Learn how to write again with your IRISPen!

This sample document shows how the IRISPen accurately recognizes a wide
variety of fonts, point sizes, typestyles and formatting elements such as table
cells. This test sheet will help you experiment and get acquainted with your
OCR pen scanner.

The IRISPen is a unique hand-held OCR
device developed by I.R.I.S.; to date, it is
both the RQO\ 86% EDVHG and the only

This device allows you to enter text and
figures automatically into any Windows or Mac
OS application – word processor, spreadsheet,
database, office software, you name it!

But which typefaces, typestyles, type sizes and
special characters can the IRISPen read?


The IRISPen being an omnifont recognition system, you
can read virtually any font. Here are some examples:

Courier, a fixed font

Century School book, a RTQRQTVKQPCN font

Helvetica, a sans serif font

Palatino, a VHULI font


The IRISPen recognizes your texts, whatever
the typestyle may be.

For starters, this is a bold text.

And this text bit is underlined.

The IRISPen copes with italic texts magnificently.

Type sizes

The IRISPen reads texts in many
different point sizes, from 8 to 22
point. Here are some examples:

8 point Times New Roman

14 poi nt Century School book
18 point Helvetica

Special Characters

Recognition is not limited to the alphanumeric
characters. Select the correct language before you
read the exotic sentences below!

Les français aiment le é, à, î et É.

Die deutsche Sprache hat Symbole wie ö, ä, ß und

But let’s not forget that the IRISPen
also recognizes reading marks (- ; : ' "
? !) and "special" symbols such as *, &,
§, +, -, #, $, £ and ¥.

Small Graphics

The I RI SPen al l ows you to i nsert smal l graphi cs -
l ogo’s, si gnatures, mathemati cal formul ae or
handwri tten notes. Just scan and paste them!



The lines that separate cells in tables can be
replaced by another symbol or cursor command.
Scanning from within a spreadsheet, you can jump
to the next cell automatically.

Cells Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
European 1.462,3 912,10 1,1
American 1,689.37 353.55 3.5

Test sheet for the IRISPen Express (Windows – Mac OS)
(C) 2003 - Image Recognition Integrated Systems - www.irislink.com