What had initially been conjured as a focused-update on a political concern has been enlarged to yield “context” that

many may not—at first blush— have considered within the realm of Holocaust Education; added are hyperlinks that relate to the anti-Semitic component of education generically [focusing on Academe, Colleges and Universities], while the statewide component [focusing on Common Core] necessarily will be added to Guzzardi’s Gambit [under separate cover]. The ideological linkages are, sadly, all-too-palpable, inasmuch as “liberal ” education has been corrupted by Leftists/Progressives; although this phenomenon would seemingly prompt a desire for generating a standardized-curriculum, the fear that a top-down dictate might not “survive ” over time, therefore, yields the need for emphasis on heterogeneity, local-control, absence of unfunded-mandates, and invoking non-profit resources. Following discussion of the action-item, the BDS [Boycott, Divest, Sanction] movement is elucidated noting, in particular, the ASA’s academic boycott of all-things-Israel; this is provided to illustrate the linkage between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, a factoid that is then elucidated within a series of themed-hyperlinks [which really packs-a-whallop!]. Indeed, because us public-school history-textbooks contain islamist-propaganda, it is vital to recognize why the generic onslaught against this approach (via Common Core) has justifiably been mainstreamed via inter alia labors of the statewide coordinator of FreedomWorks [Anastasia Nowosielski Przybylski], co-founder of Kitchen Table Patriots [which is holding its first 2014-meeting in Doylestown on 1/30/2014]. In any case, notwithstanding the length of this e-mail, the issues packed herein have “legs” and, thus, it is advised that this compilation of modern-day anti-Semitism is a “keeper.” Regarding the Holocaust Education Bill, a succinct summary of the salient features of the current situation was provided by a VERY intelligent/resourceful/industrious/sensitive [Conservative…thank goodness!] lady-friend [and occasional-patient] who doubles as a laid-off teacher/mother with savvy: “This should not be permitted by the PJC and I am 100% in favor of the long overdue Holocaust information added to all curriculum. This is for public school, not private. No private groups have given $$$ and worked with any state dept of education in the black slavery curriculum, Spanish Inquisition, fall of the Roman Emperor, the 1960's Civil Rights, and on and on and on....They are wrong with this.” A lobbying-effort is being contemplated for next-week, a bus-trip to Harrisburg; essentially, it would be intended to counter the goals of the Jewish-Establishment [functioning via the PA Jewish Coalition], truly a sad/sad/sad state-of-affairs. These issues carry contemporary import, noting MEMRI’s just-received e-mail {subtitles retained}:

A Precedent For The Arab World: Official Events Marking The Holocaust Holocaust Conference In Tunisia: We Must Remember The Holocaust And Make Sure Such Depraved Deeds Never Happen Again Arab Organization: The Holocaust Is A 'Legend' Based On Lies Bahraini Ambassador To France Visits Holocaust Memorial: It Is Our Duty To Combat Intolerance And Hatred

Article On Iran's Press TV: Dieudonné's 'Quenelle' Is Like 'Someone Brushing Lint Off Their Sleeve'; Should 'The Zionists Of Europe... Be Considered "Lint" To Be Brushed Away?'

Those who wonder whether it is necess ary to confront the PJC may wish to consult my prior “blast” [detailing the hypocrisy that it is peddling, irresponsibly, under the guise of its ethical underpinnings], excerpts from which can be employed in any focused educational effort [of legislators, of the public]: http://www.scribd.com/doc/200833434/Action-Items-XXXIII-Holocaust-Education. Although switching-gears may appear insensitive, inserting some levity is quite “Jewish”: Big-Tobacco: Arbitration has allowed it to cut its annual allocated payment [under the 1998 master settlement agreement]; it may be recalled that my efforts [initially with others, subsequently pro se] when failing to attain “standing” were unsuccessful [despite having ID’ed “a case or controversy ripe for adjudication at this time”] and, thus, there was no way for the public to help the AG combat this societal-scourge {ignoring hype, such as a claim by an anti-sugar activist that 'Sugar Is the New Tobacco'}. The New Yorker: 11-favorite cartoons and a probe into their anatomy. Personal dialect: Answering key-queries pinpoints where people are from and/or live. Ravel’s Bolero: Compare Riccardo Muti with Charles Munch & Paris Conservatory. Music: A karaoke performance was truly remarkable. Sports: A "Dolphin Man" raced the gentlemen's-50 meter backstroke underwater. The focus is on PA-HB 1424 By Clymer {“Amends the Public School Code, in terms and courses of study, providing for Holocaust, genocide and human rights violations instruction ”} which had been placed on the Senate Calendar for 01/13/14 [for a third-reading and, thus, positioning the bill for an immediate vote thereafter]. Illustrative of the depth of commitment and understanding manifest by “our side” is the fact that Senator Anthony Williams [who attended the Holocaust Awareness event in NE-Philly] blasted the asa for its academic-boycott-of-israel, an effort that was disseminated in the national-media; when “messaging,” it is vital to recognize that this phenomenon is tied to global anti-Semitism. ************ It may be recalled that, during recent months, I have been culling the Internet for discussion of myriad manifestations of “Anti-Semitism – Domestic & Foreign”; before providing bullet-points addressing the most cogent hyperlinks, specific focus must be trained on the academic-boycott being promulgated. The National Council of the American Studies Association unanimously endorsed a boycott of Israeli universities and other Israeli institutions, and it urged its members to vote to make the boycott official policy of the association. This movement to boycott Israel has considerable support in Europe, but has been largely opposed by major academic associations in the United States, citing longstanding objections to countrywide boycotts as antithetical to academic freedom.

