How Blessed I am to be an Atenean

By: Reinell Bleu Ladera

A couple of months have passed when I got admitted to the Ateneo. When I found out that the scholarship was granted to me, I was filled with ecstasy. Simply because Ateneo de Manila University is my desired school ever since and now that I have the opportunity to seize my life as a student here, I am very sure that I will make my best out of this and I will be the best student that I can be. How blessed I am to be part of the history of Ateneo right?

Many people dream to study here and have their diploma sealed with Ateneo. Only because they believe that “Being an Atenean is like holding a bar of gold, many people would have wanted it but it is you who have it so use it for the common good and for the benefit of all because only few were given a chance to own it.” -Bleu