a b c d Page 40 . 39 % or 39 respondents were doing professional. 6 % or 6 respondents were doing business.Table 3: Occupation of the Respondents Occupation Student Service Business Professional Observation Occupation is very important factor or consideration in purchasing a two wheeler. Out of the surveyed 100 respondents.

000 & Above Observation Income is the important consideration in the purchase of a two wheeler.000 and Above. Out the surveyed 100 respondents.000 20.000 10. 47 % or 47 respondents belong to 10.000.000-15.000. 19 % or 19 respondents belong to 15. Graph 4: Monthly Income of the Respondents No of respondents 7 47 19 27 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 a 47 27 19 5000-10.000 20.000-15.000-20. which he can afford for.000-15.000 15.000. 7 % or 7 respondents belong to 5000-10. Depending on his income the person will go for the type of two wheeler.Table 4: Monthly Income of the Respondents Monthly Income 5000-10.000 15.000-20.000& above 7 b c d Page 41 .000-20.000 10. and rest 7 % or 7 respondents belong to 20.

Table 5: Ownership status of the Honda Ownership status Self owned Company owned Company leased No of respondents 99 1 0 Observation The study shows that out of the 100 surveyed respondents 99% of them owning Honda were self-owned. 1% was company owned and none of them were using company leased. Graph 5: Ownership status of the Honda 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 99 self owned company owned company leased 10 0 a 1 b 0 c Page 42 .

such as their friends and relatives. Graph 6: Recommendation of Honda to others 90 80 87 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 a b 13 yes no Page 43 . as they would get a bike for the same cost.Table 6: Recommendation of Honda to others Recommendation Yes No No of respondents 87 13 Observation The above study reveals that the 87% of the respondents would like to recommend Honda to others. And 13% of the respondents told that they would not recommend Honda.

Graph 7: No of respondents 48 26 16 10 Ratings for Ride. Handling Ratings Excellent Good Average Poor Observation The study shows that the respondents ratings for Ride & Handling. 26% told that it was good.Table 7: Ratings for Ride. 48% of them told that it was excellent. Handling 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 48 26 excellent good average poor 16 10 0 a b c d Page 44 . 16% told that it was average and 10% of them told that it was poor.

52% of them told that it was excellent.Table 8: Ratings for Comfort Ratings Excellent Good Average Poor No of respondents 52 24 23 1 Observation The study shows that the respondents ratings for Comfort. 23% told that it was average and 1% of them told that it was poor. 24% told that it was good. Ratings for Comfort 60 52 50 40 excellent 30 20 10 good 24 23 average poor 1 0 a b c d Page 45 .

37% told that it was average and 25% of them told that it was poor. 21% told that it was good. Ratings for Road Grip 40 37 35 30 25 25 20 15 10 5 0 a b c d 17 21 excellent good average poor Page 46 .Table 9: Ratings for Road Grip Ratings Excellent Good Average Poor No of respondents 17 21 37 25 Observation The study shows that the respondents ratings for Road Grip. 17% of them told that it was excellent.

Table 10: Ratings for Engine Performance Ratings Excellent Good Average Poor No of respondents 47 15 31 7 Observation The study shows that the respondents ratings for Engine Performance. 15% told that it was good. 31% told that it was average and 7% of them told that it was poor. 47% of them told that it was excellent. Ratings for Engine Performance 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 47 31 excellent good average 15 7 poor a b c d Page 47 .

CHAPTER-V Findings Suggestions Conclusion Page 48 .

