When I take my vehicle in for an oil change and simple service, the workshop mechanics are frequently interested in selling me more than the basic oil change and simple service. After I learned this, now I don't even allow them to start their speech to convince me. As the salesperson approaches me saying, " ir, you should let us do the super lu!urious service etc." I try to hear him as if he was simply making noise. I smile and say, "All I need today is the basic oil change and simple service." "sually he#she has evidence to support what I should do to my vehicle $ a fluid stick with a certain color that means nothing to me, an air filter that has varying degrees of darkness in different areas. I don't know enough for any of it to mean anything to me, so occasionally I may actually need what the mechanic is pushing. %owever, if I am clear that my budget today only supports an oil change and simple service, then I continue to smile and say, "All I need today is the basic oil change." If holding the line would be difficult for you, maybe you need a coach to help you accomplish this limit setting. The skill I displayed in the ab !e sit"ati n is asse#ti!eness. Asse#ti!eness is standin$ "p % # y "# #i$ht t be t#eated %ai#ly& It is e'p#essin$ y "# pini ns( needs( and %eelin$s( )ith "t i$n #in$ # h"#tin$ the pini ns( needs( and %eelin$s % the#s& *ein$ asse#ti!e +eans #espe,tin$ y "#sel% and the# pe pleseein$ pe ple as e."al t y "( n t bette# than y " # less i+p #tant than y "& &ecause people want to be liked and thought of as 'nice' or 'easy to get along with', they often keep their opinions to themselves, especially if those opinions conflict with other people's. &ut this sometimes leads to being taken advantage of by people who are not as nice or considerate. Asserting yourself will stop others from cheating you and you from cheating yourself out of what you deserve. 'ou need to make your mind strong enough not to get it manipulated by weaklings in our society, who thrive on stronger people and behave like parasites taking strength and stamina from the host. Asse#ti!eness ,an b#in$ y " s",,ess( happiness and , ntent+ent& (nowing to stand by your beliefs is sometimes called fanaticism and stubbornness. &ut a personal belief, which is formed on fair and )ust grounds, can never be called fanaticism or obstinacy.

Why is Assertiveness Important?
If you don't know how to be assertive, you might experience ---

1o one is a mind reader. We all know what stress does to our bodies. 1on$assertive people are often unable to e!press emotions of any kind. If you begin to avoid situations or people that you know will make you uncomfortable.e me/emper#violence. And we can choose to manage ourselves appropriately and according to our priorities. when it becomes a habit. 0arenting problems. but I belie!e asse#ti!eness is +aste#in$ the a#t % +akin$ a p int )ith "t h"#tin$ any senti+ent )hats e!e#. Anger at others for manipulating or taking advantage of me. In all these situations. it builds up until it blows . having strategic skills to make a situation turn to his favor. (ids are born knowing how to test the limits their parents set for them. )ob opportunities. making a sales presentation to customers. 0hysical complaints. your assertive skills would make things happen your way. with no control over your life. positive. .emember. from your gait and postures. ulcers. a sense of being helpless. %eadaches.esentment.• *epression. negative 2. /he same is true for friendships and work relationships. %ow could I be such a wimp.Why did I let someone victimi. giving a lecture on any topic which you are an e!pert on. 4ost people believe it is the power to say no at the right time to the right person. where you want to make your audience believe you and follow your recommended action steps. It's murder for a relationship when the partners can't tell each other what they want and need and how the other person affects them. Assertiveness is not )ust limited to making confident and well$written speeches. is a great stress reliever. and assertiveness. 0oor relationships of all kinds. their kids will walk all over them3 • • • • • • • Assertiveness plays a strong role when you are fighting for a cause. one of the greatest gifts 5od gave us is the ability t . from your body language and capability of maintaining relevant eye contact. we will find ourselves feeling less and less of the personal pain and frustration that we feel when we are out of control. &eing assertive means many things to many people. suggesting a new strategy to your company. It comes from an innate sense of confidence and enthusiasm which you emanate. hopeless. and lots of other good stuff. As we do. you may miss out on fun activities. . . If parents aren't assertive and firm.h se. If you can't e!press anger appropriately. An!iety. which leads to avoidance. making a point most effectively and convincingly. +rustration. high blood pressure. +rom anger turned inward. or whatever. relationships. 'ou can do this when you have supreme level of self$confidence and know what you are talking better than anyone else in the room. &e it for your own promotion.