Curtis Marez, ASA president and professor of ethnic studies at the University of California at San Diego, said: "Palestinian academics are frequently impeded by Israeli occupation authorities, schools and universities have been bombed by U.S.-supported Israeli military forces, and the Wall blocks educational access for thousands of students." NOTE: THERE are NO WALLS; THERE ARE SECURITY FENCES against Palestinian terrorists. and Palestinian students are not blocked as they are learning inside Judea/Samaria, while the fences are on the outside borders. Bombs are used by Palestinian Arabs against Israelis and not the other way around. The ASA said, "The energy, the devotion, the compassion, the vitality [of the boycott movement] – all were palpable and invigorating, as was the sense that Zionist functionaries are now whistling past the cemetery." Academics who support the boycott movement have been working for several years to build support within the ASA to make such a move. "The council voted for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions as an ethical stance, a form of material and symbolic action…. Our resolution understands boycott as limited to [entering] into formal collaborations with Israeli academic institutions...until Israel ceases to violate human rights and international law." NOTE: ASA and Curtis Marez don't have any references when declaring that Israel "VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS AND INT'L LAW." Indeed, the Israeli occupation is LEGAL per int'l law and human rights of Palestinian Arabs are not violated there. Boycott supporters explain this stand has only been taken against Israel [and not other countries that lack anything even close to academic freedom or free speech rights] because Palestinian leaders have called for such a boycott of Israel, while there have not been calls from those other nations for boycotts of their countries [per e-mail of Prof. Marez]; also noted is the ASA’s condemnation of anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona and elsewhere. NOTE: Professors in North Korea or Syria lack freedom to speak against these countries, as the ASAP awaits a FORMAL request from these countries. Simon Bronner, professor at Pennsylvania State University, said via email that the ASA council has "chosen to endorse a resolution for a

pernicious boycott that undermines the principles of intellectual freedom and free inquiry....The public repeatedly has rejected blacklisting and the exclusion of institutions....Impeding dialogue and free inquiry, making a mockery of democratic process, and issuing onesided attacks based on falsehoods should shame proponents of this resolution and the American Studies Association." Sharon Ann Musher, associate professor at Richard Stockton College, NJ, said via email that the ASA’s commitment to ideology over intellectual exchange and complexity sets a dangerous precedent, noting: “Discussions of boycott were "a virtual one-sided rally for the de-legitimization of the State of Israel ….Instead of opening conversations and advancing peace, it stifles debate and punishes one nation’s universities and scholars ." Supporters of the boycott movement have talked about taking the proposal to other disciplinary associations, and both the American Historical Association and the Modern Language Association (both of which share some members with the American Studies Association) have meetings coming up in January. An “Asian-American Studies” professor at Stanford University (David Palumbo-Liu, Director of Asian American Studies), Responded to an “open le tter" about a proposed boycott of Israel (by Jonathan Marks) thusly: “You chose to use a mainstream journal of the academy to launch your public chastisement and browbeating. Your "position" lost, so you decided to...lambaste an entire organization for reputed past sins of a similar nature. Your letter moves out from a critique of a single vote to a broad indictment of many fine scholars and teachers impugning their moral character simply because their judgment did not coincide with your own. Surely we can all stand to learn from one another, but your mode of persuasion is, to my mind, entirely counterproductive." {ASA members defended this israel-boycott by-citing an anti-Semitic-911-truther.} Here are additional responses to the ASA's boycott: asastaff@theasa.net, msp6@nyu.edu, nikhil.singh@nyu.edu, juarodriguez@berkeley.edu, rrastegar@brynmawr.edu, ccreddy@u.washington.edu, cmarez@ucsd.edu, manalans@illinois.edu, smaira@ucdavis.edu, mlebron9@gmail.com, Karen.Leong@asu.edu, jkauanui@wesleyan.edu, e-johnson10@northwestern.edu, thew.jacobson@yale.edu, averygordon@soc.ucsb.edu, lisa.duggan@nyu.edu, cvet@austin.utexas.edu, jbrody1@stanford.edu. Israel is boycotted because "The fight against Israel...is evidence of how hard it is for Israel’s opponents to deal with the Jews’ return to life after having been in a state of living death for so long. That is why Israel and its products are marked, why the badge of shame is being placed upon us (Israelis & Jewish) once again, why we are being isolated and boycotted. This is our adversaries’ way of saying: “You are not one of us.” " {Amazingly, they even use an anti-Semitic sign: “Smash the Jewish State.”}

