BMW Group Malaysia Commentary on Revised National Automotive Policy (NAP


Please attribute this commentary to: Dr. Gerhard Pils Chie! "#ecutive $!!icer BMW Group Malaysia We at BMW Group Malaysia welcome the revisions to the National Automotive policy (NAP) as outlined by the Minister of nternational !rade and ndustry" #atu$ %eri Mustapa Mohamed" as these revisions provide the Malaysian automotive industry with a clear path to where the industry will be movin& towards in the years to come' !he widened definition of (ner&y (fficient )ehicles ((()) beyond technolo&y specific criteria as well as en&ine si*e based criteria is a $ey step forward towards enhancin& Malaysia+s automotive industry to be in a truly competitive level internationally' We at BMW believe that this reco&nition of the adoption of Advanced Green !echnolo&y as an instrumental component of Malaysia+s future economic &rowth is a $ey step in the ri&ht direction and transforms Malaysia into a truly viable hub for the assembly and manufacture of Advanced Automotive !echnolo&y' Nevertheless" we believe that it is important for further transparency and discussions to be conducted between MA " M ! and the local automotive industry players to clarify what the actual e,emptions to (() vehicles assembled in Malaysia will be as only from there will firm business decisions re&ardin& the mar$et be made' !hese discussions should be conducted swiftly and carefully to ensure that both the automa$ers as well as the public can benefit mutually from the new policies movin& forward' -avin& said this" we also hope that the Malaysian &overnment will come to a decision re&ardin& the implementation of (uro ) standard fuel soon' With many of our nei&hbours in A%(AN" not to mention the most vibrant automotive mar$ets in the world" already wor$in& with (./0 ) or better fuel standards today" the improvement of Malaysia+s fuel standards will be an important factor in determinin& the viability of Malaysia as an
Company BMW Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Company No. 612731 A A BMW Group Company Postal address 3 !1 "alan #e$no$rat 63!!! Cy%er&aya Selan'or (arul )hsan #elephone *6!3 +++7 3+++ BMW ,oi-e 1 +!! ++ 3!!! M.N. ,oi-e 1 +!! ++ 6/6/ 0a1 *6!3 +++7 3+!1 .nternet

automotive e,porter" and be very critical in allowin& us to achieve an e,port volume of /M 1 billion by the year 2323 as outlined in this review of the NAP'

A%out BMW "!!icientDynamics BMW (fficient#ynamics was coined by BMW more than a decade a&o to define the company+s lon& term sustainable strate&y to produce fuel4savin& and alternative vehicle concepts throu&h clean production processes' t is an array of technolo&ies that are already fitted as standard across practically the whole model ran&e' As the manufacturer with the most comprehensive pro&ramme for reducin& fuel consumption and emissions" BMW (fficient#ynamics are desi&ned to enhance the performance and drivin& pleasure of the vehicles at the same time' n 2335" BMW was awarded a 6Green %teerin& Wheel7 for outstandin& environmental innovation for its BMW (fficient#ynamics technolo&y' &he BMW Group !he BMW Group is the leadin& premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles in the world with its BMW" M N and /olls4/oyce brands' As a &lobal company" the BMW Group operates 28 production and assembly facilities in 9: countries and has a &lobal sales networ$ in more than 9;3 countries' n 239:" the BMW Group sold around 9'<=: million cars and 991"291 motorcycles worldwide' !he profit before ta, for the financial year 2392 was >5'82 billion on revenues amountin& to >5='81 billion' As of the :9st #ecember 2392" the BMW Group had a wor$force of 931"85= employees' !he success of the BMW Group has always been built on lon&4term thin$in& and responsible action' !he company has therefore established ecolo&ical and social sustainability throu&hout the value chain" comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conservin& resources as an inte&ral part of its strate&y' A%out BMW Malaysia 'dn. Bhd BMW Malaysia %dn Bhd is a ?oint venture between Bayerische Motoren Wer$e (BMW) AG and %ime #arby Berhad' BMW Malaysia activities cover the wholesale of BMW" M N and BMW Motorrad vehicles spare parts and accessories" as well as the overall plannin& of sales" mar$etin&" after4sales" and other related activities in Malaysia' ts dealership networ$ covers :9 outlets in various cities in Malaysia' Website: @aceboo$: !witter: Bou!ube: Goo&leC: www'bmw&roup'com http:AAwww'faceboo$'comABMWGroup http:AAtwitter'comABMWGroup http:AAwww'youtube'comABMWGroupview http:AA&oo&leplus'bmw&roup'com

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