GAT General Practice Test: Take GAT General Practice Test and be confident in actual GAT administrated by NTS

in many cities of Pakistan. NOTE: This is GAT-C where: English - 40 questions Analytical Reasoning - 30 questions Quantitative - 30 questions GAT General by NTS (Practice Paper) Sample - GAT-C Number of Questions: 100;; Time allowed: 120 minutes Negative Marking: No SYNONYMS 1. ANOMALY (Click on a word to know its meaning) A. Normal B. Straight C. Irregularity D. Integrity E. None of these

2. ABSTRUSE A. Showy B. Evident C. To prove something D. Skillful E. Concealed

3. VACOUS A. Stupid B. Truthfulness C. Ravenous D. Dreamer E. Confused

4. PRAGMATIC A. Practical B. Magnetic C. Liar

ACRIMONIOUS A. Threatening D. Extraordinary 6. Honesty C.D. Carelessness E. TOUCHSTONE A. Static D. Arrogant E. Peaceful D. None of these 7. Probability B. Tolerate C. Very hard stone B. Comfortable E. Managing B. Criteria C. Momentary E. Cheap C. Moving C. Path 8. Enemy D. Cheating E. Friend B. Polish . Expensive D. PROBITY A. MINATORY A. Uncertain 5. BROOK A. Bitter B. Affection 9.

Bold 13. D. CONSENSUS A. Special case E. Friend Enemy Foul Fail Fraud 12. MELANCHOLY A. Confused D. Sorrowful B.E. Weak B. None of these 14. Fraud 10.. Convicted E.View Answers ANTONYMS 11.. C. Slowly E. Ratify D. Tranquil C. Concise B. Careful C. Disagreement C. B. FOE A. E. Careless D. Unlucky E. Quality D. FECKLESS A. Superficial . Happy C. SUCCINCT A. None of these . Agreement B..

Sad C. EMINENT A. Frightened 19. NEPOTISM A. Understood E. Happy E. Unknown 16. Famous B. Query B. Popular C. Shaky E. Copy . Apart E. Certain C. Postmortem C. Rest D. ENIGMA A. Biased D. CAPRICIOUS A. Nearness 18. Neophyte E. Favoritism C. Stubborn 17. Demise D. PARTISAN A. Neutral B. Intrinsic B. Mystery B. Imminent D. Impartial D.15.

Praise B. hope : hone D. ISLAND : ARCHIPELAGO A. transport : transfer 25. To insult C. brook : building D. evasive : wordy D. VINDICTIVE: MERCY A. AGGRAVATE : ALLEVIATE A.View Answers ANALOGIES 21. chary : cautious E. later : precede B. Confront E. FOND : DOTING . urbane : naive C. cajole : coax E. feckless : careless B. skeptical : trustfulness 24. To face D. AFFRONT A. classroom : school B. transient : fleeting B. accumulation : narrate E.20. feeble : worker E. disavow : confront 23. obstinate : tractable 22. student : teacher C.. crestfallen : cognizant D.. DETERIORATE : IMPROVE A. evanescent : exigent C. To remove .. elated : happy C.

This account is exempted from __________ charges. sound E. I cannot concentrate. A. chide : pillory doctrine : patient strut : walk levy : bevy time : search . E.View Answers Sentence Completion 26.. None of these 27. tax B. means C. A. bet B. A. I can __________ for his honesty and ability to work hard. distraction C. mean B. people D. A. contraction 29. detraction B. to . levy D. interest E. vouch D. taxation 30. promise C. Job in this department __________ a lot of hard work. entails D. I am afraid __________ cats. here is too much __________. D. None of these 28.A. A. bevy C... C. curtail E. vow E. B.

A. A. with from for to . B.. D. E. B.. View Answers Summary Completion During the later years of the American Revolution. E. from of with by . D. the Articles of Confederation government was formed. E. A. D. C. or force the British out (5)__________ the United States. D. E. prevent Indian raids. Each state distrusted (2)__________ and gave little authority to the central or federal government. C. C. C. B. B.B. D. This government (1)__________ severely from a lack of power. The Articles of Confederation (3)__________ a government which could not raise money (4)__________ taxes. C. 31. other the other others the others none of these 33. produced made obtained elected none of these 34.. damaged suffered fail diminished none of these 32. A.

According to the passage.. diminished resources D. it is often a damaging affront to human dignity and sometimes a catastrophic blow to family life. with the 35. black . but it is much more than that. The extra costs include disruption of the careers of young people.. The social and economic strains of prolonged underutilization create strong pressures for cost-increasing solutions…. Nor is this cost distributed in proportion to ability to bear it. E. and perpetuation of conditions which breed racial discrimination in employment and otherwise deny equality of opportunity. intensifies resistance to technological change and to rationalization of work rules. prolonged high unemployment leads to “share-the-work” pressures for shorter hours.. the weakness of markets leads to attempts to raise prices to cover high average overhead casts and to pressures for protection against foreign and domestic competition. C.E. While unemployment is damaging to many. it falls most heavily upon all except the A. D. . On the side of business. economic slack and lost output C.. It falls most heavily on the young. the employment rate E.View Answers 36. the semiskilled and unskilled. with from for to of . B. unemployment is an index of A. over utilization of capacity B.. The concentrated incidence of unemployment among specific groups in the population means far greater costs to society that can be measured simply in hours of involuntary idleness or dollars of income lost. On the side of labor. There is another and more subtle cost. For the unemployed person..View Answers Reading Comprehension Read the following passage carefully and answer the given questions Unemployment is an important index of economic slack and lost output. the black person. under capacity 37. and underemployed person in a low income rural area who is denied the option of securing more rewarding urban employment…. increased juvenile delinquency. A. the older worker.

40. A 5.. disruption of careers E. “no fire” policies D. idleness C. cost-cutting solutions E. juvenile delinquency D. a typical business reaction to a recession is to press for A. According to the passage. more jobs by having everyone work shorter hours B. higher social security payments. higher unemployment insurance B. lost incomes B. government action D. D.. Serious unemployment leads labor groups to demand A. restraint against union activity . A 4. B 6. E. protection against imports C. A 9. A Answers: Antonyms . C 7. higher wages to those employed C. the death rate 39. C. The cost to society of unemployment can be measured by all except A. B 10..B. C 2.View Answers ANSWERS Answers: Synonyms 1. B 8. E 3. restrictive business practices E. semiskilled unskilled underemployed white middle class 38.

A 40. C 30. D 33. A 25. B 35. B 14. E Answers: Reading Comprehension 36.11. C 27. E 22. B . A 17. E 39. E 38. B 13. B 37. B 15. A Answers: Anologies 21. C 18. D 19. A 34. B 20. C 28. B 32. A 23. A Answers: Sentence Completion 26. E 16. E 24. C Answers: Summary Completion 31. B 29. A 12.