Even as the modern-language-association has also banned-pro-israel-views, pushback against the Israel boycott has gained momentum, as some note that a-funny-thing-happened-on-the-way-to-the-boycott; the philly-federation has urged alma-maters to-leave-group-boycotting-israel and, nationally, entities such as IU and Purdue have rightly disavowed anti-Israel academics. Indeed, a law professor will challenge the ASA’s tax exempt status because academic boycott of Israeli universities is neither in its mission statement or nor is it an activity privileged with tax exemption. {Also, bds-activists are infuriated by-abbas rejection-of-boycotts-of-israel.} Opposed is a Chilling Effect [For Me, But Not for Thee]. The rise-of-campus-anti-semitism has been analyzed, with some concluding that ACADEMIC BOYCOTTS reflect THE FAILURE OF THE AMERICAN JEWISH DIASPORA. Locally, this was manifest when Jewish students at Swarthmore College became the first in the nation to break with the global student association “Hillel ” after they had agreed to open their doors to groups and speakers who do not support Israel. Nationally, islamic-evangelization has occurred at-a-state-funded-community-college; a jewishgroup has taken california-state-university-trustees-to-task-over-anti-israel-professor; san-diego-state-university-class-replaced-map-that-labeled-israel-as-“palestine”; and there has been an investigation-into-anti-Semitism at-northeastern-university. A Boycott of Israel makes no sense, but Boycotting the Israel Boycotters is now a distinct possibility, inasmuch as Israelophobia must be aggressively ID’ed and fought; note the pervasiveness of this compilation by the Wiesenthal Center of the Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2013. ************* Relevant Hyperlinks, loosely-themed: Overview The Road to Genocide is Paved with Liberal Intentions American History – Past/Present/Future FDR: President Roosevelt and the Holocaust: New Evidence - Fearful of Jewish 'domination' and 'overrepresentation,' his vision of America did not allow for too many Jews. DeBlasio: de-blasio-ignored-nicaragua-anti-Semitism. “Letters” : JD Salinger divorced his first wife after learning she ’d worked-for the Gestapo. Islamic Anti-Semitism [equates with anti-Zionism] Social-Media: ali-abunimah-tweeted-about-israel harvesting-children. Israel: israeli kids competing in major-chess-tournament were told-to-hide being Israeli. Jihad: Tom Trento [12/30/2008] videotaped HAMAS rally of ~300 hateful Muslims.

European Anti-Semitism “Humor”: France may ban black comedian for anti-Semitic jibes. Circumcision: It has been claimed that there’s-something-absolutely-wrong-with-whatwe-do-to-boys-before-they-grow-into-men by those who claim circumcision-of-youngboys-is-not-a-right; this dishonest argument by euro-bris-banners has been debunked. Sweden: Swedish police detained 28 after neo-Nazi attack. England: UK Sports Fans were Arrested over Anti-Semitic Tweets. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra : Six Nazi Officials were stripped of Honors. Germany: On New Year’s Eve, Hooligans Urinated on the Berlin Holocaust Memorial. Media Anti-Semitism The Economist: The Economist Spiked Anti-Semitic Cartoon; after it had been published on Saturday, it was removed on Monday [after outrage, albeit without comment]. The Huffington Post: anti-semitism-and-anti-israel-hatred-on-the-huffington-post Cultural Anti-Semitism 20th century-american-music-owed-much-to-jewish-artists major-jewish-themed-films-reimagined-in-new-cinematic-concert Farrakhan told kanye west to resist Jewish pressure to withdraw his quote. Pink-Floyd-star-Roger-Waters-compares-Israelis to Nazis hbo-films-consults-with-terror-tied-hamas-cair-on-propaganda-film

