FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (5 December 2006) Contact: Clifford Terry, Communications Advisor Abhiramy Vanniyakulam, Communications Officer

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TVLanka to air ASB documentary this Saturday, 9th December 2006
A documentary film on an ASB post-tsunami socio-economic recovery and development project in the Hambantota District will be airing this coming Saturday, 9th December at 10:30 pm. This programme will be repeated on Sunday at 7:30 am and 2:30 pm. This project, called the ‘ACCESS’ Youth Project, was implemented in the Hambantota District because, not only was it affected by the tsunami but it is also one of the most disadvantaged districts in the southern region of Sri Lanka. The ‘ACCESS’ Youth Project is designed to provide skills to the youth of the district and in so doing increase their chances of gaining employment or self-employment. The basic concept is that ‘ACCESS’ will have an impact on its staff and through its staff will have an impact on everyone in the district. During its development stages the beginning of this year a team of film makers documented their progress, which resulted in the film being shown this week. Much of the work being done on tsunami recovery has been focused on building housing and re-establishing livelihoods, but little has been done to empower those who have been directly or indirectly affected by the tsunami. The ‘ACCESS’ Youth Project is designed to act as a catalyst that will provide and facilitate an array of projects, partners and individuals with skills, expertise, appropriate technology and informed research that will accelerate the recovery and development process in a focused and sustainable manner. This programme will hopefully provide an insight into some alternative approaches to the recovery and development process. The project is being implemented by local youths from the south and can serve as an example of what the young people of Sri Lanka can achieve when given the opportunity. ###