t it. omeone calls us up and asks us to do something for them 9usually because they haven. but by choice. their choice.h se h ) I )ill a. . practice this.%ave you decided what the top ten things you want to spend your time on are. Weird.%ow about the same with your money. I guess .t and #ea.As )e li!e "# li!es and p"#s"e s". 7Why did I ever say yes-8 Instead. %ere is where most of us fail.t managed themselves and would like our help pick up the pieces: and we say 7"h./hat is because we don.t say it very often. We do not choose to say 7no8 to those things that are not a matter of priority 9the reason 7why8 is another newsletter article and probably a few counseling sessions at that3:.2nly after you know these things can you properly manage yourself into choosing to live your priorities.8 5o ahead and try it right now. I am sure you will be able to find somebody though.We usually kick ourselves for the rest of the day.t in e!e#y sit"ati n.ess( ne % the keys t $#ab n t is the idea that the + st i+p #tant thin$ )e .emember 7/he history of free men is not written by +ana$e isn/t a thin$ at all – it is "# sel%0 %ow then can we manage ourselves..%ere are some thoughts. . Lea#n t say 1n 2 with a smile on your face.8 /hen what. isn. 4ake sure that the above is firmly engrained in your thinking6 I nly +ana$e +ysel%.8 Kn ) y "# p#i #ities& *o you know from top to bottom what your priorities are. I . 7I am really sorry but I am not going to be able to be involved this time.

5estures can be used to emphasi.hed"le y "# p#i #ities into you schedule or budget or whatever structure governs that area of your life. values and ideas on you. /one of voice should be appropriate to the situation. =earn to say no to unreasonable requests./hen do you first and foremost spend your money in that way< say at the beginning of the month. 1ever put down a compliment and don't feel you must return one. /his should always be the e!ception and not the rule. *o not let your friends. 0araphrase the other person's point of view. . &e honest when giving and receiving compliments. /here are times in life which call for a sacrifice of those interests but it is rare. And we can choose to manage ourselves appropriately and according to our priorities. Instead. Ea. do you have a financial budget that you yourself set.e and respect the rights of your friends. we will find ourselves feeling less and less of the personal pain and frustration that we feel when we are out of control. &eing responsible for your own behavior will let you feel good about yourself. /his will let he#she knows that you hear and understand the request. it is more appropriate to .If you do. +or e!ample if you are upset with them use "I" and "we" statements to e!press your feelings. Avoid "why" questions. +or e!ample. you will eliminate even the opportunity to blow your money on impulse decisions and e!penses because your money has already been committed into your priorities. 4aintain eye contact.e and do not make up e!cuses. When communicating with others use an appropriate tone of voice and body posture. "Ask % # )hat y " )ant )hen y " )ant it and t then be #esp nsible % # )hate!e# y " $et. %ave you every noticed that some people have no trouble making requests while other people seem incapable of making a direct requests. 7Why" questions allows the listener to be defensive.tin$ "# )n inte#ests . "se the word "no" and offer an e!planation if you choose to. roommates etc.S. classmates. Re+e+be#( ne % the $#eatest $i%ts 3 d $a!e "s is the ability t . feel and want. *o not apologi. classmates etc. 'et. let them know what you think.h se .t( h nest( and pen ab "t y "# %eelin$s( pini ns and needs& tate reasonable requests directly and firmly. instead of blaming and finger pointing "you" statements. impose or force their behaviors.h % "s has the #esp nsibility % p# te. tate your point of view without being hesitant or apologetic. tate your goals or intentions in a direct and honest manner. tand or sit at a comfortable distance from the other person.ecogni." How to eve!op Assertive "ki!!s • • • • • • • *e di#e. +or e!ample.e what is being said and the word "I" and "we" should be used in statements to convey your feelings. one of the principle laws of prosperity is. As we do.

organi. &e open towards feedbacks. #$ %I&A' W() /o frame this . Ask for feedback whenever needed. but if you become more aware of them. involving and learning institution culture. "4an. >ffective assertive behaviour is an important building block for creating an empowered. 'ou achieve this by turning your +aulty Inner *ialogue 9aggressive or non$assertive: into a ound Inner *ialogue 9assertive:. &y having your Inner *ialogue before you deal with the other person. /here's something for all of us in this model $ it isn't )ust for leaders and managers. I put forward the idea of Inner *ialogues6 those conversations we have with ourselves before we interact with someone else. 9/he institution can be a family.ation etc. *y + #ahesh )amamurthy Email Id : mrf_prof@yahoo. instead of saying. ometimes these Inner *ialogues are subconscious. you can ad)ust your behaviour to be Assertive.• say "I am very disappointed that you didn't show up as plan".: 'ou would do well to develop your assertiveness before embarking on bigger culture changes. you can manage them and become more effective in your dealings with others. you are a )erk".