A Lifetime Hero By: Reinell Bleu Ladera

Several years ago, our country underwent the so-called “martial law”. Martial Law, basically, is declared when a certain country undergoes severe civil war. But in our case, a brave man stood up to fight for our right and to end the ruthlessness our country is suffering from.

He is the mortal rival of Marcos during those days because he always opposes Marcos” will and plans. Ninoy is a senator in the liberal party list which is against the nationalista party list where Marcos works in. He suffered from many fatal challenges but he never succeeded in his plan. Unfortunately, before he victoriously done his will, he had died first.

Moreover, he successfully won against Marcos’ indirectly. He won because he was able to interrupt the sleeping love of the Filipinos for our country, and the Filipinos were the ones who really fought for their right .This brave, inspiring and reliable man is formally known as Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Cojuanco Aquino Jr.

To commemorate and to acknowledge endlessly Ninoy’s sacrifices, he is now recognized as a national hero and the date of his death which is August 21 is marked as a national holiday.

Truly, Filipinos are brave because they are willing to help as much as possible for their mother country without asking for reward even if their lives are at risk. Ninoy is a living proof of this virtue, and so we can consider him as a “Lifetime Hero”.BENIGNO NINOY AQUINO Mabuhay Ka!!!!!!!