 34% of the customers were students and 39% of them were professionals.  All the customers say that they prefer to service their vehicles at the authorized service centers only.FINDINGS  27% of the sample size told that the service given by the Auto Worldwas excellent.  26% told that Honda is a fuel efficient two wheeler.  99% of the customer‟s ownership status of Honda is self-owned.  33% of the customers told that they would purchase another Honda in future for their family members or for their relatives.  Indian market is full of middle class customers and most of the customers owning Honda belonged to middle class category. Page 49 .  Delivery instruments are given properly by all the dealers.  22% told that Honda is easy to ride.  76% of the customers were male and 24% of them were female.  The customers got aware of Honda largely through magazines and newspapers.  Advertisements have popularized other dealers with friends of the customers with 42% of them indicating for it.  29% of the customers say that they purchased Honda for its travelling comfort.  12% purchased Honda as they felt it was a trend for it.

Base on the study following suggestions can be considered  Providing more techno-driven.  Sales executives should constantly review the present. because they also have emotional and psychological needs when they purchase a car.  They should constantly provide adequate solutions for purchasing a product.  Gathering and processing data through electronic data processing system there by time spent on information evaluation feed back can be reduced.SUGGESTIONS This study is aimed at analyzing customer satisfaction with sample of 100 members. sophisticated exteriors keeping track of present situation.  Customer care is best way to build long-term relation. the past and the future objectives and there by evaluate their performance.  To change shape or body design of Omni so as to increase road safety especially during swift turns. friendly and competent in their jobs. which has helped in getting an overall view of customer satisfaction towards Honda considering different criteria.  To increase the mileage efficiency  To provide mobile servicing a should be able to reach the spot in case of any breakdown  To bring down the cost of spares and to improve genuinely.  Final buyer relation: sales personnel who are in contact with final buyer should be courteous.  To give more ads on to drive slowly and safely. Page 50 .  Building satisfaction: sales person should reassure the customer regarding decision taken by him while ordering product/service.

Provides additional confidence for global souring 4. Provides a common language for worldwide quality system requirements Page 51 .CONCLUSION 1. Reduction in second party audits and elimination of multiple third party registration 7. Reduction in variation. Improved product and process quality 2. waste and increased efficiency 6. Provides a global quality system approach in the supply chain for subcontractor development and consistency. 5. Incorporates lessee learned and best practices from global automotive industry 3.

ANNEXURE Questionnaires Bibliography Page 52 .

000 15.00     Business Professional 10.000-15.000 & Above     SPECIFIC INFROMATION 1.QUESTIONNAIRE Name: Age: Sex: Address: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Phone No: Email ID: Occupation: Student Service Monthly Income: 5000-10.000 20.000-20. What is the owner ship status of Honda? Self owned Company owned Company leased o 18-25 o 25-32 o 32-39 o 39 & above 3. sex of the respondents o Male o Female    2.Age group of the respondents Page 53 .

Reason for above dealers? Service performance facilities  Advertisement    Friends  Others  8. Where do you usually go for service? Authorized selling dealer Other authorized service center  Private shop Page 54 . If you were to recommend a scooter would you recommend anyone Honda? Yes  No  5.4. Handling Comfort Road grip Mileage Design Engine performance Speed Braking Pick-up Excellent Good Average Poor 6. How do rate Honda in terms of Basis Ride. Where did you buy your scooter? Dealers Name: Auto World  City Honda  Haiku Honda  Planet Honda  7.

Occupation of the respondents Page 55 . Are you planning to buy another Honda in the near future? Yes  No   Finance schemes  Others    10. What mode of do you prefer? Cash Company loan  11. What are the sources the create awareness? News papers  Television Magazines Exhibition  Student  Service  Business  Professional 13. Ratings for comfort  Excellent  Good  Average  Poor 14. Ratings for road grip  Excellent  Good  Average  Poor  Postal catalogue  Show-room display  12.9.

15.ratings for engine performance  Excellent  Good  Average  Poor Page 56 .

Magazines: 1. Auto World.BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: 1. 3. News Papers: 1.Honda. 2. Principles of Marketing Management By Philip Kotler.com Page 57 .com www.Kothari. Research Methodology By C. 2. Times of India.honda2wheelersindia. Over drive. Auto India. 2. Economic Times.R. Web Sites: www.