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By Robert Gervais While unboxing the “Real Flight R/C Flight Simulator” by the Great Plains Model Manufacturing Company (Great Plains) that I borrowed from the library, I fell back on my consumerist training to ascertain the appropriate installation platform. I would be remiss to not report that I rode the Idiot Ferry to Confusion Town when I inexplicably managed to install the game on my 32bit Windows 7 Operating system at home. Words cannot describe the look on my face when every image on my LCD monitor was inverted upon successful installation. Before we continue: For anyone hoping to run R/C Flight Simulator on their home computer... Windows XP is the operating system de jour. If you don’t own hardware able to run Windows XP natively, feel free to install your favorite With Windows XP installed: The wild blue yonder awaits your aeronautical acrobatics! After unboxing the simulation, the pale shadow of Futaba’s Interlink Controller Plus will enter the room with the promise of providing “five-thousand square miles of flying adventure”. Few promises have disappointed me so sorely. • • As a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: For patrons already nervous about installing Virtual Box or Windows XP on their home computer system: Consult with IT on how to get this simulator running on an existing Windows XP machine on campus. • • The textures are exquisitely beautiful. No complaints on this score. Some aspects of the 3D physics simulation are outrageously realistic: You can control the pitch, yaw, and roll of planes and helicopters with amazing precision. Spearing that brave and impossibly steep climb into the blue abyss? Check. • Weaving between hapless castle walls into a nameless lake that resembles Loch Ness? Check. Testing the altitude limitations of a model helicopter that would cost more than my first car in real life? Check. Virtual Box to partake in the aeronautical feast. In an effort to organize my observations in a readable manner, I have decided unleash ye olde bullet point system:

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New things in the library this summer: 1.) PS Vita A big thanks to Sony for donating two PlayStation Vitas to the library. They also donated games such as Little Big Planet, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, and more. 2.) Library FaceBook page Find out about new books, DVD’s, and games. Give your opinion in library polls. Ask questions through FB chat. facebook.com/digipenlibrary NEW STUFF 3.) Game capture for the PlayStation 3 Capture your game play on the PlayStation with the Roxio GameCap device that was donated to the library. With this you can check out a PS3, HD video converter, and the component AV cable needed to hook the PlayStation to the system. If you have your own component AV cable, this could also be used for the XBOX 360. 4.) Coming soon: Online Inter-Library Loan request, and online item request form.



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For some inexplicable reason, the simulator crashes every couple of hours. Sometimes the keyboard input doesn’t work, which seems to be related to whether there is a pending pop-up window


Unfortunately, because the simulation was made by Great Plains, I have zero faith that any significant programming issues were ever addressed, even the bona-fide bugs. If you’ve never heard of Great Plains, and their undocumented record of postrelease support — bug fixes, new features, even significant design changes — you aren’t alone. Great Plains is, from a consumer’s perspective, the company that others shouldn’t be aspiring to become. On the bright side, if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on real R/C Airplanes, this simulator is free from the library, and a worthy stand-in that’s easy on the pocket-book. If your interest is piqued, ask for it at the front desk, and feel free to blaze through virtual skies with this darling little simulator! Happy Gaming! ROBERT