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SAP Solution Manager Setup / Home / Diagnostics Agents

Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04
Added by Allam Drebes, last edited by Pieter Bloemendaal on Dec 11, 2013

Hi All In the Diagnostics Agents page we have seen Diagnostic Agent installation related Information and all key SAP Notes having all required detail . To summarize that info I would like to introduce some steps on how to install the latest Diagnostic Agent (includes SAP Host Agent). This Diagnostic Agent is compitable with any SP level of SAP Solution manager 7.1. Also, you don't have to do a separate SAP Host Agent installation, if you have followed these steps. You can also activate the Agents On-the-fly feature with this Diagnostic Agent. Note: When carrying out the below steps, make sure you have read and understood the Diagnostics Agent Installation Strategy PDF and the SAP Notes that are mentioned in the General Information section here: Diagnostics Agents. They explain the strategy, download procedure, and installation details. Note: These steps have been performed on MS Windows server 2003 Enterprise Eddition X64 bit encoding, so in your case the file name could be different.

Download and extract Installer media file To start the installation you need to first download the Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 and their relevent kernel file. Once the correct files are downloaded have you need to unpack those. 11/12/2013

sap.SCN .Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .com/wiki/display/SMSETUP/Installation+of+SMD+Agent+With+.. Page 2 of 14 Following these steps below you can download Kernal media file. http://wiki.. 11/12/2013 ..SAP Solution Manager Setup .scn..

.. Page 3 of 14 Once download is finished then you have to unpack these 2 files Once you unpack those files then you have something like below Solution Manager Setup . Once you see these files available then you are ready to launch the installation. http://wiki.scn..SCN .EXE you will have to select this option below to go ahead. 11/12/2013 ..Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 . After launching SAPINST.

Page 4 of 14 Here you need to select the path of Kernal file been extracted in the same folder D:\download_basket\SWPM_SP04\Krnl_7... 11/12/2013 ..SAP Solution Manager Setup ..20_WIN__IA32__IA64__x64__SP04_ http://wiki.Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .sap.SCN

scn.SCN ... Page 5 of 14 http://wiki.Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .SAP Solution Manager Setup 11/12/2013 .

11/12/2013 .sap.Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .SCN .com/wiki/display/SMSETUP/Installation+of+SMD+Agent+With+. you need to make sure on this server these users have admin level or rights also they should have full Read + Write + Execute access to any folder and subfolder available on this server.scn... http://wiki...SAP Solution Manager Setup . Page 6 of 14 Note : here on this step 2 user get created on OS level .

. http://wiki. 11/12/2013 .sap... Page 7 of 14 Note : This part below registering to the SLD is not advisable with the newer Solution Manager system so this step could be ignored and direct do to the next step Connection of diagnostic agent with Solution Manager.SAP Solution Manager Setup .com/wiki/display/SMSETUP/Installation+of+SMD+Agent+With+..Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .scn.SCN .

http://wiki. 11/12/2013 . Page 8 of 14 On this step if the user credential of target SLD system is correct then this agent get register to the SLD.SAP Solution Manager Setup .. Here target SLD Could be any in your landscape usually you should connect this agent to the same SLD where your Managed system is reporting to using RZ70 or JAVA data supplier. This is optional step but it is strongly advise to connect agent with some SLD.scn...Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .

SCN 11/12/2013 .Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .com/wiki/display/SMSETUP/Installation+of+SMD+Agent+With+..SAP Solution Manager Setup . Page 9 of 14 http://wiki.

scn. 11/12/2013 .Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .com/wiki/display/SMSETUP/Installation+of+SMD+Agent+With+..SC. Page 10 of 14 http://wiki..SAP Solution Manager Setup .sap...

Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 Solution Manager Setup 11/12/2013 . Page 11 of 14 http://wiki..

should appeare something like this below .. http://wiki.Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .scn.SAP Solution Manager Setup .SC.. Page 12 of 14 If you have SAP MMC Installed on the same server then you can see a new Instance of SMD Agent is available .. 11/12/2013 .com/wiki/display/SMSETUP/ from here you can start or stop agent.

20.. Thanks for the http://wiki. Page 13 of 14 To make sure in if the SMD Agent is connected to the SLD detail you have provided before . right now there is some filed marked to deploy only. just logon to SLD and navigate to this below screen here you will see a agent instance is available under Diagnostic Agent Class... Still following these if you are not able to connect SMD Agent with Solution Manager then please refer to the previous Page Under Connection Configuration ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No labels 6 Comments Guest hi. does it mean that we can just install by using JSPM and then using solman_setup to config it? Thanks Lillian Guilherme Balbinot Hello Lillian. Just want to know which file to download as there is lots of files to select.scn.. With EHP1 use the latest agent available. Also. 11/12/2013 .Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 .SAP Solution Manager Setup .sap.SC. 7.

thank you for your comment. Page 14 of 14 Deploy with JSPM and solman_setup will configure it. 11/12/2013 . More information is available here: 3FIsitnecessarytoupgradetheSMDAgentaccordingtotheSolutionManagerSP%3F Guest Thanks.1) successfully :) Solution Manager Setup . Mahesh Philip Kisloff Point 10. I installed SMD 730 (solution manager 7.. I've corrected the information in point 10.Installation of SMD Agent With SWPM SP04 . Register with existing SLD ios now recommended! Guilherme Balbinot Hi Philip. Jai Wardhan -- Contact Us Privacy SAP Help Portal Terms of Use Legal Disclosure Copyright Follow SCN http://wiki. document is very