Sharia – here dc-granted 911-permit-to-anti-american-muslims but denied-it-to-patriotic-bikers SHARIA LAW in AMERICA What You Need to Know - (Viewer Discretion Advised) In 1997, Mohammed T. Mehdi, the head of the Arab-American Committee and the National Council on Islamic Affairs, lobbied successfully for a crescent and star to be placed upon the World Trade Center during the holiday season; ignored was the fact that he had been an adviser to Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman [a.k.a., the Blind Sheikh]. released-gitmo-detainees are returning-to-terrorism

Shi'ites in Atlanta whip themselves bloody for Arbaeen, December 23, 2013 In closing, note how the idiocy of academic anti-Semitism appears unbridled. Suffolk U. Professor Claims U.S. Plans to Sterilize "Women of the Entire World" American Thinker [12/3/2013] Munir Akash, a Syrian-born visiting professor in the department of world languages and cultural studies at Suffolk University in Boston, claimed in a recent Arabic-language interview with Lebanon's ANB TV that the U.S. government has a secret plan to sterilize women in thirteen Third World countries and even in "the entire world." This marks yet another bizarre assertion made by Akash, who is successfully bringing the Middle East's stultifying culture of conspiracy theories to America. Akash began his October 17, 2013 anti-American invective, made available by MEMRI, by blaming former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for hatching the sterilization scheme: In 1974, Henry Kissinger proposed a plan to President Ford. . . . "We can't annihilate Communism, but we can annihilate the Communists. How? The more people there are in the world, the more Communists there are. So let us tackle the roots of the problem -- if we kill the poor, there will be no Communists." Akash went on to explain that the plan includes sterilizing women of 13 countries, including Egypt and Turkey. He also claimed that the plot included sterilization of men, too. Such claims trump even those of the man he says devised them: John P. Holdren. The controversial Harvard scientist, who currently holds several posts in the Obama White House, including Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, has a decades-long record as an alarmist on issues ranging from overpopulation to global warming. But the sterilization scheme Akash falsely attributes to him isn't bad science, but science fiction: This man has a plan to sterilize not just the women of 13 countries, but the women of the entire world.... he wants to plant a chip under the skin of men and women to control their fertility. Akash didn't explain what America would gain by wiping mankind (including Americans) off the map, but he's written a book that explains this. A glowing review by the Holocaust-denying Abdullah Mohammad Sindi, a retired Saudi-born professor of international relations in California, summarizes the book's thesis. In America and Genocide: Right of Sacrificing the Other (Beirut, 2002), Akash tells how the Pilgrims (whom he anachronistically calls "WASPs") turned on and "savagely stung Native Americans."

Underlying Akash's anti-Americanism is a more sinister ideology: anti-Semitism. In his telling, the supposed genocide of Native Americans by colonists bent on seizing their land is analogous to the ancient Hebrews' "gruesome colonization of Canaan" and the "current savage colonization of Arab Palestine since 1948 by Western Zionist Jews." Akash's oeuvre includes another book with a similar theme, The Talmud of Uncle Sam (Beirut, 2004). One further quotation reveals his obsession with the Jewish people: the idea of America . . . was inspired from the Jewish stories and the Israeli tales found in the Torah and Talmud and Kabala. . . . the idea of assembling the Jews in Palestine and establishing an Israeli State and replacing one culture and one people by another culture and people was but one of the constituents of the idea of America. The Jews of both ancient and modern Israel are presented as genocidal; the Pilgrims and the nation they helped found are the Jews' genocidal heirs. This racist historiography emanates naturally from the same author who thinks the U.S. government plans to kill off the entire human species. Akash is a crank conspiracy monger and charlatan who should have no pl ace in American higher education. But, by hiring him, Suffolk University has given its imprimatur to Akash's work and entrusted its students to his mercies, something that brings shame on their institution.