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Gymnopilus maritimus is a species of Cortinariaceae fungus first collected in northern Sardinia, Italy, in 2006. The species produces moderately sized, sturdy mushrooms of a reddish-orange colour. Thecap, which can measure up to 0 millimetres !" in# across, is co$ered in orange fi%rils, and sometimes has small scales. The yellowish stem measures up to &&0 mm !' in# in length %y ( mm !0." in# in width, and sometimes shows remnants of the partial $eil. The mushrooms ha$e thic) gills of a $aria%le colour, ranging from yellow to rust %ut staining dar)er, and the yellow flesh has a mild taste. The mushrooms lea$e a rusty-%rown spore print, while the spores themsel$es measure from .* to &&.* micrometres in length. The species is most similar in appearance to G. arenophilus and G. fulgens, %ut is not closely related to either and is not particularly similar to any of its closest relati$es. The species has %een found only on coastal sand dunes near +l%ia, Sardinia, where it was o%ser$ed growing at the %ase of Juncus maritimus !the sea rush#, %etween the winter months of +cto%er and ,anuary. -owe$er, there is speculation that it may also grow elsewhere in .urope. !Full article...# /ecently featured0 1ieutenant 2o$ernor of 3ew ,ersey 4 Tiruchirappalli 4 3o. 2 +perational Con$ersion 5nit /667 Archive 4 By email 4 More featured articles...

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