Dept: MBA Semester: First (Sec-A) Sub: Financial Management Internal Marks: 50 Contact Hours: L T P 31 0

Course : MBA Session : 2013-14
Sub Code: MBA: MB-124

External marks : 100 Faculty Name: Dr. Simmi khurana

Course Objective and outcome:. The primary objective of this paper is to educate the students about the

basic principles, tools and techniques of financial management which are required to take an informed business decision and thus, can affect the profitability aspects of a firm.

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Concept of Finance, scope and objectives of finance, Profit maximization vs. Wealth maximization Functions of Finance Manager in Modern Age, Financial decision areas, Time Value of Money Risk and Return Analysis.
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Unit-2 Equity share, preference shares, debentures, bonds, warrants, Commercial Paper, Certificate of Deposit, Treasury Bills Appraisal of project; Concept, Process & Techniques of Capital Budgeting and its applications; Risk and Uncertainty in Capital Budgeting ; Leverage Analysis – financial, operating and combined leverage along with implications; EBIT-EPS Analysis & Indifference Points
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Unit III Long-term sources of finance, potentiality of equity shares, preference shares, debentures and bonds as sources of long-term finance Concept and Approaches of capital structure decision : NI, NOI, Traditional and Modigliani Miller Approach Cost of Capital : Cost of equity, preference shares, debentures and retained earnings, weighted average cost of capital and implications Class test Unit IV Concept of retained earnings, Relevance and



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Factors affecting dividend decision.7. Ma . Financial Management. Ploughing back of profits..8 40 2 2 1 1 Management of cash.8 1. Prasanna Chandra. Inc. Futures and Options. Tata McGraw-Hill. Prentice Hall. McGraw-Hill.Financial Management. dividend payout decisions. Financial Management.7. Prentice Hall. 8 Pandey. . R .8 1.7. Актов Publications. M.Simmi khurana (Asst Professor) . inventory and receivables.8 1. I. Essentials of Financial Management. Edwards & Cindy W.Oxford Suggested Books References: 2 J Fred Weston & Eugene F.7. Sterling Publishers Private Limited. 5 Walker E. Introduction to Working Capital Financing Class test Total TEXT BOOKS 1 Srivastava Rajiv & Mishra amol ..7. 3 Franklin R.16 17 Irrelevance. Essentials of Financial Management.Pandey (Director MBA) Dr.8 2 2 18 19 20 1. W. 4 James Van Horne. factors affecting working capital requirement. 7. M. 6 Srivastava. Managerial Finance. forms of dividends. Macmillan Ind Dr T. Brigham . Theories of dividend decision : Walter’s Model Gordon’s Model and Modigliani Miller Model. components. R. Financial Management.. factors affecting dividend policy. Class test Unit V Concept. Working Capital Management: 1.