Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer is a growers’ cooperative.

Around 3300 growers are members of the cooperative society and thus joint owners of the auction building. As members, they are obliged to sell their entire product via the auction. The grower contributes a percentage of his sales profit for the use of the building and staff costs this is !nown as the commission. This percentage is set in the general meeting. Buyers are not members, but are registered as buyers in the computerised administration system. "ith its ###,000 s$uare meters of floor space %soon to be more than & million', the auction building is the largest commercial building in the world, according to the (uinness Boo! of )ecords. Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer turns over *+) , million every day. An average of &# million flowers and - million plants change hands every day within a surface area of & million s$uare meters. These are supplied by around .000 growers worldwide, and bought by &3./ wholesalers and e0porters. "ithin a couple of hours, they are e0ported to almost every country in the world. Aalsmeer 1lower Auction’s mar!et share is 223. The Aim is to make Wardhannapet Cooperative Womens Society into something like Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer Grower’s Cooperative. Yugantar wants to e !evelopment "acilitators "or the same. #rgani$ational !evelopment "or Community Based #rgani$ations%A research %&or improving Wardhannapet Cooperative Women’s !iary http455www.cdf6sahavi!asa.net5show6page.php7page8id9, #rgani$ation development is the process through which an organi:ation develops the internal capacity to most efficiently and effectively provide its mission wor! and to sustain itself over the long term. This definition highlights the e0plicit connection between organi:ational development wor! and the achievement of organi:ational mission. This connection is the rationale for doing ;< wor!. ;rgani:ation development, according to )ichard Bec!hard, is defined as4 a planned effort, organi:ation6wide, managed from the top, to increase organi:ation effectiveness and health, through planned interventions in the organi:ation=s =processes=, using behavioural science !nowledge.>&? According to "arren Bennis, organi:ation development %;<' is a comple0 strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organi:ations so that they can better adapt to new technologies, mar!ets, and challenges. "arner Bur!e emphasi:es that ;< is not just @anything done to better an organi:ation@ it is a particular !ind of change process designed to bring about a particular !ind of end result. ;< involves organi:ational reflection, system improvement, planning, and self6analysis. The term @;rgani:ation <evelopment@ is often used interchangeably with ;rgani:ational effectiveness, especially when used as the name of a department or a part of the Auman )esources function within an organi:ation. &or CB#’s #rgani$ational !evelopment Activities can ene"it as "ollows'% • (artner with other organi$ations to o tain the necessary e)pertise or speciali$ed services "or certain populations* such as hard%to%employ individuals. Bollaboration can also help BB;s e0pand their capacity for providing services and potentially broaden their delivery area. These partnerships, in turn, may give smaller BB;s a competitive edge for receiving government funds and other contracts.

ision o" #rgani$ational /ealth' Components o" an +""ective #rgani$ation • Fision. and other areas that contribute to an organi:ation’s ability to raise capital.s with less capacity for information systems management could hire a staff person who is specifically tas!ed with managing these databases. Eany national organi:ations representing BB. -denti"y sustaina le "unding sources to ensure the CB#’s solvency and help leverage interest among other "unders. and they will be less effective in addressing client needs. A . BB.rgani:ational Bulture • Eanagement Cystems and Ctructures • Hegal Bompliance. leadership development. board development.• • • +nsure sta"" understand work re. 1iscal Eanagement and Gublic Accountability • )esource <evelopment • Bonstituent )elationships • Bollaboration http455www. BB. cultural competency.uirements* time limits* and other restrictions that a""ect how they serve the participants. Falues and Eission • (overnance • Ctrategic Thin!ing and Glanning • Grogram <evelopment and Dmplementation • *valuation. Ctaff who are inade$uately informed about the welfare reform policies of a state or county are less li!ely to meet performance contract measures.s also provide technical assistance to their members on fundraising strategies.s are developing web sites to provide service and referral information. Hearning and Accountability • Auman )esource Eanagement • . Dncreasingly.s can better position themselves to compete for state and local government contracts.ncnonprofits. +nhance data collection and reporting systems and use the outcome data to improve the CB#’s per"ormance.org5fa$5babcoc!. Cecuring matching funds from community foundations and other private funders is one way BB.pdf . Cuch actions can improve the organi:ation’s ability to satisfy contract reporting re$uirements as well as improve service delivery for clients.