SAP Note 41715 - Resetting batch level from material to plant level

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Valid Since 25.10.2011

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Error message CZ308 "This type of conversion is not yet implemented" is issued when you try to reset the batch level from material level or client level to plant level.

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Reason and Prerequisites
This function is not implemented in the standard system.

We recommend that you remain at material level. Reason: 1. If the batch level is defined at plant level, batch properties of a material batch of the same name are not transferred in case of cross-plant processes (see also Note 156299). In addition, it is possible for a batch of a material with the same name to have different characteristics (for example, shelf life expiration date) in different plants because there are two plant-specific batch master records. Take this into account in particular if batches are increasingly important and a continuous where-used list is required. Batch properties can only be synchronized using plant boarders at material level or client level. If you want a material to be treated differently regarding batch management requirement in different plants, you can only do this at plant level. However, in this case, we recommend that you stay at material level and create a dummy batch in the plant in which you do not want batch management. All stock of the material is managed in this dummy batch. This has the advantage that the batch management requirement can be later introduced without any problems. With the SAP products R/3 Enterprise 4.7, APO 4.0 and CRM 4.0, the batch is increasingly used in cross-system processes. Plant level is not supported in these cross-system processes.



However, if you want to restore plant level, take the following into account: Since this type of conversion is very complex, first carry it out in a test system. After the conversion, check all batch data randomly for consistency. Prior to a conversion in a productive system, we recommend that you inform SAP development (distribution list DESDFUNC) using REMOTE consulting or through your consultant of the following points: 1. Is classification for batches being used?
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For all releases lower than Release 4. you can execute the report in production mode. 6. Implement the report ZCHTCUCH from the correction instructions. Define a plant for a plant view that may be missing. 9. If you are working with batch long texts. 950540 and 1091613 if you have not already done so (or you have not imported the corresponding Support Package).02.2013 08:25:33 German Recommendations/additional info Page 2 of 3 . Implement Notes 821891. If no errors occur.Resetting batch level from material to plant level 2. Always execute the report in the test mode first. Run this report in the clients for which you want to reset batch level to plant level.SAP Note 41715 . Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: 11.2013 Released for Customer 08. 4.1I.02. 944278. 2. 11. first execute the report ZM07CHDX_TEXT in test mode. 6.5B. 5. Number of records in the table MCHA ======================================================================== This type of conversion can only be made as of Release 3. Proceed as follows: 1. 3. Check whether the batch level for "Batch unique at plant level" is set. 7. 5. 3. Call transaction OMCT. 8. Is batch status management being used? Are long texts for batches being used? Is split valuation or individual batch valuation being used? Number of records for class type 023 in the table INOB Number of records for class type 023 in the table AUSP Number of records for class type 023 in the table KSSK Number of records in the table MCH1 9. Analyze the error log. Execute the function "Batch Level -> Conversion". 7. 8. 10. 4. implement the corrections and the modification in the report RM07CHDX as described in the correction instructions.

2013 Page 3 of 3 .03.SAP Note 41715 .11. B Preprocessing. A Postprocessing.02.2010 20:53:14 *) C Correction. M Undefined Work 30D 40B SAP_APPL P30K051489 11.Resetting batch level from material to plant level Category: Primary Component: Consulting LO-BM Batch Management Valid Releases Software Component SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL Release MERCURY 30 40 45 46 46C 470 500 600 602 603 604 605 From Release MERCURY 300 40A 45A 46A 46C 470 500 600 602 603 604 605 To Release MERCURY 31I 40B 45B 46B 46C 470 500 600 602 603 604 605 and Subsequent Related Notes Number 1474776 1387713 950540 891902 821891 Short Text Data is not converted during conversion to plant level OMCT: CZ314 or batch status management cannot be activated Batch level conversion: Message CZ 304 FAQ: Batch level Short dump ABAPTSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED in prog RM07CHDX Attributes Attribute Transaction codes Transaction codes Transaction codes Value MCH1 OMCE OMCT Correction Instructions Correcti on Instruct ions 80671 Valid from Valid to Software Component Typ e *) C Reference Correction Last Changed 21.1999 03:51:46 80672 300 605 SAP_APPL C 02.